December 18, 2013

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Trucks, Cars & T-Bone Steaks
Hear the Piecast
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The Playlist:
2.  THE BYRDS: Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man
3.  DAVE DUDLEY: Bullshippers
5.  RY COODER: Crazy 'Bout An Automobile
6.  JOHNNY CASH: One Piece At A Time
7.  CHARLIE ADAMS: Blowin' In The Wind
8.  WOW CHEMICAL CORP.: Why Don't The Don River Freeze
9.  JEAN CARIGNAN: Reel Levis
10 JOHN PRINE: Christmas in Prison
11 GEORGE JONES: Vitamines L-O-V-E
12 T TEXAS TYLER: I Tickled Her Under The Chin
13 JO-EL SONNIER: Les Flammes D'Enfer
14 ESTEBAN JORDAN: Las Coronelas
15 BILL MANKISS AND HIS BAND: Who Stole The Keeshka - Polka
16 BRAVE COMBO: Viva La Reina

(Note: a lot of albums have little or no details on the jackets. I salvage what I can)

1.  Boozoo Chavis: 1930-2001

BOOZOO CHAVIS: Dog Hill (B Chavis)
Louisiana Zydeco Music: Maison De Soul - MDS1107
Shelton Jackson, bass
Carlton Thomas Jr., Guitar
Boozoo Chavis, accordion
Rellis Chavis, drums
JW Henderson, washboard
Wilson Chavis Jr, accordion
Anthony Chavis, washboard
Dog Hill, Lake Charles, LA
Produced by JJ Caillier - 1986

2.  THE BYRDS: Drugstore Truck Drivin' Man (R McGuinn / G Parsons)
Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde: Columbia Records - CS 9755
Clarence White, guitar
John York, bass
Gene Parsons, drums
Roger McGuinn, guitar
Los Angeles CA
Produced by Bob Johnston - 1969
Recorded by David Diller, Tom May, Neil Wilburn

3.  David Darwin Pedruska: May 3, 1928 December 22, 2003

DAVE DUDLEY: Bullshippers (R Simpson)
The Original Traveling Man: Mercury Records - SR 61365
Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton, guitars
Jerry Kennedy, Jerry Shook, Chip Young, guitars
Jerry Kennedy, Dobro
Buddy Harmoan, Drums
Bob Moore, bass
Pig Robbins, Piano
Pete Drake, steel guitar
Charlie McCoy, harmonica, vibes
Spencer, WI
Produced by Jerry Kennedy - 1972
Mastered by Gilbert Kong

4.  HUMPHREY & THE DUMPTRUCKS: Oldsmobile (Gus Edwards / Vincent P. Bryan)
Saskatoon: United Artists - UALA 103F
Michael Taylor, L Vocal, washboard, kazoo
Humphrey Dukmptruck, banjo
Graeme Card, guitar, kazoo
Michael Millar, Washtub bass
Saskatoon SK
Produced by Allen Shechtman - 1973
Recorded by Ken Friesen, Eastern Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Bill Cuddihy at RCA Studios, Toronto

5.  Ry Cooder - born March 15, 1947

RY COODER: Crazy 'Bout An Automobile (Wm R Emerson)
Borderline: Warner Bros - XBS 3489
Jim Keltner, drums
George Pierre, percussion
Tim Drummond, bass
Reggie McBride, bass
William D Smith, piano, organ
John Hiatt, guitar
Jesse Harms, synth
Bobby King, vox
Willie Green Jr., vox
Los Angeles CA
Produced by Ry Cooder - 1980
Recorded by Lee Herschberg at Warner Bros Recording Studio, Burbank
Mastered by Bobby Hata

6.  John R. "Johnny" Cash (February 26, 1932 September 12, 2003)

JOHNNY CASH: One Piece At A Time (W Kemp)
One Piece At A Time: Columbia Records - KC 34193
Johnny Cash - vocals, guitar
Bob Wootton, Bobby Thompson, Pete Wade, Dave Kirby, Jerry Hensley, Jack Routh, Helen Carter Jones, Jimmy Capps - guitar
Marshall Grant, Henry Strezlecki, Joe Allen - bass
WS Holland, Willie Ackerman, Jerry Carrigan, Kenny Malone - drums
Lloyd Green - steel guitar
Tommy Williams - mandolin
Tommy Jackson, Buddy Spicher, Johnny Gimble - fiddle
Bobby Wood, David Briggs, Larry McCoy, Earl Poole Ball - piano
Charlie McCoy - harmonica
George Tidwell - trumpet
The Nashville Edition - vocals
Hendersonville TN
Produced by Charlie Bragg & Don Davis - 1976
Recorded by Charlie Bragg, Roger Tucker, Danny Jones & Chuck Bragg at The House of Cash Recording Studio

7.  Charlie Adams (1953-Feb 27, 2008)

CHARLIE ADAMS: Blowin' In The Wind (Anuri Mut-titt Autu-ing Namat) (B Dylan)
Single: CBC Northern Service - QCS-1464
Inoucdjouac, QC
Produced circa 1978

8.  WOW CHEMICAL CORP.: Why Don't The Don River Freeze (M McDonald)
Single: Spadina Beat Records - WRC3-4484
Mike McDonald, guitar, bass
Gord Skinner, drums
Pat Rush, guitar
John Erlenson, vox
Toronto ON
Produced by Mike McDonald - 1985

9.  Jean Carignan - 1916 - 1988

JEAN CARIGNAN: Reel Levis (Trad)
Ti-Jean Carignan / Ginni Grant / Fiddey & Millar: CBC - LM438
Jean Carignan, fiddle
Gilles Losier, piano (most likely guess)
Levis / Montreal, QC
Produced by Mark Goldman - 1976

10 John Prine - born October 10, 1946

JOHN PRINE: Christmas in Prison (J Prine)
Sweet Revenge: A&M Records - SD 7274
Reggie Young, elec guitar
Grady Martin, dobro
Jerry Shook, harmonica
David Briggs, organ
Mike Leach, bass
Kenny Malone, drums
Maywood, Illinois
Produced by Arif Mardin - 1973
Recorded by Steve Ham at Quadrafonic Sound Studios, Nashville

11 George Glenn Jones (September 12, 1931 April 26, 2013)

GEORGE JONES: Vitamines L-O-V-E (G Jones / S Kessel)
Oh Lonesome Me: Picwick / Mercury - JS 6133

12 David Luke Myrick - Born June 20, 1916 - 1972

T TEXAS TYLER: I Tickled Her Under The Chin (Harry Montegue)
Great Old Favorites: Arc Records - 802
Mena, Arkansas
Originally Produced for Country and Western Album, Forum 7G 501 (1960ca)

13 Jo-el Sonnier - born October 2, 1946

JO-EL SONNIER: Les Flammes D'Enfer (Trad)
Cajun Life: Stony Plain Records - SPL 1133
Michael Doucet, guitar
Merlin Fontenot, fiddle
Jay Stutes, dobro
Roy Huskey, upright bass
Buddy Harmon, drums
Earl Ball, piano
Jo-El Sonnier, vox, guitar, drums, accordion
Rayne, Louisiana
Produced by Jo-el Sonnier - 1988
Recorded by Mark Miller at Master-Trak Sound Recorders, Crowley, LA & Music City Recorders, Nashville by Jack Logan & Steve Logan

14 Esteban Jordan - February 23, 1939 August 13, 2010

STEVE JORDAN: Las Coronelas
"El Corrido de Jhonny 'El' Pachuco": Arhoolie Records 3023
Esteban Jordan, vox, accordion
Steve Jordan Jr, percussion
Charlie Hattrick, bass
Bonnie Jordan, Silver Jordan
Elsa, Texas
Produced by Chris Strachwitz - 1987

15 Bill Mankiss - b. 1929 - 1990s?

BILL MANKISS AND BAND: Who Stole The Keeshka - Polka (Trad)
Echoes of Poland: Arc Records - A561
Bill Mankiss, accordion
Roy Anthony, bass
Mike Crosty, drums
John Gotch, sax, clarinet
Ken Stanley, vocal, piano
Victor Pasowisty, violin, guitar
Stan Radwick, trumpet
Chatham Ontario
Produced 1963

16 BRAVE COMBO: Viva La Reina (B Hernandez)
Humansville: Rounder Records - 9019
Carl Finch, accordion, guitar, keyboards, percussion
Jeffrey Barnes, tenor sax, clarinet, keys, percussion
Bubba Hernandez, bass, tuba
Mitch Marine, drums
Produced by Brave Combo - 1988
Recorded by Martin Walters at Heads Up Studio, Roanoke TX

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