33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 9, 2015

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Tri Huggers Revolution

Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now

First Hour

1.   Savoy Brown: I’m Tired (Chris Youlden) 1969
2.   Jethro Tull: Serenade to a Cuckoo (Kirk) 1968
3.   Guess Who: Undun (Randy Bachman)* 1969
4.   Ten Years After: Woodchopper’s Ball (Herman / Bishop) 1968
5.   Daniel Lanois: Still Water (Daniel Lanois)* 1989
6.   Max Webster: Night Flights (Terry Watkinson)* 1979
7.   Ian & Sylvia: Midnight (Sylvia Tyson)* 1971
8.   The Who: Early Morning Cold Taxi (Roger Daltry / David Langston) 1971
9.   Canadian Conspiracy: Are You Man Enough * 197?
10. The Chambers Brothers: All Strung Out Over You (R Clark) 1968
11. Ravin’: Funky Thang (Rich Morrison)* 198?

1st hr *CanCon=55%

Second Hour

1.   The Velvet Underground: Venus In Furs (Lou Reed) 1967
2.   The Hullaballoos: Beware (Levenson / Klein) 1965
3.   The Yardbirds: Puzzles (Relf / Dreja / McCarty / Page) 1967
4.   The Band: Hobo Jungle (Robbie Robertson)* 1975
5.   Ron Nigrini: For Someone On The Road (Ron Nigrini)* 1974
6.   Bob Dylan: I’m A Lonesome Hobo (Bob Dylan) 1967
7.   Roy Payne: Outlaw Heroes (Roy Payne) * 1976
8.   King Biscuit Boy: Blue Light Boogie (J.M. Robinson)* 1988
9.   Alex Lora Y Tri: El As No Conocido (Alex Lora) 1989
10. Compañeros: The Immigrants (Adam Konstantakis)* 1982
11. Los Quinchamali: Fiesta (Trad)* 1974
12. The Gipsy Kings: Hotel California (Don Henley / Glenn Frey / Don Felder) 2014
13. Dusy Springfield: I Only Want To Be With You (Mike Hawker / Ivor Raymonde) 1974

2nd hr *CanCon = 46%

Total CanCon = 50%

First Hour

1.   Savoy Brown: I’m Tired (Chris Youlden)
A Step Further: Parrott – PAS 71029
London UK
Chris Youlden – vocals
Kim Simmonds – guitar, cowbell
Lonesome Dave Peverett – guitar
Roger Earl – drums
Tony Stevens – bass
Bob Hall – piano
Wheeler Eddie Blair – trumpets
Ray Davis, Bobby Haughey, Reg Morris: flugal horn
Don Morris – sax
John Edwards – trombone
Bob Efford – sax
Don Honeywill – sax
Jawbone Willie – jawbone
Produced by Mike Vernon – 1969
Recorded by David Grinsted

formed in 1965, in Battersea, South West London
Band was basically owned by Kim Simmonds & bro Harry mgr
Peverett, Stevens, and Earl left to form Foghat with guitarist Rod Price

2.   Jethro Tull: Serenade to a Cuckoo ( Rahsaan Roland Kirk)
This Was: Reprise – 6336
Luton, Bedfordshire
Ian Anderson: flute
Mick Abrams: guitar
Clive Bunker: drums
Glenn Cornick: bass
Produced by Terry Ellis & Jethro Tull – 1968
Recorded at Sound Techniques, Chelsea, London

Formed in 1967. have sold over 60 million albums worldwide

Ian Anderson: "I didn't want to be just another third-rate guitar player who sounded like a bunch of other third-rate guitar players. I wanted to do something that was a bit more idiosyncratic, hence the switch to another instrument. When Jethro Tull began, I think I'd been playing the flute for about two weeks. It was a quick learning curve ... literally every night I walked onstage was a flute lesson.”

Following the album's release, Abrahams left the band in December to form his own group, Blodwyn Pig

3.   Guess Who: Undun (Randy Bachman)*
Canned Wheat: RCA Victor – LSP 4157
Winnipeg MB
Randy Bachman: guitar
Burton Cummings: keys, vocals
Garry Peterson: percussion
Jim Kale: bass
Produced by Jack Richardson – 1969
Recorded by John Woram & Dick Baxter at RCA’s Studio A, New York City

4.   Ten Years After: Woodchopper’s Ball (Woody Herman / Joe Bishop)
Undead: Derem Records – DS 18016
London UK
Leo Lyons: bass
Ric Lee: drums
Chick Churchill: keys
Alvin Lee: guitar
Produced by Mike Vernon – 1968
Recorded May 14, 1968 by Rob Baker at Klooks Kleek, Railway Hotel, West Hampstead, London

Founding members Alvin Lee & Leo Lyons formed in late 1960 as Ivan Jay and the Jaycats, then Jaybirds, Blues Trip, Blues Yard & finally 10 yrs after.
All members were in place by 1966.
Christened 10 yrs after to honour Elvis’ 10th year after becoming a star.
Performed at The Rock Pile, Toronto, 1969, opened by Howlin’ Wolf
In August 1970, 10 Yrs After played the Strawberry Fields Festival near Toronto & Isle of Wight Festival

5.   Daniel Lanois: Still Water (Daniel Lanois)*
Acadie: Opal / WB - 92 59691
Hamilton, ON
Daniel Lanois – guitar (steel, electric and acoustic), bass, vocals, omnichord
Malcolm Burn – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
Brian Eno – keyboards, vocals
Adam Clayton – bass
Larry Mullen, Jr. – drums
Produced by Daniel Lanois – 1989
Recorded by Malcolm Burn and Mark Howard, New Orleans LA
Additional Recording at Brian Eno’s Wilderness Studio, UK
Mixed by Malcolm Burn & Daniel Lanois w Mark Howard
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Brian Eno did the haunting bg vocals at his studio in UK

6.   Max Webster: Night Flights (Terry Watkinson)*
A Million Vacations: Anthem Records – ANR-1-1018
Toronto ON
Gary McCracken: drums
Kim Mitchell: guitar, lead vocals
Dave Myles: bass
Terry Watkinson; keys
Produced by John de Nottbeck & Max Webster – 1979
Recorded by Mark Wright at Phase One Studios, Scarborough ON
Mixed by David Green, Soundstage, Toronto
Mastered at Master Disk, NYC by Bob Ludwig

Formed 1973, Toronto – died 1981
Originally called The Grass Company, The Quotations, Big Al's Band, ZOOOM
4th album  Million Vacations was the first Max Webster album to generate hit singles that cracked the Canadian top 100.

7.   Ian & Sylvia: Midnight (Sylvia Tyson)
Ian & Sylvia: Columbia Records – C 30736
Toronto / Pincher Creek AB
Sylvia Tyson: lead vocal, piano
Ian Tyson: guitar
David Wilcox: knife guitar
Norbert Putnam: bass
Kenny Buttrey: drums
Produced by John Hill – 1971
Recorded by Phil Sheridan, Tom Geelan, Charlie Bragg, Henry Saskowski at Thunder Sound Studios, Toronto & Columbia Studios, New York & Nashville

8.   The Who: Early Morning Cold Taxi (Roger Daltry / David Langston)
The Who vs. Bizarre Mr. Pig - (Bootleg) Trade Mark Of Quality ?– 71077
London UK
Pete Townsend: guitar, vocals
Roger Daltry: vocals
John Entwistle: bass
Keith Moon: drums
Produced 1971

studio recordings, probably out-takes from The Who Sell Out 1968

9.   Canadian Conspiracy: Are You Man Enough *
Canadian Conspiracy: Ind – QCS 1207
Toronto ON / Halifax NS
Alex Glover: trumpet, fluglehorn, mellophone, vocals
Albi Koteles: drums, vocals
Gary Green: trumpet, fluglehorn, mellophone, vocals
Steve Beach: organ, piano, arp, vocals
Rick Voigt: guitars, vocals
Ron Cameron: bass, vocals
Brian McKay: trumpet, trombone, vocals
Produced by Canadian Conspiracy – 1973?
Recorded by Paul Mason, Russ Brannon at Elderwall Sound Ltd, Dartmouth NS

197? – 1979
Recorded one LP as Conspiracy for Capitol Records. This one is obvioulsy a demo.
After bands demise, Alex Glover moved to the States playing music as Alex Glover & Company
Became Conspiracy 1974 when Canadian Conspiracy and Orleans (Brantford) came together.

Voigt and Koteles settled in Florida; Glover is a booking agent in Atlantic City; Beach returned to Brantford; Greensword is a real estate agent with Re/Max in Mississauga, Ontario; McKay passed away; and Cameron became touring bassist with Tommy Hunter.

10. The Chambers Brothers: All Strung Out Over You (R Clark)
The Time Has Come: Columbia – CS 9522
Los Angeles CA
Lester Chambers - harmonica
Joe Chambers - guitar
Willie Chambers - guitar
George Chambers - bass
Brian Keenan - drums
Produced by Tim O’Brien – 1968
Recorded by Fred Catero & Roy Segal

Formed 1965 lasted till 72. Big hit: Time Has Come Today 1968.

11. Ravin’: Funky Thang (Rich Morrison)*
Ravin’ / Road Song: CBC  - LM469B
(Note: Side A: Road Song by Louise Lambert)
Toronto ON
Rich Morrison: sax
Hugh Brockie: guitar
Peter Jeffrey: trumpet, flute
Dave James: drums
Peter Elias: bass
Jack Lenz: keys
Marty Morell: congas
Produced by Keith Duncan – circa 1980
Recorded at Studio 4S, Toronto by David Dobbs and Tom Shipton
Mixed by Larry Morey

This was their only recording. Most members had successful careers backing others.

Second Hour

1.   The Velvet Underground: Venus In Furs (Lou Reed)
The Velvet Underground & Nico: Verve (Canada) mono V 5008
New York City
Lou Reed: guitar, vocals
Sterling Morrison: guitar, bass
John Cale: electric viola, piano, bass
Maureen Tucker: percussion
Produced by Andy Warhol - 1967
Recorded by Omi Haden at TTG Hollywood
Mixed by Tom Wilson , Gene Radice & David Green

     active between 1964 and 1973, formed in New York City by Lou Reed and John Cale.
     inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996

2.   The Hullaballoos: Beware (Levenson / Klein)
England’s Newest singing Sensations: Roulette – R25297
Hull, UK
Andrew Woonton: lead guitar
Harold Dunn: drums
Geoffrey Mortimer: bass
Ricky Knight: guitar, vocals
Produced by Hugo Peretti  & Luigi Creatore  - 1965

Formed 1964 as Ricky Knight and The Crusaders. Roulette producers Hugo & Luigi got them to dye their hair blonde. Disbanded 1967

3.   The Yardbirds: Puzzles (Relf / Dreja / McCarty / Page)
45 single bw Little Games: Capiitol Records 72467
London UK
Keith Relf – vocals, harmonica, acoustic guitar, percussion
Jimmy Page – lead guitar
Chris Dreja – bass
Jim McCarty – drums, backing vocals
Produced by Mickie Most - 1967

4.   The Band: Hobo Jungle (Robbie Robertson)*
Northern Lights – Southern Cross: Capitol Records – ST 11440
Toronto ON
Levon Helm: drums
Robbie Robertson: guitar
Richard Manuel: vocal, hammond Organ
Rick Danko: bass
Garth Hudson: keys, brass, woodwinds
Produced by The Band – 1975
Recorded by Rob Fraboni, Ed anderson & Nat Jeffrey at Shangri-La Studio, Zuma Beach CA
Mixed by Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Rob Fraboni, Nat Jeffrey & Ed Anderson

5.   Ron Nigrini: For Someone On The Road (Ron Nigrini)*
CBC Broadcast Recording: LM400
Toronto ON
Ron Nigrini: vocals, guitars, dulcimer
Paul Fortier: bass
Ken Harris: harmonica
Don Heard: electric guitar
Bob Moore, drums
Sarah Ellen Dunlop & Cheryl Roth: bg vocals
Produced by CBC Toronto – 1974
Recorded by Keith Duncan

Born in 1948, Ron Nigrini started playing as a teenager in 1965 with a duo called The Coachmen from Toronto. Two years later, he was a member of Dan's Heard. In 1970, Nigrini went solo, touring the coffeehouse circuit through the US.
Back in Canada in 1972 he wrote commercials for TV and radio with Michael Hasek. In July 1974 Nigrini signed a contract with Attic Records and recorded his first single, "Letters" and a self-titled debut album.
Two years later, he recorded his own version of the Oscar-winning song "I'm Easy" from the movie Nashville.

6.   Bob Dylan: I’m A Lonesome Hobo (Bob Dylan)
John Wesley Harding: Columbia Records – CL 2804
Bob Dylan: vocal, guitar, harmonica, piano
Charles McCoy: bass
Kenny Buttrey: drums
Produced by Bob Johnson – 1967
Recorded by Charlie Bragg

7.   Roy Payne: Outlaw Heroes (Roy Payne) *
Outlaw Heroes: RCA Victor – KXL1-0163
Trout River, NL / Mattawa ON
John Arpin, piano
Jack Zaza, bass, clarinet, sax, harp
Red Shea, Brian Russell, lead guitars
Alistair Morrison, Rhythm guitar
Bob Jucier, Al Brisco, steel, dobro
Laurie Bower Singers
Produced by Jack Feeney 1976
Recorded by Hayward Parrott at RCAs Toronto Studios

8.   King Biscuit Boy: Blue Light Boogie (J.M. Robinson)
Richard Newell aka King Biscuit Boy: Stony Plain Records – SPL 1120
Hamilton ON
King Biscuit Boy: vocals, harmonica
Sonny Del Rio: saxes
Dennis Grasely: saxes
John Lewis: guitar
Teddy Joe Brown: piano
Neil Nickafor:  bass
Paul Panchezak: drums
Produced by Andy Grigg & Richard Newell – 1988
Recorded & Mixed at Sound Path Studios, Oakville ON by Richard Lightheart

Richard Alfred Newell (March 9, 1944 – January 5, 2003)

9.   Alex Lora Y Tri: El As No Conocido (Alex Lora)
21 Años Después: WEA
Mexico City
Alex Lora – guitar, vocals
Rafael Salgado – harmonic
Sergio Mancera – electric & rhythm guitar
Pedro Martínez – drums
Ruben Soriano – bass
Produced by Alex Lora – 1989

spinoff of Three Souls in My Mind, formed in 1968. The group is regarded as influential in the development of Mexican rock music. As 3 Souls released 15 lps by 1985. Lora played bass. Started off singing in English but changed to Spanish after Mexico’s Woodstock called Festival de Avándaro 1971

Mexico had an anti-hippie – anit-longhair policy (especially at the border). They banned Hair after only 1 performance and deported many progressive musicians. To get around holding the Festival, they billed it as a racing car event (sorta like Strawberry Fields the year before). Est 500,000 attended. 3 Souls were the last to play.

Alex Lora became the first Mexican rock band to have a Gold certified record with their album "Simplemente" The 2008 Lonely Planet guide to Mexico calls El Tri "the grandfathers of Mexican rock."[10] 2006's Rock en Español characterizes them as "Mexico's quintessential working-class rock outfit."[11] They have been described in press as "Mexico's answer to the Rolling Stones": "Ancient, raunchy, but still hugely popular.

10. Compañeros: The Immigrants (Adam Konstantakis)*
Blazing Frontiers: Rebellion Records - ICS-8002
Toronto, ON
Ricardo Rivas – guitar, piano, charango, bass
Adam Konstantakis – guitar
Dimitrious Apostolou – bouzuki
Marcelo Puente – guitar, flute, harmonica, charango, cuatro
Juan Salvatierra – flutes
Juan Opitz - percussion
Produced by Los Compañeros – 1982

House band at Toronto coffee house The Trojan Horse on Danforth. Founded by Toronto poet Gwendolyn MacEwen and her then husband Greek musician Niko Tsingos, 1972. Home for Greek & Chilean refugees.

11. Los Quinchamali: Fiesta (Trad)*
CBC Broadcast Recording: LM 406
Montreal QC
Edmond Badoux
Alain Montblanch
Renato Trujillo
Jose Zawadski
Produced by Mark Goldman – 1974
Recorded by M dePassille & JP Latortune at CBC Montreal Studios

Quinchamali is Qechwa word meaning “Spread to the 4 winds”. Formed in Montreal in early 70s
Performed at Mariposa Folk Fest prob 1974, Toronto Islands

12. The Gipsy Kings: Hotel California (Don Henley / Glenn Frey / Don Felder)
The Big Lebowski Soundtrack: Mercury Records – B0021796-01
Arles, Provence, France
Nicolas Reyes: lead vocals, guitar
Paul Reyes: backup vocals, guitar
François "Canut" Reyes: backup vocals, guitar
Patchai Reyes: backup vocals, guitar
André Reyes: backup vocals, guitar
Diego Baliardo: guitar
Paco Baliardo: guitar
Tonino Baliardo: lead guitar
Produced by T Bone Burnett, Joel Coen & Ethan Coen – 1998
Vinyl Release - 2014

13. Dusy Springfield: I Only Want To Be With You (Mike Hawker / Ivor Raymonde)
Stay Awhile – I Only Want To Be With You: Mercury Wing – SRW-16353
(UK Release: A Girl Called Dusty - Philips Records BF 7594 (mono) SBL (7594)
London, UK
Dusty Springfield – lead vocals
The Breakaways – background vocals
Ivor Raymonde – orchestra director
Produced by Johnny Franz - 1964
Olympic Studios, Carton Street, London W1, UK, October 1963 – January 1964
Released June – 1964

b. Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien 16 April 1939 West Hampstead, North London, England,
d. breast cancer 2 March 1999 (aged 59) Henley-on-Thames,Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

member of both the US Rock and Roll and UK Music Halls of Fame
In 1958 she joined her first professional group, The Lana Sisters, and two years later formed a pop-folk vocal trio, The Springfields, with her brother Tom
Her solo career began in 1963 with the upbeat pop hit, "I Only Want to Be with You"
In 1981 she had a six-month love affair with singer-musician Carole Pope of the rock band Rough Trade.

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