33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 5, 2016

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Ain't She Sweet
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now

Hour One

1.   David McCallum: It Won’t Be Wrong (Roger McGuinn / Harvey Gerst) - 1968
2.   Pied Pear: The Dynamite Band (Richard Scott) – 1980*
3.   The Wonderful Grand Band: Dancin’ In The Streets (Jamie Snider / B Dansey) - 1981*
4.   The Jitters: Last of the Red Hot Fools (Blair Packham / Daniel Levy) – 1987*
5.   Giles, Giles & Fripp: Little Children (Robert Fripp) – 1967
6.   The Paupers: Cairo Hotel (Adam Mitchell) – 1968*
7.   Duster Bennett: Worried Mind (Duster Bennett) – 1968
8.   Rory Gallagher: Should’ve Learned My Lesson (Rory Gallagher) – 1972
9.   Messenjah: Rock On Jah (Eric Walch) – 1982*
10. Houndog: Juke (Marion Walter Jacobs) – 1978*
11. The Beatles: Ain’t She Sweet (Jack Yellin / Milton Ager) – 1961
12. Vanilla Fudge: Ticket To Ride (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) – 1967
13. Humble Pie: Drive My Car (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) – 1975
14. Billy J Kramer & Dakotas: I’ll Keep You Satisfied (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) – 1963

*CanCon = 43%

Hour Two

1.   Foxrun: Mystery News (Timothy Chipman) – 1981*
2.   The Righteous Brothers: B Flat Blues (Bill Medley / Bob Hatfield) – 1963
3.   The (English) Beat: Monkey Murders (English Beat) – 1981
4.   Bruno Gerussi’s Medallion: Ginger’s Alright (Tom Harrison / Ron Hyslop) – 1989*
5.   The Kinks: Heart Of Gold (Ray Davies) – 1983
6.   The Doors: L’America (The Doors) – 1971
7.   Cano: L’Autobus de la Pluie (Marcel Aymar / Wasyl Kohut / Gatong Tremblay) – 1979*
8.   Chalk Circle: The Great Lake (Chalk Circle) – 1986*
9.   Donovan: Season of the Witch (D Leitch) – 1966
10. The Guess Who: Proper Stranger (Randy Bachman / Burton Cummings) – 1970*
11. Horn: Vibrations / Johnny Guitar Plays Childrens’ Music (Gary Hynes / Les Clackett / Pierre Martin) –  1972*

*CanCon = 55%

Total CanCon = 48%

And Now for The Particulars:

1.   David McCallum: It Won’t Be Wrong (Roger McGuinn / Harvey Gerst)
Music: A Bit More Of Me: Capitol Records – ST 2498
Glasgow SL
David McCallum: conductor, arranger
HB Barnukm: arranger
Produced by David Axelrod – 1968
Recorded by Joe Polito

As a classically trained musician, he conceived a blend of oboe, English horn, and strings with guitar and drums, and presented instrumental interpretations of hits of the day. Played Illya Kuryakin on The Man From UNCLE 1964-68. Such was the popular hysteria surrounding him that he was referred to in newspaper reports at the time as ‘the blond Beatle’ or the ‘fifth Beatle’. While playing Kuryakin, McCallum received more fan mail than any other actor in the history of MGM

2.   Pied Pear: The Dynamite Band (Richard Scott)
Pied Pear: Squash Records SQ1-965-A
Vancouver BC
Richard Scott: vocals, dulcimer
Joseph Mock: guitars, piano, vocals
Shari Ulrich: vocals, violin
Claire Lawrence: sax
Robbie King: organ
Rene Worst: bass
Geoff Eyre: drums
Produced by The Pied Pear - 1980
Recorded by Mark McNair and Paul MacDonald at Pinewood Recording Studios, Vancouver

Roots duo PIED PEAR, Rick Scott and Joe Mock, rode into town for a once in a lifetime tour.
Scott and Mock pioneered indie roots music 1974 -76 with Shari Ulrich in the trio Pied Pumkin. When Shari joined the Hometown Band, the Pumkin became PIED PEAR. From 1976-1982 Rick and Joe toured far and wide playing concerts, dances and festivals. They represented Canada at the Knoxville Worlds fair. They released three albums.

3.   The Wonderful Grand Band: Dancin’ In The Streets (Jamie Snider / B Dansey)
Living In A Fog: Grand East Records - GE-1001
St. John's NL
Glenn Simmons,  vocals, guitar
Ron Hynes, vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo
Jaymie Snider,  vocals, guitars, mandolin, fiddle
Sandy Morris, guitars, bg vocal
Ian Perry, bass, bg vocal
Paul Stamp, drums, bg vocal
Greg Malone, dad
Tommy Sexton, mom
Declan O’Doherty: keys
John Jonson: sax
Dave Rundle: percussion
Produced by Declan O'Doherty - 1981
Recorded and Mixed at Springfield Sound Studio by Declan O'Doherty, Dan Donovan & Geoff Rowland
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Masterdisk, New York City
http://wonderfulgrandband.com/ or mailto:wgb@bellaliant.net

1978-83 – got together as a music and comedy troup. Had a TV show in Newfoundland & Labrador 1980 – 83, precursor to CODCO TV series. Jamie Snider, originally from southern Ontario, now lives in British Columbia.

4.   The Jitters: Last of the Red Hot Fools (Blair Packham / Daniel Levy)
The Jitters: EMI  Capitol  CLT 48126
Toronto ON
Blair Packham: lead vocal, guitar
Danny Levy: lead guitar
Matthew Greenberg: bass
Vic D’Arsie: keys
Randy Cooke: drums
Produced by Paul Gross  1987
Recorded by Joe Primeau at Phase One Studio, Toronto
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

Blair Packham is Vice-President of the Songwriters Association of Canada from 2000 to present. Only put out 2 albums.

5.   Giles, Giles & Fripp: Little Children (Robert Fripp)
The Cheerful Insanity of: Cherry Red Phonograph – CRP203
Winbourn - Bournemouth , Dorset UK
Peter Giles: bass, vocal
Michael Giles: drums
Robert Fripp: guitar
The Breakaways: bg vocals
Produced by Wayne Bickerton – 1968
Recorded by Bill Price

Their only official album. The Brondesbury Tapes, which later became another GG&F album, was a series of demos. Fripp claims that Cheerful Insanity Of originally only sold 500 copies, perhaps because the band never actually played a gig. A year later, with the addition of Greg Lake and Ian MacDonald, became King Crimson.

6.   The Paupers: Cairo Hotel (Adam Mitchell)
Ellis Island: Verve Forecast FTS-3051
Toronto ON
Adam Mitchell: guitar, vocals
Brad Campbell: bass
Chuck Beal: Lead guitar
Skip Prokop: drums
Al Kooper: keys
Produced by Elliot Mazer - 1968
Recorded by Fred Catero

The band’s second album Ellis Island was released in the aftermath of the group’s break up. A final single, Mitchell’s "Cairo Hotel" (later recorded by McKendree Spring), was released simultaneously, but failed to chart. "Cairo Hotel" apparently written about a hotel in Washington DC where most of the tenants were down and outs.

7.   Duster Bennett: Worried Mind (Duster Bennett)
Smiling Like I’m Happy: Blue Horizon Records 7-63208
London UK
Duster Bennett: vocal, harmonica, guitar, percussion
Produced by Mike Vernon - 1968
Recorded at CBS Studios, London by Mike Ross & Mike Fitzhenry

Anthony "Duster" Bennett (23 September 1946 26 March 1976) died in a car crash in 1976

8.   Rory Gallagher: Should’ve Learned My Lesson (Rory Gallagher)
Deuce: Polydor Records 2383 076
Dublin IR
Rory Gallagher: guitars, vocal
Gerry McAvoy: bass
Wilgar Campbell: drums
Produced by Rory Gallagher - 1972
Recorded by Robin Sylvester at Tangerine Studios, London

b. 2 March 1948 Ballyshannon, Ireland – d. 14 June 1995 (aged 47) London
In the later years of his life Gallagher developed a phobia of flying. To overcome this he received a prescription for a powerful sedative. This medication, combined with his alcohol use resulted in severe liver damage which ended up killing him.

9.   Messenjah: Rock On Jah (Eric Walch)
Rock You High: Phonyx Records WRC1-2430
Kitchener ON
Errol Blackwood: vocal, bass
Rukpert Harvey: vocal, guitar, vax
Eric Walsh: guitar
Raymond Ruddock: drums
Hal Duggan: keys
Tony King: percussion
Produced by Rupert Harvey - 1982
Recorded by Richard Bowen at Circle Sound Studio, San Diego CA

Kitchener ON based band. This is their first LP.
Toured internationally for 16 yrs. Won 1989 Juno for Best Reggae LP
Appeared at Skydome, Toronto, 1998 with Nelson Mandela.

Rupert "Ojiji" Harvey (born Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, 9 February 1955) moved to Canada with his family when he was eleven.

10. Houndog: Juke (Marion Walter Jacobs)
Every Dog Has Its Day: Viper Records - VPR/HD-001
Winnipeg, MB
Ian Haslan  drums
Gord Kidder  harmonica
Harri Vallittu  pianos
Barry Dunford  acoustic & electric bass
Brent Parkin  guitars
Produced by David Essig with Duck Donald  1978
Recorded by Harry Taylor at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg  July 27 & Aug 2, 1978
Mixed by Harry Taylor & David Essig at Century 21
Mastered by Allan Moy & Chopper McKinnon at JAMF Toronto
Pressed by Golden Records, Toronto
Props: T Eaton Co, Winnipeg

Written by Marion Walter Jacobs (May 1, 1930 – February 15, 1968) aka Little Walter. He was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008, the only harmonica player to ever be inducted.

11. The Beatles: Ain’t She Sweet (Jack Yellin / Milton Ager)
Ain’t She Sweet: Atco Records – 33-169
Liverpool UK
John Lennon - lead vocal, rhythm guitar
George Harrison - lead guitar
Paul McCartney - bass
Pete Best - drums
Produced by Bert Kaempfert - 1961
Recorded at the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Hamburg, Germany – June 22, 1961

Originally recorded as The Beat Brothers when backing up Tony Sheridan
Berthold Heinrich Kämpfert, (16 October 1923 – 21 June 1980) was the first man to ever record them.
Ain’t She Sweet was first published in 1927. Songwriter Milton Ager wrote "Ain't She Sweet" for his daughter Shana Ager, who in her adult life was known as the political commentator Shana Alexander.

12. Vanilla Fudge: Ticket To Ride (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Vanilla Fudge: Atco Records SD 33-224
Long Island NY
Tim Bogert bass, vocals
Mark Stein lead vocals, keyboards
Vince Martell guitar, vocals
Carmine Appice drums, vocals
Produced by Shadow Morton - 1967
Recorded by Joe Veneri & Bill Stahl

Recorded five albums during the years 1967–69, before disbanding in 1970.
Originally called The Electric Pigeons, they changed their name to The Pigeons. Ahmet Ertegun, their label's founder and president, didn't like that name and told them to change it.

Carmine Appice: We tried to think up a new name but were getting nowhere until we played a gig at the Page 2 club on Long Island and ended up talking to a chick named Dee Dee who worked there. She told us how her grandfather used to call her Vanilla Fudge. Then she looked at us and added 'Maybe you guys should call yourselves that---you're like white soul music'. We liked it. We told our manager, Phil Basile. He liked it. We told Atlantic and they liked it, too. So Vanilla Fudge it was".

According to Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord, Vanilla Fudge's organ-heavy sound was a large influence on the British band Deep Purple, with Blackmore even stating that his band wanted to be a "Vanilla Fudge clone" in its early years.

On March 14, 1970, Vanilla Fudge played a farewell concert at the Phil Basile's Action House. After that, Bogert & Appice departed to go ahead with another group, Cactus, that they'd been planning since late 1969. In 1972 they left Cactus and formed Beck, Bogert & Appice with guitarist Jeff Beck.

13. Humble Pie: Drive My Car (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Street Rats: A&M SP 4514
Greg Ridley - bass guitar, vocals
Jerry Shirley - drums
Steve Marriott - guitar, harmonica, keyboards, producer, vocals
Clem Clempson - guitar, slide guitar
Mel Collins - session musician (horn)
Tim Hinkley - session musician (keyboards)
Produced by Andrew Oldham & Steve Marriott - 1975
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London & Clear Sounds Studios, Essex UK

Active 1969 – 75
Drummer Jerry Shirley (b. 4 Feb 1952) backed Syd Barrett on his two solo albums. Also worked w John Entwhistle, Sammy Hager

14. Billy J Kramer & Dakotas: I’ll Keep You Satisfied (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Top Twelve Hits: Capitol Records of Canada – T 6091
Liverpool UK
Billy J Kramer: vocal
Tony Mansfield: drums
Robin MacDonald: guitar
Ray Jones: bass
Mike Maxfield: lead guitar
Produced by George Martin - 1963
Recorded at Abby Road Studios
Released in UK, Nov 1, 1963; Canada October, 1964

Born William Howard Ashton, 19 August 1943 in Bootle, Lancashire, England.
Also managed by Brian Epstein who produced L&M songs for him to record.
The single reached number one. It sold over one million copies, and was
awarded a gold disc. Kramer is still Performing.

Hour Two

1.   Foxrun Band : Mystery News (Timothy Chipman)
Embrace: Ariel Records – ARLP-116
Toronto, ON
James Paul Cassar bass, 1951
Peter Cassar drums, 1953
Timothy Chipman guitar, keys, vocals b. 1951
Produced by Foxrun - 1981
Recorded by G Warecki & Fred Petersen at Kinck Sound, Toronto

Ariel Records was a label owned by band members James Paul Cassar, Peter Cassar and Timothy Chipman. The Foxrun Band appears to have been a side project to their main band, Darkstar, which released two albums and six singles during the 1977-1981 period. Darkstar was a Toronto three-piece who released an independent single in 1977 called 'Holy Roller'. Their debut album was 'Into The Heartland' in 1978 on their own Ariel Records. Their sophomore release was 1980's 'Escape Routines'. The first Foxrun Band album You're Invited came out 1979 and featured Margo Davidson (Parachute Club) on sax.

2.   The Righteous Brothers: B Flat Blues (Bill Medley / Bob Hatfield)
Right Now!: Barry Records – B-321
Orange Co. CA
Bill Medley: vocal
Bobby Hatfield: vocal
Produced by Bill Medley - 1963
Recorded by Ray Maxwell

The Righteous Brothers were the musical duo of Bobby Hatfield and Bill Medley. They began performing together in 1962 in the Los Angeles area as part of a five-member group called The Paramours, but adopted the name "The Righteous Brothers" when they embarked on their recording career as a duo. They recorded from 1963 through 1975 and continued to perform until Hatfield's death in 2003. Their emotive vocal style is sometimes dubbed "blue-eyed soul"

Right Now! was their first LP, originally released on Moonglow Records.

3.   The (English) Beat: Monkey Murders (English Beat)
Wha’ppen?: Sire Records – XSR 3567
Birmingham UK
Ranking Roger: vocal, toasting, percussion
Dave Wakeling: vocal, guitar
David Steele: bass
Andy Cox: guitar
Everett Morton: drums
Wesley Magoogan: sax
Saxa (Lionel Augustus Martin): sax
Produced by Bob Sargeant – 1981
Recorded by Mark Dearnley and Nick Rogers at Roundhouse Studios, London UK
Mastered by Phil Brown at Warner Brothers Recording Studios, N Hollywood CA

In UK were just known as The Beat; in Australia as British Beat and in America The English Beat
The Beat toured the world with well-known artists such as David Bowie, The Clash, The Police, The Pretenders, R.E.M., The Specialsand Talking Heads.
After the break-up of The Beat in 1983, Dave Wakeling and Ranking Roger went on to form General Public and had a couple of hit singles in North America, while Andy Cox and David Steele formed Fine Young Cannibals

4.   Bruno Gerussi’s Medallion: Ginger’s Alright (Tom Harrison / Ron Hyslop)
In Search of the Fourth Chord: WEA 25 64421
Vancouver BC
Jim Elliott, bass
Tom Harrison, percussion, vocals
Bruce Faulkner, drums
Ron Hyslop, guitar
Jimmy Walker, guitar, bass, keys
Produced by Ra McGuire 1989
Recorded by Howard Rissin at Ocean Studios, Vancouver

Named after actor/ Bruno Gerussi who played Nick Adonidas of the Beechcomers who apparently approved of the band’s name  (b. Medicine Hat, Alberta 7 May 1928 – d. Vancouver BC, 21 November 1995 of heart failure). Gerussi’s brief recording career: Bruno Gerussi: Signin With The NHL (K Gilles / G Dunford) on Quality Records, 1978. He starred in The Beachcomers from 1972 – 1990, Canada’s longest running weekly dramatic series. Tons of kids grew up watching that CBC show from Molly’s Reach. Relick lives!

Canadian rock group Bruno Gerussi's Medallion performed at the Beachcombers wrap party on 4 August 1990 at the Gibsons Curling Rink. On 21 November 1995, Bruno Gerussi died of a heart attack in Vancouver at the home of his companion, Judge Nancy Morrison.

5.   The Kinks: Heart Of Gold (Ray Davies)
State of Confusion: Arista Records – AL 8-8018
London UK
Dave Davies: lead guitar
Mick Avory: drums
Ray Davies: rhythm guitar, synth, piano, vocal
Jim Rodford: bass
Ian Gibbons: keys
Produced by Ray Davies – 1983
Recorded by John Rollo and Damian Korner at Konk Studios, N London UK
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, NYC

The Kinks’ nineteenth studio album
Heart of Gold was written about the birth of his and Chrissie Hynde's daughter, Natalie, in 1983
The song was criticly acclaimed but overshadowed by the hit single Come Dancing which also appears on this LP

6.   The Doors: L’America (The Doors)
L.A. Woman: Elektra Records – EKS 75011
Los Angeles CA
Jim Morrison: vocal
Robbie Krieger: guitar
John Densmore: drums
Ray Manzarek: keys
Produced by Bruce Botnick & The Doors – 1971
Recorded by Bruce Botnick at The Doors Workshop, LA
Mastered by Doug Sax

the sixth studio album by the Doors.
Morrison died 3 months after the release of this album.
Jeff Scheff played bass for Elvis around that time.
Producere Bruce Botnick explained, "The overall concept for the recording session was to go back to our early roots and try to get everything live in the studio with as few overdubs as possible".
The song: was originally recorded for the soundtrack of director Michelangelo Antonioni's 1970 counterculture film Zabriskie Point, but ultimately rejected.

7.   Cano: L’Autobus de la Pluie (Marcel Aymar / Wasyl Kohut / Gastong Tremblay)
Rendezvous: A&M Records – SP 9037
Sudbury ON
Marcel Aymar: vocal, guitar
David C Burt: guitar
John Doerr: bass
Michel Kendel: keys
Wasyl Kohut: violin
Rachel Paiement: vocals, guitar
Matt Zimbel: 0percussion
Peter Schenkman: cello
Produced by Jim Vallance – 1979
Recorded by Hayward Parrot at Manta Sound, Toronto July – Aug, 1979

CANO evolved out of the Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel-Ontario in Sudbury. The band CANO evolved out of projects launched by artists associated with the cooperative. The band also had collective ownership of a farm in Sturgeon Falls, where they did much of their recording. Previously an all-francophone band, their fourth album, Rendezvous, consisted predominantly of English songs as the band made its bid for success in the larger English language market. Kohut died in 1981, and was replaced by Ben Mink.

In 1984, Aymar, Burt, Mink, Mary Lu Zahalan and Rob Yale recorded the band's final album Visible, and played concerts in Ontario, Quebec and Japanbefore retiring the band. All in all – the recorded 7 albums. (1 entirely in English as Masque)

8.   Chalk Circle: The Great Lake (Chalk Circle)
The Great Lake: Duke Street Records DSR 41024
Newcastle ON
Chris Tait, guitars
Brad Hopkins, bass
Derrick Murphy, drums
Tad Winklarz, keys, sax
Chris Wardman, guitars
Produced by Chris Wardman - 1986
Recorded by Ron Searles and Paul Lachapelle at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, NYC

Active 1982 - 1990
their 1986 debut release 6 song EP
the name Chalk Circle (taken from Bertolt Brecht's play The Caucasian Chalk Circle).

9.   Donovan: Season of the Witch (D Leitch)
Sunshine Superman: Epic Records – NL 24217
Glasgow SL
Donovan: guitar, vocal
Jimmy Page: electric guitar
Bobby Ray: bass
Eddie Hoh: drums
Produced by Mickie Most – 1966

The song title inspired record producer Joe Boyd to name his company Witchseason Productions. Covered by dozens of bands including Vanilla Fudge on their Rennaissance album.

Eddie Hoh (October 16, 1944 – November 7, 2015): Often uncredited and unknown to audiences, he played the drums on several well-known rock songs and albums, including those by Donovan and the Monkees. He also performed at the seminal 1967 Monterey Pop Festival as a member of the Mamas and the Papas touring band. In 1968, he participated in the recording of Super Session, the highly successful 1968 Mike Bloomfield/Al Kooper/Stephen Stills album.

10. The Guess Who: Proper Stranger (Randy Bachman / Burton Cummings)
American Woman: RCA LSP 4266
Winnipeg MB
Randy Bachman: guitar
Burton Cummings: keys, vocals
Gary Peterson: drums
Jim Kale: bass
Produced by Jack Richardson - 1970
Recorded by Brian Christian at RCA Mid-America Recording Center, Studio B, Chicago

the sixth studio album by The Guess Who, and the last to feature lead guitarist Randy Bachman

11. Horn: Vibrations / Johnny Guitar Plays Childrens’ Music (Gary Hynes/Les Clackett/Pierre Martin)
On The Peoples Side: Special Records (GRT) 9230-1028
Toronto ON
Les Clackett, vocals
Bruce Burron, guitar
Gary Hynes, guitar
Alan Duffy, bass
David deLaunay, keys
Wayne Jackson, trumpet
Billy Bryans, drums
Produced by Alan Duffy, Billy Bryans and Horn - 1972
Recorded and mixed by Brock Fricker at Thunder Sound Studios, Toronto

Didnt stay together too long. This is their only vinyl output.
Billy Bryans left to go into Government; Wayne Jackson went to Downchild

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