33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 12, 2016

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Songs for People
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now

Hour One

1.   The Band: Ring Your Bell (Robbie Robertson) – 1975 *
2.   Tom Cochrane & Red Rider: The Boy Inside The Man (Tom Cochrane) – 1986 *
3.   Steppenwolf: Sookie Sookie (Don Covay / Steve Cropper) - 1968
4.   Simply Saucer: Baby Nova (Edgar Breau) - 2011 *
5.   Hank Secord: Honky Tonk Queen (Hank Secord) – 1963 *
6.   Flying Mountain: Crossing The Great Divide (S Tora / D Rubin / Andy Grafitti) - 1978 *
7.   Dave Clark Five: The Man In The Pin-striped Suit (Dave Clark / Denis Payton) -  1967
8.   Robert Hadley: Day After Payday (Robert Hadley) - 1973 *
9.   John McLaughlin: Don’t Let The Dragon Eat Your Mother (John McLaughlin) – 1970
10. Genesis: Dance On A Volcano (Genesis) – 1976
11. Peter Frampton: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) (Syreeta Wright / Lee Garrett / Lula Mae Hardaway / Stevie Wonder) – 1977
12. Marcel Martel: Mon Amour du Rock n’ Roll (Marcel Martel) – 1964 *
13. Red Mountain Jug Band: Fishin’ Blues (Trad) – 1970

*CanCon = 54%

Hour Two – People Songs

1.   Bob Burchill: Some People (Bob Burchill) - 1980 *
2.   John Entwhistle: What Kind Of People Are They (J Entwhistle) – 1971
3.   George Jones: I’m A People (Dallas Frazier) – 1966
4.   The Mothers of Invention: Plastic People (Frank Zappa) – 1967
5.   John Kay: Square Headed People (John Kay) - 1968 *
6.   William Tagoona: Love The People (William Tagoona) – 1986 *
7.   L’Etranger: One People (Andrew Cash / Chuck Angus) – 1984 *
8.   Joan Armatrading: People (J Armatrading) – 1976
9.   Sly & The Family Stone: Everyday People (Sly Stone) – 1969
10. The Doors: People Are Strange (The Doors) – 1967
11. The Paupers: Magic People (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop) – 1967 *
12. Cherri: Eyes Of The People (Cherri) – 1970 *
13. McDonald & Giles: Tomorrow’s People (Michael Giles) – 1971
14. Bruce Cockburn: People See Through You (B Cockburn) – 1985 *

*CanCon = 50%

Total CanCon = 48%

And Now for The Particulars:

1.   The Band: Ring Your Bell (Robbie Robertson) – 1975 *
Northern Lights Southern Cross: Capitol Records ST 11440
Toronto ON
Levon Helm: drums, vocal
Robbie Robertson: guitar, piano
Richard Manuel: vocal, piano
Rick Danko: bass, vocal
Garth Hudson: brass, synths, Lowrey Organ
Produced by The Band 1975
Recorded by Rob Fraboni, Ed anderson & Nat Jeffrey at Shangri-La Studio, Zuma Beach CA
Mixed by Robbie Robertson, Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, Rob Fraboni, Nat Jeffrey & Ed Anderson

6th of 7 studio albums. All songs written by Robbie Robertson. 1st time they got to record in a 24 track studio.

2.   Tom Cochrane & Red Rider: Boy Inside The Man
45 RPM Single bw Lasting Song: Capitol Records – 72301
Lynn Lake, MB
John Webster - keyboards, synthesizers
Ken Greer: guitar, keys
Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve - bass
Graham Broad: drums
Tom Cochrane: vocal, guitar
Produced by Patrick Moran - 1986

This is my own 'My Way', and has become the Tom Cochrane and Red Rider signature song. We've tried this song everywhere else in the live set and we've learned that it just has to end the show. Leaving it out of a live show is like walking on stage without one arm. The song dissects the rites of passage I think most men go through from 17 to our 30s.

3.   Steppenwolf: Sookie Sookie (Don Covay / Steve Cropper)
The Second: RCA DS-50037
Los Angeles / Toronto
John Kay:  lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Michael Monarch:   lead guitar, backing vocals
Rushton Moreve:   bass, backing vocals
Goldy McJohn:   keyboards, backing vocals
Jerry Edmonton:   drums, backing vocals
Produced by Gabriel Mekler  1968
Recorded by Bill Cooper & Richard Podolor at American Recording Co, Studio City CA in the Fall of 1967

This is from their 2nd LP.  The essential core of Steppenwolf was John Kay, Jerry Edmonton, his brother Dennis Edmonton aka Mars Bonfire and Goldy McJohn - originally Jack London & the Sparrows from Oshawa. Another Sparrow member was Bruce Palmer (Buffalo Springfield).

4.   Simply Saucer: Baby Nova (Edgar Breau)
Baby Nova: Schizo Phrenic Records SCHIZ #79
Hamilton ON
Edgar Breau: vocals, guitars
Kevin Christoff: bass
Joe Csontos: drums
Steve Foster: guitar
Daniel Wintermans: guitar
McKinley Jackson: piano
Produced by Jeff Maier 2011
Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit
Additional overdubs by Steve Foster at Napier Park Studio, Hamilton
Mixed at The Launch Pad, Detroit by Jeff Meier

5.   Hank Secord: Honky Tonk Queen (Hank Secord)
The Country Sound of Hank Secord: Banff Rodeo – RBS – 1130
Sudbury ON
Produced – 1963

Jerry "Hank" Secord of Camrose, passed away on Thursday March 31, 2016 at the age of 78 years.
(Not sure about this but he was either born in Sudbury or in Byng Inlet, Ontario on August 8, 1937)
Also hosted an all night country music radio programs in Regina, Edmonton and Camrose AB

6.   Flying Mountain: Crossing The Great Divide (S Tora / D Rubin / Andy Grafitti)
Earth & Sky: Musicfrolicus Records GAS-102
Vancouver BC
Dan Ruben, violin, bouzouki, mandolin, guitar
Satoru Suttles Tora, guitar, bodhran, percussion
Rawn Mongovius, bass guitar, flute
Ferguson Neville, culcimer, harmonica, congas, percussion
Andy Grafitti, drums
Holly Denny, Susanne Morgan, Karen Parton bg vocals
Produced by Flying Mountain, Simon Garber & Larry Robbins 1978
Recorded by Simon Garber at The Golden Age Sonic Lab, Vancouver

formed in 1976 recorded 2 LPs
Mostly performed at folk clubs & festivals in Western Canada
Have reformed a few times so are still active

7.   Dave Clark Five: The Man In The Pin-striped Suit (Dave Clark / Denis Payton )
45 rpm single bw You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby: Capitol Records – 72488
London UK
Dave Clark, Drums
Michael Smith, keys
Dennis Payton, sax
Lenny Davidson, guitar
Rick Huxley, bass
Produced by Dave Clark – 1967

Denis Archibald West Payton (11 August 1943 – 17 December 2006). Played sax, guitar and harmonica in the band.  Payton enjoyed his finest hour when the great American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, one of Payton's music idols, asked Payton for his autograph after attending a Dave Clark Five concert. Inducted into the R&R Hall of Fame with DC5 in 2006, just after he died.

Considered a rare single – The Man In The Pin-striped Suit was never put onto an album. Released June 1967 as the B side.

8.   Bob Hadley: Day After Payday (Robert Hadley) - 1973 *
The Raven: Raven Records ? RXS 7303
Vancouver BC
Bob Hadley, guitar
Produced by Bob Hadley - 1973
Recorded by Rolf Hennemann at Can-Base Studios

Originally from UK, this album was released both in Canada and UK.
Guitar Player Magazine has called Hadley "A fingerpicking talent on a par with anyone recording today". This was the first of 3 albums. At the time he was considered to be up there with John Fahey as a guitar vitruoso.

 9.   John McLaughlin: Don’t Let The Dragon Eat Your Mother (John McLaughlin)
Devotion: Douglas Records 4
Doncaster UK
John McLaughlin: guitar
Buddy Miles: drums
Harry Young: keys
Billy Rich; bass
Produced by Alan Douglas and Stefan Bright - 1970

4 January 1942 (age 74) Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire
He played on Miles Davis' albums In A Silent Way, Bitches Brew  as a member of Davis’ band
From 1971 – 76 fronted the Mahavishnu Orchestra
This was JM’s second album but he panned it: On his website he writes: “In 1969, I sign a contract in America for 2 records. First is 'Devotion' that was destroyed by producer Alan Douglas who mixed the recording in my absence.” However the album received great critical reviews.
He has lived in Monaco since the late 1980s.

Alan Douglas Rubenstein (July 20, 1931 – June 7, 2014) was an American record producer from Boston, who worked with Jimi Hendrix (posthumous catalog), Miles Davis,John McLaughlin, Lenny Bruce and the Last Poets. He ran his own record label, Douglas Records.

10. Genesis: Dance On A Volcano (Genesis)
A Trick of the Tail: Atco Records – 5D-36-129
Godalming, Surrey UK
Mike Rutherford: 12 string guitar, bass
Tony Banks: keys, vocals
Phil Collins: drums, vocals
Steve Hackett: guitars
Produced by David Hentschel & Genesis – 1976
Recorded by David Henshel & Nick Bradford at Trident Studios, London

Formed by fellow schoolboys in 1967. They have sold 21.5 million RIAA-certified albums in the US and their worldwide sales are estimated to be between 100 million and 150 million.
Genesis was named by former pupil Jonathan King who arranged them to record several unsuccessful singles and an album. King first came to prominence in 1965 when "Everyone's Gone to the Moon"

11. Peter Frampton: Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours) (Syreeta Wright / Lee Garrett / Lula Mae Hardaway / Stevie Wonder)
I’m In You: A&M Records – SP 4704
London UK
Peter Frampton: drums, guitar, vocal
Mike Finnegan: bg vocal
Bob Mayo: clavinet
Stanley Seldon: bass
John Shiomos: drums
Produced by Peter Frampton – 1977
Recorded by Chris Kimsey, Frankie D’Augusta & Peter Frampton at Electric Lady Studios, NYC, The Record Plant, NYC and The Hit Factory, NYC
Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC by George Marino

Peter Kenneth Frampton b. 22 April 1950
By the age of 12, Frampton played in a band called The Little Ravens. Both he and David Bowie, who was three years older, were pupils at Bromley Technical School. The Little Ravens played on the same bill at school as Bowie's band, George and the Dragons. Peter and David would spend time together at lunch breaks, playing Buddy Holly songs. in 1966 he became a member of The Herd. He was the lead guitarist and singer. In early 1969, when Frampton was 18 years old, he joined with Steve Marriott of Small Faces to form Humble Pie. After a solo career his star began to fall by the end of the 70s.

12. Marcel Martel: Mon Amour du Rock n’ Roll (Marcel Martel) *
Ma Bell Prairie: MCA Coral – CB 33017
Drummondville QC
Produced - 1964

Joseph Gaston Martel: Feb 1, 1925 - April 13, 1999. Started writing his own songs just after WW2 and recorded over 100 singles for the Starr and Apex labels. Had his own TV program (1962-65) in Sherbrooke QC.

13. Red Mountain Jug Band: Fishin’ Blues (Trad) –
The Strawberry Statement: MGM Records  2SE 14ST
Pat May
Bill Boelk
Randy Thornally
Pat Rooney
Soundtrack Produced by Irwin Winkler & Robert Chartoff - 1970

An Elevator rides down the outside of a building into a crowd with the jug band playing and kids are dancing to the Fishin’ Blues!

The Strawberry Statement: is a 1970 cult film about the counterculture and student revolts of the 1960s about the Columbia University protests of 1968. The film won the Jury Prize at the 1970 Cannes Film Festival. The Jug Band was probably just put together for the film as I can find no other reference of them.

Hour Two – People Songs

1.   Bob Burchill: Some People (Bob Burchill)
Hugs...: Will O' Wind - WOW 002 - vinyl
Dublin, ON
Bob Burchill – guitar, vocal
Ken Kalmusky – bass
John Till – electric guitar
Murray Scott – keys
Toby Small – drums
Glen Soulis – winds
David Woodhead – guitar, steel
Layna Basson – bg vocal
Pat Kell – bg vocal
Dorit Learned – bg vocal
Produced by Bob Burchill – 1980
Recorded by Bob Doble at Maxim Canada, St. Pauls, ON

Started performing with his dad, a fiddle player. Got inspired by Bob Dylan. Eventually moved to Stratford ON & ran the espresso machine at the Black Swan, home to Perth Co. Conspiracy, which he joined in 1970. His album Cabin Fever (1975) was the first recording to feature the young David Woodhead & guitarist John Jackson. Burchill has kept busy ever since. Now living in London ON and still recording.

2.   John Entwhistle: What Kind Of People Are They (J Entwhistle)
Smash Your Head Against The Wall: Decca DL 71983
London UK
Jerry Shirley, drums
Dave Langston, guitars
John Entwistle, bass, keys, flugelhorn, trumpet, trombone, vocals
Produced by John Entwistle 1971
Recorded by Roy Baker at Trident Studios, London

3.   George Jones: I’m A People (Dallas Frazier)
George Jones’ Greatest Hits: Columbia (Mono) – MM 2116
Saratoga, Texas
George Jones: guitar, vocal
Produced by Pappy Daily – 1966
Compilation Produced – 1967

Dallas Frazier b. Spiro OK October 27, 1939
Songwriter who penned Alley Oop, There Goes My Everything

4.   The Mothers of Invention: Plastic People (Frank Zappa)
Absolutely Free: Verve V6-5013
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa guitar, conductor, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black drums, vocals
Ray Collins vocals, tambourine
Roy Estrada bass, vocals
Billy Mundi drums, percussion
Don Preston keyboards
Jim Fielder guitar, piano
Bunk Gardner woodwinds
Produced by Tom Wilson - 1967
Director of engineering: Val Valentin
Engineer: Ami Hadani
Remixing: David Greene
Mastering Engineer: Doug Sax

5.   The Sparrows: Square Headed People (John Kay)
45 single bw Twisted: Columbia Records - 4-44769
Toronto ON
John Kay – rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Dennis Edmonton – lead guitar, vocals
Nick St. Nicholas – bass, vocals
Goldy McJohn – keyboards, vocals
Jerry Edmonton – drums
Produced by Camalus Productions  - 1968

Originally from Oshawa ON, the Toronto-based Sparrows were Jack London’s back up band, playing gigs around Southern Ontario, trying to cash in on the British Invasion, even faking English accents. By 1965 John Kay joined the band before they broke with London. They recorded several singles and an album before leaving for the States and changing into Steppenwolf.

6.   William Tagoona: Love The People (William Tagoona)
Help Me Out: CBC Northern Service WRC1-4542
Baker Lake, Nunavut
William Tagoona: vocals
Mark Kennedy: electric guitars
David Babineau: bass
Dougle Trineer: rhythm guitar
Matt Horner: keys
Ron Prescott: drums
Produced by Les McLaughan 1986
Recorded by Ray Lemieux at Marc Studios, Ottawa

Began working for CBC Radio Northern Sercie 1982
Had first Inuit rock band in NWT 1964 called The Harpoons. Writes all his songs in inuktitut

7.   L’Etranger: One People (Andrew Cash / Chuck Angus)
Running Out Of Funtown: Ground Zero Records – LET-002
Toronto / Cobalt ON
Andrew Cash: guitar, lead vocal
Chuck Angus: bass, vocal, piano
Pete Duffin: drums, vocal
Produced by Greg Lunny and L’Etranger – 1984
Recorded by Greg Lunny and Mark Campaigne at Nova Sound Studio, Markham ON

formed in 1980, they were named for the novel L'Étranger by Albert Camus
The band was best known for their anti-apartheid single "One People", one of the first independent videos ever to gain airplay on the then-new MuchMusic

8.   Joan Armatrading: People (J Armatrading)
Joan Armatrading: A&M Records SP 4588
Birmingham, UK
Joan Armatrading vocals, guitar
Jerry Donahue guitar
Bryn Haworth guitar
Jimmy Jewell saxophone
Dave Markee bass guitar
Tony Carr drums
B.J. Cole steel guitar
Graham Lyle guitar
Dave Mattacks drums
Brian Rogers strings
Peter Wood organ, piano
Kenney Jones drums
Leroy Champaign background vocals
Produced by Glyn Johns 1976
Recorded by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios, London

b. 9 December 1950 (age 65) Basseterre, Saint Kitts
1958 moved to Birmingham, UK. Began performing in 1968 & was on the John
Peel Show for BBC Radio 1972 upon release of her first LP “Whatever’s For
Us” Has since released 17 albums

9.   Sly & The Family Stone: Everyday People (Sly Stone)
Greatest Hits: Epic records KE 30325
San Francisco CA
Sly Stone: vocals, organ, guitar, piano, harmonica, and more
Freddie Stone: vocals, guitar
Larry Graham: vocals, bass guitar
Rose Stone: vocals, piano, keyboards
Cynthia Robinson: trumpet, vocal ad-libs
Jerry Martini: saxophone
Greg Errico: drums
Little Sister (Vet Stone, Mary McCreary, Elva Mouton): backing vocals
Produced by Sly Stone 1969

Active from 1967 to 1983
first major American rock band to have an "integrated, multi-gender" lineup
In the preface of his 1998 book For the Record: Sly and the Family Stone: An Oral History, Joel Selvin sums up the importance of Sly and the Family Stone's influence on African American music by stating "there are two types of black music: black music before Sly Stone, and black music after Sly Stone"

The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993.

10. The Doors: People Are Strange (The Doors)
Strange Days: Elektra EKS 74014
Los Angeles CA
Jim Morrison: vocals
Ray Manzarek: keys
Bobby Krieger: guitar
John Densmore: drums
Douglas Lubahn: bass
Produced by Paul A Rothchild 1967
Recorded by Bruce Botnick at Sunset Sound, Hollywood

Arguably, this was the best Doors album Rothchild produced. After this they got too bogged down in arrangements. It wasn’t until the band forced their will on Rothchild and recorded Morrison Hotel, trying to bring back that old Doors magic. The following album, L.A. Woman, saw them break with Rothchild as engineer Bruce Botnick worked with the band, producing what many believe is their best album. Their final album.

11. The Paupers: Magic People (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026 - vinyl
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter 1967

12. Cherri: Eyes Of The People (Cherri)
Richmond Hill ON
Barry Clattenburg - lead guitar
Edgar Robichaud  - drums
Gordon Bone - keyboard
Harry Bryan - vocal
Joseph Bryan - vocal
Tom Melanson - bass
John McMillan - rhythm guitar
Produced 1970
Mastered (for this program) - Steve Fruitman

13. McDonald & Giles: Tomorrow’s People (Michael Giles)
McDonald & Giles: Cotillion Records SD 9042
London UK
Ian McDonald: guitar, piano, organ, saxes, flute, clarinet, zither, vocals
Michael Giles: drums, percussion, vocals
Peter Giles: bass
Produced by Ian McDonald and Michael Giles for EG Records 1971
Recorded Island Studios, May June 1970

Michael Giles' drum solo in "Tomorrow's People – The Children of Today" has been sampled by a number of rap and hip-hop artists, most notably the Beastie Boys, on the track "Body Movin'" from the album Hello Nasty. The song was dedicated to Tina and Mandy, Michael Giles’ children

14. Bruce Cockburn: People See Through You (B Cockburn) – 1985 *
World Of Wonders: True North Records TN 66
Ottawa ON
Bruce Cockburn: guitars, vocal
Judy Cade: bg vocal
Jon Goldsmith: keys
Fergus Jemison Marsh: bass, stick
Hugh Marsh: violin
Chi Sharpe: percussion
Mike Sloski: drums
Michael Alan White: horns
Produced by Jon Goldsmith and Kerry Crawford 1986
Recorded by John Naslen at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, NYC

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