33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
May 22, 2017

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Help! There's Cannonballs...
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   Cannonball Aderley Quintet: Work Song (Nat Aderley) 1960
2.   Freddy Cannon: Action (Boyce / Venet) 1965
3.   Johnny Rivers: Secret Agent Man (PF Sloan / Steve Barri) 1966
4.   Gary Morris & Crossroads: Southern Queen (Gary Morris) 1977 *
5.   Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Walk Right In (Gus Cannon) 1929
6.   Hank LaRiviere: The Northern Cannonball (Henri LaRiviere) 1939 *
7.   Wilf Doyle Orchestra: I’s The B’y (trad) *
8.   The Carter Family: The Cannonball Blues (AP Carter) 1933
9.   The Rhythm Ramblers: Clover Leaf Reel (Gerald Bailey) 196? *
10. John Prine: Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis (J Prine) 1975
11. Lyn McEachern: Searchin’ (Leiber - Stoller) 1965 *
12. Fludd: C’mon C’mon (Brian Pilling / Ed Pilling) 1972 *
13. The Fringe: Token For My Mind (Fringe) 1968 *
14. Grant Smith & The Power: Keep On Runnin’ (J Edwards) 1967 *

*CanCon = 57%

Hour Two

1.   The Beatles: Help (Lennon / McCartney) 1965
2.   Crosby, Stills & Nash: Helplessly Hoping 1969
3.   The Good Brothers: Can’t Help Yourself (Bruce Good) 1971 *
4.   Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Helpless (Neil Young) 1970
5.   Norm Hacking: Sure Is Bad When The Booze Don’t Help (N Hacking) 1977 *
6.   West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: Help, I’m A Rock (Frank Zappa) 1967
7.   Deep Purple: Help (Lennon / McCartney) 1968
8.   Spencer Davis Group: Somebody Help Me (J Edwards) 1966 *
9.   The Rolling Stones: Mother’s Little Helper (Keith Richard / Mick Jagger) 1966
10. Johnny Winter: Help Me (Rice Miller / Ralph Bass / Willie Dixon) 1968
11. Kensington Market: Help Me (Keith McKie) 1968 *
12. Mandala: Help Me (D Troiano / R Kenner) 1968 *
13. Berliner Philarmonker: Help (Lennon / McCartney) 1983
14. Little Richard: The Girl Can’t Help It (Bobby Troup) 1956

*CanCon = 29%

Total CanCon = 43%

And Now for The Particulars:


Hour One

1.   Cannonball Aderley Quintet: The Work Song (Nat Aderley)
The Work Song: Riverside 1167
Tampa FL
Nat Adderley – cornet
Wes Montgomery – guitar
Bobby Timmons – piano
Sam Jones – bass, cello
Keter Betts – bass, cello
Percy Heath – bass
Louis Hayes – drums
Produced 1960
Recorded At Salle Pleyel, France

Nathaniel "Nat" Adderley b. Tampa FL November 25, 1931 – d. January 2, 2000 Lakeland FL

2.   Freddy Cannon: Action (Boyce / Venet)
45 single: bw Beachwood City: Warner Brothers  5645
Tarzana, CA
Freddy Cannon: vocal
Glen Campbell: guitar
Leon Russell: piano
James Burton: guitar
David Gates: bass
Others unknown
Produced by Dick Glasser 1965

Frederick Anthony Picariello Jr. (born December 4, 1936 Revere Mass) Theme song of  Dick Clark's TV show “Where the Action Is” made his recording debut as a singer in 1958, caught up in the rock n roll fever of the time. His third record,  "Way Down Yonder In New Orleans", became a huge hit. In 1962 he had a huge hit with Palisades Park. He’s still out there performing.

3.   Johnny Rivers: Secret Agent Man (PF Sloan / Steve Barri)
45 Single: Imperial Records IM 66159
Baton Rouge, LA
Johnny Rivers: guitar, vocals
PF Sloan: lead guitar
The Wrecking Crew: everything else
Produced by Lou Addler 1966
Recorded live at the Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles CA

4.  Gary Morris & Crossroads: Southern Queen (Gary Morris) *
Southern Queen: Pokiok Records 92721
Sussex NB
Gary Morris: guitar, vocal
Hal Pennell: bass
Terry LeBlanc: drums
Tommy Vickery: piano
Bucky Adams: sax
Al Feeney: organ
Produced by Gary Morris 1977
Recorded by Pat Martin, Al Feeney & Grant Kennedy at Audio Atlantic, Halifax
Mixed by Al Feeney

born in Saint John in 1949
Created Crossroads in the mid-70s & recorded 2 lps
Currently runs Morris Music store in Sussex & Prime Time Productions recording studios (1982)

5.   Cannons Jug Stompers: Walk Right In (Gus Cannon)
Cannons Jug Stompers: Herwin Records 208
Memphis TN
Gus Cannon: jug, banjo, harmony vocal
Hosea Woods: vocal, banjo
Noah Lewis, harmonica
Compilation produced by Bernard Klatzko 1975
Recorded Memphis on Tuesday Oct 1, 1929

Gus Cannon 1874-1979 grave: compser, songster, jug band pioneer, pride of Memphis, Beale Street Balladeers.
Noah Lewis: 1891-1960
Walk Right In (no 1 hit of the Rooftop Singers 1962) made Stax lp 1963.
Worked medicine shows with Jimmy Rodgers 1910s thru 20s. Began recording as Banjo Joe.
Did his 1st recording session in Chicago with Blind Blake.

6.   Hank LaRiviere Northern Cannonball  (Henri LaRiviere)
78 rpm Single: RCA Victor 4685
Hawkesbury ON
Hank LaRiviere: guitar, vocal
Produced 1939

7.   Wilf Doyle Orchestra: Is The Bye (Trad) *
The Music of Newfoundland: Canadian Cavalcade 12 / Rodeo Records - RLP 10
St Johns NL
Wilf Doyle: accordion
Chirstine Doyle: guitar
Jack Ghaney: drums
Bill Keating: banjo
Produced – 1956
Recorded at VOCM radio, St. John’s

d. June 8th, 2012 89 yrs old

began his career in 1944, touring the island as Wilf Doyle and His Orchestra.
His first recording of instrumentals was released in 1956. He went on to release ten more albums over the next three decades. This was from his first LP, an historic one, the first to feature a NL accordion player.

8.   The Carter Family: The Cannonball Blues AP Carter)
The Original Carter Family - 25 Super Hits
Maces Spring, Virginia
A.P. Carter: guitar, vocal
Sara Dougherty Carter: vocal
Maybelle Carter: autoharp, banjo
Recorded May 10, 1933

9.  The Rhythm Ramblers: Clover Leaf Reel (Gerald Bailey)
Music For Dancing: Hi-Lite Records HI-2202
Sarnia ON
Lloyd Saar: banjo
Bill Muir: accordion
Clyde Elliott: guitar
John Rowe: bass
Ed Cannon: sax
Gerald Bailey: fiddle
Produced by Ray Lawrence 1960s
Recorded at Sound Canada Recording Center by Ray Lawrence
Cover Photo: Wade Jarvis

Lloyd Saar from Coronation AB moved to Sarnia 1962 and joined the RRs as leader
Other artists from Sarnia: Kim Mitchell, harp player Mike Stevens, Chris Hadfield

10. John Prine: Come Back To Us Barbara Lewis Hare Krishna Beauregard (John Prine)
Common Sense: Atlantic Records SD 18127
Chicago IL
John Prine: acoustic guitar, vocals
Peter Bunetta: drums
Tommy Cathey: bass
Larry Muhoberac: piano
James Brown: organ
Rick Vito: slide guitar
Steve Goodman, Paul Cannon: electric guitars
Leo LeBlanc: steel guitar
Bonnie Raitt: harmony vocal
Produced by Steve Cropper 1975
Recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis & Larabee Studios, Los Angeles by Richard
Rosebrough, Ron Capone & Barry Rudolph
Re-mixed at Ardent by Ron Capone & Steve Cropper

11. Lyn McEachern: Searchin' (Leiber - Stoller)
45 rpm: C.M.I. Records - CMI 1002
Thunder Bay, ON
Lyn McEachern: vocal
Produced by Gaiety Records - circa 1965

12. Fludd: Cmon Cmon (Brian Pilling / Ed Pilling)
On!: Daffodil Records SBA 16020
Toronto ON
John Anderson: drums
Peter Csanky: keys
Greg Godovitz: bass
Brian Pilling: guitar, lead & bg vocals
Ed Pilling: lead & bg vocals, harp, percussion
Produced by Lee De Carlo & Brian Pilling 1972
Recorded by Lee De Carlo, Sy Potma, Rick Capreol at Manta Sound, Toronto

2nd of 4 albums

The Pretty Ones, formed by Ed Pilling and Greg Godovitz. The band was briefly part of Toronto's Yorkville scene in the 1960s, but broke up before achieving much commercial success. Pilling and his brother Brian then moved to Birmingham, England, where they formed a band called Wages of Sin and spent some time touring as a backing band for Cat Stevens in 1970, but returned to Toronto by the end of that year. Inspired by the then-emerging psychedelic blues rock sound of British acts such as Small Faces, they then reunited with Godovitz, and recruited drummer John Andersen and guitarist Mick Walsh to create Fludd

Brian Pilling died of cancer on June 28, 1978
Biggest hit Cousin Mary, 1973

13. The Fringe: Token For My Mind (C Cadman / J Murkin)
45 Single: Quality - 1899X
Toronto ON
Chuck Cadman: guitar
Doug Daniel
John Murkin
Chris Thomas
Produced by Greg Hambleton 1968
Recorded by Art Snider at Sounds Canada, Toronto

Chuck Cadman who founded the band in 1967 became a member of parliament (1997-2005). Was in Reform Party, Canadian Alliance and sat as independent for the last two years as member for Surry, BC.

14. Grant Smith & the Power: Keep On Runnin (J Edwards)
45 single: BOO 681
London ON
Grant E Smith: vocal
Val Stevens: organ
Michael Harrison: bass
Jim Pauley: guitar
Wayne Stone: drums
Charlie Miller: drums
Ralph Miller: trumpet
Brian Ayers: tenor sax
Steve Kennedy: sax
Produced by Art Snider 1967
Recorded by Art Snider at Sounds Canada studios, Toronto

Hour Two

1.   The Beatles: Help (Lennon / McCartney)
Help! Soundtrack: Capitol Records Canada MAS 2386
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: guitar, lead vocal
George Harrison: lead guitar
Paul McCartney: bass
Ringo Starr: drums
Produced by George Martin
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK
First Published in Canada August 13, 1965

Single bw I’m Down released July 1965

2.   Crosby Stills & Nash: Helplessly Hoping (Steve Stills)
Crosby, Stills & Nash: Atlantic Records SD 8229
Los Angeles CA
Stephen Stills: guitar, vocals
David Crosby: vocals
Graham Nash: vocals
Produced by Stephen Stills, David Crosby & Graham Nash 1969
Recorded at at Wally Heider's Studio III, Los Angeles, by Bill Halverson

3.   James & The Good Brothers: Cant Help Yourself (Bruce Good) *
James & The Good Brothers: Columbia Records C 30889
Richvale, ON
Bruce Good lead vocal, autoharp
James Ackroyd: guitar
Brian Good: guitar
Brian Hilton: drums
Ollie Stong: steel
Mike McMasters: bass
Larry Good: banjo
Red Shea: guitars
Produced by Betty Cantor w/ James Ackroyd, Bruce & Brian Good - 1971
Recorded by Bob Matthews and Betty Cantor at Alembic Inc, San Fransicso CA & Eastern Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Crystal Sound Studio, Hollywood CA & Wally Heiders, San Francisco

4.   Crosby Stills Nash & Young: Helpless (Neil Young)
Deja Vu: Atlantic Records SD 7200
David Crosby: guitar, vocal
Steve Stills: guitar, vocal
Graham Nash: guitar, vocal
Neil Young: piano, vocal
Dallas Taylor: drums
Gregory Reeves: bass
Produced by Crosby Stills Nash & Young 1970
Recorded by Bill Halverson at Wally Heiders Studio, Los Angeles

5.   Norm Hacking: Sure Is Bad When The Booze Dont Help (Norm Hacking)
Norm Hacking Live: Trouser Snake Records TSR-1
Scarborough ON
Norm Hacking: guitar, vocals
Produced by Stu Henderson, Barry Blements & Norm Hacking 1977
Recorded by Doug McClement for Comfort Sound Studios at UofTs Scarborough College, April 1, 1977
Mixed at Comfort Sound Studios, Toronto

August 1, 1950 - November 25, 2007

6.   West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band: Help Im A Rock (Frank Zappa)
Part One: Reprise Records Germany REP 54 108
Los Angeles CA
Bob Markley (vocals)
Shaun Harris (bass)
Danny Harris (guitar, vocals)
Michael Lloyd (guitar, vocals)
Ron Morgan (guitar)
John Ware (Drums)
Produced by Bob Markley and Jimmy Bowen 1967
Recorded by Lee Herschberg at a home studio

They formed in 1966, intended to parallel that being developed on the east coast by Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground. Broke up in 71

7.   Deep Purple: Help (Lennon / McCartney)
Shades of Deep Purple: Warner Brothers WS 4516
London UK
Rod Evans: vocals
John Lord: organ, vocals
Nic Simper: bass, vocals
Ritchie Blackmore: guitar, vocals
Ian Paice: drums
Produced by Derek Lawrence 1968
Recorded by Barry ainsworth at Pye Studios, London, 1113 May 1968

8.   Spencer Davis Group: Somebody Help Me (J Edwards)
Gimme Some Lovin’: Stone Records SXS 3701
London UK
Spencer Davis: guitar, vocal
Steve Winwood: keys, lead vocal
Muff Winwood: bass
Pete York: drums
Produced by Chris Blackwell and Jimmy Miller, 1966

9.   The Rolling Stones: Mothers Little Helper (Keith Richards / Mick Jagger)
45 Single: London Records L.902
London UK
Mick Jagger - Lead Vocals, Percussion
Keith Richards - guitars, backing vocals
Brian Jones - 12-string guitar
Bill Wyman - Bass guitar
Charlie Watts - Drums
Produced by Andrew Loog Oldham - 1966
Recorded by Dave Hassinger at RCA Studios, Hollywood

10. Johnny Winter: Help Me (Rice Miller / Ralph Bass / Willie Dixon)
The Progressive Blues Experiment: Imperial Records LP 12431
Beaumont, Texas
Johnny Winter, vocals, lead guitar
Red Turner: drums
Tommy Shannon, bass
Produced by Bill Josey and Rim Kelly 1969
Recorded by Rim Kelley at Vulcan Gas Company, Austin, 1968
First issued on Sonobeat Records 1968

11. Kensington Market: Help Me (Eugene Martynek / Felix Pappalardi)
Aardvark: Warner Brothers WS-1790
Toronto ON
Alex Darou - bass
Jimmy Watson - drums
Gene Martynec keys, guitar, vocals
Keith McKie guitar, vocal
Luke Gibson guitar, vocal
John Mills-Cockell - moog
Produced by Felix Pappalardi - 1969
Remastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane Mastering

12. Mandala: Help Me (Domenic Troiano / Roy Kenner)
45 single bw You Got Me: Atlantic Records 2576
Toronto, ON
Domenic Troiano   guitar
Roy Kenner: vocals
Penti 'Whitey' Glan drums
Don Elliot bass
Hugh Sullivan or Henri Babraj:  keys
Produced by Domenic Troiano - 1968
Recorded at RCA Studios, Toronto

The non-LP release of You Got Me bw Help Me saw limited release in December of 1968 just as the band was starting to crumble

13. The Berliner Philharmonker: Help (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) 1983
The Beatles In Classic: Teldec Digital LC 3706
Berlin, GM
Werner Muller: Arranger
Ottomar Borwitzky
Eberhard Finke
Jorg Baumann
Peter Steiner
Heinrich Majowski
Gerhard Woschny
Rudlof Weinsheimer
Christoph Kapler
Alexander Wedow
Klaus Haussler
Jan Diesselhorst
Gotz Teutsch
Produced - 1983

14. Little Richard: The Girl Can’t Help It (Bobby Troup)
45 single bw All Around The World: Specialty Records 591
Macon GA
Little Richard: vocal, keys
Produced 1956

Richard Wayne Penniman (born Macon GA December 5, 1932)

"The Girl Can't Help It" is the title song to the film The Girl Can't Help It, with words and music by songwriter Bobby Troup. It was performed by Little Richard and was released in December 1956. He was recording for Specialty for two years, from September 13, 1955, to October 18, 1957. On the single Specialty claims: “From the LP “Little Richard’s Grooviest 17 Original Hits”.

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