33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 19, 2017

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Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   Hour One

1.   Lee Aaron Project: I Like My Rock Hard (Frank Soda) 1979 *
2.   Bonnie Raitt: Bluebird (Steve Stills) 1971
3.   Paul Revere & The Raiders: Just Like Me (Mark Lindsay)
4.   Fraser & DeBolt: Dandelion Wine (Alan Fraser) 2015 *
5.   The Men They Couldn’t Hang: Rain, Steam and Speed (Paul Simmonds) 1989
6.   Rare Air: Onward Blindly Onwards (Rare Air) 1987 *
7.   Bobby Curtola: Hitchhiker (Bobby Curtola) 1961 *
8.   Jim Layeux: Curly Top Jack (Jim Layeux) 1987 *
9.   The Orton Yahoos: Trucker (Peter McBurney) 1977 *
10. Red Island: My Love Has Gone Away (Jamie Snider) 1978 *
11. Dick Nolan: Mental Revenge (Mel Tillis) 1968 *
12. The Ramones: Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Ramones) 1977
13. Billy Budd: Guitar Boogie Breakdown (Cecil McEachern) 1971 *
14. Waylon Jennings: Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line (Bryant) 1979
15. The Outlaws: Waterhole (Outlaws) 1975

* CanCon = 60%

Hour Two

1.   Night Ranger: Night Ranger (Jack Blades) 1982
2.   Vanilla Fudge: You Keep Me Hanging One (B Holland / L Dozier / E Holland) 1967
3.   Los Companeros: Beautiful Day (Adam Konstantakis) 1979 *
4.   Lumumba: Ahoma Trofo (Lumumba / Obeng) 1974
5.   Peter Tosh: The Poor Man Feel It (Peter Tosh) 1981
6.   10CC: Dreadlock Holiday (E Stewart / G Gouldman) 1978
7.   Mothers of Invention: White Port Lemon Juice (The Four Deuces) 1969
8.   Lindisfarne: All Fall Down (Alan Hull) 1972
9.   Sam Moon: Satisfaction Guaranteed (Sam Moon / P Christakos / T Hatty) 1982 *
10. Dire Straits: Expresso Love (Mark Knopfler) 1980
11. Assaroe Ceili Band: Blackthorn Stick Jigs (trad)

CanCon = 18%

Total CanCon = 42%


And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Lee Aaron Project: I Like My Rock Hard (Frank Soda)
The Lee Aaron Project: Freedom Records FR 014
Belleville ON
Lee Aaron: lead vocals
Frank Soda: guitar
Glen Gratto: drums
Peter Crowly: bass
Produced by Robert Connolly 1982
Recorded by Paul Massey, Robin Brouwers, Ed Stone at Masters Workshop, Toronto
Mixed at Phase One Studios, Toronto

born Karen Lynn Greening, July 21, 1962) in Belleville, Ontario

A Career Wrecker: In late 1982, Aaron flew to New York and posed topless for the men's magazine OUI. The magazine's March 1983 issue featured Aaron on the cover and in an interview. Aaron later concluded that posing for the magazine damaged her musical credibility; she regretted the decision and assigned blame for it to pressure from her manager.  Continues performing to this day

2.   Bonnie Raitt: Bluebird (Steve Stills)
Bonnie Raitt: Warner Bros Records – WS1953
Burbank CA
Bonnie Raitt: vocals, slide guitar, acoustic guitar
A C Reed: tenor sax
Peter Bell: electric guitar
Freebo: fretless bass
Steve Bradley: drums
Eugene Hoffman: cowbell
Willie Murphy: piano
Produced by Willie Murphy, 1971
Recorded by Dave and Sylvia Ray at Sweet Jane Studios, Minneapolis
Mixed by Kendall Pacios

Bonnie Lynn Raitt b. November 8, 1949 (age 67)
In March 2000, Raitt was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

3.   Paul Revere & The Raiders: Just Like Me (Mark Lindsay)
Just Like Us!: Columbia CL 2451
Los Angeles CA
Paul Revere, organ
Mark Lindsay, vocal born March 9, 1942,Eugene, Oregon) joined Revere's band in 1958
Phil Volk, bass
Drake Levin, guitar
Mike Smith, drums
Produced by Terry Melcher 1966

Paul Revere Dick b. Harvard, Nebraska, on January 7, 1938 - d. Saturday, October 4, 2014 results of cancer at his home in Idaho

Mark Lindsay b. March 9, 1942 (age 75) Eugene, Oregon

Lindsay became lead singer and saxophone player in a band with Revere and several others. He suggested they call themselves "The Downbeats" after a magazine with the same title. They made some demo tapes in 1960 in Boise, Idaho, and signed with a record company called Gardena Records. The group scored their first national hit with the piano/sax instrumental "Like, Long Hair" which peaked at #38 in the Billboard charts on April 17, 1961.[2][3]

After changing personnel a few more times, the band recorded the song "Louie, Louie" about the same time that a rival Pacific Northwest band, The Kingsmen, recorded the song. The Kingsmen version was the one that charted nationally, but Mark and his bandmates also were gaining attention.
Paul Revere & the Raiders[edit]

Around the time "Louie, Louie" was recorded, they decided to use Paul Revere's name as a gimmick and bill themselves as "Paul Revere & the Raiders". They began to dress in Revolutionary War-style outfits. Mark Lindsay carried the theme a bit further by growing his hair out and pulling it back into a ponytail, which became his signature look.

4.   Fraser & DeBolt: Dandelion Wine (Alan Fraser)
This Song Was Borne: Roaratorio  roar39
St Stephen NB / Winnipeg MB
Allan Fraser: vocal, guitar
Daisy DeBolt: vocal, guitar
Ian Guenther: violin
Craig Allen: guitar
Produced by Allan Fraser & James Lindbloom  2015
Recorded at Hamilton College, Clinton NY 1970
Mastered by Carl Saff

Allan Hugh Fraser (born 21 July 1948 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick)
Daisy DeBolt (1945  October 4, 2011)

5.   The Men They Couldn’t Hang: Rain, Steam and Speed (Paul Simmonds)
Silver Town: Jive Records – 1208-1 J
London UK
Ricky: bass
Paul Simmonds: guitars, bazouki, mandolin
Jon Odgers: drums
Swill, guitars, melodica, tin whistle, recorder
Stefan Cush, guitar, horn
Nick Muir: keys, accordion
Produced by Mick Glossop, 1989
Recorded at Woodcray and The Manor studios, Jan / Feb 1989

6.   Rare Air: Onward Blindly Onwards (Rare Air)
Hard To Beat: Green Linnet SIF 1073
Toronto ON
Trevor Ferrier, percussion
Dick Murai, bass
Grier Coppins, pipes
Pat OGorman, pipes, flutes
Truck Croteeau, bouzouki
Produced by Awesome Dave & Rare Air 1987
Recorded & Mixed by Dave Hillier at Comfort Sound, Toronto

Toronto based band formerly called Na Cabarfeidh. They released two albums under that name before switching to Rare Air, under which they produced four more albums. One of the few Canadian acts signed to the prestigious folk-roots label Green Linnet. Four distinct musicians that made magic together.

7.   Bobby Curtola: Hitchhiker (Bobby Curtola)
45 Single: Tartan  Records (Tartan 101) 1961
Thunder Bay, ON
Produced  1961

Bobby Curtola b. April 17, 1943, Port Arthur ON (Thunder Bay)  d. June 4, 2016, Edmonton

In the fall of 1959, sixteen-year-old high school student Bobby Curtola went from pumping gas at his father’s garage in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to the life of a Teen Idol. Who would have known that within a year he would go from playing in his basement band “Bobby and the Bobcats” to recording his first hit single “Hand In Hand With You”. After performing on the Bob Hope Show in 1960, the charismatic Bobby, with his handsome boy next door looks was quickly finding himself within a whirlwind that we now refer to as “Curtolamania.”

8.   Jim Layeux: Curly Top Jack (Jim Layeux)
Jim Layeux: Stemwall Music WRC1-5212
Jim Layeux: guitar, harmonica, vocal
David Woodhead: bass
Buddy Weston: banjo
Ron Sellwood: accordion
Norm Hacking: bg vocal
Produced by Tim Harrison -  1987
Recorded by George Axon with Jamie Sulek at Axon Music

If memory serves me well, he was originally from the Ottawa Valley, came to Toronto in the mid-80s and got involved with singer-songwriters like Norm Hacking and Tim Harrison. Harrison produced this album using some of the finest backup musicians on the burgeoning Toronto folk scene in 1987. The album was great but without proper management and a professional attitude to ‘making it’, Layeux rode a little crest of popularity in the Toronto folk world before petering out. He later did some with with Melwood Cutlery. No idea what he’s doing now.

9.   The Orton Yahoos: Trucker (Peter McBurney)
The Great Canadian Tragedy: Howdy Records - SP 1004
Orton ON
Wayne Tucker, guitar, lead vocals
John Ellis, guitar, bass
Don Kobelt, mandolin, auto harp
Lynn Ferguson, vocals
Al Penrose, banjo
Maggie McFadzen, fiddle
Nino Martina, guitar
Chuck Van Dyke, banjo
Tim Tickner, drums, heyboards
Produced by Wayne Carrick & John Ellis 1977
Recorded at Sound Path Productions, Oakville ON by Peter Arthur

From their website ¨These were heady times, rough bar gigs, lots of things that shouldn't have been done but we did anyway. All inhibitions where abandoned without any shame attached. Amid all that chaos we did manage to record an album, The Great Canadian Tragedy...”

Beyond Orton, Ontario, these guys were ever really known for one song: they recorded Bruce Good’s song The Rabbit, which was perfect for them. Country folk-rock about a rabbit who gets high on pot!

10. Red Island: My Love Has Gone Away (Jamie Snider)
In Pursuit of the Wild Bologna, Quay CS-7803
Saint Johns NL
Jamie Snider: fiddle, acoustic guitar
Don Walsh: guitars, bodhran
Derek Pelley: bass
Bruce Crummell: lead guitar, crkumpet horn
Shawn Power: drums
Brian Best: sound madness
Produced by Red Island and Neil Bishop  - 1978
Engineered by Neil Bishop
Arranged by Red Island
Recorded at Clode Sound Productions

11. Dick Nolan: Mental Revenge (Mel Tillis)
Movin’ Out: Arc Records A 740
Corner Brook NL
Dick Nolan: vocal, guitar
Mickey McGivern: lead guitar
Mark McGivern: bass
Jerry Summers: drums
Buddy Cage: steel
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1966
Recorded at Arc Sound, Toronto

Originally recorded by Waylon Jennings around 1968, it was a minor hit for him. Dick’s version, which I think is even better, is unfortunately imbued with playful panning problems; the producer got a new toy! It’s on every song on the album so it’s probably better to look for the mono version. Backing Dick up in the studio were Arc Records house band Mickey and the Mustangs.

Steel guitarist Buddy Cage (February 18, 1946 (age 71) Toronto) went on to have an incredibly successful career in the States.

He joined Ian & Sylvia’s new band, known as the Great Speckled Bird which was part of the Pan-Canadian Festival Express concert tour in 1970. It was on the Festival Express tour that the New Riders of the Purple Sage became acquainted with Cage. The New Riders were a psychedelic influenced country rock band that had been founded by Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, along with John Dawson and David Nelson. The New Riders and the Dead would perform concerts together, with Garcia playing pedal steel for the New Riders, then playing electric guitar and singing with the Dead. Near the end of 1971, Garcia left the New Riders, enabling them to headline their own concert tours. Buddy Cage was invited to join the band as Garcia's replacement.

Cage was the New Riders' pedal steel guitar player from 1971 to 1982, except for a period of about a year in the late 1970s. The New Riders were quite popular. They toured extensively, and released a number of albums. During this same period Cage continued working as a session musician, recording with various musical artists. In 1974 Bob Dylan asked him to play on recording sessions for the album Blood on the Tracks.

12. The Ramones: Here Today Gone Tomorrow (The Ramones)
Rocket to Russia: Sire Records B001AWUBUG
Joey Ramone – lead vocals
Johnny Ramone – lead guitar
Dee Dee Ramone – bass guitar, backing vocals
Tommy Ramone – drums
Produced by Tony Bongiovi, Tommy Ramone 1977
Recorded by Ed Stasium and Don Berman
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Power Station studio

13. Billy Budd: Guitar Boogie Breakdown (Cecil McEachern)
The Versatile Sounds of Billy Budd: Big Wheel Records 2911-002
New Brunswick
Billy Budd: electric lead guitar
Produced by Billy Stoltz, 1971

Written by Cec McEachern, a versitile musician from Prince Edward Island and an indispensible member of Don Messer’s legendary band, The Islanders. Cec was a great guitar player and an even better fiddler. He wrote many fiddle breakdowns to play on guitar, something that he had to do on Don Messer’s Jubilee.

14. Waylon Jennings: Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line (Jimmy Bryant)
Greatest Hits: RCA AHL 1-3378
Austin TX
Waylon Jennings: guitar, vocal
Wayne Moss: lead guitar
Others unkown
Produced by RCA 1979
Song Produced by Chet Atkins 1968

Waylon Arnold Jennings b. June 15, 1937 Littlefield, TX – d. February 13, 2002 (aged 64)
Chandler, Arizona. The song was featured in season seven episode five of Mad Men.

15. The Outlaws: Waterhole (Outlaws)
Outlaws: Arista Records AL 4042
Macon GA
Hughie Thomasson: lead guitar
Monte Yoho: drums
Billy Jones: lead guitar
Frank O’Keefe: bass
Henry Pauy: guitars
Produced by Paul A Rothchild 1975
Recorded by Fritz Richmond at Elektra Sound recorders, Los Angeles

Hour Two

1.   Night Ranger: Night Ranger (Jack Blades)
Dawn Patrol: Boardwalk Entertainment Co. B1-33259
San Francisco CA
Jeff Watson: guitars
Alan Gerald: keys, vocal
Kelly Keagy: drums, lead vocal
Jack Blades: bass: lead vocal
Brad Gillis: guitar, vocal
Produced by Pat Glasser, 1982
Recorded by John Van Nest at Allen Zentz Recording
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Allen Zentz Recording

Dawn Patrol is the debut studio album by Night Ranger released in 1982. The band was named Ranger during the recording of the album. The first issues of the album were printed and ready to be shipped when it was discovered that there was a country band from California with the same name. The band decided to name themselves Night Ranger after the song that Jack Blades had written for the album. The record company destroyed the copies with the band name Ranger. Their first three albums, Dawn Patrol, Midnight Madness, and Seven Wishes, all reached RIAA Platinum status and garnered the band international fame.

2.   Vanilla Fudge: You Keep Me Hanging One (B Holland / L Dozier / E Holland)
Vanilla Fudge: Atco Records SD 33-224
Long Island NY
Tim Bogert bass, vocals
Mark Stein lead vocals, keyboards
Vince Martell guitar, vocals
Carmine Appice drums, vocals
Produced by Shadow Morton - 1967
Recorded by Joe Veneri & Bill Stahl

They recorded five albums during the years 1967–69, before disbanding inn 1970. Originally called The Electric Pigeons, they changed their name to The Pigeons. Ahmet Ertegun, their label's founder and president, didn't like that name and told them to change it.

Carmine Appice: We tried to think up a new name but were getting nowhere until we played a gig at the Page 2 club on Long Island and ended up talking to a chick named Dee Dee who worked there. She told us how her grandfather used to call her Vanilla Fudge. Then she looked at us and added 'Maybe you guys should call yourselves that---you're like white soul music'. We liked it. We told our manager, Phil Basile. He liked it. We told Atlantic and they liked it, too. So Vanilla Fudge it was".

According to Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord, Vanilla Fudge's organ-heavy sound was a large influence on the British band Deep Purple, with Blackmore even stating that his band wanted to be a "Vanilla Fudge clone" in its early years.

On March 14, 1970, Vanilla Fudge played a farewell concert at the Phil Basile's Action House. After that, Bogert & Appice departed to go ahead with another group, Cactus, that they'd been planning since late 1969. In 1972 they left Cactus and formed Beck, Bogert & Appice with guitarist Jeff Beck.

3.   Compañeros: Beautiful Day (Adam Konstantakis)
Blazing Frontiers: Rebellion Records ICS 8002
Toronto ON
Ricardo Rivas: guitar, charango, bass
Adam Konstantakis: guitar, lead vocal
Dimitrious Apostolou: keys
Marcelo Puente: flute, guitar, harmonica, charango
Juan Salvatierra: flutes, winds
Juan Opitz: perkcussion
Produced by Compañeros, 1979

A band of Chilean and Greek ex-pats opposing military take-overs of their countries with the establishment of right wing death squads and totalitarian regimes. They were the house band at the Danforth coffee house called The Trojan Horse, established in the early 70’s by poet Gwendolyn MacEwan. When the Trojan Horse closed down, they moved next door to The Lyra. These coffee houses were unlicensed, serving coffees and frappes.

4.   Lumumba: Ahoma Trofo (Lumumba / Obeng)
Lumumba: A&M Records SP 3610
Lumamba: flutes, shakers, percussion
Rim Kwaku Obeng: percussion, keys
Emmanuel Rentzos: keys
Luther Coffee: bass
Kwabena Gyanifi: guitar
David T Walker: electric guitar
Produced by Kwaku Eddie Lynn, 1974
Recorded by Larry Forkner, Kwaku Eddie Lynn, Larry Levine, Steve Mitchell and Milton Calice at A&M Studios, Hollywood CA
Mastered by Frank De Luna

Although the name of the band is Lumumba & that is also the name of the lead vocalist, this is really the work of Rim Kwaku Obeng. Obeng is a noted Ghanan drummer who played with Fela Kuti. Lumumba was recorded in 1974 in Los Angeles. Other than bassist Luther Coffey from Trinidad & guitarist David T. Walker from Los Angeles, all the other main musicians are from Ghana. The identity of the artist Lumumba is shrouded in mystery.

5.   Peter Tosh: The Poor Man Feel It (Peter Tosh)
Wanted Dread & Alive: Rolling Stone Records SO-17055
Grange Hill, Jamaica
Peter Tosh: lead vocals, guitar, keys, percussion
Gwen Guthrie: lead female vocal
Robbie shakespeare: bass
Sly Dunbar: drums
Mikey Chung: rhythm guitar
Darryl Thompson: lead guitar
Robby Lyn: organ, piano
Keith Sterling: keys
Iziah Thompson: percussion
Noel Simms: percussion
Dean Frazer: tenor & alto sax
Nambo: trombone
A Brekenridge & D. Madden: trumpet
Produced by Peter Tosh - 1981
Recorded by Michael Riley & Noel Hern  at Dynamic Sound, Kingston JM
Mixed at A&R Studios, NYC
Mastered by Dennis King at Atlantic Studios, NYC

19 October 1944 Grange Hill, Jamaica - 11 September 1987(aged 42) Westmoreland, Jamaica

6.   10CC: Dreadlock Holiday (E Stewart / G Gouldman)
45 single bw Nothing Can Move Me: Mercury Records 6008 035
Prestwich UK
Graham Gouldman bass, lead vocals
Eric Stewart guitar, keyboards, vocals
Stuart Tosh: drums
Rick Fenn: guitar
Tony O'Malley: keyboardist
Produced by 10CC 1978
Recorded at Strawberry South Studios, Dorking UK

It became the group's third and final number one hit in the UK Singles Chart. The 2000 Guy Ritchie movie Snatch featured the song

7.   Mothers of Invention: White Port Lemon Juice (The Four Deuces)
Burnt Weeny Sandwich: Bizarre Records / Reprise Records RS 6370
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa – organ, guitar, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black – percussion, drums
Roy Estrada –Pachuco rap
Janet Ferguson – backing vocals
Bunk Gardner – horn, wind
Buzz Gardner - trumpet
Lowell George – guitar, vocals
Don Preston – bass, piano, keyboards
Jim Sherwood – guitar, vocals, wind
Art Tripp – drums, percussion
Ian Underwood – guitar, piano, keyboards, wind
John Balkin – bass
Produced by Frank Zappa, 1970
Recorded by Dick Kunc August 1967 – July 1969
Released February 9, 1970

The Four Deuces were an American rhythm and blues vocal quartet, formed in the mid-1950s in Salinas, California. The band was started by lead singer Luther McDaniel, and recorded several songs before they broke up in 1959. While active, the Four Deuces had moderate but short-lived popularity in 1956, mainly along the West Coast, mostly due to the frequent radio airplay of their hit song, "W-P-L-J." which obviously hit the ears of a young Francis Vincent Zappa. Zappa has conceded, admiringly, that he could not have written a song any more absurd. They only released three singles before disbanding.

8.   Lindisfarne: All Fall Down (Alan Hull)
45 single bw We Can Swing Together: Charisma Records CB 191
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK
Rod Clements – bass guitar, violin
Simon Cowe – guitar, mandolin, banjo, keyboards
Ray Jackson – vocals, mandolin, harmonica
Ray Laidlaw – drums
Alan Hull – vocals, guitar
Produced by Lindisfarn, 1972
Recorded by Bob Potter

9.   Sam Moon: Satisfaction Guaranteed (Sam Moon / P Christakos / T Hatty)
New Moon: Nova Records  N689-007
Halifax NS
Sam Moon: vocals
Brett Bezanson: drums
Kevin Obritsch: bass
Neil MacKinnon: keys
Marcel Doucette: fiddle
Gary Hiltz: guitars
Produced by Peter Christakos  1982
Recorded by Harvey Goldberg & Pat Martin at Scorpio Audio, Halifax
Mixed at Mediasound, NYC
Mastered by George Marino, Sterling Sound, NYC

Born Richard Boudreau in Cape Breton Island began entertaining audiences in the mid 1960s, and by '67 his band New Broom (with Matt Minglewood) was one of the hottest tickets in the Maritimes.

In '77 he formed The Sam Moon Band and released his debut album, NEW MOON in the spring of 1982. As a marketing ploy, there were two versions of the album - one with a red jacket and one that was black. All the songs were originals, occasionally co-written with other artists on the East Coast. I have a red one.

10. Dire Straits: Expresso Love (Mark Knopfler)
45 single bw Skateaway: Vertigo Records (no serial)
London UK
Mark Knopfler on guitar and vocals
John Illsley on bass and vocals
Pick Withers on drums and vocals
Roy Bittan on keyboards
Produced by Jimmy Iovine and Mark Knopfler, 1980

One of Four songs from Making Movies album that the band played live on the Brothers In Arms Tour. Not a hit song, it was a B side to Skateaway in 1984 and later re-issued as another B side for The Bug in 1992.

11. Assaroe Ceili Band: Blackthorn Stick Jigs (trad)
4 song EP: Glenside Records EPG 608
Ballyshannon, Ireland
Kevin Loughlin: accordion
Beege Curren: cordovox
Thomas McGarrigle: fiddle
John McManus: fiddle
Eamonn Donnelan: accordion
Noel Curren: percussion
Produced circa 1967

Named after the famous Assaroe Falls in Donegal. The band came together in 1948 around leader Cyril Curren in Ballyshannon to play traditional Irish dance music popular after the war. The band added vocalists to stay in vogue throughout the years. Have played The Lobsters & Lettuce Festival in Ballyshannon – Rory Gallagher’s hometown.

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