33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 21, 2017

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Drunk & Disorderly
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   Pete Schofield & the Carlsberg Festival Band: Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen (arr Terry Quinn) 1973 *
2.   Scarab: Cape Breton Island (Ron Lafitte / Mitch Myres / Andy MacDonald) 1980 *
3.   Suzi Quatro: Starlight Lady (S Quatro /; L Tuckey) 1979
4.   The Hollies: Long Dark Road (T Hicks / K Lynch) 1972
5.   Waylon Jennings: Are You Ready For The Country (N Young) 1976
6.   Morgan Davis: Somebody Been Smokin’ That Stuff (Morgan Davis) 1982 *
7.   John Lee Hooker: One Bourbon, One Scotch One Beer (John Lee Hooker) 1974
8.   The Fendells: The Corner Bar (Pete Roth)
9.   Jr. Gone Wild: Fine Scotch (P McDonald) 1987 *
10. Frank Soda: Drunk & Disorderly (Frank Soda) 1981 *
11. Marigail Hunter: Mem’ries of the Miramichi (Johnnie Scott) 1980 *
12. Tom Gallant: Song of the Restigouche (Tom Gallant) 1972 *
13. Lucille Starr & Grant Carson: Are You Teasin’ Me (Ira & Charlie Louvin) 1977 *
14. Cream: Sleepy Time Time (Godfrey / Bruce) 1966

Hour Two

1.   The Payolas: No Prisoners (Paul Hyde / Bob Rock) 1983 *
2.   Tulpa: The Cage (John Bottomley) 1985 *
3.   David Raven & The Escorts: Fever (David Raven) 1982 *
4.   The Phantoms: Big Bad World (The Phantoms) 1990 *
5.   Crash Vegas: Down To The Wire (N Young) 1989 *
6.   The Fentons: Shadow Play (Rory Gallagher) 1987 *
7.   Julius Rauchfuss & Kitchener-Waterloo Gemutlichkeit Band: Schutzenliesl Polka (Franzl Lang) *
8.   Hans Staymer Band: Come Together (Lennon / McCartney) 1972 *
9.   Simply Saucer: I Take It *
10. Cowboy Junkies: Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) 1988 *
11. Flying Circus: Jabber Jabber (S See / Al Reid) 1973 *

CanCon = 80%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Pete Schofield & the Carlsberg Festival Band: Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen (arr Terry Quinn)
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: PS Records PS-1001
Toronto ON
Carl Holman: intro
Pete Schofield: reeds
Glenn Schofield: reeds
Trevor Gillman: reeds
Pete Nowak: reeds
Mike Higgins: reeds
Heather Banks: brass
Norm Heard: brass
Kathy Irwin: brass
Judy Morgan: brass
Terry Anton: brass
Ted Topping: rhythm
Mark Crawford: rhythm
Gary Krantz: rhythm
Randy Green: rhythm
Myles Crawford: rhythm
Produced by Pete Schofield circa 1973
Recorded by Glenn Clarke at Sound Canada

Schofield did this album as a promotional record for Carlsberg Beer which was mounting a very successful launching drive in Canada at the time. Carl Holman, the Danish company’s brewmaster, did numerous commercials and was well known for wearing a green blazer over a white turtle neck, white trousers and shoes and shouting cheers at the end of each commercial. He introduces the band. Schofield’s normal band was called The Canadians. On his first album for Quality Records, he’s listed as Pete Schofield but on the spine he’s called Don.

2.   Scarab: Cape Breton Island (Ron Lafitte / Mitch Myres / Andy MacDonald)
45 single bw Black Star: Great Eastern Production Co SR-54
Halifax NS
Ron Lafitte: vocal
Others Unknown
Produced by Great Eastern Production Co. 1980

3.   Suzi Quatro: Starlight Lady (S Quatro / L Tuckey)
45 single bw She’s In Love With You: RSO Records RS 1014
Detroit MI
Suzi Quatro – lead vocals, bass guitar,
Len Tuckey – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, writer
Jamie Crompton – guitar, backing vocals
Bill Hurd – keyboard, backing vocals
Dave Neal – drums
Produced by Mike Chapman 1979
Mastered by Steve Hall
Recorded by Dave Tickle and Peter Coleman

Susan Kay Quatro b. Detroit MI June 3, 1950

4.   The Hollies: Long Dark Road (T Hicks / K Lynch)
45 single bw Indian Girl: Epic Records 5-10920
Lancashire UK
Mikael Rickfors – lead vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica, percussion
Terry Sylvester – vocals, guitar
Tony Hicks – vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass, sitar, keyboards
Bernie Calvert – bass, keyboards
Bobby Elliott – drums
Produced by ron Richards and The Hollies 1972

"Long Dark Road" (Not released as a single in the UK)
Not much left of the 60’s group at this stage in their career.

5.   Waylon Jennings: Are You Ready For The Country (N Young)
45 single bw So Good Woman: RCA Promotional Copy PB-10842
Austin TX
Carter Robertson - background vocals
Gordon Payne - background vocals
Rance Wasson - background vocals
Duke Goff - bass
Sherman Hayes - bass, background vocals
Richie Albright - drums
Barry Rudolph - engineer
John Sands - assistant engineer
Linda Tyler - aslant engineer
Billy Graham - fiddle
John Leslie Hug - guitar
Waylon Jennings - guitar, vocals
Jim Gordon - horns
Mack Johnson - horns
Maurice Spears - horns
Graham Nash - background vocals
Mike Reese - mastering
Ralph Mooney - pedal steel, dobro
Barny Robertson - piano, background vocals, string arrangement
Produced by Waylon Jennings and Ken Mansfield 1976
Released November 20, 1976
Recorded at Sounds Lab in Hollywood CA

Waylon Arnold Jennings b. June 15, 1937 Littlefield, TX – d. February 13, 2002 (aged 64) Chandler, Arizona.
"Are You Ready for the Country?" written by Neil Young and released on his 1972 Harvest album.

6.   Morgan Davis: Somebody Been Smokin’ That Stuff (Morgan Davis)
I’m Ready To Play!: Bullhead Records 1-842
Halifax NS
Morgan Davis: guitar, vocal
Steve Chadwick: bass
John Savage: drums
Simon Wallis: baritone sax
Unknown trumpet
Produced by Bill Bryans 1982
Recorded live on 2 track by Tom Jardin in Toronto

He was born and spent his childhood in Detroit, Michigan before relocating to Toronto, Canada in 1968. He moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2001. Has won multiple Maple Blues Awards as well as a Juno Award, for his 2003 release, Painkiller, on Electro-Fi Records. “I’m Ready To Play!” was his first of 9 studio albums.

7.   John Lee Hooker: One Bourbon, One Scotch One Beer (John Lee Hooker)
Free Beer And Chicken: ABC Records ABCD 838
Chicago IL
Clifford Coulter Clavinet, Synthesizer, Bass
Ron Beck: Drums
Hollywood Fats, Wa-Wa Watson:  Guitar
Joe Cocker: Tambourine
John Lee Hooker: Vocals, Guitar
Produced by Ed Michel 1974
Recorded At the Record Plant, Sausalito CA and The Village Recorder by Baker Bigsby, Dominic Lumetta, Gil Fortis and Tom Anderson
Mastered at Kendun Recorders

John Lee Hooker (b. Tutwiler MS c. August 22, 1912 - d. June 21, 2001 Los Altos CA)

8.   The Fendells: The Corner Bar (Pete Roth)
45 single bw Your Golden Wedding Band: Country Star Records 5002
Produced circa 1965

Recorded as Bill Thomas & The Fendells with a small hit song called Southern Fried Chicken on Savoy Records.  Otherwise, could find nothing else about them. I picked this single up at Eddy’s Books in Sydney NS.

9.   Jr. Gone Wild: Fine Scotch (P McDonald)
Less Art More Pop!: Better Youth Canada Records BYC-013 Mono
Edmonton AB
David Lawson: lead guitar, vocal
Dove: bass, vocal
Mike MacDonald: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Edward Jerzy Dobek: drums, vocals
Produced by Jr. Gone Wild and Sean Stern 1987
Recorded by Brett Guuerits, Dave Mockford and John Oparyk at Westbeach, Hollywood and Powerzone in Edmonton
Mixed by Thom Wilson at Studio West, Los Angeles

This was Jr Gone Wild’s debut LP recorded in Flaming Mono
Founded in Edmonton in 1982 the band toured for a number of years and recorded several albums in the 1980s and 1990s. After disbanding in 1995, the group began performing and recording again in 2013.

10. Frank Soda: Drunk & Disorderly (Frank Soda)
Saturday Night Getaway: Quality Records SV 2093
Toronto ON
Frank Soda: guitars, vocals
Glen Gratto: drums
Peter Crolly: bass
The Drunk and Disorderly Crowd: the sounds of Drunk and Disordorliness
Produced by Michael Tilka 1981
Recorded by Mark Wright at Phase One, Toronto
Half Speed Mastering by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Francesco Soda born in Mangone, Calabria, Italy. Emigrated with his family to Canada in 1957. Grew up in Kitimat, BC where he started playing guitar in the early '60s. His first band The Roots of Innocence went on to win the BC Northwest Battle of the Bands in 1969. After moving to Toronto in 1980 signed a record deal with Quality. Moved back to BC in 1988 and worked with a number of artists including Aerosmith, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, Randy Bachman, and Trooper.

11. Marigail Hunter: Mem’ries of the Miramichi (Johnnie Scott)
45 single bw Southwest Miramichi: Porter Brook Records MBS 0080
Ludlow NB
Marigail Hunter: vocals
Produced 1980

Currently a financial adviser in Fredricton.

12. Tom Gallant: Song of the Restigouche (Tom Gallant)
45 single no B side: no label T-57218
Lunenburg NS
No info available
Produced 1972

The song was recorded for the Campbellton, New Brunswick Salmon Festival as its theme in 1972
He toured with Stompin’ Tom Connors on the latter’s comeback tour in 1990

13. Lucille Starr & Grant Carson: Are You Teasin’ Me (Ira & Charlie Louvin)
45 single bw Lily Dale: Cheyenne Records CH 122
St. Boniface MB / St Catherines ON
Lucille Starr: vocal
Grant Carson: duet vocal
Produced by Bob Munro 1977

Lucille Starr played an uncredited yodeller in a 1963 episode of The Beverley Hillbillies

14. Cream: Sleepy Time Time (Godfrey / Bruce)
Fresh Cream: Polydor Records CP 594 001
London UK
Eric Clapton: guitar
Jack Bruce: bass, lead vocal
Ginger Baker: drums
Produced by Robert Stigwood 1966
Recorded Rayrik Studios and Ryemuse Studios, London from August to November, 1966 by John Timperley

Cream’s first album was released in the US without Spoonful on it but they included a shorter song, I Feel Free. The Canadian release was identical to the British original. I purchased my copy at Eddy’s Office Supply in Timmins ON July 20, 1967.

Hour Two

1.   The Payola$: No Prisoners (Paul Hyde / Bob Rock)
Hammer On A Drum: A&M Records SP 4958
Vancouver BC
Paul Hyde: vocals
Bob Rock: guitar
Christopher Livingston: keys
Chris Taylor: drums
Produced by Mick ronson with The Payola$
Recorded by Bob Rock and Mike Fraser
Mixed by Bob Rock at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver
Mastered at Masterdisc, NYC by Bob Ludwig 1983

One of the most prominent and successful platinum-selling Canadian new wave bands from Vancouver of the early 1980s. Singer Paul Hyde emigrated to Canada from Britian thus giving them that great punk sound. Lasted from 1978-8

2.   Tulpa: The Cage (John Bottomley)
Mosaic Fish: Midnight Music 00.10 5
Toronto ON
John Bottomly: guitar, vocal, keys
Chris Bottomly: bass, vocal, keys
Sev Mircon (Mike Severin): drums, vocal, keys
Produced by Tulpa 1985
Recorded by Jeff McCulloch at Wellesley Studios, Toronto

They officially became a performing unit in 1984 as Private Lives but found out that an American band were also using that name decided to become Tulpa. They played in Toronto venues like Larry's Hideaway, The Rivoli, Cabana Room, The Beverly Tavern and Lee's Palace. After recording Mosaic Fish, they opened for acts like The Payolas and The Tragically Hip, garnering rare opening act encores. They released a live record, "Off the Board - Live at CBGBs" in New York before splintering around 1990. John Bottomley died unexpectedly April 6, 2011.

3.   David Raven And The Escorts: Fever (David Raven)
David Raven And The Escorts: Radio Active Records EP 6904
Vancouver BC
David Raven: guitar, vocal
Randy Murray: guitar
Ron MacDonald: bass
David Pemberton: drums
Produced by Carlton Lee 1982
Recorded by Brian Cambell and Marty Hasselbach
Raven’s Shirts by Fiorda Ricci

4.   The Phantoms: Big Bad World (The Phantoms)
Pleasure Puppets: Spy Records 1006
Toronto ON
Jerome Godboo: harmonica, vocals
Other Phantoms not listed
Produced by The Phantoms 1990

Jerome Godboo: b. Victoria BC won the Lee Oskar Best Harmonica Player Award in Memphis in 2014.

Originally from Ottawa, The Phantoms invaded Toronto in the late 80s and hit the scene hard. However, they only lasted until 1992 before breaking up.

5.   Crash Vegas: Down To The Wire (N Young)
Red Earth: Risque Disques 17 0771
Toronto ON
Colin Cripps: guitars, dobro, mandolin
Jocelyne Lanois: bass
Michelle McAdorey: lead vocals
Ambrose Pottie: drums
Sammy Vegas: lead guitar
Malcolm Burn: keys
Produced by Malcolm Burn 1989
Recorded by Malcolm Burn and Mark Howard at ESP, New Orleans
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Crash Vegas formed in 1988 and disbanded in 1996. They were the brainchild of Michelle McAdorey and Blue Rodeo’s Greg Keelor who, due to Blue Rodeo commitments, left the band and was replaced by Colin Cripps.

Jocelyne Chantal Lanois is a Canadian musician, bass player and songwriter from Hull, Quebec, who has been a member of the bands Martha and the Muffins[1] and Crash Vegas. She has also had touring stints as bassplayer with Ani DiFranco and Chris Whitley, and played on Sarah McLachlan's album Solace. She is the sister of record producer Daniel Lanois. Lanois left the band on acrimonious terms after the release of Red Earth and their label Risque Disque went bankrupt, leaving the band in limbo.

McAdorey was the niece of Canadian television and radio personality Bob McAdorey. She now lives near Peterborough and recently released a new album.

6.   The Fentons: Shadow Play (Rory Gallagher)
Whatever It Takes: Strange Music FB002
Ottawa ON
Paul Fenton: slide guitar, acoustic guitars
Michael Fenton: lead vocal, bass
Ron Gilfillan: lead guitar
Doug Inglis: drums
Produced by The Fentons and Tony McLean 1987

The original Fentons band formed in Ottawa in 1984 and disbanded in 1990. About Paul Fenton’s slide guitar playing: “Man, this guy is a red hot slide player!” claimed Johnny Winter. Some of Paul’s favourite slide players are (in no particular order): Tampa Red, Blind Willie Johnson, Blind Willie McTell, Rory Gallagher , Duane Allman , Johnny Winter, Elmore James, Brian Jones and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd. He formed a punk band called The Action in Ottawa which were notorious for being extremely loud. He also played in the Blushing Brides for a while before forming the Fentons.

The Fentons went down to the US to record an album with producer Mick Ronson and engineered by Tod Rundgren but their recording company, Torrid Records, went bankrupt and the master tape went missing, thus never released.

7.   Julius Rauchfuss & Kitchener-Waterloo Gemutlichkeit Band: Schutzenliesl Polka (Franzl Lang)
Oktoberfest ist Wunderbar: RML Productions Recording LPS 11671
Kitchener-Waterloo ON
Julius Rauchfuss: vocals
Ben Martin: conductor in lederhosen
Charles Merry, Owen Lackenbauer, Coleman Leonard, Roy Snider: trumpets
Bob Randall: trombone
Arthur Freund, John Randall: saxes
Bud Brooks, Al McTavish: E Flat Horns
Peter Vanderwerf: bass Horn
Pat Dodsworth, Walter Hug, Ken Howell: clarinets
Willi Strachel: drums
Produced by Rick Kemp circa 1973

The highly acclaimed Oktoberfest which takes place in Kitchener-Waterloo annually, was originally the brainchild of Julius Rauchfuss. With a $200 grant from the city, the first Oktoberfest in 1969 drew 70,000 people and a life of its own.

8.   Hans Staymer Band: Come Together (Lennon / McCartney)
The Hans Staymer Band: GSF Records  9208-1004
Vancouver BC
Hans Staymer: vocal, harmonica
Robbie King: keys
Eddie Patterson: guitar
Wayne Kozak: sax
Paul Burton: drums
Produced by Don Hamilton and Robbie King 1972
Recorded by Don Greppert at Aragon Recorders, Vancouver
Mixed by Eirek The Norwegian (Eirik Wangberg)
Mastered at Sound Recorders, LA

Staymer saw Louis Armstrong and got into Django Reinhardt’s music while still living in Germany. He moved to Canada to become a Goldsmith in Edmonton in 1962. He began performing there, playing songs by Leadbelly and was in and out of bands. The best Edmonton band he was in was “The Famous Last Words” which actually lasted a few years. He moved to Vancouver in 1968 and formed a new band called Django which lasted four years. Then he formed the Hans Staymer band.

In 1997, Stamer and producer/guitarist Andreas Schuld formed the acoustic blues duo “Schuld & Stamer”. Their first album, recorded with Edmonton’s Bill Bourne, received a 1997 Juno nomination for Best Blues album. They play off and on and did their last album in 2014.

9.   Simply Saucer: I Take It (Edgar Breau)
Baby Nova: Schizo Phrenic Records SCHIZ #79
Hamilton ON
Edgar Breau: vocals, guitars
Kevin Christoff: bass
Joe Csontos: drums
Steve Foster: guitar
Daniel Wintermans: guitar
McKinley Jackson: piano
Produced by Jeff Maier 2014
Recorded by Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recorders, Detroit
Additional overdubs by Steve Foster at Napier Park Studio, Hamilton
Mixed at The Launch Pad, Detroit by Jeff Meier

10. Cowboy Junkies: Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
The Trinity Sessions: RCA Victor 8568
Toronto ON
Margo Timmins: vocal
Michael Timmins: guitar
Peter Timmins: drums
Alan Anton: bass
John Timmins: guitar
Kim Deschamps: steel, dobro, slide
Jaro Czerwinec: accordion
Produced by Peter Moore 1988
Recorded by Peter Moose at Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto, November 27, 1987

11. Flying Circus: Jabber Jabber (S See / Al Reid) 1973 *
Summer Canadian Singles Festival: Capitol Promotion 103
Sydney Australia / Toronto ON
Doug Rowe: lead guitar
Greg Grace: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Terry Wilkins: bass, vocals
Colin Walker: drums
Sam See: keys
Produced by Capitol Records of Canada 1973

The Flying Circus was a pioneering Australian pop music and country rock band who had a number of pop hits in Australia from 1968 to 1971 and then re-located to Canada from 1971 to 1974 before calling it quits in 75. A connection with McKenna Mendlesohn Mainline (who they had met in Australia) made Toronto a destination since they were refused a US work visa.

Sam See and Terry Wilkins later joined Lighthouse

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