33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 4, 2017

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Super Singles
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   Duane Eddy: Pepe (D Langdon / H Whittstatt) 1961
2.   Lighthouse: Mountain Man (Skip Prokop) 1969 *
3.   Pinky Dauvin Group: Long Gone (P Dauvin / M MacGregor) 1972 *
4.   Peter Green: Time For Me To Go (MD Green) 1982
5.   Kristine: Photo Album (K Authors / D Gould) 1976 *
6.   Michael Argue: ’57 Chevrolet (R Bowling) 1978 *
7.   Hawkshaw Hawkins: Bad News Travels Fast (In Our Town) (Bobby Bare) 1962
8.   The Hans Staymer Band: Six Feet Under Water (Peter Sinclair, David Jenneson, Al Hovden) 1974 *
9.   Zwol: Call Out My Name (Walter Zwol) 1979 *
10. McManus Brothers: Every Day (Jim McManus) 1974 *
11. The Cates: Let’s Go Through The Motions (David Gillion) 1979
12. The Essex: Easier Said Than Done (Larry Huff / William Linton) 1963
13. Canadian Conspiracy: A Change of Life (Glover / Desmond / MacTavish) 1974 *
14. Paul Revere and The Raiders: Hungry (B Mann / C Weil) 1966
15. Don Messer and His Islanders: Charlottetown’s Centennial Breakdown (Don Messer) *

Hour Two

1.   Vanity Fare: Early In The Morning (M Leander / Seago) 1969
2.   Jigsaw: Sky High (Des Dyer / Clive Scott) 1975
3.   If: Your City Is Falling (Dave Quincy) 1970
4.   Shocking Blue: Hot Sand (RV Leeuwen) 1969
5.   Robert Farnon and His Orchestra: Sand In My Shoes (Schertzinger / Loesser) 1953 *
6.   The Jaggerz: The Rapper (Dominec Ierace) 1969
7.   Cerrone: Rocket In the Pocket (Cerrone) 1978
8.   Conway Twitty: Halfway To Heaven (Schroeder / Kalmanoff) 1959
9.   Ernest Tubb & Loretta Lynn: Mr & Mrs Used To Be (Billy Joe Deaton) 1964
10. Al Soyka: Mountain View Polka (Al Soyka) 1953
11. Thelma Houston: Pick Of The Week (M Larson / J Marcelleno) 1974
12. Jonathan Edwards: White Line (Willie P Bennett) 1976
13. Jefferson Airplane: Martha (Paul Kantner) 1967
14. Johnny Cowell and The Brass Works: Yellow House Of Love (P MacDonnell / J Doell) 1975 *
15. The Paupers: Magic People (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop) 1967 *

CanCon* = 40%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Duane Eddy and The Rebels: Pepe (D Langdon / H Whittstatt)
45 single bw Lost Friend: London Records: M 17142
Corning, NY
Duane Eddy: electric guitar
Steve Douglas, sax
Jim Horn: sax
Larry Knechtel keys
Produced by George Sidney 1961

Duane Eddy (born April 26, 1938) Corning, NY

"Pepe" is a 1960 song written by Hans Wittstatt and Dory Previn for the musical comedy film Pepe, featuring Mario Moreno. The song was originally performed in the movie by Shirley Jones and released in 1960.

2.   Lighthouse: Mountain Man (Skip Prokop) 1969 *
Lighthouse: RCA: LSP-4173
Toronto ON
Skip Prokop - drums & vocals
Paul Hoffert - keys & vibes
Ralph Cole - guitar, vocals
Grant Fullerton - bass, vocals
Pinky Dauvin - percussion, vocals
Ian Guenther - violin
Don Dinovo - violin, viola
Don Whitton - cello
Leslie Schneider - cello
Freddy Stone - trumpet, flugel
Arnie Chycoski - trumpet, flugel
Howard Shore - alto sax
Russ Little - trombone
Produced by Paul Hoffert & Skip Prokop - 1969
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto by Ron Johnsen & Peter Houston

Ronald Harry "Skip" Prokop (born December 13, 1943 in Hamilton, Ontario - August 30, 2017 London ON  age 73)

First Band was Riverside Three before joining The Spats in Toronto which became The Paupers 1965-68
Formed Lighthouse 1968 after recording an album with Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield, turning down the offer to be the drummer for Janus Joplin’s Kosmic Blues Band.

Lighthouse made its debut on May 14, 1969, at the Rock Pile in Toronto and won Juno Awards for Best Canadian Group of the Year in 1972, 1973 and 1974.  Until recently he was playing in a Christian Rock band called Mercy Train
Died of complications with his heart.

3.   Pinky Dauvin Group: Long Gone (P Dauvin / M MacGregor)
45 single bw I’ll Always Love You: United Artists: UAXW235W
Sackville NB
Pinky Dauvin: vocal, percussion
Others not listed
Produced by Andrew A Meizer 1972
Strings arranged by Doug Riley

Victor Dauvin b. Sackville NB 1946  – d. Newmarket ON April 21, 2013

A former member of Lighthouse, Pinky started his career as a musician in Sackville playing drums with the Halifax band The Continentals. In January 1966, he left Sackville for Toronto to play drums for the Stitch in Tyme and later, in 1969 he joined Lighthouse as lead vocalist on their first three albums.

4.   Peter Green: Time For Me To Go (MD Green)
White Sky: Stony Plain Records / PVK: SPL 1046
London UK
Peter Green: lead guitar, vocal
Reg Isadore: drums
Larry Steele: bass
Webster Johnson: keys
Jeff Whittaker: percussion
Produced by Peter Green and Geoff Robinson 1982
Recorded and mixed by Peter Cormack

The fourth of six comeback album by Peter after being sidelined with mental health issues for most of the 70s. They were recorded between the years 1979 - 84. He then stopped playing at his family’s insistance and didn’t return to the studio until 1997 with The Splinter Group which he has fronted ever since.

5.   Kristine: Photo Album (K Authors / D Gould)
45 single bw I’m A Song: Power Exchange Records & Tapes: PX-241
Kristine: vocal
Produced by Shel Talmy 1976

Christine Hodgson joined The Downbeats, an English band, in 1962. She’s used several pseudonyms over the years: Kristine, Kristine Sparkle, Kristine Holmes, Kristine Authors. A year later she joined The Applejacks as lead vocalist before performing in theatre for several years. In the late 1960s she joined The Family Dogg before going solo as Kristine Sparkle. A song that she co-wrote called Devil Woman was recorded by Cliff Richard.

6.   Michael Argue: ’57 Chevrolet (R Bowling)
45 single bw The World Needs A Lover Tonight: WAM Records: WAMX 107
Toronto ON
Michael Argue: vocal
Produced by RC Blakin 1978

Briefly played in a Canadian bubble gum band called The Chesters.  Currently in a family band with his wife and two daughters. He released a handful of singles during the 70s. To kids of my generation, ’57 Chevs were the Greaser car of choice. Perfect for coon tales on the aerial, fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror, purple sex lights and a glovebox full of cigarettes and gum.

7.   Hawkshaw Hawkins: Bad News Travels Fast (In Our Town) (Bobby Bare)
45 single bw Let Them Talk: Delta Records: D.3184
Huntington WV
Hawkshaw Hawkins: vocals
Produced 1962
Recorded by King Records

Harold Franklin Hawkins (b. Huntington WV December 22, 1921 – d March 5, 1963 Camden TN)

Hawkins became a regular on WWVA Jamboree from 1945 to 1954 in Wheeling, West Virginia. In 1946, he signed a recording contract with King Records in Cincinnati, Ohio. His first two recordings with King, "Pan American" and "Dog House Boogie", were top ten country hits.

On March 5, 1963, after finishing a gig with Patsy Cline and Cowboy Copas, Hawkins was killed in a devastating plane crash with them. In 1962 he recorded his biggest hit, "Lonesome 7-7203". It first appeared on the Billboard country chart as a March 2, 1963 release, three days before Hawkins died. The song was taken off the charts for the two weeks following his death, but re-appeared on March 23 and spent 25 weeks on the chart, four of them at No. 1, an accomplishment that eluded him in life.

8.   The Hans Staymer Band: Six Feet Under Water (Peter Sinclair, David Jenneson, Al Hovden)
45 single bw Instant Comfort: RCA Promo: PA-50018
Vancouver BC
Hans Staymer: harmonica, vocal
Robbie King: keys
Doug Edwards: guitar
Wayne Kozac: sax
Paul Burton: drums
Produced by Don Hamilton 1974

Staymer saw Louis Armstrong in the 1950s while still living in his native Germany. He also got into playing the music of Django Reinhardt. He moved to Canada in 1962, settling in Edmonton as a goldsmith. He began performing there, playing songs by blues legends like Leadbelly at local clubs which eventually saw him perform in bands. In 1968 he moved to Vancouver and formed a band called Django which lasted about four years. In 1972 he formed the Hans Staymer Band and recorded an album called “Dig A Hole” on GSF Records. In 1997 he formed a duo with another German ex-pat Andreas Schuld. Their first CD, recorded by Billo Bourne (Bourne & McLeod) received a 1997 Juno Award nomination for Best Blues Album. They still gig off and on.

9.   Zwol: Call Out My Name (Walter Zwol)
45 single bw It’s So Real: EMI America: 8009
Toronto ON
Walter Zwol: vocal
Bernie LaBarge: guitar and vocals
Grant Slater: keyboards and vocals
Sonnie Bernardi: drums
Dennis Pinhorn: bass guitar and vocals.
Produced by Roger Cook, Ralph Murray and Walter Zwol 1979
Recorded Crazy Mama Studios in Nashville and Miami's Criteria Studios

Walter Zwolinski was a founding member and front-man for the Canadian rock band Brutus (1969–1976). After that he went solo. Zwol became the first Canadian artist to sign directly with an American label, EMI. Zwol continued on the circuit and formed The Rage which recorded one record, before taking an office job at Attic Records in the mid '80s.

10. McManus Brothers: Every Day (Jim McManus)
45 single bw Ah That Feeling: Boot Records: BT.104
Toronto ON
George McManus
Jim McManus
PJ McManus
John McManus: bass
Produced by John Capek 1974

Based in Toronto in 1971, but originally Irish, the McManus Brothers released the single "Everyday" in 1974 on Boot Records. Originally from Enniskillen, Ireland. Back in Ireland, an offshoot McManus Brothers band (featuring John and his sons) continued the tradition into the 2000s.

11. The Cates: Let’s Go Through The Motions (David Gillion)
45 single bw Don’t Say Love: Ovation Records: OV 1134
Marcy Cates
Margie Cates
Produced by Brien Fisher 1979

This song was also included on their album “Steppin Out”

12. The Essex: Easier Said Than Done (Larry Huff / William Linton)
45 single bw Are You Going My Way: Roulette Records: 4494
Walter Vickers (guitar)
Rodney Taylor (drums)
Billy Hill (aka Billy Proctor)
Rudolph Johnson
Anita Humes: vocals
Produced by Glover-Goldner Productions 1963

The Essex was an American R&B vocal group formed in 1962 by US Marines.
The song was released as the B side and yet went to #1 on Billboard and sold over a million discs. Being Marines made it hard for the group to take advantage of their hits; for example, before long, Johnson was posted to Okinawa. Rodney Taylor was killed in 1966 in New York City during an attempted mugging. Humes released several solo singles for Roulette, but had no chart success. She died on May 30, 2010, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, aged 69.

13. Canadian Conspiracy: A Change of Life (Glover / Desmond / MacTavish)
45 single bw Love Is Where You Find It: Poverty Records: QC 847
Dartmouth NS
Alex Glover: vocals
Dan Desmond: lead guitar
Mike Heath: bass guitar
Brian Galange: drums
Stan Plocinik: trumpet
Trevor Gloyn: saxophone
Andy Evans: trumpet
Don MacTavish: organ
Produced 1974

The band started in the late sixties as The Blues Syndicate and became The Canadian Conspiracy at the start of the seventies and went through personnel changes in the seventies. The 45 was recorded at the Toronto Sound Studio and being produced by Kenny Marco (Motherlode, Dr. Music, etc.) and with the (limited) involvement of Terry Brown and Doug Riley. There was an LP recorded in Dartmouth, N.S. by a later version of the band.

14. Paul Revere and The Raiders: Hungry (B Mann / C Weil)
45 single bw There She Goes: Columbia Records: 4-43678
Boise, Idaho
Paul Revere – keyboards
Mark Lindsay – lead vocals, saxophone
Phil "Fang" Volk – bass
Michael "Smitty" Smith – drums
Drake "The Kid" Levin – guitar, backing vocals
Jim "Harpo" Valley – guitar
Produced by Terry Melcher 1966

A major hit for PR&R in 1966. It was also covered by Sammy Hagar.

15. Don Messer and His Islanders: Charlottetown’s Centennial Breakdown (Don Messer)
45 single bw The Lightening Hornpipe: Apex Records: 9-26415
Halifax NS
Don Messer: fiddle
Waldo Munroe: piano
Duke Neilson: bass
Warren MacRae: drums
Vic Mullen: banjo
Produced 1967

Donald Charles Frederick "Don" Messer (b. Tweedside May 9, 1909 – d. Halifax NS March 26, 1973)

Hour Two

1.   Vanity Fare: Early In The Morning (M Leander / Seago)
45 single bw You Made Me Love You: Page One Records: PO. 1020
Kent UK
Trevor Brice: vocal
Tony Goulden: guitar
Dick Allix: drums
Tony Jarrett: bass
Produced by Roger Easterby and Des Champ 1969

The group formed in UK in 1966 as The Avengers. Then they became the Sages before settling on Vanity Fare (spelling Fare as to not to be confused with the magazine). Early in the Morning was their first mega-hit single, selling over a millin copies.

In his spare time, Trevor Brice sings second tenor with the City of Bath Male Choir, who reached the final of BBC One's Last Choir Standing.

2.   Jigsaw: Sky High (Des Dyer / Clive Scott)
45 single bw Brand New Love Affair: Chelsea Records: CH 3022
Coventry / Rugby UK
Des Dyer: lead vocal, drums
Clive Scott: keys, vocal
Barrie Bernard: bass
Tony Campbell: guitar
Tony Britnell: sax
Produced by Chas Peate 1975
Recorded by Roger Wilkinson at Majestic Studios, London

Another band that formed in 1966. Influenced by the music of Paul McCartney, they were sometimes accused of sounding more like The Beatles than the Beatles did. "Sky High", was recorded for the film The Man from Hong Kong, a 1975 martial-arts action movie starring George Lazenby (James Bond). It hit #3 on the Billboard chart after being released in the US.

Clive Kenneth Scott; 24 February 1945 – 10 May 2009

David Beech, 25 September 1945, in Rugby, Warwickshire, died 7 June 2007

3.   If: Your City Is Falling (Dave Quincy)
If 2: Capitol Records: SW 676
London UK
John Mealing: keys, vocals
Jim Richardson: bass
Dennis Elliot: drums
Dick Morrissey: sax, flute
Dave Quincy: saxes
Terry Smith: guitar
Produced by Lew Futterman 1970
Recorded by Jon Child at The Hit Factory, NYC; by Frank Owen at Island Studios, London
Front Cover Design: Clean Mashine Studio

If was a progressive rock band formed in Britain in 1969. Referred to by Billboard as "unquestionably the best of the so-called jazz-rock bands". In the period spanning 1970-75, they produced eight studio-recorded albums and did some 17 tours of Europe, the US and Canada. If thus became one of the most highly acclaimed groups of the Seventies to never quite make the big time, despite good record sales and full venues. Was a favourite of ex-CIUT programmer Rohinton Medhora.

4.   Shocking Blue: Hot Sand (RV Leeuwen)
45 single bw Venus: Colossus Records: C.108X
The Hague NL
Robbie van Leeuwen (guitar, sitar and backing vocals)
Mariska Veres (vocals)
Klaasje van der Wal (bass guitar)
Cor van der Beek (drums)
Cees Schrama (Hohner electric piano)
Produced by Robbie van Leeuwen 1969

From Holland, Shocking Blue were basically known for their one hit song in America: Venus. The single sold over 7.5 million copies, meaning that there are probably 7 million people who had the B Side, Hot Sand in their hands, and never played it.
I betcha I’m right!

5.   Robert Farnon and His Orchestra: Sand In My Shoes (Schertzinger / Loesser)
EP Farnon Plays Schertzinger: London Records BEP. 6071
Toronto ON
Robert Farnon: conductor
Musicians unlisted
Produced 1953

Robert Joseph Farnon b. Toronto ON July 24, 1917 – d. St Peter Port, Guernsey April 23, 2005

Farnon was commissioned as a captain in the Canadian Army and became the conductor/arranger of the Canadian Band of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force sent overseas during World War II. At the end of the war Farnon decided to make England his home, and he later moved to Guernsey in the Channel Islands. He was considered by his peers to be the finest music arranger in the world. In 1996 he won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement for "Lament" performed by J. J. Johnson & his Robert Farnon Orchestra. He was also awarded the Order of Canada early in 1998.

Farnon also wrote the music for more than forty motion pictures, including Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N. (1951), Gentlemen Marry Brunettes (1955), The Road to Hong Kong (1962). He wrote other music for many, mostly British, television series including Secret Army (1977–79), and A Man Called Intrepid (1979). He worked with Frank Sinatra, Sarah Vaughan, Tony Bennett and Lena Horn.

Victor L. Schertzinger (b. Mahanoy City, PA April 8, 1888 – d Hollywood CA October 26, 1941) was an American composer. His two best-known songs are "I Remember You" and "Tangerine", both with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, the guy who co-founded Capitol Records.

6.   The Jaggerz: The Rapper (Dominec Ierace)
45 single bw Born Poor: Kama Sutra Records: KA. 502X
Pittsburgh PA
Dominic Ierace - guitar, bass, trumpet, vocals
Jimmie Ross - tube, trombone, bass, vocals
Benny Faiella - guitar, bass, background vocals
Thom Davies - organ, piano, trumpet
Billy Maybray - bass, drums, vocals
Jim Pugliano - drums, background vocals
Produced by Neil Bogart 1969

A band started by Ierace who used the stage name Donnie Iris in 1964 as Donnie and the Donnells. Later changed their name to Jaggers but found another band using that name so they changed the s to a z. Had a number of hit songs. They lasted well into the 1970s.

7.   Cerrone: Rocket In the Pocket (Cerrone)
45 single bw Je Suis Music: Cotillion Promo Copy: COT 44244
Paris FR
Musicians and singers not listed
Produced by Cerrone 1978
Allen Zentz Mastering

Jean-Marc Cerrone (born 24 May 1952, Vitry-sur-Seine, near Paris, France)
Marc Cerrone has sold over thirty million albums. He claims, and it is often credited by others, that he was "the first" to put the kick drum (or bass drum) into the foreground of modern eurodance music.

8.   Conway Twitty: Halfway To Heaven (Schroeder / Kalmanoff)
45 single bw Danny Boy: MGM Records: K12826
Helena AR
Conway Twitty: vocals
Produced 1959

Harold Lloyd Jenkins b. Sep 1, 1933 Friars Point, MS – d. June 5, 1993 (aged 59)
Springfield, Missouri.

Accounts vary of how Harold Jenkins acquired his stage name of Conway Twitty. Allegedly, in 1957, Jenkins decided that his real name was not memorable enough and sought a better show business name. In The Billboard Book of Number One Hits Fred Bronson states that the singer was looking at a road map when he spotted Conway, Arkansas, and Twitty, Texas. An Ohio radio station had an inspiration, refraining from playing "I'll Try" (an MGM single that went nowhere in terms of sales, radio play, and jukebox play), instead playing the B-side, "It's Only Make Believe", a song written between sets by Twitty and drummer Jack Nance when they were in Hamilton, Ontario, playing at the Flamingo Lounge. Many listeners truly believed that it was Elvis using a pseudonym. In 1965 he decided to switch from pop music to country.

Although never a member of the Grand Ole Opry, he was inducted into both the Country Music and Rockabilly Halls of Fame. Died from an abdominal aortic aneurysm after a performance at the Jim Stafford Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

9.   Ernest Tubb & Loretta Lynn: Mr & Mrs Used To Be (Billy Joe Deaton)
45 single bw Love Was Right Here All The Time: Decca Records: 31643
Nashville TN
Ernest Tubb - lead vocals
Loretta Lynn - lead vocals
Buddy Charleton - steel guitar
Jack Drake - bass
Jack Greene - drums
Bill Pursell - piano
Leon Rhodes - guitar
Jerry Shook - guitar
Cal Smith - guitar
Jerry Smith - piano
Produced by Owen Bradley 1964
Recorded at Columbia Studios, Nashville TN on March 10, 1964

Ernest Dale Tubb (b. Crisp TX February 9, 1914 – d. Nashville September 6, 1984)
Loretta Lynn (née Webb; born Butcher Hollow, Kentucky April 14, 1932) (85)
Loretta Lynn was only 22 when she did this duet with Ernest Tubb.

10. Al Soyka: Mountain View Polka (Al Soyka)
Hottest Polkas and Obereks: Jan Records JEP 111
Rockville CT
Al Soyka: accordion
Ed Soyka: fiddle
Stanley Soyka:
Edwin Soyka:
Produced by Al Soyka 1953
Recorded by Al Soyka at Soyka Studio, Main Street, Somers, CT

Al Soyka b Rockville Connecticut May 6, 1922 – d. Lake Worth, Florida, on April 5, 2013, at age 91.

Soyka started his own Jan Records label after flirting with RCA (who signed the first Canadian Polka band on record: Chet Gawron and his Orchestra in 1954)
Signed the unknown Gene Pitney to a deal on his Glo Records label
In 1967,  Al moved to Hollywood, Florida where he was stabbed in the back with a screw driver 1968 and survived.

11. Thelma Houston: Pick Of The Week (M Larson / J Marcelleno)
45 sinlge bw You’ve Been Doing Wrong For So Long: Motown Records: M 1316F
Leland MS
Produced by Clayton Ivey and Terry Woodford 1974

Thelma Houston (née Jackson; born Leland MS May 7, 1946)

She scored a number-one hit in 1977 with her cover version of the song "Don't Leave Me This Way", which won the Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.

12. Jonathan Edwards: White Line (Willie P Bennett)
45 single bw Favorite Song: Reprise Records: REP 1358
Aitkin NM
Jonathan Edwards - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica, harmony vocals
James Burton - electric guitar
Brian Ahern, Rodney Crowell - acoustic guitar
Emmylou Harris - acoustic guitar, harmony vocals
Hank DeVito - pedal steel guitar
Emory Gordy, Jr. - bass
Glen Hardin - piano, string arrangements
Bill Payne - piano
Herb Pedersen - banjo, harmony vocals
David Grisman - mandolin
Byron Berline - fiddle
John Ware - drums
Dianne Brooks, Lynnie Edwards - harmony vocals
Milan Kymlicka - string arrangements
Produced by Brian Ahern 1976
Bradley Hartman, Donovan Cowart, Stuart Taylor – engineers

Jonathan Edwards (born Aitkin MN July 28, 1946)

Originally in a band, he quit one night in Vermont, he “rented myself a van and PA system, and started traveling around the colleges in New England by myself, without gigs, just setting up in the lobbies of dormitories on a Saturday. Pretty soon I started getting a following” He started getting offered opening slots for The Allman Brothers and BB King. He struck up a friendship with Emmylou Harris which introduced him to Canadian producer Brian Ahern (Harris’ then husband).

White Line was original recorded by Wille P Bennett on his 1975 album “Tryin’ To Start Out Clean”. It’s also been recorded by Blackie & The Rodeo Kings.

13. Jefferson Airplane: Martha (Paul Kantner)
45 single bw Watch Her Ride: RCA Victor: 47-6389
San Francisco CA
Grace Slick – piano, organ, recorder, vocals
Paul Kantner – rhythm guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar, sitar, vocals
Jack Casady – bass
Spencer Dryden – drums, percussion, horn arrangement
Marty Balin – rhythm guitar, vocals
Produced by Al Schmitt 1967

14. Johnny Cowell and The Brass Works: Yellow House Of Love (P MacDonnell / J Doell)
45 single bw Goodbye Sunshine: Broadland Records: BR 2149X
Toronto ON
Johnny Cowell: trumpet
Others Unknown
Produced by WB Kearns 1975

Johnny Cowell b. Tillsonburg ON Jan 1926

Johnny played his first trumpet solo at the age of six and at fifteen became the youngest member and soloist of the famous Toronto Symphony Band which presented a weekly series of broadcasts over CBC Radio. At age sixteen, he played his first engagement with the Toronto Symphony.

His songs have been recorded by an impressive list of entertainers including Dame Vera Lynn, Harry Secombe, Andy Williams, Chet Atkins, Lawrence Welk, Tony Martin, Anita Bryant, The Lettermen, Gerry & The Pacemakers,

15. The Paupers: Magic People (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter – 1967

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