33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
October 23, 2017

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It Was The Sultan
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   The Squires: Sultan (Neil Young) 1963 *
2.   Ray St Germaine & The Sultans: She’s A Square 1958 *
3.   Ravi Shankar: Discovery of India (Ravi Shankar) 1982
4.   Sultans of String: Turkish Greensleeves (Trad) 2017 *
5.   Holger Czukay: Persian Love (Holger Czukay) 1982
6.   Andy Summers & Robert Fripp: Painting And Dance (Summers / Fripp) 1982
7.   Free: Walk in my Shadow (Paul Rogers) 1970
8.   The Shuffle Demons: The Funkie Pumpkin (Richard Underhill / David Parker) 1988 *
9.   Colosseum: Skelington (Dave Clempson / Jon Hiseman) 1971
10. Whistling Jack Smith: I Was Kaiser Bills Batman (Roger Greenway / Roger Cook) 1967

Hour Two

1.   Chef Adams: Just Walk On By (Jim Reeves) 1964 *
2.   Gene Clark: No Other (Gene Clark) 1974
3.   Steve Earle: Once You Love (Steve Earle / Larry Crane) 1988
4.   The Ragged Edges: Why Don't You (Hill) 1966 *
5.   (Those) Rogues: Girl (Bryan Primeau) 1967 *
6.   1977: There’s A Light (Julie Kendall) 2007 *
7.   John Kay & Sparrow: Square Headed People (John Kay) 1968 *
8.   Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire) 1968 *
9.   The Whirleygigs: Raised By Wolves (Alex Mortimer) 1989 *
10. Pied Pumkin: A Fear of Flying (Joe Mock) 1976 *
11. King Crimson: Cat Food (Robert Fripp / Pete Sinfield / Ian MacDonald) 1970
12. Giles Giles & Fripp: Plastic Pennies (Robert Fripp) 1968
13. Ed Dolan Et Ses Fantaisistes: Qui Sait Cha Cha (Bill Justis / Sidney Manker) 1960 *

CanCon = 57%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Neil Young & The Squires: Sultan (Neil Young)
45 rpm Single b/w Aurora: V Records V 109
Winnipeg MB
Neil Young: lead guitar
Allan Bates: guitar
Ken Koblun: bass
Ken Smyth: drums, gong
Produced by Bob Bradburn – 1963

The legendary first Canadian only 45 by Neil Youngs 1st band, Neil and the Squires. These instrumentals were recorded on July 23, 1963 at radio station CKRC Studios in Winnipeg as two-track recordings, and the single was only released locally later in November, 1963. These were the only two songs that the Squires had ever released. They did record later in Thunder Bay but those songs (I'll Love you Forever", "I Wonder") never saw the light of day until Young released them in his Archives. "It was my first recording session and I was just glad to be there for the experience, but I was still searching for the right sound."

"I started off writing instrumentals. Words came much later. My idol at the time was Hank B. Marvin, Cliff Richard's guitar player in the Shadows. He was the hero of all the guitar players around Winnipeg at the time."

It has been written that fewer than 300 copies were ever pressed and that these were sold only at shows in Winnipeg in 1963.

2.   Ray St. Germain & The Sultans: She’s A Square *
45 Single: Chateau Records
Winnipeg MB
Produced 1958

b. 1940

‘She’s A Square’ is known as Winnipeg's first rock 'n' roll single.

St. Germain has hosted over 600 television shows on CBC Television, Global Television Network, and APTN. He has been an on-air personality and program manager with NCI-FM Radio for seven years and hosts a program called the Métis Hour X2 on Saturday mornings for the Manitoba Métis Federation. St. Germain has entertained Canadian Forces stationed overseas with concerts in Germany, Israel, and Cyprus. He sang original country, gospel and Métis songs about his heritage.

St. Germain has received awards for his contributions to Canadian culture, including the Aboriginal Order of Canada, the Order of the Sash – Saskatoon and Prince Albert, and a position on the Aboriginal Wall of Honour in the Winnipeg Friendship Centre. St. Germain was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010.

He wrote a book called: "I Wanted To Be Elvis, So What Was I Doing In Moose Jaw?"

3.   Ravi Shankar: Discovery of India (Ravi Shankar)
Gandhi Soundtrack: RCA Victor ABL1-4557
Varanasi IN
Ravi Shankar: sitar
Lakshmi Shankar: tambura
Sultan Khan: sarangi
Ashish Khan: sarod
Sherad Kumar: shahnai
Ashit Desai: santoor, percussion
TK Ramakrishnan: mrdangam
Parasher Desai: percussion
Alla Rakha: tabla
Produced by George Fenton 1982
Recorded by John Richards at CTS Studios, London UK
Mixed by Dave Hunt

7 April 1920 to 11 December 2012)

As you can see - there was a Sultan in this band.

4.   Sultans of String: Turkish Greensleeves (Trad)
Ten Years Of Music: Fiddlefire Records MKC 2070
Toronto ON
Chris McKhool: violin
Kevin Laliberté: flamenco guitar
Eddie Paton: guitar
Drew Birston: bass
Rosendo León: drums
Anwar Khurshid: sitar
Produced by Chris McKhool 2017
Edited for Vinyl by John “Beetle” Bailey at The Drive Shed Recording Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Violinist Chris McKhool was putting out some pretty interesting solo albums in the early 2000s when he met up with flamenco jazz guitarist Kevin Laliberté and that’s when everything began to click. Fusing their wild sounds with world music, they formed the basis of the Sultans of String. Since then they’ve released several well received albums that have generated a lot of interest. What a treat to finally hear them on vinyl!! It’s a totally different experience. Ten Years of Music is a compilation album of earlier works but it sure works to my liking.

Turkish Greensleeves also appears on The Sultans of String’s new 2017 CD, Christmas Caravan.

5.   Holger Czukay: Persian Love (Holger Czukay) 1982
WOMAD: Music And Rhythm: Passport Records PD 7501
Cologne GM
Holger Czukay: guitar, keys, synths, short waves, bass
Jaki Liebezeit: drums, congas
Produced by Holger Czukay 1980
Recorded by Holger Czukay at Inner Space Studio
Produced by Sony Records 1982

Holger Schüring b Danzig GM 24 March 1938 – 5 September 2017 Weilerswist, GM)

Czukay described himself as “an acoustic landscape painter”.

Persian Love originally appeared on Czukay’s album Moves in 1980. Czukay taped an unknown Persian musician from his short wave radio for this track.

Czukay studied music under Karlheinz Stockhausen from 1963 to 1966. He had little interest in rock music, but this changed when a student played him the Beatles' 1967 song "I Am the Walrus". He then started listening to The Velvet Underground and Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention. He went on to form Can in 1968. Their first album was Monster Love from 1969 – the only album that singer Malcolm Mooney (an American) sang on until the release of Rite Time 20 years later after he was enticed back.
This particular album was Can’s last real one, and its first in over 10 years. It is also the first Can album since their debut LP which features Can’s original vocalist, Malcolm Mooney. His vocals are spectacular. Totally original.

Drummer Jaki Liebezeit b. 26 May 1938 Dresden GM – d. 22 January 2017 (aged 78)

6.   Andy Summers & Robert Fripp: Painting And Dance (Summers / Fripp)
I Advance Masked: A&M Records SP 4913
London UK
Andy Summers: guitars
Robert Fripp: guitars
Produced by Andy Summers and Robert Fripp 1982
Recorded at Army’s Shack Studio, Pathstone, Dorset, Sept 81 and Island Studios, London May 82
Recorded and mixed by Tony Arnold and Tim Summerhayes at Island Records Studio
Mastered by Bob Carbone at A&M Studios.

Andy Summers described the first Summers and Fripp album this way: "a synthesis of two guys who grew up playing guitar, heard the Beatles, listened to jazz, have been influenced by Oriental music and Steve Reich, but still happen to be playing in a rock context.”

7.   Free: Walk In my Shadow (Paul Rogers) 1970
Tons of Sobs: Polydor Records 543.039
London UK
Paul Rodgers: vocals
Paul Kossoff: guitars
Andy Fraser: bass guitar, piano
Simon Kirke: drums
Produced by Guy Stevens 1970
Recorded by Andrew Johns at Island Records Studio

8.   Shuffle Demons: Funkie Pumpkin (Richard Underhill / David Parker)
45 Single: Stubby Records SR 004
Rich Underhill - alto, baratone sax
Mike Murley - tenor, baratone, alto sax
Dave Parker - tenor sax
Jim Vivian - bass
Stich Wynston - drums
Produced by the Shuffle Demons – 1988

9.   Colosseum: Skelington (Dave Clempson / Jon Hiseman)
Colosseum Live: Warner Brothers Records 1942
London UK
Jon Hiseman: drums
Dick Heckstall-Smith: saxes
Dave Greenslade: organ, vibes
Dave Clempson: guitar, lead vocal
Mark Clarke: bass
Produced by Jon Hiseman and Colosseum 1971
Recorded at Manchester University and Big Apple, Brighton, March 1971
Mixed by Peter Callen at Lansdown Studios


Formed in Spring 1968 by drummer Jon Hiseman with tenor sax player Dick Heckstall-Smith, who had previously worked together in 1966, when Hiseman replaced Ginger Baker in The Graham Bond Organisation. They met up again early in 1968 when they both played in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, during which time they played on the Bare Wires album.

In March 1971, the band recorded concerts at the Big Apple Club in Brighton and at Manchester University. Hiseman was impressed with the atmosphere at the Manchester show, and the band returned five days later for a free concert that was also recorded. The recordings were released as a live double album Colosseum Live in 1971. In October 1971 the original band broke up.

10. Whistling Jack Smith: I Was Kaiser Bills Batman (Roger Greenway / Roger Cook)
I Was Kaiser Bills Batman: Derem Records DE 16006 mono
Noel Walker: whistling
Studio Musicians
Produced by Noel Walker 1967

The Creation of Noel Walker, there was no actual Whistling Jack Smith. The name was a play on the name of the baritone singer of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, Whispering Jack Smith. Credited to Whistling Jack Smith, the record rose up the UK singles chart. When it was featured on Top of the Pops, actor Coby Wells was used to mime the whistling, and later toured as the public face of Whistling Jack Smith. (Wells' real name was Billy Moeller; he was born in 1946 and was a brother of Tommy Moeller, lead vocalist, guitarist, and pianist with Unit 4 + 2).

Hour Two

RIP Chef Adams

1.   Chef Adams: Just Walk On By (Jim Reeves)
Show Stoppers: Arc Records 649
Sturgis SK
Chef Adams: guitar, vocal
Yvonne Terry: bg vocal
Ollie Strong: steel
Mickey McGivern: lead guitar
Mark McGivern: bass
Bill Bartlett: drums
Artie MacLaren: guitar
Produced by Ben Weatherby 1964

Adam Edward Semeniuk b. Sturgis SK March 14, 1927 - August 28, 2017 Lindsay, Ontario (90)

At an early age he was exposed to the music and festivities of his Ukrainian community. He started playing guitar when he was about 14 years old and caught the entertainer's itch.

Chef moved to Toronto to start his career in Country Music. He started hanging around Fred Rodens Music Store and soon met other musicians. For quite some time he had no job, no money and occasionally slept on the streets of Toronto. He hung around parks, sang to anyone who would listen and over the course of time met several other musicians. One day a restaurant owner learned of his plight and offered him a job as a short order cook. Many of the local musicians and singers came into the restaurant and began to call him "Chef "Adams. Chef released a total of 12 albums and 18 singles, 2 eight tracks, 4 cassettes and 2 CD's.

James Travis "Jim" Reeves (August 20, 1923 – July 31, 1964) killed in a plane crash

2.   Gene Clark: No Other (Gene Clark)
No Other: Asylum Records 7E-1016
Sherman Oaks, CA
Gene Clark - guitar, vocals
Lee Sklar - bass
Butch Trucks - drums
Michael Utley - keyboards
Joe Lala – percussion
Jerry McGee - guitar
Ronnie Barron, Cindy Bullens, Claudia Lennear: bg vocals
Produced by Thomas Jefferson Kaye, 1974
Recorded at The Village Recorder, West Los Angeles by Tony Reale and Joe Tuzen
Mixed at Wally Heider Recording, Studio D, San Francisco

Harold Eugene "Gene" Clark (b Tipton, Missouri, November 17, 1944 – d May 24, 1991, aged 46, Sherman Oaks, CA)

One of the founders of The Byrds, he was the first to leave the band in early 1966 and have a solo career. He also got together with Doug Dillards of The Dillards family bluegrass band and released two albums, The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark (1968) and Through the Morning, Through the Night (1969).

No Other was Clark’s first album recorded for Asylum Records. It went way over budget, was not promoted properly and didn’t sell well. But Rock critics loved it and claimed it to be a real masterpiece.

3.   Steve Earle: Once You Love (Steve Earle / Larry Crane)
Copperhead Road: Uni Records UNI-7
San Antonio TX
Steve Earle: vocals, guitars, harmonica, 6-string bass, mandolin
Donny Roberts: guitars, 6-string bass
Bill Lloyd: acoustic guitar
Michael McAdam: 12-string electric guitar
Bucky Baxter: pedal steel, lap steel, Dobro
Ken Moore: synthesizer and organ
John Barlow Jarvis: piano
Kelly Looney: bass
Kurt Custer: drums
Sam Bush: mandolin
Jerry Douglas: dobro
Mark O'Connor: violin
Edgar Meyer: bass violin
Produced by Tony Brown & Steve Earle 1988

born January 17, 1955 Ft. Monroe, Virginia

4.   The Ragged Edges: Why Don’t You (Hill)
45 single bw Good Times: Giant Records - GR 902
Hamilton ON
Danny Foster: lead vocals
Gary Webb: rhythm guitar
Sandy Bryant: drums
Wayne MacNeil: bass
Tony Ronza: lead guitar
Produced 1966

This was the entire sum of their recorded output. They used to play the northern bar and club circuit. I saw them perform at a youth club up in Timmins around 1967. In fact, I used to have the poster for that gig!

5.   (Those) Rogues: Girl (Bryan Primeau)
45 single bw I Could See You Again: Algoma Records ST 53
Sault Ste Marie ON
Bryan Primeau: organ, vocals
Mike Jargan: drums
Rick Rogers: guitar
Harvey Bell: bass
Produced by John Holt, 1967
Recorded by Marshall Shapiro at Arc Studios in Toronto on February 26, 1967

This was a band from The Soo.
There was another band from Saskatchewan called The Rogues 5 who changed their name to Great Flood and the pre-cursor band to Mandala were also called The Rogues.

6.   1977: Theres A Light (Julie Kendall)
Nineteen Seventy-Seven: JK001
Toronto ON
Julie Kendall: keys, vocals
Brent Hough: guitar, bass, tambourine
Jordan Bruce: drums
Produced by Julie Kendall & Brent Hough 2007
Recorded by them in their apartment
Mixed at Gay Studio, Parkdale by Alphonse Lanza
Mastered by Noah Mintz at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Kendall and Brent Hough (Bellevue, Music Maul, Purple Hill) recorded the songs on Nineteen Seventy-Seven, during the winter of 2007 in her Toronto apartment, and rehearsal space.
Released in 2009, Nineteen Seventy-Seven was nominated for a Juno Award in the category Adult Alternative Album of the Year.

RIP Goldy McJohn

7.   John Kay and The Sparrows: Square Headed People (John Kay)
45 single bw Twisted: Columbia Records - 4-44769
Toronto ON
John Kay  rhythm guitar, lead vocals
Dennis Edmonton  lead guitar, vocals
Nick St. Nicholas  bass, vocals
Goldy McJohn  keyboards, vocals
Jerry Edmonton  drums
Produced by Camalus Productions  - 1968

John Raymond Goadsby (b Toronto May 2, 1945 – August 1, 2017)

In 1964, Goldy McJohn played with local band, Little John & The Friars before moving on later that year to become a member of the Mynah Birds, which also included Rick James, Bruce Palmer and (after McJohn left) Neil Young. In March 1965, he briefly joined The Diplomats before joining The Sparrows in September of that year. John Kay asked him if he could be known as "Goldy" while riding the bus to Willowdale. Goldy felt "Goldy Goadsby" would not be right, so in honor of his mother, Dorothy (née) McIntyre, Goldy added the "Mc" to his legal first name, creating his stage name. The band (with various changes) went on to become Steppenwolf and he remained with the group from 1967 to early 1975 when he was fired by Kay.

McJohn declared that “I played on a Canadian made Lowrey organ” which eventually gave songs such as "Born to be Wild" and "Magic Carpet Ride" their unique sound.

8.   Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire)
Steppenwolf: RCA Victor DS-50029
Los Angeles CA
John Kay:  lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Michael Monarch:   lead guitar, backing vocals
Rushton Moreve:   bass, backing vocals
Goldy McJohn:   keyboards, backing vocals
Jerry Edmonton:   drums, backing vocals
Produced by Gabriel Mekler 1968
Recorded by Richard Polodor and Bill Cooper at American Recording Co

9.   The Whirleygigs: Raised By Wolves (Alex Mortimer)
Thunderdust: Amok Records LP-529
Ottawa ON
Alex Mortimer: guitar, vocals
Jeff Kerr: electric guitar
Joel Carlson: bass
Rob Porter: drums
Produced by Tino Izzo and Alex Mortimer 1989
Recorded by Bazooka Joe Viera at Pyramid Prosound Studio, Montreal QC
Mixed by Peter Mika

Once the darlings of College radio in Canada, this Ottawa band released two great album: Gravity Rides Again and their follow-up in 1989 called Thunderdust. Most members stayed active in the Ottawa music scene and recently came together March for the first time since breaking up over 25 yrs ago.

10. Pied Pumkin String Ensemble: Fear of Flying (Joe Mock)
Allah Mode: Squash Records U4UR2B
Vancouver BC
Rich Scott: dulcimer, vocals
Shari Ulrich: violin, flute, lead vocal
Joe Mock: guitar, piano
Doug Edwards: bass
Jeff Eyre: drums
Produced by Pied Pumkin 1976
Recorded by Geoff Turner and Mark McNair at Little Mountain Sound Co

The Pied Pumkin was formed in 1973. After forming the nucleus of Valdy’s Hometown Band, they were signed to A&M records. Eventually Ulrich left the Pied Pumkin to tour and record with The Hometown Band full time and Scott and Mock continued touring and recording as The Pied Pear for another eight years. Joe Mock currently resides in France and still returns to Canada to do the occasional gig. Ulrich has had a solo career which has seen her awarded a Juno for "Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year" in 1982.

11. King Crimson: Cat Food (Robert Fripp / Pete Sinfield / Ian MacDonald)
In The Wake of Poseidon: Atlantic Records SD 8266
Robert Fripp: mellotron, guitar, devices
Greg Lake: vocals
Michael Giles: drums
Peter Giles: bass
Keith Tippet: piano
Mel Collins: saxes, flute
Pete Sinfield: words
Produced by Robert Fripp & Pete Sinfield 1970
Recorded by Jeff & Tony at Studio Wessex Sound, London

Giles, Giles and Fripp begat King Crimson in early 1969. However, the only time that GG&F appeared on a KC album was their second, In The Wake of Poseidon when Peter Giles was re-recruited when original KC bass player Greg Lake left the band. Lake did sing lead vocals though on most of the songs.

12. Giles, Giles & Fripp: Plastic Pennies (Robert Fripp)
The Brondesbury Road Tapes: Vinyl Lovers Records 900693
London UK
Peter Giles: bass
Michael Giles: drums
Robert Fripp: guitar
Ian McDonald: flute, vocals
Judy Dyble: lead vocals
Produced by Giles, Giles & Fripp 1968
Recorded by the band in their home studio, Brondesbury Road, London

13. Ed Dolan et ses Fantaisistes: Qui Sait, Qui Sait (J.Larue - O.Farès)
Cours De Danse: TC Maximum  TCM 988
Ed Dolan: sax
Mario Dolan: sax
Maurice Pinard: bass
Claude Therrian: drums
Serge Moreau: piano
Produced by Franco Disque - 1960
Recorded by Michel Ethier at Studio Andre Perry Ltd

Who knows, who knows!

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