33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
November 6, 2017

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November Melodies
Hour One: Hear this show now
Hour Two: Hear this show now
Hour One

1.   Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Autumn Memories (Mac Beattie) 1970 *
2.   Gordon Lightfoot: Brave Mountaineers (G Lightfoot) 1972 *
3.   Bob King: When The Work’s All Done This Fall (Trad) 1962 *
4.   Buffy Sainte-Marie: Vampire (B Sainte-Marie) 1970 *
5.   Stevie Wonder: Visions (S Wonder) 1973
6.   Willie Nelson: September Song (M Anderson / C Weill) 1978
7.   Allen Hume: November Rain (A Hume) 1984 *
8.   Grit Laskin: Middle of November (G Laskin) 1985 *
9.   Gordon Lightfoot: Seven Islands Suite (G Lightfoot) 1974 *
10. Nina Simone: July Tree (I Jurist / E Merrian) 1965
11. Them: If You And I Could Be As Two (Van Morrison) 1965
12. Waylon Jennings: This Is Getting Funny (But There Ain't Nobody Laughing) (M Smotherman) 1977
13. Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers: Autumn Waltz (Trad) 1986 *

Hour Two

1.   Juliette: Ribbon of Darkness (Gordon Lightfoot) 1968 Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Autumn Memories (Mac Beattie)*
2.   Moe Koffman: Harvest Festival (Moe Koffman / Doug Riley) 1972 *
3.   King Crimson: Lady of the Dancing Water (Robert Fripp / Peter Sinfield) 1970
4.   The Strawbs: Autumn (John Hawken / David Cousins) 1974
5.   Jane Siberry: The Waitress (J Siberry) 1984 *
6.   Moody Blues: The Dream (Graeme Edge) 1969
7.   Cat Stephens: The Laughing Apple (Cat Stevens) 1967
8.   Rush: Analog Kid (Rush) 1982 *
9.   The Eagles: Wasted Time (Don Henley / Glenn Frey) 1976
10. Joe Walsh: Rockets (Joe Walsh) 1981
11. David Wilcox: Fire In My Bones (David Wilcox / Sadia) 1987 *
12. Gary Lewis & Playboys: Save Your Heart For Me (Gary Geld / Peter Udell) 1966

*CanCon = 52%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Autumn Memories (Mac Beattie)
Mr. Ottawa Valley: Banff Roedo RBS 5333
Arnprior ON
Reg Hill: fiddle
Mac Beattie: vocal, drums
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Jim Mayhew: piano
Gordon Summers: lead guitar
George Courschesne: bass
Produced by Ralph Carlson 1970
Recorded at Carlsound Studios, Ottawa

This Autumn day has gone its way
And faded much too soon
But you and I have touched the sky
This lovely afternoon

John McNab Beattie b Arnprior, ON, 21 Dec 1916 - d there 14 Jun 1982.

2.   Gordon Lightfoot: Brave Mountaineers (Gordon Lightfoot)*
Don Quixote: Reprise - 2056
Toronto, Orillia, ON
Red Shea - guitars, dobro
Terry Clements - lead guitar
Rick Haynes - Bass
Gordon Lightfoot - guitars, vocals
Produced by Lenny Waronker - 1972
Recorded and Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg, Los Angeles CA

And I need to be there
When the autumn wind goes whistlin' through the trestle we would climb
Like brave mountaineers
We never were much bothered by time

b. November 17, 1938 (age 78) Orillia, ON

3.   Bob King: When The Work’s All Done This Fall (Trad)
Just Me And My Old Guitar: Banff Rodeo Records RBS 1103
Ottawa ON
Bob King: guitar, vocal
Produced by George I Taylor 1962

I’m goin’ to see my mother
When the work’s all done this Fall

Bob King b. Joyceville ON 1934 – d. January 20, 1989 – Ottawa ON

At 16 in Ottawa, entered a solo singing competition saw him win first place over another aspiring singer, Paul Anka. King was signed as the lead singer for the Happy Wanderers, who were employed by Ottawa radio station CFRA where he also did stints as a DJ. It was radio station owner Frank Ryan who essentially put the band together. (Frank Ryan died of a heart attack while on vacation, March 2. In 1959)

Their main rivals, Mac Beattie & the Ottawa Valley Melodiers, actually wrote and recorded a tribute song for Frank Ryan on The Melodiers first album, “A Visit To The Ottawa Valley” in 1960.

Bob King and The Happy Wanderers also featured Canadian country legends Joe Brown (Family Brown) and fiddler Ward Allen (who passed away in 1965 and was replaced by Graham Townsend). King’s wife, Marie, also had a career as a French country music singer.

He was inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame in 1984.

4.   Buffy Sainte-Marie: Vampire (B Sainte-Marie) *
The Best of Buffy Sainte-Marie: Vanguard Records VSD 3-4
Qu'Appelle Valley, SK
Buffy Sainte-Marie: guitar, vocal
Micheal Czajkowski: electronics
Produced by Maynard Solomon 1970

Shall I tell you of the night
It was long ago
Late November and the snow
Just about to fall

Beverly Sainte-Marie b February 20, 1941 (age 76)

Buffy in conversation with Sam Tweedle after he asked about this song The Vampire:

“I come from an abusive background as a child, and very often such children become abused as a spouse.  They learn that word no just triggers more abuse.  So, I wrote The Vampire with the feelings of somebody who was kind of a predator.  I was living with somebody who was abusive and a predator and so it fits in perfectly for a metaphor of a vampire.”

She adds: “Thank you for liking that song.  I never get a request for that.  I wish one of these Goth groups would do it.”

5.   Stevie Wonder: Visions (S Wonder)
Innvervisions: Motown T 326L
Saginaw MI
Stevie Wonder – lead vocal, Fender Rhodes
Malcolm Cecil – upright bass
Dean Parks – acoustic guitar
David T. Walker – electric guitar
Produced by Stevie Wonder 1973
Recorded by Dan Barbiero and Austin Godsey at The Record Plant, Los Angeles CA and Media Sound Inc. NYC
Mastered by George Marino at The Cutting Room, NYC

I'm not one who makes believes
I know that leaves are green
They only change to brown when autumn comes around
I know just what I say

born May 13, 1950 as Stevland Hardaway Judkins

“where hate's a dream and love forever stands.”
Wonder has won 22 Grammy Awards as well as a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996

6.   Willie Nelson: September Song (Maxwell Anderson / Kurt Weill)
Stardust: Columbia Records – PC 35305
Abbott TX
Willie Nelson: vocal, guitar
Bobbie Nelson: piano
Paul English: drums
Rex Ludwig: drums
Jody Payne: guitar
Bee Spears: bass
Chris Ethridge: bass
Mickey Raphael: harmonica
Booker T Jones: organ, piano
Produced by Booker T Jones 1978
Recorded by Bradley Hartman & Donivan Cowart in The Enactrobn Truck

When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame
One hasn't got time for the waiting game

b. April 29, 1933 (age 84)

The arrangements were impeccable. The performances transcendent. Stardust was on the Billboard's Country Album charts for ten years—from its release until 1988.

7.   Allen Hume: November Rain (A Hume)
Homemade Songs: Summit Sound - SS1045
Westport, ON
Dave Barton: guitars
Dan Ellsworth: bass
Dave Daw: rhythm guitar, shakers
Ken Harden: Fender Rhodes, piano
David Taylor: drums
Allen Hume: acoustic guitar, vocals
Produced by Allen Hume & Dave Daw - 1984
Recorded at Summit Sound Studios, Glen & Whalen St., Westport

November days are just long enough
To finish your work if you hang tough
But November nights are so long and cold
If you haven’t a lassie you can hold

Very diffult tracing down this guy. He was a Lightfootesque singer songwriter, complete with Lightoot’s nasal head music sound. But I’m sure that this was his only album.

8.   Grit Laskin: Middle of November (G Laskin)
Lila's Jig: Fogerty's Cove Music FCM 009
Toronto ON
Grit Laskin: mandolin, pipes, guitar
Ian Robb: concertina
Ann Lederman: fiddle, piano, viola
Produced by Grit Laskin - 1985
Recorded by Vezzi Tayyub at Kensington Sound, Toronto, April 1985

William Laskin b August 23, 1953 (age 64) Hamilton, Ontario

Canadian luthier: he currently has a guitar on display at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg as part of the Group Of Seven exhibit. Grit made a F.H. Varley themed guitar. Lila’s Jig was first released on Cassette in 1985 & on Vinyl 1987

9.   Gordon Lightfoot: Seven Islands Suite (G Lightfoot)
Sundown: Reprise Records MS 2177
Toronto ON
Gordon Lightfoot: vocal, 12 string guitar
John Stockfish: bass
Red Shea: lead acoustic guitar
Terry Clements: lead acoustic guitar
Gene Martynec: moog
Nick DeCaro: strings and horns
Produced by Lenny Waronker 1974
Recorded by Lee Herschberg at Eastern Sound, Toronto
Mastered at Warner Brothers Recording Studios, North Hollywood CA

Seven islands to the high side of the bay, 'cross the bay
To the sunset through the blue light of a fiery autumn haze

Sundown is Gordon Lightfoot's tenth original album. It reached #1 in the US on the pop chart, the only Lightfoot album to achieve this. It is considered to be the crown jewell of all Lightfoot albums.

10. Nina Simone: July Tree (I Jurist / E Merrian)
I Put A Spell On You: Philips Records SBL 7671
Tyrone NC
Nina Simone: vocal, piano
Produced by Hal Mooney
Released Jan 1965

True love seed in the autumn ground
When will it be found?

born Eunice Kathleen Waymon; February 21, 1933 – d April 21, 2003

11. Them: If You And I Could Be As Two (Van Morrison)
Them Featuring Here Comes The Night: Parrot Records (mono) PA 61005
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Van Morrison, vocals, tenor sax
Billy Harrison, lead guitar
Alan Henderson, bass
John McAuley, drums, piano, harmonica
Peter Bardens, organ
Produced by  Dick Rowe – 1965

Was on a Sunday
And the autumn leaves were on the ground
I kicked my heart
When I saw you standing there in your dress of blue

Alan Henderson and Billy Harrison, along with Ronnie Milling, formed a band called the Gamblers in 1962 in East Belfast. Over time, they added Eric Wrixton on piano and, finally, Van Morrison on sax, harmonica and vocals. Since Billy Fury, in England, was already backed by a group called the Gamblers, they were forced to change their name in order to have a chance of getting heard in the UK, and they became Them.  After recording Gloria and Here Comes The Night (plus a couple of albums), Them broke up in 1966 with Morrison going solo. Henderson put a new version of Them together and in the late 60’s recorded some more tunes. After that he started a construction company.

12. Waylon Jennings: This Is Getting Funny (But There Ain't Nobody Laughing) (M Smotherman)
Ol’ Waylon: RCA Victor CPLT 2317
Austin TX
Waylon Jennings: vocal, rhythm guitar
Richie Albright: drums
Ralph Mooney: steel
Sherman Hayes: bass
Gordon Payne: guitar
Rance Wasson: guitar
Clifford Robertson: keys
Carter Robertson: bg vocals
Reggie Young: lead guitar
John Christopher: guitar
Produced by Chips Momen 1977
Recorded by Neil Wilburn and Don Cobb at American Studio, Nashville

Now I'm going crazy. Really did, and I ain't lying.
Get's so lonesome here in L.A., my summer's turned to autumn.

Waylon Arnold Jennings b June 15, 1937 Littlefield, TX - d February 13, 2002 (aged 64) Chandler, Arizona

Last wife was singer/songwriter Jesse Colter. In 1977, Jennings was arrested by federal agents for conspiracy and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. A private courier warned the DEA about the package sent to Jennings by a New York colleague that contained 27 grams of cocaine. The DEA and the police searched Jennings's recording studio. They found no evidence, because while they were waiting for a search warrant, Jennings disposed of the cocaine. The charges were later dropped. He later died of complications from diabetes.

13. Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers: Autumn Waltz (Trad)
Makin For the Harbour, World Records WRC1-4525. 1985
Gander NL
Ray Johnson: accordion
Kevin Blackmore: mandolin
Wayne Chaulk: guitar
Produced by Buddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers - 1986
Recorded. & mixed by Paul Fogwell & Nick Fleming.
Recorded at J.S.R. Studio & Reflections Lounge, Gander.

Not to be confused with Tony Bennett’s 1956 hit song of the same name.
This fall they're doing a final tour of their best material in more than 30 shows at Arts and Culture Centres in Gander, Grand Falls-Windsor, Corner Brook, Stephenville and St. John's  — but after that wraps in November, the band's touring days are done.

According to Blackmore, the decision to end touring was made after the band realized that they just don't have the creative energy to come up with a full show of original material like they did in decades past.

"We're not getting any more creative," he told CBC's Central Morning Show. "Ray is 70, Wayne is 68, I'm 62. We've been at it 35 years. We just don't invent material anymore, not like we used to."

Hour Two

1.   Juliette: Ribbon of Darkness (Gordon Lightfoot)
Juliette: RCA Camden / CBC Radio Canada CAS 2223
Vancouver BC
Juliette: vocals
Lucio Agostini Orchestra
Produced by Bob Wagstaff and Jack Budgell 1968
Recorded by Roy Smith

Juliette Augustina Sysak Cavazzi
August 27, 1926 St. Vital, Manitoba d. 27 October 2017 Vancouver BC (age 91 years)

The daughter of Polish-Ukrainian immigrants who settled in rural Manitoba.
She moved with her family to Vancouver while still a child where she began her singing career in 1940. Her first public appearances as a singer were with the Dal Richards band at the Hotel Vancouver at age 13. She married musician Tony Cavazzi, who became her manager, and in 1954 the two moved to Toronto, where she co-starred with Gino Silvi on CBC Radio's “Gino and Juliette Show”. She was also a featured guest on CBC TV’s Holiday Ranch as a regular performer where she was first introduced as “our pet Juliette”. The nickname stuck!

1956-1966: Juliette (CBC Television series)

Was behind only Hockey Night in Canada and the national news in viewership. As the program followed Hockey Night in Canada, it was often shortened or extended depending on when the hockey game ended, adding an extra layer of spontaneity to the live show. She hosted the CBC TV talk shows After Noon (1969–71) and Juliette and Friends (1973–75). She began winding down her career in the 1980s, retiring to Vancouver.

Juliette made three LPs for RCA Camden: Juliette (1968), Juliette’s Christmas World (1968) and Juliette’s Country World (1969).

1975: appointed Member of the Order of Canada
1999: inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame

2.   Moe Koffman: Harvest Festival (Moe Koffman / Doug Riley)
The Four Seasons: GRT Records 9230-1022
Toronto ON
Moe Koffman: flute
Terry Clark: drums
Don Thompson: bass
Doug Riley: keys
Bobby Edwards: guitar
Albert Pratz: Violin Concert Master
Bill Richards, Maurice Solway, Isdore Desser, Victoria Prolly, Adel Armin: violins
Peter Schenkman, Dave Heatherington: cellos
Dick Smith: congas
Michael Crade: percussion
Produced by Doug Riley - 1972
Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios by Terry Bowne

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC (b. Toronto 28 December 1928 – 28 March 2001)

He recorded Swinging Shepherd Blues in 1957 which helped establish his reputation as a flautist and ranked him alongside Herbie Mann. The Swinging Shepherd Blues reached an incredible #23 on the Billboard pop chart.

Koffman received PRO Canada's Wm Harold Moon Award in 1981 and the Toronto Arts award for music in 1991. He was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1997), and named an Officer of the Order of Canada (1993). He was named Flutist of the Year by the Annual Jazz Report Awards for 1993 and 1994

Koffman died of cancer in Orangeville, Ontario at the age of 72.

3.   King Crimson: Lady of the Dancing Water (Robert Fripp / Peter Sinfield)
Lizard: Atlantic Recording Corp SD 8278
Winbourn - Bournemouth , Dorset UK
Robert Fripp: guitar, mellotron, synth, organ, devices
Pete Sinfield: lyrics
Mel Collins: sax, flute
Gordon Haskell: bass, vocals
Andy McCulloch: drums
Keith Tippett: keys
Robin Miller: oboe, cor anglais
Mark Charig: cornet
Nick Evans: trombone
Produced by Robert Fripp & Pete Sinfield 1970
Recorded at Wessex Sound Studios, London by Robin Thompson & Geoff Workman

Blown autumn leaves shed to the fire where you laid me
Burn slow to ash just as my days now seem to be.

Cover Art for the album Lizard was by Gini Barris and the image around the letter 'i' in 'Crimson', depicts the Beatles in the upper right hand panel; the song Happy Family is actually about them. The R panel portrays the Lady of the Dancing Water.

N: It’s “a fantasy super-group made up of the guitarist Jimi Hendrix, Ginger Baker and flautist (and Gini’s future husband) Dave Wade. Rupert the Bear flies over them in his plane.

4.   The Strawbs: Autumn (John Hawken / David Cousins)
Hero And Heroine: A & M Records SP 3607
David Cousins: guitars, vocals
Dave Lambert: guitars, vocals
John Hawken: keys
Charles Cronk: bass, synths
Rod Coombes: drums
Produced by David Cousins and Tom Allom 1974
Recorded by Tom Allon and Freddy Hansson at Rosenberg Studios, Copenhagen, Nov 1973

I sense autumn coming on
The mist has hung low all day
Small birds gather on the wing
Preparing to make their way.

"Autumn" is a three-part song. The last part, "Hold on to Me (The Winter Long)" was released as a single.

5.   Jane Siberry: The Waitress (J Siberry)
No Borders Here: Open Air Records OA-0302
Guelph ON
Jane Siberry: vocal, keys
John Switzer: bass
Ken Myhr: guitar
Al Cross: drums, LINN overdubs
Doug Wilde: keys
Produced by Jon Goldsmith, Kerry Crawford, Jane Siberry & John Switzer 1984
Recorded by John Naslen & Rick Starks, Ron Seales & Mark Baldi at  Manta Sound, Toronto

And the ashtrays are filling up
And I can't find my section
And the bottles are flying through the air
Like crazy autumn leaves

Jane Stewart,  12 October 1955 in Toronto

Raised in Etobicoke which is probably why she was friends with the Rheostatics. Met bass player John Switzer at university in Guelph & formed folk band Java Jive till 1979. No Borders Here was her first foray into avant gard folk pop. She has since released 18 albums.

6.   Moody Blues: The Dream (Graeme Edge)
On The Threshold of a Dream: Derem (London) Records
London UK
Justin Hayward – vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, twelve-string acoustic guitar, cello
John Lodge – vocals, bass, cello, double bass
Ray Thomas – vocals, harmonica, flute, tambourine, oboe, piccolo
Graeme Edge – drums, percussion, vocals, EMS VCS 3
Mike Pinder – vocals, mellotron, Hammond organ, piano, cello
Produced by Tony Clark 1969
Recorded 12–31 January 1969 at Decca Studios, West Hampstead, London, England

When the white eagle of the North is flying overhead
And the browns, reds and golds of autumn lye in the gutter dead

The album was mixed and released in both stereo and quadraphonic
The album provided The Moody Blues with their first British number 1 LP
This piece is barely a minute long, not really a song, more like a poem.

7.   Cat Stevens: The Laughing Apple (Cat Stephens)
New Masters: Derem DTS 18010
London UK
Cat Stevens: guitar, piano. Vocals
Chris Hunt: drums
Herbie Flowers: bass
Unknown others
Produced by Mike Hurst 1967
Recorded at Decca Studios, West Hampstead UK

Laugh, laugh a little apple
Autumn is waiting
You better be careful
And it'll bring you down
If it ever sees you wearing a frown
So laugh, laugh a little apple

Steven Demetre Georgiou aka Yusuf Islam
b London UK 21 July 1948 (age 69)

New Masters is the second studio album by singer-songwriter Cat Stevens. His first album, Matthew & Son, was a commercial success and a lot of work went into New Masters to capitalize further. But the album was a commercial failure, spawning no hits to speak of. The Cat went into decline, only to arise again to the peak of fame with 1970s Tea For The Tillerman. But something interesting happened later on as various artists covered a song from New Masters: "The First Cut Is the Deepest" was a hit for Rod Stewart, Sheryl Crow and Keith Hampshire. Hampshire's version reached no. 1 on the Canadian charts in 1973.

8.   Rush: Analog Kid (Rush)
Signals: Anthem Records ANR-1-1038
Toronto ON
Neil Peart: drums
Geddy Lee: bass, synth, vocals
Alex Lifeson: guitars
Produced by Rush & Terry Brown 1982
Recorded & Mixed at Le Studio, Quebec by Paul Northfirld & Robbie Whelan
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York City

You move me
You move me
With your buildings and your eyes
Autumn woods and winter skies
You move me

9.   The Eagles: Wasted Time (Don Henley / Glenn Frey)
Hotel California: Asylum Records 7E-1084
Los Angeles CA
Don Henley: lead vocals
Don Frey: piano
Don Felder: guitar
Joe Walsh: organ
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1976
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk, Allan Blazek, Ed Mashal & Bruce Hensal at Criteria Studios (Miami) and The Record Plant (Los Angeles)
Mixed by Bill Szymczyk at Criteria Studios, Miami
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York

The autumn leaves have got you thinking
About the first time that you fell
You didn't love the boy too much, no, no
You just loved the boy too well, farewell

10. Joe Walsh: Rockets (Joe Walsh)
45 Single: Asylum Records E 47144
Wichita KS
Joe Walsh: guitars, vocals
Joe Vitale: drums, ARP Synth
Kenny Passerelli: bass
Rocke Grace: piano
Produced by Joe Walsh – 1981

Autumn came and took the flowers, never to return - good-bye
Took away this love of ours; will we ever learn?

Joseph Fidler b November 20, 1947 (age 69) Wichita, KS

Inspired by the success of the Beatles, he replaced the bass player in the locally popular group the Nomads.
1965–1967: The Measles
1968–1971: James Gang
1971–1973: Barnstorm
1975–1980: Eagles
1981: Walsh and Joe Vitale (Barnstorm) backed John Entwistle's on his solo album Too Late the Hero
Currently playing in Ringo Starr’s big band.

11. David Wilcox: Fire In My Bones (David Wilcox / Sadia)
Breakfast At The Circus: Capitol Records of Canada CLT-48551
Toronto ON
David Wilcox: guitar, vocal
Steve Webster, David Rose: bass
Rob Yale: keys, programming
Trevor Morais: drums
David Rose: BG Vocal
Produced by Sadia 1987
Recorded by Lenny De Rose at Pihase One Recording Studios, Toronto Mixed
by Stepihen KW Taylor at The Farmyard Studio, Little Chalfont Bucks, UK
Mastered at The Townhouse, London UK
Jim Tiny Stevenson: Road Manager

There's a spark in your eyes
Call me lucky - I'm not wise
My heart is restless
Like autumn leaves

David Karl William Wilcox b July 13, 1949 (age 68) Montreal, QC

Started playing in the 1960s with the late CIUT programmer Rick Fielding, Tony Quarrington and Andy Hermant (who founded Manta Sound, Canada's  first digital multi-track recording studio, and Duke Street Records) in a bluegrass band called The Gangrine Boys. (Wilcox played the mandolin). When he was 22 he was hired to fill in for Amos Garrett in Ian & Sylvia’s band The Great Speckled Bird. In 1973 he decided to go solo and formed his first band, The Teddy Bears. He’s recorded numerous blues-rock albums for Capitol and Stony Plain.
12. Gary Lewis & Playboys: Save Your Heart For Me 1965 (Gary Geld / Peter Udell)
Golden Greats: Liberty Records LRP 3468
Los Angeles CA
Gary Lewis - vocals
Mike Deasy: guitar
Tommy Allsup: guitar
Leon Russell: keys
Joe Osborn: bass
Hal Blaine: drums
Produced by Snuff Garrett 1966
Recorded by Dave Hassinger, Bones Howe, Henry Lewy
Arranged by Leon Russell
Song released 1965

When the autumn winds begin to blow
And the summertime is long ago
You'll be in my arms again I know, so
Save your heart for me

Gary Harold Lee Levitch, July 31, 1946, Los Angeles

originally written for and recorded by singer Brian Hyland in 1963
Lewis claimed that partial reason for songs success was that it under 2 min

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