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July 2007: 5 - 12 - 19 - 26
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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

Eating Summer Pie
Along The Credit River

Program 376


THE FOGGY HOGTOWN BOYS: The Stomp of Approval (A Collins)
Pigtown Fling: FOGHOG003
John Showman - Andrew Collins - Chris Coole - Max Heineman - Chris Quin
Toronto ON
Produced by The Foggy Hogtown Boys - 2007
Mastered by Andrew Collins at Wellesley Sound, Toronto or

CLARA LUFT: No Friend of Mine (C Luft)
The Light Fantastic: Black Hen Music - BHM CD 964
Hugh McMillan - Richard Moody -= Bill Western - Ravi Singh - Ani Hepher - Donovan Giesbrecht - Neil Osborne
Winnipeg, MB
Produced by Neil Osborne - 2007
Mastered by Joao Carvalho, Toronto

JIM ARMSTRONG: Two Shooting Stars (J Armstrong)
Mudtown: The Sonic Deli REcords - DEL002
Rob Maurin - Debbie Shessel - Wes Miller
Toronto ON
Produced by Jim Armstrong & Andrea Poulis - 2007
Mastered by Jim Armstrong and Wes Miller

OLD RELIABLE: Standing On The Earth Tonight (S Jansen)
The Burning Truth: Saved By Radio - SBR1413
Mark Davis - Shuyler Jansen - Shawn Jonasson - Scott Langley - Tom Murray
Calgary, AB
Produced by Old Reliable & Scott Franchuk - 2005
Mastered by Jim Wilson at Yes Mastering, Austin TX

ARYA: What You Ask For (A Curtis - L Di Monte - R Merrigan - S Hillman)
Arya EP: no label or serial
Ashley Curtis - Lucas Di Monte - Ryan Merrigan - Sean Hillman
Toronto ON
Produced by Justin Gray - 2007
Mastered by Justin Gray or

MATT HUMPHREYS: This One (M Humphreys)
Everything Changed On The Way...: MHCD-100
Jamie Oakes - Dan Cutrona - Rich Moore - Mark Rogers
Toronto ON
Produced by Matt Humphreys, Mark Rogers & Paul Milner - 2007
Mastered by Paul Milner at Shell Lane, PEI or

THE UNDESIRABLES: Credit River (S Cotton / C Raymond)
Doghouse Dreams: UND002
Sean Cotton - Corin Raymond - Darcy Yates - Brad Hart
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter & the Undesirables - 2007
Mastered by James Paul at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto or

SILVERBIRCH: Churchville Park (G Scott)
North To Ontario 2007: No Label or Serial
George Scott - Graham Stone - Gene Gouthro - Jan Hanko - Tom McCreight
Renfrew, ON
Produced by Tom McCreight - 2007
Mastered by Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions Inc

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Bug Song (TH Connors)
Moon Man Newfie: EMI Canada - 7243 5 208021
Tom Connors - Bill Lewis - Gary Empey
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1971

AL WIDMEYER: I'll Take The Blame
Honky-Tonk Saturday Night: No label or serial
Gary Whitehead - Paul Chapman - Doug Dietrich - Kevin Westphal - Randy Morrison - Carl Goodman - Paul Chapman - Mike Eedy - Mike Eagles
Kitchener ON
Produced by Al Widmeyer - 2001
Mastered at Freight Yard Recording, Kitchener

KATE & HOLLIS: Freedom Road (K Morgan)
Sugar Babe: KH081 32005
Ottawa ON
Produced by Kate & Hollis Morgan - 2007
Mastered by David Cain at Sound Master Studio or

MARGARET & SIMON CHRISTL: Diamond Dark Cloak (M Christl)
House of Song: no label or serial
Ian Bell - James Gordon - Fiona Hartley-Kroeger - Val Morse
Owen Sound ON
Produced by James Gordon - 2007
Mastered by Karl Machat

LINDA McRAE: Living In The Past With You (L McRae - S Nikleva - M Walton)
Carve It To The Heart: Black Hen Music - BHM CD 952
Nova Devonie - Stephen Nikleva - Paul Pigat - Marc L'Esperance - Gary Fjellgaard
Vancouver BC
Produced by Marc L'Esperance and Linda McRae - 2007
Mastered by Marc L'Esperance at heavyosonic, Vancouver or

LYNN HANSON: Old Dog Run (L Hanson)
Things I Miss: PLH200601
Paul Boudreau - Pat Giunta - Ross Murray - Doug Cox
Ottawa ON
Produced by Lynn Hanson and Ross Murray - 2006
Mastered by Ross Murray at Happyrock Studios or

July12 & 19
(away on Vacation - played reruns)

Going back to Old New Brunswick
Across to PEI

Program 377


MARK HAINES & TOM LEIGHTON: Arriving in St. John's (E Benoit) / Smash The Window (Trad)
Foot To Floor: HL1292
Rick Bauer
Toronto, ON / Souris, PEI
Produced by Mark Haines & Tom Leighton - circa 1990
Mastered by Peter Moore at the E Room, Toronto or or

ENTOURLOUPE: Le bûcheron (Trad)
Epilogue: BFLMM02
Eric Favreau - Paul Marchand - Claude Méthé - Stéphane Landry - Jean-François Berthiaume
Ville de Québec, QC
Produced by André Marchand & Entourloupe - 2005
Mastered by André Marchand at Mark Busic

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Saint John Blues (TC Connors)
An Ode For The Road: EMI Canada - 7243 5 39961
Tom Connors - Tim Hadley - Darren Parise - JP Cormier - Tyler Burgess - Chris Whiteley
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 2002

IVAN HICKS & NED LANDRY: Messer Medley: Cock of the North (trad) / One Hundred Pipers (trad) Irishman's Heart to the Ladies (trad)
Generations: Maritime Express - ME1013
Aubrey Hanson - Vivian Hicks - Gary Morris - Reg Gallant
Riverview,NB / Saint John, NB
Produced by Ivan Hicks & Gary Morris - 2001
Mastered at Express Duplication, Utopia, NB or

STEVEDORE STEVE FOOTE: The Legend of the Falls (S Foote)
New Brunswick Spirit: Epcom - 1757
Paul DuJohn - Paul Nagle - Mike Boyer - Carl Elliott - Mike Elliott - Bill Elliott
Saint John, NB
Produced by Jim Stewart - 1997

JIM STEWART: Marco Polo (J Stewart)
The Marco Polo Suite: No label or Serial
John Murphy - Gordon Bok - John Frank - John Lawrence - Bill Preeper
Saint John, NB
Produced by Jim Stewart & Gary Chase - 1995

STEVEDORE STEVE: Lester The Lobster (S Foote)
Fiddlehead Country: CBC Television Program - unreleased
Ray Legere - Brian Arsenault - Lisa MacDougal - Daniel Maillet - Mike Porelle
Saint John NB
Produced by Rick LeGuerrier - 1997

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Confederation Bridge (T C Connors)
Move Along With Stompin' Tom: EMI Canada - 72435 229372
Tom Connors - Mark LaForme - Larry Murphy - Danny Lockwood - Steve Petrie - Darren Schott - Dave Murphy
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1999

MARK HAINES & TOM LEIGHTON: Gumboot Clogeroo (TC Connors)
Hand to Hand: Borealis Records - BCD 136
Mitch Lewis - Steve Fruitman - Conrad Kipping
Souis, PEI / Toronto, ON
Produced by Tom Leighton - 2002
Mastered by Ted Carson, Bill Garrett & Tom Leighton at MusicLane, Toronto or or

BILLY MacINNIS: Lamplighter's Hornpipe (trad) / The Concert Reel (J Durocher)
Fiddle Fingers: Ind - WRC8-7913
Darin Parise - Tim Hadley - Charley Roussy
Charlottetown, PEI
Produced by Doug McKendrick - 2006 or

Hand to Hand: Borealis Records - BCD 136
Mitch Lewis
Souis, PEI / Toronto, ON
Produced by Tom Leighton - 2002
Mastered by Ted Carson, Bill Garrett & Tom Leighton at MusicLane, Toronto or or

J.J. CHAISSON: Tribute to Grampie Johnny Joe's set: Regina Stubbert Jig (B Stubbert) / Traditional Jig in D (trad) / St. Anne's Reel (trad)
In the "Genes": Ind - WRC8-7080 - JJCD01CA
Kevin Chaisson - JP Cormier
Bear River PEI
Produced by Peter, Kevin and Donna Chaisson - 1997

STOMPIN TOM CONNORS: My Home Cradled out In The Waves (T Connors)
Believe In Your Country: EMI Canada - 724349 55962
Tom Connors - Graham Townsend - Walter Ostanek - Duncan Fremlin - Lloyd Bank - Gray Townsend
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 2001

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