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June 2007: 7 - 14 - 21 - 28
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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

The W's, Y's & Z's

Program 372

ANGUS WALKER AND THE BIRCH MOUNTAIN BOYS: When The Bees Are In The Hive (author not listed)
Blue Grass Songs: Banff RBS. 1090
Vic Mullen - Harry Cromwell - Brent Williams
Toronto ON
Producer not listed - 1961

You've Got Sawdust on the Floor of your Heart: Sneezy Waters Records - no serial
Sneezy Waters - Dennis Delorme - Zeke Mazurek - Norm Clarke - Ted Gerow - Peter Chapin - Doug Orr - Richard Patterson
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Sneezy Waters & Ted Gerow - 1978

BRENT WILLIAMS: The Lumberjack (H Willis)
On The Go: Paragon - ALS 256
Al Brisco - Ollie Strong - Johnny Green
Hassett NS
Produced by Jack Boswell and Bill Bessey - 1970

BRIAN WAY: Test of Time (B Way)
Where Do You Go: Quality Records - SV 1927
John Capek - Dennis Pendrith - Barry Keane - Brian Russell - Bob Lucier - Tim Allan - Ann Capek -9 Bev D'Angelo - Cathy Young
Toronto ON
Produced by John Capek - 1976

YAEL WAND: Restlessness (Y Wand)
At Your Door: Reduction Road Music - RRM008
Sean Cronin - Aaron Joyce - Adrian Lock - Jesse Zubot
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Yael Wand, Sam Ryan and Adrian Lock - 2006
Mastered by Sam Ryan at SOS Music, Vancouver or

DIAMOND JOE WHITE: Passin' Thru (J White)
Honestly: Malahat Mountain Music - 1997
Penny White - Doug Cox - Mike Vaira - Kim Kramer - Eric Leuke
Produced by Doug Cox - 1997
Mastered by Mark Franklin at Mediamagic or

BOBBY WATT: Black Douglas (D McArthur)
Homeland: Snow Goose Songs - SGS 1118
Jeff Wiseman - Garnet Rogers - Millar Hodgart - Oliver Schroer - Ian Goodfellow - Corey Thompson - Brian Dickson - Justine Maw - Doug McArthur
Ottawa, ON
Produced by Garnet Rogers - 1991
Mastered by Greg Roberts at McClear Place, Toronto or

MINNIE WHITE: Rock The Baby (Trad)
The Hills Of Home: Singsong Records SS-9478
Fergus O'Byrne - Dave Panting - Jim Payne
St. Alban's, Baie d'Espoir, NL
Produced by Jim Payne - 1994 or

TED WESLEY: The First Barge (B Ruzicka)
Straight North: Damon Records - DA-1004
Yellowknife, NT
Produced by Garry McDonall - 1972

Live at the Sugar Camp
Produced by Steve Fruitman - 2004 or

JESSIE WINCHESTER: Sweet Loving Daddy (J Winchester)
Gentleman of Leisure: Sugar Hill / Attic Records - ADC-1539
Jerry Douglas - Mike Henderson - Bryan Sutton - Byron House - John Gardner
Montreal, QC
Produced by Jerry Douglas - 1999
Mastered by Randy Leroy at Final Stage, Nashville TN

DAVID WILCOX: Already Got What You Need (D Wilcox)
Rhythm Of Love: Stony Plain Records - SPCD 1271
Jorn Andersen - David Rose
Toronto, ON
Produced by Colin Linden - 2000

REG WATKINS: From A Manitoulin Mission (R Watkins)
Reg Watkins is Cam Canuck: Snocan Records - SCN 505
Heads Harbour, NL
Produced by Ralph Carlson and Ron Sparling - circa 1975

Buffalo Springfield: Atco 22-220
Dewey Martin - Steve Stills - Richie Furay - Bruce Palmer
Produced by Charles Green & Brian Stone - 1966

NOAH ZACHARIN: Angel Band (N Zacharin)
Crow Dark Wind: Soffwin Music - SW601
Geoff Bennett
Toronto, ON
Produced by Noah Zacharin - 2002
Mastered by Joao Carvalho, Umbrella Sound, Toronto or

Brock Zeman & The Dirty Hands: no label or serial no.
Keith Glass - Peter newsom - Peter Bigras - Kevin Sullivan - Dennis Delorme
Carlton Place, ON
Produced by Keith Glass - 2005
Mastered by Jon Van Wingerden or

That finishes our Canadian Alphabet odyssey

The Robot Ate The Pie

Program 373

JOEY WRIGHT: Robot Two-Step (J Wright)
Jalopy: but taken from Black Hen Music 2997 Sampler: Black Hen Music
Elphin ON

PETER WILDMAN: There's The Way (P Wildman)
Wild Man Lives In Suburbs: Ind - PWCD-2006
Rik Emmett
Produced by Peter Wildman - 2006

OLIVER SCHROER: The Light Of Day (O Schroer)
Camino: Big Dog Music - BD0601
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Oliver Schroer - 2006
Mastered by David Travers-Smith or

CORI BREWSTER: Ghandi / Buddha (C Wheeler)
Large Bird Leaving: BRE Records - BR1004
Murray Pulver - Daniel Roy - Mike Lent - Norm Dugas - Richard Moody - Sarah Dugas
Canmore, AB
Produced by Murray Pulver and Cori Brewster - 2007
Mastered by David Travers-Smith or

KEN WHITELEY, JACKIE WASHINGTON, MOSE SCARLETT: A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet (G Kahn / H Woods)
Where Old Friends Meet: Pyramid Records - PD 006
Toronto/Hamilton, ON
Produced by Ken Whiteley - 1991
(Note: This has been re-released on Borealis Records)

MICHAEL LADEROUTE: South Train (M Laderout)
A River I Know: no label or serial
David Baxter - Bazil Donovan - Lisa marie MacIsaac - Burke Caroll - Krista Ellis - Gregg Hobbs
Toronto, ON
Produced by David Baxter - 2004 or

BILL BOURNE: Summer At The Circus (B Bourne)
Sally's Dream: Ragged Pup Records - RPR0008
Edmonton, AB
Produced by Rick Fenton - 1998
Mastered by Peter E Moore or

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Hockey Song (TC Connors)
Stompin' Tom & The Hockey Song: EMI Canada - 7243 495590
Tom Connors - Gary Empey - Bill Lewis - Glen Reid - John Spence - Fred McKenna
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Fred McKenna - 1972

DOBET GNAHORÉ: Dala (D Gnahoré)
Na Afriki: Cumbancha Records - CMB-CD-4
Colin Laroche - Nabil Menrezi - Laurent Rigaud - Jean-Oliver Rejeloarijoana - Boni Gnahoré - Monique & Lala
Ivory Coast
Produced by Dobet Gnahoré and Fabien Pochet - 2007
Mastered by Fabien Pochet or

LAYAH JANE: April Fools (LJ Singer-Wilson)
Grievance and Gratitude: Grace Notes Records - LJ001
Oliver Johnson - Diana Morgan - Marc Rogers - Dave Gouvela
Toronto, ON
Produced by Oliver Johnson - 2004
Mastered by SEOK at Bump Music or

DAVID CELIA: Growin Owen (D Celia)
Organica: Taxi Stand - 8294 76283 04
Adam Warner
Toronto, ON
Produced by David Celia - 2002
Mastered by Rich Dubeau at Taxi Stand or

JON BROOKS: The Latest Great Embarrassment (J Brooks)
Ours And The Shepherds: Exile Music - 01072002
Toronto, ON
Produced by Pat Simmonds & Jon Brooks - 2007
Mastered by Pat Simmonds and James Paul at The Rogue Studios, Toronto or

JOHN WORT HANNAM: Digger's Lament (JW Hannam)
Two-Bit Suit: Black Hen Music - BHM-CD-957
Steve Dawson - Keith Lowe - Geoff Hicks - Chris Gestrin - Tyler Bird - John Reischman
Fort Macleod AB
Produced by Steve Dawson - 2007
Mastered by David Travers-Smith at Found Sound, Toronto or

The Undesirables
Guests: Corin Raymond & Sean Cotton

Program 374

ERYNN MARSHALL:  Davy Come Back and Act Like You Oughta (Trad)
Calico: Merriweather Records - M04EM (Pre-Release CDR)
Arnie Naiman - Chris Coole
Toronto, ON
Producer Not Listed - 2005
Mastering not listed or

THE UNDESIRABLES: The Credit River (C Raymond / S Cotton)
Doghouse Dreams: Pre-Release
Sean Cotton - Corin Raymond
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter & The Undesirables - 2007
Mastered by James Paul or

THE UNDESIRABLES: This Town (C Raymond / S Cotton)
Doghouse Dreams: Pre-Release
Sean Cotton - Corin Raymond
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter & The Undesirables - 2007
Mastered by James Paul or

BLACKIE & THE RODEO KINGS: Down By The Henry Moore (M McLaughlan)
Let's Frolic Again: True North Records - TND 455
Richard Bell - Tom Wilson - Stephen Fearing  - Colin Linden - John Wynott
Toronto, Hamilton, Guelph, ON
Produced by Colin Linden - 2007
Mastered by John Wynott with Chris Laidlaw and Chris Face

THE UNDESIRABLES: The Dog You Forgot To Let In (C Raymond / S Cotton)
Live at the Sugar Camp

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: The Ketchup Song (TC Connors)
Bud The Spud: EMI Canada - 7243 495591 2 7
Tom Connors - Gerry Hall - Ronald McDonald -  Mickey Andrews
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Tom Connors - 1969

KATE WEEKES: West of Winnipeg (K Weeks)
Kate Weekes: Artiste Extraordinaire Originals - AEO-1002
Dave Haddock - Annie Avery - BJ MacLean - Bob Hamilton - Sarah Hamilton
Whitehorse, YT
Produced by Bob Hamilton - 2007
Mastered by Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording, Whitehorse or

Rodney DeCroo & The Killers: Maximum Records - MAX 15632
Jon Wood - Linda McRae - Marc L'esperance
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Marc L'Esperance - 2004 or

THE UNDESIRABLES: Names Have Been Changed To Protect the Lonely (C Raymond / S Cotton)
Doghouse Dreams: Pre-Release
Sean Cotton - Corin Raymond
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter & The Undesirables - 2007
Mastered by James Paul or

THE UNDESIRABLES: Rainbed (C Raymond / S Cotton)
Live at the Sugar Camp

TANNIS SLIMMON & THE HOOFBEATS: What I'm Gonna Do (T Slimmon / L Melville)
North To Ontario 2007 Compilation: No serial or Label
Ian Pattison - Chris Terhune - Steve Potter - Lewis Melville - Murray Ritchie - Brad Forwell
Guelph ON
Produced by Gene Gouthro - 2007
Mastered by Bill Wolf at Wolf Productions Inc or or

THE UNDESIRABLES: Bus Stop Walk (C Raymond / S Cotton)
Doghouse Dreams: Pre-Release
Sean Cotton - Corin Raymond
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter & The Undesirables - 2007
Mastered by James Paul or

Note: The Undesireables CD will be released on the 23rd at Hugh's Room, Toronto


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