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Back To The Sugar Camp
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October 2007: 4 - 11 - 18 - 25
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WARD ALLEN: Back To The Sugar Camp (W. Allen)
Ward Allen Presents Maple Leaf Hoedown Vol. 3: Sparton Records SP 213
circa 1961

Hockey In Overdrive
Guest: Romi Mayes

Program 387

THE CRUZEROS: Scandalosa (B Mathers)
Scandalosa: Cruzaroo Music Corp - CRZCD003
Billy Mathers - Curtis Tulman - Jim Ryan - Greg Morrow
Vancouver, BC
Produced by Joe Hardy and the Cruzeros - 2005
Mastered by Eddie Schreyer at Oasis Mastering, Los Angeles or

NATIONAL DUST: Whyte Avenue Pinwheel (L Matheson)
Welcome To Utopia: Western Famine Recordings - wf1531
Gord Adam - Charlie Veilleux - Buck Buchwald - Owen Merrifield - Dylan Wagner
Calgary AB
Produced by National Dust and Dave Alcock - 2000
Mastered by Dave Horrocks at Infinite Wave, Calgary or

THE D RANGERS: Trois-Rivières (D Rangers)
The Paw-Paw Patch: Dollartone Records - DT 0015
Arron Goss - Jaxon Haldane - Tom Fodey - Chris Saywell - Don Zueff
Winnipeg, MB
Produced by Tom Fodey, Jaxon Haldane and Len Milne - 2006
Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs, Winnipeg or

HONEST FRANKIE: Maple Leaf Fans Forever (F Skrzeszewski)
Single - no label or serial
St Catherines ON
Produced by Francis Skrzeszewski - 2007

JUGHEAD: Hockey Song (M Smith - T Good - M Phillips - Jones)
Uncorked!: On Tap Records - SUDS 002
Michael Phillips - Michael Smith - John Mets - Dan Ouellette - Andrew Queen - Doug Queen - Christopher Quinn - Nik Tjelios - Brian Morgan - Michael Jursic - Travis Good - Julie Toboggan
Toronto, ON
Produced by M Lopez Phillips & Nik Tjelios - 1993
Mastered by Peter E Moore at the E Room, Toronto or

PINK FLOYD: Interstellar Overdrive (Take Six) (S Barrett / R Waters / R Wright / N Mason)
Piper At The Gates of Dawn: EMI - 50999-503919-2-9
(40th Anniversary CD Set)
Syd Barrett - Roger Waters - Rick Wright - Nick Mason
Produced by Norman Smith - 1967
Mastered by James Guthrie and Joel Plante at Das Boot Recording, 2007

REID JAMIESON: It Is So Strange (Young)
The Presley Sessions: Banbury Park Records - BPR1004
Toronto ON
Produced by Reid Jamieson - 2007
Mastered by John Gilbert or

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN TOM CONNORS: Alberta Rose (T Connors)
Believe In Your Country: EMI Canada - 724349 55962
Tom Connors - Graham Townsend - Walter Ostanek - Duncan Fremlin - Lloyd Bank - Gray Townsend
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 2001

ROMI MAYES: Eight More Days (R Mayes)
Sweet Somethin' Steady: No Label or Serial No.
Chris Carmichael - Scott Nolan - Gurf Morlix - Don Walsh
Winnipeg, MB
Produced by Gurf Morlix - 2006
Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs, Winnipeg or

Telephone Interview with Romi Mayes (from Northern Alberta)

ROMI MAYES: Sweet Somethin' Steady (R Mayes)
Sweet Somethin' Steady: No Label or Serial No.
Chris Carmichael - Scott Nolan - Gurf Morlix - Jaxson Haldane - Don Walsh
Winnipeg, MB
Produced by Gurf Morlix - 2006
Mastered by Scott Pinder at Polyphonic Mastering Labs, Winnipeg or

THE UNDESIRABLES: Dancing on the Fault Line (C Raymond / S Cotton)
Doghouse Dreams: UND-002
Sean Cotton - Corin Raymond w/ Darcy Yates - Brad Hart  Tresa Lavasseur - Catherine McLellan - Tonya Davis
Toronto ON
Produced by David Baxter & The Undesirables - 2007
Mastered by James Paul or

THE LITHUANIAN EMPIRE: Ol' Daddy Sizzlegut (Trad)
The Lithuanian Empire: Ind - no serial no
Becky Wexler - Kinneret Sagee - Eva Broodman - Ryan Purchase - Andy John - Randal Pierce - Fern Lindzom - Lorrie Wolf
Canada / USA
Produced by Paul Johnson & Robert Langlois, Montreal 2006
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto or

THE McDADES: Pull The Anchor (A Notkin)
Bloom: Free Radio Records - FRCD 005
Shannon Johnson - Solon McDade - Jeremiah McDade - François Taillefer w/ Yann Falquet
Edmonton, AB
Produced by The McDades - 2006 or

In Love With The System

Program 388

KING BISCUIT BOY: Ain't Gonna Do It (D Bartholomew)
30 Years Stony Plain: Stony Plain - no serial no.
Stan Szelest - Jack de Keyzer - Richard Newell
Hamilton ON
Compilation Produced by Holger Petersen - 2006
Mastered by Chris Sturwold

THE CAJUN RAMBLERS: Lacassine Special (I Lejeune) / Northland Two Step (P Jellard)
Couteau Jaune: Moose Records - 004
Peter Jellard - Rob Jones - Steve Fruitman - Tim Hadley - Victoria Wilcox
Toronto ON
Produced by John Switzer - 1990
Re-Mastered by Steve Fruitman

EUGENE RIPPER: Waiting For This Moment (E Ripper / R Bruno)
Fast Folk Underground 2.0: RIP102
Rich Priske - Rod Bruno - Shawn Brodie - Wendy McNeill - Mishel Barabas - Rapheal Geronimo
Toronto ON
Produced by Eugene Ripper and Brodie Smith - 2007
Mastered by Joao Carvalho, Toronto or

THE SADIES: Never Again
New Seasons: Outside Music Pre-release
Sean Dean - Dallas Good - Travis Good - Mike Belitsky
Toronto ON or

JOHN MILLARD: Sunset (trad)
A People's Fame: Happy Day Records - HDR-403
Tania Gill - Jay Burr - Dragoslav Tanascovic - Mark Duggan - Monica Federigo - Julia Hambleton - Pamela Bettger
Toronto, ON
Produced by John Millard - 2005
Mastered by Chad Irschuk and Mike Haas

JANI LAUZON: Black Crow Woman (J Lauzon)
Mixed Blessings - Hand Drum and Flute Songs: Ra Records - RR 0117
George Koller - Evelyne Datl - Roman Borys - Alejandra Nunez
Toronto ON
Produced by Ken Whiteley - 2006
Mastered by Ted Carson or

SISTERS EUCLID: Helpless (N Young)
Run Neil Run: Northern Blues Music - NBM0034
Kevin Breit - Rob Gusevs - Ian De Souza - Gary Taylor
Toronto, ON
Produced by Sisters Euclid - 2006
Mastered by Rolf Kirshbaum or

TOM WILSON: I'm In Love With The System (T Wilson)
Dog Years: True North Records - THD-402
Richard Bell - Bryan Owings - Colin Linden  - Tom Hambridge - Gary Tallent
Hamilton, ON
Produced by Colin Linden - 2006
Mastered by Creg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC or

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN TOM CONNORS: The Singer (TC Connors)
At The Gumboot Clogeroo: Boot Records - BOS 7180
Tom Connors - David Zdriluk
Balinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1977

ALISTAIR CHRISTL: Never Got Her Number (A Christl)
Unmarked Grave: no label or serial no.
Rachel Melas - Conny Nowe - Chuck Erlichman - Stew Crookes - Peter Jellard
Toronto ON
Produced by Stew Crookes - 2007
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto or

KIM BEGGS: Close By (B Munroe / R Van Winkle)
Wanderer's Paean: Caribou Records - CRCD024
Anne Louise Genest - John Showman - Bob Hamilton
Whitehorse, YT
Produced by Bob Hamilton - 2006
Mastered by Bob Hamilton at Old Crow Recording, Whitehorse or

TRANS AKADI: Si j'étais Rapitaine (H Cormier)
Trans Akadi: no label or serial no
Hubert Cormier - Serge Basque - Jocelyne Godin - François Losier - Frédéric Lanteigne
la péninsule Acadienne, NB
Produced by Serge Basque et Frédéric Lanteigne - 2007
Mastered by Pierre Rémillard at Studio Wild or mailto:transakadi@videotron

RACHELLE VAN ZANTEN: Yah Yahs (R Van Zanten)
Back to François: RVZ Music - RVZCD001
Joby Baker - Rick May
Edmonton, AB
Produced by Joby Baker - 2006
Mastered by or

GREG HOBBS: Crowded Room (G Hobbs)
Thunder and Dust: Puddlethief Music - PT005
Christine Bougie - Darcy Yates - Treasa Lavasseur - James Paul
Toronto ON
Produced by John Switzer - 2007
Mastered by James Paul at The Lacquer Channel or

TONY TURNER: Colours of the Fall (T Turner)
The Lost Sketches: Bon Espirit Music - BEM 5402
Fred Gulgnion - Duncan Gillis - Rob Graves - Philip Shaw Bova - Don Cummings - Brian Sanderson - Alyssa Wright
Ottawa ON
Produced by James Stephens - 2007
Mastered by David Cain at SoundMaster Studios, Ottawa or

Another Diamond Day

Program 389

PIERRE SCHRYER BAND: La Chase: Clog Parizeau (trad) / La Chasse (trad) / Violon accordé comme une viole (trad)
Blue Drag: New Canadian Music - NCCD - 0006-9
Pierre Schryer - Martine Billette - Joseph Phillips - Duncan Cameron - Merrie Klazek
Sault Ste. Marie, NO
Produced by Pierre Schryer - 2003
Mastered at Shark Fin Mastering by David Cain, Ottawa or

THE WHEAT POOL: Whyte Avenue (M Angus)
Township: Shameless Records
Robb Angus - Mike Angus - Stephane Degenais - Glen Erickson
Edmonton AB
Produced by James Murdoch and Chris Wynters - 2007
Mastered by Jaoa Carvalho, Toronto

BARBARA CHAMBERLAIN: Shaedow of the Moon (B Chamberlain / Williamson)
Sanctuary: Caribou Records CRCD 011
Bob Hamilton - Kevin Barr - Bodrah Aliya - Amanda Leslie
Whitehorse, YT
Produced by Bob Hamilton & Barbara Chamberlain - 2000
Mastered at AirShow Mastering

BILL HOUSTON: Showdown on the Moon (B Houston)
Bring Back The Music: Lone Wolf - LW1407
Tom Leighton - Dennis Pendrith - Paul Mills
Thunder Bay, ON
Produced by Paul Mills - 2006
Mastered by Paul Mills at the Millstream, Toronto or

VASHTI BUNYAN: Diamond Day (V Bunyan)
Just Another Diamond Day: Spinney B00004U8RZ
Christopher Sykes - John James - Robin Williamson - Dave Swarbrick - Simon Nicol - Mikie Crowther - Robert Kirby
Produced by Joe Boyd - 1970
Remastered by Piers

MURRAY McLAUCHLAN: Hard Rock Town (M McLauchlan)
Songs from the Street: True North Records - TND 500
Dennis Pendrith - Jorn Andersen - Ben Mink - Gene Martynec
Toronto ON
Produced by Murray McLauchlan and Bernie Finkelstein - 1977
Compilation Produced by Graham Stairs and Bernie Finkelstein - 2007

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM: Renfrew Valley (M Osborne / D Sanford)
Muk Tuk Annie: EMI Canada - 7243 20823
Tom Connors - Bill Lewis - Gary Empey
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors - 1974

Lynn Russwurm's Canadian Country: BACM - CD D 199
Montreal QC
Compilation Producer: Lynn Russwurm - 2007
Mastered by Keith Sullivan or

VIPER CENTRAL: Devil in the Hour Glass (M Vaughan)
Whiskey Hollow Bound: WHB19432
Lorraine Cobb - Steve Charles - Mark Vaughan - Kathleen Nisbet - Tyler Rudolph - Tim Tweedale
Vancouver BC
Produced by Steve Charles - 2007
Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver or

GENTICORUM: Methé - MetÍs: Reel de Six Nations (trad) / Reel de Gentils Hommes (C Methé)
Malins Plaisirs: Roues et Archets - RA-006
Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand - Yann Falquet - Pascal Gemme
Produced by Productionis du Moulin - 2005
Mastered by Carl Talbot at Sonodesign, Montréal or

LA GALVAUDE: J'ai Vu Le Loup (trad)
Le rapide du joual blanc: GLV-2-202
Henri Mondor - Bobby Bordeleau - Éric Beaudry - Gilles Neault - Stéphanie Lépine - Patrick Graham
Joliette QC
Produced by La Galvaude - 1995 or

JORY NASH: Northern Blues (J Nash)
Lo-Fi Northern Blues: Thin Man Records TMRCD003
Jason Fowler - David Woodhead - Ari Posner - Marty Stelnick - Evan Ritchie - Maury Lafoy - Tory Cassis
Toronto, ON
Produced by Jory Nash - 2002
Mastered by Fedge or

ART NAPLEON: Woodland Rock Chant (A Napoleon)
Miyoskamin: Pacific Music - PM21195
Zak Cohen - Sandy Scofield - Marty Jones - Carsen Oglend - Calvin Cairns - Ken Hamm - Tobin Frank - Kathy Stacey - Naomi Owens
Produced by Zak Cohen & Art Napoleon - 2006
Mastered by Euphonic Masters, Memphis TN or

IAN TAMBLYN: Northlands of Ontario (D Altic)
Superior: Spirit and Light - The Four Coast Project: Volume 1: North Track Records - NT-27
Fred Guignion - Ken Kanwisher - James Stephens - Chris MacLean - Jennifer Noxon
Chelsea QC
Produced by Ian Tamblyn w/ James Stephens - 2007
Mastered by David Cain, Soundmaster, Ottawa or

Eric's Old Time Records
Guest: Eric Wilson

Program 390

STEW CLAYTON: The Farmer's Blues (S Clayton)
The Farmer - 16 Songs of the Earth: Sunshine Records - 4062
Bob Marginet - Shirley Cabernel - Marge Clayton
Portage-La-Prairie, MB
Producer not listed - circa 1975

HANK SNOW: The New Blue Velvet Band (H Snow)
The Singing Ranger: Bear Family Records - BCD 15476-3
Nashville, USA
Produced by Steve Sholes and Chet Atkins
Re-Issue Produced by Richard Weize - 1990
Mastered by Jörg Siemer

Beyond The Sunset: Apex Records - AL 1614
Ray Calder
Producer not listed - circa 1959

RICK FIELDING: Song For Charlie (R Fielding)
Solo: Top Cat Records - RF 1001
Toronto, ON
Produced by Rick Fielding w/ Robert Leth - 1976

JEANNE PRUETT w/ MARTY ROBBINS: Walking Piece of Heaven (M Robbins)
Greatest Hits: Varese Vintage - VSD-5967
Produced by Cary E Mansfield and Jeanne Pruett - 1998
Mastered by Dan Hersch at DigiPrep, Hollywood CA

IAN & SYLVIA: Four Strong Winds (I Tyson)
Ian & Sylvia - Greatest Hits: Vanguard VCD-5/6
Ian Tyson - Sylvia Tyson - John Herald - James Lewis - Al Rogers
Alberta / Toronto
Produced by Maynard Dolomon & Jack Lothrop - 1963

KENT BROCKWELL: Where The Wabi River Flows (D Dawson)
Let me Come Into Your World: Cynda Records - CNS-1038
Peterborough, ON
Produced by Bill Lewis - 1974

It's Stompin' Tom Time:

STOMPIN' TOM CONNORS: Algoma Central #69 (TC Connors)
The Northland's Own: Rebel Records - CLPS 1067
Tom Connors, foot & guitar
Ballinifad, ON
Produced by John C Irvine - 1967

JIM MARTIN: Shores of PEI (R MacCaull)
Bringing Back The Memories: No Label or Serial
Roy MacCaull
Toronto ON
Produced by Roy MacCaull - Circa 2000

Songs I Love to Sing: RCA  KXL-1-0219
Port Hilford NS
Producer not listed - 1977

WILF CARTER: I'll Get Mine Bye and Bye
Montana Slim No 4: Bear Family Records - BCD 15393 HI
Nashville, USA
Produced by Steve Sholes and Chet Atkins
Re-Issue Produced by Richard Weize - 1997
Mastered by Jörg Siemer

Together Again: RCA Victor - serial unknown
Nashville TN

THE CARTER FAMILY: Hello Stranger (AP Carter)
Thke Best of The Carter Family: MCA / Decca - B000454402
A.P. Carter - Maybelle Carter - Sara Carter
Produced by Andy McKaie - 2005
Mastered by Doug Schwartz at Mulholland Music, Hollywood

RUSS GURR: Hogs Are Beautiful (R Gurr)
Hogs Are Beautiful: London - NAS 13532
Brandon, MB
Produced by David Shaw - 1976

GORDON LIGHTFOOT: Did She Mention My Name (G Lightfoot)
Did She Mention My Name: United Artists
Herb Lovelle - Hugh McCracken - Red Shea - John Simon - John Stockfish
Toronto, ON
Produced by ?? - 1968

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