33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
November 27, 2017

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High On Life (after 4 yrs)
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Hour One

1.   The Rockets: Desire (D Robbins / J Badanjek) 1980
2.   Rush: The Enemy Within (Lee / Peart / Lifeson) 1984 *
3.   Bram Tchaikovsky: Hollywood Nightmare (D Forbes / B Tchaikovsky) 1980
4.   The Tubes: Out Of The Business (The Tubes) 1983
5.   54.40: A Big Idea (N Osbourne / 54.40) 1987 *
6.   Chalk Circle: NIMBY (Chalk Circle) 1987 *
7.   The Go-Gos: This Town (C Caffey / J Wiedlin) 1981
8.   Moe Koffman: Mo-Mentum (Moe Koffman) 1987 *
9.   Squeeze: Hits Of The Year (Glenn Tilbrook / Chris Difford) 1985
10. Pursuit of Happiness: Hard To Laugh (Moe Berg) 1988 *
11. The Payolas: Christmas Is Coming (Paul Hyde / Bob Rock) 1983 *
12. The Pucker & Valve Society Band: The Attorney General (Ben McPeek) 1977 *

Hour Two

1.   Sugarloaf: Rusty Cloud (Robert Yeazel) 1971
2.   The Shakers: Mustang Ford (Chuck Berry) 1981 *
3.   Tommy James & The Shondells: Crystal Blue Persuasion (T James / M Vale / E Gray) 1968
4.   Jefferson Airplane: Plastic Fantastic Lover (Marty Balin) 1967
5.   Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich: The Legend of Xanadu (Howard Blaikley) 1968
6.   Sultans of String: Road To Kfarmishki (Chris McKhool / Kevin Laliberté) 2017 *
7.   Sultans of String: Himalayan Sleigh Ride (Chris McKhool / Kevin Laliberté) 2017 *
8.   Bobby Edwards: High On Life (Bobby Edwards) 1987 *
9.   Steppenwolf: The Pusher (Hoyt Axton) 1968
10. The Who: Whiskey Man (John Entwistle) 1966

CanCon = 48%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The Rockets: Desire (D Robbins / J Badanjek)
No Ballads: RSO Records RS-1-3071
Detroit MI
Dave Gilbert: vocals
Jim McCarty: guitar
Dennis Robbins: guitar
Dan Keylon: bass
Donnie Backus: keys
John Badanjek: drums
Produced by Johnny Sandlin 1980
Recorded at The Record Plant, Sausalito CA by Tom Flye and Rick Sanchez
Mastered by Stan Ricker at Mobile Fidelity Sound

The Rockets were formed in 1972 by former Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels members Johnny "Bee" Badanjek and Jim McCarty (not the former Yardbird). They were active between 1972–1983. The Rockets made five studio albums that produced several minor hits, including a rocking rendition of Fleetwood Mac's "Oh Well".

2.   Rush: The Enemy Within (Lee / Peart / Lifeson)
Grace Under Preasure: Anthem Records ANR-1-1045
Geddy Lee: bass, keys, vocals
Alex Lifeson: guitar
Neil Peart: drums, percussion
Produced by Rush and Peter Henderson 1984
Recorded by Peter Henderson at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC

Neil Peart claimed “The Enemy Within is part one of a trilogy (but last to be issued). "Witch Hunt" was the first one, dealt with that mentality of mob rule, and what happens to a bunch of people when they come together and they're afraid, and they go out and do something really stupid and really horrible. The second one was "The Weapon," and it was dealing with how people use your fears against you, as a weapon. "The Enemy Within" was more about how it affects me.”

3.   Bram Tchaikovsky: Hollywood Nightmare (D Forbes / B Tchaikovsky)
Pressure: Polydor Records PD-1-6273
Lincolnshire UK
Mickey Broadbent: vocal, guitar, bass, keys
Dennis Forbes: vocal, guitar, bass, keys
Keith Line: drums
Bram Tchaikovsky: bass, guitar
Produced by Bram, Mickey, Dennis and Keith 1980
Recorded by Mike Robinson at DJM Studios, London UK

Peter Bramall b. 10 November 1950 (age 67) Lincolnshire UK

Only active a short while between 1978–1981. Pressure was originally released as The Russians Are Coming but renamed when it was issued for the North American market.

4.   The Tubes: Out Of The Business (The Tubes)
Outside Inside: Capitol EMI Records ST 12260
San Francisco CA
Rick Anderson - Bass
Michael Cotten - Synthesizer
Mingo Lewis - Percussion
Prairie Prince - Drums,
Bill Spooner - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Steen - Guitar, Vocals
Fee Waybill - Vocals, Mixing
Vince Welnick - Keyboards
Produced by David Foster 1983
Recorded at various studios in California

The Tubes formed in 1972 by members of two Phoenix bands: The Beans and The Red White and Blues Band. Although their hay-day ended around 1981, they still get together do shows.

5.   54.40: A Big Idea (N Osbourne / 54.40)
Set The Fire: WEA Records 25 54361
Vancouver BC
Brad Merrit: bass
Neil Osbourne: vocal, guitar
Ian Franey: drums
Phil Comparelli: guitar, vocals, trumpet
Produced by Allen Moy and 54.40 in 1984
Recorded at Profile Studios by Allen Moy and Greg Reely, Vancouver

The group formed in 1981. This was their first full length recording; they would go on to record and release another dozen over the intervening years.

6.   Chalk Circle: NIMBY (Chalk Circle)
Mending Wall: Duke Street Records DSR 31035
Newcastle ON
Tad Winklarz: keys, sax, melodica
Chris Tait: guitars, vocals
Derrick Murphy: drums
Brad Hopkins: bass
Hugh Marsh: violin
Brian Leonard: percussion
Tim Hope: bongos
Rebecca Jenkins: bg vocal
Produced by Chris Wardman 1987
Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto by Ron Searles

Active 1982 – 1990

Formed in Newcastle, Ontario, they were originally known in 1982 as "The Casualties". The band briefly changed its name to "The Reactors" (most likely since Newcastle is close by the Darlington Nuclear plant), then to "New Addition" in 1984, and finally settled on the name Chalk Circle which was taken from Bertolt Brecht's play The Caucasian Chalk Circle.

Mending Wall was taken from a Robert Frost poem.

7.   The Go-Gos: This Town (C Caffey / J Wiedlin)
Beauty And The Beat: IRS Records SP 70021
Los Angeles CA
Belinda Carlisle – lead vocals
Charlotte Caffey – lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Gina Schock – drums, percussion
Kathy Valentine – bass, backing vocals
Jane Wiedlin – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Produced by Richard Gottehrer and Rob Freeman 1981
Mastered by Greg Calbi

The Go-Go's rose to fame during the early 1980s as an all-female band that both wrote their own songs and played their own instruments. Beauty and the Beat, is considered one of the "cornerstone albums of US new wave" sound. The album hit number 1 on the Billboard hot 200 albums chart and stayed in that position for 6 weeks. It sold over 2 million copies and went double platinum, making it one of the most successful debut albums of all time. After dissolution of The Go-Go's in 1985, Carlisle went on to have a successful solo career.

8.   Moe Koffman: Moe-Mentum (Moe Koffman)
Moe-Mentum: Duke Street Records DSR 31036
Moe Koffman: flute, alto & soprano sax
Ed Bickert: guitar
Bernie Senensky: keys
Kieran Overs: bass
Barry Elmes: drums
Produced by Andrw S Hermant and Moe Koffman 1987
Recorded by Andrew S Hermant at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Bill Kipper at Mastering Studio, Masterdisk, NYC

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC
(b Toronto 28 December 1928 – d. Orangeville ON 28 March 2001)

During a career spanning from the 1950s to the 2000s, Koffman was one of Canada's most prolific musicians, working variously in clubs and sessions. With his 1957 record Cool and Hot Sax on the New York-based Jubilee label, Koffman became one of the first Canadian jazz musicians to record a full-length album. He recorded Swinging Shepherd Blues in 1957 which helped establish his reputation as a flautist and ranked him alongside Herbie Mann and other great influential jazz flute players. "Swinging Shepherd Blues" was a hit in the United States, reaching #23 on the Billboard pop chart.

He was appointed to the Order of Canada in 1993 and inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1997.

9.   Squeeze: Hits Of The Year (Glenn Tilbrook / Chris Difford)
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti: A&M Records SPC 5085
London UK
Glenn Tilbrook: guitar4, keys, vocals
Julian Holland: keys, vocals
Gilson Lavis: drums, vocals
Keith Wilkinson: bass, vocals
Chris Difford: guitar, tambourine, vocals
Produced by Laurie Latham 1985
Mastered by Frank de Luna at A&M Mastering

Originally active between years 1974–82; reformed from 1985–99. The group performed under several names, most frequently "Captain Trundlow's Sky Company" or "Skyco", before selecting the band name "Squeeze" as a facetious tribute to the Velvet Underground's oft-derided 1973 album Squeeze. After reforming, the band recorded Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti in 1985

10. Pursuit of Happiness: Hard To Laugh (Moe Berg)
Love Junk: Chrysalis Records CHS 41675
Toronto ON
Moe Berg: guitar, vocal
Dave Gilby: drums
Johnny Sinclair: bass
Chris Abbot: guitars
Leslie Stanwyk: vocals
Produced by Todd Rundgren 1988
Recorded at Utopia Sound Studios, Lake Hill NY
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound NYC

The first TPOH album. The album sold over 100,000 copies in Canada and was certified platinum. Although the group never officially disbanded, after 1996 they did not record as a unit until 2005

11. The Payola$: Christmas Is Coming (Paul Hyde / Bob Rock)
Hammer On A Drum: A&M Records SP 4958
Vancouver BC
Paul Hyde: vocal
Bob Rock: guitar
Christopher Livingston: keys
Chris Taylor: drums
Produced by Mick ronson and The Paylola$ 1983
Recorded by Bob Rock and Mike Fraser at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, NYC

One of the most prominent and successful platinum-selling Canadian new wave bands from Vancouver of the early 1980s. Singer Paul Hyde emigrated to Canada from Britian thus giving them that great punk sound. Lasted from 1978-88

12. The Pucker & Valve Society Band: The Attorney General (Ben McPeek)
45 single bw Marching Around The Mews: Attic Records AT 177
Ben McPeek: keys
Drums – Bruce Farquhar
French Horn – Graeme Page
Trombone, Euphonium – Eugene Watts
Trumpet – Fred Mills, Ron Romm
Tuba – Chuck Deallenbach
Produced by Ben McPeek 1977
Engineer – Don Geppert at Captain Audio, Toronto

Benjamin Dewey McPeek (b. 28 August 1934 Trail BC – d. 14 January 1981 Toronto)

Canadian composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist, became the top jingle composer in Canada, and composed over 2,000 jingles during the 1960s and 1970s for such companies as Canadian National, Chargex, Coca-Cola, the Labatt Brewing Company, Speedy Muffler King, and the Toronto Dominion Bank. McPeek earned a Bachelor of Music from the University of Toronto in 1956. In 1967, he co-founded the record label Nimbus 9 along with producer Jack Richardson and others. The label went on to produce several of The Guess Who's early albums.

This was actually recorded with the help of Canadian Brass.

Hour Two

1.   Sugarloaf: Rusty Cloud (Robert Yeazel)
Spaceship Earth: Liberty Records LST 11010
Denver CO
Bob Raymond: bass
Robert Yeazel: guitar, vocal
Jerry Corbetta: keys
Bob MacVittie: drums
Bob Webber: guitar
Produced by JC Phillips 1971
Recorded by Paul Buff

In late 1968, Corbetta and Webber formed the band Chocolate Hair
Just before their album release, the legal department at Liberty Records suggested the name Chocolate Hair might be taken as having racist overtones. The band members agreed to change their name to Sugarloaf, the name of a mountain outside of Boulder, Colorado. Their big hit song, of course, was Green Eyed Lady. Spaceship Earth was their second album.

2.   The Shakers: Mustang Ford (Chuck Berry)
Rock And Roll EP: Warpt Records WRC1 1515
Hamilton ON
Claude Desroches: drums
Tim Gibbons: lead guitar
Rick Andrew: bass
Dave ‘Rave’ Desroches: rhythm guitar, vocals
Produced by Daniel Lanois 1981
Recorded by Daniel Lanois in Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton ON

The Shakers, from 1979 to 1983. Only put out 2 LPs: 1981 (In Time) and ‘83 called Weekend.
Dave Rave played rhythm for Teenage Head. He also formed a group called "The Dave Rave Conspiracy"

The Shakers have done some reunion shows the past few years.

3.   Tommy James & The Shondells: Crystal Blue Persuasion (T James / M Vale / E Gray)
45 single bw Mony Mony: Roulette Golden Goodies Hits Series GG-73
Niles MI
Tommy James: vocal
Eddie Gray (guitar)
Peter Lucia (drums)
Ron Rosman (keyboards)
George Magura (saxophone)
Mike Vale (bass)
Produced by Tommy James and Ritchie Cordell 1969
Recorded by Bruce Staple

They had two No. 1 singles in the U.S., "Hanky Panky" (July 1966, their only RIAA Certified Gold record) and "Crimson and Clover" (February 1969). Other major hits were Mony Mony and Crystal Blue Persuasion.

The band formed in 1960, first as the Echoes, then as Tom and the Tornadoes, with 12-year-old Tommy James as lead singer. The group released its first single, "Long Pony Tail", in 1962. In 1964 James renamed the band the Shondells but due to obligations (marriage, jobs and the draft), the group disbanded.

Oddly enough, a DJ from Pittsburgh started playing their song, Hanky Panky, which until then had no distribution. Demand for the Shondells grew so James put another band together – quickly. "I had no group, and I had to put one together really fast," recalled James. "I was in a Greensburg, P.A. club one night, and I walked up to a group that was playing that I thought was pretty good and asked them if they wanted to be the Shondells. They said yes, and off we went." Hanky Panky then raced up the charts and became a number 1 hit.

The band signed to Roulette Records in New York, the same company that Ronnie Hawkins and his Hawks were signed to. James went on to recount his dealings with Roulette and the music industry in his book “Me, the Mob, and the Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James and the Shondells”.

4.   Jefferson Airplane: Plastic Fantastic Lover (Marty Balin)
Surrealistic Pillow: RCA Victor LMP 3766
San Francisco CA
Marty Balin – vocals, guitar
Jack Casady – bass guitar, fuzz bass, rhythm guitar
Spencer Dryden – drums, percussion
Paul Kantner – rhythm guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar
Grace Slick – vocals, piano, organ, recorder,
Produced by Rick Jarrard 1967
Recorded by David Hassinger at RCA Victor's Music Center, Hollywood

Surrealistic Pillow is the second album by JA, the first with Grace Slick and drummer Spencer Dryden who was recruited to replace Skip Spence (who moved over to Moby Grape). The song (last one on the album) was thought to be about a sexual device but it turned out to be about Marty Balin’s new stereo system.

In 2003, the album was ranked number 146 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time."

5.   Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich: The Legend of Xanadu (Howard Blaikley)
45 single bw Please: Fontana Records TF 903
Wiltshire UK
David John Harman (Dave Dee): vocal
Trevor Leonard Ward-Davies (Dozy): bass
John Dymond (Beaky): rhythm guitar
Michael Wilson (Mick): drums
Ian Frederick Stephen Amey (Tich): lead guitar
Produced by Steve Rowland 1968
Recorded at Phillips Studios, Stanhope Place, Marble Arch, London

In summer 1964, the British songwriters Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley became interested in recording them. The band was set up in the studio to make recordings with Joe Meek. These recording sessions failed to get off the ground as an interview with Dave Dee stated that Meek "had very strange recording techniques. He wanted us to play the song at half speed and then he would speed it up and put all these little tricks on it. We said we couldn't do it that way. He exploded, threw coffee all over the studio and stormed up to his room. His assistant [Patrick Pink] came in and said, 'Mr Meek will not be doing any more recording today.' That was it. We lugged all our gear out and went back home". They would not get a chance to record again for another couple of years.

Vocalist Dave Dee, the ex-policeman, was at the scene of the motoring accident that took the life of the American rock and roller Eddie Cochran and injured Gene Vincent in April 1960. He learned to play the guitar on Cochran’s impounded instrument!

6.   Sultans of String: Road To Kfarmishki (Chris McKhool / Kevin Laliberté)
Ten Years Of Music: Fiddlefire Records MKC 2070
Toronto ON
Chris McKhool: violin
Kevin Laliberté: flamenco guitar
Eddie Paton: guitar
Drew Birston: bass
Rosendo León: drums
Produced by Chris McKhool 2017
Edited for Vinyl by John “Beetle” Bailey at The Drive Shed Recording Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

7.   Sultans of String: Himalayan Sleigh Ride (Chris McKhool / Kevin Laliberté) 2017 *
Christmas Caravan: MCK 2075
Toronto ON
Chris McKhool: violin
Kevin Laliberté: flamenco guitar
Eddie Paton: guitar
Drew Birston: bass
Rosendo León: drums
Anwar Kurshid: sitar
Produced by Chris McKhool and John ‘Beetle’ Bailey 2017
Recorded by John Bailey at The Drive Shed and Phase One Studios, Toronto
Mixed by John Bailey at The Drive Shed
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering

Two songs from The Sultans: the first from a vinyl record, the second from a brand new Christmas Season CD. Kfarmishki is a village in Lebanon, home of Chris McKhool’s paternal grandparents.

8.   Bobby Edwards: High On Life (Bobby Edwards) 1987 *
Twilight Drive: Duke Street Records DSR 31041
Scarborough ON
Bobby Edwards: solo guitar
Bob Mann: guitar
Danny Colomby: bass
Chris Dahmer, Steve Hunter, Ray Parker: keys
Brian Leonard: percussion
Paul Hannah: drums
Erich Traugott: trumpet
Guido Basso: flugelhorn
Vern Dorge: also sax
Eugene Amaro: tenor sax, flute
Virginia Markson: flute
Jack Zaza: flute, oboe
Jim McDonald, Gary Pattison: french horns
Russ Little: trombone
Erica Goodman: harp
Bill Richards: concert master
Paul Grosney: contractor
Produced by Bobby Edwards 1987
Recorded by Andrw S Hermant at Manta Sound with Peter Lee and Mark Baldi
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Robert David Edwards b. Scarborough ON November 24, 1948

“I was on with Tommy Hunter, Front Page Challenge, and the Friendly Giant, I was Rusty,” he said. “During that time I got out with a few musicians like Wayne Newton, Kenny Rodgers, Bobby Vinton, Sonny an Cher and Lawrence Welk,” he said. “I also had the chance to work with Patsy Cline and Chet Atkins.”

Most likely the most recorded Canadian musician of all times! Super guitarist, Edwards turned professional when he was still in his mid-teens. By the time he was 21 he had amassed a great portfolio of recorded works, playing on recordings, jingles and in television studio bands. has been a featured guitarist with Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, Henry Mancini, Anne Murray, Paul Anka, and Kenny Rogers. He’s been credited with having performed on over 1000 TV shows and many motion pictures. Truly one of the unsung heroes of Canadian recorded music. His personal recorded output is minimal so enjoy.

9.   Steppenwolf: The Pusher (Hoyt Axton)
Steppenwolf: RCA Victor DS-50029
San Francisco / Toronto
John Kay – lead vocals, guitars, harmonica
Michael Monarch – guitars, backing vocals
Goldy McJohn – organ, piano, electric piano
Rushton Moreve – bass, backing vocals
Jerry Edmonton – drums, backing vocals, percussion
Produced by Gabriel Mekler 1968
Recorded by Bill Cooper and Richard Podolor at American Recording Co. Studio, Studio City, CA

Our New Pushers

Pot becomes legal in Canada next year and the provinces are struggling to come up with their own rules and regs. In Ontario, that means that the sale of cannabis based products will be through government stores only. Thus Premier Kathleen Wynn (and most likely opposition leader Patrick Brown next year) will be the new Pushers.

The Pusher was written by singer/songwriter Hoyt Wayne Axton (b. Duncan OK March 25, 1938 – d. Victor Montana, October 26, 1999). Some of his better known songs are "Joy to the World", "The Pusher", and "Greenback Dollar". His songs have been covered by Ringo Starr, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, BJ Thomas, John Denver, Waylon Jennings, Jonathan Edwards, and Anne Murray.

10. The Who: Whiskey Man (John Entwistle) 1967
45 EP: Polydor International: PEP 7051
London UK
Keith Moon: drums
John Entwistle: french horn, bass
Roger Daltry: vocal
Pete Townsend: guitar
Produced by Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp 1966
Recorded at CBS Studios, London

The Who’s second album (from which all four songs on the above EP came from) was a major change from My Generation. All original songs, but most importantly, from all four members of the group. Entwistle wrote 2 of them; Daltry 1; Keith Moon 2 and the rest by Townsend. Oh ya, there Heatwave by Holland Dozier and Holland on the European release but not on ours. Anyway, here it is in glorious mono.

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