33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
January 1, 2018

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Hour One

1.   Bruce Cockburn: Coldest Night Of The Year (Bruce Cockburn) 1977 *
2.   Mary Margaret O’Hara: Year In Song (Mary Margaret O’Hara) 1988 *
3.   Meatloaf: All Revved Up With No Place To Go (Jim Steinman) 1977
4.   Wilf Carter: Whatever Happened To All Those Years (Wilf Carter) 1988 *
5.   Rare Air: New Swing Reel (Grier Coppins) 1989 *
6.   The Chambers Brothers: New Time New Day (Brian Keenan / Joseph Chambers) 1968
7.   Walter Ostanek Band: La Ronda Polka (arr by Walter Ostanek) 1981 *
8.   The Beatles: Bad Boy (Larry Williams) 1965
9.   Denny Doherty: Here Comes The Sun (Harrison) / Two Of Us (Lennon / McCartney) 1970 *
10. The Lettermen: Here, There And Everywhere (Lennon / McCartney) 1972
11. The Beatles: Taxman (George Harrison) 1966
12. The Squeeze: Hits of the Year (Glenn Tilbrook Chris Difford) 1985

Hour Two

1.   Benny Goodman Band: Avalon (Al Jolson / Billy Rose) 1950
2.   Punch & Johnny: Goaltending (Spoken Word) 1964 *
3.   Johnny Bower & The Rinkydinks: Honky The Christmas Goose (Young / Hoover) 1965 *
4.   Mac Beattie: On The Banks of the Ottawa (Mac Beattie) 1963 *
5.   Big Bob & The Dollars: Big Jean Béliveau (Bob Davies)1963 *
6.   Douglas Rankine & The Secrets: Here Comes Shack (B McFarlane / W McCauley) 1966 *
7.   Jane Siberry: Hockey (Jane Siberry) 1989 *
8.   The Shuffle Demons: Hockey Night In Canada Theme (Delores / Clanen) 1987 *
9.   Gerry Rafferty: Big Change In The Weather (Gerry Rafferty) 1978
10. Eddie Boyd: Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd) 1952
11. John Cale: Memphis (Chuck Berry) 1977
12. Brian Eno: Some Of Them Are Old / Here Come The Warm Jets (Brian Eno) 1974
13. Joe Loss & His Orchestra:  Latino Cha Cha (Woodman / Roberts) 1961

* CanCon = 52%

And Now for The Particulars:


Hour One

1.   Bruce Cockburn: Coldest Night of the Year (Bruce Cockburn)
Mummy Dust: True North Records TN 45
Ottawa ON
Bruce Cockburn: guitar, vocal
Dennis Pendrith: bass
Bob DiSalle: drums
Jon Goldsmith: keys
Hugh Marsh: violin
Kathy Moses: sax
John T Davis: organ
Produced by Eugene Martynec 1981
Recorded by Gary Gray at Manta Sound, Toronto

2.   Mary Margaret O’Hara: Year In Song (Mary Margaret O’Hara)
Miss America: Virgin Records - VL 2559
Toronto ON
Mary Margaret O’Hara: vocals
Rusty McCarthy, guitar
Hendrik Riik, bass
Michael Sloski, drums
Produced by Mary Margaret O'Hara and Michael Brook 1988
Recorded by Paul Cobbold at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales UK;
Joe Primeau at Phase One Studios, Toronto; Stephen Traub at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Comfort Sound by Michael Brook and Mary Margaret O'Hara
Mastered at The Townhouse, London UK

3.   Meatloaf: All Revved Up With No Place To Go (Jim Steinman)
Bat Out Of Hell: Epic / Cleveland Records Pe 34974
Dallas TX
Meat Loaf – lead vocals
Todd Rundgren – guitar
Kasim Sulton – bass guitar
Edgar Winter – saxophone
John "Willie" Wilcox – drums
Ellen Foley –backing vocals
Produced by Todd Rundgren 1977
Mixed and recorded by Todd Rukndgren in Bearsville NY
Mastered by Joe Brescio at The Cutting Room

Meat Loaf aka  Marvin Lee Aday (born September 27, 1947) Dallas TX
James Richard Steinman (born November 1, 1947) New York City

Collaborated on the Bat of of Hell trilogy. The two spent two and a half years, auditioning Bat Out of Hell and being rejected by record labels. The album went on to sell over 40 million copies.

4. Wilf Carter: Whatever Happened to All Those Years (Wilf Carter)
Whatever Happened to All Those Years: RCA - KZL 1-7114
Port Hilford NS
Wilf Carter: guitar, vocal
Unknown back up musicians
Produced by Jack Feeney May 1988
Recorded by Hayward Parrott and Martin Lee at McClear Place, Toronto

Wilfred Arthur Charles Carter (December 18, 1904 Port Hilford, NS – December 5, 1996, Scottsdale AZ)

In 1988, Carter recorded his last album, What Ever Happened to All Those Years. In 1991, at age 86, he made his last concert tour, appropriately called The Last Round-up Tour, with shows throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, and Manitoba. He retired the following year, due to his loss of hearing.

5.   Rare Air: New Swing Reel (Grier Coppins) 1989 * -
Primeval: Green Linnet Records SIF 1104
Toronto ON
Grier Coppins: pipes, percussion, vocals
Trevor Ferrier: roto toms, highland snare, bells, percussion
Dick Murai: bass
Patrick O’Gorman: pipes
Produced by Andrew St. George 1989
Recorded & Mixed by Andrew St. George at Le Mix, Toronto

Its first two albums were released under the name Na Cabarfeidh and the following four under the new name, Rare Air.

Stick It in Your Ear (1981)
Rare Air (1982)
Mad Plaid (1984)
Hard to Beat (1987)
Primeval (1989)
Space Piper (circa 1991)

6   The Chambers Brothers: A New Time A New Day (Brian Keenan / Joseph Chambers)
A New Time A New Day: Columbia CS 9671
Los Angeles CA
Lester Chambers - harmonica
Joe Chambers - guitar
Willie Chambers - guitar
George Chambers - bass
Brian Keenan - drums
Produced by Tim OBrien 1968
Recorded by Fred Catero & Roy Segal

7.   Walter Ostanek Band: La Ronda Polka (Arr by Walter Ostanek)
A Wonderful World of Polkas And Waltzes: World Renowned Sounds Inc WRP 10014
St Catherines ON
Walter Osatnek: piano accordion
Joey Miskulin: piano accordion, piano
Pig Robbins: piano
Murray McFadgen: vocals
Norm Kobal: sax, clarinet, flute
Ken Senko, Pete Wade or Chip Young: guitar, banjo
Richard Ostanek or Henry Strzelecki: bass
Mark Habat or Jerry Kadone: drums
Produced by Walter Ostanek 1981
Recorded at Rainbow Recording Studios, Niagara Falls ON by Brad Murphy or
Recorded at Marjon Recording Studios, Hermitage Pennsylvania by Johnny Krizancic
Recorded at Peppermint Recording Studios, Youngstown Ohio by Gary Rhamy
Mixed by Gary Rhamy
Honda Motorcycle by Roy C Duncan, Jr.

Canada’s Polka King: Ladislav John Ostanek b. 20 April 1935 (age 82) Duparquet, QC

1983 – Inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame, Chicago
1992, 1993, 1994: winner, Grammy Award for Best Polka Album
1999: appointed Member of the Order of Canada[12]
2001: inductee, Canada's Walk of Fame
2007: SOCAN Lifetime Achievement Award
2016: Won a million dollars in the London Dream Lottery

He has appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, Phil Donahue, Tommy Hunter Show

8. The Beatles: Bad Boy (Larry Williams)
Beatles VI: Capitol Records Canada – T 2358
Liverpool UK
John Lennon - vocal, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney - bass, electric piano
George Harrison - double-tracked lead guitar
Ringo Starr - drums, tambourine
Produced by George Martin 1965
Recorded by Norman Smith at EMI Abby Road Studios,  May 10, 1965

Lawrence Eugene "Larry" Williams (b. New Orleans LA, May 10, 1935 – d. January 7, 1980 in LA).

The Beatles recorded two Larry Williams songs during a single 10 May 1965 session: Bad Boy and Dizzy Miss Lizzy, both sung by John Lennon.
The song mentions putting a thumb tack on the teacher’s chair – Paul Lyon did that to Jamie Robbie Robertson who sat in front of him at school in Scarborough ON

9.   Denny Doherty: Here Comes The Sun (George Harrison) / Two Of Us (Lennon / McCartney)
Watcha Gonna Do: RCA Victor DS 50096
Halifax NS / Mississauga ON
Jimmie Haskell Accordion
Brian Garofalo Bass
Russ Kunkel Drums
Barry McGuire, Eddy Fischer Guitar
Buddy Emmons steel guitar
Eric Hord Guitar, Sitar, Banjo
Gabe Lapano Piano, Organ
Denny Doherty Vocals, Guitar
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1970

10. The Lettermen: Here, There & Everywhere (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Great Songs Of The Beatles: Capitol Records  QL 6735
Las Vegas NV
Jim Pike: vocal
Tony Butala: vocal
Gary Pike: vocal
Compilation produced by Ernest K. Dominy  - 1972

11.   Beatles: Taxman (George Harrison)
Revolver: Capitol Records Canada T 2576
Liverpool UK
George Harrison – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
John Lennon – backing vocals
Paul McCartney – backing vocals, lead guitar and bass
Ringo Starr – drums, cowbell, tambourine
Produced by George Martin - 1966
Recorded at EMI Abby Road Studios, Geoff Emerick – engineer

12. The Squeeze: Hits of the Year (Glenn Tilbrook / Chris Difford)
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti: A&M Records  3339
London UK
Chris Difford – guitar, backing vocals
Glenn Tilbrook – guitars, keyboards, horns, lead & backing vocals
Jools Holland – keyboards, backing vocals
Keith Wilkinson – bass, backing vocals
Gilson Lavis – drums
Produced by Laurie Latham 1985

Hour Two

1.   Benny Goodman Band: Avalon (Al Jolson / Billy Rose / B.G. DeSylva)
The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol 1: Columbia Records ML 4358
New York City
Benny Goodman: clarinet
Gene Krukpa: drums
Teddy Wilson: piano
Lionel Hampton: vibraphone
Produced by George Avakian 1950
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall January 16, 1938

The first ever double album, it was one of the first records of Benny Goodman music issued on the new long-playing format, and one of the first to sell over a million copies. This album was also sold in a set of nine 45 rpm records in the same year by Columbia.

2.   Punch Imlach & Johnny Bower: Goaltending
Lets Talk Hockey no label or serial
Toronto ON
George Punch Imlach, intro
Johnny Bower: the tips
Foster Hewitt, play by play
Produced by The Toronto Maple Leafs 1964

Johnny Bower: Born: November 8, 1924, Prince Albert SK – d. Toronto Dec 26, 2017

3.   Johnny Bower & The Rinkydinks: Honky The Christmas Goose (Young / Hoover) 1965 *
45 single bw Banjo Mule: Capitol Records Canada 72318
Toronto ON
Johnny Bower: lead vocal
John Jr: lead vocal
The Rinkydinks: bg vocals
Produced 1965

"Bower was content stopping pucks for a living and never had any intention to cut a record. But that was until songwriter Chris Young visited Maple Leaf Gardens during the 1965-66 NHL season to see if any members of the Toronto Maple Leafs wanted to help him out on a couple of songs he’d written.

Bower, never trained as a singer, agreed to lend his vocals to the songs after Young told him the record proceeds would be donated to charity.

Not long after, Bower, accompanied by a chorus of kids, including his own son, Johnny Jr., collectively known as Johnny Bower and Little John with The Rinky-Dinks, gathered around the microphone at a Toronto studio, to record Honky the Christmas Goose and Banjo the Mule.

The end result was a success. Sales exceeded 40,000 which, at the time, made Honky the Christmas Goose the biggest-selling Canadian-made single ever and Bower didn’t pocket a dime. All proceeds went to charity.

The song debuted on the top-50 CHUM radio chart on Dec. 20, 1965 at number 42 against The Beatles’ We Can Work It Out and Day Tripper, both tied at position nine for that week.

Bower’s song made it all the way to number 29 on the Canadian charts and became a memorable piece of sports and pop culture history."

4.   Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: On The Banks of the Ottawa (Mac Beattie)
25th Anniversary: Banff Rodeo - RBS 1299
Arnprior, ON
Mac Beattie: vocal, drums
Jim Mayhew: piano
Al Utronki: guitar
Gaetan Fairfield: bass
Reg Hill: fiddle
Produced by Ralph Carlson 1963

Mac Beattie played goal for the Arnprior Greenshirts and The Nanaimo Clippers on Vancouver Island in 1940. He quit playing to sign up for the war effort. By the end of the war, Mac was six years older, out of his prime playing days and played in a seniors league.

5.   Big Bob & The Dollars: Big Jean Béliveau (Bob Davies)
45 Single bw You: Click Records
Verdun QC
Bob Davies: guitar, vocal
Dorothy Dodds on background vocal,
Danny Smith on drums,
Hugh Dixon on guitar
Norm Robertson on bass
Produced  1963

Davies often revisited sports in his songwriting. In 1963, following Gordie Howe, he penned Big John Béliveau, dipped into football with The Mighty Als of Montreal, then wrote Here’s To Bobby Hull. Next came Has Anybody Here Seen Frank Mahovlich? None would enjoy the popularity of Gordie Howe.

6.   Douglas Rankine & The Secrets: Here Comes Shack (B McFarlane / W McCauley)
45 single: RCA Victor Canada International - 57-3384
Toronto, ON
Douglas Rankine guitar, vocal
Bob Mark - guitar
Henry S. Thaler - keys
Mike Woodruff - bass
Rick Felstead - drums
Producer by Brian MacFarland 1966

Originally known as The Bob Mark Six, this Toronto band was signed to Arc Records and became The Secrets. They released "Crying Over Her" on ARC Records which helped raise their profile and get them better live bookings.

While playing at the Toronto Pressmen's Club, CBC TV's Brian MacFarland (August 10, 1931 (age 86) New Liskeard, ON – was on Hockey Night in Canada from 1964 - 91) introduced himself to the band and wanted the band to record a song he'd written for the Toronto Maple Leafs' defenseman Eddie Shack called "Clear The Track (Here Comes Shack)". The band agreed under the assumption that the recording was a gift for McFarland's hockey playing friend. However, much to their surprise, and that of their label ARC Records, the song was released nationally under the name Douglas Rankine With The Secrets on RCA's Canadian International label. The band was embarrassed by the release and tried to distance themselves from it despite reaching #1 on the CHUM Chart in February 1966 and managing No.56 on the national charts by April of 1966 for total run of nine weeks radio play.

Now signed to Arc's Yorkville Records imprint, the Secrets wanted to distance themselves from being pigeon-holed as a "novelty act" and soon changed their name to The Quiet Jungle.

Their first single, "Ship Of Dreams", was released in early 1967, and reached #31 on the CHUM chart (and No.43 nationally) by February. The record achieved the desired effect in leaving the previous single a memory and gave the band a renewed spirit.

Shack was born in Sudbury, Ontario, in 1937. During the 1966 season Shack broke out, scoring a career high 26 goals on a line with Ron Ellis and Bob Pulford.

7.   Jane Siberry: Hockey (Jane Siberry)
Bound By The Beauty: Duke Street Records - DSR-31058
Guelph ON
Jane Siberry  guitar, piano, vocal
Toddy Borowiecki  keys, accordion
Ken Myhr  guitar
John Switzer  bass
Stich Wynston  drums
Produced by Jane Siberry & John Switzer - 1989
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisc, NY

8.   The Shuffle Demons: Hockey Night In Canada Theme (Delores / Clanen)
Bop Rap: Stony Plain - SPCD 1124
Rich Underhill - alto, baratone sax
Mike Murley - tenor, baratone, alto sax
Dave Parker - tenor sax
Jim Vivian - bass
Stich Wynston - drums
Produced by Bob Doige, Barry Elms & The Demons 1988
Recorded by Bob Doige with John Oliviera & Mark Howard at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto
Suits by Kurt Swinghammer

On cover states that Home Taping Sucks. Please Be Cool
Stitch Wynston played drums on Jane Siberry’s Hockey song as well

9.   Gerry Rafferty: Big Change In The Weather (Gerry Rafferty)
45 single bw Baker Street: Uknited Artists Records UP 36346
Paisley, Scotland
Gerry Rafferty: guitar, vocals
Gary Taylor: bass
Glen LeFleur: drums
Tommy Eyre: keys
Raphael Ravenscroft: sax
Brian Cole: steel
Hugh Burns: guitar
Produced by Hugh Murphy & Gerry Rafferty 1978
Recorded by Harry Hammond at Chipping Norton Studios, UK

Gerald Rafferty b Apr 16, 1947 - d Jan 4, 2011

10. Eddie Boyd: Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd)
45 single: Job Records 45-1007
Chicago IL
Eddie Boyd: piano
Unknown Session Players
Produced 1952
Recorded at Modern Recording Studio, Chicago

Edward Riley "Eddie" Boyd (b. Shelby Miss, November 25, 1914 – July 13, 1994 Helsinki, Finland)

Boyd moved to the Beale Street district of Memphis, Tennessee, in 1936. Made his first recordings under his own name, in 1947. Unhappy with the racial discrimination he faced in the United States, Boyd moved to Belgium, where he recorded with Peter Green, Mick Fleetwood and John McVie on the album 7936 South Rhodes (1968, Blue Horizon Records).

"Five Long Years" reached number one on the Billboard R&B chart.
In 2011, Eddie Boyd's original "Five Long Years" was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame, who called it "a true-to-life blues in 1952 that hit home with many a working man".

11. John Cale: Memphis (Chuck Berry)
Animal Justice 12 inch 45: Illegal Records IL003
London UK
John Cale: vocal, guitar, piano, viola
Ritchie Fliegler: lead guitar
Bruce Brody: moog
Jimmy Bain: bass
Kevin Currie: drums
Produced by John Cale 1977
Recorded at Chalk Farm Studios in London

John Davies Cale, OBE (born 9 March 1942) Garnant, Carmarthenshire, Wales

A founding member of the Velvet Underground, Cale was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Velvet Underground in 1996, and appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2010.

12. Brian Eno: Some Of Them Are Old / Here Come The Warm Jets (Brian Eno)
Here Come The Warm Jets: Editions EG ENO1
Woodbridge, Suffolk,  UK
Andy MacKay: keys, sax
Lloyd Watson: slide guitars
Paul Rudolph: guitar, bass
Simon King: drums
Brian Eno: ocasional keys, vocals, guitar, synths
Produced by Brian Eno 1974
Recorded at Majestic Studios, London by Derek Chandler
Mixed by Brian Eno & Chris Thomas at AIR & Olympic Studios, London

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno, b. 1948

1969 At the Winchester School of Art, Eno attended a lecture by Pete Townshend of The Who about the use of tape machines by non-musicians, citing the lecture as the moment he realised he could make music even though he was not a musician at that point.

In school, he used a tape recorder as a musical instrument and experimented with his first, sometimes improvisational, bands. Eno's professional career began in London, a member (1971-1973) of glam/art rock band Roxy Music

Collaborated with Phil Manzanera & Phil Collins before getting seriously into production
Created the Frippertronics idea with Robert Fripp on 1973 for LP No Pussyfooting
Created the Ambient Music series of LPs eg Plateau of Mirrors & Music for Airports
Came to Hamilton ON and worked w/ Daniel Lanois, teaching him some of his original production techniques

13. Joe Loss & His Orchestra: Latino Cha Cha (Woodman / Roberts)
45 Single: His Masters Voice 45-POP 880
London UK
Joe Loss: violin, band leader
Produced - 1961

Joshua Alexander "Joe" Loss OBE (b. 22 June 1909 – d. 6 June 1990)

British band leader from the mid 1930s to 1989.

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