33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
February 5, 2018

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Hour One

1.   McGuinn - Hillman: Turn Your Radio On (R McGuinn / C Hillman) 1980
2.   Nick Lowe: Burning (Nick Lowe) 1982
3.   George Thorogood & Destroyers: Homesick Boy (G Thorogood) 1978
4.   Mock Turtles: No Use Trying (Syd Barrett) 1987
5.   The Tubes: Stand Up And Shout (Trainer / Condello) 1976
6.   Chris Hadfield: Ride That Lightning (Dave Hadfield / Chris Hadfield) 2015 *
7.   Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Lies (Through The ‘80s) (D Newman) 1980
8.   UFO: Alpha Centuri (Chapman) / Lettin’ Go (Chapman / Way / Mogg) 1980
9.   Joe Walsh: Space Age Whiz Kids (Joe Walsh / Joe Vitale) 1983
10. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Moon-Man Newfie (TC Connors) 1971 *
11. Iron Butterfly: The Mirage (Doug Ingle) 1968
12. The Hondells: Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl (Curb / Hatcher) 1965
13. Kansas: Down The Road (S Walsh / K Livgren) 1975
14. Randy Bachman: Pookie’s Skuffle (Randy Bachman) 1970 *

Hour Two

1.   Peter Narvaez: Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby (Johnny Cash) 1984 *
2.   Doug Lycett: Old Zero (Doug Lycett) 1967 *
3.   King Biscuit Boy: Twenty-Nine Ways (Willie Dixon) 1971 *
4.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Dancer With The Bruised Knees (A McGarrigle) 1977 *
5.   Left Banke: Pretty Ballerina (Michael Brown) 1966
6.   David Bradstreet: Ballerinas (David Bradstreet) 1978 *
7.   Pied Pear: The Olympic Dream Game (Joe Mock / Rick Scott) 1971 *
8.   Beacon Street Union: Speed Kills (Wayne Ulaky / John Wright) 1968
9.   Elliott Brood: Owen Sound (Elliott Brood) 2013 *
10. Christopher Kearney: Shot Down (C Kearney) 1973 *
11. The Kinks: The Way Love Used To Be (Ray Davies) 1973
12. A Neon Rome: Windowsill (A Neon Rome) 1986 *
13. Portage And Main: Never Had The Time (Harold Donnelly / John Sponarski) ) 2013 *
14. Payolas with Carole Pope: Never Said I Loved You (P Hyde / B Rock) 1982 *
15. Tangerine Dream: Pilots of Purple Twilight (Tangerine Dream) 1981

CanCon = 48%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   McGuinn - Hillman: Turn Your Radio On (R McGuinn / C Hillman)
McGuinn-Hillman: Capitol Records SOO-12108
Roger McGuinn: guitars, vocals
Chris Hillman: bass
Kevin Sambataro: electric lead guitar
Scott Kirkpatrick: drums
Wayne Perkins: electric lead guitar
Joe Lala: percussion
Barry Beckett: keys
Produced by Jerry Wexler and Barry Beckett 1980
Recorded by Gregg Hamm at Muscle Shoals Sound, Alabama
Mixed by Barry Beckett and Gregg Hamm
Mastered by Ken Parry at Capitol Records, Los Angeles

McGuinn, Clark & Hillman (1979) (with Gene Clark and Chris Hillman)
City (1980) (with Chris Hillman, featuring Gene Clark)
McGuinn – Hillman (1981) (with Chris Hillman)

2.   Nick Lowe: Burning (Nick Lowe)
Nick The Nife: Columbia Records FC 37932
Walton-on-Thames, Surrey UK
Nick Lowe: vocal, bass, guitar
Bobby Irwin, Terry Williams: drums
Billy Bremner, Martin Belmont, Aldo Bocca: guitars
Carlene Carter, Steve Nieve, Neil King: keys
Bobby Irwin: bg vocal
James Eller: more bass
Produced by Nick Lowe 1982
Recorded by Nick Lowe at Eden Studios, Acton

Nicholas Drain Lowe (born 24 March 1949 (age 68) Walton-on-Thames UK

Nick The Nife was the third of 14 solo albums by Nick Lowe

3.   George Thorogood & Destroyers: Homesick Boy (G Thorogood)
George Thorogood & Destroyers: Attic Records LAT 1159
Wilmington, Delaware
George Thorogood: guitars, lead vocal
Jeff Simon: drums
Billy Blough: bass
Ron Smith: 2nd guitar
Produced by George Thorogood 1978
Recorded at Dimension Sound, Boston b y John Nagy
Mixed at the Mixing Lab, Newton Mass.

George Lawrence Thorogood (born February 24, 1950)

With his band, the Delaware Destroyers, Thorogood has released over 20 albums, of which two have been certified Platinum and six have been certified Gold. He has sold 15 million albums worldwide. Thorogood and band continue to tour extensively and in 2014, celebrated their 40th anniversary of performing.

4.   Mock Turtles: No Use Trying (Syd Barrett)
Beyond The Wild Wood: A Tribute To Syd Barrett: Illusion Records 001
Manchester UK
Martin Coogan: vocal, guitar
Martin Murray: lead guitar
Kryzysztof Korab: keys
Steve Green: bass
Steve Cowan: drums
Compilation Produced by Alan Duffy 1987

Formed in 1985, this was one of their first released recordings. The band had some success in the early 90s but by 1991 suffered a steep decline in sales and were dropped by their label. They never recovered. Except for the instrumentation, this song sounds it could be Syd Barrett singing and playing guitar. It comes off a Syd tribute album by several indie bands, mostly from the UK.

5.   The Tubes: Stand Up And Shout (Trainer / Condello)
Young and Rich: A&M Records SP 4580
San Francisco CA
Fee Waldo Waybill - Vocals, Mixing
Bill Spooner - Guitar, Vocals
Michael Cotten - Synthesizer
Prairie Prince - Drums,
Vince Welnick - Keyboards
Rick Anderson - Bass
Roger Steen - Guitar, Vocals
Re Styles – Percussion, vocals
Produced by Ken Scott  1976
Recorded by Ed Thacker at A&M Studios, Hollywood
Mastered at A&M Studios by Frank De Luna

Young and Rich was the second album released by The Tubes.

The Spacial Set:

6.   Chris Hadfield: Ride That Lightning (Dave Hadfield / Chris Hadfield)
Space Sessions – Songs From A Tin Can: Warner Music Canada 1-045747
Sarnia ON
Chris Hadfield: vocal
Don Kerr: drums, percussion
Alfi Jurvanen: bass
Mike O’Brien: acoustic guitar, bg vocal,
Carlin Nicholson: bg vocal
Ben Lester: percussion
Jay McCarrol: piano
Produced by Robbie Lackritz 2015
Recorded from the International Space Station by Paul Mills
Recorded on Earth at a studio in Toronto
Mastered by Emily Lazar at The Lodge

The question is: is it CanCon? Coz it was recorded, partially, from the International Space Station. Of course, the back up band were recorded in an earthly studio in Toronto. On this track Commander Hadfield only sang the song; on some of the tracks he also plays guitar. Hadfield said that zero gravity played havoc with everything from holding a guitar stable to singing properly.

"The producer who was helping me, Paul Mills, said: 'Your guitar playing is a little messy.' I said, yeah, you come up here and play guitar," Hadfield told The Globe and Mail. He also explained that zero-gravity caused a build-up of fluid in the head, leading to a swelling of the tongue and vocal cords.

Recording for many of the album's tracks was done in Hadfield's tiny sleeping pod. Using a microphone plugged into his iPad, the Canadian astronaut used a slim Larrivee Parlor acoustic guitar to allow him to play in such tight confines.

And after tinkering with a number of recording methods, he ended up using his laptop and Apple's GarageBand to record himself singing and strumming his Canadian-made guitar. Paul Mills then had to retrieve the data files downloaded by NASA. Hadfield served as Commander of the International Space Station over a period of 144 days in space; his third space mission.

Check out my interview with Chris on my Great North Wind broadcast from April 2, 1998

7.   Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Lies (Through The ‘80s) (D Newman)
Chance: Warner Brothers Records XBS 3498
London UK
Manfred Mann: keys
Pat King: bass
John Lingwood: drums
Barbara Thompson: sax
Chris Thompson: bg vocal
Trevor Rabin, Mick Rogers, Steve Weller, Geoff Whithorn, Robbie McIntosh: guiars
Produced by Manfred Mann and Trevor Rabin 1980
Recorded by Rik Walton at The Workhouse Studios, London and/or Casa Das Flores, Albufeira, Portugal

After forming in 1971 and despite a short hiatus in the late 1980s/early 1990s, the Earth Band continues to perform and tour.

8.   UFO: Alpha Centuri (Chapman) / Lettin’ Go (Chapman / Way / Mogg)
No Place To Run: Chrysalis Records CHR 1239
London UK
Phil Mogg - vocals
Paul Chapman - lead guitar
Paul Raymond - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Pete Way - bass
Andy Parker – drums
Produced by George Martin 1980
Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Emerick at AIR Studios, London

Two tracks by UFO that sort of blend into each other. UFO formed in London in August 1969.

Over a career spanning 49 years, UFO have released 22 studio albums, 14 live recordings, 16 compilation albums and one album of cover songs.

9.   Joe Walsh: Space Age Whiz Kids (Joe Walsh / Joe Vitale)
You Bought It - You Name It: Warner Bros Records 92 38841
Cleveland OH
Joe Walsh: guitar, vocal
Joe Vitale: drums
George Perry: bass
Waddy Wachtel: guitar, synth guitar
Kevin Dukes: guitar
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1983
Recorded by Jim Nipar at Santa Barbara Sound
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound NYC

From Walsh’s 6th solo album with Joe Vitale.

Tlyrics are a personal commentary, critical of then-modern American culture against Walsh's older pinball and pool generation. The lyrics also reflect a satirical view on this, with lines such as: "I feel a little bit mixed up, maybe I'm obsolete".

10. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Moon-Man Newfie (TC Connors)
Stompin’ Tom Connors: Ole Records OLE46
Halton Hills ON
Tom Connors - guitar, foot, vocals
Randy McDonald - bass
Bill Lewis - lead guitar
Glen Reid banjo, rhythm guitar
John Devlin guitar, harmonica
Al Cherny - fiddle
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors -1971
Remastered and mixed 2017
Recorded at RCA Studio, Toronto by Cub Richardson

11. Iron Butterfly: The Mirage (Doug Ingle)
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida: Atco Records SD 33-250
San Diego CA
Erik Brann: guitar
Ron Bushy: drums
Lee Dorman: bass
Doug Ingle: keys, vocal
Produced by Jim Hilton 1968
Recorded by Don Casale at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood, CA

Years active 1966–1971 during which time they recorded four albums.

12. The Hondells: Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl (Curb / Hatcher)
45 single bw Come On (Pack It On): Mercury Records 72405
Los Angeles CA
Ritchie Burns: vocals
Glen Campbell: guitar
Richard A. Podolor: guitar
Hal Blaine: drums
Produced by Gary Usher 1965

The Hondells were a band manufactured by Producer Gary Usher, originally consisting of session musicians. His aim was to capture some of the market opened up by The Beach Boys: Surf Music.

It’s rather difficult to discern who exactly was recuited by Usher to record Sidewalk Surfer Girl. He most likely used Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine and Richard A. Podolor along with other Wrecking Crew members.

13. Kansas: Down The Road (S Walsh / K Livgren)
Kansas: Kirshner Records / Columbia PZ 33385
Topeka KS
Phil Ehart – drums, percussion
Dave Hope – bass
Kerry Livgren – lead and rhythm guitar, keyboards
Robby Steinhardt – violin, backing and lead vocals
Steve Walsh – lead and backing vocals, keyboards, percussion
Rich Williams – rhythm and lead guitar
Produced by Jeff Glixman and Wally Gold 1974
Recorded by Peter Granet at Wally Heider Studios, Los Angeles
Mastered by Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab, Los Angeles

Years active 1973–1984
The band has produced eight gold albums, three multi-platinum albums

14. Randy Bachman: Pookie’s Skuffle (Randy Bachman)
Axe: RCA Victor (Dynagroove) SP 4348
Winnipeg MB
Randy Bachman: lead guitar (left side), bass
Domenic Troiano: lead guitar (right side)
Garry Peterson: drums, percussion
Wes Dakus: pedal steel
Produced by Randy Bachman 1970
Recorded by Brian Christian and Ed Schnabl at RCA’s Mid-America Studio, Chicago

Axe was his first solo album after leaving the Guess Who after the American Woman album was released. For the guitar solos: that’s Dom Trioano on the right speaker and Bachman on the left. Wes Dakus b. Mannville MB April 2, 1938 d. August 18, 2013 (age 75) in Vancouver from a cancerous brain tumor

In 1958 he formed Wes Dakus & The Club 93 Rebels. They toured with Buddy Knox . Canada’s music industry rag, RPM Magazine, voted them the "Top Instrumental Group" of the year in 1964 and 1965. Garry Peterson is the drummer of the Guess Who.

Hour Two

1.   Peter Narvaez: Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby (Johnny Cash)
Rock ‘n’ Roll Ruby: Terraplane Records SW 1001
St. John’s NL
Peter Reuben Narvaez: guitars, harmonica, vocal
Sandy Morris: guitar, slide guitar
Nelson Giles: bass
Rocky Wiseman: drums
John Nugent: sax
Creg Clark and Terry Reilly: bg vocals
Produced by Steve Annan 1984
Recorded by Steve Annan at Echo Recording Studios, St. John’s
Mixed at Reel Time Recorders, Hammond Plains, NS
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Peter Reuben Aceves b. March 16, 1942, in Brooklyn, NY – d. Nov. 11, 2011 St. John’s NL

First came up to St. John’s to work at Memorial University’s depart of folklore in 1974. He immediately befriended Ron Hynes who was playing one of Narvaez’s songs at a local pub.

His first band was Pete & Jimmy With The Rhythm Knights. DJ Alan Freed was championing rock 'n' roll on New York's WINS radio station, and he produced the band's sole 45, So Wild (Castle Records, 1959).

He started a jug band. Having earned a history degree from Drew University in New Jersey in 1963, he then went to the folklore department of Indiana University in Bloomington, and earned his MA in 1967. One of his fellow students, Neil Rosenberg, would later become an academic colleague and fellow musician.

In 1975 he gave a young musician named Kelly Russell a tape of fiddler Rufus Guinchard. Russell was with a then-fledgling Figgy Duff, and a folk music revival followed. (Narvaez also played harmonica on the first Wonderful Grand Band album.)

2.   Doug Lycett: Old Zero (Doug Lycett)
45 single bw Build A Scaffold Way Up High: Columbia Records Canada C4-2751
Orono ON
Doug Lycett: guitar, vocal
Produced 1967

James Douglas Lycett - 1937-1998 Orono

First started playing in a quartet called The Four Bows. Better known is the latter part of his life as a Lily grower.

3.   King Biscuit Boy: Twenty-Nine Ways (Willie Dixon)
Badly Ben: Daffodil Records / Capitol Records Canada DEN 667
Hamilton ON
Richard Newell: vocal, harmonica
Kelly Jay: piano
Sonnie Bernardi: drums
Roly Greenway: bass
The Ghetto: guitar
Rheal Lanthier: guitar
Produced by Love 1971
Compilation produced 1983Recorded by Terry Brown, Paul Reagin, Dave Slagter at Toronto Sound Studios

This was originally from Newell’s second album as King Biscuit Boy called Gooduns. The title comes from Son Richard and the Gooduns, a group formed in Southern Ontario in 1965 which featured King Biscuit Boy playing harp, singing and slide guitar.

Here Come The Ballerinas 

4.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Dancer With The Bruised Knees (A McGarrigle)
Dancer With Bruised Knees: Warner Bros BS 3014
Montreal QC
Kate McGarrigle: vocal, piano
Tommy Morgan: harmonica
Richard Davis: bass
Produced by Joe Boyd 1977
Recorded by Glen Berger at A&R Studios, New York City; Tim Hewlings at San Quebec, Montreal; Steve Ham at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC
Mixed by John Wood and Dennis Dragon

Recorded over a dozen albums together. This is from their second release.
They were welcomed into the Order of Canada in 1993.

5.   Left Banke: Pretty Ballerina (Michael Brown)
Walk Away Rene / Pretty Ballerina: Smash Records SRS 67088
New York City, NY
Mike Brown, harpsichord, piano
Rick Brand, guitar
Tom Finn, bass
George Cameron, drums
Steve Martin, vocals
Produced by Harry Lookofsky
Released February 1967
Recorded at World United Studios & Mercury Studios, New York City between 1965-66

Michael Brown (Born Michael Lookofsky)
Wrote both of the band’s big hit songs when he was just 16: Walk Away Renee & Pretty Ballerina
Walk Away Renee was also a hit song for the 4 Tops 1968
Brown’s father was their manager and owned World United Studios where they recorded their records

6.   David Bradstreet: Ballerinas (David Bradstreet)
Dreaming In Colour: A&M Records  SP 9032
Toronto ON
David Bradstreet: guitars, vocals
Carl Keesee: bass, clarinet, vocals
Jim Neil: drums, vocals
Bob Mann: lead guitars
Doug Riley: keys
Lance Quinn: guitars
Steve Kennedy: sax
Matt Zimbel: percussion
Michael Lewis: bg vocal
Bill Hughs: bg vocal
Produced by Don Oriolo - 1978
Recorded by Ed Stasium at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Greg Calbi

Born in UK  moved to Canada as a kid and grew up in Oakville ON
Best known for his song ”Renaissance” (“Let’s Dance That Old Dance Once More”) - a hit for Canadian icon, Valdy.

Bradstreet was a Juno Award winner in 1977 for Best New Male Vocalist.  He produced the first album by a then unknown Jane Siberry on his own Street Records label in 1981

7.   Pied Pear: The Olympic Dream Game (Joe Mock / Rick Scott)
The Pear of Pied Pumkin: Squash Records V#U3
Vancouver BC
Joe Mock: vocal, guitar, piano
Rick Scott: vocal, dulcimer, trombone, rubber clown
Geoff Eyre: drums
Tom Hazlitt: bass
Shari Ulrich: violin, flute, sax
Saint Albert: percussion
Produced by The Pied Pear 1971
Recorded at Pineway Studios, Vancouver by Geoff Turner and Mark McNair

From their first album before they turned themselves into Pied Pumkins by inviting young fiddler Shari Ulrich into their sphere. After she left they miraculously turned themselves back into Pears.

8.   Beacon Street Union: Speed Kills (Wayne Ulaky / John Wright)
45 single bw South End Incident: MGM Records K 13865
Boston Mass
John Lincoln Wright: vocal
Paul Tartachny: guitar
Richard Weisburg: drums
Robert Rhodes: keys
Wayne Ulaky: bass, vocal
Produced by Wes Farrell 1968

Years active 1966–1969

The band was made up of university students in Boston. They were signed to MGM Records who promoted them as the Bosstown Sound along with a couple of other groups (Ultimate Spinach being one of them). They recorded two albums but didn’t achieve national recognition. On August 12, 1970, Beacon Street Union opened for Janis Joplin at Harvard Stadium, which was her last public performance before her death.

Speed Kills, the B side of the record, was their first released single.

9.   Elliott Brood: Owen Sound (Elliott Brood)
Days Into Years: Paper Bag Records PAPER061LP
Toronto ON
Casey Laforet: guitar, bass pedals, lap steel, banjo, bass, mandolin, vocals
Mark Sasso: banjo, guitar, vocals, harmonica
Stephen Pitkin: drums, piano, vocals
Produced by Elliott Brood 2013
Engineered by John Critchley, Elliott Brood and Ryan Fields
Recorded at Green Door Studios, Avening Town Hall and Parkside Dr. Studios
Mixed by John Critchley and Elliott Brood
Mastered by Ron Skinner at Heading North Mastering

Years active 2002–present

After moving from their hometown Windsor ON to Toronto, Mark Sasso and Casey Laforet got together with Stephen Pitkin to form The Brood. Released their first EP, recorded at home, in 2004

Days Into Years on September 27. Much of the album's content was inspired by a visit to the Étaples Military Cemetery during a tour through France.

10. Christopher Kearney: Shot Down (C Kearney)
Pemmican Stash: Capitol Records Canada ST 6392
Toronto ON
Christopher Kearney, guitar, vocals
Josh Onderisin: guitars
Jim Laramie: bass
Gord Neave: drums
Duane Ford: keys
Jerry Cingolani: cordovox
Bruce Good: autoharp
Larry Good: banjo
Ollie Strong: steel
Produced by Dennis Murphy 1973
Recorded by Phil Sheridan at Thunder Sound, Toronto

Christopher Kearney b. Toronto 1947

Kearney became serious about music in the mid-60's after relocating to the US West coast where he met Gordon Lightfoot who put up the money for his first demo recordings. In the early 80s Kearney joined CHINA with fellow Canadians Bill King and Danny McBride for one album on CBS Records. Currently living in San Diego

11. The Kinks: The Way Love Used To Be (Ray Davies)
Great Lost Kinks Album: Reprise MS 2127
London UK
Ray Davies: guitar, vocal
Dave Davies: guitar
Stanley Myres Orchestra
Tracks Produced by various producers
Compilation Produced 1973
Recorded 11 Oct 1970 at Morgan Studios (2), Willesden, London

From the sound track of the film Percy starring Elke Sommer and Britt Ekland
The film is based on a novel of the same name by Raymond Hitchcock, father of musician Robyn Hitchcock, about a man who gets a penis transplant, and is today remembered mostly for its soundtrack by The Kinks, more than the penis.

12. A Neon Rome: Windowsill (A Neon Rome)
New Heroin: New Rose Records ROSE111
Toronto ON
John Borra: bass
Neal Arbick: vocals
Kevin Nizel: guitar, piano
Bernard: synths
Ian Blurton: drums
Produced by A Neon Rome with Andrew St. George 1986
Recorded by Andrew St. George at Comfort Sound Studios, Toronto

In Canada this album was released on Fringe Productions but my album was made in France for European distribution.

13. Portage And Main: Never Had The Time (Harold Donnelly / John Sponarski)
Never Had The Time: Knuckleduster Music 20969 99395
Vancouver BC
Harold Donnelly: guitars, vocals
John Sponarski: guitars, vocals, harmonica
Georges Couling: keys
Ben Appenheimer: bass
Ben Brown: drums
Savanah Wellman: vocals
Matt Kelly: steel
Indiana Avent: fiddle
Malcolm Holt: tambourine
Produced by Georges Couling 2013
Recorded by Georges Couling at DCM Studios and Knuckleduster Studios, Vancouver
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

Two guys from Vancouver who for some reason wanted to be called ‘Portage and Main’ after the coldest intersection in the country in downtown Winnipeg (which is also nearly the longitudinal centre of Canada).

14. Payola$ with Carole Pope: Never Said I Loved You (P Hyde / B Rock)
45 single bw Soldier: A&M Records AM 623
Vancouver BC
Paul Hyde: vocals
Carole Pope: vocals
Bob Rock: guitar
Christopher Livingston: keys
Chris Taylor: drums
Produced by Mick Ronson with The Payola$ 1982

The Payola$, having successfully transformed themselves from a Vancouver punk band to a new wave sensation by incorporating reggae into their music, were riding on a high. They were being nominated for prestigeous awards and playing larger gigs. Carole Pope’s duet with Paul Hyde was like icing on their cake since she was at the top of her game with Rough Trade.

15. Tangerine Dream: Pilots of Purple Twilight (Tanergine Dream) 1981
Exit: Elektra Records 5E 557
West Berlin GM
Edgar Froese – composer, musician, producer
Christopher Franke – composer, musician, producer
Johannes Schmoelling – composer, musician
Produced by Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke 1981

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