33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
February 26, 2018

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Serious Multiplication
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Hour One

1.    Bobby Darin: Multiplication (B Darin) 1961
2.   Vicki Lawrence: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (Bobby Russell) 1972
3.   Sugarbee: So In Love With You Baby (S Kuby) 1970s *
4.   Patsy Gallant: Get That Ball (Ken Owen / Yves Lapierre) 1972 *
5.   Kenny Marco: Happy People (Kenny Marco / Steve Kennedy) 1976 *
6.   Claudia Barry: (Boogie Woogie) Dancing Shoes 1978 *
7.   Jay & The Techniques: Still (In Love With You) (M Shuman / J Ross) 1968
8.   Billy Preston: All I Wanted Was You (Billy Preson / Carol Connors) 1979
9.   Cream: Sweet Wine (Janet Godfrey / Ginger Baker) 1966
10. Duster Bennett: My Love Is Your Love (Magic Sam) 1968
11. Fleetwood Mac: Homeward Bound (Christine McVie) 1972
12. Fullerton Dam: You Didn’t Break My Heart  Toronto (Grant Fullerton) 1975 *
13. Arrows: Talk Talk (Dean McTaggart / David Tyson) 1985 *
14. Apollo 100: Exercise in A Minor (T Parker) 1971

Hour Two

1.   Henry Vogel Trio: Peanuts (Trad) 1974 *
2.   The Searchers: No Dancing (Noel Brown) 1979
3.   The Kinks: See My Friends (Ray Davies) 1965
4.   British Modbeats: Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Doris Payne / Gregory Carroll / Rex Garvin) 1967 *
5.   The Buckinghams: Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song) (Gary Beisbier / Jim Holvay) 1967
6.   Susan Cogan: In Favour of the Sensitive Man (Susan Cogan) 1981 *
7.   Carole King: Believe In Humanity (Carole King) 1973
8.   Judy Collins: Someday Soon (Ian Tyson) 1969
9.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Kiss and Say Goodbye (Kate McGarrigle) 1975 *
10. Shari Ulrich: Best Act In Town (Shari Ulrich) 1980 *
11. The Cascades: The Last Leaf (Chandler / McKendry) 1963
12. The Chessmen: Love Didn’t Die (Terry Jacks) 1965 *
13. The Munch Brothers: I Need Some Rock ‘N’ Roll (Munch Brothers / Taurus The Bull) 1974 *
14. The Pursuit of Happiness: I’m An Adult Now (Moe Berg) 1988 *
15. David Wilcox: Too Cool (David Wilcox) 1983 *
16. Ed McCurdy: The Red River Valley (Trad) 1963 *

CanCon – 53%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Bobby Darin: Multiplication (B Darin)
45 single bw Irresistible You: Atco Records 6214
New York City
Bobby Darin: vocal
Jimmy Haskell: conductor, arranger
Produced by Jimmy Haskell 1961
Recorded August 15, 1961

Bobby Darin (born Walden Robert Cassotto; May 14, 1936 December 20, 1973)
In 1990, singer Paul Anka made the speech inducting Darin into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

2.   Vicki Lawrence: The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia (Bobby Russell)
45 single bw Dime A Dance: Bell Records Golden Treasures Series GT 126X
Inglewood CA
Vicki Lawrence: vocal
The Wrecking Crew
Artie Butler: arranger
Produced by Snuff Garrett 1972

Victoria Ann Axelrad b. Inglewood CA March 26, 1949

Lawrence was, at the time, a regular performer on the ensemble variety comedy television show The Carol Burnett Show. She was presented her Gold Record (for selling over a million copies) by Carol Burnett live on TV.

Although Bobby Russell wrote both the lyrics and music for the song, he was reluctant to record even a demonstration because he "didn't like it." According to Lawrence, who was married to Russell at the time, she believed it was destined to be successful and recorded the demo herself.

3.   Sugarbee: So In Love With You Baby (S Kuby)
45 single bw Mary, Mary: Sweetwater Records SW 102
Vancouver BC
Stu Kuby:
Produced by Bob Schwartz, Geoff Turner and Stu Kuby, 1975
Recorded at Studio 3 Productions, Vancouver BC
Mixed by Geoff Turner

Stu Kuby is the President of Hudson River Music Hall. Sweetwater Records was a Canadian independent country/folk record label located in Alberton, Ontario (near Rainy River).

4.   Patsy Gallant: Get That Ball (Ken Owen / Yves Lapierre)
45 single bw I’ve Gotta Make It (Upon My Own): Columbia Records Canada C4-3056
Campbellton NB
Patsy Gallant: vocal
Produced by Yves Lapierre 1972

Born Adrienne Gallant, Campbellton NB August 15, 1948

1977 Female Vocalist of the Year
1978 Best Selling Single: "Sugar Daddy" and Female Vocalist of the Year

Recorded 13 albums full of songs. Totally bilingual, she’s recorded songs in both French and English. Gallant's greatest pop success came when she teamed up with producer and manager Ian Robertson for the 1976 album, Are You Ready For Love for which she was crowned as Canada’s Disco Queen. After the disco era she went into theatre, lived in France for quite a while before returning to Canada in 2005.

5.   Kenny Marco: Happy People (Kenny Marco / Steve Kennedy)
45 single bw Happy People Instrumental: Quality Records 2197X
Brantford ON
Steve Kennedy – saxophone
Ken Marco – guitar
William "Smitty" Smith – keyboards
Wayne Stone – drums
Produced by Kenny Marca and R.A. Morten 1976

Ken was once a member of Motherlode, Grant Smith And The Power and, he has also played lead guitar on albums by Etta James and, Jackie deShannon.

The original Motherlode who recorded on their first album (and also When I Die), broke up shortly afterwards due to a dispute with their manager (Mort Ross) and his company, Revolver Records, owned the name Motherlode. After this, several versions of Motherlode were put together to capitalize on the success of When I Die. None of the original members were a part of this charade, in fact they got absorbed into Dr. Music for a couple of years. Original members reunited in 1976, and recorded a song "Happy People" but, because of issues surrounding the name Motherlode, it had to be released as a Kenny Marco solo release.

6.   Claudia Barry: (Boogie Woogie) Dancing Shoes (Mats Bjoerklund / Jorg Evers / Keith Forsey / Jürgen Korduletsch / Claudia Barry)
45 single bw Forget About You: Lollipop Records LG 2
Toronto ON
Claudia Barry: vocal
Produced by Jürgen Korduletsch 1978

b. Jamaica 1952 and moved to Toronto when she was six.
Lollipop Records was a German label, primarily known for 1970s disco releases involving Jürgen S. Korduletsch. Claudia Barry put out a lot of records through them.

7.   Jay & The Techniques: Still (In Love With You) (M Shuman / J Ross)
45 single bw Strawberry Shortcake: Smash Records S 2142
Allentown, PA
Jay Proctor: Lead vocalist
George "Lucky" Lloyd: Second vocalist
Dante Dancho: Lead guitar
Chuck Crowl: Bass guitar
Karl Landis (Lippowitsch): Drums
Ronnie Goosley: Saxophone
Jon Walsh: Trumpet
Produced by Jerry Ross 1968

Their song "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie", released in 1967 on the Smash label, reached the Top 10 on the R&B chart. Strawberry Shortcake, the A Side of this single, was another well received hit song. They broke up around 1976. The band were multiracial, Proctor and George (Lucky) Lloyd being the only African-Americans in the group.

8.   Billy Preston with Syreeta Wright: All I Wanted Was You (Billy Preson / Carol Connors)
45 single bw With You I’m Born Again: Motown Records M 1477X
Houston TX
Billy Preston: keys, vocals
Syreeta Wright: vocals
Produced by Billy Preston 1979

William Everett Preston b. September 2, 1946 Houston, TX

Billy Preston is also known for his work with the Beatles. His honors on that account extend to being called one of the "fifth Beatle." (although DJ Murray The K used to self-crown himself with this moniker.

Syreeta Wright (born Rita Wright; February 28, 1946 – July 6, 2004) who mostly recorded with her ex, Stevie Wonder (September 1970 until 1972), or with Billy Preston. She was originally signed to Motown and did back up vocals for The Supremes. When Diana Ross left the Supremes in early 1970, Motown boss Berry Gordy considered replacing her with Wright, but this was vetoed by Supreme Mary Wilson.

Songwriter Carol Connors was in the group The Teddy Bears, which also included Phil Spector and co-wrote the theme to the 1976 film Rocky.

9.   Cream: Sweet Wine (Janet Godfrey / Ginger Baker)
Fresh Cream:  Polydor CP 594 001
London UK
Ginger Baker, drums
Jack Bruce, bass
Eric Clapton, guitar
Produced by Robert Stigwood 1966
December 9, 1966

10. Duster Bennett: My Love Is Your Love (Magic Sam) 1968
Smiling Like I’m Happy: Blue Horizon Records 7-63208
London UK
Duster Bennett: vocal, harmonica
Peter Green: guitar
Mick Fleetwood: drums
John McVie: bass
Ham Richmond: piano
Produced by Mike Vernon - 1968
Recorded at CBS Studios, London by Mike Ross & Mike Fitzhenry

Anthony "Duster" Bennett (23 September 1946 26 March 1976) died in a car crash in 1976

11. Fleetwood Mac: Homeward Bound (Christine McVie)
Bare Trees: Reprise Records 2080
London UK
Danny Kirwan – guitar, vocals
Bob Welch – guitar, vocals
Christine McVie – keyboards, vocals
John McVie – bass guitar
Mick Fleetwood – drums, percussion
Produced by Fleetwood Mac 1972
Recorded by Martin Birch at DeLane Lea Music Centre
Remixed at Record Plant Studios
Mastered by Lee Herschberg

Fleetwood Mac’s 6th album is their last to feature guitarist Danny Kirwan, who was fired during the album's supporting tour.

12. Fullerton Dam: You Didn’t Break My Heart (Grant Fullerton)
45 single: Radio Station Copy: Polydor 2065 261-DJ
Grant Fullerton (The Stitch In Tyme, Lighthouse, Madcats, Grant Fullerton Band): guitar, lead vocal
Brad MacDonald (Valhalla, Madcats): keyboards, vocals
Larry Brohman: bass, vocals
Steve Negus (Fludd, Saga): drums
Produced by Lonnie Salazar 1975
Recorded by Ken Friesen

Grant Fullerton b. Parrsboro, Nova Scotia
Grant Fullerton began his professional career in the late '60's as a member of The Untouchables.
Fullerton Dam formed in 1974.
He’s still active in the Toronto area.

13. Arrows: Talk Talk (Dean McTaggart / David Tyson)
45 single bw Easy Street: A&M Records Canada AM 688
Toronto ON
Dean McTaggart: vocal
Michael Sloski: drums
Ravi Mundi: keyboards
Kevin Small: Saxophone
Doug Macaskill (From Roxy) Guitars
Peter Bleakney and Howard Aye:  Bass
Produced by David Tyson 1985
Recorded by Lindsay Kidd
Mixed by Larry Alexander

The Arrows were formed in 1981 by vocalist Dean McTaggart and drummer Michael Sloski. After a few successful years they called it quits in 1986.

Currently, McTaggart works as a songwriter and has written many hit songs for other artists

14. Apollo 100: Exercise in A Minor (Tom Parker)
45 single bw Joy: Mega Records 615-0050X
London UK
Tom Parker: keys
Clem Cattini: drums
Vic Flick: guitar
Zed Jenkins: guitar
Jim Lawless: percussionist
Brian Odgers: bass
Produced by Miki Dallon 1971

Got together in and around multi-instrumentalist Tom Parker in 1970 and broke up in 73. Side A, “Joy” by JS Bach, was a hit in Britain but subsequent follow-up releases failed to impress the folks in the music ind.

Hour Two

1.   Henry Vogel Trio: Peanuts (Trad)
Variety In Rhythm: Vintage Records SCV 107
Kichener ON
Henry Vogel: Cordovox, trumpet
Don Reinhart: guitar
Fred Schoenherr: drums, trumpet, vibes
Produced by Art Snider circa 1974
Recorded by Glen Clarke at Sound Canada Recording Centre, Toronto

2.   The Searchers: No Dancing (Noel Brown)
The Searchers: Sire Records QSR 6082
Liverpool UK
Mike Pender: guitar, vocals
Billy Adamson: drums
Frank Allan: bass
John McNally: lead guitar, bg vocal
Produced by Pat Moran 1979
Recorded by Pat Morin at Rockfield Studios, Wales UK
Mixed by Ted Sharp
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC

With scant promotion and little if any radio airplay, their Sire album did not break into the charts. In fact, it was quickly revamped following release with a few extra tracks added, one song dropped (Bob Dylan's 'Coming From The Heart') and was given a new sleeve, which may have only confused the public, It did, however, revive the group's career through the 1980s.

3.   The Kinks: See My Friends (Ray Davies)
Kinkdom: Reprise Records 6184
London UK
Ray Davies: guitar, vocal
Dave Davies: lead guitar
Mick Avory: drums
Pete Quaiffe: bass
Produced by Shel Talmy 1965

According to Ray Davies, this song is about the loss of his sister, who lived for a time in Ontario, Canada. Upon her return to England she developed a sickness and died while dancing at a night club. Just before she died she gave Ray his first guitar for his 13th birthday. Inspiration for the song came after a stopover in Bombay, where, finding himself jetlagged on a beach, Davies encountered two fishermen chanting on their way to their morning work. "I remember getting up, going to the beach and seeing all these fishermen coming along," said Davies. "I heard chanting to start with, and gradually the chanting came a bit closer and I could see it was fishermen carrying their nets out."

4.   British Modbeats: Whatcha Gonna Do About It (Doris Payne / Gregory Carroll / Rex Garvin)
Mod........Is The British Modbeats: Red Leaf Records - RED 1002 - vinyl
St. Catherines / Grimsby, ON
Fraser Loveman: vocals
Joe Colonna: bass
Robbie Jeffrey: drums
Greig Foster: guitar
Mike Gorgichuk: guitar
Produced by Stan Klees - 1967
http://www.themodbeats.ca/ or mailto:themodbeats@gmail.com

The original version of this song (not to be confused with a song of the same name by the Faces) was by Doris Troy in 1964. The Hollies did a British Invasion cover version of this for their debut album Stay with The Hollies.
Cilla Black did a cover of this for her debut album Cilla.

The British Modbeats (who were later just called the Modbeats) were one of the Canadian bands who had their ears to the ground and were quick to pick up on British trends.

5.   The Buckinghams: Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song) (Gary Beisbier / Jim Holvay)
45 single bw And Our Love: Columbia Records 4-44254
Chicago IL
Carl Giammarese (lead guitar and vocals)
Nick Fortuna (bass)
Dennis Miccolis (keyboards)
John Poulos (drums)
Dennis Tufano (vocals)
Marty Grebb (keys)
Produced by James William Guercio, September 1967
Recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, NY

6.   Susan Cogan: In Favour of the Sensitive Man (Susan Cogan)
One: Scone Records WRC1-2797
Fulford Harbour, BC
Danny Greenspoon: electric guitar
Susan Cogan: percussion, vocals
Henry Heilig: bass
Lorne Nehring: drums
Mat Zimbal: congas
Brent Titcomb: bg vocal
Marie-Lynn Hammond: bg vocal
Sharon Keates: bg vocal
Produced by Susan Cogan with David Woodhead & Chad Irschick 1981
Recorded at Inception Sound, Toronto by Chad Irschick & Danny Greenspoon
Mixed at Ocean Sound, Vancouver by Howard Rissin

Born Toronto, Canada 1951. Moved to Jerusalem, Israel in 1966 where she began singing at the age of 15. In 1970s performed in the duo Susan & Fran, achieved fame with their songs becoming standards in Israel.

7.   Carole King: Believe In Humanity (Carole King)
45 single bw You Light Up My Life: Ode Records ODE-66035
Carole King - Vocals, piano, backing vocals
David T. Walker - guitar
Charles Larkey - bass guitar
Susan Ranney - bass guitar
Harvey Mason, Sr. - drums
Bobbye Hall - percussion
Eddie Kendricks - backing vocals
Produced by Lou Adler 1973
Recorded at A&M Studios, Hollywood

Carol Joan Klein, February 9, 1942 Manhatten, NYC

She is the most successful female songwriter of the latter half of the 20th century in the USA, having written or co-written 118 pop hits on the Billboard Hot 100 between 1955 and 1999.

8.   Judy Collins: Someday Soon (Ian Tyson)
45 single bw Both Sides Now: Elektra Gold Standard Series GS 44509
Seattle WA
Judy Collins: vocal, guitar
Stephen Stills: bass
James Gordon: drums
James Burton: electric guitar
Van Dyke Parks: piano
Buddy Emmons: steel
Produced by David Anderle 1969
Production Supervisor – Jac Holzman
Recorded by John Haeny live at Elektra Sound Recorders, LA

Judith Marjorie Collins (born May 1, 1939) Seattle WA

First recorded by Ian and Sylvia in 1964, it has been covered by Lynn Anderson, Tanya Tucker and Crystal Gayle. Collins’ version spent six weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #55.

This is a specially released single featuring the Grammy Award winning “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. She loved her Canadian songwriters!

9.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Kiss and Say Goodbye (Kate McGarrigle)
Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Warner Brothers BS 2862
Montreal QC
Kate McGarrigle: piano, vocal
Anna McGarrigle: vocal
Tony Levin: bass
Stephen Gadd: drums
Daviod Spinoza: guitar
Greg Pretopino: guitar
Lowell George: guitar
Hugh McCracken: guitar
Trevor Lawrence: horns
Bobby Keys: tenor sax
Produced by Joe Boyde and Greg Prestopino 1975
Recorded by John Wood at A&R Studios, NYC and Sunwest Studios, Hollywood
Mixed by John Wood, Dennis Dragon and Roger Mayer
Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank CA
Front Cover Photo: Gail Kenny

10. Shari Ulrich: Best Act In Town (Shari Ulrich)
Long Nights: A&M Records SP 9046
Bowen Island BC
Claire Lawrence: sax
Geoff Eyre: drums
Peter Clarke: bass
David Pickell, Ron Johnson: keys
Harris Van Berkel: guitar
Shari Ulrich: violin, vocals
Geoff Eyre, Nancy Nash, Peter Clarke, Shari Ulrich: bg vocals
Produced by Claire Lawrence 1980
Recorded at Pinewood Studios, Vancouver by Alan Perkins
Mixed at le Studio, Morin Heights, QC by Paul Northfield
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

11. The Cascades: The Last Leaf (Chandler / McKendry)
45 single bw Shy Girl: Warner Brothers 6028
San Diego CA
John Claude "John" Gummoe: (lead vocals)
Eddie Snyder (guitar)
Dave Wilson (drums and vocal)
Dave Stevens (bass)
Art Eastlick (rhythm guitar).
Von Lynch (keyboards)
Ronald Lynch (keyboards, saxophone)
Produced 1963

US servicemen stationed at San Diego formed the Silver Strands. They were originally another California surf band before becoming influenced by the success of The Beachboys. At that time they decided to become a vocal group. They eventually changed their name to The Thundernotes before becoming The Cascades, named after the dish washing detergent. Their only huge hit song was 1962’s “Rhythm of the Rain.” They broke up in 1975.

12. The Chessmen: Love Didn’t Die (Terry Jacks)
45 single bw You Lost Your Love: (Mercury) M-72498
Vancouver BC
Terry Jacks (guitar, vocals)
Guy Sobell (lead guitar)
Bill Lockie (bass)
Erik Kalaidzis (vocals)
Tom Meikle (drums)
Produced by Jerry Kennedy 1965

Guy Sobell was a guitarist in a Vancouver band, The Ken Clark Trio, and while in Europe, he had heard music by Swedish group The Spotnicks and the English group The Shadows and decided to form his own band after returning to Canada.  At the same time, a 17 year old named Terry Jacks had put together a “surf” band”, The Sand Dwellers. When the Sand Dwellers split up, some of the members re-formed as The Vancouver Playboys which left Terry Jacks without a band.

Jacks and Sobell were introduced to two fellow University of British Columbia students, Bill Lockie, a guitar player who was learning to play bass, and Erik Kalaidzis, a singer who played chess with Sobell and The Chessmen were born. They got to record a few songs and Vancouver DJ Red Robinson gave the tape to London Records who released the band's first single - "Meadowlands" - in December 1964. Mercury released the new single, "Love Didn’t Die", in December 1965 and they band closed out the year opening a show for Gary Lewis and The Playboys in Vancouver. Chessmen split up in 1966 but Terry Jacks went on to enjoy several international hits in the 1970s, including the classic Seasons In The Sun with the Poppy Family

13. The Munch Brothers: I Need Some Rock ‘N’ Roll (Munch Brothers / Taurus The Bull)
45 single bw instrumental version: The Gospel Truth Records TRA 3203
Louisville, KY
Jim Muench (guitar)
Don Keith Muench (Bass)
Steve Muench (guitar)
Danny Bell (drums)
Don Cameron (keyboards)
Produced by Taurus The Bull 1974
Recorded by Leo DeCarla in a Toronto studio

The family name was actually Muench. The Gospel Truth Records were a Stax imprint.

In January 1974 the group was managed by Louisville disk jockey, Dude Walker of WAKY radio and embarked on a journey to Toronto, Canada. While in Toronto the Munch Brothers were engaged by CHUM radio and sponsored by the Peter Stuyvesant Cigarette Company to tour Southern Ontario with daily concerts throughout the Province. Dates included two appearances at Nathan Phillips Square performing to crowds in excess of 50,000 and concluded with a two week run at the Canadian National Exhibition. During this time the band released a record in Toronto entitled “I need some Rock and Roll”. The group also appeared with “Wolfman Jack” in concert in Oshawa Ontario. After that they toured, opening for The Osmonds and the BGs. They stayed together until Jim Muench’s sudden death February 9, 2015.

14. The Pursuit of Happiness: I’m An Adult Now (Moe Berg)
Love Junk: Chrysalis Records CHS 41675
Toronto ON
Moe Berg: guitar, vocal
Dave Gilby: drums
Johnny Sinclair: bass
Kris Abbott: guitar, vocal
Leslie Stanwyck: vocal
Produced by Todd Rundgren 1988
Recorded by Robin Billinton at Utopia Sound Studios, Lake Hill, NY
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

The song was written in 1985, and produced independently and first released in 1986 as a 12-inch single. As a result of a music video, all copies of the 12-inch single the band had pressed sold out. The band became an "independent success story" because of the song and was signed by Chrysalis Records in 1988. The record label managers asked lead singer and songwriter Moe Berg for a list of "dream producers" for the band's forthcoming album, and he asked for Todd Rundgren. Rundgren flew to Toronto to see the band perform in concert at the Diamond Club and, after watching the band, agreed to produce them.

15. David Wilcox: Too Cool (David Wilcox)
My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble: Capitol Records 6000 Series ST 6503
Toronto ON
David Wilcox: guitar, vocals
Produced by Sadia Sadia - 1983

David Karl William Wilcox (born July 13, 1949) Montreal

Began his career Yorkville late 60s in The Gangrene Boys w Rick Fielding & Andy Hermant before being inducted to replace Amos Garrett in Great Speckled Bird.
Began his solo career with The Teddy Bears mid 70s & released a slew of albums

Sadia Sadia began her career by becoming one of the first women in the world to be signed to a major label as a record producer. She produced 5 albums by Canada’s David Wilcox between 1978 – 1993.

16. Ed McCurdy: The Red River Valley (Trad)
Folk Songs And Hootenanny: Spin-o-Rama Records: S-122
Halifax NS
Ed McCurdy: guitar, vocal
Produced 1963
Mastered at Audio Matrix, Inc.

Born January 11, 1919, Willow Hill, PA / died March 23, 2000, Halifax, NS

His most well-known song was the anti-war "Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream", written in 1950.
Moved to Canada in 1948, setting up in Vancouver with his Canadian born wife. This lead him to the CBC and eventually Toronto. In the 1980s, after living in the US for 20 yrs, he finally settled down in Halifax to live out the latter part of his life. 

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