33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 19, 2018

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Hour One

1.   A Foot In Cold Water: Driftaway (Taylor / Machin / Naumann / Leggat) 1977 *
2.   Bad Tractor: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (The Ramones) 2018 *
3.   The Beatles: From Me To You (Lennon / McCartney) 1963
4.   JJ Cale: Crazy Mama (JJ Cale) 1971
5.   Tommy Danton & The Echoes: Where Do I Stand With You (Ray Sonim) 1957 *
6.   The Esquires: A Touch Of Blue (Gary Comeau / Paul Huot) 1964 *
7.   Five D: Dimentia (Five D) 1967 *
8.   The Grateful Dead: New Speedway Boogie (Garcia / Lesh / Hunter) 1970
9.   Hands And Teeth: Not The Same (Hands And Teeth) 2014 *
10. Joseph Holzer & His Woodchoppers: Bier Her, Bier Her (Franzl Lang) 1959
11. If: Forgotton Roads (Dave Quincy / T Preston) 1971
12. J Geils Band: Southside Shuffle (P Wolf / Seth Justman) 1973
13. Klaatu: Blue Smoke (Klaatu) 1981 *
14. John Lennon: It’s So Hard (John Lennon) 1971

Hour Two

1.   The Majestics: Security (Otis Redding) 1969 *
2.   Nash The Slash: 19th Nervous Breakdown (Jagger / Richards) 1981 *
3.   The Ottawa Police Choir: United We Stand (Tony Hiller and Peter Simmons) 1970 *
4.   The Pogues: Fiesta (Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer) 1988
5.   Quicksilver Messenger Service: Cowboy On The Run (Dino Valenti) 1975
6.   Lou Rawls: Natural Man (Bobby Hebb / Sandy Baron) 1971
7.   Sam & Dave: You Got Me Hummin’ (I Hayes /D Porter) 1978
8.   Malcolm Tomlinson: Cut Across Country Ride (M Tomlinson) 1977 *
9.   Len Udow: River Run (Len Udow) 1976 *
10. Laura Vinson & Red Wyng: Waitin’ For The Weekend (Laura Vinson) 1982 *
11. The Ventures: Walk, Don’t Run ’64 (Johnny Smith) 1964
12. Jerry Jeff Walker: Pissin’ In The Wind (Jerry Jeff Walker) 1975
13. Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Drive Back (Neil Young) 1975
14. Yellow Balloon: Yellow Balloon (Zekleyk / St John / Lee) 1967

CanCon = 47%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One


1.   A Foot In Cold Water: Driftaway (Taylor / Machin / Naumann / Leggat)
Breaking Through: Anthem Records ANR 1- 1008
Toronto ON
Alex Machin: vocals
Paul Naumann: guitars
Danny Taylor: drums
Hugh Leggat: bass
Produced by Paul Naumann & A Foot In Cold Water 1977
Recorded by Mike Jones w/ Mark Grendel & Greg Marshall at Sounds Interchange, Toronto
Mastered at the Record Plant, NYC

A Foot in Coldwater was formed in Toronto in 1970 from three other bands. Leggat, Taylor, and Horne had been members of Nucleus, and the Lords of London. Machin and Naumann were in the band Island. Together, they signed a recording contract with Frank Davies of Daffodil Records, who named the new band "A Foot in Coldwater". This was AFCW’s last single, released on Ray Daniels’ Anthem Records.

In 1972, Daffodil released the band's first record album, A Foot in Coldwater. In 1973, Daffodil released the second album, The Second Foot in Coldwater. In 1974, Daffodil released a third A Foot in Coldwater album, All Around Us. This album included a shorter version of their 1972 hit "(Make Me Do) Anything You Want", which again made the Canadian singles chart. In 1976, Daffodil had filed for bankruptcy and the band no longer had a record label. In 1977, the remaining members of A Foot in Coldwater recorded a single, "Breaking Through" for Anthem Records; however, the single was a commercial failure and the band subsequently split up. Driftaway is the B Side.

2.   Bad Tractor: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Ramones)
Blessington: Meyers Creek Records MLRLP 0517
Belleville ON
Tim Hadley: guitar, lead vocal
Ian McKendry: electric guitar
Mike Budding: bass
Steve Fruitman: drums
Janet Mercier: vocals
Produced by Nicolas Tjelios 2018
Recorded at Big Red Button Studio, Belleville ON by Nicolas Tjelios
Mastered by Phillip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studio, Ottawa ON
@badtractorband on Twitter

A song from The Ramones off their 1977 release, Rocket To Russia

3.   The Beatles: From Me To You (Lennon / McCartney)
Twist And Shout: Capitol Records Canada 6000 Series T 6054
Liverpool UK
John Lennon - vocal, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Paul McCartney - vocal, bass
George Harrison - lead guitar
Ringo Starr - drums
Produced by George Martin 1963
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith
First Published in Canada February 1964

4.   JJ Cale: Crazy Mama (JJ Cale)
Naturally: MCA Records MCA 37104
Oklahoma City, OK
J J Cale: guitars, vocals
Karl Himmel: drums
Tim Drummond: bass
Bob Wilson: piano
Ed Colis: harmonica
Produced by Audie Ashworth 1971
Recorded by Joe Mills and Jim Williamson at Moss Rose Studio, Nashville Sept. 1970

John Weldon Cale  (December 5, 1938 July 26, 2013 La Jolla CA)

Songs were covered by Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Phish, Kansas, Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings, George Thorogood, Lynard Skynayrd, The Band, Waylon Jennings, Bobby Bare & Captain Beefheart

5.   Tommy Danton & The Echoes: Where Do I Stand With You (Ray Sonim)
45 Single bw Oh Yeah: Reo Records  8174A
Toronto ON
Tommy Danton: vocal
Nick Bassel: bass
Bill Mulhall: sax
Tom Gilboe: drums
John Stockfish: guitar
Produced  1957

Danton emigrated to Canada from the UK in the 1950s. He originally fronted big dance bands singing crooning ballads before he got into the rockabilly scene. As far as I can tell, he released three singles. They were released on an array of labels: Sparton, Dot, Karen, Barrel and Par Records. He died around 2005.

Ray Sonin, OBE (23 June 1907–20 August 1991) was a Canadian broadcaster, well known for his weekly radio spot on CFRB (the most listened to radio station in Canada at that time) called ‘Calling All Britons’. He was definitely the first North American broadcaster to play a Beatles’ song this side of the Atlantic, ‘Love Me Do’ in December ’62.

Guitarist John Stockfish later went on to play lead guitar for Gordon Lightfoot.

6.   The Esquires: A Touch Of Blue (Gary Comeau / Paul Huot)
Introducing The Esquires: Capitol Records - T-6075
Ottawa ON
Gary Comeau: lead guitar
Clint Hierlihy: bass
Paul Huot: guitar
Richie Patterson, drums
Produced by Clint Hierlihy - August, 1964
Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Montreal

From Ottawa, The Esquires were signed to Capitol Records in 1963, and are considered to have been the first Canadian pop band to be signed to a major label. In 1964, they received the RPM Award, a predecessor to the Juno Awards, as Best Vocal and Instrumental Group. They became the opening act for some of the major performers of the day, including The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, The Dave Clark Five and Roy Orbison. Unfortunately, they only produced this one album.

7.   Five D: Dimentia (Five D)
Five D – Ottawa Rocks, Sir John A Years: Sound Investment Enterpirises D-11101
Ottawa ON
Jack Arsenault: rhythm guitar
Brian Bradfield: drums
Brad Campbell: bass, vocal
Dave Poulin: lead vocal
John Miron: guitar
Produced by John Pozer 1967

Another great Ottawa band that came together in 1963. When the Beatles hit they decided to go Mersey Beat with names like The Decades, B.C. And The Cavemen, and The Quotations. In 1966 they became the Fifth Dimension but just as they were about to release their first record, they were informed about the ‘Up, Up and Away’ band using the same name. So they shortened it to Five D.

The band were part of the televised 1967 Centennial Celebrations on Parliament Hill where Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in attendance. Her Majesty later commented: "They are good, but loud!" They toured opening for the likes of The Who, The Troggs, Wilson Pickett and Ohio Express amongst many others. They broke up in 1970.

Dimentia was most likely recorded in 1967 but never released. I got this off a 1995 compilation CD Ottawa Rocks, Sir John A. Years (Sir John A. being a record company).

8.   The Grateful Dead: New Speedway Boogie (Garcia / Lesh / Hunter)
Workingmans Dead: Warner Brothers 1869
San Francisco CA
Jerry Garcia: lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo, vocals
Bob Weir: guitar, vocals
Pigpen (Ron McKernan): keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Phil Lesh: bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann: drums, percussion
Mickey Hart: drums, percussion
Produced by Bob Matthews, Betty Cantor, Grateful Dead - 1970
Recorded by Alembic at Pacific High Recording Studio, San Francisco

9.   Hands And Teeth: Not The Same (Hands And Teeth)
Before The Light EP: Underground Operations - UOP J-44
Toronto ON
Kevin Black: guitar, vocals, autoharp
Adam Kolubinski: drums
Derek Monson: bass, vocals, electronic drums
Natasha Pasternak: vocals, guitar, synths
Produced by Hands And Teeth with Carlin Nicholson & Mike O'Brien - 2014
Recorded by Carlin Nicholson & Mike O'Brien at Ill Eagle Studio, Toronto
Mixed by Carlin Nicholson at the Cracker Pit
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Toronto band that I featured on my program June 9, 2014 when they released their vinyl EP. They broke up shortly afterwards. Natasha Pasternak is the daughter of singer / songwriter / music producer Suzanne Pasternak and grew up in Prince Edward County, Ontario.

10. Joseph Holzer & His Woodchoppers: Bier Her, Bier Her (Franzl Lang)
In A German Beer Garden: Vox Records STPL 513.290
Joseph Holzer: accordion, vocal
Unknown band members
Produced 1959

When released, this album received 3 stars from Billboard Mag. This is their review:  "Sturdy instrumental treatments of jovial Bavarian-style ditties are provided by the European group. Authentic sounding wax for the market."

11. If: Forgotton Roads (Dave Quincy / T Preston)
IF3: Capitol Records - SMAS 820
John Mealing: keys
Terry Smith: guitar
Jim Richardson: bass
Dennis Elliot: drums
Dick morrissey: sax, flute
JW Hodkinson: vocals
Dave Quincey: sax, flute
Produced by Jon Child and IF 1971
Recorded by Frank Owen at Island Studios, London

If was a progressive rock band formed in Britain in 1969. Referred to by Billboard as "unquestionably the best of the so-called jazz-rock bands". In the period spanning 1970-75, they produced eight studio-recorded albums and did some 17 tours of Europe, US and Canada. If thus became one of the most highly acclaimed groups of the Seventies to never quite make the big time, despite good record sales and full venues.

12. J Geils Band: Southside Shuffle (P Wolf / Seth Justman)
Bloodshot: Atlantic Records SD 7260
Worcester Mass
J Geils: guitar
Stephen Jo Bladd: drums
Seth Justman: keys, vocal
Magic Dick (aka Richard Salwitz): harp
Peter Wolf: vocal
Daniel Klein: bass
Produced by Bill Szymczyk 1973
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk at Jerry Ragovoy’s Hit Factory, NYC

John Warren Geils Jr. (February 20, 1946 – April 11, 2017)

Geils went to college in Worcester and started up the band. After they broke up in 1985 after issuing 7 albums. Geils did sporadic work in reunions after that, but nothing really to speak of.

13. Klaatu: Blue Smoke (Klaatu)
Magentalane: Capitol Records of Canada 6000 Series ST 6487
Toronto ON
John Woloschuk - vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, vibraphone, sitar, vibes, orcana, piano, glockenspiel
Dee Long - vocals, electric guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, Korg synthesizer
Terry Draper - drums, percussion, Polymoog synthesizer, trombone, tambourine, vocals
George Bertok - piano
Produced by Klaatu - 1981
Recorded at ESP Studios, Buttonville ON

14. John Lennon: It’s So Hard (John Lennon)
Imagine: Capitol Records of Canada C2 44641
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: lead guitar, vocal
Klaus Voormann: bass
Jim Gordon: drums
King Curtis: sax
Produced by John & Yoko with Phil Spector 1971
Recorded at Ascot Sound Studios by Philip McDonald, Eddie Klein, Eddie Offor, Eddie Veal, Eddie Beer

Released: 9 September 1971 in US Oct 9 1971 in UK
Lennon’s first post-Beatles solo album

Hour Two

1.   The Majestics: Security (Otis Redding)
The Soul King Otis Redding: Arc Records AS 770
Toronto ON
Fred Keeler (guitar)
Eric Robertson (piano),
Chris Vickery (bass),
Wes Morris (drums),
John Crone (baritone sax),
Orlie Gurerri (trombone),
Russ Strathdee (tenor & alto sax),
Brian Lucrow (trumpet)
Produced by Tony DiMaria - 1969
Recorded at Bay Studio, Toronto by Gary Starr

Sax player John Crone came over from Bobby Kris and The Imperials. Drummer Wes Morris left Jon & Lee and The Checkmates. Guitarist Fred Keelor had previously played with David Clayton-Thomas in his first band, The Shays.

Keeler would later form Jericho. Bass player Chris Vickery would later join Damage. Eric Robertson would become a top keyboard session player for Murray McLauchlan. They were the backing band for Shawne and Jay Jackson, an R&B, Toronto-based brother and sister act.

2.   Nash The Slash: 19th Nervous Breakdown (Jagger / Richards)
Children of the Night: Virgin Records / Dindisc VM 2212
Toronto ON
Nash The Slash: all instruments
Produced by Steve Hillage 1981
Recorded by Nick Griffin at Cut-Throat Studio, Toronto & Britannia Row, London

Nash The Slash first started out playing with Mike Waite and Percy Adler in a band called Breathless. They recorded only one song in 1970 that was only released on a promo compilation LP used by their talent booker. Waite went on to manage Slash’s next endevor, the band FM. Jeff Plewman was Nash The Slash.

3.   The Ottawa Police Choir: United We Stand  (Tony Hiller and Peter Simmons)
United We Stand: Marc Records MP 1046
Ottawa ON
Craig Davidson: Director
Tenors: Dominic DArcy, elzear Desroches, Ray Draper, Fred Gorman, Davis Hodgins, Michael McCallum, A.D. McConnell, Jim McKenna, Paul Rochon, John Rodgers, Brian Sullivan, Bob Taylor, Gary Thompson
Basses: John Aldrich, Richard Amisson, Bill Brooks, Pat Chapman, Frank Cook, Mike Fahey, Ron Hammell, Don Harrison, Irving Kurz, Terry Lynch, Chris Murphy, Taras Mushka, Daryl Parlee, Garry Rae, Des Sloan, Ed Walker, Terry Welsh
Produced by Gary David & Craig Davidson circa 1970
Recorded by John Cybanski at Marc Productions Ltd, Ottawa

4.   The Pogues: Fiesta (Shane MacGowan / Jem Finer)
If I Should Fall From Grace With God: Island Records ISL 1175
London UK
Shane MacGowan vocals, guitar
Spider Stacy tin whistle, vocals
James Fearnley accordion, piano, mandolin, dulcimer, guitar, cello, percussion
Terry Woods cittern lute, concertina, strings, banjo, dulcimer, guitar, vocals
Jem Finer banjo, saxophone
Andrew Ranken drums, vocals
Philip Chevron guitar, mandolin
Darryl Hunt bass, percussion, vocals
Ron Kavana banjo, spoons, mandolin
Siobhan Sheahan harp
Brian Clarke alto saxophone
Joe Cashman tenor saxophone
Paul Taylor trombone
Chris Lee trumpet
Eli Thompson trumpet
Produced by Steve Lillywhite 1988
Recorded by Chris Dickie, Roy Spong & Nick Lacey at RAK Studios, London 1987

5.   Quicksilver Messenger Service: Cowboy On The Run (Dino Valenti)
Solid Silver: Capitol Records  SN 66076
San Francisco CA
Gary Duncan  electric and steel, vocals
John Cipollina - electric and Hawaiian steel guitars, vocals
Dino Valenti  guitar, vocals
David Freiberg  bass, vocals
Greg Elmore  drums
Nicky Hopkins  piano
Pete Sears  piano
Michael Lewis  piano, organ, Arp synthesizer
Skip Olson  bass
Mario Cipollina  bass
Kathi McDonald  vocals
Produced by Quicksilver & John Palladino  1975
Recorded by Mike Fusaro, George Engfer, Tom Lubin & Phil Brown at Columbia
Recording Studios, San Franciscop June 30  August 20, 1975
Mastered by Wally Traugott at Capitol Records, Hollywood

Band formed in 1965 by musicians influenced by folk, blues and jazz in SF.
This was their 8ths and final album featuring the original members of the band.

6.   Lou Rawls: Natural Man (Bobby Hebb / Sandy Baron)
45 Single: MGM 14262X
Chicago IL
Lou Rawls: vocal
Produced by Michael Lloyd 1971

b. Chicago 1933 d. Los Angeles, 2006
1st Hit single for MGM won grammy award

7.   Sam & Dave: You Got Me Hummin’ (Isaac Hayes / David Prater)
Sweet & Funky Gold: Gusto Records GT 0045
New York City
Samuel David Moore
Dave Prater (deceased)
Produced - 1966
Compilation LP produced by Louis Lofredo 1978

Samuel David Moore (born Samuel David Hicks on October 12, 1935), and the baritone/tenor (lower) voice was Dave Prater (May 9, 1937 April 9, 1988).

8.   Malcolm Tomlinson: Cut Across Country Ride (Malcolm Tomlinson)
Coming Outta Nowhere: A&M - SP-4649
Toronto ON
Malcolm Tomlinson: guitars, vocals
Danny Marks: guitar
Scott Cushnie: keys
Rick Birkett: bass
Frank LoRusso: drums
Produced by Jack & Cub Richardson – 1977
Recorded by Jim Frank at Soundstage, Toronto, April 1977
Mastered by Cub Richardson at JAMF, Toronto

Malcolm Tomlinson (b. London UK 16 June 1946 – d. Toronto 2 April 2016)

9.   Len Udow: River Run  (Len Udow)
Through Curved Glass: Appellation Music CSPS 1055
Winnipeg MB
Ken Whiteley: mandolin
Chris Whiteley: harmonica
Dan Donahue: guitar
Jim Morgan: bass
Len Udow: guitar, vocal
Produced by Eugene Martynec 1976
Recorded by Jim Morgan at Captain Audio Studios, Toronto March 31 & May 11, 1976

10. Laura Vinson & Red Wyng: Waitin’ For The Weekend (S MacDougall / Laura Vinson)
45 single bw Broken Hearted Melody: Royalty Records – RT 1000 117
Edmonton AB
Laura Vinson: guitar, vocal
Mike Musson: Fiddle, vocals
George Hauser:Bass, vocals
Randy Cross: Drums, vocals
Harry Lent
Jim Hathaway
Wayne Saunders
Stewart McDougall
Frank Walls: Guitars, vocals
Produced by R Harlan Smith & Red Wyng – 1982

RIP Nokie Edwards

11. The Ventures: Walk, Don’t Run ’64 (Johnny Smith)
45 single bw The Cruel Sea: Dolton Records DO.96
Tacoma WA
Bob Bogle - bass
Don Wilson - guitar
Nokie Edwards lead guitar
Mel Taylor - drums
Produced – 1964

Nole Floyd "Nokie" Edwards (May 9, 1935 – March 12, 2018)

Edwards originally played with Buck Owens’ Buckeroos after Owens moved out to California in 1958. He also played and recorded with a band called The Marksmen. Edwards originally played bass for The Ventures, but he took over the lead guitar position from Bob Bogle.

The band formed in 1958 in Tacoma, Washington. ‘Walk, Don’t Run’ was their big hit in 1960. Walk, Don't Run '64" is an updated version. They’ve recorded 66 albums of mostly instrumental pop music and have sold over 110 million albums sold worldwide

In 2008, Edwards was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with The Ventures. The award was presented by John Fogerty.

12. Jerry Jeff Walker: Pissin’ In The Wind (Jerry Jeff Walker)
Ridin’ High: MCA Records  MCA 2156
Oneonta, NY
Jerry Jeff Walker: vocal, guitar
David Briggs: piano
Norbert Putnam: bass
Weldon Merrick: guitar
Johnny Gimble: fiddle
Kenny Buttry: drums
Produced by Michael Brovsky  1975
Recorded by Gene Eichelberger at Quadraphonic Studios, Nashville, & The Barn, Woodstock NY

Ronald Clyde Crosby b. March 16, 1942 Oneonta NY

The saying, ‘Pissing in the Wind’ basically means that it’s generally a bad idea. I think you get the picture.

13. Neil Young & Crazy Horse: Drive Back (Neil Young)
Zuma: Reprise MS 2242
Neil Young: guitar, vocals
Frank Sampedro: guitar
Billy Talbot: bass
Ralph Molina: drums
Produced by Neil Young & David Briggs – 1975

14. Yellow Balloon: Yellow Balloon (Zekleyk / St John / Lee)
45 single bw Noollab Wolley: Canterbury Records: C 508
Los Angeles CA
Don Grady: drums
Alex Valdez: lead vocal
Frostyk Green: keys
Don Braucht: bass
Piaul Canella: lead guitar
Produced by Yodar Critch 1967

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