33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
May 7, 2018

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Hour One

1.   The Flaming Groovies: Please, Please Me (L&M) 1962 – 1979
2.   Short Turn: Hold Me Tight (L&M) 1963 – 1978 *
3.   Suzie Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man (L&M) 1963 – 1974
4.   Sattalites: She Loves You (L&M) 1963 – 1985 *
5.   Peter & Gordon: A World Without Love (L&M) 1964
6.   Deep Purple: Help (L&M) 1965 – 1968
7.   Pulse Creek: I’ve Just Seen A Face (L&M) 1965 – 1982 *
8.   Pete Schofield & His Canadians: Yesterday (L&M) 1965 – 1969 *
9.   Five Man Electrical Band: You’re Gonna Lose That Girl (L&M) 1965 – 1969 *
10. Vanilla Fudge: Ticket To Ride (L&M) 1965 – 1967
11. Humble Pie: Drive My Car (L&M) 1965 – 1975
12. Vassar Clements: Norwegian Wood (L&M) 1965 - 1973
13. The Tremeloes: Good Day Sunshine (L&M) 1966 – 1967
14. Ofra Harnoy & The Orford String Quartet: Nowhere Man (L&M) 1966 – 1984 *
15. Bobby Gentry: Eleanor Rigby (L&M) 1966
16. The Lettermen: Here, There and Everywhere (L&M) 1966 – 1972
17. Stitch In Tyme: Got To Get You Into My Life (L&M) 1966 – 1966 *

Hour Two

1.   Paul Mauriat & Orchestra: Penny Lane (L&M) 1967
2.   Billy Bragg: She’s Leaving Home (L&M) 1967 - 1988
3.   Wilson Pickett: Hey Jude (L&M) 1969
4.   The Keefe Sisters: Oob-la-di (L&M) 1968
5.   Siouxsie & The Banshees: Dear Prudence (L&M) 1968 – 1984
6.   Bobby McFerrin: Blackbird (L&M) 1968 - 1984
7.   Jeff Healey Band: While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison) 1968 – 1990 *
8.   Hans Staymer Band: Come Together (L&M) 1969 – 1972 *
9.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money (L&M) 1969 – 1981 *
10. Denny Doherty: Here Comes The Sun (Harrison) / Two Of Us (L&M) 1969-70 *
11. Fraser & DeBolt: Don’t Let Me Down (L&M) 1970 – 1971 *
12. Ike & Tina Turner Revue: Get Back (L&M) 1970 – 1985
13. Wes Montgomery: A Day In The Life (L&M) 1967 – 1967

CanCon – 40%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The Flaming Groovies: Please, Please Me (L&M)
Jumpin’ In The Night: Sire Records SRK 6067
San Francisco CA
Cyril Jordan: guitar, vocals
Chris Wilson: guitar, vocals
Mike Wilhelm: guitar
George Alexander: bass
David Wright: drums
Produced by Cyril Jordan, Roger Bechirian, 1979
Recorded by Roger Becherian at Eden Studios, Advision Studios, London UK

First recorded by The Beatles 26 November 1962

2.   Short Turn: Hold Me Tight (L&M)
Don’t Get Around Much Anymore: Heavenly Jukebox Records CS 6012
Toronto ON
Kirk Elliott: guitar, violin, harmonica, vocals
Sharon Keates: vocals, keys, guitar, washboard, spoons, whistle
George Meanwell: guitar, cello, vocals
Stuart Elliott: saxes
Howard Linscott: double bass
Produced by H B Satrong, 1978

"Hold Me Tight" was composed principally by Paul McCartney in 1961, and was part of the Beatles' stage act until 1963. It was recorded September, 1963.

Recorded by Doug McClement live at The Groaning Board, Toronto, May 6, 1978

3.   Suzie Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man  (Lennon / McCartney)
Suzi Quatro: Bell Records 1302
Michigan US
Suzi Quatro - Bass, Lead Vocals
Len Tuckey - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alastair McKenzie - Electric Piano, Grand Piano, Mellotron, Backing Vocals
Dave Neal - Drums, Backing Vocals
Produced by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn 1973
Recorded by Pete Coleman at Audio International Studio, London
Mastered by Chris Blair

"I Wanna Be Your Man" is a Lennon–McCartney-penned song recorded and released as a single by the Rolling Stones, and then recorded by the Beatles. The song was primarily written by Paul McCartney, and finished by Lennon and McCartney in the corner of a room while Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were talking. Beatles recording: September – October, 1963

4.   The Sattalites: She Loves You (L&M)
45 single: Axe Records 87
Toronto ON
Fergus Hambleton: lead vocals, guitar, sax
Jo Jo Bennett: flugelhorn, percussion
David Fowler: Keys
Bruce McGillivray: bass
Junior McPherson: drums
Rick Morrison: sax
Bruce Robinson: piano
Produced by Fergus Hambleton & Jo Jo Bennett 1985 *

Lennon and McCartney started composing "She Loves You" on 26 June 1963 after a concert at the Majestic Ballroom in Newcastle upon Tyne during their tour with Roy Orbison and Gerry and the Pacemakers. They began writing the song on the tour bus, and continued later that night at their hotel in Newcastle eventually completing it the following day at McCartney's family home in Forthlin Road, Liverpool. They recorded it 1 July 1963.

5.   Peter & Gordon: World Without Love (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
45 Single: Capitol Records 5175
London UK
Peter Asher, vocals
Gordon Waller, vocals
Geoff Loves Music
Produced by Norman Newell 1965
Recorded 21 January 1964 Abbey Road Studios

The song was written by Paul McCartney. It was the first of many big hit songs for P&G. They also recorded “If I Fell,” and another McCartney song: Woman.

6.   Deep Purple: Help (Lennon / McCartney)
Shades of Deep Purple: Warner Brothers WS 4516
London UK
Rod Evans: vocals
John Lord: organ, vocals
Nic Simper: bass, vocals
Ritchie Blackmore: guitar, vocals
Ian Paice: drums
Produced by Derek Lawrence 1968
Recorded by Barry ainsworth at Pye Studios, London, 1113 May 1968

The Beatles recorded this on 13 April 1965 to be included in their film, Eight Arms To Hold You., which eventually was shortened to the title of this song.

7.   Pulse Creek: I’ve Just Seen A Face (J&M)
Pulse Creek: Greentree Music GT 335
Corunna ON
Steve Mullen: bass, lead vocal
Ed Nicol: mandolin
Terry Mullen: guitar
Larry Danby: banjo
Pat Crone: drums
Produced by Walt Maynard, 1982
Recorded by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto

Beatles recording: 14 June 1965 on Help (UK) and Rubber Soul (NA)

8.   Pete Schofield & His Canadians: Yesterday (L&M)
It’s A Sign of the Times: Birchmount Records BM502
Toronto ON
Pete Schofield: clarinet, alto sax
Ron Grant: clarinet, alto sax
George Zarras: bariton, tenor, also sax, clarinet
Doug Oliver: tenor sax, clarinet
Ian McKay: trumpet
Brian Leonard: drums
Rick Homme: bass
Bob Edwards: guitar
George Collins: keys
Produced by Pete Schofield
Music Directors: Ed Graf and Jerry Nichols
Recorded by Pete Houston in Toronto

Beatles: 14 June 1965

9.   Five Man Electrical Band: You’re Gonna Lose That Girl (J&M)
Five Man Electrical Band: Capiltol Records Canada  ST 165
Ottawa ON
Lee Emmerson: guitar, vocals
Ted Gerow (keyboards)
Brian Rading (bass)
Vern Craig (vocals, guitar)
Rick 'Bell' Belanger (drums)
Mike 'Bell' Belanger (2nd drums)
Produced by Max Hoch and John Gross  1969

Beatles recorded this for Help 19 February 1965

10. Vanilla Fudge: Ticket To Ride (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Vanilla Fudge: Atco Records SD 33-224
Long Island NY
Tim Bogert bass, vocals
Mark Stein lead vocals, keyboards
Vince Martell guitar, vocals
Carmine Appice drums, vocals
Produced by Shadow Morton - 1967
Recorded by Joe Veneri & Bill Stahl

Ticket To Ride recorded by The Beatles 15 February 1965

The Fudge recorded five albums during the years 1967–69, before disbanding inn 1970.  Originally called The Electric Pigeons, they changed their name to The Pigeons. Ahmet Ertegun, their label's founder and president, didn't like that name and told them to change it.

Carmine Appice: We tried to think up a new name but were getting nowhere until we played a gig at the Page 2 club on Long Island and ended up talking to a chick named Dee Dee who worked there. She told us how her grandfather used to call her Vanilla Fudge. Then she looked at us and added 'Maybe you guys should call yourselves that---you're like white soul music'. We liked it. We told our manager, Phil Basile. He liked it. We told Atlantic and they liked it, too. So Vanilla Fudge it was".

According to Ritchie Blackmore and Jon Lord, Vanilla Fudge's organ-heavy sound was a large influence on the British band Deep Purple, with Blackmore even stating that his band wanted to be a "Vanilla Fudge clone" in its early years.

On March 14, 1970, Vanilla Fudge played a farewell concert at the Phil Basile's Action House. After that, Bogert & Appice departed to go ahead with another group, Cactus, that they'd been planning since late 1969. In 1972 they left Cactus and formed Beck, Bogert & Appice with guitarist Jeff Beck.

11. Humble Pie: Drive My Car (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Street Rats: A&M SP 4514
Greg Ridley - bass guitar, vocals
Jerry Shirley - drums
Steve Marriott - guitar, harmonica, keyboards, producer, vocals
Clem Clempson - guitar, slide guitar
Mel Collins - session musician (horn)
Tim Hinkley - session musician (keyboards)
Produced by Andrew Oldham & Steve Marriott - 1975
Recorded at Olympic Studios, London & Clear Sounds Studios, Essex UK

Beatles recorded it for Rubber Soul 13 October 1965

Active 1969 – 75

Drummer Jerry Shirley (born 4 February 1952) backed Syd Barrett on his two solo albums. Also worked with John Entwhistle, Sammy Hager.

12. Vassar Clements: Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (Lennon / McCartney)
Crossing The Catskills: Rounder Records 0016
Kinard FL
Vassar Clements: fiddle
David Bromberg: dobro
Michael Melford: guitar
Everett Allen Lilly: bass
Produced by Vassar Clements & Michael Melford - 1973
Recorded by John Nagy at Aengus Enterprises, Fayville Mass

Beatles recording 12 and 21 October 1965 for Rubber Soul

Vassar Carlton Clements (April 25, 1928 August 16, 2005)

13. The Tremeloes: Good Day Sunshine (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Our Best To You: Columbia Records  TBS 2
(Here Comes My Baby: Epic LN 24310)
London UK
Alan Blakley, rhythm guitar
Dave Munden, drums
Ricky West, lead guitar
Len Hawkes, bass
Produced by Mike Smith – 1967

Beatles recording 8 June 1966 for Revolver

The Tremeloes recorded a version later in 1966, their second single after parting company from Brian Poole

14.  Ofra Harnoy & The Orford String Quartet: Nowhere Man (L&M)
Play The Beatles: Fanfare Records DEL 6002
Ofra Harnoy, cello
Andrew Dawes, violin
Kenneth Perkins, viola
Terence Helmer, bass
Denis Brott, cello
Produced by Julian Rice - 1984
Recorded by Michael Rice with Anton Kwaitkowski at Flora McRae Auditorium, Timothy Eaton
Memorial Church, Toronto, September 1984
Arrangements: Doug Riley

Beatles recording for Revolver (British) was 21–22 October 1965

15. Bobby Gentry: Eleanor Rigby (L&M)
Great Songs Of The Beatles: Capitol Records  QL 6735
Woodland, Mississippi
Bobby Gentry: vocals
Originally Produced by Kelly Gordon
Originally recorded 1968
Compilation produced by Ernest K. Dominy  - 1972

Recorded by The Beatles for Revolver 28–29 April and 6 June 1966

Recorded for Gentry’s third album, Local Gentry, which also included Fool on the Hill and Here, There and Everywhere.

16. The Lettermen: Here, There & Everywhere (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Great Songs Of The Beatles: Capitol Records  QL 6735
Las Vegas NV
Jim Pike: vocal
Tony Butala: vocal
Gary Pike: vocal
Compilation produced by Ernest K. Dominy  - 1972

Recorded by The Beatles for Revolver 14 June 1966

When discussing his song "Here, There and Everywhere", Paul McCartney has frequently cited Brian Wilson's "God Only Knows" as his main source of inspiration. McCartney wrote "Here, There and Everywhere" at Lennon's house in Weybridge, while waiting for John to wake up. McCartney recalled: "I sat out by the pool on one of the sun chairs with my guitar and started strumming in E. And soon had a few chords, and I think by the time he'd woken up, I had pretty much written the song, so we took it indoors and finished it up."

17. The Stitch In Tyme: Got To Get You Into My Life (Lennon / McCartney)
45 single: Yorkville YV-45001 / Yorkville Evolution: Yorkville Records YVM 33001
Amherst NS / Toronto ON
John Yorke (vocals)
Grant Fullerton (guitar, vocals)
Bob Murphy (keyboards, vocals)
Donnie Morris (bass, vocals)
Pinky Dauvin (drums, vocals)
Bruce Wheaton (guitar, vocals; replaced Yorke)
Produced 1966

The Beatles recording for Revolver 7 April and 17 June 1966

The Untouchables & The Continentals members joined forces and moved to Toronto 1966 to form S I T

In Barry Miles' 1997 book Paul McCartney: Many Years from Now, McCartney disclosed that the song was about marijuana. "'Got to Get You into My Life' was one I wrote when I had first been introduced to pot ... So [it's] really a song about that, it's not to a person."

Hour Two

1.   Paul Mauriat & Orchestra: Penny Lane (L&M)
Blooming Hits: Philips Records PHS 600-248
Paris FR
Produced by Philips recording staff, 1967

Recorded by The Beatles beginning 29 December 1966 and finishing on 17 January 1967

2.   Billy Bragg: She’s Leaving Home Me (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
45 Single: Child Records 1 Northern Songs
Barking, Essex, UK
Billy Bragg, electric guitar, vocals
Produced by John Porter & Kenny Jones 1988

Recorded for Sgt Pepper by The Beatles 17 March 1967

From the LP Sgt Pepper Knew My Father for Childline

3.   Wilson Pickett: Hey Jude (L&M)
Wilson Pickett’s Greatest Hits: Atlantic Records 2SA 501
Detroit MI
Wilson Pickett: vocals
Duane Allman, Jimmy Johnson, Albert Lowe - guitar
David Hood, Gerald Jemmott - bass
Barry Beckett - keyboards, piano
Marvell Thomas - organ
Roger Hawkins - drums
Gene Miller, Jack Peck - trumpet
Joe Arnold, Aaron Varnell - tenor saxophone
James Mitchell - baritone saxophone
Produced by Rick Hall and Tom Dowd, 1969
Compilation Produced 1973
Recorded at FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

The Beatles recorded this 31 July – 1 August, 1968

4.   The Keefe Sisters: Oob-la-di (sic) (L&M)
Our Heritage and Other Things: Caribou Records CCLP 7006
Sydney Mines, Cape Breton Island NS
Patsy Keefe: guitar, vocal
Jamie Keefe: vocal
Laura Keefe: vocal
Produced by Kent Productions, 1968

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da was recorded for The Beatles’ white album 8, 9, 11 and 15 July 1968

5.   Siouxsie & The Banshees: Dear Prudcene (L&M)
12 Inch Single: Wonderland POLSX 102
London UK
Siouxsie Sioux: vocals
Steven Severin: bass, keys
Budgie: drums, percussion, keys
John Valentine Carruthers: guitar
Produced by Siouxsie & The Banshees with Mike Hedges, 1983

Beatles recording was made 28–30 August 1968

This was one Siouxsie's biggest hits, peaking at No. 3 in the UK singles chart.

6.   Bobby McFerrin: Blackbird (L&M)
The Voice: Elektra Musician 60366-1-E
New York City
Bobby McFerrin: voice
Produced by Linda Goldstein 1984
Recorded live in Manheim, Germany at the Rosengarten by Carlos Albrecht
Mastered by Steve Addabbo

Recorded by The Beatles for the white album, 11 June 1968

b. March 11, 1950 Manhattan, New York

A ten-time Grammy Award winner, he is known for his unique vocal techniques
He is widely known for performing and recording regularly as an unaccompanied solo vocal artist. He had spent six years developing his musical style, the first two years of which he attempted not to listen to other singers at all, in order to avoid sounding like them

7.   Jeff Healey Band: While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Harrison)
Hell To Pay: Arista Records AL8632
Toronto ON
Jeff Healey: lead guitar, vocal
Joe Rockman: bass
Tom Stephen: drums
George Harrison: acoustic guitar, bg vocal
Jeff Lynne: acoustic guitar, bg vocal
Paul Shaffer: keys
Produced by Ed Stasium, 1990
Recorded by Paul Hammingson at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC
Mixed by Ed Stasium with Paul Hammingson
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi, NYC

George Harrison agreed to play acoustic guitar on this track.
It was originally recorded by The Beatles for The White Album on 5–6 September 1968.

8.   Hans Staymer Band: Come Together (L&M)
The Hans Staymer Band: GSF Records  9208-1004
Vancouver BC
Hans Staymer: vocal, harmonica
Robbie King: keys
Eddie Patterson: guitar
Wayne Kozak: sax
Paul Burton: drums
Produced by Don Hamilton and Robbie King 1972
Recorded by Don Greppert at Aragon Recorders, Vancouver
Mixed by Eirek The Norwegian (Eirik Wangberg)
Mastered at Sound Recorders, LA

The Beatles Recording: 21–30 July 1969 for Abby Road

Staymer saw Louis Armstrong and got into Django Reinhardt’s music while still living in Germany. He moved to Canada to become a Goldsmith in Edmonton in 1962. He began performing there, playing songs by Leadbelly and was in and out of bands. The best Edmonton band he was in was The Famous Last Words which actually lasted a few years. He moved to Vancouver in 1968 and formed a new band called Django which lasted four years. Then he formed the Hans Staymer band.

In 1997, Staymer and producer/guitarist Andreas Schuld formed the acoustic blues duo Schuld & Staymer. Their first album, recorded with Edmonton’s Bill Bourne, received a 1997 Juno nomination for Best Blues album. They play off and on and did their last album in 2014.

9.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money (L&M)
In Montreux: Intercan Records (CBC) IC-1014
Toronto ON
Salome Bey: vocal
Denzil A Miller Jr: keys
Armas Maiste: keys
Don Thompson: bass
Terry Clark: drums
Alan Penfold: trumpet
PJ Perry: sax
Butch Watanabe: trombone
Produced by Mark D Goldman,1981
Recorded at Mountain Recording Studios, Montreux, Switzerland
at the 13th International Festival, 1979 by Dave Richards

Beatles: May – August, 1969 for Abby Road

10. Denny Doherty: Here Comes The Sun (Harrison) / Two Of Us (L&M)
Watcha Gonna Do: RCA DS 50096
Halifax NS / Mississauga ON
Jimmie Haskell* Accordion
Brian Garofalo* Bass
Russ Kunkel Drums
Barry McGuire, Eddy Fischer Guitar
Buddy Emmons steel guitar
Eric Hord Guitar, Sitar, Banjo
Gabe Lapano Piano, Organ
Denny Doherty Vocals, Guitar
Producerd by Bill Szymczyk 1970
Released 1971

Here Comes The Sun 7 July – 19 August 1969 for Abby Road
Two Of Us 31 January 1969 for Let It Be

11. Fraser & DeBolt: Don’t Let Me Down (L&M)
Fraser & DeBolt (with Ian Guenther): Columbia Records C 30381
Montreal QC
Alan Fraser: guitar, vocal
Daisy DeBolt: guitar, vocal
Ian Guenther: violin
Produced by Craig Allen 1971
Recorded by Mark Smith and Allan Moy

Recorded for Let It Be on 28 January 1969

12. Ike & Tina Turner Revue: Get Back (L&M)
Get Back! Liberty Records LO 51156
Memphis TN
Tina Turner: lead vocal
Ike Turner: lead guitar
Others not listed
Produced by Ike Turner, 1971
Album released 1985
Mastered by Ron McMaster at EMI International Studios

Beatles recorded it 27–28 January 1969

13. Wes Montgomery: A Day In The Life (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
A Day In The Life: A&M Records SP 3001
Indianapolis Indiana
Wes Montgomery guitar
Herbie Hancock piano
Ron Carter bass
Grady Tate drums
Ray Barretto percussion
Jack Jennings percussion
Joe Wohletz percussion
Ray Alonge French Horn
Phil Bodner woodwind
Julius Brand violin
Peter Buonconsigilio violin
Mac Ceppos violin
Lewis Eley violin
Harry Glickman violin
Harry Katzman violin Leo Krucczek violin
Sylvan Shulman violin
Gene Orloff violin
Tosha Samaroff violin
Jack Zayde violin
Harry Urbont violin
Harold Coletta viola
Emanuel Vardi viola
George Marge flute
Joe Soldo flute
Romeo Penque flute
Margaret Ross harp
Alan Shulman cello
Charles McCracken cello
Stanley Webb flute, woodwind
Produced by Creed Taylor 1967
Don Sebesky arranger, conductor
Recorded by June 67 and June 26, 1967 Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey June 67 and June 26, 1967 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

The Beatles recorded this between Jan and Feb, 1967

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