33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 25, 2018

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Waiting For The Man
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Hour One – RIP George Semkiw

1.   Ritchie Knight & The Midnights: Charlena (Manuel Chavez / Herman Chaney) 1963 *
2.   Carlton Showband: Off To Dublin / Merry Ploughboy (D. Behan) 1966 *
3.   Mandala: Lovitis (H Scales / A Vance) 1968 *
4.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Bud The Spud (TC Connors) 1969 *
5.   Syrinx: Melina’s Torch (John Mills-Cockell) 1970 *
6.   Simon Caine: Brown Paper Dream (Simon Caine) 1970 *
7.   Stevedore Steve: I’m A Truck Driver (Stephen J Foote) 1971 *
8.   Humphrey and The Dumptrucks: Calgary Song (Graeme Card) 1971 *
9.   Creamcheeze Goodtime Band: Cherie’s Wedding Song (Billy Kell) 1971 *
10. John Arpin: Same Damn Song (Gene MacLellan)  1971 *
11. Roy Payne: DJ (Roy Payne) 1973 *
12. Keith Hampshire: Think (Bill Misener) 1973 *
13. Lou Reed: I’m Waiting For The Man (Lou Reed) 1975
14. Triumph: Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh) 1977 *
15. Goddo: Am I Crazy, Crazy (Greg Godovitz) 1981 *
16. Ritchie Knight & The Midnights: The Joke (Reg Hall) 1964 *

Hour Two – RIP Matt Guitar Murphy and Jim Milne

1.   The Hotmud Family: Hello Stranger (Carter Family) 1974
2.   The Blues Brothers: (I’ve Got Everything I Need) Almost (Don Walsh) 1978 *
3.   Downchild Blues Band: Going Dancing (Don Walsh) 1974 *
4.   Howlin’ Wolf: Evil (Willie Dixon) 1954
5.   Dinah Washington: All of Me (Simons / Marks) 1956
6.   Al Kooper: Going Quietly Mad (Al Kooper) 1971
7.   Silver Apples: Program (Dan Taylor / Simeon Coxe) 1968
8.   The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset (Ray Davies) 1967
9.   Fearing and White: Eighth Wonder (Stephen Fearing / Andy White) 2014 *
10. Gene Kelly: Moonlight Bay (Percy Wenirich / Edward Madden) 1947
11. Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Moonlight Memories (John MacNab Beattie) 1960 *
12. The Fallen Leaves: Little Liar (J Parres / R Fournier) 1966*
13. Frank Zappa: Transylvania Boogie (Frank Zappa) 1970
14. Henry Vogel Trio: Peanuts (Unknown) 1974 *

CanCon = 70%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One - RIP George Semkiw

George Semkiw b. Weston ON, April 18, 1944 / d. June 14, 2018 St. Catherines ON

Ritchie Knight & The Mid-Knights guitarist realized that the band would have great difficulty repeating the glory of their first hit song, Charlena so in the mid-1960s he took a job cutting lacquers. Eventually that took him into the studio as an engineer and producer. He worked with the likes of Duke Ellington, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Lou Reed, Harry Belafonte, Funkadelic, Moe Koffman, Trooper, Johnny Nash, THP Orchestra, Triumph, Streetheart, Michel Pagliaro, Colin Linden, and Daniel Lanois, among many others.

In 1981, Semkiw was awarded a Juno for Producer of the Year for the album ‘Hot Spikes, What Am I To Do’ by Fist.

1.   Ritchie Knight & The Mid-Knights: Charlena (Manuel Chavez / Herman Chaney)
45 single bw You’ve Got The Power: Arc Records – 1028
Toronto ON
Mike Brough, sax
Doug Chappel, bass
Richie Knight (Hubbard), vocal
Barry Stein, drums
George Simkiw, guitar
Barry Lloyd, piano
John McCanliss, guitar
Produced by Bill Gilliland, 1963
Recorded at Arc Sound

This was the beginning: Charlena was the first pop song by a Canadian group to hit No. 1 on the country’s most respectable radio station, 1050 CHUM where it topped the chart for two weeks. It was recorded in the offices of Arc Records before they had their own studio.

Claims Semkiw (to Bill King): “That was a real coup because up till then, CHUM would not play Canadian records.”

With metal garbage pails lifted off the floor and stuffed with rags to stifle any sound the band started recording. There were no overdubs. Everything was laid down on a mono tape recorder. The process took a few hours, stopping each time there was any error or to move microphones. One take was ruined with a passing train roared behind the building.

The band was so successful in the Toronto area that they were asked to open for the Rolling Stones on their first visit, in 1965.

2.   The Carlton Showband: The Merry Ploughboy (Off To Dublin in the Green) (D. Behan)
The Carlton Showband: Casal Recording CL 904
Toronto ON
Chris OToole, drums, spoons
Seamus Grew, piano accordion
Sean McManus, lead guitar
Fred White, bass, banjo
Christie McLaughlin, accordion, harmonica
Mike Feeney, tambourine
Arlene King, vocal & whistling
Produced by Peter Houston 1966
Recorded by George Semkiw at Arc Sound, Toronto

Semkiw, being a recording artist himself, couldn’t believe how bad his records sounded compared to their live sound. Most Canadian made records sounded horrible to him. When he tood a day job with RCA, they put him into their mastering department. Since American records sounded brighter, louder than Canadian versions, he figured out what needed to be done to correct this. One of the first big hits that he worked on was The Merry Ploughboy by the Carlton Showband which, unexpectedly, went to No 2 on the CHUM Chart (blocked from the top spot by Yellow Submarine / Eleanor Rigby).

3.   Mandala: Loveitis (H Scales / A Vance)
Classics: WEA - 25 23291
Toronto, ON
Domenic Troiano – guitar
George Olliver – vocal
Penti 'Whitey' Glan – drums
Don Elliot – bass
Joey Chirowski – keys
The Atlantic Horns
Produced by Arif Mardin & Jerry Greenberg - 1968
Recorded by Adrian Barber, George Semkiw, Ivan Bradley at Sound Canada Recording Centre

Uncertain as to which engineer worked on Loveitis, but the album had three engineers. It was around this time that Semkiw began hanging around with Jack Richardson (producer of the Guess Who), learning the ropes.

4.   Stompin Tom Connors: Bud The Spud (TC Connors)
50th Anniversary: Ole / Antham Legacy Records OLE81
Saint John NB
Tom Connors, guitar, foot
Gerry Hall, guitar
Ronald McDonald, bass
Mickey Andrews, steel, drums
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors – 1969
Recorded by George Semkiw at RCA Studios, Toronto
Compilation Album Produced by Andy Curren 2017
Mastered by Harry Hess at Hbomb Mastering

Semkiw engineered a half dozen Stompin’ Tom albums. However, Tom was in control of the mastering process and wanted his records to sound good thru 3 inch car speakers, resulting in shitty sound for anyone listening to his records on better equipment. This newly remastered version, sounds like it always should have.

5.   Syrinx: Melinas Torch (John Mills-Cockell)
Syrinx: True North Records TN2
Toronto ON
John Mills-Cockell, moog synthesizer, piano, organ
Doug Pringle, sax
Alan Wells, hand drums, percussion
Produced by John Mills-Cockell, 1970
Recorded by Rollin Newton & Frank Bertin at Baroka Studios, Vancouver & Bay Recording, Toronto
Mixed at RCA Toronto by George Simkew

6.   Simon Caine: Brown Paper Dream (Simon Caine)
Simon Caine: RCA Victor - LSP 4410
Toronto ON
Pat Godfrey piano
Bruce Pennycook winds
Dennis Pendrith bass
Bill Palmer guitar
John Savage drums
Simon Caine (Peter Shields) - vocals
Produced by George Semkiw - 1970
Recorded by George Semkiw at RCA Recording Studios, Toronto

This was the first album that I’ve got that was produced by Semkiw. Recording country, rock, music by Syrinx, all sorts of music, molded Semkiw into a uniquely qualified recording engineer. Around this time he was also making inroads mixing, which is an art unto itself. With the move from mono to four track, 8 track and beyond, mixing became a lot more complicated. He had to learn by the seat of his pants since there was nobody to teach or mentor him.

7.   Stevedore Steve: Im A Truck Driver (Stephen J Foote)
Hard Workin' Men - Boot Records BOS 7102
Saint John, NB
Steve Foote: guitar, vocal
Fred McKenna: steel
Others unknown
Produced by Jury Krytiuk - 1971
Recorded at RCA Limited Studio, Toronto
Recording & Mixing Engineer: George Semkiw
Recording Technician: "Cub" Richardson

Semkiw recorded this record around the same time as he was working on Stompin’ Tom’s but Steve’s sounded great compared to Tom’s.

8.   Humphrey and The Dumptrucks: Calgary Song (Graeme Card)
Six Days of Paper Ladies: Boot Records BOS 7101
Saskatoon SK
Gary Walsh aka Humphrey Dumptruck: banjo, dobro, tambourine, vocals
Michael Millar: bss, jug, piano, vocals
Graeme Card: guitar, mandolin, concertina, tambourine, jaw harp, kazoo, vocals
Michael Taylor: guitar, autoharp, tambourine, kazoo, vocals
Produced by Jury Krytiuk and Mark Altman, 1971
Recorded by Chris Skene at Eastern Sound, Toronto and George Semkiw at RCA Studios, Toronto
Mixed by George Semkiw at RCA Studios, Toronto

9.   Creamcheeze Goodtime Band: Cherie’s Wedding Song (Billy Kell)
Perth County Green: Dominion Records - LPS 21022
Gadshill ON
Billy Kell: guitars, vocals
Dave Harwood: bass
Pat Kell: mandolin, tambourine, kazoo, washboard
Barb Payne: fiddle
James Kell: drums
Produced by Terry Regan - 1971
Recorded by George Semkiew

10. John Arpin: Same Damn Song (Gene MacLellan)
Barroom To Baroque: Canadian Talent Library: 477-5148
Toronto ON
John Arpin: piano
Art Devilliers: acoustic guitar
Neville Barnes: electric guitar, banjo
Paul Fortier: bass
Willie Cantu: drums
Bill Richards, Gerard Kantarjian, Isidore Desser: violins
Walter Babiak: viola
Ron Laurie: cello
Produced by John Arpin  1971
Recorded by George Semkiw & Hayward Parrott at RCA Studios, Toronto

b. 3 December 1936 Port McNicoll ON  d. 8 November 2007 (aged 70)

Toronto recorded more than sixty albums, mostly of ragtime, Broadway music, pop music, and classical music. In June 1998, he won the Scott Joplin Award from the Scott Joplin Foundation of Sedalia, Missouri.
Ragtime great Eubie Blake pronounced John Arpin "the Chopin of Ragtime. He also composed the theme for TVOntario's children's show, The Polka Dot Door

11. Roy Payne: DJ (Roy Payne)
One Step Forward: RCA KLP1 0047
Trout River NL
Roy Payne: guitar, vocal
Produced by George Semkiw 1973
Recorded at RCAs Toronto Studio by Craig Richardson & Alan Moy

Roy Absalom Payne b. April 3, 1939 - Trout River,  Newfoundland

There’s a lot of urban myths associated with Roy Payne. One of them claims that during a recording session at RCA, he flipped out for some reason, picked up an amp and tossed it through the glass into the production booth which, apparently, ended his relationship with RCA. Was George in there then?

12. Keith Hampshire: Think (Bill Misener)
The First Cut: A&M Records SP-9006
Toronto ON
Keith Hampshire: vocal
Jim Morgan: bass
Brian Russell: guitar
Bill Misener: guitars
Gordon Fleming: keys
Barry McMullen: piano
David Brown: drums
Dick Smith: congas
Jack zaza: winds
Laurie Bower, Russ Little: trombone
Bob Livingston: bass trombone
Produced by Bill Misener, 1973
Recorded by George Semkiw at RCA Studios, Toronto

b.  23 November 1945, Dulwich, London, England

Between July 1966 and mid-August 1967, he was a DJ for the offshore pirate radio station Radio Caroline South. His show was called "Keefer's Commotions", and later "Keefer's Uprising".

In 1983, Hampshire released a song (as 'Bat Boys') entitled "OK Blue Jays", which became an anthem for the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball team.

Bill Misener: was an original member of Toronto band The Paupers as Bill Marion. B. Hamilton ON – d. June 26, 2014. His voice can be heard backing up Gordon Lightfoot, Alice Cooper, Ann Murray, Keith Hampshire, Christopher Plummer, Roger Whittaker and a host of others.

13. Lou Reed: I’m Waiting For The Man (Lou Reed)
Lou Reed Live: RCA Records AYL1-3752
Lou Reed – vocals
Pentti "Whitey" Glan – drums, percussion
Steve Hunter – guitars
Prakash John – bass, vocals
Dick Wagner – guitar, vocal
Ray Colcord - keyboards
Produced by Steve Katz and Lou Reed,1975
Recorded by Gus Mossler at Howard Slein's Acadamey Of Music, N.Y.C.
Production assistance and mixing by Bruce Somerfeld and George Semkiw
Mastered by George Semkiw

Semkiw was in the lab, cutting masters and was to cut one for “Lou Reed Live”. “I put the recording on and it sounded dull, no life to it, no top end.” He thought the tape might have been a bad one so he phoned the record company and told them what he discovered. The company said “Do what you can to make it sound good.” So he did some extensive EQing on it and got it to a point where he felt it sounded pretty good and he cut it, sent a test-pressing to the company and the loved it. Then he got a phone call from Lou Reed:

“He said: ‘I don’t know what you did but you made that record sound so much better than the American version. I’m talkin’ to RCA in the States and I’m trying to talk them into re-releasing the American version.’ You know, you can’t get a better compliment than that.”

14. Triumph: Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh / Joe Vitale / Kenny Passarelli / Rocke Grace)
Rock & Roll Machine: Attic Records LATX 1036
Mississauga ON
Rik Emmett – guitars, vocals
Gil Moore – drums, lead vocals
Michael Levine – bass, keyboards
Laurie Delgrande – keyboards
Mike Danna – keyboards
Produced by Mike Levine and Doug Hill, 1977
Recorded by Mike Jones
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto by George Semkiw
Mastered by Jack Adelman at RCA Studios, Toronto
Mixed by George Semkiw

The album was originally released only in Canada, but when the band signed an international deal with RCA Records in 1977, the international edition of the album was re-sequenced to include some of the tracks from their self-titled Triumph (1976) album. The album was released for a second time in Canada, with a different cover.

15. Goddo: Am I Crazy, Crazy (Greg Godovitz)
Pretty Bad Boys: Attic Records LAT 1120
Scarborough (Toronto) ON
Greg Godovitz: bass, lead vocal
Doug Inglis: drums, vocal
Gino Scarpelli: guitars, vocals
George Semkiw: piano
Produced by Thomas Morley-Turner and Bob Segarini 1981
Recorded by Brian Mitchell, Bob Cobban and Dave Rose at Studio 306, Toronto
Mixed at Amber Studio, Toronto by George Semkiw, Ed Stone and Paul Bonish

Having been a member of successful Canadian band Fludd, Greg Godovitz decided that it was time to form his own band Goddo in 1975. He used Gino Scarpelli from Brutus and Doug Inglis. This was their best received album but due to financial difficulties, Attic Records dropped them.

16. Ritchie Knight & The Midnights: The Joke (Reg Hall)
45 Single: Arc Records 1037
Toronto ON
Mike Brough sax
Richie Knight vocal
Barry Stein drums
George Semkiw guitar
Doug Chappell bass
Barry Lloyd keys
Produced by Bill Gilliland 1964

Producer, Bill Gilliland, was VP of Arc Records, founded in 1958. He was nominated for Producer of the Year award at the Juno’s in 1975.

Richie Knight (Rich Hubbard) –studied Finance and Marketing at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute and in 1968 went on to manage Yorkville Records and Yorkville Talent Mgt., which was a part of ARC Records, The Mid-Knights original label. Presently owns a magazine publishing company.

Barry Lloyd retired from the insurance industry and now resides in Calgary and winters in Mazatlan, Mexico where he occasionally plays keyboards in a local bar called The Canucks.

After many years in mens apparel industry, Mike Brough now teaches business at Seneca College in Toronto; Doug Chappell retired after years in the music industry (A&M Records, Island Records, Virgin Records, Mercury Records). Barry Stein runs own accounting firm.

Hour Two – RIP Matt Guitar Murphy and Jim Milne

1.   The Hotmud Family: Hello Stranger (Carter Family)
…Til We Meet Here Again, Or Above: Vetko Records LP 501
Spring Valley, OH
Rick Good: lead vocal, banjo
Suzanne Edmundson: vocal, autoharp
Dave Edmundson: vocal, guitar
Produced by Lou Ukelson, 1974
Recorded and mixed by Rusty York

Based in Dayton Ohio, the Hotmuds were active between 1970 and 1984, during which time they recorded 6 albums of old-timey songs. My copy, bought second hand, once belonged to the Willowdale branch of the North York Public Library. It has a Date Due card dated April 5, 1980. (Penalty was 25 cents).

RIP Matt “Guitar” Murphy

Matthew Tyler Murphy (b. Sunflower, Miss. December 29, 1929 / d. June 15, 2018 Miami FL)

In 1948, Murphy migrated north to Chicago, where he joined the fledgling Howlin' Wolf Band. He worked with Memphis Slim, Chuck Berry and was also featured in works by Koko Taylor, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Buddy Guy, Etta James, and Otis Rush. He also performed with Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters and BB King.

In the 1970s, Murphy was associated with harmonica player James Cotton, recording several albums. Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi attended one of their shows and asked Murphy to join the Blues Brothers touring band. He got to appear in the films The Blues Brothers (1980) and Blues Brothers 2000 (1998), playing the husband of Aretha Franklin. Murphy recorded four solo albums.

2.   The Blues Brothers: (I Got Everything I Need) Almost (Don Walsh)
45 single bw Hey Bartender: Atlantic Records – AT 3576
John Belushi – Lead vocals
Dan Aykroyd – Backing vocals, harmonica, lead vocals on "Rubbeer Biscuit"
Matt "Guitar" Murphy – Lead guitar
Steve "The Colonel" Cropper – Guitar
Donald "Duck" Dunn – Bass guitar
Paul "The Shiv" Shaffer – Keyboards, backing vocals
Steve "Getdwa" Jordan – Drums, backing vocals
Lou "Blue Lou" Marini – Tenor & alto saxophones
Tom "Triple Scale" Scott – Tenor & alto saxophones
Tom "Bones" Malone – Tenor & baritone saxophones, trombone, trumpet, backing vocals
Alan "Mr. Fabulous" Rubin – Trumpet, backing vocals
Produced by Bob Tischler – 1978

'Almost' was written by Toronto’s Donnie Walsh and recorded in 1974 by his Downchild Blues Band. In fact, it was Donnie and his brother, Hock, who became the models for Aykroyd and Belushi’s characters in The Blues Brothers.

RIP Jim Milne

James Douglas Milne (b. June 6, 1948 Stoney Creek ON/ d. June 16, 2018 Vancouver BC)

Milne was a founding member of Downchild in 1969 and appeared on their first four albums. In 1977 he moved to Vancouver and played with several local blues bands there. He also got to back up BB King and Lowell Fulson. He returned to Toronto in the 80s, joining the Morgan Davis Band.

3.   Downchild Blues Band: Going Dancing (Don Walsh)
Dancing: Special Records / GRT 9230-1049
Toronto ON
Donnie Walsh: guitar, harmonica
Jim Milne: bass
Tony Flaim: vocal
Jane Vasey: piano
Dave Woodward: tenor sax
Nat Abraham: tenor sax
Cash Wall: drums
Produced by Alan Duffy and Billy Bryans, 1974
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sound

4.   Howlin’ Wolf: Evil (Willie Dixon)
Chester Burnet AKA Howlin’ Wolf: Chess Records – CH 60016-2
Chicago IL
Howlin’ Wolf: vocal, harp
Hubert Sumlin and Jody Williams (guitars)
Otis Spann (piano)
Willie Dixon (double-bass)
Earl Phillips (drums)
Produced by Leonard Chess, Phil Chess, Willie Dixon, 1954
Compilation Produced by Chess Records -1981
Recorded at Chess Studios, Chicago

Chester Arthur Burnett (June 10, 1910 White Station, Mi – d. January 10, 1976 Hines, IL)

5.   Dinah Washington: All of Me (Simons / Marks)
Music To Live By (Demonstration Record) Mercury PJA-1A
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Dinah Washington: vocal
Herb Geller, Alto Sax
Produced 1956

Ruth Lee Jones: August 29, 1924 / December 14, 1963, born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Made her first records in 1944 backed by the Lionel Hampton band. Between 1948 and 1955, she had 27 R&B top ten hits, making her one of the most popular and successful singers of the period.

All Of Me was first performed by Belle Baker over the radio and recorded in December 1931 by Ruth Etting. It was later covered by Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, the Count Basie Orchestra, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Frankie Laine and Willie Nelson. Michael Bublé covered it in 2012, as did Ani Defranco. It is also recorded by Eric Clapton on his 2013 album Old Sock with Paul McCartney.

6.   Al Kooper: Going Quietly Mad (Al Kooper)
New York City (You’re A Woman): Columbia Records C30506
Al Kooper: lead guitar (treble), keys
Caleb Quaye: lead guitar (bass)
Herbie Flowers: bass
Roger Pope: drums
Produced by Al Kooper, 1971
Recorded at Trident Studios, London; Columbia Studios, LA
Engineered by Ken Scott, Robert Gratz, Mark Friedman, Sy Mitchell, Frank Laico and Doug Pomeroy
Mixed by Ken Scott and Doug Pomeroy
Mastered by Mike Ruschach

7.   Silver Apples: Program (Dan Taylor / Simeon Coxe)
Silver Apples: Kapp Records KS 3562
New York City
Danny Taylor: drums, vocals
Simeon: the thing (the simeon), vocals
Produced by Barry Bryant, 1968
Recorded by Don Van Gorden, New York City

Both players were in the (NYC) house band The Overland Stage Electric Band and quit to form Silver Apples.
Taylor was a drummer whose previous experience included playing with Jimi Hendrix
Their first gig as SA was before 30,000 fans in NY's Central Park  Taylors drumset included thirteen drums, five cymbals and other percussion instruments.  Danny Taylor died on March 10, 2005 Kingston, NY of  heart attack. Simeon keeps doing Silver Apples gigs using original drum tracks of Taylor.

8.   The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset (Ray Davies)
45 Single bw Act Nice And Gentle: Pye Records - PYE 821
London UK
Mick Avory drums, percussion
John Dalton bass guitar, background vocals
Dave Davies lead guitar, background vocals
Ray Davies lead and background vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards (harpsichord and piano)
Produced by Shel Talmy, 1967
Recorded April 1966 – May 1967 at Pye Studios, London
Released 5 May 1967

To celebrate Ray Davies 74th birthdate: June 21

9.   Fearing & White: Eighth Wonder (of the World) (Stephen Fearing / Andy White)
Tea & Confidences: LP Version - limited edition of 3 copies in the whole wide world
Halifax NS / Melbourne, Aust
Stephen Fearing: vocals, guitars
Andy White: vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin
Ray Farrugia: drums
Produced by Fearing & White - 2014
Recorded by Scott Merritt at The Cottage, Guelph ON
Mixed and Mastered by John Whynot at The Palm Door, Los Angeles
Vinyl Record made at DAS Record Automat, Fitzroy Australia

Yep, on vinyl

10. Gene Kelly: Moonlight Bay (Percy Wenirich / Edward Madden)
Celebrities: Lion Records L70108
Beverly Hills CA
Gene Kelly: vocal
Carman Dragon Orchestra
Recorded November 13, 1947
Compilation LP produced 1958

Eugene Curran Kelly (b. Pittsburgh, P August 23, 1912 / d. February 2, 1996, Beverly Hills CA)

Lion Records: Originally created by MGM Records in the mid-1950s as a budget label, it was shut down in 1960. Its albums mainly consisted of compilations of new-to-LP singles and previously unreleased material.

This particular compilation includes cuts (from 1947 – 1956) by artists such as Danny Thomas, Desi Arnez, Debbie Reynolds, Ava Gardner, Red Skelton, Susan Hayward, Van Johnson and others.

11. Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Moonlight Memories (John McNab Beattie)
A Visit To The Ottawa Valley: Banff - RBS 1170
Arnprior, ON
Reg Hill: fiddle
Bob Price: piano
Garney Scheel: bass
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Mac Beattie: vocal, drums
Produced by Ralph Carlson - June 1, 1960

John McNab ‘Mac’ Beattie (b. Arnprior ON, 21 Dec 1916 / d 14 June 1982, Arnprior)

This was one of the first songs Mac Beattie ever wrote. It’s a great transposition from winter to summer memories of moonlighting to the sound of a soft guitar at Norway Bay, along the Ottawa River. It holds a great 1950s romantic feel.

12. The Fallen Leaves: Little Liar (J Parres / R Fournier)
45 Single: Dominion 84
Timmins ON
Ray Fournier: vocals. guitar
Dan Crocini: bass
Barry "Fingers" Lewis: lead guitar
Jim Parres: keys
Dave Van Leeuwen: drums
Produced 1966

Timmins, Ontario band who most likely came down to Toronto to record this. They made two 45s for the Dominion label. Most likely the only Timmins band of the time to make it to vinyl.

13. Frank Zappa: Transylvania Boogie (Frank Zappa)
Chungas Revenge: Reprise / Bizarre 2030
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: vocal, guitar
Ian Underwood: organ
Max Bennett: bass, vocal
Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Produced by Frank Zappa - 1970
Recorded by Dick Kunc, Stan Agol & Roy Baker at The Record Plant,
Hollywood; Trident Studios, London: TTG, Hollywood & Whitney Studios, Glendale
Cover: Cal Schenkel

“A Gypsy mutant industrial vacuum cleaner dances about a mysterious night time camp fire. Festoons. Dozens of imported castanets, clutched by the horrible suction of its heavy duty hose, waving with marginal erotic abandon in the midnight autumn air.”

14. Henry Vogel Trio: Peanuts Polka (Trad) *
Variety In Rhythm: Vintage Records SCV 107
Kichener ON
Henry Vogel: Cordovox, trumpet
Don Reinhart: guitar
Fred Schoenherr: drums, trumpet, vibes
Produced by Art Snider circa 1974
Recorded by Glen Clarke at Sound Canada Recording Centre, Toronto

This traditional Mexican polka has been recorded by dozens of polka bands, including Myron Floren’s

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