33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 2, 2018

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A Very Hot Canada Day
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Hour One

1.   The Eternals: Hideaway (F King / S Thompson) 1968
2.   Bim: The Farmer Needs The Rain (Roy Forbes) 1976
3.   Bruce Cockburn: A Montreal Song (Bruce Cockburn) 1978
4.   Crowbar: Dead Head Out Of St. John’s (Kelly Jay) 1972
5.   The Ducats: Off The Hook (Jagger / Richards) 1965
6.   Rick & Judy: My Father’s Old Sou’wester (trad) 1981
7.   Eskimo Women’s Music of Povungnituk: Song of Northern Lights (trad) 1980
8.   David Gon: The Loon Calling Me (David Gon) 1988
9.   Shingoose: Appaloosa Mare (Graeme Card) 1979
10. Great Western Orchestra: Cowgirl’s Lullaby (Cindy Church) 1989
11. Luke Gibson: Full Moon Rider (Luke Gibson) 1971
12. Mendelson Joe: Canada Song (Mendelson Joe) 1972
13. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Luke’s Guitar (TC Connors) 2018
14. Oscar and Aldor Morin: La Bastringue (trad) circa 1960

Hour Two

1.   The Bierdo Brothers: Teddy Bears Picnic (John W Bratton / Jimmy Kennedy) 1985
2.   Don Freed: A Really Hot Day (Don Freed) 1982
3.   The Offbeats: Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman) 1965
4.   The Payolas: Jukebox (Paul Hyde) 1980
5.   The Hot Toddys: Rockin’ Crickets (Todaro / Shannon) 1958
6.   Rough Trade: America Bad and Beautiful (Kevin Staples / Carole Pope) 1982
7.   Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire) 1968
8.   Tulpa: The Cage (John Bottomley) 1985
9.   Jane Siberry: The Waitress (Jane Siberry) 1984
10. McKenna Mendelson Mainline: One Way Ticket (Mendelson Joe) 1969
11. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Around The Bay And Back Again (TC Connors) 1969
12. Powder Blues Band: Buzzard Luck (Winonie Harris) 1979
13. Selina Martin: The Hottest Day (Selina Martin) 2010
14. Zwol: A Little Bit Crazy (Walter Zwol) 1978
15. The Ugly Ducklings: Gaslight (Ugly Ducklings) 1967
16. The Polish Canadians: My Canadian Sweetheart or Oj Marysla (Jagiello / Guka) 1960s

100% Canadian Content

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The Eternals: Hideaway (F King / S Thompson)
45: Quality Records - 1922
Winnipeg MB
Ron Paley: keys
Ted Paley: drums
John Hildebrand: guitar
Harry Hildebrand: bass
Produced by Ron Paley at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg - 1968

The Eternals formed in Winnipeg around 1961.

Hailing from Rosa, Man., the Paley brothers hooked up with Steinbach's Hildebrand boys in the early '60s. Playing rock 'n' roll in a strict Mennonite community was pretty audacious for the latter brothers. Ron Paley recalls John purchasing a Fender amplifier from a local merchant in Steinbach. "It was his pride and joy but when the store owner found out John was using it to play rock 'n' roll, he came to his house, retrieved the amp and gave John his money back."

In 1968, they opened “Century 21 Studios”, the first professional multi-track recording studio in the region. John Hildebrand became the recording engineer while Ron Paley supervised the technical installation and operations of the recording equipment. The band basically called it quits in the early 70s to get more into the business side of things.

2.   Bim a.k.a. Roy Forbes: Farmer Needs The Rain (Roy Forbes)
Raincheck On Misery: Casino Records CA 1009
Dawson Creek, BC
Bim: guitars, vocal
Terry Frewer: acoustic guitar
Doug Edwards: bass
Geoff Eyre: drums
Produced by Claire Lawrence 1976
Recorded by Dave Slagter at Little Mountain Sound June-Sept 1976

b. 1953 – His father used to call him Bim.

Forbes had lost one eye, his right, due to glaucoma when he was six years old. It forced him to wear a glass eye. That didn’t stop him from becoming an incredible singer, songwriter and guitarist. An avid record collector (especially 78 RPM platters), Forbes is also continuing his work as the host of Roys Record Room, his radio show which can be heard on the CKUA radio network in Alberta.

3.   Bruce Cockburn: A Montreal Song (Bruce Cockburn)
Further Adventures Of: True North TND 286
Ottawa ON
Bruce Cockburn vocals, guitar
Robert Boucher - bass
Bob DiSalle - drums
Eugene Martynec - guitar
Kathryn Moses - flute
Shingoose - backing vocals
Produced by Eugene Martynec 1978
Recorded by Ken Friesen

4.   Crowbar: Dead Head Out Of St. Johns (Kelly Jay)
Crowbar Classics: Daffodil Records SBA 16030
Ancaster ON
Sonnie Bernardi: percussion
Josef Chirowski: piano, organ
John Gibbard: guitars
Roly Greenway: bass
Kelly Jay: piano, vocals
Rheal Lanthier: guitars
Produced by Love 1972
Overdubbed at Thunder Sound, Toronto
Recorded by Bill Seddon and Mike Bourne
Mixed by Vinny Triana
Remastering by Robert Ludwig at Sterling Sound, NYC

5.   The Ducats: Off The Hook (Jagger / Richards)
45: RCA Victor 57-3375
Port-aux-Basques, NL
Lew Skinner, lead guitar
Jim Crewe, rhythm guitar
Bob Battiste, bass
Joe Boulos, drums
Winston Blackmore, vocal
Produced 1965
Recorded in Boston Mass

6.   Rick & Judy: My Father’s Old Sou’wester (trad)
Harbour Grace: J+R Records - JR001
Guelph, ON
Rick Avery: vocal, guitar, dulcimer, banjo
Judy Greenhill: vocal, guitar, dulcimer, spoons
Grit Laskin: mandolin, northumbrian pipes
Paul Mills: guitar
Kim Brant: bass
Jim Strickland: tin whistle, bodhran
Chris Crilly: violin, piano
Produced by Paul Mills - 1981
Recorded by Dan Donovan at Springfield Sound

7.   Eskimo Womens Music of Povungnituk: Song of Northern Lights
Inuit Throat And Harp Songs: Canadian Music Heritage Collection MH001
Povungnituk, QC
Alasi Alasuak
Lucy Amarualik
Alaci Tulaugak
Nellie Nungak
Mary Sivuarapik
Produced by Marvin Green - 1980
Recorded by Paul Hodge

8.   David Gon: the Loon Calling Me (David Gon)
Island Miles Away: CBC Northern Services WRC1 5676
Yellowknife NT
David Gon: guitar, vocal
Eddie Bimm: keys
Ron Prescott: drums
Gary Spicer: guitar
Peter Fredette: bass
Randall Prescott: harmonica
Produced by Les McLaughlin 1988
Recorded at Snowcan Studios, Ottawa by Marc Lajoie

9.   Shingoose: Appaloosa Mare (Graeme Card)
Ballad of Norval: CBC - LM 467
Roseau River Reserve MB
Produced 1979

aka Curtis Jonny
NOTE: shared LP side 2 by Albert Morton no production info available

10. Great Western Orchestra: Cowgirl’s Lullaby  (C Church)
GWO: Centerfire Records - BFZ 80137
Turner Valley, AB
Cindy Church: vocal
Nathan Tinkham: guitars, vocal
David Wilkie: mandolin, tenor guitar, vocal
John Hyde: bass
Thom Moon: drums
Stewart MacDougall: keys
Produced by The GWO - 1989
Recorded by Richard Harrow at Living Room Studios, Calgary

This was Cindy Church’s first recorded composition.

11. Luke Gibson: Full Moon Rider (L Gibson)
Another Perfect Day: True North - TN6
Toronto, ON
Luke Gibson: guitar, vocal
Others uncredited
Produced by Eugene Martynec – 1971
Recorded at Thunder Sound, Toronto by Chris Skene and Bill Sedden
Mixed by Bill Sedden

12. Mendelson Joe: Canada Song (JB Mendelson) *
Mr Middle of the Road: Nobody Records 9230-1027
Emsdale ON
Mendelson Joe: guitar, foot, vocals
Produced by Mendelson Joe (as Joe Mendelson) - 1972
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto by Stuart Taylor

13. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Luke’s Guitar (TC Connors)
50th Anniversary: Ole / Anthem Records OLE81
St. John NB
Stompin’ Tom Connors: guitar, foot stomp, vocal
Randy McDonald: bass
Gerry Hall: lead guitar
Mickey Andrews: steel, drums, dobro
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1969
Executive Producer: Andy Curren, 2018
Recorded by George Semkiw at RCA Studios, Toronto
Mixed by Bill Seddon at Thunder Sound
Remastered by Harry Hess at Hbomb Mastering

14. Aldor & Oscar Morin: La Bastringue (Trad) *
Tout le monde danse et tout le monde chante Vol 1: London Records MB 106
Montreal QC
Aldor Morin: vocal, harmonica
Oscar Morin: harmonica
Female vocalist: unknown
Produced circa 1960

Aldor Morin (1921 1998)

Hour Two

1.   Bierdo Brothers: Teddy Bears Picnic (John W Bratton / Jimmy Kennedy)
More Better Music: Waxing Records WW575
Kitchener / Waterloo ON
Sandy MacDonald: guitar, vocal
Glen Soulis: skol klarinetts, vocal
Shiela Forrester: honky tonk piano, porta-sound, rubber duck
Mike Budding: bass
Bernie Carrol: snare drum
Produced by James Beirdo, 1985
Recorded by Stevie Beirdo at The Waxworks, St Jacobs, ON

2.   Don Freed: A Really Hot Day (Don Freed)
Pith and Pathos: Bushleague Records – No serial
Saskatoon SK
Don Freed: guitar, vocal
Glen Hendrickson
Blaine Dunaway
Tom Hazlitt
Joe Mock: guitar
Rick Scott
Connie Kaldor - Jane Mortifee - Cyndi Melon: bg vocals
Produced by Joe Mock - 1982
Recorded by Paul Mcdonald at Pacific Coast Sound, Burnaby BC
Mastered by Geoff Turner at Pinewood Studios, Vancouver
http://www.donfreed.com/ or mailto:don@donfreed.com

3.   The Offbeats: Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman)
Do You Wanna Dance - The Best of Frank's Bandstand: Arc A669
Halifax NS
Brian Ahern: guitar
Keith Jollimore, sax
Jack Lilly, drums
Earl Fralick, keys
Jimmy White, bass
Produced by Mannie Pittson, 1965

Friday's show, Frank's Bandstand, was hosted by local CHNS radio personality Frank Cameron, broadcast from Halifax and included Nova Scotia's finest artists.

A lot of great musicians came through Frank's Bandstand, the Halifax version of CBC TV’s daily pan-Canadian show “Music Hop” which originated from Vancouver on Mondays, Montreal (Tuesday), Winnipeg (Wednesday), Toronto (Thursday) and Halifax (Friday). Anne Murray did it for a season.
The Halifax Music Hop house band, the Offbeats, was directed by guitarist Brian Ahern, who would go on to marry Emmylou Harris and produce her early breakthrough recordings. Saxophone player Keith Jollimore later played with Lighthouse and guested on albums by Crowbar, April Wine and the Cooper Brothers.

4.   The Payolas: Jukebox (Paul Hyde) *
IRS Greatest Hits Vols 2&3: IRS Records SP 70800
Vancouver BC
Bob Rock: guitar
Gary Middleclass: bass
Paul Hyde: guitar, vocals
Taylor Nelson Little: drums
Produced by Bob Rock and Payolas 1980
Compilation produced by IRS 1980
From Illegal Records mini-LP Introducing Payolas (IR 7701)
Recorded at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver by Bob Rock

One of the most prominent and successful platinum-selling Canadian new wave bands from Vancouver of the early 1980s. Singer Paul Hyde emigrated to Canada from Britian thus giving them that great punk sound. Lasted from 1978-88

5.   Hot Toddies: Rockin Crickets (Bill Pernell / Vaughan Jonah)
45 Single: Shan-Todd Records ST-0056
Niagara Falls ON
Bill Pernell, Ohio, sax d
Vaughan Jonah, Niagara Falls ON, guitar d
Garry Kelba, Port Colburne ON, drums
Big John “T-Bone” Little, rhythm guitar, vocals
Produced by Tom Shannon & Phil Todaro – March 1959
Recorded at Shan-Todd studios, Buffalo NY by Phil Todaro

Big John Little b. Niagara Falls ON  1929

The real name of the band was Big John Little and the Rockers but recorded as The Hot-Toddys. Their first record was I’ll Always Love You bw Rock With Me Baby, first recorded on Tri-Fi label out of NYC
Small label trying out new artists in mid 50s. Rockin’ Crickets was released March 1959

According to The Band’s website (url for Sandy Konikoff) Rockin’ Crickets was one of Jimi Hendrix’s favourite guitar songs. When Hendrix was still living in Seattle he was a member of the Velvetones, then The Rocking Kings. The would go and play in Vancouver and it was there that Hendrix first heard Rockin’ Crickets on the radio.

6.   Rough Trade: America: Bad And Beautiful (Kevin Staples / Carole Pope)
Shaking The Foundations: True North Records TN 50
Toronto ON
Kevin Staples: guitar, piano, Synth, persussion
Carole Pope: vocals
Jorn Andersen: drums
Howard Ayee: bass
Produced by Eugene Martynec, Kevin Staples, Carol Pope 1982
Recorded by Gary Grey, Rick Starks, Peter Lee at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

7.   Steppenwolf: Born To Be Wild (Mars Bonfire)
Steppenwolf: RCA Victor DS-50029
Toronto / LA
John Kay lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Michael Monarch lead guitar, backing vocals
Rushton Moreve bass, backing vocals
Goldy McJohn keyboards, backing vocals
Jerry Edmonton drums, backing vocals
Produced by Gabriel Mekler 1968
Recorded by Bill Cooper & Richard Podolor at American Recording Co , Studio City CA in the Fall of 1967

This is from their first LP.  The essential core of Steppenwolf was John Kay, Jerry Edmonton, his brother Dennis Edmonton and Goldy McJohn - originally Jack London & the Sparrows from Oshawa

8.   Tulpa: The Cage (John Bottomley)
Mosaic Fish: Midnight Music 00.10 5
Toronto ON
John Bottomley: guitar, vocal, keys
Chris Bottomley: bass, vocal, keys
Sev Mircon (Mike Severin): drums, vocal, keys
Produced by Tulpa, 1985
Recorded by Jeff McCulloch at Wellesley Studios, Toronto

Became a performing unit in 1984 as Private Lives but found out that an American band were also using that name. Became Tulpa as a result. Played in Toronto venues like Larry’s Hideaway, The Rivoli, Cabana Room of the Spadina Hotel, The Beverly Tavern and Lee’s Palace. After recording Mosaic Fish, they opened for acts like The Payolas and Tragically Hip. They also released a live record called “Off The Board – Live at CBGBs” in New York before breaking up in 1990.

John Bottomley passed away April 6, 2011

9.   Jane Siberry: The Waitress (Jane Siberry)
No Borders Here: Open Air Records OA-0302
Guelph ON
Jane Siberry: vocal, keys
John Switzer: bass
Ken Myhr: guitar
Doug Wilde, keys
Al Cross: drums, LINN overdubs
Produced by Jon Goldsmith, Kerry Crawford, Jane Siberry and John Switzer, 1984
Recorded by John Naslen and Rick Starks, Ron Searles and Mark Baldi at Manta Sound, Toronto

Jane Stewart b. Toronto, October 12, 1955

Raised in Etobicoke. Met John Switzer at uni in Guelph and formed a folk band called Java Jive which lasted until 1979.

10. McKenna Mendelson Mainline: One Way Ticket (Mendelson Joe)
Stink: Liberty LBS 83251 / EMI C2 0777 7 26590 2 6
Toronto, ON
Mike McKenna, guitar April 15, 1946 in Toronto
Mendleson Joe  July 30, 1944
Tony Nolasco July 9, 1950 in Sudbury
Mike Harrison November 1, 1948 in Brampton
Produced by Liberty Records Staff, UK, June 11, 1969

Opened for The Fugs at Massey Hall, October 26, 1968. Geddy met Tuli and got his autograph on his hand.

11. Stompin’ Tom Connors: Around The Bay And Back Again (TC Connors)
Stompin' Tom Meets Big Joe Mufferaw: Dominion Records LPS 21007
Saint John NB
Tom Connors: guitar, vocal, stompin board
Glen Reid: banjo
Mickey Andrews: steel
Randy McDonald: bass
Gerry Hall: guitar
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1970

Thomas Charles Connors b. Saint John NB, Feb 9, 1936 – d. March 6, 2013, Halton Hills, ON

12. Powder Blues Band: Buzzard Luck (Winonie Harris)
Uncut: RCA KKLI-03656
Vancouver BC
Tom Lavin: guitar, vocals
Jack Lavin: bass, vocals
Will MacCalder: keys
Duris Maxwell: drums
David Woodward: tenor sax
Produced by Tom Lavin 1979
Recorded by Brian Campbell at Tetrahedron Studios, Vancouver
Mastered at Location Recorders, Los Angeles

Formed in Vancouver in 1978. Its first album Uncut went double platinum in Canada.
The second album Thirsty Ears was similarly popular.
1981 - Juno Award for "Most Promising Group of the Year"

13. Selina Martin: The Hottest Day (Selina Martin)
Disaster Fantasies: SELMALP0008
Packenham ON / Toronto ON
Selina Martin: vocals, guiars, bass, musical saw, wine glasses, organ
Chris Stringer: guitars, bass, synth, Wurlitzer, mini-moog, percussion
Annelise Noronha: guitars, accordion
Doug Friesen: bass, trombone
Josh Van Tassel: drums
Martin Tielli: guitar
Jack Breakfast: piano
Produced by Chris Stringer, 2010
Recorded by Chris Stringer at The Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carlvalho Mastering, Toronto

14. Zwol: A Little Bit Crazy (Walter Zwol)
Zwol: EMI America SW 17005
Walter Zwol: vocal
Bernie LaBarge: guitar, vocal
Grant Slater: keys, vocal
Sonnie Bernardi: drums
Dennis Pinhorn: bass, vocal
Produced by Roger Cook, Ralph Murray and Walter Zwol, 1979
Recorded at Crazy Mama Studios, Nashville and Criteria Studios, Miami

Walter Zwolinski, founding member and front man for Canadian rock band Brutus (1969-1976) before going solo. First Canadian artist to sign directly with EMI America. Continued on the circuit and formed a band called The Rage which recorded one record before taking an office job with Attic Records in Toronto in the mid 80s.

15. The Ugly Ducklings: Gaslight (Ugly Ducklings)
Single bw Rim Nugget: Yorktown YV-45013
Toronto ON
Dave Bingham (vocals)
Glynn Bell (guitar)
Roger Mayne (guitar)
John Read (bass)
Robin Boers (drums)
Produced by Bill Hurd 1967

16. The Polish Canadians: My Canadian Sweetheart or Oj Marysla (Jagiello / Guka) 1960s
Polkas & Waltzes - For Your Entertainment: Polka Tone Records 5001
Somewhere in Canada
No Info on musicians
Produced in 1960s

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