33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 13, 2018

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In The City
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Hour One

1.   The Mothers Of Invention: Call Any Vegetable (Frank Zappa) 1967
2.   The Who: In The City (John Entwistle / Keith Moon) 1966
3.   Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues
4.   Bush: Got To Leave The City (Roy Kenner / Domenic Troiano) 1970 *
5.   Jan And Dean: Surf City (Jan Berry / Brian Wilson) 1963
6.   Dean Martin: Detroit City (Danny Dill / Mel Tillis) 1970
7.   Joni Mitchell: Night In The City (Joni Mitchell) 1968 *
8.   If: Your City Is Falling (Dave Quincy) 1970
9.   Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Century City (Tom Petty) 1979
10. The Who: Armenia, City In The Sky (John ‘Speedy’ Keen) 1967
11. The Lovin’ Spoonful: Summer In The City (John Sebastian / S Boone) 1966
12. Mothers Of Invention: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Frank Zappa) 1968

Hour Two

1.   Randy Cloak And Dagger: Fire On Main Street (Randy Cloak)  1981 *
2.   Jane Siberry: Extra Executives (Jane Siberry / John Switzer) 1984 *
3.   David Wilcox: Too Cool (David Wilcox) 1983 *
4.   Shari Ulrich: Mad Money (Shari Ulrich / Jean Roussel) 1982 *
5.   Michael Waite: Me and The Silver Surfer (Michael Waite) 1983 *
6.   Domenic Troiano: Ambush (Domenic Troiano) 1979 *
7.   Two: Iceburg (Mary-Ellen Anderson) 1988 *
8.   The Shakers: Mustang Ford (Chuck Berry) 1981*
9.   Sneezy Waters: Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams) 1981 *
10. The Heart: Treat Me Bad (John Martin / John Doddridge) 1967 *
11. Michael Tarry: Neighbours At The Zoo (M Tarry) 1969 *
12. The Ugly Ducklings: Hey Mama (Ellas “Bo Diddley” McDaniel) 1966 *
13. (Those) Rogues: Girl (Bryan Primeau) 1967 *
14. Tomorrow’s Keepsake: Elevator Operator (J Lawson / B Rinehart / Gene Clark) 1966 *
15. The Raftsmen: Pembroke Special (Lou Leroux) 1968 *

CanCon* = 67%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Mothers Of Invention: Call Any Vegetable (Frank Zappa)
Absolutely Free: Verve V6-5013
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa guitar, conductor, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black drums, vocals
Ray Collins vocals, tambourine
Roy Estrada bass, vocals
Billy Mundi drums, percussion
Don Preston keyboards
Jim Fielder guitar, piano
Bunk Gardner woodwinds
Produced by Tom Wilson - 1967
Director of engineering: Val Valentin
Engineer: Ami Hadani
Remixing: David Greene
Mastering Engineer: Doug Sax

This includes: Invocation & Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin and Soft-Sell Conclusion and Ending of Side #1 of the album.

2.   The Who: In The City (John Entwistle / Keith Moon)
45 Single bw I’m A Boy: Decca Records 32058
London UK
John Entwistle: bass, french horn, vocals
Keith Moon: drums, vocals
Pete Townsend: guitar
Produced by Kit Lambert 1966
Recorded at IBC Studios in London, UK 31 July - 1 August 1966

Miscommunication! A recording session was called but only Keith and John turned up; nobody informed the others! So they spent their time recording this song. Townsend later dubbed in the guitar.

3.   Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues (Marvin Gayke / James Nyx)
Marvin Gaye Live!: Motown Records T333V1
Detroit Michigan
Ed Green: drums
James Jamerson: bass
David T Walker: guitar
Ray Parker: guitar
Joe Sample: keys
John Arnold: percussion
Joe Clayton: congas
Paul Hubinon: trumpet
George Bohanon: trombone
Ernie Watts: sax
William Green: sax
James Getzoff: violin
Jack Shulman: violin
Eric Dolen, Charlie Burns, Michael Torrance, Dwight Owens, Wally Cox: bg vocals
Produced by EG Abner, 1974
Recorded by Cal Harris, Bill Schnee live at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland CA
Recorded on Wally Heider Studios mobile unit
Mixed at Motown Recording Studios, Hollywood CA by Marvin Gaye

4.   Bush: Got To Leave The City (Roy Kenner / Domenic Troiano)
Bush: ABC Dunhill -  DS 50086
Toronto ON
Roy Kenner: vocal, congas
Dominec Troiano: guitar, vocal
Prakash John: Bass
Pentti Glan; drums
Produced by Reb Foster with Tim Alvarado - 1970
Recorded at Wally Heiders Studio 3, Los Angeles

Domenic Michele Antonio Troiano (January 17, 1946 – May 25, 2005)
Roy Kenner (born January 14, 1948 in Toronto)
Prakash John (born August 1, 1947 in Bombay, India)
Pentti "Whitey" Glan  (b. Finland July 8, 1946 – November 7, 2017, Innisfil ON)

5.   Jan & Dean: Surf City (Jan Berry / Brian Wilson)
Surf City and Other Swingin’ Cities: Liberty Records – LRP 3314
Los Angeles CA
Jan Berry: vocal
Dean Torrence: vocal
Hal Blaine: drums
Glen Campbell: guitar
Billy Strange: guitar
Ray Pohlman: bass
Produced by Jan Berry 1963
Recorded by Bones, Lanky & Dave Wiechman March 20, 1963 at United Western Recorders, Hollywood

William Jan Berry (April 3, 1941 - March 26, 2004)
Dean Ormsby Torrence (born March 10, 1940).

Surf City was the first surf song to become a national number-one hit. This, and many other surf songs mention a woodie which was a 1930s station wagon with wood trimmings which were all the rage in 1950s and early 60s California beach culture. Brian Wilson gave the unfinished song to Jan Berry who finished it, recorded it and watched it surf the wave to a number one which made Murry Wilson fume. Brian Wilson later told Teen Beat Magazine, "I was proud of the fact that another group had had a number 1 track with a song I had written ... But dad would hear none of it. ... He called Jan a 'record pirate'."

6.   Dean Martin: Detroit City (Danny Dill / Mel Tillis)
Hurtin’ Country Songs: Capitol Records 0724352150922
Beverly Hills, California
Dean Martin: vocal
Produced by Tammy Kizer, 1970
Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg

7.   Joni Mitchell: Night In The City (Joni Mitchell)
Songs To A Seagull: Reprise Records  6293
Fort MacLeod AB
Joni Mitchell: guitar, vocal
Stephen Stills: bass
Produced by David Crosby  1968
Recorded by Art Cryst at Sunset Sound, Hollywood CA

Roberta Joan Anderson; born November 7, 1943 Fort Macleod, Alberta

Her family moved to Saskatoon when she was 11 and always considered it to be home. Song to a Seagull (also known as Joni Mitchell) is Joni Mitchell's debut album. This album was originally released as Joni Mitchell because the LP album covers were printed incorrectly, cutting off part of the "Song to a Seagull" title. Sufered a brain aneurysm in 2015  said to be still recovering.

8.   If: Your City Is Falling (Dave Quincy)
If 2: Capitol Records: SW 676
London UK
John Mealing: keys, vocals
Jim Richardson: bass
Dennis Elliot: drums
Dick Morrissey: sax, flute
Dave Quincy: saxes
Terry Smith: guitar
Produced by Lew Futterman 1970
Recorded by Jon Child at The Hit Factory, NYC; by Frank Owen at Island Studios, London
Front Cover Design: Clean Mashine Studio

“If”  was a progressive rock band formed in Britain in 1969. Referred to by Billboard as "unquestionably the best of the so-called jazz-rock bands". In the period spanning 1970-75, they produced eight studio-recorded albums and did some 17 tours of Europe, the US and Canada. If thus became one of the most highly acclaimed groups of the Seventies to never quite make the big time, despite good record sales and full venues.

9.   Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Century City (Tom Petty)
Damn The Torpedoes: Backstreet Records  - MCA-1505
Gainsville FL
Tom Petty: guitars, harmonica, lead vocal
Benmont Tench: keys, vocals
Mike Campbell: guitars
Styan Lynch: drums, vocals
Ron Blair: bass
Produced by Tom Petty & Jimmy Lovine 1979
Recorded by Shelly Yakus Sound City, Van Nuys CA & Cherokee Studios, Hollywood
Mixed at Cherokee and The Record Plant, NYC
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Serling Sound, NYC

Tom Petty b. Gainsville, Florida October 20, 1950 / d. October 2, 2017 Santa Monica California – age 66

First 2 albums were on Shelter Records who owned the publishing. When Shelter was sold to MCA, Petty declared bankruptcy to free himself from his contractural obligations resulting in MCA backing down and allowing Petty to have his own label, Backstreet Records to be distributed by MCA. This gave him the freedom to do as he pleased.

10. The Who: Armenia, City In The Sky (John ‘Speedy’ Keen)
A Quick One / The Who Sell Out: Decca MCA2-4067
London UK
Roger Daltrey - lead vocals
Pete Townshend - guitar, backing and lead vocals
John Entwistle - bass, backing and lead vocals
Keith Moon - drums, lead vocals on "Jaguar" and "Girl's Eyes"
Al Kooper - keyboards
Produced by Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, 1967
Recorded by Damon Lyon-Shaw at either IBC, Pye, De Lane Lea, CBS, & Kingsway; London
Talentmasters, New York City, Gold Star, Los Angeles

11. The Lovin’ Spoonful: Summer In The City (John Sebastian / Steve Boone)
Best of the Lovin’ Spoonful: Kama Sutra Records KSBS 2608-2
John Sebastian: guitar, vocals
Zal Yanovsky: lead guitar
Steve Boone: bass
Joe Butler: drums
Produced by Eric Jacobsen, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin

12. Mothers of Invention: Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance (Frank Zappa)
We're Only In It For The Money: Verve Records  V6-5045X
Los Angeles, CA
Frank Zappa: guitar, piano, lead vocals
Billy Mundi: drums
Bunk Gardner: all woodwinds, mumbled weirdness
Roy Estrada: bass, vocals, asthma
Don Preston: brass
Jimmy Carl Black: drums, trumpet, vocals
Ian Underwood: piano, woodwinds
Euclid James Sherwood: saxes, teen appeal
Produced by Frank Zappa - 1968
Recorded by Gary Kellgren and Dick Kunc
Mixed by Dick Kunc

Hour Two

1.   Randy Cloak & Dagger: Fire On Main Street (Randy Cloak)
Saskatchewan Seeds: CHAB 800
Moose Jaw, SK
Rick Doyle: guitars
Ivan Boudrea: bass
Len Sembaluk: drums
Randy Cloak: guitar, vocal
Kate Clark: vocal
Produced by Randy Cloak  1981
Recorded by Rick Knight at Studio West

2.   Jane Siberry: Extra Executives (Jane Siberry / John Switzer)
No Borders Here: Duke Street Records OA-0302
Guelph ON
Jane Siberry: vocal, guitar, keys
John Switzer: bass, percussion
Ken Myhr: guitar, percussion
Al Cross: drums
Doug Wilde: keys
Jon Goldsmith: keys
Rob Yale: programming
Produced by Jon Goldsmith, Kerry Crawford, Jane Siberry & John Switzer 1984
Recorded by John Naslen & Rick Starks, Ron Seales & Mark Baldi at Manta Sound, Toronto

Jane Stewart,  12 October 1955 in Toronto raised in Etobicoke which is probably why she was friends with the Rheostatics Met John Switzer at university in Guelph & formed folk band Java Jive till 1979. No Borders Here was her first foray into avant gard folk pop
Has released 18 albums

3.   David Wilcox: Too Cool (David Wilcox)
My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble: Capitol Records 6000 Series ST 6503
Toronto ON
David Wilcox: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Sadia - 1983

David Karl William Wilcox (born July 13, 1949) Montreal

Began his career Yorkville late 60s in The Gangrene Boys w Rick Fielding & Andy Hermant before being inducted to replace Amos Garrett in Great Speckled Bird. Began his solo career with The Teddy Bears mid 70s & released a slew of albums.

4.   Shari Ulrich: Mad Money (Shari Ulrich / Jean Roussel)
Talk Around Town: MCA Records 5379
Bowen Island, BC
Shari Ulrich: vocal, violin
Mike Baird: drums
Nathan East: bass
Bobby Buchanan: keys
Jane Mortiffe, Nancy Nash: bg vocals
Produced by Claire Lawrence 1982
Recorded by Jeremy Smith & David Schrober at Bill Schnee Sound, Los Angeles
Mixed by Paul Northfield & Robbie Whalen at Le Studio, Morin Heights, QC
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

b. October 17, 1951 (age 65) San Rafael, California

An American-born Juno Award winning musician who relocated to Vancouver when she was 18, performed on the coffeehouse circuit around Vancouver in the early 1970s. In 1973, she met up with Rick Scott and Joe Mock, and together they formed the Pied Pumkin String Ensemble. She was hired by Valdy to be a part of his touring band, The Hometown Band. Later played with Roy Forbes and Bill Henderson in UHF which still does gig occasionally. She’s still out their recording and gigging with lots more still in the tank.

5.   Michael Waite & Eyes: Me And The Silver Surfer (Michael Waite)
Cosmic Wave: A&M Records SP 9092
Toronto ON
Mike Waite: bass, piano, guitars, synths, percussion, vocals
Martian Wars: 5 string electric violin, mando-guitar, synths
Mike OBrien: drums
Kim Mitchell: guitar solo
Produced by Michael G Waite with Glen Johansen 1983
Recorded by Glen Johansen & Michael G Waite at Integrated Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Zaza Sound by Frank Morrone, Michael Waite & Glen Johansen

Mike Waite is currently the owner and man (with the beard) behind the counter at Mike’s Music on The Danforth in Toronto. He played bass in Toronto band Breathless, featuring a young Nash The Slash, and briefly managed FM.

6.   Domenic Troiano: Ambush (Domenic Troiano)
45 Single: Capitol Records 72804
Toronto ON
Domenic Troiano: guitar
Paul DeLong: drums
Dave Tyson: keys
Bob Wilson: bass
Produced by Domenic Troiano  1979
Recorded by Mick Jones at Inception Sound, Toronto Nov 78 Jan 79
RIP Sandra Michele Stubbert on July 27th, 2018

She just finished recording her 4th studio album (after a 20 years), produced by Tom Savage, which was to be released in the summer of 2018. Recorded at North of Princess Studio in Kingston, Ontario.

7.   Two: Iceburg (Mary-Ellen Anderson)
Loose Marbles (In A Big Wooden Box): Two Productions TWO1
Toronto ON
Sandy Stubbert: guitar, bg vocals
Mary-Ellen Anderson: guitar, lead vocal
Ian Tamblyn: piano, DX7
David Woodhead: DX7
Produced by Ian Tamblyn, 1988
Recorded by Vince Agostini and Rick Lightheart at Sound Design, Oakville ON
Mixed and Mastered by Ian Tamblyn and Phil Bova at Ambience Studio, Ottawa
Graphics: Penny Patton and Judy Lowry
(Also Available on Cassette)

These Two met up at university in Thunder Bay, ON and began playing music together before relocating to Toronto. Fwllow Thunder Bay personality, Ian Tamblyn, produced them. Shortly after this release, they got a full band and changed their name to Two Penny-Opera.
8.   The Shakers: Mustang Ford (Chuck Berry)
Rock And Roll EP: Warpt Records WRC1 1515
Hamilton ON
Claude Desroches: drums
Tim Gibbons: lead guitar
Rick Andrew: bass
Dave ‘Rave’ Desroches: rhythm guitar, vocals
Produced by Daniel Lanois 1981
Recorded by Daniel Lanois in Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton ON

The Shakers, from 1979 to 1983. Only put out 2 LPs: 1981 (In Time) and ‘83 called Weekend.
Dave Rave played rhythm for Teenage Head. He also formed a group called "The Dave Rave Conspiracy"
The Shakers have done some reunion shows the past few years.

9.   Sneezy Waters: Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams)
Sneezy Waters Sings Hank Williams: Sawdust Records - SW6
Ottawa ON
Graham Townsend - fiddle
Willie P Bennett - Harmonica
George Essery - Pedal Steel
Randy Hill - mandolin
Ken Whiteley - accordion
Pepe Francis - electric guitars
Bill Garrett - acoustic guitar
Sneezy Waters - acoustic guitar, vocals
Ed Bimm - piano
David Woodhead - bass
Peter Beaudoin - drums
Produced by Bill Garrett - 1981
Recorded by Charles Fairfield at Studio Passeport & Greg Roberts at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton

From Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave

10. The Heart: Treat Me Bad (John Martin / John Doddridge)
45 single bw Help Me Down: Sir John A Records – SJA2
Almonte ON
John Martin (lead vocals)
David Liberty (lead guitars, vocals)
Hans Schleuter (bass)
John Doddridge (drums)
Gordon "Junior" Dix (guitar)
Peter Jermyn (organ)
Jamie Avis (guitar)
Produced by Ted Gerow 1967
The band Thee Deuces was originally formed in 1964 in Almonte south-west of Ottawa as an instrumental group who performed for nearly a full year at Inter-Provincial Hotel in Hull, Quebec as the house band.
By the summer of 1967, the band decided to update their name - The Heart - and their sound by adding former Luke & The Apostles keyboardist Peter Jermyn. But Jermyn would leave again in 1968 to form The Modern Rock Quartet with former Esquires members Doug Orr and Robert Coulthart. The Heart then recruited Corbin and Arseneault from The Five D for one more single called "Yesterday Was a Dream" on RCA at Christmas that year. The act lasted only until the Spring of 1969.
Sir John A Records - Named after Canada's first Prime Minister, was a label that existed for less than 2 years. Formed to celebrate Canada's centennial year in 1967 by local Ottawa personality John Pozer and musician/artist Ron Greene - the label tapped into some of the Ottawa area's hottest up and coming bands. The records issued on the label were very limited pressings of 100 - 500 quantities.

11. Michael Tarry: Neighbours At The Zoo (M Tarry)
45 Single: Columbia Records C4-2877
Marmora ON
Michael Tarry: vocals
Produced 1969
b. Michael Terry McDermott in Lees, near Manchester, England / died Marmora ON, April 15, 2013

Born in Manchester, England, McDermott moved to Canada in 1958. In 1969, he signed with Columbia Records. McDermott was known for his 1973 hit "Rosalie". Performed in Canadian pop bands ‘Susan Taylor and the Paytons’ and ‘Milestone’, who may have backed him up on this record. Released 5 singles & an LP for Columbia; 2 singles Reprise
12. Ugly Ducklings: Hey Mama (Ellas “Bo Diddley” McDaniel)
Somewhere Outside: Yorktown Records - YT 50,001
Toronto ON
Dave Bingham (vocals)
Glynn Bell (guitar)
Roger Mayne (guitar)
John Read (bass)
Robin Boers (drums)
Produced by Bill Huard - 1966
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Ray Lawrence, Gary youngblood & Terry Vollum at Stea Phillips, NYC - Hallmark Sound, Toronto - Bay Recording, Toronto

13. (Those) Rogues: Girl (Bryan Primeau)
45 single bw I Could See You Again: Algoma Records ST 53
Sault Ste Marie ON
Bryan Primeau: organ, vocals
Mike Jargan: drums
Rick Rogers: guitar
Harvey Bell: bass
Produced by John Holt, 1967
Recorded by Marshall Shapiro at Arc Studios in Toronto on February 26, 1967

This was a band from The Soo.
There was another band from Saskatchewan called The Rogues 5 who changed their name to Great Flood and the pre-cursor to Mandala were also called The Rogues.

14. Tomorrows Keepsake: Elevator Operator (J Lawson / B Rinehart / Gene Clark)
Single bw High & Mighty: RCA International 57 3442
Regina SK
Richard Gettle:
Vern Hoffert:
Barry Keating:
Art Zimmerman:
Produced by Gaiety Records 1966
Recorded in Hollywood CA

From Regina, Saskatchewan, this was an early version of The White Knights. Their 45, which was a hit back in December 1967, is now very collectable. They also had an otherwise unreleased cut, Eat Your Hot Dog Boy, included on Birchmount's Strictly Canadian compilation. This is reputedly an impressive psych-punker.

15. The Raftsmen: Pembroke Special (Lou Leroux)
The Raftsmen: Rodeo International SRLP 7116
Martin Overland: guitar
Lou Leroux: guitar
Guy Pillette: bass
Produced by George Taylor and Dougal Trineer 1968
Recorded by Paul Mongeau at Stereo Sound Studios, Montreal

From the Montreal and Ottawa area. Did a number of mostly folksong albums from the early 1960s till about the end of the decade. Had a following in various pockets of the USA and even did some recording down there. This song isn’t indicative of what they’re usually like on record – unfortunately.

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