33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 27, 2018

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The Pleasures of Audio
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Hour One

1.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Side of Fries (Kate McGarrigle / Philippe Tartarcheff) 1978 *
2.   Mood: Who Do You Love (E McDanials) 1967 *
3.   Nobody: Follow Me (Unknown) 1966 *
4.   Tommy Graham: After The Gold Rush (Neil Young) 1972 *
5.   Motherlode: When I Die (W Smith / S Kennedy) 1971 *
6.   Paul Revere & The Raiders: Hungry (B Mann / C Weil) 1966
7.   Chubby Checker: The Twist (Hank Ballard) 1960
8.   Suzie Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon / McCartney) 1974
9.   The Gulftones of PEI: PE Island Baby (Unknown) no date *
10. Stan McDonald: Ole Cod Fish (Stan McDonald) 1986 *
11. The MC Quartet: Boom A De Boom (Snider / Rae) 1956 *
12. Bill Houston: The King of White Otter Lake (Bill Houston) 1975 *
13. The Byrds: I Want To Grow Up To Be A Politician (R McGuinn) 1971
14. The Flying Burrito Brothers: Six Days On The Road (C Montgomery / E Green) 1972
15. The Byrds: Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons / Bob Buchanan) 1968
16. Johnny Merenick & His String Jesters: Old Boy Polka (Kozachock) circa 1970 *

Hour Two

1.   Love: 7&7 Is (Arthur Lee) 1966
2.   Nick Lowe: Burning (Nick Lowe) 1982
3.   Syd Barrett: Octopus (Syd Barrett) 1969
4.   Troyka: Natural (M Richards / R Edwards / R Lukawietsky) 1970 *
5.   Bob Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan) 1965
6.   The Pogues: Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go (Shane MacGowan) 1984
7.   Wild Man Fisher: Cops & Robbers (Larry Fisher) 1969
8.   Derek Markle: Billy Bayou (Roger Miller) 1983 *
9.   Brendon Nolan: The Train They Call The Ocean (Brendon Nolan) 1984 *
10. David Clayton Thomas: Out Of The Sunshine (Clayton-Thomas / Collacott)  1965 *
11. Messanjah: Rock On Jah (Eric Walch) 1982 *
12. Dutch Mason Trio: Boss Man (T Bone Burnette) 1971 *
13. Ellen McIllwaine: Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune (Jack Bruce / Pete Brown) 1973 *
14. Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer (Bators / Chrome / Zero / Blitz / Magnum / Thomas) 1977
15. Mike Malahini Scott & His Hawaiianaires Rhythm of the Islands (Leon Belasco) 1983 *

CanCon* = 58%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Side of Fries (Kate McGarrigle / Philippe Tartarcheff)
Pronto Monto: Warner Brothers BSK 3248
Montreal QC
Kate McGarrigle: vocal, accordion
Anna McGarrigle: vocal, accordion, piano
Bernard Purdie: drums
Gordon Edwards: bass
Jon Sholle: slide guitar
David Nichtern: guitar
Kenny Pearson: clavinet
David Woodford: soprano sax
Kenny Kosek: fiddle
George Devens: percussion
Produced by David Nichtern 1978
Recorded by Elliot Scheiner, Arthur Friedman, Tony Sciarotta & Tom Seufert
Recorded at Sunset Sound Recorders, LA; A&R Studios, NYC; Automated Sound, NYC; Redwing Sound LA
Mastered by Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab, LA

2.   Mood: Who Do You Love (E McDanials)
45: Cove Records - QC 467
Port Colborne ON
Ritchie Gauthier aka Ritchie Stringer (vocals, rhythm guitar)
Mike Weaver (drums, backing vocals)
Al Bartok (bass)
Jack Schaefer (keyboards)
Dave Pine (lead guitar)
Produced by Pete Borbolli -  1967
Recorded by Pete Pete Borbolli at CKGB Radio, Timmins ON
Gautier & Weaver then joined Toronto band Factree

3.   Nobody: Follow Me (Unknown)
45 single b/w To a Lovely Lady: Red Leaf TTM 635
Buddy Stanton: keys
Others not listed
Produced by Ted Gerow, 1966

Originally called The Scoundrelz, they released one single before changing their name to Nobody and releasing this one.

4.   Tommy Graham: After The Gold Rush (Neil Young) 1972 *
45 single bw Right On: Capitol Records Canada 72663
Toronto ON
Tommy Graham: vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Tommy Graham,  1972

Joined his first band, Kay Taylor & The Regents, in 1958
Formed the group Big Town Boys 1963-68
After the BTBs, he travelled to India to learn sarode with Ali Akbar Kahn
Befriended Brian Ahearn who used him to play several instruments on Anne Murrays Snowbird
Solo debut album, "Planet Earth" was released in 1972

5.   Motherlode: Hard Life (Steve Kennedy / Robert Smith / Ken Marco)
When I Die: Revolver Records RLPS 501
London ON
WM Smitty Smith: keys, vocals
Ken Marco: guitar, vocals
Wayne Stoney Stone: drums
Steve Kennedy: tenor sax, harmonica, vocals
Carol Kay: bass, acoustic guitar
Produced by Mort Ross and Doug Riley 1970
Recorded by Terry Brown

When I Die", released as a single, was an international hit, reaching #18 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1969. I took the song off their 1970 album.

Steve Kennedy, Ken Marco and Wayne Stone went on to be founding members of Dr. Music in Toronto with Doug Riley.

6.   Paul Revere and The Raiders: Hungry (B Mann / C Weil)
45 single bw There She Goes: Columbia Records: 4-43678
Boise, Idaho
Paul Revere – keyboards
Mark Lindsay – lead vocals, saxophone
Phil "Fang" Volk – bass
Michael "Smitty" Smith – drums
Drake "The Kid" Levin – guitar, backing vocals
Jim "Harpo" Valley – guitar
Produced by Terry Melcher 1966

A major hit for PR&R in 1966. It was also covered by Sammy Hagar. Terry Melcher produced the early Byrds records.

7.   Chubby Checker: The Twist (Hank Ballard)
45 single bw Twistin' USA: Parkway Records 811A
Spring Gulley, South Carolina
Chubby Checker: vocals
Buddy Savitt: sax
Ellis Tollin: drums
The Dreamlovers: bg vocals
Produced by Dave Appell, 1961

Originally recorded and released by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters as a B-side to "Teardrops on Your Letter" However, it was Checker’s 1960 version that sparked the dance craze and hit number 1. Interestingly, it was re-released and went to number 1 again in January 1962, establishing it as the first song ever to accompish such a feat.

In 2018, Checker's version was one of six singles inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in a new category honoring singles by artists who have not been elected to the Hall.

8.   Suzie Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man (Lennon / McCartney)
Suzi Quatro: Bell Records 1302
Michigan US
Suzi Quatro - Bass, Lead Vocals
Len Tuckey - Guitar, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alastair McKenzie - Electric Piano, Grand Piano, Mellotron, Backing Vocals
Dave Neal - Drums, Backing Vocals
Produced by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn 1973
Recorded by Pete Coleman at Audio International Studio, London
Mastered by Chris Blair

9.   The Gulftones of PEI: PE Island Baby (Unknown)
Swan Song: Barbershop Records MS 9661
Summerside PEI
Joe McCarthy: vocal
Ivan Mitchell: vocal
Jerry Regnier: vocal
Earle Henderson: vocal
Producer not listed, 1970s

10. Stan McDonald: Ole Cod Fish (Stan McDonald)
Sailor Boy: SWC Records - MD-8601
Ramea, NL
Stan McDonalds: 12 string guitar, vocals
Sim Savory: accordion, fiddle, harmonica, bass
Howard Bailey: lead guitar, Hawaiian guitar
Bud Davidge: rhythm guitar
Pious Hickey: rhythm guitar
Hughie Poole: bg vocal
Produced by Sim Savory, 1986
Recorded by Sim Savory and Neil Bishop at Sim's Studio, Belleoram, NL

11. The MC Quartet: Boom A De Boom (Snider / Rae)
78 rmp single bw Santa’s Dream by Marilyn Reddick & MC Quartet: Alvina Records - AL-1016
Toronto ON
Harry Harding: vocals
Ivor McIvor:  vocals
Ken Reenie: vocals
Ken McRae: vocals
Produced by Art Snider  1956

Catch my interview with Ken McRae from 2010 about the vocal quartet phenominon

12. Bill Houston: The King of White Otter Lake (Bill Houston)
The King of White Otter Lake: Lone Wolf Records - LW1405
Thunder Bay, ON
Bill Houston: 12 string guitar, harmonica, vocals
Roly Greenway: bass
Grit Laskin: banjo, guitar
Shelby Gregory, Joy Hisey, Jeweli Rowlandson: bg vocal
Produced by Shelby M Gregory - 1975
Recorded by Tom Brennand at Eastern Sound, Toronto, and Creative Electronics Studios, London ON
Mastered by Bill Cuddihy at RCA Canada
http://www.billhouston.ca or mailto:bhouston@tbaytel.net

13. The Byrds: I Want To Grow Up To Be A Politician (R McGuinn)
Byrdmaniax: Columbia Records - KC30640
Los Angeles CA
Roger McGuinn - guitar
Gene Parsons - drums
Skip Battin - bass
Clarence White - guitar
Produced by Terry Melcher & Chris Hinshaw - 1971
Recorded by Chris Hinshaw, Eric Prestidge & Glen Kolotkin at Columbia Studios, Hollywood, CA

14. The Flying Burrito Brothers: Six Days On The Road (C Montgomery / E Green)
The Last of the Red Hot Burritos: A&M Records SP 4343
Los Angeles CA
Chris Hillman: vocals, bass, mandolin
Rick Roberts: vocals, rhythm guitar
Al Perkins: pedal steel guitar, lead electric guitar
Kenny Wertz: vocals, guitar, banjo
Michael Clarke: drums
Bernie Leadon (possible): guitar (overdubbed)
Produced by Jim Dickson 1972
Recorded by Ed Kramer for Electric Lady Studio

First released in 1963, the song became a major hit for Dave Dudley that year and is often hailed as the definitive celebration of the American truck driver. The Flying Burrito Brothers are shown performing the song live at Altamont in the movie, "Gimme Shelter"

15. The Byrds: Hickory Wind (Gram Parsons / Bob Buchanan)
Sweetheart of the Rodeo: Columbia Records CS 9670
Los Angeles CA
Roger McGuinn: guitar, banjo
Chris Hillman: bass, mandolin, lead vocal
Gram Parsons: guitar, piano, vocal
Kevin Kelly: drums
Earl P Ball: piano
Lloyd Green: steel
Roy M Huskey: bass
Jaydee Maness: steel
Clarence White: guitar
Produced by Gary Usher 1968
Recorded by Roy Halee & Charlie Bragg

16. Johnny Merenick & His String Jesters: Old Boy Polka (Kozachock)
Sing & Play Ukrainian Songs: Ukrainian Book Store DSLP-10
Canora Saskatchewan
Johnny Merenick, dulcimer
Willie Merenick, violin
Allen Merenick, guitar, clarinet
Ted Merenick, bass
Danny Meremick, accordion, drums
Fred Demchuk, vocals
Produced circa 1970
Recorded at Krol Sound Enterprises, Edmonton

Hour Two

1.   Love: 7&7 Is (Arthur Lee)
Revisited: Electra EKS 74058
Los Angeles CA
Arthur Lee: lead vocals, harmonica, guitar, percussion
Johnny Echols: lead guitar
Bryan MacLean: rhythm guitar, vocal
Ken Forssi: bass
Alban "Snoopy" Pfisterer: drums, keys
Produced by Paul Rothchild, Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson, Bruce Botnick & Arthur Lee, 1970
From the LP Da Capo Produced by Paul Rothchild
Recorded by Dave Hassinger & Bruce Botnick

2.   Nick Lowe: Burning (Nick Lowe)
Nick……The Knife: Columbia Records FC 37932
Brentford UK
Nick Lowe: bass, guitar, vocals
Bobby Irwin / Terry Williams: drums, bg vocal
Bobby Bremner, Martin Belmont, Aldo Bocca: guitars
Neil King, Carlene Carter, Steve Nieve, Ben Bergen, Paul Carrack: keys
Produced by Nick Lowe, 1982
Recorded by Alan Bocca at Eden Studios, Acton, UK

Nicholas Drain Lowe b. Walton-On-Thames, UK 24 March, 1949

Began his musical career in 1967 with a band called Kippinton Lodge, along with his school friend Brinsley Schwarz. They renamed the band after Schwarz in late 1969 and remained a going concern until 1975. Lowe played bass in Dave Edmunds Rockpile until 1980. He was also a member of the short-lived super-group Little Village with John Hiatt, Jim Keltner and Ry Cooder.

3.   Syd Barrett: Octopus (Syd Barrett)
The Madcap Laughs: EMI / Harvest 064-1042611
Cambridge UK
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocal
Jerry Shirley: drums
Willie Wilson: drums
Dave Gilmour: bass
Produced by Syd Barrett and Dave Gilmour, 1969
Recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studio, June 12, 1969. Overdubs added June 13

Roger Keith "Syd" Barrett (b. Cambridge UK 6 January 1946 / d. Cambridge 7 July 2006)

Octopus was the first single EMI released by Barrett. It didn’t do very well. If I had to recommend a book about Barrett, then Bob Chapman’s “A Very Irregular Head”.

4.   Troyka: Natural (M Richards / R Edwards / R Lukawietsky)
Troyka: Cotillion (WB) - SD 9020
Edmonton AB
Mike Richards: lead vocal, drums
Bob Edwards: guitar, mandolin, vocal
Rumor Lukawietsky: bass, vocal
Produced by Shel Kagan & Troyka, 1970
Production consultant: Gene Paul
Recorded at Round Sound, Edmonton by Ted Richards

Originally called The Royal Family (1966-68) they became Troyka in 1968. They recorded their album in a home studio and shopped it around, signing a one album deal with Atlantic Records in New York.
Opened shows for The Byrds, Savoy Brown, Canned Heat, Family, Rare Earth and Blue Cheer.
Played The Electric Circus in Toronto on May 23, 1970, sharing the bill with Leslie West & Mountain.
Immediately after the Toronto gig, Bob Edwards announced that he was leaving the band. They tried out a new guitar player but could get no reaction from the music biz so the gig was gone.

5.   Bob Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan)
Bringing It All Back Home: Columbia Records CL 2328
Duluth MN
Bob Dylan: vocal, guitar, harmonica
Bruce Langhorne: electric guitar
Produced by Tom Wilson 1965
Recorded at Columbia Studio A & Studio B, NYC

"Mr. Tambourine Man" was written and composed by Dylan in early 1964 after attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The Byrds recorded their version of it in April 1965 after the band's manager, Jim Dickson, acquired an acetate demo disc of "Mr. Tambourine Man" from Dylan's publisher, featuring a performance by Dylan and Ramblin' Jack Elliott. To further bolster the group's confidence in the song, Dickson invited Dylan to hear The Byrds’ rendition. Dylan was impressed, enthusiastically commenting, "Wow, you can dance to that!” This song has been performed and recorded by many artists, including: Judy Collins, Odetta, Melanie, and William Shatner.

6.   The Pogues: Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go  (Shane MacGowan)
Red Roses For Me: Stiff Records SEEZ 55
London UK
Shane McGowan: vocals
Jimmy Fearnley: accordion
Cait ORiordan: bass
Spider Stacy: tin whistle
Andy Ranken: drums
Jem Finer: Banjo, mandola, guitar, saxophone, hurdy-gurdy
Produced by Stan Brennan 1984
Recorded by Nick Robbins & Craig Thomson at Elephant Studio, London

Cait ORiordan was married to Elvis Costello between 1986-2002. (He married Diana Krall 2003)
She appeared on the first 2 Pogues albums

7.   Wild Man Fisher: Cops & Robbers (Larry Fisher)
An Evening With Wild Man Fisher: Bizarre Records / Reprise 6332
Los Angeles CA
Larry Fisher: vocals, sounds
Produced by Frank Zappa 1968
Recorded live on Sunset Strip in front of Whisky A Go Go & the Hamburger Hamlet by Dick Kunc

Larry Wayne Fischer  November 6, 1944  June 16, 2011

Zappa and Fischer remained close until Fischer threw a jar at Zappa's daughter Moon Unit Zappa, barely missing her. Due to this falling out, Zappa's wife, chose not to release a digital version of An Evening with Wild Man Fischer. Fischer appeared on national television (Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In) and was the subject of a comic book: The Legend of Wild Man Fischer

8.   Derek Markle: Billy Bayou (Roger Miller)
Be Yourself: Altair Four Records – WRC1-2829
Lanark ON
Steve Pitacco: guitars
Quincy Pamphouse: steel
Dave Babineau: bass
Ron Prescott: drums
Randall Prescott: keys
Robby Dontigny: guitar
Randy Demmon: piano
Bobby Lalonde: fiddle
Derek Markle: vocal
Produced by Randall Prescott – 1983
Recorded & Mixed at Altair Four Studio, Lanark

b. May 8, 1945 – d. Aug 31, 1983

9.   Brendon Nolan: The Train They Call The Ocean (Brendon Nolan)
45 single bw Mental Taxation: Primordial Records C-550
Montreal QC
Brendan Nolan: vocal
Produced 1984

Irish born, he immigrated to Canada in the late 1970s and quickly established himself on the Montreal folk music scene. He was the "House Performer" for a 14 year run at the Old Dublin Pub. It was voted most popular pub in the city by the Montreal Mirror.

10. David Clayton-Thomas & The Shays: Out of the Sunshine (Clayton-Thomas / Collacott)
Back On The Street Again: Pickwick SPC-3245
Toronto ON
David Clayton-Thomas: vocals
Fred Keeler, lead guitar
Scott Richards, bass
John Netherell, drums
Ritchie Cates, rhythm guitar
First Produced by Duff Roman  1965
The Album Production not listed circa 1972

This LP is a joint LP: Side 1 DCT Side 2: Linda Ronstadt & Stone Poneys

David Henry Thomsett: 3 September 1941 Kingston upon Thames, Surrey UK

Recorded several singles with The Shays on Atca and Roman records.
Shays were together for about 3 yrs. Pianist, Tom Collacott, was also in The Bossmen, DCT’s last Toronto band before joining Blood, Sweat & Tears. Collacott later joined Toronto band Chimo!

11. Messenjah: Rock On Jah (Eric Walch)
Rock You High: Phonyx Records WRC1-2430
Kitchener ON
Errol Blackwood: vocal, bass
Rupert Harvey: vocal, guitar, vax
Eric Walsh: guitar
Raymond Ruddock: drums
Hal Duggan: keys
Tony King: percussion
Produced by Rupert Harvey - 1982
Recorded by Richard Bowen at Circle Sound Studio, San Diego CA
Kitchener ON based band. This is their first LP.

Toured internationally for 16 yrs. Won 1989 Juno for Best Reggae LP
Appeared at Skydome, Toronto, 1998 with Nelson Mandela.

Rupert "Ojiji" Harvey (born Clarendon Parish, Jamaica, 9 February 1955) moved to Canada with his family when he was eleven.

12. Dutch Mason Trio: Boss Man (uncredited)
At The Candlelight: Paragon Records ALS 263
Truro NS
Dutch Mason: piano, guitar, vocals
Ronnie Miller: bass
Ken Clattenburg: drum
Produced by Bill Fisher - 1971
Recorded by Jack Hutchinson
Mixed by Bill Bessey
Cover: Jarvis Darville

Norman Byron Mason (b. Lunenburg NS, 19 February 1938 / d. Truro NS, 23 December 2006)

13. Ellen McIlwaine: Never Tell Your Mother Shes Out of Tune (Jack Bruce / Pete Brown)
We The People: Polydor 2391 059
Calgary AB
Ellen McIlwaine: vocals, guitar
Don Payne: bass
Jerry Mercer: drums
Collin Tilton: sax
Produced by Peter K Siegel 1973
Recorded by Shelly Yakus & Tom Flye at The Record Plant East, New York City

14. Dead Boys: Sonic Reducer (Bators / Chrome / Zero / Blitz / Magnum / Thomas)
Young Loud and Snotty: Sire Records 9147-6038
Cleveland OH
Stiv Bators: lead vocal
Cheetah Chrome: lead guitar
Jimmy Zero: rhythm guitar
Jeff Magnum: bass
Johnny Blitz: drums
Produced by Genya Ravan, 1977
Recorded by Dave Wittman at Electric Lady Studios, NYC
Mixed by Harvey Goldberg and Jim Galante
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

15. Mike Malahini Scott & His Hawaiianaires: Rhythm of the Islands (Leon Belasco)
Live At The Waikiki: Maple Records MA 1014
Jamie Nolan: guitar
Al Gardner: drums, uk
Paul Butler: keys
Mike Scott: hawaiian steel
Produced by Mike Scott & Jamie Nolan 1983
Recorded at Fiesta Studios, Toronto

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