33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
September 17, 2018

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Hour One

1.   The Pretenders: Swinging London (Hynde / Honeyman-Scott / Farndon / Chambers) 1979
2.   The Hollies: I’m Alive (Clint Ballard Jr) 1965
3.   Chris Farlowe: Out Of Time (Jaggar / Richards) 1966
4.   The Who: The Last Time (Jagger / Richards) 1967
5.   Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich: (Howard Blaikley) Last Night In Soho 1968
6.   Ella Fitzgerald: I’ve Got A Crush On You (George Gershwin) 1950
7.   Brian Hyland: Sealed With A Kiss (Udell / Geld) 1962
8.   Talking Heads: Don’t Worry About The Government (David Byrne) 1982
9.   Iggy & The Stooges: Search And Destroy (Iggy Pop / James Williamson) 1973
10. Echo And The Bunnymen: Never Stop (Sergeant / McCulloch / Pattinson / De Freitas) 1983
11. The Cowboy Junkies: Sweet Jane (Lou Reed) 1988 *
12. Malcolm McLaren: Firstcoupleout (M McLaren / Trevor Horn) 1984
13. Battered Wives: Freedom Fighters (J Gibb) 1978 *
14. The Payolas: T.N.T. (Paul Hyde) 1980 *
15. Gogi Grant: The Wayward Wind (Newman / Lebowsky) 1956

Hour Two

1.   FM: I’m Not Mad (Ready For The World) (Cameron Hawkins / Nash The Slash) 1988 *
2.   Ego: Storir strakar fa raflost (Bubbi Morthens / Ego) 1982
3.   Ego: Fjollin hafa vakao (Bubbi Morthens / Ego) 1982
4.   Jeff Healey Band: Don’t Let Your Chance Go By (Jeff Healey) 1988 *
5.   Orvar Kristyansson: Fyrstu Skrefin (Trad) 1972
6.   Dave Edmunds & Nick Lowe: Take A Message To Mary (F Bryand / B Bryant) 1980
7.   Nick Lowe: One’s Too Many (And A Hundred Ain’t Enough) (Nick Lowe) 1982
8.   Rockpile: Fool Too Long (Nick Lowe / Rockpile) 1980
9.   Blackie & The Rodeo Kings w Nick Lowe: Secret Of A Long Lasting Love (Stephen Fearing / Andy White) 2017 *
10. Edmund Hockridge: Song of the Vagabond (Friml / Hooker) 1959 *
11. Samantha Martin: Good Trouble (Samantha Martin / Suzi Vinnick) 2018 *
12. BB Gabor: Consumer (BB Gabor / Leon Stevenson) 1980 *
13. Keef Hartley: Action (Burns) 1973
14. Jean Carignan: Hangman’s Reel (Trad) *

CanCon = 34%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The Pretenders: Swinging London (Hynde / Honeyman-Scott / Farndon / Chambers)
3 song EP: Brass In Pocket, Nervous But Shy: Real Records ARE 11
Hereford, England
Chrissy Hynde: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
James Honeyman-Scott: lead guitar, bg vocals
Pete Farndon: bass, bg vocals
Martin Chambers: drums
Produced by Chris Thomas, 1979

Chrissy Hynde, originally from Akron, Ohio, moved to London in 1973, working at the weekly music paper NME and at Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood's clothes store. The band's first single, a cover of the Kinks song "Stop Your Sobbing" (produced by Nick Lowe and recorded at the July Regents Park sessions) was released in January 1979 and gained critical attention. She later went on to have a stormy relationship with head Kink, Ray Davies.

2.   The Hollies: I’m Alive (Clint Ballard Jr)
45 single bw You Know He Did: Capitol Records of Canada 72268
Manchester UK
Allan Clarke – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Graham Nash – vocals, guitar
Tony Hicks – vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass, sitar, keyboards
Eric Haydock – bass
Bobby Elliott – drums
Produced by Ron Richards, 1965
Recorded at EMI Abby Road Studios

Originally called The Deltas, The Hollies were formed by Allan Clarke and Graham Nash in Manchester in 1962. Their new name was derived from their admiration for Buddy Holly.
They had major international success with songs like "Bus Stop", "Stop Stop Stop", "On a Carousel" and "Carrie Anne". Graham Nash left the band in 1968 to join CSN.

The Hollies were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

3.   Chris Farlowe: Out Of Time (Jaggar / Richards)
45 single bw Baby Make It Soon: Immediate Records IM 035
London UK
Chris Farlowe – vocals
Joe Moretti – guitar
Big Jim Sullivan – guitar
Jimmy Page – acoustic guitar
Albert Lee – acoustic guitar
Ricky Chapman – bass guitar
Pete Solley – piano
Andy White – drums, percussion
Mick Jagger – backing vocals
Arthur Greenslade – string arrangement
Produced by Mick Jagger, 1966
Recorded at Olympic Sound, London, 12 July 1966

John Henry Deighton aka Chris Farlowe: b. 13 October 1940 Islington, North London, UK

Immediate Records was Rolling Stones manager, Andrew Loog Oldham's label. Chris Farlowe’s release hit number 1 in the UK charts. The Stones recorded it on their Aftermath album.

4.   The Who: The Last Time (Jagger / Richards)
Who’s Zoo (Bootleg): Trade Mark of Quality Records TMQ 62001
London UK
Pete Townsend: guitar, bass, vocals
Roger Daltry: vocals
Keith Moon: drums
Produced by Kit Lambert, 1967
Compilation Album bootlegged in 1974
Recorded by Kit Lambert at De Lane Lea Studios, London, June 28, 1967

The Who version of the song, originally recorded by The Stones in 1965, was actually released as a single in the UK but never in America. They had also recorded Under My Thumb for the B Side. They were recorded by The Who to protest the arrests of Mick Jagger and Keith Richards on trumped up drug charges. Townsend played guitar and bass since Entwistle was away on his honeymoon.

5.   Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich: Last Night In Soho (Ken Howard / Alan Blaikley)
45 single bw Mrs. Thursday: Fontana Records TF 953
Salsbury, Wiltshire UK
Dave Dee: David John Harman: vocal
Dozy: Trevor Leonard Ward-Davies: bass
Beaky: John Dymond: rhythm guitar
Mick: Michael Wilson: drums
Tich: Ian Frederick Stephen Amey: lead guitar
Produced by Steve Rowland, 1968

Vocalist Dave Dee, an ex-policeman, was at the scene of the motoring accident that took the life of the American rock and roller Eddie Cochran and injured Gene Vincent in April 1960. He later used Vincent’s guitar to learn how to play. The band had only one major hit song: The Legend of Xanadu. Still, they had more top ten hits in the UK than the Beatles! Dave Dee quit the band in 1969 but they have continued to perform and record for the past 50 years.

6.   Ella Fitzgerald: I’ve Got A Crush On You (George Gershwin)
Ella Sings Gershwin: Brunswick Records LA 8648
Newport News, VA
Ella Fitzgerald: vocals
Ellis Larkin: piano
Produced by Milt Gabler, 1950

Ella Jane Fitzgerald  (April 25, 1917 – June 15, 1996)

This was Ella’s first album: a 10 inch, 8 song record that I found in a UK Charity Shop for 1 pound, 99. The complete album was combined with Fitzgerald's 1954 album Songs in a Mellow Mood and re-issued on CD in 1994 by MCA Records on the GRP Jazz label under the title Pure Ella.

Bing Crosby Lifetime Achievement Award (1967)
Honorary chairmanship of the Martin Luther King Foundation (1967)
Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded by President George H. W. Bush
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences' Lifetime Achievement Award
Honorary doctorates from Harvard University, Yale University, Dartmouth, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Howard University and Princeton

7.   Brian Hyland: Sealed With A Kiss (Udell / Geld)
45 single bw Ginny Come Lately: ABC Records ABC 4059
Brian Hyland: vocals
Mundell Lowe: guitar
Al Caiola: guitar
Gary Geld: piano
George Duvivier: bass
Blackie Shackner: harmonica
Gary Chester: drums
Sticks Evans and Al Rogers: percussion.
Produced by ABC Records staff, 1962

Brian Hyland (born November 12, 1943)

"Sealed with a Kiss" is a song written by Peter Udell and Gary Geld and was most successful as a 1962 hit single for Brian Hyland, who recalls Geld saying the song was "based on, but not totally based on, a Bach finger exercise (see five-finger exercise)."[1] The original recording of "Sealed With a Kiss" was that by the Four Voices which was released as a single in May of 1960 without becoming a hit.

This was Hyland's biggest hit in the UK, but 2 years earlier in the US at the age of 16, he enjoyed an American chart topper with "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini."

8.   Talking Heads: Don’t Worry About The Government (David Byrne)
The Name Of The Band Is Talking Heads 1977-79: Sire Records 2SR 3590
David Byrne: vocal, guitar
Jerry Harrison: keys, guitar, bg vocals
Tina Weymouth: bass
Chris Frantz: drums
Produced by David Byrne, 1982
Recorded live at Northern Studios, Maynard Mass, November 17, 1977
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Formed in 1975 in New York City and active until 1991. They played their first gig as "Talking Heads" opening for the Ramones at CBGB in 1975. They played Toronto venues, The Horseshoe and El Mocambo. Their early association with Brian Eno marked them as a band to watch, blending punk, folk, funk and world music into what became known as New Wave music.

9.   Iggy & The Stooges: Search And Destroy (Iggy Pop / James Williamson)
Raw Power: Columbia Records C 32111
Ann Arbor, MI
Iggy Pop: vocals
James Williamson: guitars
Ron Asheton: bass, vocals
Scott Asheton: drums
Produced by Iggy Pop, 1973
Mixed by David Bowie and Iggy Pop
Recorded at CBS Studios, London
Mixed at Western Sound Studios, Hollywood CA

Iggy Pop aka James Newell Osterberg Jr. b. April 21, 1947 Muskegon, Michigan

Formed in 1967 and lasting until 1974, during which time they managed to record 3 albums. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010

10. Echo And The Bunnymen: Never Stop (Sergeant / McCulloch / Pattinson / De Freitas)
45 single bw Heads Will Roll: Zoo Music / Warner KOW 28
Liverpool UK
Ian McCulloch – vocals, guitar
Will Sergeant – guitars,
Les Pattinson – bass
Pete de Freitas – drums (died 1989)
Produced by Hugh Jones, 1983
Recorded at either Trident Studios, Soho, London; Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales; and Amazon Studios, Liverpool

The band got together in 1978 and stuggled to get known. They achieved their first commercial success in 1982. Band leader Ian McCulloch left in 1988 and the following year drummer Pete De Freitas was killed on his motorcycle, however the band replaced them and they’ve continued touring and recording.

11. The Cowboy Junkies: Sweet Jane (Lou Reed)
The Trinity Sessions: RCA Victor 8568
Toronto ON
Margo Timmins: vocal
Michael Timmins: guitar
Peter Timmins: drums
John Timmins: guitar
Alan Anton: bass
Kim Deschamps: steel, dobro, slide
Jaro Czerwinec: accordion
Produced by Peter Moore 1988
Recorded by Peter Moose at Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto, November 27, 1987

12. Malcolm McLaren: First Couple Out (M McLaren / Trevor Horn)
45 single bw Madame Butterfly: Virgin Records MALC 5
London UK
Malcolm McLaren: vocals, scratching
Produced by Trevor Horn 1984

Malcolm Robert Andrew McLaren (b. London UK 22 January 1946 – 8 April 2010 Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland).

Someone wrote this online: “A fine mixture of Pop, classical opera and some rap elements. The B-Side, written and produced by Trevor Horn, is an annoying piece of sound.”

13. Battered Wives: Freedom Fighters (J Gibb)
Battered Wives: Bomb Records 7028
Toronto ON
Toby Swann: guitars, vocals
John Gibb: guitars, vocals
Jasper: bass, vocals
Cleave Anderson: drums
Produced and Mixed by Phil Lubman and Battered Wives, 1978
Recorded by Mick Walsh at Phase One Studio, Toronto

The group got together on Toronto's Queen Street West. It originally consisted of Toby Swann (guitar, voice), Colin Fox (drums, mayhem), and Robert Stewart (bass, voice). The group made a point of playing as loudly as possible. After a while Fox was deported from Canada; the band fell apart, but Swann eventually reformed it with a new line-up. Under pressure, they released their 2nd album as The Wives. A 3rd album, recorded but never released, return them to their original name. Cleave Anderson then left to work with Blue Rodeo.

14. The Payolas: T.N.T. (Paul Hyde)
Introducing Payola$: A&M Records SP 23500
Vancouver BC
Taylor Nelson Little: drums
Gary Middleclass: bass, sax
Bob Rock: guitar
Paul Hyde: vocals
Produced by Bob Rock and The Payola$, 1980
Recorded by Dave Slagter and Bob Rock with Ron Obvious at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver

This was from a series of A&M Eps called Mini-LPs that sold for $3.98 (or less).

15. Gogi Grant: The Wayward Wind (Herb Newman / Stanley Lebowsky)
45 single bw You’re In Love: Era Records HTE-5007
Philadelphia PA
Gogi Grant: vocals
Produced 1956

Myrtle Audrey Arinsberg (September 20, 1924 – March 10, 2016)

According to eminent author Mark Lewisohn in "The Complete Beatles Chronicles" (p. 365) The Beatles performed The Wayward Wind live from 1960 through 1961 (in Hamburg and Liverpool and elsewhere). It is unclear whether the lead vocal was by John Lennon or Paul McCartney or both. No recorded version is known to survive. The song has also been recorded by Anne Murray, Everley Brothers, The Waterboys, Tex Ritter, Sam Cooke and Crystal Gayle and the incredible Lawrence Welk.

Hour Two

1.   FM: I’m Not Mad (Ready For The World) (Cameron Hawkins / Nash The Slash / Michael Waite)
45 single bw Music (In Your Eyes): Duke Street Records 91042
Toronto ON
Cameron Hawkins – lead and background vocals, keyboards, bass
Nash the Slash – lead and background vocals, electric mandolin, harmonica, violin, bouzouki, mandola
Simon Brierley – acoustic and electric guitars, background vocals
Greg Critchley – drums, background vocals
Michael Waite – bass voices, background vocals
Produced by Michael Waite, 1988
Recorded by John Naslun and Ron Searles at Mantra Sound Company, Toronto
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York City

Two great albums by Iceland band Ego, both recorded in 1982. Introduced by þorarinn (Fo-ra-rinn) árni (To-ti).

2.   Ego: Stórir strákar fá raflost (Bubbi Morthens / Ego)
Breyttir Timar: Steinar Records ST 056
Reykjavik, Iceland
Bubbi Morthens: vocals
þorleifur Guojónsson: bass
Bergþór Morthens: guitar
Maggi Stef: drums
Tómas M. Tómasson: keys.
Produced by Ego and Tomas Tomasson, 1982
Recorded by Gunnar Smari Helgason, February 1982

From the album, Changing Times! Big Boys Get Electric Shocks from their first of two 1982 LPs.

3.   Ego: Fjollin hafa vakao (Bubbi Morthens / Ego)
i Mynd: Steinar Records ST 063
Reykjavik, Iceland
Beggi Morthens: guitars
Runar : bass
Maggi Stef: drums
Bubbi Morthens: vocals
Produced by EGO and Tomas Tomasson, 1982
Recorded by Louis Austin, Starling Studios, London, October 1982
Mastered at Town House Cutting Room

From “A Picture”: The Mountains Have Been Awake.

4.   Jeff Healey Band: Don’t Let Your Chance Go By (Jeff Healey)
See The Light: Arista Records 209441
Toronto ON
Jeff Healey: guitar, lead vocals
Joe Rockman: bass
Tom Stephen: drums
Produced by Greg Ladanyi, 1988
Recorded by Thom Panunzio at The Complex, LA
Mixed by Greg Ladanyi at The Complex
Mastered by Doug Sax and Ron Lewter at The Mastering Lab, LA

I know it’s incredible but I didn’t have the first Healey Band album until I found it in a bin at Reykjavik Records for about 6 bucks. 500 Kroner.

5.   Orvar Kristyansson: Fyrstu Skrefin (Palmi Stefansson)
Orvar Kristyansson: Tona Records T 06
Reykjavik, Iceland
Orvar Kristyansson: accordion
Gunnar Tryggvason: guitar, bass
Julius Fossberg: drums.
Produced by Petur Steingrimsson, 1972

Orvar was born in Reykjavik but moved to Hornafjardar as a two-year-old. He started to play a harmonica early, was absolutely essential for learning tunes from his peers. With Orvari a bassist, Gunnar Tryggvason plays a guitar and bass, and Julius Fossberg, a drummer.

*  *  *

Special Feature: Nicholas Drain Lowe (B. March 24, 1949, Walton-On-Thames UK)

Nick Lowe began his musical career in 1967 when he joined Kippington Lodge band with his school friend, Brinsley Schwarz. The band soon renamed themselves after Schwartz. Lowe worked with BZ until it folded in 1975. For the next few years he worked with Dave Edmunds and Rockpile before releasing several albums on his own. He was priviledged to have been a part of the short lived Little Village band along with Ry Cooder, Jim Keltner and John Haitt.

6.   Dave Edmunds & Nick Lowe: Take A Message To Mary (F Bryand / B Bryant)
Nick Lowe and Dave Edmunds sing The Everly Brothers EP: Columbia Records AE7 1219
(7” Demonstration 33 1/3 rpm, 4 song EP – Not For Sale)
Cardiff, Wales / Brentford UK
Nick Lowe: vocals, acoustic guitar
Dave Edmunds: vocals, acoustic guitar
Produced by Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe, 1980
Mastered by Porky (George Peckham)

David William "Dave" Edmunds (born Cardiff Wales, 15 April 1944)

Porky was a mastering engineer who began his career in 1968, working for The Beatles’ Apple records. He worked on Led Zeppelin, King Crimson, Fairport Convention, Free, Nazareth, The Who, ELP, Fleetwood Mac, John and Yoko, Uriah Heep and Ringo Starr all between then and 1971!

7.   Nick Lowe: One’s Too Many (And A Hundred Ain’t Enough) (Nick Lowe)
Nick The Knife: Columbia Records CF 37932
Brentford UK
Nick Lowe: bass, guitar, vocal
Bobby Irwin or Terry Williams: drums
Bobby Bremner, Martin Belmont and/or Aldo Bocca: guitars
Neil King, Carlene Carter, Steve Nieve, Ben Bergen, Paul Carrack: keys
Bobby Irwin, Nick Lowe: bg vocals
Produced by Nick Lowe, 1982
Recorded by Alan Bocca at Eden Studios, Acton UK

8.   Rockpile: Fool Too Long (Nick Lowe / Rockpile)
Seconds of Pleasure: Columbia Records JC 36886
London UK
Nick Lowe: bass, vocals
Billy Bremner: guitar, vocals
Dave Edmunds: guitar, vocals, keys
Terry Williams: drums
Produced by Nick Lowe and Rockpile, 1980
Recorded by Aldo Bocca at Eden Studios, Chiswick UK

On the back cover they list their 1980 tour to promote this, their only album. They appeared in Toronto on November 19 of that year.

9.   Blackie & The Rodeo Kings with Nick Lowe: Secret Of A Long Lasting Love (Stephen Fearing / Andy White)
Kings and Kings: FU:M (File Under: Music) Records FUM068
Hamilton, ON
Nick Lowe: co-lead vocals
Stephen Fearing: acoustic guitar, vocals
Colin Linden: acoustic guitar, dobro, vocals
Tom Wilson: acoustic guitar, vocals
Johnny Dymond: bass
Gary Craig: drums
John Whynot: piano, Wurlitzer
Kenneth Pearson: B3 organ
Bryan Owings: shakey things
Produced by Colin Linden  2017
Recorded by John Dymond and Colin Linden at Pinhead Recorders, Nashville TN
Mastered by Craig Calbi and Steve Falone at Sterling Sound, NYC

This is a companion album to 2011 album “Kings And Queens” featuring some of the bands favourite female artists. In 2017 they did it again with the men. This one features rodney Crowell, Vince Gill,m Keb Mo, Buddy Miller and Nick Lowe, amongst others.

10. Edmund Hockridge: Song of the Vagabond (Friml / Hooker) 1959 *
Show Stoppers From The ‘Twenties: Marble Arch MAL 720
Vancouver BC / Peterborough, UK
Edmund Hockridge: lead vocals
Alyn Ainsworth, Peter Knight: conductors
Recorded in Blackpool, UK

Edmund James Arthur Hockridge B. Vancouver BC, 9 August 1919 / 15 March 2009 (aged 89)
Peterborough, UK

From “The Vagabond King” a 1925 operetta by Rudolf Frim based on Justin Huntly McCarthy's 1901 romantic novel and play If I Were King.

11. Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar: Good Trouble (Samantha Martin / Suzi Vinnick)
Run To Me: Gypsy Soul Records GSR008G
Toronto ON
Samantha Martin: lead vocal
Sherie Marshall: co-vocals
Mwansa Mwansa: co-vocals
Darcy Yates: bass
Dani Nash: drums, percussion, co-vocals
Steve Marriner: keys
Shamus Currie: trombone
Michael McCallum: guitar
Andrew Muljgun: sax
Curtis Chaffey: guitar
Thomas Moffett: trumpet
Produced by Darcy Yates, 2018
Recorded by Aaron Goldstein at Baltwin Street Sound, Toronto
Mixed by Stew Crookes at Stewdio, Toronto
Mastered by Peter J Moore at The E-Room, Toronto
Graphic Design by Roberta Landreth

Executive Producers: Rob Bowman, The Unicorn Project, The Conspiracy to Promote Artists – PJ Bel and Mark Aquilla. Delta Sugar is Sherie Marshall and Mwansa Mwansa, Samantha calls them ‘co-vocalists’. One of the albums CIUT’s John Valenteyne chose as ones to watch last April. This song, co-written with Suzi Vinnick, one of Canada’s premier blues performers and songwriters.

12. BB Gabor: Consumer (BB Gabor / Leon Stevenson) 1980 *
BB Gabor: Anthem Records ANR-1-1020
Toronto ON
BB Gabor: guitar, vocals
Peter Follett: bass
Terry Brown: tambourine
Mike Sloski: drums
Produced by Terry Brown & BB Gabor - 1980
Recorded at Beach Recorders, Toronto by Terry Brown
Mixed at Soundstage

Gabor Hegedus (b. Hungary 1948 d. Toronto 17 January 1990)

fled with his parents to England in 1956 at the time of the Hungarian Revolution. Moved to Toronto 1971

13. Keef Hartley: Action (John Burns)
Lancashire Hustler: Derem / London Records ZAL 12019 AL
Preston, Lancashire / London UK
Keef Hartley - Drums
Jess Roden - Vocal
Junior Kerr - Vocal, Guitar
Jean Roussel - Keyboards
Mick Weaver - Organ, Moog
Philip Chen - Bass
Elkie Brooks - Backing vocals
Robert Palmer - Backing vocals
Produced and Recorded by John Burns, 1973

Keith "Keef" Hartley (b. Preston, Lancashire, 8 April 1944 – 26 November 2011)

He is the one who replaced Ringo Starr in Rory Storm and The Hurricanes in the summer of 1962. After that he performed with The Artwoods, then achieved some notability as John Mayall's drummer. After forming his own Keef Hartley band, and releasing 4 albums, he decided to go solo and release Lancashire Hustler, his only solo effort. I purchased this from a flea market vender in Totnes, Devon.

14. Jean Carignan: Hangman’s Reel (Trad) *
French Canadian Fiddle Songs: Legacy - LEG 120
Levis, QC
Jean Carignan: fiddle
Others not listed
Produced by Jac Holzman - circa 1964

Aired by me as the very first track of my CIUT career, June 13, 1988

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