33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
October 8, 2018

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Diary of an Empty Day
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Hour One

1.   Sandy Nelson: Teen Beat ’65 (Sandy Nelson / A Egnolan) 1965
2.   Incredible Bongo Band: Bongo Rock (Preston Epps / Art Laboe) 1972 *
3.   Gary Numan: Cars (Gary Numan) 1979
4.   The Dave Clark Five: Catch Us If You Can (Dave Clark / Lenny Davidson) 1965
5.   Night Ranger: Can’t Find Me A Thrill 1982
6.   Iron & Wine: Woman King (Sam Beam) 2005
7.   Rodier-Gauthier: Have You (Roger Rodier) 1968 *
8.   Weddings, Parties, Anything: A Summons In The Morning (Mick Thomas) 1988
9.   Graham Nash and David Crosby: Frozen Smile (Graham Nash) 1972
10. The Grass Roots: Wake Up Wake Up (PF Sloan / Steve Barri) 1967
11. The Beatles: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Lennon / McCartney) 1967
12. Rory Gallagher: Should’ave Leaned My Lesson (Rory Gallagher) 1972
13. Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder) 1976
14. The Blue Tones w Fred Coupland: Shake, Shake (Arthur Lock) 1957 *
15. Vincente Gomez: Blood And Sand (Torero) (Vinecnte Gomez) 1965

Hour Two

1.   The Nice: Diary of an Empty Day (Emmerson / Jackson) 1969
2.   Chilliwack: I Got You Fixed (Glenn Miller) 1970 *
3.   The Chessmen: Love Didn’t Die (Terry Jacks) 1965 *
4.   Glen Reid: My Green Valleys (Glen Reid) 1978 *
5.   We Free Kings: Death of the Wild Colonial Boy (We Free Kings) 1986
6.   Gordon Quinton: Slipway Jigs (Trad) 1979 *
7.   Wishbone Ash: Ships In The Sky (Laurie Wisefield) 1978
8.   The Pogues: Gartloney Rats (Terry Woods) 1989
9.   Dillard And Clark: Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (C Monroe) 1969
10. Reckless Eddy: Candles In The Night (K Berly) 1974 *
11. The Royals: I’m Your Puppet (Oldham / Penn) 1981 *
12. Stan Rogers: The Cliffs of Baccalieu (Jack Withers) 1983 *
13. Bruno Gerussi’s Medallion: Ginger’s Alright (Tom Harrison / Ron Hyslop) 1989 *
14. Rush: Best I Can  (G Lee) 1977 *
15. Blackstrap: My Walking Shoes (J Martin / P Williams) 1985 *

CanCon = 43%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Sandy Nelson: Teen Beat 65 (Sandy Nelson / A Egnolan)
Teen Beat 65: Imperial Records LP-12278
Boulder City, NV
Sandy Nelson: drums
Richard Podolor: guitar
Produced by Nick De Caro, 1965

Sander L. Nelson: Born December 1, 1938 (age 79) Santa Monica CA

I always loved Nelson’s drumming. I’ve got 8 of his many albums; he’s released over 30 in all. He currently lives in Boulder City, Nevada, doing the occasional gig. Not the drummer that he used to be but still has the technique engrained in his hands. A very subtle touch, very easy behind the kit and yet, listen to the sounds that he makes!

2.   Incredible Bongo Band: Bongo Rock (Preston Epps / Art Laboe)
45 single bw Bongolia: MGM Records K-14588
Michael Viner, bass, bongos
Mike Melvoin - keyboards
Joe Sample - piano
Robbie King - organ
Mike Deasy - guitar
Dean Parks - guitar
David T. Walker - guitar
Bobbye Hall - percussion
Ed Greene - drums
Kat Hendrikse - drums
Wilton Felder - bass
Jerry Scheff - bass
Glen Campbell, guitar
Hal Blaine, drums
Steve Douglas - saxophone, arranger
Produced by Michael Viner 1972
Recorded the song at Can-Base Studios in Vancouver
John Lennon, mixing and arranging
Don Coster, mixing and arranging
Harry Nilsson, arranging

Also known as Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band
This was never an actual band. Once the product had been finally released, a fake band was assembled and photographed.

Viner was called on to supplement the soundtrack to the B-film The Thing With Two Heads.
The instrumental "Bongo Rock", co-written by Art Laboe and Preston Epps and released by Epps as a Top 40 hit in 1959. This was recorded in Vancouver to take advantage of the CanCon rules.

3.   Gary Numan: Cars (Gary Numan)
45 single bw Metal: Beggars Banquuet Records BEG 23
London UK
Gary Numan: vocals, synths
Produced by Gary Numan, 1979
Recorded by Rikki Sylvan and Harvey Webb at Marcus Music AB, London

Gary Anthony James Webb (b. London UK March 8, 1958)

Mostly active in the 70s and early 80s. Considered to be a pioneer of commercial electronic music. He played in various bands, including Mean Street and The Lasers before forming Tubeway Army. He picked the surname “Numan” from an advert in the Yellow Pages for a plumber whose surname was Neumann. He became known for his android stage look which came about because of an appearance on BBC TVs “Top of the Pops”. He broke out with acne before the show (due to nerves) and wore so much make-up to cover up his spots that became his ‘Look’.

4.   Dave Clark Five: Catch Us If You Can (Dave Clark / Lenny Davidson)
Having A Wild Weekend: Capitol "6000" Series - T 6137
London UK
Dave Clark, Drums
Michael Smith, keys
Dennis Payton, sax
Lenny Davidson, guitar
Rick Huxley, bass
Produced by Dave Clark -  August 1965

From the film “Having A Wild Weekend” 1965.

Just like The Beatles (A Hard Day’s Night) and Gerry and the Pacemakers (Ferry Cross The Mersey) before them, The DC5 made a feature-length film in 1965. Originally entitled, Catch Us If You Can (after the successful release of the song as a single), the name was changed shortly after the original release.

5.   Night Ranger: Can’t Find Me A Thrill (Jack Blades)
Dawn Patrol: Boardwalk Entertainment Co. B1-33259
San Francisco CA
Jeff Watson: guitars
Alan Gerald: keys, vocal
Kelly Keagy: drums, lead vocal
Jack Blades: bass: lead vocal
Brad Gillis: guitar, vocal
Produced by Pat Glasser, 1982
Recorded by John Van Nest at Allen Zentz Recording
Mastered by Brian Gardner at Allen Zentz Recording

Dawn Patrol is the debut studio album by Night Ranger released in 1982. The band was named Ranger during the recording of the album. The first issues of the album were printed and ready to be shipped when it was discovered that there was a country band from California with the same name. The band decided to name themselves Night Ranger after the song that Jack Blades had written for the album. The record company destroyed the copies with the band name Ranger. Their first three albums, Dawn Patrol, Midnight Madness, and Seven Wishes, all reached RIAA Platinum status and garnered the band international fame.

6.   Sam Beam and Iron & Wine: Woman King (Sam Beam)
Woman King EP: Sub Pop Records SP 665
Durham NC
Sam Beam: vocal, guitar
Sarah Beam: vocalo
Jim Becker: guitar
Brian Deck
EJ Holowicki
Produced by Brian Deck, 2005
Recorded by Brian Deck at Engine Studios, Chicago

Samuel “Sam” Ervin Beam (b. Chapin, SC July 26, 1974)

Sub Pop is a record label founded in 1986 by Bruce Pavitt, in Seattle WA. It achieved fame in the late 1980s for signing Seattle based bands such as Nirvana, Soundgarden and Mudhoney.

7.   Rodier - Gauthier: Have You (Roger Rodier)
45 single bw Overseer: Pax Records 3803
Montréal, Québec
Roger Rodier: guitar, vocal
Germaine Gauthier: keys
Produced by John Pantis, 1968

An obscure psyche-folk musician from Montreal, Roger Rodier teamed up for this record with Germaine Gauthier. They released two singles for the Pax label before Rodier went out on his own and recorded an amazing album in 1972 called Upon Velveatur, which Rolling Stone magazine called “Timeless Grace”. In support of the album’s release, Rodier toured with Procol Harum and Genesis. He then started recording a second, album in 1973, but something happened and he just quite the music scene.

8.   Weddings Parties Anything: A Summons In The Morning (Mick Thomas)
Roaring Days: WEA 25 54301
Melbourne, Australia
Pete Lawler - bass guitar, vocals
Marcus Schintler - drums, vocals
Dave Steel - guitar, vocals
Mick Thomas - guitar, vocals
Mark Wallace - piano accordion, keyboards, vocals
Produced by Alan Thorne 1988

WPA formed in 1984 in Melbourne and continuing until 1999. Their name came from The Clash song "Revolution Rock". They lived in Toronto for several months in 1989, befriending many local musicians including Lowest of the Low’s Stephen Stanley. Used to do a great version of Sudbury Saturday Night.

9.   Graham Nash & David Crosby: Frozen Smile (Graham Nash)
Graham Nash David Crosby: Atlantic Records SD 7220
Los Angeles CA
Graham Nash: vocal, piano, harmonica
David Crosby: electric guitar
Russell Kunkel: drums
Leland Sklar: bass
Craig Doerge: electric piano
Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar: lead guitar
Produced by David Crosby, Graham Nash & Bill Halverson 1972
Recorded by Bill Halverson & Doc Storch at Wally Heider III, Los Angeles
Mastered by Artisan Sound

10. The Grass Roots: Wake Up Wake Up (PF Sloan / Steve Barri)
Golden Grass Their Greatest Hits: ABC Dunhill Records DS 50047
Los Angeles CA
The Wrecking Crew all the music
Produced by PF Sloan & Steve Barri 1967

Originally the creation of Lou Adler and songwriting duo P. F. Sloan and Steve Barri. Weren’t actually a real band. Various lineups of touring musicians were used. Probably none of them ever played on the actual recordings. Sloan & Barri used The Wrecking Crew on most of them.

*        *        *
In Memory of Geoff Emerick

Geoffrey E. Emerick (5 December 1945, London / 2 October 2018, Los Angeles)

11. The Beatles: Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (Lennon / McCartney)
Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: Capitol Records Canada – 2653
Liverpool UK
John Lennon – double-tracked lead vocals, maracas
Paul McCartney – harmony vocals, Lowrey organ, bass
George Harrison – acoustic guitar, tambura, lead guitar
Ringo Starr – drums
George Martin – piano
Produced by George Martin, Feb – March 1967
Recorded at EMI Studios, Abby Road by Geoff Emerick

Geoff Emerick was an audio engineer who worked with the Beatles on their albums Revolver (1966), Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) and Abbey Road (1969).[1] Producer George Martin credited him with bringing "a new kind of mind to the recordings, always suggesting sonic ideas, different kinds of reverb, what we could do with the voices".

In 1968, William Shatner on The Transformed Man, recorded this song.

12. Rory Gallagher: Should’ave Leaned My Lesson (Rory Gallagher)
Deuce: Polydor Records 2383 076
Ballyshannon IR
Rory Gallagher: guitars, vocals
Gerry McAvoy: bass
Wilgar Campbell: drums
Produced by Rory Gallather, 1972
Recorded by Robin Sylvester at Tangerine Studios, London UK

b. March 2, 1948, Ballyshannon IR / d. London UK, June 14, 1995 (aged 47)

This was from Rory’s second solo album after the break-up of Taste. In order to capture the feeling of a live performance that Gallagher wanted, he would try and record immediately before or after live performances. Didn’t matter anyway since Deuce didn’t sell very well.

13. Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke (Stevie Wonder)
Songs in the Key of Life: Tamla T13 34062
Saginaw MI
Stevie Wonder: lead vocals, Fender Rhodes, percussion
Raymond Pounds: drums
Nathan Watts: bass
Mike Sembello: lead guitar
Ben Bridges: rhythm guitar
Hank Redd: alto sax
Raymond Maldonado: trumpet
Trevor Lawrence: tenor sax
Steve Madaio: trumpet
Produced by Stevie Wonder, 1976
Recorded by John Fishbach and Gary Olazabal at Crazy Industries, Hollywood, The Hit Factory, NYC, The Record Plant, Sausalito
Mastered by Andrew Berliner and Jeff Sanders at Crystal Industries, Hollywood

Released as a single in 1977, Sir Duke topped the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and Black Singles charts,[2] and reached number two in the UK Singles Chart, his joint biggest hit there at the time. The song was written in tribute to Duke Ellington, who had died in 1974.

Songs in the Key of Life is the eighteenth album by Stevie Wonder. The double album became the best-selling and most critically acclaimed album of Wonder's career. In 2005, it was inducted into the National Recording Registry by the Library of Congress, which deemed it "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant."

14. The Blue Tones: Shake, Shake  (Arthur Lock)
Single bw Oh Yeah: King Records - 45-5088
Hamilton ON
Fred Coupland: vocal
Jim Malone
Gary Jenkins
Ernie McCleod
Produced 1957
Recorded at Regency Records of Toronto

Fred Coupland (born in 1935 in Toronto, deceased in 2000). This was released on the King label out of Cincinatti. It was originally released on the small Regency label out of Toronto as a 78.

15. Vincente Gomez Quintet: Blood And Sand (Torero) (Vinecnte Gomez)
Blood And Sand: Decca Records DL 74629
Los Angeles CA
Vincente Gomez: guitar
Graciella Paraga: vocal
Produced 1965

Vincente Gomez b. Madrid, Spain, July 8, 1911 / d. December 23, 2001)

Singer / Actor Ricky Nelson was one of Gomez’s students.

Hour Two

1.   The Nice: Diary of an Empty Day (Keith Emmerson / Jackson)
Nice The Immediate (UK) Series: Daffodil Records Canada SBA 16016
London UK
Keith Emerson: keyboards
Lee Jackson bass: guitar, vocals
Brian Davison: drums
Produced by The Nice 1969
Recorded by Malcolm at Trident Studios, London

Keith Noel Emerson (b. 2 November 1944, Todmorden, Yorkshire / d. 11 March 2016 (aged 71) Santa Monica CA

2.   Chilliwack: I Got You Fixed (Glenn Miller)
Chilliwack: Parrot Records - PAS-71040
Vancouver, BC
Bill Henderson: guitar, piano, vocals
Claire Lawrence: flute, piano, organ, saxophone, vocals
Ross Turney: drums
Glenn Miller: bass, guitar
Produced by Claire Lawrence & Chilliwack - 1970
Recorded at, A&R Studios, New York

First Chilliwack album after the fall of The Collectors after Howie Vickers left the group in 1969. This was before they went commercial.

3.   The Chessmen: Love Didn’t Die (Terry Jacks)
45 single bw You Lost Your Love: (Mercury) M-72498
Terry Jacks (guitar, vocals)
Guy Sobell (lead guitar)
Bill Lockie (bass)
Erik Kalaidzis (vocals)
Tom Meikle (drums)
Produced by Jerry Kennedy 1965

Guy Sobell was a guitarist in a Vancouver band, The Ken Clark Trio, and while in Europe, he had heard music by Swedish group The Spotnicks and the English group The Shadows and decided to form his own band after returning to Canada. At the same time, a 17 year old named Terry Jacks had put together a “surf” band”, The Sand Dwellers.

When the Sand Dwellers split up, some of the members re-formed as The Vancouver Playboys which left Terry Jacks without a band. Jacks and Sobell were introduced to two fellow University of British Columbia students, Bill Lockie, a guitar player who was learning to play bass, and Erik Kalaidzis, a singer who played chess with Sobell and The Chessmen were born. They got to record a few songs and Vancouver DJ Red Robinson gave the tape to London Records who released the band's first single - "Meadowlands" - in December 1964. Mercury released the new single, "Love Didn’t Die", in December 1965 and they band closed out the year opening a show for Gary Lewis and The Playboys in Vancouver. Chessmen split up in 1966 but Terry Jacks went on to enjoy several international hits in the 1970s, including the classic Seasons In The Sun with the Poppy Family.

4.   Glen Reid: My Green Valleys (Glen Reid)
Hard Rock Miner: Boot BOS 7190
Burks Falls ON
Glen Reid, guitar
Ken Whiteley, piano, mandolin, accordion
Robbie MacNeill, guitar
Bill Cymbala, drums
David Zdriluk, electric guitar, bass
Bob Lucier, pedal steel, dobro
Willie P Bennett, harmonica
Denis LePage, banjo
John Allen, fiddle
Larry Smith, bg vocals
Produced by Denis Lepage, 1978
Recorded by Bob Lanois at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton

This song has been recorded by various Irish artists who believed that this was some sort of traditional folksong. However, it was written and recorded by Glen Reid out of Burk’s Falls, Ontario. He started playing in Toronto when he was only 17 in a band called Brannigan’s Boys which made one album for the Dominion Records label in 1970. That was when he wrote My Green Valleys! As a multi-instrumentalist, Reid became a session player for Dominion and later for Boot Records. His association with producer / musician Fred McKenna lead him to the set of CBC TVs Singalong Jubilee, which Reid appeared on for a couple of seasons. He was also a sideman for the John Allan Cameron Show, Harry Hibbs Show and The George Hamilton IV Show.  It’s been recorded by The Wolftones, Tommy Makem, The Irish Rovers and about 30 other artists.

5.   We Free Kings: Death of the Wild Colonial Boy (We Free Kings)
The Cutting Edge (compilation): Cooking Vinyl Records GRILL-001
Edinburgh SL
Joe Kingman - vocals,
Deb Holbrook - guitar,
Geoff Pagan - fiddle,
Phil Bull - cello,
Pam Dobson - melodeon,
Colin Blakey - reeds,
Kenny Welsh - drums.
Producer – Paddy O'Connell – 1986
LP Compiled by Pete Lawrence – 1988

Only released as a single bw Love Is In The Air on Howl! Records ?– WOOF 1
These guys were friends of The Pogues and were trying to be the Scottish equivalent. They were labelled as ‘barnstorming punk thrash from Edinburgh. They only released one album.

6.   Gordon Quinton: Slipway Jig Set (G Quinton), Irish Jig (trad), Father O’Flynn (trad)
Guitar Songs: Quay Records  7933
Grand Falls-Windsor NL
Gordon Quinton, guitar
Boyd Norman, bass
John Lacey, second guitar
Produced by Neil Bishop and Claude Caines  May 79
Recorded at Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville NL

His guitar playing was heavily influenced by the accordion playing of his Grandmother, Malena Best from Placentia Bay. Eventully he got into playing rock with The Krystals and The Mountain Men. Became a regular on CBC tv show All Around The Circle. He released four LPs between 1979 and 1989 plus another 5 solo CDs. He’s appeared on numerous other Newfoundland artists’ releases.

7.   Wishbone Ash: Ships In The Sky (Laurie Wisefield)
No Smoke Without Fire: MCA Records 3060
Torquay UK
Martin Turner: bass, vocal
Laurie Wisefield: guitar, vocal
Andy Powell: guitar, vocal
Steve Upton: drums
Produced by Derek Lawrence 1978
Recorded by Rafe McKenna and Peter Wandless

Formed in Torquay, Devon, in 1969, out of the ashes of trio The Empty Vessels (originally known as The Torinoes, later briefly being renamed Tanglewood in 1969). 1978s ‘No Smoke Without Fire’ is the ninth studio album by them. They’ve released 26 studio albums, the latest being in 2014.

8.   The Pogues: Gartloney Rats (Terry Woods)
Peace And Love: Pogue Mahone Records UK-WX247
London UK
Shane MacGowan - vocals
Jem Finer - banjo
Spider Stacy - tin whistle
James Fearnley - accordion
Andrew Ranken - drums
Terry Woods - cittern, mandolin
Philip Chevron - guitar
Darryl Hunt - bass guitar
Produced by Steve Lillywhite, 1989
Recorded by Chris Dickie with Nick Lacey at RAK Studios, London

Gartloney Rats were an Irish pickup band that Pogues’ mandolinist, Terry Woods, would play in on weekends at home in Ireland.

9.   Dillard & Clark: Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (C Monroe)
Through The Morning Through The Night: A&M Records  SP 4203
Los Angeles CA
Doug Dillard: vocal, banjo, guitar, fiddle
Gene Clark: vocal, guitar, harp
Donna Washburn: guitar, tambourine, vocal
Byron Berline: fiddle
Jon Corneal: drums
David Jackson: bass, piano, cello, bg vocal
Sneaky Pete: steel
Chris Hillman: mandolin
Bernie Leadon: guitar, bass
Produced by Larry Marks  1969
Recorded by Dick Bogert and Ray Gerhardt

Harold Eugene "Gene" Clark (b. Tipton Missouri, November 17, 1944  d. Sherman Oaks CA May 24, 1991)

Founded The Byrds with Roger McGuinn

Douglas Dillard (born March 6, 1937, Salem, Missouri - May 16, 2012)
Started playing with The Dillards 1963

Shared members with the Flying Burrito Brothers: Chris Hillman, Sneaky
Pete Kleinow & Bernie Leadon

10. Reckless Eddy: Candles In The Night (K Berly)
45 single bw Lorraine: Orion Records 7402X
Calgary AB
Produced by Mel Shaw and Rich Dodson 1974

11. The Royals: Im Your Puppet (Linden (Spooner) Oldham / Dan Penn) *
45 EP 12 Inch: Freedom Records FR 45-102
Toronto ON
George Olliver: vocals
Bobbi Dupont: vocals
Grant Slater: keys
Phil Woodard: bass
Greg Kavanagh: guitar
Tony Craig: drums
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1981
Recorded at Amber Studios, Toronto

Three songs by Roy Kenner (Transparent Love, Ghosts of Hollywood and Heads Up) on side A while Toronto band, The Royals, featuring original Mandala lead vocalist, George Olliver paired up with Bobbi Dupont doing three songs (Can’t Keep Me From Loving You, He Don’t Love You and I’m Your Puppet). The Royals mostly played at The Bluenote club in the 70s and early 80s. Dupont passed away in 2013.

12. Stan Rogers: Cliffs of Baccalieu (Jack Withers)
For The Family: Folk Tradition Records R002
Ancaster ON
Stan Rogers, guitar, vocal
Garnet Rogers: violin, high string guitar
Jim Morrision: electric bass
Produced by Stan Rogers, Garnet Rogers & Jim Morrison 1983
Recorded by Greg Roberts at Grant Ave. Studio, Hamilton ON Nov 1982
Mastered by Pete Norman at McClear Place, Toronto

Jack Withers (1899-1964)

Baccalieu is an island bird sanctuary near the tip of the Bay de Verde Peninsula in Newfoundland; its name comes from the Portugese word for dried codfish. The song was also recorded by Allison Crowe in 2013, Kim Stockwood in 2011, Anita Best with Bristol’s Hope in 1997, and by Ryan’s Fancy in 1979. Also recorded by Harry Hibbs and John White

13. Bruno Gerussi’s Medallion: Ginger’s Alright (Tom Harrison / Ron Hyslop) 1989 *
In Search Of The Fourth Chord: WEA Records 25 64421
Vancover BC
Jim Elliot: bass
Tom Harrison: percussion, vocals
Bruce Faulkner: drums
Ron Hyslop: guitar
Jimmy Walker: guitar, bass, keys
Produced by Ra McGuire, 1989
Recorded by Howard Rissin at Ocean Studios, Vancouver

Named after famed Canadian actor, Bruno Gerussi (b. Medicine Hat AB May 7, 1928 / d. Vancouver, Nov 21, 1995 of heart failure).

The actor Gerussi left us with one record: Signin’ With The NHL on Quality Records. He was the star of the hit CBC TV series, The Beachcombers in which he played Nick Adonidas. He gave the band his approval to use his name. They performed with Bruno at the Beachcombers wrap up party in 1990 at the Gibson’s Curling Rink.

14. Rush: Best I Can (G Lee)
Fly By Night: Anthem - ANR-1-1002
Toronto ON
Alex Lifeson - guitar
Geddy Lee - bass, vocals
Neil Peart - drums
Produced by Rush and Terry Brown - 1977

While Rush usually wrote music as a band, this is one of the early Rush songs entirely attributable to Geddy Lee. Two others are "In the Mood" and "Tears".

15. Blackstrap: My Walking Shoes (J Martin / P Williams)
Pours On The Bluegrass: Blackstrap Records BCS 6507
North Bay ON
Pat Menard: fiddle, guitar
Patti Buckmuller: bass
Loren Chadbourn: mandolin
Doug Chamberlain: guitar
Randy Chadbourn: banjo
Produced by Blackstrap 1985
Manufactured by Boot Records

Pat Menard and his brother Paul were both top notch fiddlers.

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