33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
November 12, 2018

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Getting into the Rhythm
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Hour One

1.   The Paupers: Magic People (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop) 1967 *
2.   Skip Prokop: Baseball Blues (Skip Prokop) 1977 *
3.   James Last: One Fine Morning (Skip Prokop) 1975
4.   Hal Willis: The Lumberjack Man (Hal Willis) 1966 *
5.   Nick Ferrio: Come Hell or High Water (Nick Ferrio) 2015 *
6.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Singin’ Away My Blues (TC Connors) 1972 *
7.   Jim Connor: Pine Tree Jig (Graham Townsend) 1980 *
8.   Skarecrow: Moose Jaw Breakdown (Krys Val) 1983 *
9.   Bob Dylan: One More Cup Of Coffee (Bob Dylan) 1975
10. Mary Margaret O’Hara: My Friends Have (M O’Hara) 1988 *
11. Nineteen Seventy-Seven: There’s A Light (Julie Kendall) 2007 *
12. Plaid: Melifer (Plaid) 2016
13. Echo & The Bunnymen: Never Stop (Sergeant / McCulloch / Pattinson / De Freitas) 1983
14. Flaming Groovies: 19th Nervous Breakdown (Jagger / Richards) 1979
15. The Kinks: I’m Not Like Everybody Else (Ray Davies) 1966
16. The Doors: Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar) (Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht) 1967
17. Philippe Bruneau: La ronde du mariée (Trad) 1973 *
18. Jr. Walker & The All-Stars: How Sweet It Is (Dozier / Holland / Holland Jr) 1966

Hour Two

1.   Fire Engines: New Thing In Cartons (Burn / Henderson / Main / Slade) 1980
2.   The Who: Acid Queen (Pete Townsend) 1969
3.   The Beatles: No Reply (Lennon / McCartney) 1964
4.   Paul Mauriat Orchestra: Penny Lane (Lennon / McCartney) 1967
5.   Gladys Knight & The Pips: The Tracks of My Tears (W Robinson / M Tarpin / W Moore) 1970
6.   Gwen McCrae: 90% Of Me Is You (Clarence Reid) 1975
7.   Miriam Makeba: Forbidden Games (B Parker / M Lanjean) 1963
8.   The Ventures: Telstar (Joe Meek) 1963
9.   Kensington Market: Help Me (Eugene Martynek / Felix Pappalardi) 1969 *
10. Silver Apples: I Have Known Love (Eileen Lewellen / Silver Apples) 1969
11. Royal Canoe: Show Me Your Eyes (Royal Canoe) 2015 *
12. Melissa Payne: Take Me Away (Melissa Payne) 2012 *
13. Benny Goodman Orchestra: Avalon (Al Jolson / Billy Rose) 1938
14. The Ravens: Young Blood (Unknown) 1965 *
15. Simon Caine: Scarlet Skies (Simon Caine) 1970 *
15. David Wilcox: Ting Ting (David Wilcox) 1983 *
16. Duane Eddy: Rebel Walk (Lee Hazelwood / Duane Eddy) 1959
17. Ry Cooder: Get Rhythm (Johnny Cash) 1987

CanCon = 47%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The Paupers: Magic People (Adam Mitchell / Skip Prokop)
Magic People: Verve Forecast - FTS 3026
Toronto, ON
Adam Mitchell, guitar, vocals
Skip Prokop, drums, vocals
Dennis Gerrard, bass
Chuck Beal. guitar
Produced by Rick Shorter,  1967

Ronald Harry Prokop B. 13 December 1943 Hamilton, ON / D. 30 August 2017 (aged 73) St. Thomas, ON

2.   Skip Prokop: Baseball Blues (Skip Prokop)
All Growed Up: Quality Records SV-1948-V
Toronto ON
Skip Prokop: drums, guitar, keys, vocals, banjo
Jamie Kean: lead guitar, bg vocals
Bobbie Elliuot: bass
Patti Black: bg vocals
Produced by Skip Prokop, 1977
Recorded by Jim Morgan at Captain Audio, Toronto
Mixed by Jim Morgan at Mutual Street Studios
Mastered by Alan Moy at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

3.   James Last: One Fine Morning (Skip Prokop)
Rock Me Gently A Tribute To The Great Canadian Songwriters: Polydor 2371 584
Bremen, Germany
Produced by James Last, 1975
Recorded by Peter Klempt
Mastered by Robert Ludwig at Sterling Sound, NYC

b. as Hans Last; 17 April 1929 d. 9 June 2015 Palm Beach, FL
Has recorded at least 206 LPs put out 7 in 1975

4.   Hal Willis: The Lumberjack (Hal Willis / Ginger Willis)
Mr Lumberjack: Arc International 851
Rouyn-Noranda QC
Hal Willis: vocals
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1966
Originally Arc 716

Hal Willis (b. Leonald Francis Gauthier; July 15, 1933 - d. September 4, 2015, Nashville TN)

"The Lumberjack," an international hit that sold over 1.5 million copies. In 1965.
In 1956 when he and his wife, Ginger Willis, were hired by Colonel Tom Parker to tour with Elvis Presley. At this time, Hal and Ginger were also rock and roll singers recording songs like "My Pink Cadillac" and "Bop a Dee Bop a Doo." Hal and Ginger, along with Hank Snow, were the only Canadian performers to tour with Elvis Presley. Hal and Ginger Willis were inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2010.

5.   Nick Ferrio: Come Hell Or High Water (Nick Ferrio)
45 Single: Headless Owl Records -  SFR010-7
Peterborough ON
Jonas Bonetta: bg vocals
Gavin Gardiner: bass
Ian Kehoe: drums
Steve Lambke: guitar
Sylvie Smith: bg vocals
Produced by Gavin Gardiner & Nick Ferrio, 2015
Mastered by Phil Demetro

6.   Stompin' Tom Connors: Singin' Away My Blues (TC Connors) *
Stompin' Tom & The Hockey Song: Anthem Records OLE96
Halton Hills ON
Tom Connors: guitar, vocal, stompin' board
Gary Empey: bass
Bill Lewis: electric guitar
Glen Reid: banjo
John Spence: fiddle
Fred McKenna: dobro
Produced by Tom Connors with Fred McKenna, 1972
Recorded by Jim Morgan at Captain Audio, Toronto
Mixed by Bill Sedden at Thunder Sound, Toronto
Remastered by Ole, 2018

7.   Big Jim Connors: Pine Tree Jig (Graham Townsend)
Fiddle Park Favourites: Icicle ICL 5005
Napanee ON
Jim Connors: fiddle
Wilf Arsenault: guitar
Bob Sally: bass
George McKay: drums
Merv Wilson: banjo, dobro
Bob Tierney: acoustic rhythm guitar
Produced by Jim Connors 1980
Recorded by David Dennison at Snocan Studios, Ottawa

8.   Skarecrow: Moose Jaw Breakdown (Krys Val) 1983 *
45 single bw Country Wine: Topaz Records - LST 106
Toronto ON
Ace Briand: vocals, drums
George Cook, Jr.: vocals, rhythm guitar
Wolf Rene: vocals, lead guitar, fiddle
Krys Val (Lewicki): vocals, bass, harmonica
Produced by Krys Val and Art Snider 1983
Recorded by Art Snider at Studio 306

The Skarecrow story starts back in Toronto in the early 70's. Wolf Rene, who had started in music by backing his fiddle-playing dad, had just finished a stint with J.B. and the Playboys. Ace Briand had been playing with many bands around the St. Catharines area. Krys got his start in the "Grits and Soul" band just after David Wilcox left, so both began their careers with the same band. Having appeared with Ian Tyson, (and even Muddy Waters at the Colonial tavern), Krys met George Cook, Jr., freshly out of the Canadian Army. His dad, George Cook, Sr. (aka The Singing Miner), of New Waterford, Nova Scotia, had cut a 78 in 1940 on Melotone 93146.

George Cook, Sr. was the first recording artist to hail from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He also wrote 60,000 songs and is in the Guiness Book of World Records as the most prolific song writer the world has ever seen. He holds the world record for the longest one breath yodel and had appeared on the "David Letterman Show". His son and Krys, having played in the groups "Rock Bass Creek" and "Goat", recorded 2 of George Cook, Sr.'s songs on his Bluenose label around 1972. "Dry Your Tears" b/w "Unloved, Unwanted, Uncared For"… (As listed by) George and Krys (Years later, this release did well in Europe, especially Germany). On the recording session were Wolf and Ace.

The final two Skarecrow listed songs were not actual releases. One was … "Raise Them Up (Rebuild the Towers)" GSR-1-91101, for the 9/11 tributes in the U.S. and Canada. The final, in 2002, was "Go to the Penalty Box", used during NHL games by the Carolina Hurricanes.

George passed away in 2002 due to complications arising from diabetes.
Wolf Rene passed away suddenly in 2011.

9.   Bob Dylan: One More Cup of Coffee (Bob Dylan)
Desire: Columbia Records PC 33893
Duluth MN
Bob Dylan: rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocal
EmmyLou Harris: bg vocal
Rob Stoner: bass, bg vocal
Scarlet Rivera: violin
Howard Wyeth: drums
Produced by Don DeVito 1975
Stan Kalina mastering
Don Meehan engineering
Liner Notes by Allen Ginsberg released on January 5, 1976

Dylan spotted Scarlet Rivera walking with her violin in the case. He stopped to converse with Rivera and invited her to his rehearsal studio to record. The song was covered by The White Stripes on their debut LP. Also covered by Roger McGuinn and Calexico for the 2007 film "I'm Not There:" Robert Plant sang it on Dreamland.  Nina Hagen released a version with German lyrics on her 2011 album Volksbeat

10. Mary Margaret O'Hara: My Friends Have (Mary Margaret O'Hara)
Miss America: Virgin Records - VL 2559
Toronto ON
Rusty McCarthy, guitar
Hendrik Riik, bass
Michael Sloski, drums
Produced by Mary Margaret O'Hara and Michael Brook, 1988
Recorded by Paul Cobbold at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales UK; Joe
Primeau at Phase One Studios,Toronto; StephenTraub at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mixed at Comfort Sound by Michael Brook and Mary Margaret O'Hara
Mastered at The Townhouse, London UK

11. Nineteen Seventy-Seven: Theres A Light (Julie Kendall)
Nineteen Seventy-Seven: JK001
Toronto ON
Julie Kendall: keys, vocals
Brent Hough: guitar, bass, tambourine
Jordan Bruce: drums
Produced by Julie Kendall & Brent Hough 2007
Recorded by them in their apartment
Mixed at Gay Studio, Parkdale by Alphonse Lanza
Mastered by Noah Mintz at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Kendall and Brent Hough (Bellevue, Music Maul, Purple Hill) recorded the songs on Nineteen Seventy-Seven, during the winter of 2007 in her Toronto apartment, and rehearsal space. Released in 2009, Nineteen Seventy-Seven was nominated for a Juno Award in the category Adult Alternative Album of the Year.

12. Plaid: Melifer (Plaid)
The Digging Remedy: Warp Records - LP277B
London UK
Andy Turner and Ed Handley: electronics
Benet Walsh: flute, guitar
Produced by Plaid 2016
Mastered by Noel Summerville

13. Echo And The Bunnymen: Never Stop (Sergeant / McCulloch / Pattinson / De Freitas)
45 single bw Heads Will Roll: Zoo Music / Warner KOW 28
Liverpool UK
Ian McCulloch - vocals, guitar
Will Sergeant - guitars,
Les Pattinson - bass
Pete de Freitas - drums (died 1989)
Produced by Hugh Jones, 1983
Recorded at either Trident Studios, Soho, London; Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Wales; and Amazon Studios, Liverpool

The band got together in 1978 and stuggled to get known. They achieved their first commercial success in 1982. Band leader Ian McCulloch left in 1988 and the following year drummer Pete De Freitas was killed on his motorcycle, however the band replaced them and they've continued touring and recording.

14. Flaming Groovies: 19th Nervous Breakdown (Jagger / Richards)
Jumpin' In  The Night: Sire Reecords SRK 6067
San Francisco CA
Cyril Jordan: guitar, vocal
Chris Wilson: guitar, vocal
Mike Wilhelm: guitar
George Alexander: bass
David Wright: drums
Produced by Cyril Jordan and Roger Bechirian, 1979
Recorded by Roger Bechirian at Eden Studios, Advision Studios, London UK

15. The Kinks: I'm Not Like Everybody Else (Ray Davies)
45 single bw Sunny Afternoon: Pye Records 809
London UK
Ray Davies: lead vocals, guitar
Dave Davies: lead guitar, bg vocals
Pete Quaife: bass, bg vocals
Mick Avory: drums
Nicky Hopkins: keys
Rasa Davies: bg vocals
Produced by Shal Talmy, 1966
Recorded May 13, 1966 at Pye Studios, London

16. The Doors: Alabama Song (Kurt Weill / Bertolt Brecht)
The Doors: Elektra Records EKS 74007
Los Angeles CA
Jim Morrison - Lead vocals, tambourine,
Robby Krieger - Gibson SG, backing vocals
Ray Manzarek - Vox Continental, Marxophone, Keyboard bass, backing vocals
John Densmore - Drums, backing vocals
Paul Rothchild - Backing vocals
Produced by Paul A Rothchild, 1967
Recorded by Bruce Botnick at Sunset Sound Recorders, Hollywood

also known as "Moon of Alabama", "Moon over Alabama", and "Whisky Bar". It was reused for the 1930 opera Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny and has been notably covered by The Doors and David Bowie. The lyric "Show me the way to the next whisky bar" is written on the wall of the men's restroom in the TV show Cheers.

17. Philippe Bruneau: La Ronde du mariee (The Bridegroom's Rondo) (Trad)
Philippe Bruneau: Philo Records - FI 2003
Montreal QC / Paris FR
Philippe Bruneau - accordion
Yvan Brault - bass
Gilles Losier - piano
Produced by David Green and Phil Hresko - 1973
Recorded by David Green at Earth Audio Techniques Inc., North Ferrisburg VT

18. Jr. Walker & The Allstars: How Sweet It Is (L Dozier / B Holland / E Holland Jr)
Road Runner: Tamla / Motown  SL 703
Blytheville AK
James Graves  drums
Vic Thomas  keyboards
Junior Walker  saxophone, vocals
Willie Woods  guitar
James Jamerson - bass
Produced by Johnny Bristol, Henry Cosby, Lamont Dozier, Harvey Fuqua, Berry Gordy, Jr., Brian Holland, Lawrence Horn, Mickey Stevenson, 1966
Mastered by Ellen Fitton

Autry DeWalt Mixon Jr. (June 14, 1931  November 23, 1995, Battle Creek Mich)
Best known song was "Shotgun", inducted into Grammy Awared Hall of Fame 2002

Hour Two

1.   Fire Engines: New Thing In Cartons (Burn / Henderson / Main / Slade)
Lubricate Your Living Room: Pop-Aurel Records ACC 001
Edinburgh, Scotland
Russell Burn: drums
David Henderson: guitar, vocals
Graham Main: bass
Murray Slade: guitar
Produced by Bob Last, 1980
Recorded 5 October 1980

The hayday of this band was between 1979-1981. The band split up on 31 December 1981. In August 2017 the band reformed to play a benefit.

2.   The Who: Acid Queen (Pete Townsend)
Tommy: Decca Records DSXW 7205
London UK
Roger Daltrey - vocals, harmonica
Pete Townshend - vocals, guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, banjo
John Entwistle - bass, french horn, vocals
Keith Moon - drums
Produced by Kit Lambert, 1969
Recorded at IBC Studios, London

3.   The Beatles: No Reply (Lennon / McCartney) 1965
Beatles '65: Capitol Records ?- T 2228
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: double-tracked lead vocal, acoustic guitar, handclaps
Paul McCartney: harmony vocal, bass guitar, handclaps
George Harrison: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, handclaps
Ringo Starr: drums, handclaps
George Martin: piano
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded by Norman Smith at EMI Studio 2, Abby Road, London

The Beatles recorded the track in London soon after returning from their first full tour of the United States. The lyrics typify Lennon's more introspective and mature songwriting

4.   Paul Mauriat & Orchestra: Penny Lane (Lennon / McCartney)
Blooming Hits: Philips Records PHS 600-248
Paris FR
Paul Mauriat Orchestra
Produced by Philips recording staff, 1967

5.   Gladys Knight and The Pips: The Tracks of My Tears (W Robinson / M Tarpin / W Moore)
45 single bw If I Were Your Woman: Tamla/Motown S 35078
Atlanta GA
Gladys Knight: vocal
Merald "Bubba" Knight: vocal
William Guest: vocal
Edward Patten: vocal
Produced by Norman Whitfield, 1970
Recorded at Motown Studios, Detroit

The Pips started out in 1952 but hit their stride when Gladys Knight joined them in 1964.

6.   Gwen McCrae: 90% Of Me Is You (Clarence Reid)
Rockin Chair: T.K. Records  PTK 92006
Pensacola FL
Gwen McCrae: vocals
Mike Lewis, Vinny Tano, Whit Sigener: horns
Ron Bogdon, George Perry, Rick Finch: bass
Latimore, Timmy Thomas, HW Casey: keys
Willie Hale, Jerome Smith, Phillip Wright, Joey Murcia: guitars
Robert Furgeson, Freddie Scott, Robert Johnson, Rick Finch: drums
Betty Wright, Gwen McCrae, George McCrae, HW Casey: bg vocals
Produced by Steve Alaimo 1975

Gwen Mosley, December 21, 1943, Pensacola, Florida

7.   Miriam Makeba: Forbidden Games (B Parker / M Lanjean)
The World Of Miriam Makeba: RCA Victor Dynagroove Recording LPM 2750
Johannesburg, South Africa
Miriam Makeba: vocals
Hugh Masekela Orchestra
Produced by Hugo & Luigi 1963
Recorded at RCA Victor Studio A & Webster hall, New York City by Mickey Crofford

Zenzile Miriam Makeba  4 March 1932 Johannesburg d. 9 November 2008 (aged 76) Castel Volturno, Italy

After her American debut in NYC at Village Vanguard, Newsweek compared her voice to "the smoky tones and delicate phrasing" of Ella Fitzgerald and the "intimate warmth" of Frank Sinatra. In 1966, Makeba received the Grammy Award for Best Folk Recording together with Harry Belafonte for An Evening with Belafonte/Makeba. For political reasons she moved to Guinea where she was appointed ambassador to the UN for which she won the Dag Hammarskjold Peace Prize in 1986

8.   The Ventures: Telstar (Joe Meek)
The Ventures Play Telstar / The Lonely Bull: Dolton Records BLP 2019
Tacoma WA
Don Wilson, guitar
Bob Bogle, bass, guitar
Nokie Edwards, guitar, bass
Mel Taylor, drums
Produced by Josie Wilson & Rob Reisdorff, 1963

An instrumental originally performed and recorded by The Tornados in 1962. The former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, named "Telstar" as one of her favourite pop songs ever. Other covers by Wolfman Jack, The Ukrainians, The Shadows, Rockin Rebels, Ronnie Montrose, Midnight Oil, The Champs

9.   Kensington Market: Help Me (Eugene Martynek / Felix Pappalardi)
Aardvark: Warner Brothers WS-1790
Toronto ON
Alex Darou - bass
Jimmy Watson - drums
Gene Martynec keys, guitar, vocals
Keith McKie guitar, vocal
Luke Gibson guitar, vocal
John Mills-Cockell - moog
Produced by Felix Pappalardi - 1969
Remastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane Mastering

10. Silver Apples: I Have Known Love (Eileen Lewellen / Silver Apples)
Contact: Jackpot Records JPR 045
Danny Taylor: drums, vocals
Simeon: the thing (the simeon), vocals
Produced by Barry Bryant, Danny Taylor & Simeon, 1969
Recorded by Jack Hunt at TTG Studios, Los Angeles and Apostolic Studios, New York City

11. Royal Canoe: Show Me Your Eyes (Royal Canoe)
Today We're Believers: Roll Call Records
Winnipeg Mantitoba
Matt Peters - Vocals, keyboards, ac guitar
Bucky Driedger - Electric guitar, vocals
Matt Schellenberg - Keyboards, vocals
Brendan Berg - Bass, keyboard, vocals
Derek Allard - Drum kit
Michael Jordan - Electronic drums
Dan Ardies: baritone sax
Prodcued by Royal Canoe and John Paul Peters, 2015
Recorded and mixed by John Paul Peters, Matt Peters and Royal Canoe at Private Ear Recording and The Shithole, Winnipeg
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carvalho Mastering, Toronto

12. Melissa Payne: Take Me Away (Melissa Payne)
45 rpm single: Seventh Fire Records - SFR004
Ennismore, ON
Melissa Payne: fiddle, vocals
Produced by James McKenty & Tom Street - 2012

Learned to play fiddle from Doug Leahy of The Leahy Family. When she learned to play guitar in High School, she began to write songs.

13. Benny Goodman Band: Avalon (Al Jolson / Billy Rose / B.G. DeSylva)
The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol 1: Columbia Records ML 4358
New York City
Benny Goodman: clarinet
Gene Krukpa: drums
Teddy Wilson: piano
Lionel Hampton: vibraphone
Produced by George Avakian 1950
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall January 16, 1938

The first ever double album, it was one of the first records of Benny Goodman music issued on the new long-playing format, and one of the first to sell over a million copies. This album was also sold in a set of nine 45 rpm records in the same year by Columbia.

14. The Ravens: Young Blood (Unknown)
Rock & Roll Comes To Newfoundland & Labrador CD Compilation
Port-aux-Basques NL
Bob Rowe, guitar
Rod French, guitar
Don Oakley, lead guitar
Jim Hennessey, Fender Bass
Rocky Wiseman, drums
Paul Rumsey, vocal
Produced 1965 on Arc Records A-1099
Recorded at Arc Sound, Toronto
Reproduced by Wayne Sturge - 2007

Jim Hennessey ordered his Fender bass guitar from Peet's Music in Montreal. When Leo Fender heard about this, he wrote Hennessey a letter to go along with the guitar claiming that it was the first one Fender had sold in Newfoundland. The Ravens didn't name themselves after a bird. It was the combination of sirnames: Ryan and Evans, who formed the band in 1960. They went down to Toronto to record at Arc Sound and released Young Blood bw Sincerely in 1965 which hit Number One at CJON in Vancouver. But the band had no recording contract with Arc Records and they saw no royalties from their record which sold an estimated 20,000 copies across Canada.

15. Simon Caine: Scarlet Skies (Simon Caine)
Simon Caine: RCA Victor - LSP 4410
Toronto ON
Pat Godfrey piano
Bruce Pennycook winds
Dennis Pendrith bass
Bill Palmer guitar
John Savage drums
Simon Caine (Peter Shields) - vocals
Produced by George Semkiw - 1970
Recorded by George Semkiw at RCA Recording Studios, Toronto

15. David Wilcox: Ting Ting (David Wilcox)
Bad Reputation: Capitol Records of Canada 6000 Series ST 6503
Toronto ON
David Wilcox: lead vocal, mandolin, Percussion, kazoo, guitars
Stan Szelest: keys
Kit Johnson: bass
Whitey Glan: drums
David Rose: bg vocals
Produced by Sadia, 1983
Recorded by Ed Stone & Jon Mathias & Noel Golden at Metalworks Studio, Toronto
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Ted Jensen, NYC
First Published in Canada July 1983

16. Duane Eddy: Rebel Walk (Lee Hazelwood / Duane Eddy)
45 single: London Records 45-HL-W. 9162
Corning, NY
Duane Eddy: guitar
Produced by Lee Hazlewood, Lester Sill -1959

17. Ry Cooder: Get Rhythm (Johnny Cash)
Get Rhythm: Warner Brothers 92-5639
Los Angeles CA
Ry Cooder: guitar, vocal
Van Dyke Parks: keys
Flaco Jimenez: accordion
Steve Douglas: sax
Jorge Calderon: bass
Jim Keltner: drums
Miguel Cruz: percussion
Bobby King, Terry Evans, Arnold McCuller, Willie Greene Jr: bg vocal
Produced by Ry Cooder, 1987
Recorded & Jixed by Ed Cherney at Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles
Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Lacquer, LA

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