33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
December 3, 2018

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Bone Blood Liars & Millers
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Hour One


1.   The Canadian Beadles: I’m Comin’ Home (Unknown) 1964 *
2.   Moby Grape: Ain’t No Use (Jerry Miller / Don Stevenson) 1967
3.   Steve Miller Band: Quicksilver Girl (Steve Miller) 1969
4.   Ned Miller: From a Jack to a King (Ned Miller) 1962
5.   Miller’s Jug: Put A Penny in the Parking Meter (Hugh MacKenzie) 1976 *
6.   Shaela Miller & Treeline: Sentimental Cowboy (S Miller) 2015 *
7.   Artie & The Mustangs: Miller’s Cave (Jack Clement) 1965 *
8.   Roger Miller: Hang Me Dang Me (R Miller) 1964
9.   Don Messer Band: Dusty Miller Reel (Trad) 1942 *

liars and cheaters

10. June Pasher: Your Cheatin’ Heart (Hank Williams) 1961 *
11. Handsome Neds: Ain’t No Room For Cheatin’ (Robin Masyk) 1985 *
12. Carol Baker: One Night of Cheatin’ (Carol Baker) 1976 *
13. Painted Ship: Little White Lies (William Hay / Bob Rowden) 1966 *
14. The Knickerbockers: Lies (B Randell / B Charles) 1966
15. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Lies (Through The 80s) (D Newman) 1980
16. Portage & Main: Lied To Me (Harold Donnelly / John Sponarski) 2013 *
17. Chet Atkins: Things We Said Today (Lennon / McCartney) 1965

Hour Two


1.   Blind Blake: Dry Bone Shuffle (Blind Blake) 1927
2.   The Trashmen: A-Bone (Larry LaPole) 1964
3.   David Wilcox: Fire In My Bones (David Wilcox / Sadia) 1987 *
4.   Les Habits Jaune: Miss Boney Maronie (Ritchie Valens / G Legault) 1965 *
5.   kd lang: Big Boned Girl (kd lang / Ben Mink) 1989 *
6.   The Pogues: Billy’s Bones (Shane MacGowan) 1985


7.   The Ravens: Young Blood (Leiber / Stoller) 1965 *
8.   The Sadies: So Much Blood (The Sadies) 2013 *
9.   Teenage Heads: Blood Boogie (Teenage Heads) 1983 *
10. Charles Jordan: Blood on the Saddle (Trad) 1970 *
11. Deep Purple: Bloodsucker (Blackmore / Gillan / Glover / Lord / Paice) 1970
12. The Youngbloods: Grizzely Bear (Jerry Corbitt) 1966
13. The Guess Who: Life in the Bloodstream (B Cummings) 1971 *
14. Seatrain: Bloodshot Eyes (Lloyd Baskin) 1973
15. Downchild: Blood Runs Hot (Steve Samsel) 1981 *
16. Vincente Gomez: Blood and Sand (Vinecnte Gomez) 1965

CanCon = 58%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One - The Millers

1.   Canadian Beadles: I’m Comin’ Home (Unknown)
Three Faces North: Tide Records TLP 2005
Sarnia ON
Vic Miller: guitar
Paul Case: drums
Bruce Pollard: bass, vocals
Produced 1964

Origin:  Sarnia, Ontario (group); Vancouver, British Columbia (Vic Miller); Kingston, Ontario (Paul Case); Sarnia, Ontario (Bruce Pollard). Recorded 3 singles as The Blue Echoes 1964 & 1 LP as Canadian Beadles 1965
Also recorded 2 singles under the name Vic, Paul and Bruce

2.   Moby Grape: Ain’t No Use (Jerry Miller / Don Stevenson)
Moby Grape: Columbia Records – CL 2698
San Francisco CA
Peter Lewis – rhythm guitar, vocals
Jerry Miller – lead guitar, vocals
Bob Mosley – bass, vocals
Skip Spence – rhythm guitar, vocals
Don Stevenson – drums, vocals
Produced by David Rubinson – 1967
Recorded at CBS Studios, Hollywood, CA; March 11 – April 25, 1967

3.   Steve Miller Band: Quicksilver Girl (Steve Miller)
Sailor: Capitol records ST-2984
San Francisco CA
Steve Miller: guitar, vocal, harmonica
Boz Scaggs: guitar
Lonnie Turner: bass
Jim Peterman: keys
Tim Davis: drums
Produced by Steve Miller Band and Glyn Johns, 1969
Recorded in Los Angeles

"Quicksilver Girl" received additional attention when it was covered in 1969 by Wilmer & The Dukes and was included in the popular 1984 movie soundtrack to The Big Chill.

4.   Ned Miller: From A Jack To A King (Ned Miller)
45 single bw Parade of Broken Hearts: Fabor Record Co – 114
Rains, UT
Ned Miller: vocal, guitar
Produced by Fabor Robison, 1962

Henry Ned Miller (April 12, 1925 – March 18, 2016 Medford OR)

From A Jack To A King 1957 (Did not chart). Re-released December 15, 1962. Was also recorded by Elvis 1969. Wrote Gale Storm classic hit “Dark Moon” recorded in 1957

5.   Miller’s Jug: Put A Penny in the Parking Meter (Hugh MacKenzie)
Northeast: Mermaid Records SAR 3004
Halifax NS
Sean McCabe: guitars, fiddle, whistle, vocals
Dave Weir: bass, harmonica, guitar, percussion, vocals
Bob Short: Banjo, mandolin, mandola, spoons, vocals
Produced by Skip Beckwith, 1976
Recorded by Harold Tsitsinas at Solar Audio, Dartmouth NS
Mixed by Skip Backwith and Harold Tsitsinas

Two former founding members of Miller’s Jug – John Ferguson and Donnnie Campbell - went on to form Nova Scotia based band, McGinty, who went on to have a nearly 35 year career. This 1976 album was the only one Miller’s Jug released.

6.   Treeline with Shaela Miller: Sentimental Cowboy (Shaela Miller)
Love And Records Live Compilation 2014: CKXU-FM 88.3 LnR0001
Lethbridge AB
Shaela Miller: guitar vocal
Taylor Ackerman: guitar
Tyler Bird: drums
Danny Dyck: bass, vocal
Produced by CKXU-FM, 2015
Recorded live at the 2014 Love And Records festival, Lethbirdge, Alberta
Recorded by Jon Martin, James McDowell and Josh Hellawell
Mixed by Jon Martin
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Community radio station CKXU has been producing free annual outdoor festivals, featuring mostly local acts, in Downtown Lethbridge for several years. The 2014 performers, recorded during their performances, are featured on this LP. They include Leeroy Stagger, The Utilities, Dave McCann, Outlaws of Ravenhurst, The Wet Secrets, Invasives and Biblical. A very cool album!

7.   Artie & The Mustangs: Miller’s Cave (Jack Clement)
The Race Is On: Arc Records 647
Artie MacLaren: 12 string guitar, vocal
Mickey McGivern: lead guitar
Mark McGivern: bass
Jerry Summers: drums
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1965

Artie MacLaren B. March 19, 1940 - St. Peter's Bay, PEI / D September 4, 2014 - Victoria, BC (74)

Moved to Toronto from PEI in 1962 to further his music career. He played guitar on sessions for various artists produced by Ben Weatherby on the famed ARC Records label. Mickey McGivern became one of the most respected session guitarists in Canada, working for RCA, Quality and Arc Records. He has over 350 documented sessions to his credit, backing such artists as Johnny Burke, Artie McLaren and Dick Nolan. Indeed, it’s hard to find an Arc records from the 60’s and early 70’s that Mickey didn’t play on.

8.   Roger Miller: Dang Me (Roger Miller)
Dang Me: Smash Records SRS 67049
Los Angeles CA
Ray Edenton - Guitar
Buddy Harman - Drums
Roger Miller - Guitar, Vocals
Bob Moore - Bass
Produced by Jerry Kennedy - 1964

Roger Dean Miller, Sr. b Fort Worth, TX January 2, 1936 / d. October 25, 1992 Los Angeles (56)

Was one of the true country music cross-over artists of the early 1960s, scoring hit songs on both the pop oriented and country music charts. After his mega-hit King of the Road, he got to appear on national network tv shows. He even hosted his own Roger Miller Show for a season in 1966. The guests were incredibloy eclectic: Soupy Sales, Richard Pryor, David McCallum, Liberace, The Kingston Trio, Frank Gorshin, Bobby Darin, Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Petula Clark, George Carlin among the many.

9.   Don Messer Band: Dusty Miller Reel (Trad)
The Good Old Days: Apex / MCA - TVLP-79052
Tweedside NB
Don Messer: fiddle
Charlie Chamberlain: guitar
Rae Simmons: clarinet
Cec MacEchern: electric guitar
Warren McRae: drums
Duke Neilson: bass
Waldo Munro: piano
Produced by Alan Guettel & David Pritchard - 1979

Donald Charles Fredrick Messer b. Tweedside NB May 9, 1909 / d. Halifax NS March 26, 1973 (63)

Lyin’ and Cheatin’

10. June Pasher: Your Cheating Heart (Hank Williams)
Your Cheating Heart: Arc Records 518
New Waterford NS
June Pasher: vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Dan Bass, 1961

b. New Waterford, NS / d. Toronto May 24, 2002

Was married to country music performer George Pasher. She was called “The Queen of Country Music” in Toronto.

11. The Handsome Neds: Ain’t No Room For Cheatin’ (Robin Masyk)
45 Single: Handsome Records HN 002
Toronto ON
Handsom Ned (Robin Masyk): vocal, rhythm guitar
Steve Koch: lead guitar
Rene Fratura: bass
J.D. Weatherstone: drums
Produced by The Neds 1985
Recorded by Rich Dodson at Marigold Studios, Toronto

Robin Masyk b. June 4, 1957, Zweibrücken, West Germany  / d. January 10, 1987, Toronto.

Robin was the big dude with the ten gallon cowboy hat who lived in The Cameron House in downtown Toronto, at Spadina and Queen. He and his brother, Jim, had a band called The Velours, singing songs by Elvis and Velvet Underground. They eventually changed their name to The Sidewinders and got to open for The Viletones. Then Ned started hosting a weekly residency at the Cameron House, paving the way for countrified music to be played along Queen Street West by bands such as Blue Rodeo, The Skydiggers, Cowboy Junkies, Shadowy Men, The Razorbacks and loads of others. That was the creation of the Queen Street West scene.

During all this time, Hank hosted his own radio show, Honky-Tonk Hardwood Floor, at CKLN. He died of a heroin overdose at home, in the Cameron. Hundreds of people lined Queen Street West for the funeral procession. His song, “Put The Blame On Me”, was used on the soundtrack to Roadkill, a really cool Bruce McDonald film, in 1989.

12. Caroll Baker: One Night Of Cheatin' (Ain't Worth The Reapin') (C Baker)
Caroll Baker: RCA – KPL1-0171
Port Medway NS / Toronto ON
Caroll Baker: vocal
Lloyd Green: steel
Larry London
Billy Sanfoard
Hargus Robbins
Jerry Smith
Jimmy Capp
Ray Edenton
Dale Sellers
Henry Strzelecki
Bobby Dyson
Norm Spicher
Lea Jane Singers
Produced by Don Grashey and Chuck Williams – 1976
Mixed by Les Ladd

Carroll Anne Baker (born Bridgewater NS March 4, 1949)

She had several Canadian Gold and Platinum records in the 1970s. Baker received Juno Awards for Country Female Vocalist of the Year five times and was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1992. In 2009, she was made a Member of the Order of Canada "for her achievements as a Canadian country music singer and songwriter"

13. Painted Ship: I Told Those Little White Lies (William Hay / Bob Rowden)
London) M-17351
Richmond BC
William "The Captain" Hay (vocal)
Bob Rowden (lead guitar)
Barry Rowden (drums)
Ken Wain (organ)
Gary Connor (bass)
Joe Conroy (guitar)
Produced by Douglas Hawthorne, 1966

They were initially called The Wee Beasties in 1965 but later changed the name to The Painted Ship (not to be confused with The Wee-Beasties punk rock band from Denton, Texas formed in 2000). This raises the point: who came first as according to all the data I’ve been able to collect, Painted Ship recorded first followed by the Beasties. Obviously there’s a mistake out there,
somewhere, anywhere.

14. The Knickerbockers: Lies (B Randell / B Charles)
The Fabulous Knickerbockers: Challenge Records CH 622
Bergenfield, NJ
John Charles, bass
Beau Charles, guitar
Buddy Randell, sax
Jimmy Walker, drums
Produced by Jerry Fuller, 1966
Recorded by Bruce Botnick & Dave Hassinger
Music arranged by Leon Russell

A lot of people first heard this song on AM radio, most likely in cars on on transistor radios. To a lot of us, this sounded a lot like The Beatles. There were a bunch of bands releasing singles using a false name, just to see if it would sell. Thus, Chad Allen & The Expressions released “Shakin’ All Over” as: “Guess Who”. And it sold! But this wasn’t The Beatles; they weren’t even British. These were New York rockers who played the night clubs during the Go-Go Girl era. This was The Knickerbockers only hit song.

15. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: Lies (Through The ‘80s) (D Newman)
Chance: Warner Brothers Records XBS 3498
London UK
Manfred Mann: keys
Pat King: bass
John Lingwood: drums
Barbara Thompson: sax
Chris Thompson: bg vocal
Trevor Rabin, Mick Rogers, Steve Weller, Geoff Whithorn, Robbie McIntosh: guiars
Produced by Manfred Mann and Trevor Rabin 1980
Recorded by Rik Walton at The Workhouse Studios, London and/or Casa Das Flores, Albufeira, Portugal

Manfred Sepse Lubowitz, 21 October 1940 in Johannesburg, Transvaal, Union of South Africa

Strongly opposed to the apartheid system in his native South Africa,[1] Lubowitz moved to the United Kingdom in 1961 and began to write for "Jazz News" under the pseudonym Manfred Manne (after jazz drummer Shelly Manne). There he formed his first band with drummer Mike Hugg called Mann-Hugg Blues Brothers which evolved to Manfred Mann. That band lasted as long as the singles kept coming; hits like Doo Wah Diddy and The Mighty Queen were huge. Mann formed The Earth Band in 1971 and despite a short hiatus in the late 1980s/early 1990s, they continue to perform and tour.

16. Portage And Main: Lied To Me (Harold Donnelly / John Sponarski)
Never Had The Time: Knuckleduster Music 20969 99395
Vancouver BC
Harold Donnelly: guitars, vocals
John Sponarski: guitars, harmonica, vocals
Georges Couling: keys
Ben Appenheimer: bass
Ben Brown: drums
Savanah Wellman: vocals
Matt Kelly: steel
Indiana Avent: fiddle
Malcolm Holt: tambourine
Produced by Georges Couling, 2013
Recorded by Georges Couling at DCM Studios and Knuckleduster Studios, Vancouver
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

17. Chet Atkins: Things We Said Today (Lennon / McCartney) 1965
Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles: RCA Victor (Dynagroove) Mono LPM-3531
Luttrel TN
Chet Atkins: guitar
Charlie McCoy: harmonica
Produced by Bob Ferguson and Chet Atkins, 1966
Recorded at RCA Victor ‘Nashville Sound’ Studios, Nashville TN by Bill Vandevort
Sleeve notes by George Harrison

Great liner notes on this album by George Harrison, himself! He writes:

“For me, the great thing about Mr. Atkins is not the fact that he is capable of playing almost every type of music but the conviction in the way he does it. Whilst listening to Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles, I got the feeling that these songs had been written specifically with Chet in mind. The fact that they were not proves his eminence as an artist – the perfect example being Yesterday. Chet, by himself, gets far more out of this than some of the people known as “class” singers do with a full orchestral arrangement to boot!”

Hour Two - Bones

1.   Blind Blake: Dry Bone Shuffle
Ragtime Guitar’s Foremost Fingerpicker: DLP
Jacksonville FL
Arthur Blake: guitar, vocal
Unknown bones player
Produced for Paramount Records (12479), April, 1927
Compilation Produced 1984

Arthur Blake b Jacksonville FL 1896 / d. Milwaukee WI Dec 2, 1934 (38)

Style known as The Piedmont Blues. Too bad no one really knowns who that bones player was! Blake died of complications from pneumonia.

2.   The Trashmen: A-Bone 1964
45 single bw Bird Dance Beat: Apex Records 76904
Minneapolis MN
Tony Andreason, LG, lead vocal
Dal Winslow, Guitar
Bob Reed, bass
Steve Wahrer, drums
Produced by George Garrett - 1964
Recorded by Tom Jung

There were two sides to The Trashmen: the Surfin’ Bird side and the Venture’s side and this one sort of straddles them both. It was The Bird Dance Beat, on the flip side of the band’s answer to their surprise hit, Surfin’ Bird. An A-Bone was a Ford Model A Tudor Sedan used for hot-rodding in the 1950s. The Shelby Cobra was a Ford built V-8 produced since 1962. Chevy’s answer to that was the Corvette Stingray.

3.   David: Fire In My Bones (David Wilcox / Sadia)
Breakfast At The Circus: Capitol Records of Canada CLT-48551
Toronto ON
David Wilcox: guitar, vocal
Steve Webster, David Rose: bass
Rob Yale: keys, programming
Trevor Morais: drums
David Rose: BG Vocal
Produced by Sadia 1987
Recorded by Lenny De Rose at Phase One Recording Studios, Toronto
Mixed by Stephen KW Taylor at The Farmyard Studio, Little Chalfont Bucks, UK
Mastered at The Townhouse, London UK
Jim Tiny Stevenson: Road Manager

4.   Les Habits Jaune: Miss Boney Maronie [The Yellow Habits] (Ritchie Valens / G Legault)
Les Habits Jaune: Laval Records LF-4202
Vallyfield QC
Gilbert Chenarde: guitare soliste
Léo Menard: drums
Bernard Desranleau: guitar, vocals
Ronald Grenier: saxophone et chant
Mike Egan: organ
Armand Leger: bass
Raymond Parent: drums
Produced  1965

Les Habits Jaune made their debut under the name of The Marvel 's. In 1965, they changed their name, recording two hits "Miss Boney Maronie and Mr.Long ."

5.   kd lang & The Reclines: Big Boned Girl (kd lang / Ben Mink)
Absolute Torch And Twang: Sire Records  92 58771
Consort AB
Kd lang: vocal
Michael Pouliot: drums
John Dymond: bass
Michael Creber: piano
Greg Leisz: lap steel
Gordie Matthews: electric guitars
Ben Mink: acoustic guitar
Produced by Greg Penny, Ben Mink and kd lang, 1989
Recorded and mixed by Joe Seta and Greg Penny at Vancouver Studios, BC

Kathryn Dawn Lang, OC (born November 2, 1961)

Her 4th album, it was her first collaboration with Ben Mink. IMHO it was the first album which truly reflected her energy.

6.   The Pogues: Billy’s Bones (Shane MacGowan)
Rum Sodomy & The Lash: Stiff Records MCA 5744
London UK
Shane MacGowan – vocals
Spider Stacy – tin whistle
James Fearnley – accordion
Jem Finer – banjo
Cait O'Riordan – bass
Andrew Ranken – drums
Philip Chevron – guitar
Additional personnel
Henry Benagh – fiddle
Dick Cuthell – French horn
Tommy Keane – uileann pipes
Produced by Elvis Costello and Phil Chevron - 1985
Recorded by Nick Robbins and Paul Scully at Elephant Studios, London
Recorded at Elephant Studios, London


7.   The Ravens: Young Blood (Leiber / Stoller)
Rock & Roll Comes To Newfoundland & Labrador CD Compilation
St John's NL
Bob Rowe, guitar
Rod French, guitar
Don Oakley, lead guitar
Jim Hennessey, Fender Bass
Rocky Wiseman, drums
Paul Rumsey, vocal
Produced 1965
Originally released on Arc Records A-1099
Recorded in Halifax NS
Reproduced by Wayne Sturge – 2007

Jim Hennessey ordered his Fender bass guitar from Peet’s Music in Montreal. When Leo Fender heard about this, he wrote Hennessey a letter to go along with the guitar claiming that it was the first one Fender had sold in Newfoundland.

The Ravens didn’t name themselves after a bird. It was the combination of sirnames: Ryan and Evans, who formed the band in 1960. They went down to Toronto to record at Arc Sound and released Young Blood bw Sincerely in 1965 which hit Number One at CJON in Vancouver. But the band had no recording contract with Arc Records & they saw no royalties from their record which sold an estimated 20,000 across Canada.

8.   The Sadies: So Much Blood (The Sadies)
Internal Sounds: YepRoc Records YEP-2353
S. Ontario
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Dallas Good: guitar, organ, vocal
Travis Good: guitars, fiddle, vocal
Produced by Dallas Good 2013
Mastered by Peter J Moore at The E Room, Toronto

9.   Teenage Heads: Blood Boogie (Teenage Heads)
45 single bw (I’m Just) Too True: MCA Records, MCA 52265
Hamilton ON
Gordie Lewis: guitar
Frankie Venom: vocals
Steve Marshall: bass
Nick Stipanitz: drums, vocals
Dave Rave: bg vocal
Produced by David Bendeth, 1983
Mixed by Danny Lanois at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton

The band’s name, Teenage Head, came from a Flaming Groovies album of the same name. They were formed in 1975. Their performance at The Gary’s Last Tango, at the Horseshoe Tavern, resulted in a riot out on Queen Street. In 1983 they signed with an American label, MCA, who damanded that they change their name to Teenage Heads.

10. Charles Jordan: Blood on the Saddle (trad)
Folk Songs of Canada: Waterloo Records WR1
Toronto ON
Charles Jordan: vocal
Stan Wilson: guitar
Produced by Richard Johnston, 1970

Father of Canadian singer/songwriter, Marc Wallace Jordan. This was recorded at the end of the folk boom era which saw really raw, traditional songs recorded in more sterile studios by classical singers like Alan Mills and Joyce Sullivan. Waterloo Records were produced and sold mostly to school boards across Canada.

11. Deep Purple: Bloodsucker (Blackmore / Gillan / Glover / Lord / Paice)
Deep Purple In Rock: Warner Bros WS 1877
Hertford UK
Ritchie Blackmore guitar
Jon Lord keyboards, organ
Ian Paice drums, percussion
Ian Gillan lead vocals
Roger Glover bass
Produced by Deep Purple – 1970
Recorded by Phil McDonald Abbey Road Studios
Peter Mew Original album remastering

Blackmore suggested a new name for the band: "Deep Purple", after his grandmother's favourite song. The song was written by Peter DeRose in 1933 and covered by many artists and big bands. It was very romantic!

12. The Youngbloods: Grizzely Bear (Jerry Corbitt)
Single bw Tears Are Falling: RCA Victor 47-9015
New York City
Jesse Colin Young(vocals, bass),
Jerry Corbitt (guitar),
Lowell Levinger, aka "Banana," (guitar, electric piano)
Joe Bauer (drums)
Produced by Felix Pappalardi  1966

The Grizzely Bear was an early 20th Century dance. The dance was purposely rough and clumsy. During the dance, the dancers would yell out: "It's a Bear!" The song was produced by Felix Pappalardi who was also producing acts like Cream and Kensington Market at the time.

13. The Guess Who: Life In The Bloodstream (Burton Cummings)
45 Single: Nimbus 74-0578
Winnipeg MB
Burton Cummings: lead vocals, organ, piano, flute, harmonica, keyboards
Jim Kale: Bass
Greg Leskiw: Guitar
Garry Peterson: Drums
Kurt Winter: Guitar
Produced by Jack Richardson, 1971

14. Seatrain: Bloodshot Eyes (Lloyd Baskin)
Seatrain: Warner Brothers Records BS 2692
Marblehead, Mass
Bill Elliott: keys, accordion, harp
Andy Kulberg: bass, flute, vocal
Julio Coronado: drums
Peter Walsh: guitar, bass, vocal
Lloyd Baskin: keys, vocal
Produced by Buell Neidlinger, 1973
Recorded by Jay Messina at The Record Plant, NYC
Mixed by Doug Botnick at Sunset Sound, LA

Whatever happened to Blues Project, a New York fusion blues band lead by Al Kooper? By 1968 they were done but owed their label another album. Flutist/bassist Andy Kulberg and drummer Roy Blumenfeld of Blues Project formed the band with Jim Roberts, ex-Mystery Trend guitarist John Gregory, former Jim Kweskin Jug Band violinist/fiddler Richard Greene, and saxophonist Don Kretmar. Seatrain recorded their first album, Planned Obsolescence, in 1968, but had to release it as a Blues Project album for contractual reasons. They released the first Seatrain album in 1969. Seatrain recorded four albums and disbanded after releasing this one in 1973.

15. Downchild: Blood Runs Hot (Steve Samsel)
Blood Run Hot: Attic Records LAT 1117
Toronto ON
Tony Flaim: vocal
Don Walsh: slide guitar
Jane Vasey: piano, bg vocal
Gary Kendall: bass
Craig Kaleal: drums
Ray Harrison: Hammond organ
Bob Heslin: trumpet, bg vocal
Larry Bodner: sax
Spencer Davis: bg vocal
Produced by Spencer Davis, 1981
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto by Graham Duff

16. Vincente Gomez Quintet: Blood And Sand (Torero) (Vinecnte Gomez)
Blood And Sand: Decca Records DL 74629
Los Angeles CA
Vincente Gomez: guitar
Graciella Paraga: vocal
Produced 1965

Vincente Gomez b. Madrid, Spain, July 8, 1911 / d. December 23, 2001)

Singer / Actor Ricky Nelson was one of Gomez’s prized students.

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