33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
December 10, 2018

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Hour One

1.   Pure Food And Drug Act: Do It Yourself (Don Harris / Shuggie Otis) 1972
2.   Bob Marley & The Wailers: War / No More Trouble (Carlton Barrett / Allan Cole) 1978
3.   Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride And Joy (SR Vaughan) 1983
4.   Bob McBride: Curtain Call (Bob McBride) 1978 *
5.   April Wine: Don’t Push Me Around (Myles Goodwin) 1977 *
6.   The Yardbirds: I’m Confused (Jimmy Page) 1971
7.   The Who: Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran / Jerry Capehart) 1970
8.   Ten Years After: I’m Goin’ Home (Alvin Lee) 1968
9.   The Blues Brothers: (I Got Everything I Need) Almost (Don Walsh) 1978

Hour Two

1.   Perth County Conspiracy: The Tractor Song (Cedric Smith) 1971 *
2.   Murray McLauchlan: Whispering Rain (M McLaughlan) 1979 *
3.   Willie Thrasher: Sweet Grass Song (W Thrasher) 1981 *
4.   Catherine MacLellan: Snowbird (Gene MacLellan) 2017 *
5.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money (Lennon / McCartney) 1981 *
6.   Oscar Peterson Trio: Cakewalk (Oscar Peterson) 1982 *
7.   Ry Cooder: Viva Seguin / Do Re Me (Woody Guthrie) 1976
8.   Fraser Finlayson: Too Late (Willie Dixon) 1988 *
9.   Lionel Hampton: Perdido (Tizol / Lenk / Drake) 1947

CanCon = 50%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Pure Food And Drug Act: Do It Yourself (Don Harris / Shuggie Otis) 1972
Choice Cuts: Epic Records KE 31401
Harvey Mandel: guitar, vocals
Don Sugarcane Harris: violin, vocals
Paul Lagos: drums
Victor Conte: bass
Produced by Skip Taylor, 1972
Recorded by Scott Schreck live at the Fresh Air Tavern, Seattle WA

2.   Bob Marley & The Wailers: War / No More Trouble (Carlton Barrett / Allan Cole)
Babylon By Bus: Island Records ISLD-11
Bob Marley: guitar, vocals
Carlton Barrett: drums
Aston Barrett: bass
Tyrone Downie: keys
Junior Marvin: lead guitar
Alvin Patterson: percussion
Al Anderson: lead guitar
Wire Lindo: keys
I Threes: Rita Fmarley, Judy Mowatt & Marcia Griffiths: bg vocals
Produced by Chris Blackwell & Jack Nuber, 1978
Recorded live in Paris, Copenhagen, London & Amsterdam by Island Mobile Studio
Mixed by Jack Nuber

The lyrics are almost entirely derived from a speech made by Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I before the United Nations General Assembly on 4 October 1963. Marley, along with fellow Rastafari, worship Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia as the incarnation of God, and refer to him as "Ras Tafari," "Jah" or "The Lion of Judah" which Marley does in many of his songs.

Back cover claimes 14000 were in attendance 1978 at their Maple Leaf Gardens concert

3.   Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan: Pride And Joy (Stevie Ray Vaughan)
In Session: Stax Records SCD 7501-2
Indianola, MS / Dallas TX
Albert King : Electric Guitar, Vocals
Stevie Ray Vaughan : Electric Guitar, Vocals
Tony Llorens : Piano, Organ
Gus Thornton : Bass
Michael Llorens : Drums
Produced by Bill Belmont, 1983
Recorded at CHCH TV Studios, Hamilton, Ontario, 1983/12/06 by Doug McClement
Mixed by Stephen Hart
Released on CD only August 17, 1999
Produced for release by Bill Belmont
Remastering : George Horn, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley

While this wasn’t recorded before an audience, it was recorded live in Hamilton’s CHCH Channel 11 television studio for an Albert Kind / Stevie Ray Vaughan TV special. Initially, King was not going to do the show as he did not know who Vaughan was. He did not realize that Vaughan was actually 'little Stevie', the 'skinny kid' that he let sit in when King played in Texas. King talks about this on one of the conversation tracks. When he realized who Vaughan was, he agreed to play.

4.   Bob McBride: Curtain Call (Bob McBride)
Bob McBride: London Records – CM 501
Toronto ON
Bob McBride: vocal
Richard Horbatiuk: bass
Gary Gies: drums
John Shand: guitar
Miles Wilinson: guitar
Francois Valentyne: keys
Debbie Schaal & Ricky Yorke: bg vocals
Produced by Chris Skene & Rick Capreol – 1978

Robert Bruce "Bob" McBride (17 November 1946 – 20 Februarry 1998, Toronto)

The Toronto-born McBride attended North Toronto Collegiate Institute and joined Lighthouse in 1970, replacing original singer Pinky Dauvin. His voice contributed to successful Lighthouse songs such as "Hats Off to the Stranger", and "One Fine Morning". He also won a 1973 Juno Award in the Outstanding Male Performance category and was nominated for a 1974 Juno in the Best Male Vocalist category. In late 1996, he fended off a pair of intruders in his parents' home. He was beaten by the assailants, sustained serious head injuries, and later died from his injuries at the age of 51

5.   April Wine: Don’t Push Me Around (Myles Goodwin)
Live At The El Mocambo: Aquarius Records – AQR 515
Montreal QC
Myles Goodwyn: lead vocals, guitar
Gary Moffet: guitar
Steve Lang: bass
Jerry Mercer: drums
Produced by Eddie Kramer – 1977
Recorded live at the El Mocambo, Toronto with the Fedco Truck by Michael Frondelli
Mixed at Electric Lady Studios, New York City
Mastered at Sterling Sound, New York by George Marino

One of many bands to record live at the El Mo. This was recorded by Rolling Stones personnel since April Wine got to open for the Stones (who billeted themselves as The Cockroaches) at the club. That was the show that Margaret Truedea attended and drove off with The Stones. Margaret Trudeau described her scandal with the Rolling Stones in her 1979 autobiography Beyond Reason. She claims she ran into Ron Wood in a hotel corridor and he invited her to take pictures of the band at the El Mocambo. She says that the following day she looked after Keith Richards' son Marlon when Keith overdosed in the hotel, and later had the band over to "drink, play dice, smoke a little hash." Margaret went to New York the next day and says she never saw the band again.

The Elmo has been closed for a number of years, was purchased by Canadian Dragon, Michael Wekerle, and remodelled. It is scheduled to re-open sometime soon, in 2019.

6.   The Yardbirds: Im Confused (Jimmy Page)
Live Yardbirds: Epic Records E 30615
London UK
Keith Relf- harmonica, lead vocals
Jimmy Page- guitar
Chris Dreja- bass
Jim McCarty- drums, backing vocals
Produced by Don Meehan & Buddy Graham 1971
Recorded at Anderson Theatre, New York City, 30 March 1968

A live album with fake audience: CBS/Epic Records overdubbed crowd noises from bullfights and other sound effects onto the original tracks against the band's wishes, The Yardbirds rejected the album as a candidate for release upon its original completion in mid-1968, but Epic released it in 1971 in response to Led Zeppelin's success. Jimmy Page, who had taken ownership of the Yardbirds name following the band's 1968 dissolution, threatened legal action against the label for releasing Live Yardbirds without authorization and Epic quickly withdrew it. copies of  Live Yardbirds are thus quite rare, and the album has often been counterfeited (sometimes in black-and-white covers claimed to be promotional copies) as a result.

7.   The Who: Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran / Jerry Capehart)
The Who Live At Leeds: Track Records MCA-2022
London UK
Pete Townsend: guitar, vocals
Keith Moon: drums
John Entwhistle: bass
Roger Daltry: vocal
Produced by Kit Lambert and Jon Astley, 1970
Recorded by Bob Pridden at the University Refectory, University of Leeds on 14 February 1970

This is the only live album that was released while The Who were still in their original line-up of Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. After touring the US with Tommy, group returned to England at the end of 1969 with a desire to release a live album from concerts recorded earlier in the US. However, Townshend balked at the prospect of listening to all the recordings to try and decide which tracks would make the best album and instructed sound engineer Bob Pridden to burn the tapes. Which he did. Two shows were consequently scheduled, one at the University of Leeds and the other in Hull, for the express purpose of recording and releasing a live album. Since its release, Live at Leeds has been cited by several music critics as the best live rock recording of all time.

8.  Ten Years After: I’m Goin’ Home (Alvin Lee)
Undead: Derem Records DS 18016
London UK
Leo Lyons: bass
Ric Lee: drums
Chick Churchill: keys
Alvin Lee: guitar
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1968
Recorded May 14, 1968 by Rob Baker at Klooks Kleek, Railway Hotel, West Hampstead, London

Recorded at the small jazz club, Klooks Kleek, in London, May 1968, and released in August of that year. Klooks Kleek was a jazz and rhythm n’ blues club at the Railway Hotel, West Hampstead, North West London, just a stone’s throw away from the Decca recording studios. It was a club that Fleetwood Mac, Cream, even Stevie Wonder performed at. A surprise visit which passed into legend was the one made by Jimi Hendrix whose manager Chas Chandler, formerly of the Animals brought him in one night when John Mayall was topping the bill. Jimi was never booked, but he was invited to jam with the John Mayall band, and that night’s crowd was ecstatic.

9.   The The Blues Brothers: (I Got Everything I Need) Almost (Don Walsh)
45 single bw Hey Bartender: Atlantic Records – AT 3576
John Belushi – Lead vocals
Dan Aykroyd – Backing vocals, harmonica, lead vocals on "Rubbeer Biscuit"
Matt "Guitar" Murphy – Lead guitar
Steve "The Colonel" Cropper – Guitar
Donald "Duck" Dunn – Bass guitar
Paul "The Shiv" Shaffer – Keyboards, backing vocals
Steve "Getdwa" Jordan – Drums, backing vocals
Lou "Blue Lou" Marini – Tenor & alto saxophones
Tom "Triple Scale" Scott – Tenor & alto saxophones
Tom "Bones" Malone – Tenor & baritone saxophones, troombone, trumpet, backing vocals
Alan "Mr. Fabulous" Rubin – Trumpet, backing vocals
Produced by Bob Tischler, 1978
Recorded at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles,

”I’ve Got Everything I Need (Almost)” may sound like the kind of song that might have come out of Memphis or New Orleans, but actually it’s an example of the Canadian influences that Dan Aykroyd brought to the Blues Brothers. First recorded by Toronto’s Downchild Blues Band, Aykroyd’s harmonica talents bring texture to the song, while John Belushi is is most powerful on the vocals. There’s also a nice featured sax break by Tom Scott and the always solid backup from the rest of the band. ”I’ve Got Everything I Need (Almost)” was featured on the band’s first album, Briefcase Full of Blues. The concert was recorded at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, when the Blues Brothers band opened for comedian Steve Martin. Dan Akroyd

Hour Two

1.   Perth County Conspiracy: Tractor Song (C Smith)
Alive: Columbia Records - GES 90037
Stratford ON
Richard Keelan: guitar, vocal
Cedric Smith: guitar, vocal
Terry Jones: guitar, vocal
George Taros: piano, vocal
Michael Butler: bass
Produced by John William, 1971
Recorded by Henry Saskowski & Terry Brown at The Bathurst St. United Church, Toronto
Mixed at Thunder Sound, Toronto

This was the second Columbia Records release by the Perth County band and it was expected to be their break-through record. Recorded over two nights, the recording process was mired with mistakes, bad mic placement, distortion and sloppy performances. The band were helping producer John William cull out the crap and even re-recorded The Tractor Song and dubbed in an audience track to make it sound as if it was recorded live at the Church. That’s when Columbia decided to release the album as a two-record set which outraged the band. According to Richard Keelan, “We simply refused to sign their publishing agreement for the new material. They balked, we held firm, and the relationship deteriorated very quickly. The Alive album was then dumped by CBS onto the market with no marketing to speak of, and, within a year or so, probably started showing up in delete bins at record stores.” Subsequently, they were dropped from Columbia in 1972.

2.   Murray McLauchlan: Whispering Rain (Murray McLauchlan)
Live At The Orpheum: Columbia / True North Records  2DJTN  38
Toronto ON
Murray McLauchlan: piano, vocal
Dennis Pendrith: bass
Produced by Frank Gigliotti  1979
Recorded by CFOX-FM at the Orpheum Theatre, Vancouver
Mastered at CBS Studios, Toronto by Phil Joiner and Andy Condon

Never commercially available, this was meant to promote the 1980 Whispering Rain tour, trying to break into the US market. It’s easy to forget just how successful Murray’s career was at the time! He won 10 Juno Awards and been nominated for a total of 23. Murray hosted the highly rated CBC Radio roots music program ‘Swinging On a Star’ from 1989 to 1994. In 1986 he starred in a television special called Floating over Canada, in which he piloted a Cessna 185 float plane across Canada. This special was broadcast on U.S. public television as well as in Canada on CBC.

In 1993, he was made a Member of the Order of Canada.
In 2001, he was the recipient of the National Achievement Award at the annual SOCAN Awards.
He was  inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in September 2016.

3.   Willie Thrasher: Sweet Grass Song (W Thrasher)
Sweet Grass Music: No Label ST-7004
Aklavik, Northwest Territories
Willie Thrasher: guitar, vocal
Willy Mitchell: drum
Produced by Sweet Grass Music, 1981
Recorded by CBC Northern Services in Val d’Or, Quebec

Willie Thrasher (b. Aklavik, Northwest Territory 1948)

A fan of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, Thrasher learned ot play drums and formed a band called the Cordells with his brother and a couple of friends. They called themselves The Cordells and toured northern Canada in the late 1960s and early 1970s, playing schools and community halls. Based out of Inuvik, they were considered the town's first rock and roll band, and played mostly contemporary songs and covers. After a show in the mid-1970s, Thrasher was approached by an elderly man and challenged as to why he didn't play music that reflected his Inuit heritage. From that point, Thrasher moved into more personal songwriting, learning guitar and began studying Inuit music.

This album features songs by Willie Mitchell, Morley Loon and Roger House also.

4.   Catherine MacLellan: Snowbird (Gene MacLellan)
Snowbird: The Songs of Gene MacLellan: True North Records TND 676
Catherine MacLellan: guitar, vocal
Chris Gauthier: electric guitar, bg vocal
Produced by Karl Falkenham, 2017
Recorded at Zion Presbyterian Church, Charlottetown PEI 2013
Recorded by Pat Martin, Rod Sneddon and Kenny MacDopnald
House Sound: House Front Productions

Gene MacLellan (b. Val-d'Or, QC February 2, 1938 / d. January 19, 1995 Summerside, PEI)
Catherine Ruth MacLellan, singer, songwriter (b. 23 April 1980 in Burlington, ON)

Gene MacLellan was riding high in the early 1970s. In 1970 he won a Juno for Composer of the Year (Snowbird) and the following year Ocean had a massive hit with his song, Put Your Hand In The Hand. Ann Murray’s version of Snowbird cemented her star in the walk of fame; from then on, she could do no wrong. But what Gene’s daughter, Catherine, does with the song is so stark, textured and richly sun; it sounds like a brand new song!

The album this live recording was taken from was actually recorded back in 2013 but only released in 2017 and features various artists covering Gene MacLellan’s songs: Lenny Gallant, John Connoly, Dennis Ellsworth and Ron Hynes.

5.   Salome Bey: You Never Give Me Your Money (Lennon / McCartney)
In Montreaux: Intercan Records (CBC) IC-1014
Toronto ON
Salome Bey: vocal
Denzil A Miller Jr: keys
Armas Maiste: keys
Don Thompson: bass
Terry Clark: drums
Alan Penfold: trumpet
PJ Perry: sax
Butch Watanabe: trombone
Produced by Mark D Goldman, 1981
Recorded by Dave Richards of Mountain Recording Studios, Montreaux, Switzerland at 13th International Festival, 1979

Salome Bey (b. Neward, New Jersey, October 10, 1933)

Bey formed a vocal group with her brother Andy Bey and sister Geraldine Bey (de Haas), known as Andy and the Bey Sisters, performing in local clubs and touring North America and Europe. After moving to Toronto in 1966 and playing the jazz club circuit, she became known as "Canada's First Lady of Blues". She was a featured performer at the Canadian National Exhibition grandstand in 1969, and enjoying a particular success in musicals. In the late ‘60s she hit the Toronto pop scene. She put together a blues & jazz cabaret show on the history of black music, Indigo - which earned her the Dora Mavor Moore Award for outstanding performance. Bey was made an honourary member of the Order of Canada in 2005.

Beginning in her early sixties, Bey began showing signs of dementia. As of 2011 her illness had progressed to the point that she could no longer perform.

6.   Oscar Peterson Trio: Cakewalk (Oscar Peterson)
Nigerian Marketplace: Pablo Records – D2308231
Montreal QC / Mississauga ON
Oscar Peterson: piano
Niels Henning Ørsted-Pedersen: bass
Terry Clark: drums
Produced by Norman Granz, 1982
Recorded by David Richards of Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland, July 16, 1981
Mixed by Arne Frager, Spectrum Studios, Venice CA
Recorded on Sony Digital Systems, Montreaux Switzerland

Recorded at the 1981 Montreux Jazz Festival, this was a piece that Peterson liked to play live. A lot. He recorded it several times but loved to show off his stride piano chops and used it to open shows.

7.   Ry Cooder & The Chicken Skin Revue: Viva Seguin (Santiago Jimenez) / Do Re Mi (Woody Guthrie)
Show Time: Warner Brothers BS 3059
Los Angeles CA
Flaco Jimenez accordion
Ry Cooder guitars, vocals
Henry Ojeda bass
Isaac Garcia Drums
Jesse Ponce bajo sexto
Frank Villarreal alto sax
Produced by Ry Cooder, 1977
Recorded by Wally Heider at The Great American Music Hall, San Francisco Dec 14, 15, 1976
Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg at Warner Brothers Recording Studios, North Hollywood CA

Meeting with Ry Cooder and Doug Sahm (Sir Douglas 5) changed Jimenez's understanding of the world.

 "I think Ry Cooder is a universal music genius," says Jimenez. "How can I explain the guy? He creates so many things. He modifies. He feels and plays any kind of music. He checked out conjunto and found out my history. He tracked me down. I never heard of him but then he opened my eyes. There are so many players who stayed in the same crater like my papa did. Doug Sahm showed me there were other worlds out there."

8.   Fraser Finlayson: Too Late (Willie Dixon)
Grossman’s Live 2: Spadina Beat Records WRC1 5993
Toronto ON
Fraser Finlayson: vocal, harmonica
Mike Sloski: drums
Tom Griffiths: bass
Gord Johnson: guitar
Rocky Verweel: trumpet
Simon Wallis: sax
Produced by Mike McDonald, 1988
Recorded by Mike McDonald and Pat Rush live at Grossman's Tavern, Toronto
Mixed by Mike McDonald and Pat Rush at Reaction Sound, Toronto

b. Toronto, 1950 / d. Toronto, August 2011

Was an on-air music DJ for "Funky Friday's" on CIUT. Played blues harp with Fathead, Cameo Blues Band, Morgan Davis. A Toronto fixture. He was 61.

9.   Lionel Hampton with The Jazz Allstars: Perdido (Tizol / Lenk / Drake)
45 single bw Flying Home: Vogue Records – EPV1190
New York City
Lionel Hampton: vibes
Charlie Shavers: trumpet
Willie Smith: alto
Milt Buckner: piano
Barney Kessel: guitar
Slam Stewart: bass
Jackie Mills and / or Lee Young: drums
Produced by Gene Norman, 1947
Recorded live at the Pasadena Auditorium
Released on Vogue Records - 1956

Lionel Leo Hampton (April 20, 1908 – August 31, 2002)

Gene Norman aka Eugene Nabatoff in Brooklyn on Jan. 30, 1922 - d. Nov 3, 2015 age 93, founder of the GNP Crescendo label 1954. GNP = Gene Norman Presents. GNP released albums by Louis Armstrong, Max Roach, The Seeds, Queen Ida, Tito Puent and Byng Crosby.

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