33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
December 31, 2018

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Hour One

1.   Jack Scott: Leroy (Jack Scott) 1958 *
2.   The Honeycombs: Have I The Right (H&A Blaikley) 1964
3.   Elvis Presley: Houndog (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller) 1956
4.   The Ventures: Telstar (Joe Meek) 1963
5.   Tamarack: Maynard’s Big Front Porch (James Gordon / Molly Kurvink) 1997 *
6.   Fleetwood Mac: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues (Danny Kirwin) 1968
7.   The Animals: We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil) 1965
8.   Jeff Beck: Beck’s Bolero (Jimmy Page) 1968
9.   Cream: Deserted Cities of the Heart (Jack Bruce / Pete Brown) 1968
10. Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Trouble No More (V Brox / Moorshead / A Dmochowski) 1968
11. Hans Staymer Band: Staymer’s Shuffle (Hans Staymer) 1972 *
12. Buddy Guy: She’s Out There Somewhere (Buddy Guy) 1981
13. Smyle: Maybeline (Chuck Berry) 1970 *
14. David Lindley & El Rayo-X: Something’s Got A Hold On Me (Woods / James / Kirkland) 1982
15. The Buzzcocks: What Do You Know? (P Shelley) 1981
16. The Paupers: Julliana (Adam Mitchell) 1968 *

Hour Two

1.   The Sultans of String: Sable Island (Chris McKhool / Kevin Laliberté) 2017 *
2.   The Bonzo Dog Band: Humanoid Boogie (Innis) 1968
3.   The Flaming Groovies: Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan) 1979
4.   Striped Bananas: Falling (Duncan Shepard) 2017
5.   The Psychedelic Furs: Here Come Cowboys (R Butler / T Butler) 1984
6.   Klaatu: California Dream (Klaatu) 1976 *
7.   Jimmy Buffett: Havaña Daydreaming (Jimmy Buffett) 1975
8.   Madrigal: Weekend (E Canning / F Hambleton) 1970 *
9.   The Monkees: Daydream Believer (John Stweart) 1967
10. The Clash: London Burning (Mick Jones / Joe Strummer) 1977
11. Max Webster: Only Your Nose Knows (Kim Mitchell) 1975 *
12. Minglewood Band: Jed (Matt Minglewood) 1980 *
13. The Phantoms: Target (The Phantoms) 1990 *
14. Frankie Yankovic: Who Stole The Keeshka (Walter Solek / Walter Dana) 1987

CanCon = 37%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Jack Scott: Leroy (Jack Scott)
The Best of Jack Scott: Stardust CD-1019
Windsor ON
Jack Scott: vocal
Orchestral Accompaniment
Produced 1958

b. Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr Windsor ON, January 24, 1936

Born in Windsor, the Scafone family moved across the river to Detroit when Jack was 10 yrs old. Scott based himself in Detroit most of his career, giving him access to the US market. He is known to be the first white rock and roll star to come out of Detroit. After recording two good-selling local hits for ABC-Paramount in 1957, he switched to the Carlton label and had a double-sided national hit in 1958 with "Leroy" (which reached #11) / "My True Love" (number #3). The record sold over one million copies, earning Scott his first gold disc.

He was inducted into Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2011 and has been called "undeniably the greatest Canadian rock and roll singer of all time."

RIP Honey Lantree

Ann Margot Lantree b. 28 August 1943, Hayes, Middlesex / died 23 December 2018 (75)

2.   The Honeycombs: Have I The Right (H&A Blaikley)
45 single bw Please Don't Pretend Again: Pye Records 749
London UK
Martin Murray: rhythm guitar
Alan Ward: lead guitar
John Lantree: bass
Honey Lantree: drums
Produced by Joe Meek, 1964
Recorded by Joe Meek at 304 Holloway Road, London

The group were made up of Martin Murray, a hairdresser, his salon assistant Honey Lantree, her brother John and two friends. Originally they called themselves the Sheratons. She was one of the first female drummers to make rock records and was good enough to actually play on the band's recordings. (Producers usually used session drummers in those days!). Pye Records, who had signed the band, didn't think The Sheratons was a good name, decided to market the band as The Honeycombs (named after an American cerial brand) and changed Ann into Honey. Though the band never repeated thet success of Have I The Right?, they toured for several years before disbanding in 1967. Honey then took time to raise a family.

Joe Meek used his apartment at 304 Holloway Road, Islington (north London) as a recording studio. Three U.K. No.1 hits were produced there: "Johnny Remember Me" by John Leyton in 1961, the original "Telstar" by The Tornados in 1962, and the last of them, "Have I the Right?" in 1964.
The single sold more than a million copies in the UK and also became an international hit.

3.   Elvis Presley: Houndog (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
Elvis' Golden Records: RCA Victor LPM-1707
Tupelo Mississippi
Elvis Presley: vocal, guitar
Scotty Moore: lead guitar
DJ Fontana: drums (d. June 13, 2018)
Bill Black: double bass
Produced by Steve Sholes and Elvis Presley, 1956
Compilation album produced by Steve Sholes, 1958

Compilation album includes songs recorded between July 1954-September 1957. This copy originally came to me from my Aunt Mimi who probably purchased it in 1959.

4.   The Ventures: Telstar (Joe Meek)
The Ventures Play Telstar / The Lonely Bull: Dolton Records BLP 2019
Tacoma WA
Don Wilson, guitar
Bob Bogle, bass, guitar
Nokie Edwards, guitar, bass (March 12, 2018)
Mel Taylor, drums
Produced by Josie Wilson & Rob Reisdorff 1963

As mentioned before, originally performed and recorded by The Tornados (at Joe Meek's studio in 1962). The Ventures' version was also recorded that year and released in January 1963 on the album 'The Ventures Play Telstar and the Lonely Bull'. The former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher named "Telstar" as one of her favourite pop songs ever. Other covers by Wolfman Jack, The Ukrainians, The Shadows, Rockin Rebels, Ronnie Montrose, Midnight Oil, The Champs.

RIP Molly Kurvink

Margaret "Molly" Kurvink d. December 19, 2018 Guelph Lake, ON

5.   Tamarack: Maynard's Big Front Porch (James Gordon / Molly Kurvink)
13: Folk Era Records FE1433D
Guelph ON
Molly Kurvink: vocal, bass
James Gordon: bg vocal, guitar, harmonica
Alex Sinclair: bg vocal, guitar
Randall Coryell: percussion
Produced by Tamarack, 1997
Recorded by James Gordon and Pat Mooney at Pipe Street Studio, Guelph
Mixed by Nik Tjelios at Casa Wroxton Studio, Toronto
Mastered by Paul Inston at Kay's House

Tamarack came together around 1979. James Gordon and Alex Sinclair were there, almost from the start, but by the late 80s the band began recruiting singing female bass players: Gwen Swick, Melanie Doan, Carol LeClaire and, by the mid-90s, Molly Kurvink. She remained in the band forever-more. A great outdoors enthusiast, Kurvink and her husband, Harri Palm loved winter sports. They were iceboating on Guelph Lake when Kurvink's craft broke through the surface around 60 metres from shore. Palm jumped into the lake to rescue her, but both ended up being trapped in the frigid waters and needed to be rescued. Molly didn't survive that journey.

Here's a cut featuring her when she was in Tamarack in the mid-1990s.

6.   Fleetwood Mac: Jigsaw Puzzle Blues (Danny Kirwin)
45 single: Blue Horizon Records 57-3145
London UK
Peter Green - guitar
Danny Kirwan - guitar (8 June 2018)
Jeremy Spencer - piano
Mick Fleetwood - drums
John McVie - bass
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1968
Recorded at Decca Studios, London

7.   The Animals: We Gotta Get Out of This Place (Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil)
The Best of the Animals: Quality Records (Canada) V-1786
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
John Steel, drums
Eric Burdon, vocals
Chas Chandler, bass
Alan Price, keys
Hilton Valentine, guitar
Produced by Mickey Most 1965
Recorded by Val Valentin

Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil were a successful songwriting team based in the Brill Building (aka Tin Pan Alley) in New York. They wrote and recorded "We Gotta Get out of This Place" as a demo intended for The Righteous Brothers, for whom they had written the number one hit "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" Then Mann got himself a recording contract and wanted to release it. Meanwhile, record executive Allen Klein (The Beatles) had heard it and gave the demo to Mickie Most, The Animals' producer. The Animals recorded it before Mann could and scored a massive hit after Animalizing it. This was The Animals in their original formation.

8.   Jeff Beck: Beck's Bolero (Jimmy Page)
Truthf: Epic Records WBXN 26413
Wallington, UK
Jeff Beck: guitar
John Paul Jones: bass
Keith Moon: drums
Nicky Hopkins: piano
Jimmy Page: guitar
Produced by Mickie Most, 1968
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Olympic Sound and De Lane Lea Studios, London

This was recorded by Jeff Beck in 1966. It is Beck's first solo recording and has been described as one of the great rock instrumentals. Based of Ravel's Bolero, it was basically constructed in the studio by Jimmy Page. With Jimmy Page of The Yardbirds on board to play guitar, Beck approached Keith Moon of the Who, whom he considered one of his favourite drummers. Moon was unhappy with the Who at the time and agreed to participate. To avoid a confrontation with Pete Townshend and Kit Lambert, the Who's manager, Moon wished to do so incognito. He recommended John Entwistle, who was similarly discontented with what was going on in The Who, to provide the bass.

All were pleased with the outcome of the recording session and there was talk of forming a group and making additional recordings. This led to the famous quip by Page: "Yeah, it'll go down like a lead zeppelin". "Beck's Bolero" was not released until ten months after recording and then only as the B-side to Beck's first single. Later he included it on his first solo LP, Truth. Joe Walsh adapted the slide-guitar section of "Beck's Bolero" for a James Gang song. Titled "The Bomber" on James Gang Rides Again.

9.   Cream: Deserted Cities of the Heart (Jack Bruce / Pete Brown)
Heavy Cream: RSO Records 2671-102
London UK
Eric Clapton: guitar
Jack Bruce: bass, lead vocal
Ginger Baker: drums
Produced by Felix Pappalardi, 1968
Recorded at IBC, London and Atlantic Studios, New York City by Tom Dowd and Adrian Barber
Compilation album produced, 1972

10. Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Trouble No More (V Brox / Moorshead / A Dmochowski)
The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation: Blue Thumb Records BTS 4
London UK
Alex Dmochowski: guitar
Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Keith Tillman: bass
Victor Brox: keys, vocal
Produced by Ian Samwell, 1968
Recorded by Victor Gann

Aynsley Thomas Dunbar (born Liverpool UK, 10 January 1946)

Though he was only 21 when he formed the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, the drummer had already played with several bands of note in both his native Liverpool and London. He did his stint with John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (replaced by Mick Fleetwood), after which he played for a few months in the Jeff Beck Group before forming Retaliation.

After Retaliation he formed Blue Whale, releasing one album, he joined Frank Zappa's newly reformed Mothers of Invention. He later went on to play or record with David Bowie, Lou Reed, Herbie Mann, Mick Ronson, Jefferson Starship, White Snake, UFO, Leslie West, Pat Travers.

Dunbar was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Journey in 2017.

11. Hans Staymer Band: Staymer's Shuffle (Hans Staymer)
The Hans Staymer Band: GSF Records  9208-1004
Vancouver BC
Hans Staymer: vocal, harmonica
Robbie King: keys
Eddie Patterson: guitar
Wayne Kozak: sax
Paul Burton: drums
Produced by Don Hamilton and Robbie King 1972
Recorded by Don Greppert at Aragon Recorders, Vancouver
Mixed by Eirek The Norwegian (Eirik Wangberg)
Mastered at Sound Recorders, LA

Staymer saw Louis Armstrong and got into Django Reinhardt's music while still living in Germany. He moved to Canada to become a Goldsmith in Edmonton in 1962. He began performing there, playing songs by Leadbelly and was in and out of bands. The best Edmonton band he was in was The Famous Last Words which actually lasted a few years. He moved to Vancouver in 1968 and formed a new band called Django which lasted four years. Then he formed the Hans Staymer band.

In 1997, Staymer and producer/guitarist Andreas Schuld formed the acoustic blues duo Schuld & Staymer. Their first album, recorded with Edmonton's Bill Bourne, received a 1997 Juno nomination for Best Blues album. They play off and on and did their last album in 2014.

12. Buddy Guy: She's Out There Somewhere (Buddy Guy)
Stone Crazy!: Alligator Records AL 4723
Chicago ILL
Buddy Guy: guitar, vocals
Phil Guy: guitar
J W Williams: bass
Ray Allison: drums
Produced by Didier Tricard, 1981
Recorded at Condorcet Studios, Toulouse, France October 1979
Originally released in France on Isabel Records 1980

Buddy Guy's fourth solo album, it was originally released on the French Isabel label in 1979, titled The Blues Giant. First released in the U.S. in 1981 by Alligator Records, retitled Stone Crazy! Recorded in just one day, it's just raw fucking blues by a legend at his best.

13. Smyle: Maybeline (Chuck Berry)
Smyle: Columbia Records ES-90017
Toronto - Hamilton ON
Ron Demanns: guitar
Peter Rihbany: bass
Ray Durritt: guitar
Tim Regan: drums
Produced by John Williams, 1970
Recorded by Terry Brown at Toronto Sound Studio

Smyle got together in Hamilton ON in 1967. In 1969 hey moved to Toronto after touring the teen circuit for a couple of years. In Toronto they recorded a single "Glory, Glory" which became a hit and secured them a recording contract with Columbia Records. Unfortunately for them, there were no Canadian content laws back then and their 1970 album received little or no airplay. Columbia dropped them and they called it quits after releasing two more 45s independently.

14. David Lindley & El Rayo-X: Something's Got A Hold On Me
(Pearl Woods / Etta James / Leroy Kirkland)
Win This Record: Asylum - 96-01781
Los Angeles CA
David Lindley: guitars, saz, vocals
Jorge Calderon: bass, percussion, harmony
Bernie Larsen: guitars, harmony
Ian Wallace: drums, baritone guitar, harmony
Produced by David Lindley and Greg Ladanyi, 1982
Recorded by Jim Nipark, George Massenburg & Greg Ladanyi at Sound Factory, Los Angeles; The Complex, West LA; Record One, Sherman Oaks CA
Mastered by Doug Sax & Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab, Hollywood

David Perry Lindley (born March 21, 1944, San Marino, California

Was in a band called Kaleidoscope in 60s then solo career and mostly worked as a studio musician. He teamed up with Ry Cooder for several albums in the late 80s. Recorded two albums with his band El Rayo-X.

RIP Pete Shelley

Peter Campbell McNeish b. Manchester UK 17 April 1955 / d. 6 December 2018 Tallinn, Estonia (63)

15. The Buzzcocks: What Do You Know? (Pete Shelley)
Parts 1-3: IRS Records SP 9701
Bolton UK
Pete Shelley - Vocals, guitar
Steve Diggle - Guitar, vocals (1977-81, 1989-present), bass
Howard Devoto - Lead Vocals
John Maher - Drums
Steve Garvey - Bass
Produced by Martin Hannett - 1981

Co-founded punk band The Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto after going to see The Sex Pistols. The band included bass guitarist Steve Diggle and drummer John Maher; they made their first appearance in 1976 in Manchester, opening for the Sex Pistols. After Devoto left the band, Shelley became their lead vocalist on main songwriter. In the early 80s Shelley went solo and had a successful career. He died of heart attack at his home in Estonia where he moved with his wife Greta in 2012.

16. The Paupers: Julliana (Adam Mitchell)
Ellis Island: Verve Forecast FTS-3051
Toronto ON
Adam Mitchell: guitar, vocals
Brad Campbell: bass
Chuck Beal: Lead guitar
Skip Prokop: drums
Al Kooper: keys
Produced by Elliot Mazer, 1968
Recorded by Fred Catero and Val Valentin

After showing so much promise on their first album 'Magic People', this album just didn't catch fire. It's not focussed and doesn't make much sense as an album. Lost was the magic of Denny Gerrard, the Paupers' original bass player who was replaced by Brad Campbell. Once the original quartet was broken, it seems like a free for all ensued for album space on Ellis Island. Like, what does Ellis Island have to do with any of these songs? Whatever it might be, it's not obvious! So from psychedelic ballads to this song… Produced by Elliot Mazer who worked with Neil Young a lot and recorded by veteran recording engineer Val Valetin (Nat King Cole, Lovin' Spoonful).

Hour Two

1.   The Sultans of String: Sable Island (Chris McKhool / Kevin Laliberté)
Ten Years Of Music: Fiddlefire Records MKC 2070
Toronto ON
Chris McKhool: violin
Kevin Laliberté: flamenco guitar
Eddie Paton: guitar
Drew Birston: bass
Rosendo León: drums
Paddy Moloney: tin whistle, Uilleann pipes
Produced by Chris McKhool 2017
Edited for Vinyl by John "Beetle" Bailey at The Drive Shed Recording Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Letros at Wreckhouse Mastering and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering

Violinist Chris McKhool was putting out some pretty interesting solo albums in the early 2000s when he met up with flamenco jazz guitarist Kevin Laliberté and that's when everything began to click. Fusing their wild sounds with world music, they formed the basis of the Sultans of String. Since then they've released several well received albums that have generated a lot of interest. What a treat to finally hear them on vinyl!! It's a totally different experience. Ten Years of Music is a compilation album of earlier works but it sure works to my liking.

2.   The Bonzo Dog Band: Humanoid Boogie (Neil Innis)
Urban Spaceman: Imperial Records 12432
London UK
Rodney Slater: sax
Roger Spear: sax, guitar
Vivian Stanshall: vocal, guitar, sax
Neil Innis: guitar, keys
Legs Larry Smith: drums
Produced by Gus Dudgeon and Gerry Bron 1968

The 1968 album 'Doughnut in Granny's Greenhouse' was released as Urban Spaceman in the US and Canada by The Bonzo Dog Band in 1970. The phrase "the doughnut in granny's greenhouse" is obscure British slang for the loo. Originally called The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, they came to public attention through a 1968 ITV comedy show, Do Not Adjust Your Set. The band was officially formed on 25 September 1962 after several members bonded after listening to the Sonny Liston / Floyd Patterson championship boxing match. Their hit song, I'm The Urban Spaceman, was co-produced by Gus Dudgeon and Paul McCartney.

3.   The Flaming Groovies: Absolutely Sweet Marie (Bob Dylan)
Jumpin' In  The Night: Sire Reecords SRK 6067
San Francisco CA
Cyril Jordan: guitar, vocal
Chris Wilson: guitar, vocal
Mike Wilhelm: guitar
George Alexander: bass
David Wright: drums
Produced by Cyril Jordan and Roger Bechirian, 1979
Recorded by Roger Bechirian at Eden Studios, Advision Studios, London UK

This wonderful band came together in thet late '60s and released 6 studio albums before calling it a day. This is from the last of them. By this time dissention had poisoned the waters over original material vs. cover songs. Although everyone played exceptionally well, there was break-up in the wind which manifested in fullness when Jumpin' In The Night failed to do much and they were dropped by Sire.

4.   Striped Bananas: Falling (Duncan Shepard)
Stone of Madness #125/200: Cosmic Sunshnie Records 88295-57817
Duncan Shepard: guitars, bass, mellotron, sitar, vocal
Chantelle Shepard: keys, bass, vocal
Andrew Lowden: drums, vocal
Produced by Duncan Shepard, 2017
Recorded in Michigan and New York
Mastered by AudioBay Mastering, Grand Rapids, Michigan

I really like these Bananas. They have the ability to write interesting songs and construct a real psychedelic mood effect. I wish that they could be recorded by Val Valentin! Looking forward to future vinyl from this cool New York City band.

5.   The Psychedelic Furs: Here Come Cowboys (R Butler / T Butler)
Mirror Moves: Columbia Records AL 39278
London UK
Richard Butler: vocals
John Ashton: guitars
Tim Butler: bass
Keith Forsey: drums
Mars Williams: sax
Produced by Keith Forsey 1984
Recorded at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles & Electric Ladyland, NYC
Recorded by Dave Wittman & Gary Helman
Mixed by Dave Witman & Carol Casiero at Record Plant, NYC
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

Original and yet unique in their sound and approach, The Furs music doesn't seem to age. Or if it does, it ages really well! A Brit band's take on Cowboys is always intriguing. Sort of like a Toronto band singing about a California Jam.

6.   Klaatu: California Jam (Klaatu)
3:47 E.S.T.: Daffodil Records 9216-10054
Toronto ON
John Woloschuk: Vocals, Bass & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards
Dee Long: Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Terry Draper: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Produced by Terry Brown & Klaatu - 1976
Recorded & engineered by Steve Vaughan & Terry Brown
Released: August 11, 1976

7.   Jimmy Buffett: Havaña Daydreaming (Jimmy Buffett)
Havaña Daydreaming: MCA Records 37023
Mobile, Alabama
Jimmy Buffett: guitar, vocal
Roger Bartlet: lead guitar
Greg Taylor: harmonica, piano
Harry Dailey: bass
Phillip Fajardo: drums
Jerry McGee: guitar
Joe Osborne: bass
Mike Utley: piano
Doyle Gresham - pedal steel
Sammy Creason - drums
Johnny Gimble - fiddle
Farrell Morris - percussion
Steve Goodman - guitar
Don Gant, Buzz Cason, Bergen White, Ginger Holiday, Anita Bell - background vocals
Produced by Don Gant, 1975
Recorded by Chip Young and Brent Meaher at Yongun Sound, Murfreesboro, TN and Creative Workshop, Berry Hill TN

James William Buffett III  b. December 25, 1946 Pascagoula, Mississippi

I've always loved this song! In the cold days of Canadian winter, the imagery speaks for itself. Havana Club rum, sailing the warm gulf waters… what else can I say? This was before Buffett scored his massive hit Margaritaville in 1977. Originally hung around music row in Nashville trying to get his songs published, he befriended Buzz Cason (writer of Everlasting Love) who helped him record his first two albums. After that Buffett moved down to Key West and started incorporating the Gulf of Mexico into his songs.

8.   Madrigal: Weekend (E Canning / F Hambleton)
Sunshine and Baked Beans: Tuesday Records GHL 1002
Willowdale, Ontario
John Swainson (guitar, bass, vocals)
Rick Henderson (guitar, vocals)
Peter Boynton (piano, organ, bass, keys, vocals)
Don Simpson (drums, vocals)
Produced by Greg Hambleton, 1970

Madrigal were discovered by Greg Hambleton of Tuesday Records who was recording several other Toronto bands in the late 1960s and early 70s. After recording this album they toured the Ontario area, making some stops in the US along the way, before returning to the studios with Hambleton later that year. The new single, "Hallelujah," went nowhere in early '71. And amid personnel problems that were coupled with financial issues with the label, the band folded by early '73. Members toiled around in different projects until regrouping a year and a half later, with Bill Dillon taking over on guitars from Henderson. But when that version of the group also failed to make any headway, they split up again a short time later. Peter Boynton eventually joining Red Rider.

9.   The Monkees: Daydream Believer (John Stewart)
Re-Focus: Bell Records 6081
Davy Jones: lead and backing vocals
Micky Dolenz: harmony vocals
Michael Nesmith: electric guitar
Peter Tork: piano
Chip Douglas: bass, keyboard, percussion
Bill Martin: bell
Eddie Hoh: drums
Nathan Kaproff, George Kast, Alex Murray, Erno Neufeld: violin
Pete Candoli, Al Porcino, Manuel Stevens: trumpet
Manuel Stevens: piccolo trumpet
Richard Noel: trombone
Richard Leith, Philip Teele: bass trombone
Produced by Chip Douglas, 1967
Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood

Written by John Stewart of the Kingston Trio, it got to No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in December 1967, remaining there for four weeks. It was The Monkees last number 1 hit song. Anne Murray's 1979 version reached No. 3 on the U.S. country singles chart and No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's also been recorded by The Four Tops, British singer Nick Berry (the Heartbeat cop) and The Classics IV.

10. The Clash: London Burning (Mick Jones / Joe Strummer)
The Clash: Epiic Records 36060
London UK
Mick Jones: guitars, vocals
Joe Strummer: guitars, vocals
Paul Simonon: bass
Nicky Headon: drums
Produced by The Clash & Bill Price, 1977
Recorded between 1027 February 1977 at CBS Studios in London and National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield, England

Joe Strummer, (1952-Dec22/2002) Mick Jones (1955) Paul Simonon  (1955) Nicky Headon (1955).

How appropriate, me thinks, to play this song at the end of a dissastrous year for Britain, on the verge of Brexit internal combustion. London's Burning just says is like it always is.

11. Max Webster: Only Your Nose Knows (Kim Mitchell)
Movin': Taurus Records TR 101
Sarnia ON
Kim Mitchell, guitars, lead vocals
Paul Kersey, drums
Mike Tilka, bass
Terry Watkinson, keys
Produced by Max Webster and Terry Brown, 1975
Recorded and Mixed at Toronto Sound

In the 1960s in Sarnia, the band went through names such as the Grass Company, the Quotations, Big Al's Band, and ZOOOM. They settled on "Max Webster" in 1973. This is from their first album, recorded for Ray Daniel's Taurus Records in 1975 and re-released on his Anthem (Rush) label in 1977. I've got an original Taurus copy.

12. Minglewood Band: Jed (Matt Minglewood)
Movin: RCA KKL1-0370
Halifax NS
Matt Minglewood: lead vocal, guitar, organ
Mark MacMillan: guitar
Enver Sampson Jr.: Harmonica
Donnie Hann: bass
Paul Dunn: keys
Bobby Woods: drums
Produced by Claire Lawrence - 1980
Recorded by Paul Northfield & Robbie Whelan at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC

13. The Phantoms: Target (The Phantoms)
Pleasure Piuppets: Spy Records 1006
Toronto ON
Jerome Godbo: bass, lead vocal
Ben Richardson: bass, bg vocals
Joe Toole: guitar
Gregory Ray Tunis: drums, bg vocal
Produced by The Phantoms, 1990

I remember these guys well. I watched them shoot a video in Clinton's Tavern here in Toronto while setting up for a soundcheck upstairs. This was released at the end of the first vinyl records era in 1990.

14. Frankie Yankovic: Who Stole The Keeshka (Walter Solek / Walter Dana)
50 Years of Frankie Yankovic: Attic Records CDRM-001
Philadelphia PA
Frankie Yankovic: Cordovox, vocal
Others not listed
Compilation Produced 1987

Usually spelled Kishka, who'd steal a fuckin' kishka when the butcher turns his back? That's the question! It's basically stuffed cow's intestine with a filling made from a combination of meat and meal and roasted with brisket. Originally recorded by Yankovic in 1963, it became a hit song.  According to an obituary for Walt Solek who wrote and recorded the song, "Keeshka always gets the crowd going at a Polkaholics show". Solek was a radio show host who introduced English-language lyrics into polka music in the United States. Solek was known as the "Clown Prince of Polka" and died on 1 April 2005 at the age of 94.

Frankie Yankovic won a Grammy Award in 1986 for this album.

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