33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
January 21, 2019

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Hour One

1.   Sonny & Cher: I Got You Babe (S Bono) 1971
2.   Johnny Rivers: Secret Agent Man (PF Sloan / Steve Barri) 1966
3.   Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar (Jaggar / Richards) 1977
4.   Little Richard: Tutti-Fruiti (R. Penniman, D. La Bostrie, R. Blackwell) / Keep On Knocking (R. Penniman, J. Williams, B. May) 1969
5.   Ritchie Havens: Freedom (Ritchie Havens) 1970
6.   Three: A New Electric Chair (Breau / Francks / Henstridge) 1962 *
7.   Colin Linden: Seven Year Itch (C Linden) 1980 *
8.   Morgan Davis: Morganís Blues (Morgan Davis) 1988 *
9.   Buck Clayton & Count Basie All-Stars: Blue Goose Special (Jack Hutton) 1963 *
10. Frank Soda: Drunk and Disorderly (F Soda) 1981 *
11. Blue Öyster Cult: Hot Rails To Hell (Joe Bouchard) 1975
12. The Hollies: Iím Alive (Clint Ballard Jr) 1965

Hour Two

1.   Merle Haggard & The Strangers: Okie From Muskogee (M Haggard / Eddie Burris) 1969
2.   Stompiní Tom Connors: Sudbury Saturday Night (Tom Connors) 1973 *
3.   Dick Nolan & Blue Valley Boys: Burning Bridges (Jack Scott) 1964 *
4.   Magoo: The Cowboy Song (KB McGregor) 1977 *
5.   The Cajun Ramblers: Jíai vu la loup / Bon homme et bonne femme / Jos Cormier Reel (all trad) 1991 *
6.   April Wine: Drop Your Guns (D Henman) 1977 *
7.   Pure Food And Drug Act: Do It Yourself (Don Harris / Shuggie Otis) 1972
8.   Flying Burrito Brothers: My Uncle (Gram Parsons / Chris Hillman) 1972
9.   Colosseum: Tanglewood í63 (Gibbs) 1971
10. The Blue Diamonds: Lonesome Road Blues (Bill Monroe) 1970? *

CanCon = 50%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Sonny & Cher: I Got You Babe - Live Version (Sonny Bono)
45 single bw All I Ever Need Is You: Kapp Records K2151
Main vocals: Cher
Main vocals: Sonny Bono
Piano: Mike Rubini
Orchestra: Al Pelligrini
Guitar: Dean Parks (credited as Dean Parker)
Drums: Matt Betton
Organ: Bert Fanette
Bass Guitar: David Hungate
Percussion: Dahrell Noris
Produced by Snuff Garrett, 1971
Recorded live by Angel Balestier & Nye Morton

Salvatore Phillip Bono b. February 16, 1935 Detroit, MI / d. January 5, 1998 (aged 62) Stateline, Nevada
Cherilyn Sarkisian b. El Centro, CA May 20, 1946

Bono began his music career as a songwriter at Specialty Records, where his song "Things You Do to Me" was recorded by Sam Cooke, and went on to work for record producer Phil Spector. One of his earliest songwriting efforts, "Needles and Pins" was co-written with Jack Nitzsche, another member of Spector's production team. Bono co-wrote "She Said Yeah", covered by The Rolling Stones on their 1965 LP December's Children.

I Got You, Babe was first recorded by Sonny & Cher in 1965 and spent three wks at #1. It has been subsequently recorded by the likes of Manfred Mann, Etta James, Tiny Tim, UB40 and Chrissy Hynd. For this version, the single was taken 'Sonny & Cher Live' in 1971.

2.   Johnny Rivers: Secret Agent Man (PF Sloan / Steve Barri)
45 Single: Imperial Records IM 66159
Baton Rouge, LA
Johnny Rivers: guitar, vocals
Joe Osborn: bass
PF Sloan: guitar
Mickey Jones: drums
Produced by Lou Addler 1966
Recorded live at the Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles CA

When the popular British TV series Danger Man (starring Patrick McGoohan) was shipped to America, they wanted a new theme song which Sloan and Berri wrote and demo'd (as Danger Man). When the Americans wanted a name change (to Secret Agent Man), they changed the title and got Johnny Rivers to perform it. He did it as a 15 second intro for the series. However, audience demand sent Rivers back to Sloan and Barri for a re-write and the song was recorded for general release. As usual, Rivers did most of his recordings live, off the stage at the Whiskey A Go Go in LA.

3.   Rolling Stones: Brown Sugar (Keith Richard / Mick Jagger)
Love You Live: Rolling Stones Records COC 2-9001
London UK
Mick Jagger: vocal
Keith Richard: guitar, vocal
Ron Wood: guitar
Charlie Watts: drums
Bill Wyman: bass
Produced by The Glimmer Twins 1977
Recorded live on 6 June 1976 at Les Abattoirs, Paris
Mastered by Lee Mulko at Sterling Sound, NYC

The album artwork was prepared by Andy Warhol, and the pencil smears seen across the front were added by Mick Jagger, much to Warhol's dismay.

The Glimmer Twins: Jagger and Richards sharply disagreed on the selection of tracks to include on the album. In his autobiography Richards recalled: "Collaboration was giving way to struggle and disagreement. It's a two-disc album, and the result is that one disc is Mick's and the other was mine."

4.   Little Richard: Tutti-Fruiti (R. Penniman, D. La Bostrie, R. Blackwell) / Keep On Knocking (R. Penniman, J. Williams, B. May)
Live at Toronto Rock 'N' Roll Revival:
Macon GA
Little Richard: piano
Others unknown
Produced 1969
Recorded live at Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Sept 13, 1969

Richard Wayne Penniman (b Macon Georgia, Dec 5, 1932)

5.   Ritchie Havens: Freedom (Ritchie Havens) 1970
Woodstock: Cotillion Records SD 3-500
Ritchie Havens: guitar, vocal
Eric Oxendine: bass
Paul Williams: lead guitar
Daniel Ben Zebulon: congas
Produced by Eric Blackstead, 1970
Recorded live at Woodstock Festival, August 1969 by Edwin Kramer and Lee Osborne
Mixed at The Record Plant, Los Angeles

Richard Pierce "Richie" Havens (b. NYC January 21, 1941 - April 22, 2013 Jersey City NJ)

First player to perform at Woodstock, he did a three hour set (coz no one else could get to the stage yet). After he sung nearly every song he knew, he was asked to do one more.

"When you hear me play that long intro, it's me stalling. I was thinking, 'What the hell am I going to sing?'" he explained. "I think the word 'freedom' came out of my mouth because I saw it in front of me. I saw the freedom that we were looking for. And every person was sharing it, and so that word came out."

6.   Three: A New Electric Chair (BF&H) 1962 *
At The Purple Onion: Art of Life AL-1009-2
Toronto ON
Lenny Breau: guitar
Don Francks: vocal
Eon Henstridge: bass
Produced by Paul G Kohler, 2004
Recorded at The Purple Onion, Toronto, August 1962
Mastered by Dean Allen at McClear Digital, Toronto

Don Harvey Francks aka Iron Buffalo (b. Vancouver BC Feb 28, 1932 / d. Toronto Apr 3, 2016)
Leonard Harold Breau (b. Auburn Maine, Aug 5, 1941 / d. Aug 12, 1984 Los Angeles CA) 43

Recorded in Toronto's Yorkville scene in 1962, the tapes were kept by Lenny Breau's manager at the time, George Sukormyk, and only surfaced after a haitus of 40 years. The album was only released in 2004. The band also made another similar recording for Hallmark in 1961.

7.   Colin Linden: Seven Year Itch (C Linden)
Live!!!!!: Ready Records - LR011
Toronto ON
David R Hayes, bass
Bucky Berger, drums
Jody Golick, sax
Bruce Moffet, drums
Produced by Colin Linden, 1980
Recorded by Doug McClement and Blair Packham at Larry's Hideaway, Toronto

The bar was located in the basement of the Prince Carlton Hotel on the north-west corner of Allan Gardens, on Carlton at Jarvis St. The room was a restaurant prior to 1961, when it became a jazz venue.

Starting in the late 1970s, the venue was booked by the "Two Garys". Acts who played there included Rush, Billy Bragg, FM, Nina Hagen, L'Etranger, Slayer, Teenage Head, Goddo, The Diodes, The Fall, Nick Cave, R.E.M., Black Flag, Tragically Hip amongst dozens of other amazing bands.

The bar closed in the summer of 1986 and the building burnt to the ground in 1991.

8.   Morgan Davis: Morgan's Blues (Morgan Davis)
Grossmans Live! 2: Spadina Beat Records WRC1-5993
Halifax NS
Morgan Davis: vocal, guitar
Maureen Brown: drums
Gary Kendall: bass
Mike Pickett: harmonica
Mike McDonald: guitar
Produced by Mike McDonald, 1988
Recorded by Mike McDonald and Pat Rush live at Grossmans Tavern, Toronto

Morgan spent his childhood in Detroit, Michigan before relocating to Toronto, Canada in 1968. Originally lived in Rochdale College in Toronto where he immersed himself in the study of Delta Blues. Had the opportunity to see and play with many legendary performers. Bukka White, Johnny Shines, Sunnyland Slim,Snooky Pryor, Hubert Sumlin, and John Hammond Jr. Relocated to Nova Scotia in the 1990s.

Grossman's Tavern is legendary in Toronto and has been operating under the Grossman name since the late 1940s. Mike McDonald recorded two fabulous albums of live recordings from the floor of the tavern in 1987 and 88.

9.   Buck Clayton & Count Basie All-Stars: Blue Goose Special (Jack Hutton)
Buck Clayton's Canadian Capers: Vibra Records D5-MM-63/2
Los Angeles CA
Buck Clayton: trumpet
Earle Warren: sax
Jackie Williams: drums
Sir Charles Thompson: piano
Tommy Potter: bass
Produced by Fred Edge, Mike Cassidy and Ewd Ingraham, 1963
Recorded by Bill Dowding live at the Colonial Tavern, Toronto, July 1963

Wilbur Dorsey "Buck" Clayton (November 12, 1911 - December 8, 1991)

Trumpeter Buck Clayton played briefly in Basie's band before going to Shanghai in the 1930s to play jazz. The Chinese influence on his music never left him! He came back to the States at the beginning of the Sino-Japanese war (1937) and worked as an arranger for numerous jazz outfits. He then toured Europe with Mezz Mezzrow. In the 1950s he recorded the bulk of his output before somehow bringing his band to Toronto where they were recorded this "Canadian themed" album at the Colonial Tavern in Toronto. Songs included Squid Jiggin' Ground, Alouette, North Atlantic Squadron, Canadian Sunset, Tousand Islands Song, Saskatchewan and Canadian Capers.

The Colonial Tavern on Yonge St. in Toronto had an amazing history. Artists from Gene Krupa to Jeff Healey, Thelonius Monk to BB King, Earl Hines to Oscar Peterson, Big Mama Thornton to Bo Diddley and literally hundreds of others performed there. It operated as a jazz and blues venue from the 1950s through the 70s when it was ripped down. A vacant lot is all that's left.

10. Frank Soda: Drunk & Disorderly (Frank Soda)
Saturday Night Getaway: Quality Records SV 2093
Toronto ON
Frank Soda: guitars, vocals
Glen Gratto: drums
Peter Crolly: bass
The Drunk and Disorderly Crowd at Tony's: the sounds of Drunk and Disordorliness
Produced by Michael Tilka 1981
Recorded by Mark Wright at Phase One, Toronto
Half Speed Mastering by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Francesco Soda born in Mangone, Calabria, Italy. He emigrated with his family to Canada in 1957. Grew up in Kitimat, BC where he started playing guitar in the early '60s. His first band The Roots of Innocence went on to win the BC Northwest Battle of the Bands in 1969. After moving to Toronto in 1980 signed a record deal with Quality. Moved back to BC in 1988 and worked with a number of artists including Aerosmith, Loverboy, Bryan Adams, Randy Bachman, and Trooper.

This is not technically a live recording! The producer mixed a live crowd from a place called Tony's with a studio recording to give the feel of a live gig.

11. Blue Öyster Cult: Hot Rails To Hell (Joe Bouchard)
On Your Feet Or On Your Knees: Columbia Records PG 33371
Long Island Ny
Albert Bouchard: drums
Joe Bouchard: bass
Allan Lanier: keys
Eric Bloom: vocals, guitar, syknth
Donald Roeser: lead guitar
Produced by Murray Krugman & Sandy Pearlman, 1975
Mixed by Jack Douglas
Released on February 27, 1975
Recorded by Tom Scott, Kurt Kuntzel, Aaron Baron, Tim Geelan, Pete Weiss, Jerry Smith at various locations incl. P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver between October 5-21, 1974.

Years active 1967-1986 has sold more than 24 million records worldwide. They were the first rock band to use umlauts which inspired others, like Motörhead and Mötley Crüe to do likewise.

RIP Eric Haydock

12. The Hollies: I'm Alive (Clint Ballard Jr)
45 single bw You Know He Did: Capitol Records of Canada 72268
Manchester UK
Allan Clarke - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Graham Nash - vocals, guitar
Tony Hicks - vocals, guitars, banjo, mandolin, bass, sitar, keyboards
Eric Haydock - bass
Bobby Elliott - drums
Produced by Ron Richards, 1965
Recorded at EMI Abby Road Studios

Eric John Haddock (b. Stockport, Cheshire UK, 3 February 1943 / d. 5 January 2019)

Haddock was the original bass guitarist of The Hollies from December 1962 until July 1966. He was one of the first British musicians to play a Fender six-string bass. He played on all The Hollies' major hits like "Bus Stop", "Stop Stop Stop", "On a Carousel" and "Carrie Anne". In the spring of 1966, following an eight-week American tour, Haydock was fired from the group after a confrontation with their manager.

The Hollies (with Eric Haddock) were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010.

Hour Two

1.   Merle Haggard & The Strangers: Okie From Muskogee (M Haggard / Eddie Burris)
Okie From Muskogee: Capitol Records ST-384
Bakersfield CA
Merle Haggard: guitar, vocal
Roy Nichols: lead guitar
Norman Hamlet: steel guitar, dobro
Gene Price: bass, vocals
Eddie Burris: drums
Bonnie Owens: harmony vocals
Produced by Fuzzy Owen, 1969
Recorded live at The Civic Center, Muskogee, OK, October 10, 1969

There was a time when war broke out between rock and country music! When The Byrds got to appear at The Grand Ole Opry to play their country-rock they were booed. It wasn't the music; it was the hair, the clothes, and the fact that they didn't come through Nashville. In fact, Nashville went into a holy war with hippies. A year later, Haggard composed Okie From Muskogee.

It was anti-hippie, anti-youth, pro-Viet Nam, the draft and the Oklahoma corn fields. It was such a rediculous song that it became an anthem for long haired freaks to poke fun at. But that was Merle Haggard in 1969: "It was the photograph that I took of the way things looked through the eyes of a fool... and most of America was under the same assumptions I was. I sing the song now with a different attitude onstage. ... I've become educated. It's a different song now. I'm different now."

Cover versions of the song were recorded by acts like the Grateful Dead, The Beach Boys, Phil Ochs, The Flaming Lips.

2.   Stompin' Tom Connors: Sudbury Saturday Night (Tom Connors)
Across This Land Soundtrack: Boot Records BOS 2-7137
Halton Hills, ON
Stompin' Tom Connors: guitar, boot, vocals
Bill Lewis: electric guitar
Gary Empey: bass
Produced by John Dunning and Andre Link, 1973
Recorded at The Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto by Russ Heise, George Semkiw & Hayward Parrot

Having already released Live At The Horseshoe in 1971, Stompin' Tom was back there again but this time with a film crew on hand. The purpose was to film him live at his favourite Toronto venue for a feature film called Across This Land. This is the official soundtrack to the film. In fact, this is Tom, warts and all, entertaining his happy audience the way he did it best.

3.   Dick Nolan & Blue Valley Boys: Burning Bridges (Jack Scott)
On Stage At The Drake: Arc - 579
Toronto ON
Bunty Petrie: fiddle
Dick Nolan: guitar
Roy Penny: lead guitar
Johnny Bourque (Burke): bass
Moose Latreck: MC
Producer Unknown - 1964
Recorded at the Drake Hotel, Queen St West, Toronto

Fred Snyder aka Moose Latreck (b. Spiritwood, Saskatchewan 1930 / d June 22, 2006)

When asked by 1050 CHUM's voice of country music, Moose Latreck, to sing a song, band member Dick Nolan chose Jack Scott's great 1960 hit Burning Bridges. How much of the music was actually recorded at The Drake remains to be seen, but spliced in were intros by Latreck live from the Drake stage.

Moose began his radio career at CHUM before it went pop; after it did he stayed, hosting The Moose Parade, a two hour weekly country music show with its own chart. This he did until 1966. After a short stint at CFGM Country Music statin in Richmond Hill, he worked in production for CHIN radio for the next 30 years.

4.   Magoo: The Cowboy Song (KB McGregor)
Live At The Richmond Inn: Ambassador Records AR 12007
Udora ON
Magoo: guitar, vocals
Chris Saunders: electric guitar
Produced by JC Nixon & Mike Gerus circa 1977
Recorded by Spectrum Audio at The Richmond Inn, Yonge St, Richmond Hill ON Sept 3 & 4
Mixed & Edited by Paul Evans, Ambassador Records, Oshawa
PA Equipment supplied by Cosmo Music, Richvale ON

This is an album of Richmond Hill natives who used to perform at the town's only decent bar, The Richmond Inn. When I went to Thornlea Collegiate, I used to drink at The Inn when they lowered the drinking age to 18. I actually performed at the Inn as a guest of Paul Burton around 1972. So I knew it well. There is very little information on this album online; I've spoken to Magoo about it and his memory is a little fuzzy around the edges, fair enough as time slips by. But the album features songs by Hurricane Mike Thompson, Mike McKenna (not the Mainline one!), Joe Wood and JC Nixon. Steve Goldberger played bass for Joe Wood.

5.   The Cajun Ramblers: J'ai vu la loup (trad) / Bon homme et bonne femme (trad) / Jos Cormier reel (trad) 1991 *
Live at The Regina Folk Festival: unreleased
Toronto ON
Peter Jellard: fiddle, vocals
Victoria Wilcox: drums
Rob Jones: guitar
Steve Fruitman: spoons
Tim Hadley: bass
Produced by Steve Fruitman, 1991
Recorded off the sound board, Regina Folk Festival main stage

Not released on vinyl but what the hell! This is a band I was in, performing live on the main stage of the Regina Folk Festival in 1991. From a board cassette.

6.   April Wine: Drop Your Guns (D Henman)
Live At The El Mocambo: Aquarius Records - AQR 515
Halifax / Montreal
Myles Goodwy: vocals, guitars, keyboards
Gary Moffet: guitars, background vocals
Steve Lang: bass, background vocals
Jerry Mercer: drums
Produced by Eddie Kramer, 1977
Recorded live at The El Mocambo, Toronto by the Fedco Truck
Mixed at Electric Ladyland Studios, NYC by Michael Frondelli
Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC by George Marino

Canadian rock band formed in 1969. Originally based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In early 1970 the band relocated to Montreal and was signed by Aquarius Records. They recorded and released their debut album "April Wine" in September 1971.

In mid-1977, April Wine was booked to play a charity concert at the El Mocambo Club in Toronto. Co-headliner on the bill was a band called "The Cockroaches," who turned out to be The Rolling Stones. April Wine's performance was captured by The Stone's producer Eddie Kramer (Zeppelin & Hendrix), who was there to record the Stone's album "Love You Live", and released as the album "April Wine Live at the El Mocambo". The band got its first chance at touring the U.S. following the El Mocambo gig, first opening for The Rolling Stones, then for various popular headliners, including Styx and Rush. They thank The Cockroaches on the jacket: Mick, Ronny, Keith, Bill, Charlie, Billy and Ollie.

7.   Pure Food And Drug Act: Do It Yourself (Don Harris / Shuggie Otis) 1972
Choice Cuts: Epic Records KE 31401
Harvey Mandel: guitar, vocals
Don Sugarcane Harris: violin, vocals
Paul Lagos: drums
Victor Conte: bass
Produced by Skip Taylor 1972
Recorded by Scott Schreck live at the Fresh Air Tavern, Seattle WA

Great band but.. it didn't last!  This was their only output. Mandel had played with Canned Heat; Harris with Zappa but didn't have the drive to practice or record. Thankfully we have this album.

8.   The Flying Burrito Brothers: My Uncle (Gram Parsons / Chris Hillman)
The Last of the Red Hot Burritos: A&M Records - SP 4343
Los Angeles CA
Al Perkins: pedal steel
Kenny Wertz: vocal, acoustic guitar
Chris Hillman: bass
Rick Roberts: guitar
Michael Clarke: drums
Byron Berline: fiddle
Produced by Jim Dickson, 1972
Recorded live by Ed Kramer & Buzz Richmond on The Record Plant's mobile unit at Union College, Schenectadie NY; Dartmouth College, Hanover NH; Phillips Acadamy, Andover Mass.

With Chris Hillman being the last of the original Burritos, the band were set up for a live recording, featuring bluegrass, rock and country sets. After this tour the band would split up for good, or so it seemed! A couple of years later, Sneaky Pete would reform The Burrito Brothers with an entirely new lineup. But this was truly the last of the Red Hot Burritos.

9.   Colosseum: Tanglewood '63 (Gibbs)
Colosseum Live: Warner Brothers Records 1942
Jon Hiseman: drums
Dick Heckstall-Smith: saxes
Dave Greenslade: keys, vibes
Dave Clempson: guitar, lead vocal
Mark Clarke: bass
Produced by Jon Hiseman and Colosseum, 1971
Recorded at Manchester U and Big Apple, Brighton UK, March 1971
Mixed by Pewter Callen at Lansdown Studios

10. The Blue Diamonds: Lonesome Road Blues (Bill Monroe)
Live At Collins Bay Penitentiary: Paragon - ALS 249
Toronto ON
Al Hooper, guitar
Roy MacCaull, mandolin
Eddie Poirier, bass
Doug Watters, guitar
Produced by Jack Boswell & Bill Bessey, circa 1970
Warden: Meers; Deputy Warden, Bill Rynasko

Maritimers, hailing from Prince Edward Island and Nouveau Brunswick, joined forces in Toronto to form a super country group they called Blue Diamonds. This is one of those trick "live" albums, supposedly recorded live at the Collins Bay Penn, near Kingston, Ontario. However, on the jacket it claims to be "A Simulated LIVE Recording".

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