33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
January 28, 2019

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Songs for Emily
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Hour One

1.   Pink Floyd: See Emily Play (Syd Barrett) 1967
2.   Frank Sinatra: Emily (John Mandel / John Mercer) 1964
3.   Simon & Garfunkel: For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her (Paul Simon) 1966
4.   Vashti Bunyon: Timothy Grubb (Vashti Bunyon) 1970
5.   Lenny Breau & Richard Cotten: Emily (John Mandel / John Mercer) 2001 *
6.   Miss Emily: Fire, Fire, Fire (Emily Fennell) 2017 *
7.   John Cale: Emily (John Cale) 1974
8.   The Zombies: A Rose For Emily (Rod Argent) 1968
9.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Emily The Maple Leaf (TC Connors) 1968 *
10. Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Love Over And Over (Kate / Anna McGarrigle) 1982 *
11. Oscar Peterson: Emily (John Mandel / John Mercer) 1979 *
12. David Bowie: See Emily Play (Syd Barrett) 1973

Hour Two

1.   Earl Hines: Cavernism (Earl Hines) 1933
2.   Elvis Presley: Dixieland Rock (Schroeder / Frank) 1958
3.   Gord Tracey & The Constellations: Jailhouse Rock (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller) 1973 *
4.   The Five Sounds: Loadin’ Coal (D Billard) 1965 *
5.   Elton John: Holiday Inn (Elton John / Bernie Taupin) 1971
6.   Fraser & DeBolt: Stoney Day (D.M. DeBolt) 1971 *
7.   Great Western Orchestra: Spanish Is A Loving Tongue (CB Clark) 1989 *
8.   Brent Titcomb: Full Moon in Pisces (Brent Titcomb) 1977 *
9.   Ian Tyson: Alberta Moon (Ian Tyson) 1983 *
10. Kensington Market: I Would Be The One (Keith McKie) 1968 *
11. Jefferson Airplane: Lather (Grace Slick) 1968
12. If: Forgotten Roads (Dave Quincy / T Preston) 1972
13. Ultravox: Mximum Acceleration (Ultravox) 1978
14. The Squires: Sultan (Neil Young) 1963 *

CanCon = 42%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Pink Floyd: See Emily Play (Syd Barrett)
Relics: Harvest Records - mono -  SW 750
London / Cambridge UK
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocals
Roger Waters: bass
Nick Mason: drums
Rick Wright: keys
Produced by Norman Smith, 1967
Recorded May 23, 1967 at Abby Road Studio 3 by Peter Brown

Originally called “Games For May”, this was Floyd’s second single which reached number 6 on the British pop charts. It has been recorded by Grapes of Wrath, Martha Wainwright, Judy Dyble to name a few. It was apparently written with a young fan of the band in mind: Emily Young.

2.   Frank Sinatra: Emily (John Mandel / John Mercer)
Softly As I Leave You: Reprise Records R 1013
Hoboken NJ
Frank Sinatra: vocal
Nelson Riddle Orchestra
Produced by Jimmy Bowen and Sonny Burke, 1964

The song was written for the 1964 MGM film, The Americanization of Emily, starring Julie Andrews and James Garner, was recorded by Frank Sinatra with Nelson Riddle arranging and conducting on October 3, 1964. The song later became a jazz standard whether played instrumentally or with a singer. It’s been recorded by Tony Bennett, Barbara Streisand, Andy Williams and tons of others.

3.   Simon & Garfunkel: For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her (Paul Simon)
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme: Columbia Records KCS 9363
Paul Simon: 12 string guitar
Art Garfunkel: vocal
Produced by Bob Johnston, 1966
Recorded by Roy Halee, Aug 22, 1966

"For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her" has sometimes been thought to be named after poet Emily Dickinson, who is referenced in another song on the record, "The Dangling Conversation." In 2014, a Rolling Stone readers poll ranked it among the duo's best compositions, with the magazine declaring, "Over the years, fans have recognized it as one of the duo's sweetest love songs." It’s been recorded by Glen Yardbrough, Johnny Rivers, Ricky Nelson, Cliff Richard and David Essex.

4.   Vashti Bunyon: Timothy Grubb (Vashti Bunyon)
Just Another Diamond Day: Philips Records 6308-019
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK
Vashti Bunyon: guitar, vocal
Christopher Sykes: keys
John Hames: dulcitone
Robin Williamson: harp
Produced by Joe Boyd, 1970
Recorded by Jerry Boys at Sound Techniques, London, Nov-Dec 1969

Jennifer Vashti Bunyan b. 1945

Everything on this album sounds dream-like. It just floats across the water. This song mentions Emily Grubb!

5.   Lenny Breau & Richard Cotten: Emily (John Mandel / John Mercer)
Pickin’ Cotten: True North Records TND 272
Auburn, Maine / Nashville
Lenny Breau: lead guitar
Richard Cotton: bass guitar
Produced by Randy Bachman, 2001
Recorded by Richard Cotton at The Blue Bird, Nashville, Sept. 1977
Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver BC

Here’s an instrumental version of Emily, introduced by Lenny Breau at the Blue Bird Café in Nashville.

6.   Miss Emily: Fire, Fire, Fire (Emily Fennell)
In Between: Featuring Gord Sinclair & Rob Baker: indie
Kingston ON
Miss Emily: vocal
Gord Sinclair: bass
Rob Baker: guitar
Rob Radford: drums
Kelly Prescott: bg vocals
Produced by Gord Sinclair, 2017

Miss Emily aka Emily Fennell, started performing in Prince Edward County in Suzanne Pasternak’s folk opera, Minerva. The 12 year old singer played to role of the youngster, Minerva, and eventually grew into the role of adult Minerva. Her voice was powerful, even then! It was always her aim to be a musician and this lead her into the blues. Her latest album (which she says she hopes to release on vinyl one day) was co-written and produced by two members of Tragically Hip.

7.   John Cale: Emily (John Cale)
Fear: Island Records ILPS 9301
Garnant, Wales
John Cale: keys, bass, vocals
Brian Eno: synth sounds
Produced by John Cale, 1974
Recorded at Sound Techniques and Olympic Studios, London by John Wood
Mastered by George Peckham

A lonesome delight: I’d love to be down by the sea with you, having tea with you…

8.   The Zombies: A Rose For Emily (Rod Argent)
Odessey & Oracle: Varèse Vintage Records 302 067 254
London UK
Rod Argent: keys, vocals
Colin Blunstone: lead vocals
Produced by The Zombies, 1968
Recorded at Abbey Road and Olympic Studios, London by Geoff Emerick and Peter Vince June 1 to July 10, 1967.

Based on a short story by American author William Faulkner, pubished in 1930, A Rose For Emily retells the story about living and dying alone, unloved. Interestingly, it parallels Eleanor Rigby in many ways.

9.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Emily The Maple Leaf (TC Connors)
The Northlands’ Own: Dominion Records LPS 21006
Halton Hills, ON
Stompin’ Tom Connors: guitar, vocal
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1968

This was the second version of Tom’s first album. The first had been issued as The Northlands’ Own Tom Connors (not quite Stompin’ yet!) on Rebel Records. The original producer, John Irvine, butchered it up by trying to add electric bass to the songs himself (although he couldn’t play the instrument!). When Tom regained the rights to the album, the original Rebel recording master couldn’t be found (conviently for Irvine) so Tom had to re-record the entire album again for Dominion. It has since been reissued on Boot, A-C-T and  Capitol Records but mistakenly called Northlands Zone. Apparently, Tom wasn’t too happy about it being mis-used.

10. Kate & Anna McGarrigle: Love Over And Over (Kate / Anna McGarrigle)
Love Over And Over: Polydor Records 422841101-2
Montreal QC
Kate McGarrigle : Piano, banjo, accordion, guitar, vocals
Anna McGarrigle : Piano, accordion, vocals
Chaim Tannenbaum : Guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals
Mark Knopfler - Guitar
Alun Davies : Guitar
Andrew Cowan : Guitar
Scot Lang : Guitar, bass guitar
Pat Donaldson : Bass guitar
Paul Samwell-Smith : Bass guitar
Jane McGarrigle : Organ, vocals
Kenny Pearson : Piano, organ
Gilles Losier : Piano
Dane Lanken : Trumpet
Gerry Conway : Drums
Jean-Paul Robichaud : Drums, percussions
Produced by Kate, Anna and Jane McGarrigle, 1982
Recorded and mixed at Studio Morin Heights, Morin Heights Quebec by Nick Blagona
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

“Where Emily, Anne and Charlotte poured their hearts out…” Probably the McGarrigles’ biggest song.

11. Oscar Peterson: Emily (Johnny Mandel / Johnny Mercer)
The London Concert: Pablo Records 2620-111
Montreal QC
Oscar Peterson: piano
John Heard: double bass
Louie Bellson: drum kit
Produced by Norman Granz, 1979
Recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall, London England, Oct 21, 1978.
Mixed at Group IV Recording Studios by Angel Balestier and Eric Miller
Mastered at Fantasy Studios by Phil De Lancie

Here’s a third version of Emily (Lenny Breau and Frank Sinatra versions earlier). As you can hear, the three versions are totally different from one another, almost like different songs!

12. David Bowie: See Emily Play (Syd Barrett)
Pin Ups: RCA Records APL1-0291
London UK
David Bowie: vocals, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, Moog synthesiser
Mick Ronson: guitar, piano, vocals
Trevor Bolder: bass guitar
Aynsley Dunbar: drums
Mike Garson: keys
Ken Fordham: baritone saxophone
G.A. MacCormack: backing vocals
Produced by Davie Bowie and Ken Scott, 1973
Recorded by Dennis MacKay
Mastered by Toby Mountain and Jonathan Wyner

David Robert Jones b. Brixton, London UK Jan 8, 1947 / d. NYC Jan 10, 2016 (69)

Hour Two

1.   Earl Hines: Cavernism (Earl Hines)
Rosetta: Jazz Archives No 2: Jazz Archives – 157482
Duquesne, PA
Earl Hines: piano
Jimmy Mundy: tenor sax
Charlie Allen: trumpet
George Dixon: trumpet
Walter Fuller: trumpet, violin
Louis Taylor: tuba
William Franklin: trombone
Darnell Howard: clarinet
Omer Simeon: bass
Cecil Irwin: clarinet
Produced 1933
Recorded in New York City
Compilation CD produced by EPM Records 1990

b. December 28, 1903 Duquesne, PA - d.  April 22, 1983 (aged 79) Oakland CA

2.   Elvis Presley: Dixieland Rock (Schroeder / Frank)
King Creole: RCA Victor RD-27088 (British)
Tupelo Mississippi
Elvis Presley: vocal
Jordanaires: bg vocals
Scotty Moore: lead guitar
Tiny Timbrell: acoustic guitar
Neal Matthews: electric bass
Dudley Brooks: piano
Bill Black: double bass
DJ Fontana: drums
Gordon Stoker: bongos
Hoyt Hawkins: cymbals
Ray Siegel: tuba, double bass
Mahlon Clark: clarinet
John Edward Buckner: trumpet
Justin Gordon: sax
Elmer Schneider: trombone
Warren Smith: trombone
Produced by Walter Scharf and Phil Khagan 1962

A Gut bucket track that blends rock n’ roll with old time New Orleans jazz and it works!

3.   Gord Tracey & The Constellations: Jailhouse Rock (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
Poster Girl: Audat Records 477-9019
St. Johns NL
Gord Tracey, vocals
Don Baker, guitar
Harold Baker, bass
Billy Tizzard, drums
Produced by Al Feeney 1973
Recorded by Al Feeney at Mun Radio, St., Johns NL
Poster Girl: Bonnie Forbes

Started out as The Constellations 1969 and lasted until 1978
They recruited Tracey from the Del-Rays, at one time one of the most popular rock bands in St. John’s.

4. The Five Sounds: Loadin’ Coal (D Billard)
45 single bw Baby Please Don't Cry: Epic Records 9856
Halifax NS
Keith Jollimore (Reeds)
Bruce Cassidy (Trumpet)
Ritchie Oakley (Bass)
Jim White (Guitar), Jack S. Lilly (Drums)
Doug Billard (Vocals)
Joe Sealy (Keyboards)
Produced by Bob Morgan and Manny Kellem, 1965

The Five Sounds released two singles in 1965 and 1966 on Epic which charted on Halifax radio station CHNS. In 1968 the "Five Sounds" were the house band on CBC television's "Where It's At" (the local segment of the national series) which was hosted by Frank Cameron and produced in Halifax. Changed their name to Central Nervous System in 1968. Various players went onto to perform with Lighthouse and Peppertree.

5.   Elton John: Holiday Inn (Elton John / Bernie Taupin)
Madman Across The Water: Uni Records – 93120
Pinner UK
Elton John: vocal, piano
Roger Pope: drums
David Glover: bass
Caleb Quaye: guitar
Davey Johnstone: sitar, mandolin
Produced by Gus Dudgeon, 1971
Recorded by Robin Geoffrey Cable at Trident Studios, London, August 14
Mixed by Ken Scott

6.   Fraser & DeBolt: Stoney Day (DM DeBolt)
Fraser & DeBolt (with Ian Guenther): Columbia Records C 30381
Montreal QC
Alan Fraser: guitar, vocal
Daisy DeBolt: guitar, vocal
Ian Guenther: violin
Produced by Craig Allen, 1971
Recorded by Mark Smith and Allan Moy

7.   Great Western Orchestra: Spanish Is A Loving Tongue (CB Clark)
GWO: Centerfire Records - BFZ 80137
Turner Valley, AB
Cindy Church: vocal
Nathan Tinkham: guitars, vocal
David Wilkie: mandolin, tenor guitar, vocal
John Hyde: bass
Thom Moon: drums
Stewart MacDougall: keys
Produced by The GWO, 1989
Recorded by Richard Harrow at Living Room Studios, Calgary

8.   Brent Titcomb: Full Moon In Pisces (Brent Titcomb)
Brent Titcomb: Manohar Records MR 100
Toronto / Ottawa ON
Brent Titcomb: guitar, vocals
Tom Szezesniak: bass, keys
Jorn Anderson, Gary Gauger or Barry Keene: drums
Michael Craden, Tom Graham or Bentley: percussion
Produced by Tommy Graham, 1977
Recorded at Eastern Sound, Toronto by Ken Friesen, Peter Mann & Tommy Graham

Originally from Ottawa, performed in 3s A Crowd and The Children, for a time with Bruce Cockburn

9.   Ian Tyson: Alberta Moon (Ian Tyson)
Old Corrals & Sagebrush: Columbia Records PCC 80080
Pincher Creek AB
Ian Tyson: guitar, vocals
Nathan Tinkam: guitar
Danny McBride: electric guitar
Melvin Wilson: guitar
David Wilkie: mandolin
George Koller: bass
Thom Moon: drums
Produced by Ian Tyson, 1983
Recorded by Richard Harrow at the Tyson Ranch
Mixed in Calgary at Living Room Studios

10. Kensington Market: I Would Be The One (Keith McKie)
45 single: Warner Brothers – 7221
Toronto ON
Keith McKie - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Alex Darou - Bass Guitar
Jimmy Watson - Drums, Percussion, Sitar
Eugene Martynec - Lead Guitar, Piano
Luke Gibson - Backup Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
John Mills-Cockell – Moog Synthesizer
Produced by Felix Pappalardi – 1968

Kensington Market was a Toronto-based rock band, active from 1967 to 1969. Named after a downtown Toronto neighbourhood, it was formed by singer/songwriter and guitarist Keith McKie (born November 20, 1947 in St Albans, England, immigrated to Canada in April 1953), formerly with The Vendettas, with guitarist and pianist Gene Martynec (born March 28, 1947 in Germany) from Bobby Kris & The Imperials. The original line up was completed with former Vendettas' bass player Alex Darou (born January 6, 1943 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) and drummer Jimmy Watson (born August 23, 1950, Belfast, Northern Ireland). Former Luke & The Apostles frontman, singer/songwriter Luke Gibson (born November 5, 1946 in Toronto) was added later in 1967, and the synthesizer player John Mills-Cockell (born May 19, 1943 in Toronto) was a member in 1969.

11. Jefferson Airplane: Lather (Grace Slick)
The Worst of Jefferson Airplane: RCA Records LSP 4459
(Originally from the LP: Crown of Creation)
San Francisco CA
Marty Balin vocals, rhythm guitar
Grace Slick lead vocals, piano, organ
Paul Kantner rhythm guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen lead guitar, electric chicken, vocals
Spencer Dryden drums, piano, organ, steel balls, vocals
Jack Casady Yggdrasil bass
Gary Blackman nose solo
Produced by Al Schmitt, 1968
Recorded by Ritchie Schmitt February June 1968 at RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood

12. If: Forgotten Roads (Dave Quincy / T Preston)
IF3: Capitol Records - SMAS 820
John Mealing: keys
Terry Smith: guitar
Jim Richardson: bass
Dennis Elliot: drums
Dick morrissey: sax, flute
JW Hodkinson: vocals
Dave Quincey: sax, flute
Produced by Jon Child and IF 1971
Recorded by Frank Owen at Island Studios, London

If was a progressive rock band formed in Britain in 1969. Referred to by Billboard as "unquestionably the best of the so-called jazz-rock bands". In the period spanning 1970-75, they produced eight studio-recorded albums and did some 17 tours of Europe, the US and Canada. If thus became one of the most highly acclaimed groups of the Seventies to never quite make the big time, despite good record sales and full venues. Was a favourite of ex-CIUT programmer Rohinton Medhora.

13. Ultravox!: Mximum Acceleration (Ultravox!)
Ultravox!: Island Records ILPS 9449
London UK
John Foxx: lead vocal
Stevie Shears: guitar
Warren Cann: drums, vocals
Billie Currie: violin, keys
Chris Cross: bass, vocals
Produced by Brian Eno, Ultravox! and Steve Lillywhite, 1977
Recorded by Terry Barham at Island Studios, Hammersmith UK, Autumn 1976

Band formed in London in 1973 as Tiger Lily.

Steve Lillywhite has been credited on over 500 records, and has collaborated with a variety of musicians including U2, the Rolling Stones, Dave Matthews Band, Steel Pulse, Peter Gabriel, Talking Heads, Morrissey, the Killers, Kirsty MacColl, the Pogues, David Byrne, Big Country, Blue October, XTC, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Simple Minds, the Psychedelic Furs, Phish, Counting Crows and Joan Armatrading. He has won six Grammy Awards

14. Neil Young & The Squires: Sultan (Neil Young)
45 rpm Single: V Records V 109
Winnipeg MB
Neil Young: guitar
Jack Harper
Neil Young: lead guitar
Allan Bates: guitar
Ken Smyth: drums
Ken Koblun: bass
Produced by Bob Bradburn, 1963
Recorded by Harry Taylor at CKRC radio, Winnipeg

300 records were pressed, only around 10 are known to still exist

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