33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
February 4, 2019

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Hour One

1.   The Easybeats: Rock n’ Roll Boogie (Harry Vanda / George Young) 1970
2.   The Syndicate of Sound: Little Girl (Don Baskin / Bob Gonzalez / John Sharkey) 1966
3.   Wednesday: Fly Away (G Stellaard) 1975 *
4.   Nobody: Follow Me (Zebon / Santangelo) 1966 *
5.   Jane Siberry: Extra Executives (Jane Siberry / John Switzer) 1984 *
6.   The Searchers: Don’t Throw You Love Away (Tony Jackson / Wisner) 1963
7.   The Spasstiks: Love’s Got A Hold On Me  (Mike McQueen) 1967 *
8.   David Celia: The Grind (David Celia) 2015 *
9.   Willie P Bennett: Lace and Pretty Flowers (WP Bennett) 1977 *
10. Sneezy Waters: Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams) 1981 *
11. Dave Tough: Feel Like I’m Falling Down (Dave Tough) 2013 *
12. Ron Hynes, Jim Payne & John White: Old Brown’s Daughter (Ron Hynes / J Burke) 1988 *
13. Oscar Peterson: Eleanor Rigby (Lennon / McCartney) 1969 *
14. Even Dozen Jug Band: Mandolin King Rag (Trad) 1964
15. McKenna Mendelson Mainline: Beltmaker (Mendelson Joe) 1969 *
16. Pat Hervey: Tears of Misery (Beverley Ross) 1963 *
17. Bad Tractor: Cecil McEachern’s Guitar Boogie Breakdown (C McEachern) 2018 *

Hour Two

1.   Blue Cheer: Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran / Jerry Capehart) 1968
2.   The Beatles: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (Lennon / McCartney) 1964
3.   Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk Sea (G Harrison) 1968
4.   Klaatu: A Million Miles Away (John Woloschuk) 1981 *
5.   The Rutles: Piggy In The Middle (Neil Innis) 1978
6.   The Haunted: Message To Pretty (Arthur Lee) 1967 *
7.   Blue Rodeo: Montreal (Greg Keelor / Jim Cuddy) 1990 *
8.   Druids of Stonehenge: Pale Dream (C. Hauser) 1968
9.   Dick Nolan: Honky Tonk Girl (Chuck Harding / Hank Thompson) 1962 *
10. The Woodshed Orchestra & Friendly Rich: The Unforgotten Truth (Rich Marsella) 2018 *
11. The Sunparlour Players: Nain Rouge (Andrew Penner) 2014 *
12. The Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) (A Tucker / N Mantz) 1966
13. The Blues Magoos: We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet (Gilbert / Scala / Esposito) 1967
14. Peanut Butter Conspiracy: The Flight of the Psychedelic Bumble Bee (PBC) 1966-68
15. The Pied Pipers: Mairzy Doats (Milton Drake, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston) 1944
16. The Mothers of Invention: America Drinks And Goes Home (Frank Zappa) 1967

CanCon = 58%

The Easybeats: Rock n’ Roll Boogie (Harry Vanda / George Young)
Friends: Polydor Records 184246
Sydney, Australia
George Young: vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Harry Vanda: lead guitar, vocals, guitar, bass, drums
Dick Diamonde: bass
Tony Cahill: drums, percussion
Produced by Harry Vanda and George Young, 1970
Recorded at Vanda & Young’s Home Studio, London, Aug 1969

By 1969, six albums in, The Easybeats were beating the sounds of their own demise. Having relocated to the UK, they started releasing demos for other artists to record and that’s how the album Friends was born. It would be their last album release.

2.   The Syndicate of Sound: Little Girl (Don Baskin / Bob Gonzalez / John Sharkey)
45 single bw You: Bell Records 640
San Jose CA
Don Baskin – vocals, guitar
Bob Gonzalez – bass guitar
John Sharkey – keyboards
Larry Ray – lead guitar
John Duckworth – drums
Produced by Garrie Thompson, 1966
Recorded by Leo De Gar Kulka at Golden State Recorders, San Francisco

Active years: 1964 to 1970

One hit wonders! After recording Little Girl for a small regional label, Hush Records, Bell Records picked up the song and it reached the Billboard top ten. Because of that, Bell Records offered them an album deal. The album was recorded in three weeks and the band then embarked on a nationwide tour supporting among others, Paul Revere & the Raiders, the Young Rascals, and The Yardbirds.

3.   Wednesday: Fly Away (G Stellaard)
45 single bw Good Time Girl: Ampex Records AC1365
Oshawa ON
Mike O'Neil (lead vocals, acoustic & electric guitars)
Paul Andrew Smith (guitar, keyboards, vocals)
John (Jose) Dufek (bass, vocals)
Randy Begg (drums, percussion, vocals)
Produced by John Dee Driscoll, 1975

Wednesday was formed in Oshawa in 1971 by high school mates Mike O'Neil and Paul Andrew Smith. They originally played the Ontario circuit playing covers of contemporary hits and 1950's standards. By the time they'd honed their live chops in 1973 they had remade the Wayne Cochran song "Last Kiss". This time Driscoll hand delivered the single to radio stations where CFTR-AM played it immediately and indefinitely. 1050 CHUM-AM jumped on the track and the song went to No.2, giving way to an avalanche of Canadian radio support.

This buzz spilled over into the US market and the record made Billboard's 'Hot 100'. The song would go on to sell well over 200,000 copies. The band was awarded a 'RPM Maple Leaf Award' for outstanding sales (1973), and were nominated for several Junos as well.  "Fly Away" made it to a respectable No. 21 on the charts.

4.   The Nobody: Follow Me (Zebon / Santangelo)
45 single b/w To a Lovely Lady: Red Leaf TTM 635
Ottawa ON
Buddy Stanton: keys
Michael Provost: lead vocal
Marc Corbin
Rick Lemeau
Kenny Chapman
Produced by Ted Gerow, 1966

Originally called The Scoundrelz, they released one single before breaking up. Their last single was released after changing their name to Nobody. After this, Buddy Stanton joined local Ottawa band The Townsmen. Marc Corbin found himself in Heart.

5.   Jane Siberry: Extra Executives (Jane Siberry / John Switzer)
No Borders Here: Duke Street Records OA-0302
Guelph ON
Jane Siberry: vocal, guitar, keys
John Switzer: bass, percussion
Ken Myhr: guitar, percussion
Al Cross: drums
Doug Wilde: keys
Jon Goldsmith: keys
Rob Yale: programming
Produced by Jon Goldsmith, Kerry Crawford, Jane Siberry & John Switzer 1984
Recorded by John Naslen & Rick Starks, Ron Seales & Mark Baldi at Manta Sound, Toronto

Jane Stewart,  12 October 1955 in Toronto raised in Etobicoke which is probably why she was friends with the Rheostatics. Met John Switzer at university in Guelph & formed folk band Java Jive till 1979. No Borders Here was her first foray into avant gard folk pop. She’s released 18 albums since.

6.   The Searchers: Don’t Throw You Love Away (Tony Jackson / Wisner)
Sugar And Spice: Pye Records NPL-30044
Liverpool UK
Tony Jackson: lead vocal, bass
Chris Curtis: drums
Michael Pender: lead guitar, vocals
John McNally: guitar
Produced by Tony Hatch, 1963

Founded as a skiffle group in Liverpool in 1959 by John McNally and Mike Pender, the band took their name from the 1956 John Ford western film The Searchers. They’ve just celebrated their 56th year as a band and are currently on their last tour. They are calling it a day after their March 31, 2019 in Milton Keynes (which is totally sold out).

7.   The Spasstiks: Loves Got A Hold On Me (Mike McQueen)
45 Single: Apex Records 77057
Toronto ON
Jim Campbell: vocals, percussion
Vince Doyle: drums
Mike McQueen: rhythm guitar
Rob Mullen: lead guitar
Bill Adams: bass
Produced - 1967

An unfortunatel name, The Spasstiks would got on to change into Cat. They got together in 1964 and began playing on the High School sock-hop circuit around Toronto.  At one time Mainline drummer Tony Nolasco played drums for them.

8.   David Celia: The Grind (David Celia)
Double Mind: Seedling Music 088907212580
David Celia: guitars, vocals
Clive Anderson: drums
Ed Pastorini: piano
Michelle Casillas: bg vocal
Burke Carroll: pedal steel
Produced by David Celia, 2015
Recorded and Mastered by Andy Magoffin at The House of Miracles

I’ve been a David Celia fan since hearing his first CD. Every release since then has been a treat for my ears, music just the way that I like it. He’s just sent me promo material for his latest project, an album recorded with his wife, Marla. While it’s going to be released in August, the LPs won’t be ready until the fall. I’ll do a preview for it on the program in a few weeks. But for now, we’ll just settle for his 2015 vinyl release of Double Mind.

9.   Willie P Bennett: Lace and Pretty Flowers (WP Bennett)
Hobo’s Taunt  Woodshed Records WS007
Peterborough ON
Willie P Bennett: vocal, guitar, harmonica
Steve Taylor, drums
Ken Whiteley, piano
Michael Gardner: Fender bass
Rick Taylor, high stringed guitar
Produced by David Essig & Willie P Bennett, 1977
Recorded by Dan & Bob Lanois at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton

William Patrick "Willie P." Bennett (b. Toronto 26 October 1951  d. Peterborough ON 15 February 2008)

10. Sneezy Waters: Mind Your Own Business (Hank Williams)
Sneezy Waters Sings Hank Williams: Sawdust Records - SW6
Ottawa ON
Graham Townsend - fiddle
Willie P Bennett - Harmonica
George Essery - Pedal Steel
Randy Hill - mandolin
Ken Whiteley - accordion
Pepe Francis - electric guitars
Bill Garrett - acoustic guitar
Sneezy Waters - acoustic guitar, vocals
Ed Bimm - piano
David Woodhead - bass
Peter Beaudoin - drums
Produced by Bill Garrett - 1981
Recorded by Charles Fairfield at Studio Passeport & Greg Roberts at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton

Best known for his portrayal of Hank Williams Sr. in the play and film Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave. The show toured throughout Canada and the United States, and was part of O Kanada, a Canadian cultural festival in Berlin. The film version was nominated for the best country motion picture in the 19th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. The album has been re-released on CD by Borealis Records.

11. Dave Tough: Feel Like I’m Falling Down (Dave Tough)
45 rpm single: Seventh Fire Records - SFR013-7
Peterborough ON
Dave Tough: guitar, vocal
Produced by James McKenty and Tom Street - 2013

Previously a member of The Silver Hearts and The Weak Knees that also included Serena Ryder

12. Ron Hynes, Jim Payne & John White: Old Brown’s Daughter (Ron Hynes / Johnny Burke)
Folk Music of St. John’s, Newfoundland: Pigeon Inlet Records PIP 7322
St. John’s NL
Ron Hynes (guitar,vocal)
Jim Payne (vocal)
John White (vocal)
Bryan Hennessey (piano, bass)
Produced by Kelly Russell, 1988
Recorded and mixed at Dadyeen Studios, St. John’s by Don Walsh.

Ron Hynes (b. St. John’s NL December 7, 1950 / d. St. John’s,  November 19, 2015) 64 yrs.
Jim Payne (b. Notre Dame Bay NL, 1955)
John White (b. St. John’s, Feb 3, 1930 / d. May 31, 1998 (68)

Three great Newfoundland and Labarador singers. This is an old song, most likely written around 1878 by G. W. Hunt (1839–1904), although it is often wrongly credited to Johnny Burke (1851–1930) as it was on this compilation album. The melody was rewritten by Ron Hynes who’s version was covered by Great Big Sea on their 1999 album, Turn.

13. Oscar Peterson: Eleanor Rigby (Lennon / McCartney)
Motions and Emotions: MPS Records (US) MB 20713
Montreal QC
Oscar Peterson: piano
Bucky Pizzarelli: guitar
Bobby Durham: drums
Produced by Matthias Kunnecke, 1969
Recorded at A&R Studios, New York, NY and MPS Studio, Villingen, Germany by Dave Green

Although the album was released in Europe in 1970, there was no commercial North American release until 1972. This was an album of pop songs by one of the world’s greatest jazz pianists. Songs included Yesterday, Sunny, Ode To Billy Joe, By The Time I Get To Phoenix etc.

14. Even Dozen Jug Band: Mandolin King Rag (Trad)
The Even Dozen Jug Band: Elektra Records EKL 246
David Grisman: mandolin
Stefan Grossman: guitar, banjo
Steve Katz: washboard
Josh Rifkin: piano, kazoo
John Sebastian (as John Benson): harmonica
Pete Jacobson: guitar, banjo
Pete Seigel: guitar, banjo
Frank Goodkin: banjo
Fred Weisz: violin
Danny Lauffer: jug
Peggy Haine: jug
Bob Gurland: trumpet
Produced by Paul Rothchild, January 1964

The legendary Even Dozen Jug Band was founded in 1963 by Stefan Grossman & Pete Seigel. It cincluded David Grisman (Earth Opera, Old & In the Way w Jerry Garcia); Steve Katz (Blues Project / Blood, Sweat & Tears); John Sebastian (Lovin’ Spoonful); Maria D’amato (Muldaur). The jug band only stayed together for about a year, releasing just one album.

15. McKenna Mendelson Mainline: Beltmaker (Mendelson Joe)
Stink: Liberty LBS 83251
Toronto, ON
Mike McKenna: electric guitar
Mendleson Joe: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Tony Nolasco: drums
Mike Harrison: bass
Produced by Liberty Records Staff, London UK, June 11, 1969

16. Pat Hervey: Tears of Misery (Beverley Ross)
45 single bw Brother, Can You Spare A Dime: RCA Victor 45-1332
Toronto ON
Pat Hervey: vocal
Produced by Chet Atkins, 1963

This was produced when Hervey was only 15. She was called the “Brenda Lee” of Canada. Born in 1947, she died in 2016 after a long battle with cancer. She made her first recordings for Art Snider’s Chateau Records in 1962 (as did Gordon Lightfoot two years earlier). As he did with Lightfoot, Snider took Hervey to Nashville, took her to meet Chet Atkins who was impressed enough to produce her. It was Atkins that got her the RCA recording contract. She won awards, like Top Country Female Artist, but couldn’t keep pace with the changes in pop music and retired in 1968, moving to Vancouver and getting into acting on TV.

17. Bad Tractor: Cecil McEachern’s Guitar Boogie Breakdown (Cecil McEachern)
Blessington: Meyer’s Creek Records MLRLP 0517
Belleville ON
Tim Hadley: guitar, vocal
Ian McKendry: electric guitar
Mike Budding: bass, bg vocal
Steve Fruitman: drums, bg vocal
Produced by Nicolas Tjelios, 2018
Recorded at Big Red Button Studio, Belleville ON by Nicolas Tjelios, May 2017
Mastered for vinyl by Phillip Shaw Bova at Bova Lab Studios, Ottawa
http://www.facebook.com/badtractor or @badtractorband

Bad Tractor got this song from fiddler Billy MacInnis who learned it from Cecil McEachern himself.

Hour Two

RIP Paul Gene Whaley
(b. Winters CA Jan 14, 1947 / d. Regensburg GM Jan 28, 2019)

1.   Blue Cheer: Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran / Jerry Capehart)
Vincebus Eruptum: SUN LP 5297 Mono
San Francisco CA
Paul Whaley: drums
Leigh Stephens: guitar
Dickie Peterson: vocals, bass
Produced by Abe Kesh (Eric Albronda), 1968
Recorded by John MacQuarrie at Amigo Studios, Hollywood, 1967

Known as ‘The Loudest Band In The World’. "Blue Cheer" was the name of a variety of LSD made by chemist and Grateful Dead patron Owsley Stanley although the name existed earlier, as the name of a well known laundry detergent. Drummer Whaley was the band’s drummer from 1967 when it was reduced from a 5 man band to a power trio. Summertime Blues was their only charted song. Rumor has it that they were so lound, they were forced to record outdoors. The band had a fortress of amps that could turn the air into cottage cheese! Some reports claimed that while recording their second album, outdoors on San Francisco’s pier 57, they were so loud that people on boats 14 kms away were complaining about the sound.

2.   The Beatles: I’m Happy Just To Dance With You (Lennon / McCartney)
A Hard Day’s Night Soundtrack: United Artists Records UAL 3366
Liverpool UK
George Harrison - lead vocal, lead guitar
John Lennon - backing vocal, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney - backing vocal, bass
Ringo Starr - drums, African drum
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith
First Published in Canada July, 1964

The song has been recorded by Cyrkle, Anne Murray, Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings and The Smithereens. It was written by L&M specifically for George Harrison to sing at a time when he lacked the confidence to compose his own material. It was the first Beatle song recorded on a Sunday! It appeared on A Hard Day’s Night as well as Something New.

3.   Jackie Lomax: Sour Milk Sea (G Harrison) 1968
Is This What You Want?: Apple Records
Wallasey UK
Jackie Lomax – vocals
George Harrison – acoustic guitar, lead guitar (solo)
Eric Clapton – lead guitar
Nicky Hopkins – piano
Paul McCartney – bass
Ringo Starr – drums
uncredited – Hammond organ
Produced by George Harrison, 1968
Recorded at 24–26 June 1968 EMI Studios, London; Trident Studios, London

John Richard Lomax b. 10 May 1944 Wallasey, Cheshire, England, UK / d. 15 September 2013 (aged 69) Wirral Peninsula UK

Lomax was playing in The Undertakers who came to the attention of Beatles manager Brian Epstein. After Brian died, George Harrison stepped in to nurture Lomax. Sour Milk Sea is basically a George Harrison and The Beatles’ record! Lomax was one of the first artists signed to the Beatles’ new Apple records label.

4.   Klaatu: A Million Miles Away (John Woloschuk)
Magentalane: Capitol Records of Canada 6000 Series ST 6487
Toronto ON
John Woloschuk - vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, vibraphone, sitar, vibes, orcana, piano, glockenspiel
Dee Long - vocals, electric guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, Korg synthesizer
Terry Draper - drums, percussion, Polymoog synthesizer, trombone, tambourine, vocals
George Bertok - piano
Produced by Klaatu, 1981
Recorded at ESP Studios, Buttonville ON

5.   The Rutles: Piggy In The Middle (Neil Innis)
The Rutles: Warner Bros Records HS 3151
Neil Innes: guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ollie Halsall: guitar, keyboards, vocals.
Ricky Fataar: guitar, bass, sitar, tabla, vocals.
John Halsey: percussion, vocals.
Andy Brown: bass
John Altman: orchestra arrangements
Produced by Neil Innes, 1978
Recorded at Chappell Studios, London by Steve James

This was originally a fictional band, created by Eric Idle and Neil Innes for 1970s television programming, but it became an actual group, doing parodies of the Beatles. The actual band toured and recorded, releasing many songs. Their 1978 mockumentary television film All You Need Is Cash was a huge hit.

In the film, the actors were:

Ron Nasty (styled after John Lennon) – played by Neil Innes
Dirk McQuickly (styled after Paul McCartney) – played by Eric Idle
Stig O'Hara (styled after George Harrison) – played by Ricky Fataar
Barry Wom, né Barrington Womble (styled after Ringo Starr) – played by John Halsey.

6.   The Haunted: A Message To Pretty (Arthur Lee)
45 Single bw Searching For My Baby: Trans World Record Co. TW 1674
Montreal QC
Bob Burgess (lead vocals)
Pierre Faubert (guitar)
Glen Holmes (bass)
Peter Jugen (guitar)
Peter Symes (drums)
Produced by L McKelvey & H Squires, 1967

7.   Blue Rodeo: Montreal (Greg Keelor / Jim Cuddy)
Casino: WEA 17 27701
Toronto ON
Greg Keelor: guitar, vocals
Jim Cuddy: guitar, vocals
Bazil Donovan: bass
Mark French: drums
Bob Wiseman: keys, accordion
Produced by Pete Anderson 1990
Recorded by Judy Clapp & Peter Doell at Capitol Studios, Hollywood and Track Record Studios, North Hollywood CA
Mixed at Capitol Studios by Judy Clapp

8.   Druids of Stonehenge: Pale Dream (C. Hauser)
Creation: Uni Records 3004
Tom Paine: Bass
Steven Tindall: Drums, Organ, Piano
Billy (B. T.) Tracy: Guitar
Carl Hauser: Lead Guitar, Harpsichord, Vocals
David Budge: Lead Vocals
Produced by Jerry Goldstein, 1968
Recorded in New York City by Ami Hadani

Formed as The Druids in NYC in 1965. They played the club scene and had a good following. In 1967 they decided to make the pilgrimage to California where they got more into phsychadelic sounds. There, they signed to Uni Records (Universal) and recorded their only album, Creation, and changed their name to The Druids of Stonehenge. They broke up the following year.

9.   Dick Nolan: Honky Tonk Girl (Chuck Harding / Hank Thompson)
I Walk The Line: Arc Records  A543
Corner Brook NL
Dick Nolan: guitar, vocal
Golden Valley Boys: probable back up band
Produced 1962

10. The Woodshed Orchestra & Friendly Rich: The Unforgotten Truth (Rich Marsella)
The Leonard Cohen Sweet: Ind / No label or serial no.
Toronto ON
Bruce Mackinnon: barritone sax
Dave Clark: drums, lead vocal
Ed Reifel: pitched percussion
Gergory Oh: harpsichord, melodica
Henry Muth; recorders
Jay Burr: tuba
Julia Hambleton: clarinet
Matthew Fong: double bass
Pihilip Miles: electric guitar
Rich Marsella: classical guitar, vocals
Rebecca Hennessy: trumpet, vocals
Steve Ward: trombone
Nick Teehan: tenor sax, vocals
Produced by Rich Marsella and Dave Clark, 2018
Recorded and mixed at Wow! by Joe Lapinski, St. Catherines ON
Mastered by Fedge

11. Sunparlour Players: Nain Rouge (Andrew Penner) *
The Living Proof: Sunparlour Players SPP004
Toronto ON
Andrew Penner: vocals, guitars, banjo, bass, vibes, keys, percussion etc
Michael Rosenthal: drums
Chris Stringer: synths, ukulele, guitars
Hugh Oliver: recipe reading
Nadia Baer: trumpet
Produced by Chris Stringer & Sunparlour Players 2014
Recorded by Chris Stringer & John Dinsmore at The Lincoln County Social Club
Mixed by Chris Stringer
Mastered by Fedge

12. The Electric Prunes: I Had Too Much To Dream (Annette Tucker / Nancie Mantz)
I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night): Reprise Records
Los Angeles CA
James Lowe – lead vocals, autoharp, rhythm guitar, tambourine
Ken Williams – lead guitar
James Spagnola – rhythm guitar, vocals
Mark Tulin – bass guitar, piano, organ
Preston Ritter – drums, percussion
Produced by Dave Hassinger, 1966
Recorded by Richard Podolor at American Recording Co., Power House, North Hollywood

The Prunes came to be in 1965 and died three years later. However, due to a contract dispute with their management, they didn’t control the use of their own name. Producer Dave Hassinger assembled another group of musicians in 1968 to continue recording as The Electric Prunes.

Songwriter Annette Tucker hired the band to play at a party she threw for her husband. This lead to the Prunes covering several of her songs.

13. Blues Magoos: We Aint Got Nothin Yet (Gilbert / Scala / Esposito)
Psychedelic Lollipop: Mercury Records MG 21096
New York City
Ralph Scala: keyboards, vocals
Emil Peppy: Theilhelm guitar, vocals
Ron Gilbert bass: vocals
Mike Esposito: guitar
Geoff Daking: drums, percussion
Produced by Bob Wyld, Art Polhemus, 1966

14. Peanut Butter Conspiracy: The Flight of the Psychedelic Bumble Bee (PBC)
Spreading From The Ashes: Big Beat Records
Los Angeles
Barbara Robison: lead vocals, percussion
Alan Brackett: bass
Lance Fent: lead guitar
John Merrill: rhythm guitar
Jim Voight: drums
Produced by Gary Usher, 1967-68
Recorded at Columbia Records Studios, Hollywood CA

Formed in Los Angeles in 1966, the were originally called The Young Swingers featuring future Jefferson Airplane drummer Spencer Dryden. They morphed into the Crossing Guards before finding the Peanut Butter Conspiracy name. They split up in 1970.

15. The Pied Pipers: Mairzy Doats (Milton Drake, Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston)
78 rpm: Capitol Records 192-A
Billy Wilson
Chuck Lowry
Jo Stafford
Hal Hopper
Paul Weston Orchestra
Produced 1944

In 1942 the Pipers were working for Tommy Dorsey who got them to back up his newest singing sensation: Frank Sinatra. They recorded several hit songs with him, including “I’ll Never Smile Again” which was Frank’s first number one hit song. In 1944, The Pied Pipers were regulars on Johnny Mercer's radio program, “Chesterfield Music Shop” on NBC Monday through Friday nights. In both 1944 and 1945, The Pied Pipers won awards from Down Beat magazine as the best and most popular group of the year. The group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2001.

16. The Mothers of Invention: America Drinks And Goes Home (Frank Zappa)
Absolutely Free: Verve V6-5013
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa guitar, conductor, vocals
Jimmy Carl Black drums, vocals
Ray Collins vocals, tambourine
Roy Estrada bass, vocals
Billy Mundi drums, percussion
Don Preston keyboards
Jim Fielder guitar, piano
Bunk Gardner woodwinds
Produced by Tom Wilson, 1967
Director of engineering: Val Valentin
Engineer: Ami Hadani
Remixing: David Greene
Mastering Engineer: Doug Sax

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