33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
February 25, 2019

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Hour One

1.    Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra: Our Monday Date (Armstrong / Earl Hines) 1939
2.   Guess Who: Lightfoot (Burton Cummings / Randy Bachman / Robert Matheson)1968 *
3.   Gordon Lightfoot: Brave Mountaineers (G Lightfoot) 1972 *
4.   Fraser & DeBolt: Geneva (Alan Fraser) 2015 *
5.   Rush: Finding My Way (G Lee / A Lifeson) 1974 *
6.   Luke & The Apostles: Martini Monday (Luke and The Apostles) 2017 *
7.   Golden Earing: Twilight Zone (G Kooymans) 1982
8.   The Yardbirds: The Nazz Are Blue (Relf / Beck / Dreja / Samwell-Smith / McCarty) 1966
9.   The Trashmen: Tube City (Steve Wahrer) 1999
10. Joe St. Denis: I Didn’t Know I Loved Her (Until She Said Goodby) 1975 *
11. The Dixie Cups: Chapel of Love (Jeff Barry / Ellie Greenwich / Phil Spector) 1964
12. The Bangles: Manic Monday (Prince) 1985
13. Fleetwood Mac: Monday Morning (Lindsey Buckingham) 1975
14. The Dixitech Seven: Royal Garden Blues (Clarence Williams / Spencer Williams) 1974 *

Hour Two

1.   The Skydiggers: Monday Morning (Skydiggers) 1990 *
2.   The Nice: One of Those People (Keith Emmerson / Lee Jackson) 1970
3.   Alice Cooper: Laughing At Me (Alice Cooper) 1969
4.   Mickey & Bunny: The Laughing Yogi Polka (Unknown) 1968 *
5.   The Squires: I Wonder (Neil Young) 1964 *
6.   The Mynah Birds: It’s My Time (Michael Valvano / R Dean Taylor / Ricky Matthews) 1966 *
7.   Michael Nesmith: More Than We Imagine (M Nesmith) 1976
8.   Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Moonlight Memories (Mac Beattie) 1960 *
9.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Maritime Waltz (Tom C Connors) 1973 *
10. Wilno Express: Crooked Stovepipe (Up The Paugh Lake Road) (Ish Theilheimer) 1981 *
11. Dillard & Clark: Radio Song (Bernie Leadon / Gene Clark) 1968
12. Billy And The Catch 22: Monday Mondaze (Patriquin / Tribe / Konopelski) 1988 *
13. The Easybeats: Houndog (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller) 1967
14. Buffalo Rebels: Buffalo Blues (Mick Kipler / Jim Kipler) 1960
15. The Beatles: Not A Second Time (Lennon / McCartney) 1963
16. The Jam: Monday (Paul Weller) 1980
17. Henry Mancini Orchestra: Lujon (Henry Mancini) 1961

CanCon =  48%

And Now for The Particulars:

Dedicated to the memory of Ross Lowell (1926-2019), the man who invented gaffer tape.

Hour One

1.   Louis Armstrong And His Orchestra: Our Monday Date (Armstrong / Earl Hines)
The Decca Singles: 1935-1946: Verve Records
New Orleans LA
Louis Armstrong: Trumpet and vocals
Shelton Hemphill: Trumpet
Henry "Red" Allen: Trumpet
Otis Johnson: Trumpet
Wilbur de Paris: Trombone
George Washington: Trombone
J.C. Higginbotham: Trombone
Rupert Cole: Alto Saxophone
Charlie Holmes: Alto Saxophone
Joe Garland: Tenor Saxophone
Bingie Madison: Tenor Saxophone
Luis Russell: Piano
Lee Blair: Guitar
George "Pops" Foster: Bass Guitar
Sidney Catlett: Drums
Produced 1939
Recorded April 25, 1939

This was originally issued on Decca 2615 as a “Fox Trot with vocal chorus by Louis Armstrong”.

2.   Guess Who: Lightfoot (Burton Cummings / Randy Bachman / Robert Matheson)
Wheatfield Soul: Nimbus 9 Records
Winnipeg MB
Burton Cummings: keys, lead vocal
Randy Bachman: guitar, vocal
Jim Kale: bass, vocal
Garry Peterson: drums
Ben McPeek: music director
Produced by Jack Richardson, 1968
Recorded by David Greene and Elliot Scheiner at A&R Studios, NYC
Released March, 1969

This song, on the band’s first full LP with Burton Cummings as lead vocalist, speaks of bass guitarist John Stockfish, The Riverboat, session player Charlie McCoy and Red Shea; it mentions several of Lightfoot’s songs: Black Day In July, Crossroads, Rosanna and the Early Morning Rain and of course, the Go Go Girl.

3.   Gordon Lightfoot: Brave Mountaineers (G Lightfoot)
Don Quixote: Reprise - 2056
Toronto, ON
Gordon Lighfoot: 6- & 12-string guitar
Red Shea: hi-string guitar, classical guitar, dobro
Terry Clements: lead acoustic guitar
Rick Haynes: bass
Ry Cooder: mandolin
Produced by Lenny Waronker, 1972
Recorded and Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg at Amigo Studios in North Hollywood

He’s the man…

4.   Fraser & DeBolt: Geneva (Alan Fraser)
This Song Was Borne: Roaratorio  roar39
St Stephen NB / Winnipeg MB
Allan Fraser: vocal, guitar
Daisy DeBolt: vocal, guitar
Ian Guenther: violin
Produced by Allan Fraser & James Lindbloom, 2015
Recorded at Hamilton College, Clinton, New York Feb. 1970
Mastered by Carl Saff

This Roaratorio album was released in 2015 and features all sorts of tracks that the duo recorded between 1969 and 1972, released for the first time and it’s on vinyl! It’s a 2 record set and a welcome addition to the two early 70s albums they recorded for Columbia.

5.   Rush: Finding My Way (G Lee / A Lifeson)
Rush: Moon Records NN-100
Geddy Lee: vocal, bass
Alex Lifeson: guitar
John Rutsey: drums
Produced by Rush, 1974
Recorded at Toronto Sound studios, March to November, 1973

This is the first track on the band’s first album. It also features the drumming of original Rush drummer John Rutsey who had to leave the band (because of the affect heavy touring was having on his body) shortly after it was released. Since no record company would even take a whiff of the band, they recorded it and released it themselves on their own Moon Records label. But this was the song that sent them on their way.

6.   Luke & The Apostles: Martini Monday (Luke and The Apostles)
Luke & The Apostles: True North Records 4914
Toronto ON
Luke Gibson: guitar, vocal
Mike McKenna: guitar
Peter Jermyn: keys
Produced by John Pickering and Todd Page, 2017

When Luke and The Apostles first got together around 1966, they had a unique way of playing electric blues which caught the attention of Elektra records who released just one single: Been Burnt, in 1967. One more single, You Make Me High, was released in 1970 on Bernie Finkelstein’s fledgling True North records label. (Gibson would go on to record his first solo album for True North. They were wooed by concert promoter Bill Graham and music impresario Albert Grossman after opening in New York for The Grateful Dead and later in Toronto for Jefferson Airplane & The Dead in Nathan Phillips Square before 50,000 but they broke up.

Luke Gibson accepted an offer to join the progressive folk-rock outfit, Kensington Market. Peter Jermyn moved to Ottawa to join the band Heart, which evolved into The Modern Rock Quartet. Mike McKenna joined The Ugly Ducklings before forming (McKenna Mendelson) Mainline and Pat Little joined The Georgian IV People (later better known as Chimo! Who were a great band!).

7.   Golden Earing: Twilight Zone (G Kooymans)
45 single bw King Dark: Polydor Records T1-2102
The Hague NL
Rinus Gerritsen – bass, keyboards, guitar, harmonica
George Kooymans – guitar, vocals
Barry Hay – vocals, guitar, flute, saxophone
Cesar Zuiderwijk – drums, percussion
Rinus Gerritsen - bass, keyboards
Robert Jan Stips - synthesizer
Produced by Shell Schellekens, 1982
Recorded by John Kreik

Golden Earring is a Dutch rock band, founded in 1961. Their biggest hit was Radar Love in 1973. During their career they have had nearly 30 top-ten singles on the Dutch charts while releasing 25 studio albums.

8.   The Yardbirds: The Nazz Are Blue (Relf / Beck / Dreja / Samwell-Smith / McCarty)
Over Under Sideways Down: Capitol Records Canada T 6202
London UK
Keith Relf: harmonica
Jeff Beck: lead guitar, lead vocals
Chris Dreja: rhythm guitar, backing vocals, piano
Paul Samwell-Smith: bass guitar, backing vocals
Jim McCarty: drums, backing vocals, percussion
Produced by Simon Napier-Bell and Paul Samwell-Smith, 1966
Recorded at Advision Studios, London

This was a higly influential song by The Yardbirds. Utilizing Lord Buckley’s “The Nazz” (in the hip semantic vernacular telling the life story of Jesus of Nazareth), it inspired Todd Rundgren to name his first big group The Nazz, who went on to record three albums. This was also recorded as the B side of a single by Montreal’s Lavender Hill Mob in 1977.

9.   The Trashmen: Tube City (Steve Wahrer)
Surfin’ Bird: Beat Rocket Records BR 107
Minneapolis / St. Paul MN
Tony Andreason, lead guitar
Dal Winslow, Guitar
Bob Reed, bass
Steve Wahrer, drums
Produced by George Garrett, 1964
Recorded by Tom Jung

It sounds more like a jet plane but it’s supposed to be the surf! What kind of surf do they get in Minnisota? Coz that’s where these guys are from. Written by the drummer, Steve Wahrer, known for his surfin’ bird voice.

10. Joe St. Denis: I Didn’t Know I Loved Her
45 single bw Until She Said Goodby: Periwinkle Records
North Bay ON
Joe St. Denis: guitar, vocal
Produced by Art Snider, 1975

d. April 21, 2006 North Bay ON (64)

I’ve got four of his albums but not this 45 which was lent to me. Can’t find out too much about his career, but he played till the end. Well known in the Sudbury, Sault and North Bay regions.

11. The Dixie Cups: Chapel of Love (Jeff Barry / Ellie Greenwich / Phil Spector)
45 single bw Ain't That Nice: Red Bird Records
New Orleans, Louisiana
Barbara Ann: vocals
Rosa Lee Hawkins: vocals
Joan Marie Johnson: vocals
Produced by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Ellie Greenwich and Jeff Barry, 1964

Chapel of Love charted at number one on June 6, 1964 on the Billboard Hot 100 knocking The Beatles out of the number one spot and remained at the top for three weeks. Bette Midler also had a hit with her recording of the song in 1972.

12. The Bangles: Manic Monday (Prince)
Different Light: Columbia Records FC 40039
Los Angeles
Susanna Hoffs: lead vocals, guitars
Vicki Peterson: bg vocals, guitars
Michael Steele: bg vocals, guitars, bass
Debbi Peterson: bg vocals, drums, percussion
Prince: all other instruments
Brenda Bennett: bg vocal
Produced by David Kahne, 1986
Engineered by Tchad Blake and Peggy McLeonard at Sunset Sound and Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood
Mixed by David Leonard

The Bangles formed in LA back in 1981 and scored their biggest hit with the Prince song, Manic Monday which reached the number 2 spot in 1986. After hearing their first album, “All Over The Place”, Prince thought that The Bangles would be a good fit for his song. He helped appeared on just this one song on Different Light, playing all the instruments that the band did not play.

13. Fleetwood Mac: Monday Morning (Lindsey Buckingham)
Fleetwood Mac: Reprise Records MS 2225
Los Angeles CA
Mick Fleetwood: drums, percussion
John McVie: bass
Christine McVie: keys, vocals
Lindsey Buckingham: guitar, lead vocal
Stevie Nicks: vocals
Produced by Fleetwood Mac and Keith Olsen, 1975
Recorded at Sound City Studios, LA by Keith Olsen and David Devore
Mixed at Sound City and Kendun Recorders

14. The Dixitech Seven: Royal Garden Blues (Clarence Williams / Spencer Williams)
Finally: The Great Eastern Production Co. SR 7
Halifax / Dartmouth NS
Wint Sparling: trumpet
John Dodge: clarinet
Al Creelman: trombone
Nelson Ferguson: banjo
Tom Vickery: piano
Ron Gilkie: bass
Walter Scott: drums
Produced circa 1974
Recorded by Alan Feeney at Audio Atlantic, Halifax

Formed by members of the faculty of Nova Scotia Tech College who liked Dixieland jazz. This song was written in 1919.

Hour Two

1.   The Skydiggers: Monday Morning (Cash / Finlayson / Macey / Maize / Stokes)
Skydiggers: Enigma Records 7 73555-2
Toronto ON
Pete Cash: guitar
Josh Finlayson: guitar
Andy Maize: vocals
Wayne Stokes: drums
Ron Macey: bass
Produced by Andrew Scarth and The Skydiggers, 1991
Recorded at Phase One Studios, Toronto

This is from the first Skydiggers album and was basically a bust since their label went bankrupt shortly after its release. The album was kept in limbo for years after that.

2.   The Nice: One of Those People (Keith Emmerson / Lee Jackson)
Keith Emmerson With The Nice: Mercury Records SRM 2 6500
London UK
Keith Emmerson: keys
Brian Davison: drums, percussion
Lee Jackson: vocals, bass guitar
Produced by The Nice, 1970
Recorded at Trident Studios, London
Mixed at Trident Studios by Dave Hentschel and Malcom Tuft
First issued on album “Five Bridges”, 1970

This was from the 1970 LP The Five Bridges, which was a live album however, this song is the only one that was recorded in the studio. Shortly after the release of this album, Emmerson joined forces with King Crimson’s Gregg Lake and Arthur Brown’s Crazy World drummer, Carl Palmer.

3.   Alice Cooper: Laughing At Me (Alice Cooper)
Easy Action: Straight / Warner Brothers Records WS 1845
Phoenix AR
Alice Cooper: vocals
Neal Smith: drums
Dennis Dunaway: bass
Glen Buxton: lead guitar
Mike Bruce: rhythm, keys
Produced by David Briggs, 1970
Recorded at Sunwest Studios, Hkollywood CA by Barry Keene

Alice Cooper (born Vincent Damon Furnier; February 4, 1948, Detroit Michigan)

Alice Cooper formed in Phoenix back in 1964 when they called themselves The Spiders which they changed to Nazz after moving to Los Angeles. Because Todd Rundgren’s band was already called the Nazz, they had to change their name once again. They chose the name "Alice Cooper" largely because it sounded innocuous and wholesome, in humorous contrast to the band's image and music. Later, for legal ownership reasons, Furnier officially changed his name to Alice Cooper, a move he now claims was the best one he ever made.
From the band’s second album, associated with Frank Zappa’s Straight Records. This was during the band’s psychedelic phase. The band later claimed that this period was highly influenced by Pink Floyd, and especially the album The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Glen Buxton said he could listen to Syd Barrett's guitar for hours at a time

4.   Mickey & Bunny: The Laughing Yogi Polka
Mickey & Bunny Sing Ukrainian Country Music: V Records LP-3001
Winnipeg MB
Mickey Sheppard, singer, guitarist, accordionist
Bunny Evans, vocal
Dave Roman, bass, accordion, band leader
Tony Roman, lead guitar
Yogi Klos, fiddle
Al Tenner, sax
Mike Klem, drums
Produced by Alex Groshak, circa 1968

Mickey Sheppard b. Modest William Theodore Sklepowich in Ethelbert, Man, 27 Mar 1932)

Bunny Sheppard b. Orissia Ewanchuk in Rosa, Man, 13 Feb 1938).

A Canadian husband and wife Ukrainian country singing duo known as "Mickey and Bunny". Modest Sklepowich ("Mickey Sheppard") was a pharmacist and his wife Orysia Evanchuk ("Bunny Evans") was a substitute school teacher. Sklepowich had played with a band called the "Sons of the Golden West" around his home town of Ethelbert, Manitoba and also worked as a disc jockey at radio station CKDM in Dauphin, Manitoba. Mickey and Bunny began their recording career when Winnipeg record producer Alex Groshak heard them performing their country and western act and approached them to record some versions of their music in Ukrainian. With the discovery of Mickey and Bunny, Groshak launched a new record label, V Records, which was initially devoted to Ukrainian artists.

"Mickey and Bunny" albums sold in the tens of thousands, and based on this success, an entire Ukrainian recording industry developed in western Canada. The V Records catalogue grew to over 150 items.

V Records issued what is possibly the most sought after Canadian collectible — The Squires (2) - The Sultan, issued in 1963 — Neil Young's first 45 released when he was at the age of 17's first 45 released when he was at the age of 17. Squires single is the only rock n' roll record V Records released.

5.   The Squires: I Wonder (Neil Young)
Neil Young Archives Vol 1: Reprise Records
Winnipeg MB
Neil Young: lead guitar, vocals
Allan Bates: guitar
Ken Koblun: bass
Ken Smyth: drums
Produced by Bob Bradburn, 1964
Recorded 2 Apr 1964 at CKRC studios, Winnipeg

After recording their original 1963 instrumental single Sultan / Aurora for V Records (probably the only non-ethnic or polka record they put out), The Squires recorded several other songs that never saw the light of day. That is, until the Neil Young Archives started providing good copies of them in 2009. The Squires recorded the song "I Wonder," three different times and it became the basis of Young's song "Don't Cry No Tears" on his 1975 album Zuma.

6.   The Mynah Birds: It’s My Time (Michael Valvano / R Dean Taylor / Ricky Matthews)
45 single bw Go On And Cry: Hip-O Records
Toronto ON
Rick James: vocals
Neil Young: lead guitar, bg vocals
Bruce Palmer: bass
Rick Cameron: drums
John Yachimak: guitar, bg vocals
Produced by Mike Valvano, R. Dean Taylor, Mickey Stevenson, 1966
Recorded at Motown Studios, Detroit
Released 2012

Rick James aka James Ambrose Johnson Jr. b. Buffalo NY, February 1, 1948 / d. August 6, 2004 Los Angeles) (56)

In 1965, James deserted to Toronto, where he formed the Mynah Birds, who eventually signed a recording deal with Motown Records in 1966. Neil Young and Bruce Palmer later joined, and played on the band’s first Motown recording, It’s My Time. The band’s manager apparently misappropriated their advance money from Motown so they fired him. In return, the manager informed Motown that James was AWOL from the Navy. He was taken into custody and incarcerated by the Navy. “It’s My Time” remained unreleased, and Motown scrapped plans for a Mynah Birds album. Neil Young and Bruce Palmer bought a hearse, drove to L.A., and helped form Buffalo Springfield. Rick James would later become a major funk star in the 1970s and 1980s.

Former pop star R Dean Taylor, a Torontonian, was living in Detroit, having become a staff songwriter for Motown.

7.   Michael Nesmith: More Than We Imagine (M Nesmith)
From a Radio Engine to the Photon Wing: Pacific Arts Records ILPA 9486
Houston TX
Michael Nesmith: guitar, vocal
David MackKay: bass
Larrie Loondin, Jerry Carrigan: drums
David Briggs, John Shane Keister: keys
Lisa Silver: violin
Lonnie Mack: guitar
Weldon Myrick: steel, dobro
Greg Taylor: harmonica
Linda Hargrove, Marcia Routh, Pebble Daniel: bg vocals
Produced by Michael Nesmith, 1976
Recorded at Quadrophonics Sound, Nashville TN

Robert Michael Nesmith b. December 30, 1942, Houston, Texas

8.   Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Moonlight Memories (Mac Beattie)
A Visit To The Ottawa Valley: Banff / Rodeo Records RBS 1170
Arnprior, ON
Reg Hill: fiddle
Bob Price: piano
Garney Scheel: bass
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Mac Beattie: vocal, drums
Produced by Ralph Carlson - June 1, 1960

9.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Maritime Waltz (Tom C Connors)
Stompin’ Tom and the Hockey Song: Anthem Legacy 48818-00186
Halton Hills, ON
Stompin’ Tom: vocal, guitar
Gary Empey: bass
Bill Lewis: electric guitar
Glen Reid: banjo
John Spence: fiddle
Fred McKenna: dobro
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors with Fred McKenna, 1973
Recorded at Captain Audio Studio by Jim Morgan
Mixed at Thunder Sound, Toronto by Bill Seddon

10. Wilno Express: Crooked Stovepipe (Up The Paugh Lake Road) (Ish Theilheimer)
All Over The Tracks: WRC1-1568
Wilno / Killaloe ON
Clark Geuttel: guitar, tin whistle
Barney McCaffery: accordion
Ish Theilheimer: vocal, violin, mandolin
John Steele: stand up bass
Frank Rhode: percussion, beer bottle
Produced by Alan Geuttel, 1981
Recorded by Brian Park at Silver Lake, ON
Mastered at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

“Where am I from? I’m from Wilno. If you don’t know, you will know.”
Barney McCaffery

Bernard McCaffery b. 1935, USA / d. January 3, 2012, Barry’s Bay, Ontario (77)

11. Dillard & Clark: Radio Song (Bernie Leadon / Gene Clark)
The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark: A&M Records SP 4158
Gene Clark: guitar, vocal
Doug Dillard: banjo, fiddle, guitar
Bearnie Leadon: banjo, guitar
David Jackson: double bass
Donald Beck: mandolin, dobro
Andrew Belling: electric harpsichord
Produced by Larry Marks, 1968
Recorded by Dick Bogert

The duo was formed in 1968, shortly after Clark departed the Byrds and Dillard left the Dillards. They recorded two albums then Clark went solo.

12. Billy And The Catch 22: Monday Mondaze (Patriquin / Tribe / Konopelski)
Rough Mix: World Records WRC1 5963
Billy Patriquin: guitar, lead vocals
Fred Duval: drums, vocals
Joe Power: bass, vocals
Don Patriquin: acoustic guitar
Steve Wingfield: sax
Rob Duval: keys
Produced by Fred Duval at Powerlines Productions, 1988
Recorded by Fred Duval at Powerlines, Toronto

This critically acclaimed album was the only one Billy and the Catch 22 recorded. Only a thousand lps and cassettes were ever made and until last year, none of the songs was available online.

13. The Easybeats: Houndog (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
Friday On My Mind: United Artists UAS 6588
Sydney, AU
Harry Vanda: lead guitar
Snowy Fleet: drums
Dick Diamonde: bass
George Young: guitar
Little Stevie: vocals
Produced by Shel Talmy, 1967
Recorded in London, England

14. Buffalo Rebels: Buffalo Blues (Mick Kipler / Jim Kipler)
45 single bw Donkey Walk: Marlee Records M-0095
Buffalo NY
Jim Kipler: lead uigar
Mick Kipler: sax
Paul Balon: electric guitar
Tommy Gorman: drums
Produced by Tom Shannon and Phil Todaro, 1960
Recorded by Shannon and Todaro, WKBW radio studio, Buffalo NY

The Rebels, aka The Rockin’ Rebels, like John Little’s Band, The Hot Toddies, recorded for Tom Shannon and Phil Todaro, a couple of Buffalo area music hustlers. They recorded the theme to Shannon’s WKBW radio show and called it Wild Weekend. Shannon and Todaro released it locally on their own Marlee label. Two years later it was leased to Swan Records and shot up the charts to #8! To avoid problems with Duane Eddy and his Rebels, the band changed their name to the Buffalo Rebels for this release. They broke up shortly thereafter, in 1962.

15. The Beatles: Not A Second Time (Lennon / McCartney)
Beatlemania With The Beatles: Capitol Records Canada T 6051
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: double-tracked vocal, acoustic guitar
Paul McCartney: bass
George Harrison: acoustic guitar
Ringo Starr: drums
George Martin: piano
Produced by George Martin, 1963
Recorded by Norman Smith at Abby Road Studio 2

16. The Jam: Monday (Paul Weller)
Sound Affects: Polydor Records PD-1-6315
Woking, UK
Paul Weller: vocal, guitar, bass, keys
Bruce Foxton: bass, rhythm guitar, vocals
Rick Buckler: drums
Produced by The Jam & Vic Coppersmith-Heaven, 1980
Recorded by Alan Douglas at The Town House, London

The Jam’s active years were from 1972–1982

17. Henry Mancini Orchestra: Lujon (Henry Mancini)
Mr. Lucky Goes Latin Soundtrack: RCA Victor LSP 2360
Los Angeles CA
Ted Nash: baritone sax
Vince DeRosa: French horn
Bob Bain:, Laurindo Almeida: mandoguitar
Bobby Hammack: organ
Frank Flynn, Larry Bunker, Milt Holland, Shelly Manne: percussion
Jimmy Rowles: piano
Ronny Lang: reeds
Henry Mancini: conductor
Produced by Dick Peirce, 1961
Recorded by Al Schmitt at RCA’s Music Center of the World Studios

Enrico Nicola Mancini b. Cleveland OH Apr 16, 1924 / d. June 14, 1994 Los Angeles (70)

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