33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 4, 2019

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Rockin’ In Rhythm Live
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Hour One

1.    John Dickie: Mississippi Queen (David Rea / Felix Pappalardi / Leslie West) 1987 *
2.   Mendelson Joe: Annie Smith (Mendelson Joe) 1979 *
3.   Oscar Peterson: I’ve Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good (Ellington / Webster) 1976 *
4.   It’s A Beautiful Day: Angels and Animals (Rod Taylor) 1972
5.   Crowbar: Newspaper Song (Roly Greenway) 1972 *
6.   The Band: This Wheel’s On Fire (Bob Dylan / Rick Danko) 1972 *
7.   The Plastic Ono Band: Yer Blues (John Lennon / Paul McCartney) 1969 *
8.   Taste: Sugar Mama (Trad arr by Rory Gallagher) 1971
9.   Mahogany Rush: Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame (Frank Marino) 1988 *
10. Utilities: Habitude (Utilities) 2015 *

Hour Two

1.   The Beachboys: Fun Fun Fun (Brian Wilson / Mike Love) 1965
2.   The Beatles: Long Tall Sally (E Johnson) 1965
3.   Duke Ellington: Rockin’ In Rhythm (Ellington) 1943
4.   Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte: One More Dance (Carter) 1960
5.   Miles Davis: The Meaning of the Blues (L Worth / B Troup) 1961
6.   Crosby, Still, Nash & Young: Sea of Madness (Neil Young) 1969
7.   Rush: Something For Nothing (Geddy Lee / Neil Peart) 1976 *
8.   Grand Funk: Mark Says Alright (M Farmer / D Brewer / M Schacher) 1970
9.   Jeff Beck with Jan Hammer Group: She’s A Woman (Lennon / McCartney) 1977
10. King Crimson: Sailor’s Tale (Robert Fripp) 1972
11. Jimi Hendrix: Message of Love (Jimi Hendrix) 1970
12. Mike ‘Malihini’ Scott & His Hawaiianaires: Hoe Hoe (Sam Koki) 1983 *

CanCon = 41%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   John Dickie: Mississippi Queen (David Rea / Felix Pappalardi / Leslie West)
Grossmans Live: Spadina Beat Records WRC1-5490
Toronto ON
John Dickie: vocals
Michael McDonald: guitar
Pat Rush: guitar
Mike Sloski: drums
Alec Fraser: bass
Produced by Michael McDonald & Michael Pickett 1987
Recorded by Michael McDonald w Jim Jones, Bob Read, Pat Rush & Cory Turnbull at Grossmans Tavern, Toronto
Mixed at Comfort Sound, Toronto by Steve Straub and Michael McDonald
Mastered by Pete Norman at McClear Place, Toronto

John Dickie is a versatile Toronto blues singer who’s played with Crowbar, Cameo Blues, Sisters Euclid, John & the Sisters to name some. He’s joined here by guitar master Pat Rush (b. Pittsburgh PA June 27, 1952) who’s credentials include playing with the likes of Muddy Waters, Johnny Winte, James Cotton, The Allman Brothers, Jeff Healey band, etc. Alec Fraser, known for his bass playing, has played with Jeff Healey (on Mess Of Blues), Ron Hynes, and dozens of others. Mike Sloski hit the Toronto music scene in 1971 playing great drums and has backed up Martha & The Muffins, Alannah Myles, Etta James, Ben E King, Long John Baldry and Dusty Springfield.

2.   Mendelson Joe: Annie Smith (Mendelson Joe)
Live at the Nervous Breakdown: Nervous Breakdown Productions NB-001
Emsdale ON
Mendelson Joe: electric guitar, vocals
Produced by Charles La Pointe, 1979
Recorded by Paul Trolle at the Nervous Breakdown, London ON, Apr 1979
Mixed by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto

This is a one off from Mendelson Joe, a song about his then girlfriend. From his book “Alien”: “In 1978…I met the greatest love of my life.” Annie was a stripper and Joe, an avowed feminist, and this caused some outrage in the “progressive life” of Toronto. She helped Joe concoct his anti-nuclear protest; he actually went on a hunger strike in 1980. So this song was recorded around that time but never made it to one of Joe’s albums. It was recorded live at the Nervous Breakdown folk club in London, Ontario on an album, recorded live in April ’79 that also featured tracks by David Essig, Ken Whiteley, Terry Jones, Tommy Graham and others. Joe also appeared on the album backing Mose Scarlett, Willie P Bennett and Daisy DeBolt with Dona Louthood. Other guests on the album.

3.   Oscar Peterson: I’ve Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good (Ellington / Webster)
In Russia: Pablo Records 2625-711
Montreal / Mississauga
Oscar Peterson: piano
Produced by Norman Granzinsky, 1976
Recorded Tallinn, Estonia, Nov 17, 1974

Interestingly, it’s called “In Russia” but the actual performance of this double album took place in Tallinn, Estonia! But it was all considered a communist block of countries under the USSR. Estonia, like Latvia and Lithuania, were totally controlled back then by the Kremlin. This album documents a milestone for “western” jazz in the Soviet bloc. Side one was Oscar alone while the other sides of the album include some backup players. The response is audible.

4.   It’s A Beautiful Day: Angels and Animals (Rod Taylor)
At Carnegie Hall: Columbia Records AL 31338
San Francisco CA
David Laflamme: violin, vocals
Pattie Santos: percussion, vocals
Fred Webb: keys, vocals
Bill Gregory: Guitar
Tom Fowler: bass
Val Fuentes: drums, vocals
Produced by It’s A Beautiful Day, 1972
Recorded by Stanley Tonkel at Carnegie Hall, NYC
Mixed by Elliot Mazer at Quadrafonic Sound Studios, Nashville

A Carnegie Hall performance by a band lead by a classically trained violinist who actually changed his name to David Laflamme from Gary Posie to protect his other career: that of an orchestral violinist. But in the mid-sixties, Posie jammed with Jerry Garcia and Janis Joblin, joined Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks before forming It’s A Beautiful Day in 1967. So, one way or another, Posie as David Laflamme, got to play one of the worlds greatest concert halls.

5.   Crowbar: Newspaper Song (Roly Greenway) 1972
Larger Than Life (And Live’r Than You’ve Ever Been): Daffodil Records SBBX-16007
Hamilton ON
Kelly Jay: piano, harmonica, vocals
Roly Greenway: vocals, bass, guitar
Rheal Lanthier: vocals, lead guitar
The Ghetto: vocals, lead guitar
Josef Chirowski: keys, vocals
Sonnie Bernardi: vocals, drums, percussion
Produced by Love, 1972
Recorded Henry Saskowski, Phil Sheridan, Bill Seddon and Mike Bourne
Recorded at Massey Hall, Toronto, Sept 23, 1971

This was the first ever live simulcast (A live concert that is carried simultaneously by radio and television), in Stereo, ever made in Canada, broadcast live by CHUM-FM in Toronto. They chose their venue wisely: the iconic Shuter Street building called Massey Hall, scene of some other magnificent live recordings. Jazz at Massey Hall with Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Max Roach and Bud Powell is legendary. Gordon Lightfoot and Neil Young have recorded there. And so did Rush!

6.   The Band: This Wheel’s On Fire (Bob Dylan / Rick Danko)
Rock of Ages: Capitol Records Canada SABB 11045
Woodstock NY
Levon Helm: drums
Jamie Robbie Robertson: guitar
Richard Manuel: vocal, hammond Organ
Rick Danko: bass
Garth Hudson: keys, brass, woodwinds
Produced by The Band, 1972
Recorded by Phil Ramone and Mark Harman at Acadamy of Music, NYC
Mixed at Bearsville Sound Studio

Although more has been released since The Band’s demise, they only put out two live recordings during their time together. Rock of Ages was the first; The Last Waltz, well… their last. Wheels On Fire made some good money on the open market. It was first recorded by Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and the Trinity in 1968; The Byrds did it the next year, 1969, with the release of Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde (It also appears on their Untitled album, expanded CD version, recorded in 1969 live at the Fillmore). In 1987, Siouxsie and the Banshees recorded it on Through the Looking Glass. Golden Earing, elvis Costello, The Hollies, Ian and Sylvia, Leslie West, Serena Ryder, June Tabor and Rat Scabies have recorded versions too.

7.   The Plastic Ono Band: Yer Blues (John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Live Peace from Toronto 1969: Apple / EMI / Capitol ST 12239
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: guitar, vocal
Yoko Ono: vocal
Eric Clapton: guitar
Klaus Voorman: bass
Alan White: drums
Produced by John Lennon & Yoko Ono 1969
Recorded live at Toronto Rock & Roll Revival September 13, 1969
Released 2 December 1969

Eric Clapton does his magic at the end of this song although no one seemed to know exactly how it would end. That’s the spirit of true playing! This is considered Canadian Content since it was recorded in Toronto and released in Canada by Capitol Records of Canada, 2 out of 4 MAPL pieces.

8.   Taste: Sugar Mama (Trad arr by Rory Gallagher)
Live Taste: Polydor Records 2310082
Belfast N Ireland
Rory Gallagher: guitar, vocals
Ritchie McCracken: bass
John Wilson: drums
Produced by Tony Colton, 1971
Recorded lite at the Montreaux Casino, Switzerland by Pierre Grandjean, Aug 31, 1970
Mastered by Billy Kennedy at Command Studios, London

Taste only recorded two album and still owed the company another record so this live recording was used to cover that, released shortly after Gallagher disbanded the trio. Unfortunately, most of the material on this live recording was previously recorded on Taste’s first album. Still, it’s raw power trio blues, ignited by Rory’s amazing guitar work.

9.   Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush: Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame (Frank Marino)
Double Live: Maze Music Records MML 1046
Montreal QC
Frank Marino: guitar, lead vocal
Vince Marino: guitar, bg vocal
Paul Harwood: bass
Timm Biery: drums
Claudio Pesavento: keys
Produced by Frank Marino, 1988
Recorded by Billy Szawlowski in California and Texas
Mastered by Kalain DeRoque at Disques SNB

This isn’t the original line-up of Mahogany Rush, thus the Frank Marino and.. But it’s a live, double album, recorded at concerts in California and Texas.

10. Utilities: Habitude (Joel Stretch)
Love And Records Live Compilation 2014: CKXU-FM 88.3 LnR0001
Lethbridge AB
Joel Stretch:
Drake McCheyne:
Colby Stolson:
Tyson Wiebe:
Produced by CKXU-FM, 2015
Recorded live at the 2014 Love And Records Festival, Lethbridge, Alberta
Recorded by Jon Martin, James McDowell and Josh Hellawell
Mixed by Jon Martin
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Community radio station CKXU has been producing free annual outdoor festivals, featuring mostly local acts, in  Lethbridge for several years. The 2014 performers, recorded during their performances, are featured on this LP. They include The Utilities who formed in 2010 and have released albums on limited white vinyl. Their latest album “Heavy South” was produced in 2018.

Hour Two

1.   The Beachboys: Fun Fun Fun (Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
Beach Boys Concert: Capitol Records Canda TAO 2198
Hawthorne CA
Brian Wilson - lead, harmony and backing vocals; bass guitar
Mike Love - lead, harmony and backing vocals
Al Jardine - rhythm guitar
Carl Wilson - harmony and backing vocals; lead guitar
Dennis Wilson - harmony and backing vocals; drums
Produced by Brian Wilson, 1964
Recorded at Civic Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento CA, Dec 21, 1963

1963 and 64 were big years for The Beachboys. Recorded at the height of Beatlemania, a band that attracted the attention of teenage girls was asking for a screaming audience which is captured on this live LP. By then, Brian Wilson was taking his leave of the band but made sure to perform on bass on these live sessions spanning those two big years.

2.   The Beatles: Long Tall Sally (Robert Blackwell / Enotris Johnson)
Live at the Hollywood Bowl: Capitol Records Canada 4XW 11638
John Lennon: guitar
Paul McCartney: lead vocal, bass
George Harrison: lead guitar
Ringo Starr: drums
Produced by Voyle Gilmore, 1965
Mixed by George Martin
Recorded Aug 23, 1964 at The Hollywood Bowl, California
Released May 4, 1977

Speaking of Beatlemania! Here it was in all its glory on an album released in 1977 which included songs performed at two Hollywood performances, almost a year apart. LTS was recorded by Little Richard (who claims part authorship, of course!), in 1957. That’s when the Quarrymen started performing it around Liverpool. It remained a Beatles’ live standard through to their last public performance of it in 1966. Originally recorded during their A hard Day’s Night sessions and released in Canada as a special Beatles’ album called Long Tall Sally (Capitol Canada T-6063).

Next: Three records from the stage at Carnegie Hall

3.   Duke Ellington: Rockin’ In Rhythm (Ellington)
The Duke Ellington Carnegie Hall Concerts, Jaunary 1943: Prestege Records P-34004
Washington DC
Duke Ellington: piano, leader
Ray Nance: trumpet, violin
Fred Guy: guitar
Junior Raglin: bass
Sonny Greer: drums
Rex Stewart, Harold Baker, Wallace Jones: trumpet
Tricky Sam Nanton, Juan Tizol, Lawrence Brown: trombone
Johnny Hodges, Ben Webster, Harry Carney, Otto Hardwicke, Chauncey Haughton: reeds
Produced by Orrin Keepnews, 1977
Recorded at Carnegie Hall, NY Jan 23, 1943
Re-processed from original source by Jerry Valburn and Jack Towers
Mastered by David Turner at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley CA

Another of those legendary gigs that are never completely forgotten, especially while we still have the records to hear them on. It is said: Every serious jazz library should containtain this set of records.

4.   Miriam Makeba and Harry Belafonte: One More Dance (Carter)
Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall: RCA Victor Living Stereo LSO-6007
Johannesburg, S Africa / NYC
Harry Belafonte: vocal, intro
Miriam Makeba: vocal
Danny Barrajanos: bongos, conga
Ernie Calabria: guitar
Walter Raim: guitar
Millard Thomas: guitar
Produced by Bob Bollard, 1960
Recorded by Bob Simpson at Carnegie Hall, NY, May 2, 1960

This was a gala concert hosted by one of the biggest stars of his time: Harry Belafonte. He was huge in the ‘50s and early ‘60s. It featured The Belafonte Folk Singers, Odetta, The Chad Mitchell Trio and Miriam Makeba. Here Makeba sings an amazingly evocative love song with Belafonte. It’s hilarious! He even warns his wife before the song began that….. It’s just a song! Belafonte just turned 92 on March 1. Miriam Makeba was born on this date, March 4, 1932 and passed away on Nov 9, 2008.

5.   Miles Davis: The Meaning of the Blues (L Worth / B Troup / JJ Johnson)
Miles Davis at Carnegie Hall: Columbia Records Monaural CL-1812
Alton Illinois
Miles Davis: Trumpet
Hank Mobley: Tenor saxophone
Wynton Kelly: Piano
Paul Chambers: Bass
Jimmy Cobb: Drums
Produced by Teo Macero, 1961
Recorded at Carnegie Hall, NY
Released July 16, 1962

b. May 26, 1926, Alton, Illinois

This performance captured Miles Davis at the intersection of time. What he did before this and what he would do after it would be Miles different. After this gig Davis changed his band to get ready for what was coming over the horizon.

6.   Crosby, Still, Nash & Young: Sea of Madness (Neil Young)
Woodstock: Cotillion Records SD 3-500
Neil Young: organ, lead vocal
David Crosby: guitar, vocal
Graham Nash: guitar, vocal
Steve Stills: guitar, vocal
Produced by Eric Blackstead, 1970
Recorded in September 1969 at the Fillmore East Auditorium, New York City
Mixed at The Record Plant, Los Angeles

That’s right! The song on the Woodstock album was actually record at the Filmore East in NYC several weeks after the festival and is included on this album. Crosby, Stills & Nash’s set is considered one of the most contentious in the official Woodstock album.  Every live album is “sweetened,” i.e., crowd noise added,  out of tune (or time) instruments are re-recorded, a vocal overdub here and there.  But CSN’s set allegedly is mostly a studio rehash.

7.   Rush: Something For Nothing (Geddy Lee / Neil Peart)
All The World’s A Stage: Anthem Records Mercury Records SRM2-7508
Neil Peart: drums
Alex Lifeson: guitars
Geddy Lee: bass, vocals
Produced by Terry Brown and Rush, 1976
Recorded at Massey Hall, Toronto Jun 11-13, 1976
Recorded by Terry Brown with the Fedco Mobile Unit
Mixed at Toronto Sound Studios

So here are Rush at Massey Hall. I only went to two rock shows with Geddy Lee (James Brown at Maple Leaf Gardens 1968), the second of which was The Fugs and McKenna Mendelson Mainline (openers) at Massey Hall. Who would have thought that just 8 years later Geddy would be performing on that same stage, recording the double live album “All The World’s A Stage” over three nights. And Rush were only just beginning.

8.   Grand Funk: Mark Says Alright (M Farner / D Brewer / M Schacher)
Live Album: Capitol Records SWBB 633
Flint Michigan
Mark Farner: lead vocal, guitar
Don Brewer: bass
Mel Schacher: drums
Produced by Terry Knight, 1970
Recorded by Kenneth Hamann at the Jacksonville Coliseum on June 23, 1970

It’s funny coz this was one of the albums that was panned to death by critics and yet sold incredibly well. At the time when it was recorded, Grand Funk Railway were one of the biggest selling concert acts going and that’s what apparently appealed to fans who purchased the Live album: it recreated their own concert by a band they loved.

9.   Jeff Beck with Jan Hammer Group: She’s A Woman (Lennon / McCartney)
Live: Epic Records 34433
London UK / Prague Czech Rep
Jeff Beck: lead guitar, special effects
Tony Smith: drums
Fernando Saunders: rhythm guitar, vocal
Steve Kindler: violin
Jan Hammer: synths, keys
Produced by Jan Hammer, 1977
Recorded by Dennis Weinreich and Jan Hammer, Reading, Pennsylvania, Aug 31, 1976
Mixed by Jan Hammer at Scorpio Sound Studios in London

Jan Hammer was a keyboard playing record producer who worked with the Mahavishnu Orchestra in the early ‘70s. He worked with John McLaughlin, Al Di Meola, Mick Jagger, Santana, Tommy Bolin and Elvin Jones. He toured over a hundred gigs in 1976 with Jeff Beck, resulting in their recording three albums, including this one.

10. King Crimson: Sailor’s Tale (Robert Fripp)
Earthbound: Island Records HELP 6
London UK
Robert Fripp: electric guitar
Mel Collins: sax, mellotron
Boz: bass
Ian Wallace: drums
Produced by Robert Fripp for E.G. Records,1972
Recorded at Jacksonville, FL, Feb 26, 1971 by Hunter MacDonald in a Volkswagen van on an Ampex Stereo cassette player.

KC were touring in the US in 1971 after the release of their fourth studio album, Islands. For some reason, during a Jacksonville, Florida gig, outdoors in the rain, their sound engineer set up a cassette tape recorder to capture the show; he did this in the back of a Volkswagen truck. The sound quality is horrible and Island’s North American distributor balked at releasing it as an album. But it’s great if you can get past that coz it really represents what King Crimson were like live in those days.

11. Jimi Hendrix: Message of Love (Jimi Hendrix)
Band Of Gypsies: Reprise Records RS 5195
Seattle WA
Jimi Hendrix: guitar, vocal
Buddy Miles: drums
Billy Cox: bass
Produced by Heaven Research, 1970
Recorded by Wally Heider at Fillmore East, NYC New Years Eve 1969-70
Mixed by Eddie Kramer

Recorded on New Years Eve, 1969, the album wasn’t very much liked and sold poorly for a Hendrix album. He was just transitioning from The Experience with Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell into a fusion rock, jazz and blues experiment. Buddy Miles and Billy Cox just couldn’t provide the needed sound to make it all congeal. No wonder Jimi went back and got Mitchell back on drums the last year of his life.

12. Mike Malihini’ Scott & His Hawaiianaires: Hoe Hoe (Sam Koki) 1983 *
Live At The Waikiki: Maple Records MA 1014
Toronto ON
Jamie Nolan, guitar
Al Gardner, drums
Paul Butler, keys
Mike ‘Malihini’ Scott, Hawaiian steel
Produced by Mike Scott & Jamie Nolan 1983
Recorded and Mastered at Fiesta Studios, Toronto
Supposedly recorded at the Waikiki Restaurant, Kitchener ON

This album was recorded in the studio. There is nothing ‘live’ about it. They crudely dubbed in audience response after each song had faded into silence but it’s a great song to end the program with.

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