33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 11, 2019

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Hour One

1.    Lee Aaron Project: I Just Want to Make Love to You (Willie Dixon) 1982 *
2.   Andrew Cash Band: Midnight Gone (Charlie Angus) 1988 *
3.   The Deserters: Innervisions (C Bigg / K MacLean) 1981 *
4.   The Foggy Duo: Lord Franklin (Trad) 1980 *
5.   Hands And Teeth: Not The Same (Hands and Teeth) 2014 *
6.   Ian And Sylvia: Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson) 1964  *
7.   Jump: Nothing Like Love (Barb Fraser) 1986 *
8.   Daniel Lanois: Where The Hawkwind Kills (Daniel Lanois) 1989 *
9.   Selina Martin: The Spirit of the Radio (Alex Lifeson / Geddy Lee / Neil Peart) 2010 *
10. The Payola$: Rockers (Paul Hyde / Bob Rock) 1982 *
11. Leo Simpson: Sometimes Its Good (Leo Simpson) 1974 *
12. The Ugly Ducklings: Nothin’ (Dave Byngham / Roger Mayne) 1966 *
13. Neil Young: Old Man (Neil Young) 1972 *

Hour Two

1.   Bim: Can’t Catch Me (Roy Forbes) 1975 *
2.   Greg Downie & The Sadies: Crater (Gord Downie / Sadies) 2014 *
3.   The Eyes of Dawn: Time To Be Going (The Fortunes) 1967 *
4.   Patsy Gallant: Get That Ball (Ken Owen / Yves Lapierre) 1972 *
5.   It’s All Meat: Feel It (Jed MacKay / Rick McKim) 1969 *
6.   The Jaybees: I’m A Loner (F Hill / A Nichols) 1966 *
7.   Karo: Sorry Guys (Karolyn Vallee) 1975 *
8.   Hugh Marsh: Znefu For All (Hugh Marsh) 1984 *
9.   Harold Nix: Take A Drive (Harold Nix) 1986 *
10. The Offbeats: Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman) 1965
11. Perth County Conspiracy: Military Spectatorships (Cedric Smith) 1975 *
12. The Revolvers: Systolic Sun (Revolvers) 2010 *
13. The Townsmen: Pineland Stomp (Townsmen) 196? *
14. Jim Vautour: Springsong (Jim Vautour) 1981 *
15. Colter Wall: Thirteen Silver Dollars (Colter Wall) 2017 *
16. The Whirleygigs: Raised By Wolves (Alex Mortimer) 1989 *
17. Zwol: A Little Bit Crazy (Walter Zwol) 1979 *
18. The Hansen Alpine International Band: Homeland Bells (Ehrlinger / Boyk) 1985 *

CanCon = 100%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Lee Aaron Project: I Just Wanna Make Love To You (Willie Dixon)
The Lee Aaron Project: Freedom Records FR 014
Belleville ON
Lee Aaron: lead vocals
Rick Santers: guitar
Mark Santers: drums
Rick Lazaroff: bass
Produced by Robert Connolly 1982
Recorded by Paul Massey, Robin Brouwers, Ed Stone at Masters Workshop, Toronto
Mixed at Phase One Studios, Toronto
Karen Lynn Greening (born July 21, 1962 in Belleville, Ontario)

2.   Andrew Cash: Midnight Gone (Charlie Angus)
Time & Place: Island Records ISL 1185
Toronto ON
Andrew Cash: guitar, vocals
Peter Duffin, drums
Peter MacGibbon, bass
Graydon Nichols, guitar
Jim Ediger, fiddle
Produced by John Switzer & Andrew Cash, 1988
Mixed by Joe Primeau
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, New York

One of the early songs written by Charlie Angus. Originally performed by the Grievous Angels during their formative stage at the Spadina Hotel, circa 1987,0 but never recorded by them. This version, by Andrew Cash, was the basis for Charlie’s first big royalty cheque! It’s a dark, foreboding story of a small town kid who came to Toronto during the punk days and never went home alive. The recording features drummer Peter Duffin who, along with Cash and Angus were the mainstays behind proto-punk band L’etranger. Cash was the first Canadian artist signed to the prestigious Islands Records label.

3.   Deserters: Innervisions (C Bigg / K MacLean)
45 single bw Alien: Capitol Records 72856
Ajax ON
Chris Gibb (synthesizer, bass, vocals)
Kenny MacLean (synthesizer, guitar, vocals)
Henry Diclemente (percussion, drums)
Greg Stephens (synthesizer, vocals)
Produced by Carter, 1981

Originally known as The Suspects, a Toronto punk band. After signing with Capitol Records they did a make-over, lots of hair spray, and became The Deserters, a new wave band. They released two albums before calling it a day in 1983.

4.   Foggy Duo: Lord Franklin (trad)
Out of the Mist: Fog Records FOG 205
Ottawa ON
Bill Craig: guitar, vocals
Don Garbutt: accordion, bass guitar, synth, piano
Produced by The Two Stupid Foggies, 1980
Recorded and mixed by Roger Grant

5.   Hands And Teeth: Not The Same (Hands and Teeth) 2014 *
Before The Light EP: Underground Operations - UOP J-44
Toronto ON
Kevin Black: guitar, vocals, autoharp
Adam Kolubinski: drums
Derek Monson: bass, vocals, electronic drums
Natasha Pasternak: vocals, guitar, synths
Produced by Hands And Teeth with Carlin Nicholson & Mike O'Brien, 2014
Recorded by Carlin Nicholson & Mike O'Brien at Ill Eagle Studio, Toronto
Mixed by Carlin Nicholson at the Cracker Pit
Mastered by Noah Mintz at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Toronto band that I featured on my program June 9, 2014 when they released their vinyl EP. They broke up shortly afterwards. Natasha Pasternak is the daughter of singer / songwriter / music producer Suzanne Pasternak and grew up in Prince Edward County, Ontario. She now makes her home in California.

6.   Ian & Sylvia: Four Strong Winds (Ian Tyson)
Four Strong Winds: Vanguard VRS-9133
Alberta / Toronto
Ian Tyson: guitar, vocal
Sylvia (Fricker) Tyson: vocal
John Herald: bass
Eric Weissberg: guitar
Produced by Maynard Dolomon & Jack Lothrop
Released April, 1964

The song has been recorded by many artists, including Hank Snow, The Seekers, Judy Collins, the Chad Mitchell Trio, Bob Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, The Searchers, John Denver, The Kingston Trio, Trini Lopez, Waylon Jennings, Bobby Bare, Chad and Jeremy, The Wolfe Tones, The Tragically Hip, Joan Baez, Vanity Fare, Glenn Yarborough, Harry Belafonte, Tony Rice, Johnny Cash, The Carter Family, Sarah McLachlan, David Wiffen, Hep Stars, Les Contretemps, Neil Young, Mickey and Bunny and Schooner Fare.

7.   Jump: Nothing Like Love (Barb Fraser)
Coast To Coast: CBC Enterprises RV85
Vancouver BC
Bill Stunt: guitar
Barb Fraser: vocals
Sue Leonard: vocals
Dennis Henderson: bass
Rick Fedyk: drums
Roger Nay: keys
Produced by Tod Elvidge, 1986
Recorded by Gary Heald in Vancouver

Fronted by ex CBC producer Bill Stunt (orig from St. Catherines ON) & Barb Fraser (orig from Ottawa). Formed in Vancouver after musicians there noticed that Bill lost his possessions in a car fire on the TCH in Ontario. Fraser orgainzed a benefit in Van and from this the band was born.

8.   Daniel Lanois: Where The Hawkwind Kills (Daniel Lanois)
Acadie: Opal / WB - 92 59691
Hamilton, ON
Daniel Lanois guitar (steel, electric and acoustic), bass, vocals, omnichord
Mason Ruffner:  guitar
Malcolm Burn: keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
Tony Hall:  bass
Willie Green:  drums
Produced by Daniel Lanois, 1989
Recorded by Malcolm Burn and Mark Howard, New Orleans LA
Additional Recording at Brian Eno’s Wilderness Studio, UK
Mixed by Malcolm Burn & Daniel Lanois w Mark Howard
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

9.   Selina Martin: The Spirit of Radio (Lee / Lifeson / Peart)
Disaster Fantasies: SELMALP0008
Ottawa Valley / Toronto ON
Selina Martin: vocals, guiars, bass, musical saw, wine glasses, organ
Chris Stringer: guitars, bass, synth, Wurlitzer, mini-moog, percussion
Annelise Noronha: guitars, accordion
Doug Friesen: bass, trombone
Josh Van Tassel: drums
Jack Breakfast: piano
Laura Barrett: kalimba
Produced by Chris Stringer, 2010
Recorded by Chris Stringer at The Lincoln County Social Club, Toronto
Mastered by Joao Carvalho at Joao Carlvalho Mastering, Toronto

10. The Payola$: Rockers (Paul Hyde / Bob Rock)
No Stranger To Danger: A&M Records SP 9070
Vancouver BC
Paul Hyde: guitar, lead vocals
Bob Rock: guitars, vocals
Lawrence Wilkins: bass
Christopher Taylor: drums
Mick Ronson: keys, bg vocals
Howie Vickers: bg vocals
Produced by Mick Ronson, 1982
Recorded by Bob Rock, Roger Monk and Mike Fraser at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver
Mixed at The Power Station, NYC
Mastered by Howie Weinburg at Masterdisc, NYC

11. Leo Simpson: Sometimes Its Good (Leo Simpson) *
45 Single bw Cool Fool: Zone Records Z 102
Jamaica, Canada, UK
Produced by Leo Simpson 1974

Also released Black Oppressor 45 on Zone earlier in 1974 (Zone Rec Z 101)
Recorded Red River Valley for Ska Beat Records in Jamaica, 1965
Signed to CAPAC (so must have lived in Canada) and the record was Made in Canada. Most likely one of the first reggae records ever produced in Canada! Prove me wrong (please).

12. The Ugly Ducklings: Nothin (Dave Byngham / Roger Mayne)
Somewhere Outside: Yorktown Records - YT 50,001
Toronto ON
Dave Bingham (vocals)
Glynn Bell (guitar)
Roger Mayne (guitar)
John Read (bass)
Robin Boers (drums)
Produced by Bill Huard, 1966
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Ray Lawrence, Gary youngblood & Terry Vollum at Stea Phillips, NYC  and Hallmark Sound, Toronto and Bay Recording, Toronto

13. Neil Young: Old Man (Neil Young) .
Heart of Gold: Reprise MS 2032
Toronto / Winnipeg MB
Neil Young: Lead vocals, Acoustic guitar
James Taylor: Six string banjo, Backing vocals
Linda Ronstadt: Backing Vocals.
Ben Keith: Pedal steel guitar
Tim Drummond: Bass
Kenny Buttrey: Drums
James McMahon: piano
Produced by Neil Young, Elliot Mazer, Henry Lewy, Jack Nitzsche, 1972

Hour Two

1.   Bim: Cant Catch Me (Roy Forbes)
Kid Full Of Dreams: Casino Records - CA1007
Vancouver BC
Bim a.k.a Roy Forbes: guitar, vocal
Doug Edwards bass
Kat Hendrikse drums, percussion
Terry Frewer lead guitar
Tom Baird piano
Claire Lawrence sax, harp, organ, flute
Susan Jacks bg vocal
Gary Koliger pedal steel
Betty Chaba bg vocals
Terry Frewer bg vocals
Produced by Claire Lawrence, 1975
Recorded by Dave Slagter at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver
http://www.royforbes.ca or mailto:aka@direct.ca

2.   Gord Downie & The Sadies: Crater (Gord Downie / Sadies)
A & C Records  A&C090
Kingston ON / Toronto Area
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Travis Good: vocal, guitar, mandolin
Dallas Good: guitar, keys
Gord Downie: vocals
Produced by Gord Downie & The Sadies  2014
Recorded by Ken Friesen at The Bath House, Bath ON
Mixed by Bob Rock at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver BC
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

3.   Eyes Of Dawn: Time To Be Going (The Fortunes)
45 Single: Sir John A RG 1018
Ottawa ON
Wayne McQuaid (lead vocals)
Terry King (bass, lead vocals)
Rich Francoeur (lead guitar)
Warren Henry (guitar)
Leo Leclair (bass)
Greg Magee (drums)
Jack Arsenault (organ)
Produced by Norman Greene, 1967

4.   Patsy Gallant: Get That Ball (Ken Owen / Yves Lapierre)
45 single bw I’ve Gotta Make It (Upon My Own): Columbia Records Canada C4-3056
Campbellton NB
Patsy Gallant: vocal
Produced by Yves Lapierre, 1972

Born Adrienne Gallant, Campbellton NB August 15, 1948

1977 Female Vocalist of the Year
1978 Best Selling Single: "Sugar Daddy" and Female Vocalist of the Year

Recorded 13 albums full of songs. Totally bilingual, she’s recorded songs in both French and English. Gallant's greatest pop success came when she teamed up with producer and manager Ian Robertson for the 1976 album, Are You Ready For Love for which she was crowned as Canada’s Disco Queen. After the disco era she went into theatre, lived in France for quite a while before returning to Canada in 2005.

5.   It’s All Meat: Feel It (Jed MacKay / Rick McKim)
It's All Meat: Hallucination - HCD02
Richmond Hill, ON
Rick Aston bass
Jed MacKay keys
Rick McKim drums
Wayne Roworth guitar, lead vocal
Chas White lead guitar
Producer not listed - 1969
Digital Remastering: Bruce Ley, Toronto

6.   The Jaybees: I’m A Loner (F Hill / A Nichols)
45 Single - RCA Victor 57-3398
Allan Nichols: vocals
Bill Hill: lead guitar
Doug West: drums
Andy "Yugo" Kaye (aka Andurash Kajachanei): guitar
Lou Atkins (aka Louis Yachnin): bass
Produced 1966

Were previously JB & The Playboys.

 7.   Karo: Sorry Guys (Karolyn Vallee)
45 single bw I believe In You: Capitol Records Canada 72744
Montreal QC
Karo: vocal, guitar
Produced by John Capek 1975
Strings arranged by Milan Kymitchka

Caroline Vallee born in 1946 in Sherbrooke, Quebec.

She recorded a couple of dozen singles and a few albums, working almost entirely in French. She represented Canada at the World Popular Song Festival for 1971 in Tokyo, Japan, where she placed in 19th which got her a recording contract with Capitol Records of Canada. Her only English language single, Sorry Guys and I Believe in You, flopped. Her career kind of dived after that.

8.   Hugh Marsh: Znefu For All (Hugh Marsh)
The Bear Walks: Duke St Records DSR 31009
Toronto ON
Hugh Marsh: violin
Kevan McKenzie: drums
Jorn Andersen: drums
Dick Smith: percussion
Produced by Peter Cardinali 1984
Recorded by Gary Gray & Peter Lee
Mixed by Gary Gray

9.   Harold Nix: Take A Drive (Harold Nix)
The Fugitive Kind: East Side Records 003
Vancouver BC
Harold Nix: guitars, harmonica, vocals
Mike Van Eyes: keys, classical guitar, vocals
Steve Taylor: drums
Ian Tiles: drums, percussion
Ron Scott: bass
Jack Velker: keys
Adam Drake: drums
Rodger Brant: bass
Lee Oliphant: bass
Peter Sweetzer: organ
Produced by Mike Van Eyes and Herald Nix, 1986
Recorded by Dale Penner at Mushroom Studio, Vancouver
Mixed by Brian Campbell at Blue Wave Studios

A regular on the West Coast music scene, Nix is still out there performing. He was alt-country before there was such a thing.

10. The Offbeats: Do You Wanna Dance (Bobby Freeman)
Do You Wanna Dance - The Best of Frank's Bandstand: Arc A669
Halifax NS
Brian Ahern: guitar
Keith Jollimore, sax
Jack Lilly, drums
Earl Fralick, keys
Jimmy White, bass
Produced by Mannie Pittson, 1965

Friday's show, Frank's Bandstand, was hosted by local CHNS radio personality Frank Cameron, broadcast from Halifax and included Nova Scotia's finest artists.
A lot of great musicians came through Frank's Bandstand, the Halifax version of CBC TV’s daily pan-Canadian show “Music Hop” which originated from Vancouver on Mondays, Montreal (Tuesday), Winnipeg (Wednesday), Toronto (Thursday) and Halifax (Friday). Anne Murray did it for a season.

The Halifax Music Hop house band, the Offbeats, was directed by guitarist Brian Ahern, who would go on to marry Emmylou Harris and produce her early breakthrough recordings. Saxophone player Keith Jollimore later played with Lighthouse and guested on albums by Crowbar, April Wine and the Cooper Brothers.

11. Perth County Conspiracy: Military Spectatorships (Cedric Smith)
Kanada: Amiga Records – 8 55 424
Stratford ON
Cedric Smith: guitar, vocals
Richard Keelan: guitars, vocals
Dorit Cheyne (Learned): psaltery, recorder, percussion, vocals
Paul Gellman: piano, violin, guitar, vibes, percussion, vocals
Larry “Fretless” Brown: bass
Harry Finlay: vocals and happy
Produced by: Karlheinz Ocasek
Recorded by: Gerhard Kossatz
Recorded Feb 1975 in Amiga Studio, East Berlin DDR

This album was also released in Canada as “Breakout To Berlin (Rumour Records)

12. Revolvers: Fire (Systolic Sun) (Revolvers)
Apolcalypse Surfin’: Optical Sounds 8 84502 35386
Sebastian Diaz-Molaro
Lavien Lee
John McKinnon
Produced by Revolvers, 2010

13. The Townsmen: Pineland Stomp (Townsmen) *
45 single: Mousehole Music CD2006.8-9
Ottawa, ON
Paul Hust
Andy Legault
Wayne Leslie
Dave Milliken
Frank Morrison
Recorded between 1965-69

14. Jim Vautour: Springsong (Jim Vautour)
40th Day In May: CBC Northern Service Broadcast Recording WRC1-1384
Whitehorse YT
Jim Vautour: guitar, vocals
Dougie Trineer: bass, guitar, steel
Serge Bougie: drums, congas
Vic Adams: piano
Produced by Les McLaughlin 1981
Recorded & Mixed by Ray Lemieux at Marc Productions, Ottawa

Was in Yukon band Two Rivers with Manfred Janssen in the seventies. Now an architect in Yukon. Jim and his friend Manfred Janssen wrote Land of Gold, a song that is recognized today as the unofficial Yukon anthem. In the 80s he took time off from being a performer and only got back into it in 2011. Recently began performing with Teresa Doyle.

15. Colter Wall: Thirteen Silver Dollars (Colter Wall)
Colter Wall: Young Mary’s Record Co. YMRC001-1
Swift Current, Saskatchewan
Colter Wall: acoustic guitar, vocal
Jason Simpson: bass
Dave Cobb: acoustic guitar
Produced by David Cobb, 2017
Recorded by Gena Johnson

Colter Wall (born June 27, 1995) Swift Current, Saskatchewan

Son of former Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall.

16. The Whirleygigs: Raised By Wolves (Alex Mortimer)
Thunderdust: Amok Records LP-529
Ottawa ON
Alex Mortimer: guitar, vocals
Jeff Kerr: electric guitar
Joel Carlson: bass
Rob Porter: drums
Produced by Tino Izzo and Alex Mortimer 1989
Recorded by Bazooka Joe Viera at Pyramid Prosound Studio, Montreal QC
Mixed by Peter Mika

Once the darlings of College radio in Canada, this Ottawa band released two great album: Gravity Rides Again and their follow-up in 1989 called Thunderdust. Most members stayed active in the Ottawa music scene and recently came together March for the first time since breaking up over 25 yrs ago.

17. Zwol: A Little Bit Crazy (Walter Zwol)
Zwol: EMI America SW 17005
Walter Zwol: vocal
Bernie LaBarge: guitar, vocal
Grant Slater: keys, vocal
Sonnie Bernardi: drums
Dennis Pinhorn: bass, vocal
Produced by Roger Cook, Ralph Murray and Walter Zwol, 1979
Recorded at Crazy Mama Studios, Nashville and Criteria Studios, Miami

Walter Zwolinski, founding member and front man for Canadian rock band Brutus (1969-1976) before going solo. First Canadian artist to sign directly with EMI America. Continued on the circuit and formed a band called The Rage which recorded one record before taking an office job with Attic Records in Toronto in the mid 80s.

18. The Hansen Alpine International Band: Homeland Bells  (Ehrlinger / Boyk)
Blumen von der Stadt bis zum Berg: Enzian E3301
Kitchener, ON
Florence Hansen, violin, cowbells, hammered dulcimer
Debbie Jones, guitar, cowbells
Matthew Lebar, accordion
Marjan Kolaric, clarinet, sax, flute, percussion
Joseph Ovcjak, drums
Paul Weidman, tuba, string bass, bass guitar
Produced by Florence Hansen, 1985
Recorded by Doug Biggs at Cedartree Recording Studios, Kitchener ON

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