33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
March 18, 2019

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Psychedelic Brain Patterns
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Hour One

1.    Albert Collins: Blue Monday Hangover (Deadric Malone / Gilbert Caple) 1980
2.   Affinity: Love Potion Number 9 (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller) 1970
3.   The Attack: Feel Like Flying (John Du Cann) 1968
4.   Action: Brain (Reg King) 1967
5.   The Haunted: Horrow Show (The Haunted) 1967 *
6.   Bent Wind: Going To The City (Unknown) 1969 *
7.   Big Sugar: All Hell For A Basement (Gordie Johnson) 2001 *
8.   The Plague: Only In America (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller) 1967 *
9.   Max Frost & The Troopers: Psychedelic Senate (Les Baxter) 1968
10. The Blues Magoos: The President’s Council of Psychedelic Fitness (Scala / Gilbert) 1968
11. Charity Brown: Jimmy Mack (Holland / Dozier / Holland) 1974 *
12. Blossom Toes: The remarkable Saga of the Frozen Dog (Kevin Westlake) 1967
13. The Chocolate Watchband: Psychedelic Trip (Chocolate Watchband) 1967
14. The Diodes: Red Rubber Ball (Paul Simon) 1977 *
15. Les Excentriques: Fume Fume Fume (Brian Wilson / Mike Love / Fernand Boniface) 1965

Hour two

1.   Jackie Shane: Cruel Cruel World (Shane) 1969 *
2.   Count Five: Psychotic Reaction (Count Five) 1965
3.   Jefferson Airplane: Crown of Creation (Paul Kantner) 1968
4.   Bubble Puppy: Hot Smoke and Sassafrass (Prince / Cox) 1969
5.   The Fall: Psykick Dance Hall (Craig Scanlon / Marc Riley / Mark Smith) 1979
6.   The Ramones: Go Mental (The Ramones) 1978
7.   Nico: These Days (Jackson Browne) 1967
8.   The Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Out In The Cold Again (Monda / Colley) 1969
9.   The Misunderstood: Children of the Sun (Tony Hill / Rick Brown) 1966
10. Portland Street South: Set Me Free (Unknown) 1968 *
11. Pink Floyd: If (Roger Waters) 1970
12. The Pointed Sticks: I’m Numb (Nick Jones) 1979 *
13. Clover: Chicken Butt (Ciambotti / Call / McFee) 1971
14. The Sadies: The Very Ending (The Sadies) 2013 *
15. The Surf Riders: Ten Tons of Wet (unknown) 1968 *


And Now for The Particulars:


Hour One

1.    Albert Collins: Blue Monday Hangover (Deadric Malone / Gilbert Caple)
Frostbite: Alligator Records AL 4719
Leona TX
Albert Collins: guitar, vocal
Johnny Gayden: bass
Casey Jones: drums
Marvin Jackson: guitar
Allen Batts: keys
A.C. Reed: sax
Produced by Bruce Iglauer, Casey Jones and Dick Sherman, 1980
Recorded at Curtom Studios, Chicago by Eddie B Flick

Albert Gene Drewery (b. Leona TX Oct 1, 1932 / d. Nov 24, 1993 Las Vegas NV) (61)

Blue Monday Hangovers goes back a long way! Deadric Malone also went by the name of Don Robey. He was born Nov 1, 1903 in Houston and died there in 1975 (71)

2.   Affinity: Love Potion Number 9 (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
Origins… 1965-67: Angel Air Records
London UK
Grant Perpell: drums
Mo Foster: bass
Lynton Naiff: keys
Mike Jopp: guitar
Linda Hoyle: vocals
Produced 1965-7
Compilation CD releaed 2004

The band named themselves after and Oscar Peterson LP from 1961.

Originally written in 1959 and recorded by The Clovers. Recorded in 1964 by The Searchers, it hit the top ten. Also recorded by The Tijuana Brass and The Coasters.

3.   The Attack: Feel Like Flying (John Du Cann)
Final Daze: Angel Air Records SJPCD080
London UK
Richard Shirman: vocal
John Du Cann: guitar, vocal
Roger Deane: bass
Keith Hodge: drums
Produced 1968

Originally Soul System in 1965, they went through personnel changes and were signed to Decca as The Attack. They released a few singles before Decca considered them to be too heavy and they were dropped. Guitarist John Du Cann later joined Atomic Rooser in the 1970s.

4.   Action: Brain (Reg King)
Brain: The Lost Recordings 1967/68): Autumn Stone Archives ASACD01
London UK
Reg King: vocals
Mike Evans: bass
Roger Powell: drums
Alan King: guitar, vocals
Martin Stone: lead guitar
Produced 1967
First released 1995

A British band that had high hopes but never really got anywhere despite having the backing of none other than George Martin. They liked R&B flavoured psychedelia. They recorded an entire album in 1967 but lost their recording contract, thus the songs remained unreleased until some were included on psychedelic CD compilations.

5.   The Haunted: Horrow Show (The Haunted)
The Haunted: Trans-World 6701
Montreal QC
Al Birmingham: lead guitar
Jurgen Peter: guitar
Mason Shea: bass
Nick Sarecino: drums
Johnny Monk: vocal
Produced 1967

On of the great rock bands from the Montreal music scene of the mid-1960s. This band drew a heavy influence from the Rolling Stones but also followed the psychedelic California scene, coving songs by bands like Love. They even did a French version of Purple Haze called Vapeur Mauve.

6.   Bent Wind: Going To The City
Sussex Drive: Trend Records T-1015
Toronto ON
Gerry Gibas (guitar, vocals)
Marty Roth (rhythm guitar, vocals)
Sebastian Pelaia (bass)
Eddie Thomas (drums)
Produced by Merv Buchanan, 1969

A Toronto band that formed in the psychedlic era and only recorded one hard-to-find album. After disbanding shortly thereafter, the band got back together in the late 1980s and recorded a second LP.

7.   Big Sugar: All Hell For A Basement (Gordie Johnson)
Brothers and Sisters, Are You Ready?: Universal Records
Toronto ON
Gordie Johnson: lead guitar, vocal
Al Cross: drums
Joe Public: horn
Mojah: guitar
Garry Lowe: bass
Produced by Gordie Johnson, 2001
Recorded at Phase One Audio and The Bakery, Toronto by Danny Kurtz and Scott Lake

Grady Johnson b. Winnipeg MB May 23, 1964

Band formed in Toronto in 1988 around guitar player Gordie Johnson. Joined for a while by singer Molly Johnson.

8.   The Plague: Only In America (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
The Best of Gaiety Vol. 2: Lion Productions B0002TLBQ6
Thunder Bay ON
Don Brown: guitar, vocals
Tom Horricks: sax, lead vocals
Lyn McEachem: drums, lead vocal
Joey Stapansky: keys, vocals
George Stevenson: bass, vocals
Produced by Don Grashey, 1967

A song made popular by Jay and The Americans, here it’s performed by Thunder Bay’s The Plague. This was eventually released from the vaults of Gaiety Records which was owned by music impressario Don Grashey who recorded numerous bands from the Winnipeg area and all around northwestern Ontario.

9.   Les Baxter Orchestra: Psychedelic Senate (Les Baxter)
Original Soundtrack: Wild In The Streets: Capitol Records of Canada SKAO 6284
Les Baxter Orchestra
Produced by Mike Curb, 1968

Wild in the Streets is a 1968 film featuring Christopher Jones, Hal Holbrook, and Shelley Winters. It was produced by American International Pictures and based on a short story by writer Robert Thom. The movie, described as both "ludicrous" and "cautionary," was nominated for an Academy Award (for best film editing) and became a cult classic of the 1960s counterculture.

Leslie Thompson "Les" Baxter (March 14, 1922 – January 15, 1996) American composer. Became a staff arranger at Capitol Records in the early 1950s and worked with Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. Put out dozens of albums he arranged and recorded with the orchestra.

10. The Blues Magoos: The President’s Council of Psychedelic Fitness (Scala / Gilbert)
Basic Blues Magoos: Mercury Records SR 61167
Ralph Scala: lead vocal, keys
Ronnie Gilbert: bass
Emil Thielheim: guitar
Mike Esposito: lead guitar
Geoffrey Daking: drums
Produced by Blues Magoos, Bob Wyld and Art Polhemus, 1968

This was from the third album by the Blues Magoos, a New York City based band that made two successful albums in 1967, capitalizing on the psychedelic craze. This album was a lot better but flopped because fans really wanted another psychedelic album. By now they were touring with The Who and getting back to rock n’ roll.

11. Charity Brown: Jimmy Mack (Holland / Dozier / Holland)
The Best of Charity Brown: A&M Records SP-69822
Kitchener ON
Charity Brown: vocals
Produced by Harry Hinde, 1977
Recorded by Hayward Parrott, 1974

Phyllis Boltz b. Kitchener ON

Active as a singer between 1970 and 1979, she first broke onto the music scene as a member of a band called Rain. They scored a minor hit in 1971 with Out of My Mind. In 1973 Brown decided to go solo and concentrate on singing soul music which got her a contract with A&M Records. And she didn’t let them down! Four top ten hits and two successful albums before she got into acting and doing voice-overs. She began performing as a singer again in the mid-2000s. She was nominated for Best Female Vocalist three times.

12. Blossom Toes: The Remarkable Saga of the Frozen Dog (Kevin Westlake)
We Are Ever So Clean: Marmalade Records
London UK
Brian Belshaw: bass, vocals
Jim Cregan: guitar, vocals
Brian Godding: guitar, keys, vocals
Kevin Westlake: drums
David Whittaker: orchestration
Produced by Giorgio Gomelsky, 1967
Recorded by John Timperley

One of the better psychedelic bands in Britain that never really made it. Maybe their name had something to do with that. “Ya, I’m a Toes fan!” They recorded two albums for Marmalade Records, owned by Yardbirds and Soft Machine manager Giorgio Gomelsky. Gomelsky was from Georgia SSR and moved to London where he operated The Crawdaddy Club with The Rolling Stones as the house band. When the Stones left he hired The Yardbirds. His Marmalade label included Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger and The Trinity, Soft Machine and Gong.

13. The Chocolate Watchband: Psychedelic Trip (Chocolate Watchband)
45 single bw In The Midnight Hour: Sundazed S 242
Los Altos CA
David Aguilar: vocal, harmonica, keys
Bill Flores: bass
Mark Loomis: lead guitar, keys
Sean Tolby: guitar
Gary Andrijasevich: drums
Produced by Ed Cable, 1967
Recorded by Richard Polodor

Due to internal conflics with management and producers, The Chocolate Watchband were a dismal failure as recording artists. Very few people had ever heard of them until the mid-1980s when, for some reason, bootlegs started appearing. Then their original LPs started reselling, used, at over a hundred bucks. They were touted as possibly being the American Rolling Stones. Producer Richard Polodor was also the guitarist who played with Sandy Nelson on his original surf/drum song, Let Their Be Drums.

14. The Diodes: Red Rubber Ball (Paul Simon / Bruce Woodley)
The Diodes: Columbia Records PES 90441
Toronto ON
Paul Robinson: vocal
John Catto: guitar
Ian MacKay: bass
John Hamilton: drums
Produced by Bob Gallo, 1977
Recorded and mixed by Hayward Parrott at Manta Sound, Toronto

Another hard luck band who released two LPs for Columbia (and Epic) in the late 70s. They were dumped after their records didn’t sell very well, moved to England and breaking up by 1982. Formed by students from the Ontario College of Art, they played their first gig opening for Talking Heads in January 1977. Oddly, this album also features a cover of Wild in the Streets soundtrack song, “Shape of Things To Come” by Max Frost & The Troopers.

15. Les Excentriques: Fume Fume Fume (Brian Wilson / Mike Love / Fernand Boniface)
L’intégrale: RCA Canada International 57-5625
Montreal QC
Réginald Breton: vocal
Réal Deschatelets: guitar
Denis Lauzon: bass
Léandre Racine: guitar
Florian Sheilds: drums
Produced by Roger Bélair, 1965
Recorded by Ed Benou and Marcel LeBlanc, Montreal

The group was founded in Quebec in 1963, originally called Les Golden Marks. A year later they chanced it to Les Excentriques. They disbanded in 1966 having released two albums.

Hour two

1.   Jackie Shane: Cruel Cruel World (Shane)
45 single bw New Way of Lovin’: Paragon Records PA 1028
Toronto ON
Jackie Shane: vocal
Produced by Jackie Shane, 1969

Jackie Shane (b. Nashville TN May 15, 1940 / d. Feb 21, 2019 Nashville)

So much has been said of Jackie Shane in the past year! She came to Toronto in 1959 and decided that Canada was to be her home. She said: “One cannot choose where one is born, but you can choose your home.” She went on to release some fabulous records but decided, in 1971, to leave it all behind her. She returned to the States to look after her mother, who lived in Nashville. In 2017 an anthology album of Shane’s works was issued by the Numero Group label and was nominated for a Grammy Award. The liner notes were written by Toronto’s Rob Bowman who claimed that Shane’s life “story is so remarkable, that even Hollywood couldn’t dream it up.”

2.   Count Five: Psychotic Reaction (Count Five)
Psychotic Reaction: Double Shot  - DSM 1001
San Jose CA
John "Sean" Byrne - vocals, rhythm guitar
John "Mouse" Michalski - fuzz guitar
Craig "Butch" Atkinson - drums
Kenn Ellner - harmonica
Roy Chaney - fender bass guitar
Produced by Hal Winn, Joseph Hooven - 1965

In late 1964, Irish-born guitarist John "Sean" Byrne was sitting in a Health Education class in his freshman year at San Jose City College in California, learning about psychosis and neurosis. His friend Ron Lamb leaned over and whispered: "You know what would be a great name for a song? Psychotic Reaction!". Byrne had been writing a tune in his head that day, and used the title to finish it, with the entire band given writing credit. PR was released as a single two times: on February 1965 with a local success, and on July 1966. The Band were known for wearing Count Dracula-style capes when playing live. They were all teenagers at the time. This was their only hit. They broke up 1969.

3.   Jefferson Airplane: Crown of Creation (Paul Kantner)
The Worst of Jefferson Airplane: RCA Victor LSP 4459
San Francisco CA
Marty Balin vocals, rhythm guitar
Grace Slick vocals, piano, organ
Paul Kantner rhythm guitar, vocals
Jorma Kaukonen lead guitar, electric chicken, vocals
Spencer Dryden drums, piano, organ, steel balls, vocals
Jack Casady bass
Produced by Al Schmitt 1968
Recorded at RCA Studios, Hollywood CA by Ritchie Schmitt
Originally on LP Crown of Creation
Compilation album put together by: Jefferson Airplane, Bill Thompson, Pat Ierac

Originally released on the album of the same name, the theme being commercialism, which probably didn’t help the band in the singles game. While the album went on to sell well, the two singles the album produced failed to light up the charts, including Crown of Creation.

4.   Bubble Puppy: Hot Smoke and Sassafras (Prince / Cox)
45 single be Beginning: International Artists 1A-128
San Antonio TX
Rod Prince: lead guitar, vocal
Roy Cox: bass, vocals
Todd Potter: lead guitar, vocals
David Fore: drums, vocals
Produced by Roy Rush, 1969

A texas based rock band that formed in 1966, played their first gig opening for The Who in San Antonio in 1967. There were known for having two lead guitarists in the band. After scoring a smashing success with Hot Smoke and Sassafras, they left their record company, changed their name to Damian (after the Herman Hesse novel) and signed a management deal with Steppenwolf’s (another HH character) Nick St. Nocholas. After not achieving much success they broke up in 1972.

5.   The Fall: Psykick Dance Hall (Craig Scanlon / Marc Riley / Mark Smith)
Dragnet: Step-Forward Records SFLP 4
Manchester UK
Mark E Smith: keys, kazoo, vocals
Steve Hanley: bass
Marc Riley: guitars
Craig Scanlon: guitar, piano
Mike Leigh: drums
Kay Carroll: bg vocals
Produced by The Fall and Grant Shobiz, 1979
Recorded at Cargo Studios, Rochdale UK by John Breirley

Formed in 1976, The Fall are UK’s most prolific band from the punk rock era, having released 32 studio albums! This song is from their second LP. Having hated what the producer did to their first album, instead of a good clean sound, the band wanted it rough around the edges. It’s sound is described as being muddy and lo-fi, so much so, that the recording company they used (Cargo Studios) asked that the band not use their name on the album cover, thinking it would scare away potential customers.

6.   The Ramones: Go Mental (Ramones)
Road To Ruin: Sire Records
Joey Ramone: lead vocal
Johnny Ramone: guitar
Dee Dee Ramone: bass
Marky Ramone: drums
Produced by Tommy Ramnone and Ed Stasium, 1978
Recorded by Ed Stasium and Ray Janos
Mastered by Greg Calbi

The fourth album by The Ramones featured their new drummer, Marky Ramone who replaced Tommy who helped produced this album. A lot of their core fans turned on them claiming that The Ramones were moving away from punk, trying to be more commercially viable. While their first two albums were recorded in just hours, the Ramones spent an entire summer trying to get this one out. So much for spontaneity!

7.   Nico: These Days (Jackson Browne)
Chelsea Girl: Verve Records V-5032
Nico: vocals
Jackson Browne: electric guitar
John Cale: viola, organ
Produced by Tom Wilson, 1967
Recorded by Val Valentin and Gary Kellgren at Mayfair Recording Studios, NYC

Christa Paffgren b. Clogne GM Oct 16, 1938 / d. 18 July 1988 Ibiza, Spain

Nico (who went on to perform and record with the Velvet Underground) was known for her acting in Fellini’s La Doce Vita and was wooed by Andy Warholl to play a part in his 1966 film, Chelsea Girl. “these Days” was later used in the film The Royal Tenenbaums. Nico had this to say about the album:

“I still cannot listen to it, because everything I wanted for that record, they took it away. I asked for drums, they said no. I asked for more guitars, they said no. And I asked for simplicity, and they covered it in flutes! The first time I heard the album, I cried and it was all because of the flute.” The producer, Tom Wilson, would later work with Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention.

8.   The Peanut Butter Conspiracy: Out In The Cold Again (Monda / Colley)
For Children Of All Ages: Challenge Records
Los Angeles
Barbara Robison: vocals
Alan Brackett: bass, vocals
Ralph Shuckett, keys
Peter McQueen: drums
John Merrill: guitar, vocal
Produced by Alan Brackett, 1969
Recorded by Tom Perry

Formed in Los Angeles in 1966, the were originally called The Young Swingers featuring future Jefferson Airplane drummer Spencer Dryden. They morphed into the Crossing Guards before finding the Peanut Butter Conspiracy name. They split up in 1970.

9.   The Misunderstood: Children of the Sun (Tony Hill / Rick Brown)
Before The Dream Faded: Fontana Records
Riverside CA
Rick Brown: vocal
Tony Hill: guitar, bg vocal
Rick Moe: drums
George Phelps: lead guitar
Glenn Ross Campbell: steel
Greg Treadway: guitar, keys
Steve Whiting: bass
Produced by Dick Leahy, 1969
Recorded at Philips Studio, London 1966

Another band that remained misunderstood! Formed in Riverside California in 1963, they gravitated towards the blues end of the rock scene, playing songs by The Stones and the Animals. Later they emulated The Yardbirds style. Not getting anywhere, the band moved to the UK in 1966 to find an audience who would appreciate their talents. Meanwhile, they were sought after by the US draft board and disbanded in 1967. They became one of legendary British dj John Peel’s favourite bands of all time! In fact, he promoted their music throughout his radio career. “If I had to list the ten greatest performances I’ve seen im my life, one would be the Misunderstood at Pandora’s Box, Hollywood, 1966. My god, they were a great band!”

10. Portland Street South: Set Me Free
45 single bw You've Been Running So Long: Reo Records 9022
Winnipeg MB
Produced by Don Grashey, 1968

Other than appearing on this Gaiety compilation CD, nothing much is known about this band.

11. Pink Floyd: If (Roger Waters)
Atom Heart Mother: Harvest Records SKAO-382
Cambridge / London UK
Roger Waters: lead and backing vocals, classical acoustic guitar, bass guitar
David Gilmour: slide electric guitar
Richard Wright: piano, Hammond organ
Nick Mason: drums
Produced by Pink Floyd 1970
Recorded by Peter Brown and Allan Parsons at Abby Road Studios, London

Rolling Stone gave "If" a negative review, calling the song "English folk at its deadly worst. It's soft and silly." while Paste Magazine said of it: "If" as one of Roger Waters' best compositions. It is believed to be about Syd Barrett.

12. The Pointed Sticks: I’m Numb (Nick Jones)
45 single bw Lies: Quintessence Records QS104
Vancouver BC
Nick Jones: vocals
Bill Napier-Hemy: guitar
Tony Bardach: bass
Dimwit: drums
Gord Nicholl: keys
Produced by Bob Rock and The Pointed Sticks, 1979
Recorded at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver

Active in the Vancouver area (as were The Payola$) from 1978 to 1981. They were the first Canadian band signed to Stiff Records but their record never came out as Stiff Records went financially stiff. They put out four singles before releasing their first LP in 1980. Were quite popular live band in Japan. They took their name from the Monty Python sketch: Self Defence Against Fresh Fruit” attacks. They were originally called Ernie Dick and The Pointed Sticks.

13. Clover: Chicken Butt (Ciambotti / Call / McFee)
Fourty-Niner: Fantasy Records 8405
Mill Valley CA
Johnny Ciambotti: bass
John McFee: guitar, vocals
Alex Call: guitar, vocals
Mitch Howie: drums
Ed Bogas: fiddle, piano, guitar, marimbas, organ
Bruce Campbell: banjo
Produced by Ed Bogas, 1971
Recorded by Mike Fusaro

Clover got together in 1967 and put out a couple of albums. In 1976 they moved to the UK (at the behest of Nick Lowe) and backed Elvis Cosstello on his debut album. They returned to the US in 1978 and broke up.

14. The Sadies: The Very Ending (Sadies)
Internal Sounds: YepRoc Records YEP-2353
S. Ontario
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Dallas Good: guitar, organ, vocal
Travis Good: guitars, fiddle, vocal
Produced by Dallas Good 2013
Mastered by Peter J Moore at The E Room, Toronto

15. The Surf Riders: Ten Tons of Wet
Ten Tons of Wet: Condor Records CST 2468
Vancouver BC
Roster Unknown
Produced by Johnny Kitchen, 1968
Recorded by Johnny Kitchen in Los Angeles
Digitally Released 2011

This was a band called the Cornells (originally the Tornados) who used the name Surf Riders for this recording. They got to open for the Beach Boys at the Pavilon Skating Rink in Huntington Beach, California on Feb 8, 1964 if it was the same Surf Riders. There was also a Surf Riders band from Minnisota, and ex-Byrd Gene Clark was in a Surf Riders band in Kansas before he joined the New Christy Minstrels and made his way to LA. Johnny Kitchen was a bit of an inigma in the music scene; no one knew who he actually was until recently. His real name was Jack Maurice Millman (b. Canada, Nov 1930). He helped produced and record the Wild Man Fisher album that Frank Zappa put out on his Bizarre Records label.

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