33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
January 13, 2019
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Cleveland Toronto Hoedown
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      Hour One

1.  James Gang: Funk #49: 1970
2.   Rush: Closer To The Heart: 1977 *
3.   James Gang: Woman: 1970
4.   James Gang: The Bomber: A Closet Queen / Cast Your Fate To The Wind: 1970
5.   Mandala: Opportunity: 1967 *
6.   Mandala: Love-itis: 1968 *
7.   Bush: The Grand Commander: 1970 *
8.   James Gang: Kick Back Man: 1972
9.   Shawn Jackson: Women of the World: 1976 *
10. Domenic Troiano: My Old Toronto Home: 1973 *
11. Joe Walsh: Rocky Mountain Way: 1973

Hour Two

1.   Domenic Troiano: Ambush: 1979 *
2.   Roy Kenner: Ghost of Hollywood: 1982 *
3.   Black Market: Independence: 1981 *
4.   The Guess Who: Hoe Down Time: 1973 *
5.   Jim Magill & His Northern Ramblers: Northern Hoedown: 1952 *
6.   Gaby Haas: Guitar Hoedown: 1973 *
7.   Hans Poulsen: Hoedown: 1972
8.   It’s A Beautiful Day: Hoedown: 1971
9.   Gene Autry: There’s Nothing Like A Good Old Fashion Hoedown: 1982
10. George Shearing: Manhatten Hoedown: 1982
11. Joe Venuti & His Blue 5: Hoedown Lowdown: 1957
12. Caravan: Hoedown: 1973
13. Elmo LeBlanc: Breakwater Hoedown: 1984 *
14. Emerson Lake & Palmer: Hoedown: 1972
15. Reg Hill & The Melodiers: Logger’s Jig: 1974 *

CanCon = 54%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

Cleveland / Toronto: The Cast

Domenic Michele Antonio Troiano b. in Modugno, Italy, January 17, 1946 / d. Toronto May 25, 2005)

Joe Walsh (Joseph Fidler) b. November 20, 1947 (age 72) Wichita, Kansas

Jim Fox (James Kent Fox) b. August 24, 1947 Cleveland Ohio

Dale Peters

Roy Kenner  b. January 14, 1948 Toronto

Pentii 'Whitey' Glan b. July 8, 1946 Finland /d. November 7, 2017 (71) Innisfil, ON

Prakash John b. August 1, 1947 Mumbai India

1.   James Gang: Funk #49
(Fox / Peters / Walsh)
James Gang Rides Again: ABC Dunhill Records ABC S-711
Cleveland OH

Joe Walsh: guitars, keys, vocals
Jim Fox: drums, percussion
Dale Peters: bass
Produced by Bill Szymczyk and “Made to be played loud”, 1970
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk and Liyllianne Duma, Mike Stone, Stan Agol at The Record Plant & East-West Studios, NYC.
Mastered by Artisan Sound Recorders

Tribute to Neil Ellwood Peart
b. September 12, 1952 Hamilton, ON / d. January 7, 2020 (67) Santa Monica, CA

2.   Rush: Closer To The Heart
(Lifeson / Lee / Peart / Talbot)
A Farewell To Kings: Anthem Records: B000001ESJ
Toronto ON

Geddy Lee: bass, vocal
Alex Lifeson: guitar
Neil Peart: drums
Produced by Rush & Terry Brown, 1977
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Wales by
Terry Brown and Pat Moran June, 1977

The Cleveland Connection

The James Gang of Cleveland, Ohio, originated in 1966. The name was thought up by drummer Jim Fox.  Fox first played with the Cleveland-area band The Outsiders but left them in 1965 to attend college and thus, was NOT featured on their big hit song, Time Won't Let Me. At first the band was a five piece but by 1968 had devolved into a power trio of bass, drums and guitar. Guitarist Joe Walsh, recruited from the band called The Measles, was lead vocalist. In March 1969 the band, now consisting of Fox, Tom Kriss and Walsh and released its debut LP, Yer' Album. After that, Kriss left and was replaced by Dale Peters in time to record their second album, James Gang Rides Again. But Joe Walsh found their sound too restrictive and left in 1972, replaced by Domenic Troiano (for guitar duties) and Roy Kenner (for lead vocals). Walsh formed the Barnstorm band and went on to work with The Eagles. He currently plays with Ringo Starr’s Allstar Band. Pete Townshend proclaimed Walsh as “about the best guitarist I’ve seen” after they were on the same bill at a Pittsburgh show.

3.   James Gang: Woman: 1970
(Fox / Peters / Walsh)

James Gang Rides Again: ABC Dunhill Records ABC S-711
Cleveland OH

4.   James Gang: The Bomber: A Closet Queen / Cast Your Fate To The Wind: 1970
(Fox / Peters / Walsh / Gauraldi)
James Gang Rides Again: ABC Dunhill Records ABC S-711
Cleveland OH

Joe Walsh: guitars, keys, vocals
Jim Fox: drums, percussion
Dale Peters: bass
Produced by Bill Szymczyk and “Made to be played loud”, 1970
Recorded by Bill Szymczyk and Liyllianne Duma, Mike Stone, Stan Agol at The Record Plant & East-West Studios, NYC.
Mastered by Artisan Sound Recorders

Troiano and Kenner

Domenic Troiano began playing guitar professionally at the age of 15 in Toronto. In 1963 he was recruited by Toronto bar band Robbie Lane & The Disciples, who were hired to back Ronnie Hawkins when Levon and the Hawks left to go solo. In 1965, Troiano joined a new band called The Rogues (who became The Five Rogues) comprised of singer George Olliver, bass player Don Elliot, keyboard player Josef Chirowski (who would joining Crowbar) and drummer Pentti Glan. In September 1966, the band changed its name to Mandala and recorded two singles, including the top ten hit, "Opportunity" in February 1967. Olliver left later that year to form George Olliver & The Soul Children and was replaced by vocalist Roy Kenner. The group scored another big Canadian hit in 1968 with "Love-itis" on Atlantic Records and issued an LP, Soul Crusade. The band formally broke up in June 1969, but Troiano, Kenner and Glan soon regrouped, with bassist Prakash John,  as Bush. Troiano was Inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1996.

5.   Mandala: Opportunity
(Dominec Troiano)
Classics: WEA: 25 23291
Toronto, ON

Domenic Troiano   guitar
George Olliver vocals
Pentii 'Whitey' Glan drums
Don Elliot bass
Joey Chirowski keys
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1966
Recorded at Chess Studios, Chicago

6.   Mandala: Lovitis
(H Scales / A Vance)
Classics: WEA: 25 23291
Toronto, ON

Domenic Troiano: guitar
Roy Kenner: vocal
Pentii 'Whitey' Glan: drums
Don Elliot: bass
Hugh Sullivan: organ
The Atlantic Horns
Produced by Arif Mardin & Jerry Greenberg, 1968
Recorded by Adrian Barber, George Semkiw, Ivan Bradley at Sound Canada Recording Centre

Uncertain as to which engineer worked on Loveitis, but the album had three engineers. It was around this time that Semkiw began hanging around with Jack Richardson (producer of the Guess Who), learning the ropes.

Bush were signed to the ABC label and thus were label-mates with The James Gang. After Joe Walsh left them they looked to the Bush lads to take Joe’s place. He sang on four James Gang album, the first two with Troiano on guitar. After a year playing in the James Gang, Troiano left and came back home to Toronto where he began working with The Guess Who and his girlfriend, whom he later married, Shawne Jackson. He also released a string of solo albums, ending with 1981 release of Black Market. He continued working with Kenner, who returned to Toronto after his stint with the James Gang, for many years.

7.   Bush: The Grand Commander
(R Kenner / D Troiano)
Bush: Freedom Records: FR-009
Toronto ON

Roy Kenner: vocals
Domenic Troiano: guitar
Pentii 'Whitey' Glan: drums
Prakash John: bass
Produced by Reb Foster with Tim Alvarado, 1970
Recorded by Rik Pekkonen & Larry Cox at Wally Heider's Studio Three
Rereleased on Freedom Records 1981
Originally released on ABC Dunhill Records: DS 50086

8.   James Gang: Kick Back Man
(Dominic Troiano / Roy Kenner)
Straight Shooter: ABC Dunhill: ABCX 741
Cleveland, Toronto

Roy Kenner: lead vocals
Dominic Troiano: guitars
Dale Peters: bass
Jim Fox: drums
Produced by The James Gang, 1972
Recorded by Gene Eichelberger Early
1972 at Quadrafonic Sound Studios, Nashville

9.   Shawn Jackson: Women of the World
(Domenic Troiano)
Shawn Jackson: RCA APL1-1320
Toronto ON

Domenic Troiano, guitar
No other musicians listed
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1975
Recorded by Keith Olsen, Terry Brown, George Semkiw, Brian Christian, Sound City, Toronto
Sound, Sound Stage and Phase I, Toronto
Mastered by Rick Collins at Kendun Recorders

Started her music career when she was only 15, fronting a Toronto band called The Silhouettes before joining her brother, Jay, in The Majestics. In The Silhouettes she got national TV exposure after landing a vocal gig with CBC’s Music Hop program. Although her solo music career took a backseat to her acting, she’s backed up artists, such as her husband, Domenic Troiano, Luba, Bruce Cockburn, Sass Jordan, Colin James, Long John Baldry, Alice Cooper and The McKenzie Brothers.

10. Domenic Troiano: My Old Toronto Home
(Domenic Troiano)
Tricky: Mercury Records SRM 1-670
Toronto ON

Domenic Troiano, guitar, vocal
Keith Rice, drums
Willie Weeks, bass
William Smith, keys
Tessie Coen, percussion
Monty Stark, synth
Gale Levant, harp
Shawne Jackson, Gale Haness, Patrice Holloway, William Smith, Roy Kenner: bg vocals
Produced by Domenic Troiano & Keith Olsen 1973
Recorded by Keith Olsen and Richard Dashit

11. Joe Walsh: Rocky Mountain Way
(Joe Walsh / Joe Vitale / Kenny Passarelli / Rocke Grace)
The Best of Joe Walsh: ABC Records: 9022-1083
Wichita KS

Joe Walsh: guitars, vocals
Joe Vitale: drums, ARP Synth
Kenny Passarelli: bass
Rocke Grace: piano
Produced by Joe Walsh & Bill Szymczyk: 1973
Compilation produced by Bill Szymczyk: 1978

Recorded at Criteria Studios by Ron & Howie Albert
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Ted Bensen
Compilation Mastered by Bill Szymczyk

Hour Two

1.   Domenic Troiano: Ambush
(Domenic Troiano)
45 Single: Capitol Records 72804
East York ON

Domenic Troiano: guitar
Paul DeLong: drums
Dave Tyson: keys
Bob Wilson: bass
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1979
Recorded by Mick Jones & Cooper at Inception Sound, Toronto Nov 78 to Jan 79

2.   Roy Kenner: Ghost of Hollywood
(Roy Kenner / Domenic Troiano)
12” Extended play 45: Freedom Records FR-EP-002
Toronto ON

Roy Kenner: vocal
Domenic Troiano: guitar
Howard Ayee: bass
Randy Coryell: keys
Rob Gusevs: organ
Shawne Jackson: bg vocals
Prakash John: bass
Joe Miquelon: guitar
Mike Sloski: drums
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1982
Recorded & Mixed at Metalworks, Amber Studios, Phase One & Sounds Interchange, Toronto by George Semkiw and Ed Stone

3.   Black Market: Independence
(Domenic Troiano / Roy Kenner)
Changing of the Guard: El Mocambo Records: ELMO-762
Toronto, ON

Domenic Troiano: guitar, vocal
Paul DeLong: drums
Bob Wilson: bass
Dick Smith: percussion
Roy Kenner: bg vocals
Shawne Jackson: bg vocals
Prakash John: bg vocals
Produced by Domenic Troiano, 1981
Recorded by Mike Jones at Phase One Studios, Toronto
Mastered by Neil Carter at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

After Bush, Prakesh John went on to work with Lou Reed, Parliament / Funkadellic, Rory Block, Alice Cooper, Gene MacLellan and the Lincolns and was featured in the 2000 release of Blues Brothers 2000

Pentii Glan worked with Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, John Kay, Anne Murray, Klaatu, Bette Midler, David Wilcox and Downchild Blues Band.

4.   The Guess Who: Hoe Down Time
(Burton Cummings / Domenic Troiano)
Flavours: Nimbus 9 CPL1-0636
Winnipeg MB

Burton Cummings: lead vocal, keys
Domenic Troiano: guitars, bg vocals
Bill Wallace: bass, bg vocals
Garry Peterson: percussion, bg vocals
Produced by Jack Richardson, 1973

5.   Jim Magill & His Northern Ramblers: Northern Hoe Down
(J Magill)
Square Dances EP: London Records BEP 6140
Toronto ON

Jim Magill: fiddle
Others not listed
Produced 1952

Jim (James Creighton) Magill b. Northern Ireland 1902 / d. Toronto 28 Jan 1954 (52)

6.   Gabby Haas And The Old Time Dance Gang: Guitar Hoedown
14 Old Time Music Favorites Volume 1: Royalty Records R2000-2
Edmonton AB

Musicians not listed
Produced 1973

7.   Hans Poulsen: Hoedown
(Hans Poulsen)
Lost And Found: Fable ‎– FBSA-014
Melbourne Australia

Bass: Duncan McGuire
Drums: Mark Kennedy
Performer: The Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band*, Hamilton County Bluegrass Band
Piano: Brian Cadd
Sitar: Jim Miskias
Viola, Violin: Nick Lyons
Hans Poulsen: guitar, vocals
Produced by Hans Poulsen, 1972
Recorded at Bill Armstrong Studios, Melbourne by Engineer: Graham Owens, John Sayers

8.   It’s A Beautiful Day: Hoedown
(David Laflamme)
Live At The Fillmore West, July 1971: Keyhole ‎Records KH2CD9009
San Francisco CA

Bass: Mitchell Holman
Drums: Val Fuentes
Guitar: Hal Wagenet
Keyboards: Fred Webb
Violin, Vocals: David LaFlamme
Produced 1996

9.   Gene Autry: There’s Nothing Like A Good Old Fashion Hoedown
(Gene Autry)
Columbia Historic Edition: Columbia ‎ FC 37465
Los Angeles

Gene Autry: guitar, vocals
Oliver Tudo: guitar
Frank Marvin: steel
Walter Jecker: bass
Carl Cotner: fiddle
Spade Cooley: fiddle
Paul Sells: piano/accordion
Produced by Art Satherly, 1940
Compilation produced 1982

Recorded 27 August 1940 CBS Studio (Radio Station KNX), 6121 Hollywood, CA

10. George Shearing: Manhattan Hoedown
(Brian Torff)
An Evening With George Shearing And Mel Tormé: Concord Jazz ‎– CJ-190
London UK

Bass: Brian Torff
Piano: George Shearing
Producer: Carl E. Jefferson
Engineer, Remix: Phil Edwards
Mastered By: George Horn

George Shearing: b.13 August 1919 Battersea, London UK / d. 14 February 2011 in New York City (91)

11. Joe Venuti & His Blue 5: Hoedown Lowdown
7 inch EP: Sesac Repertory Recording ‎– AD-14
Philadelphia PA

Bass: Eddie Safranski
Drums: Bunny Shawker
Lead Guitar: George Barnes
Piano: Buddy Weed
Rhythm Guitar: Danny Perri
Violin: Joe Venuti
Produced 1957

Giuseppe "Joe" Venuti b. September 16, 1903 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania / d. August 14, 1978 (74) Seattle, Washington
12. Caravan: Hoedown
(Pye Hastings)
For Girls Who Grow Plump In the Night: London Records ‎– XPS 637
Canterbury UK

Pye Hastings: guitar, vocals
Richard Coughlan: drums, percussion
Geoffrey Richardson: guitar, viola, violin
John G. Perry: bass
Dave Sinclair: keyboards
Frank Ricotti: congas
Produced by David Hitchcock, 1973
Recorded at Tolling Park Studios; Chipping Norton Recording Studios; Decca Studios, West Hampstead

13. Elmo LeBlanc: Breakwater Hoedown
(Elmo LeBlanc)
Son Of Arcadian Pioneer: RTP Productions: RTR-EL-001
St Anne, NB

Elmo LeBlanc: fiddle
Denny Mack: bass, guitar, banjo
Alcide Arsenault: piano
Produced by Arcade Richard, 1984
Recorded by Denis & Richard Cormier at Rite
Track Studios, Leonminster, Maine Elmo LeBlanc: Breakwater Hoedown

14. Emerson Lake & Palmer: Hoedown
(Aaron Copeland / Carl Palmer / Keith Emerson / Greg Lake)
Trilogy: Cotillion ‎– SD 9903
London UK

Carl Palmer: percussion
Keith Emerson: keys
Greg Lake: bass
Produced by Greg Lake, 1972
Recorded at Advision Studios, London October 1971–January 1972 by Eddy Offord
Mastered by Barry Diament

15. Reg Hill & The Melodiers: The Logger’s Jig
(Reg Hill)
Ottawa Valley Hoedown: Banff Rodeo SBS 5190
Braeside ON

Reg Hill: fiddle
Mac Beattie: washboard
Jim Mayhew: piano
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
George Courschesne: bass
Produced by Ralph Carlson circa 1974
Recorded at Carlsound Studios, Ottawa

b. 1927 in Brockville ON, started playing fiddle in his early teens, joined his first band Rock Mountain Rangers when he was 15 before starting his own band, The Swingsters. In 1954 was invited to join Mac Beattie's band, The Ottawa Valley Melodiers which he stayed in till he died in 1978. Inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame in 1981.