33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
January 20, 2020
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Left and Right
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Hour One - The Left Side

1.   The Pyramids: Penetration - 1963
2.   Tiny Tim: Tiptoe Through The Tulips - 1968
3.   Iggy & The Stooges: Search And Destroy - 1973
4.   Paul McCartney: Smile Away - 1971
5.   Jeff Healey: I think I Love You Too Much - 1990 *
6.   Jimi Hendrix: May There Be Love - 1967
7.   Albert King: I Walked All Night Long - 1961
8.   Sylvia Tyson: Sleep On My Shoulder - 1975 *
9.   Eric Bogle: Birds of a Feather - 1985
10. Lefty Frizzell: I Love You A Thousand Ways - 1973
11. The Beatles: Love Me Do (Ringo Drum Version) - 1963 *
12. Genesis: Dance On A Volcano - 1976
13. Deep Purple: Speed King - 1970
14. Left Banke: Let Go of You Girl - Steve Martin RIP - 1966

Hour Two - The Right Side

1.   Ron McLeod: The One on the Right - 1964 *
2.   Tommy Graham: Right On - 1972 *
3.   Gerry & The Pacemakers: It’s All Right - 1963
4.   Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Walk Right In - 1929
5.   Can: Movin’ Right Along - 1989
6.   Danny Romaniuk & The Tumbling Tumbleweeds: Movin’ Right Along - 1960 *
7.   Buffalo Springfield: Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It - 1966
8.   The Honeycombs: Have I The Right - 1964
9.   The Arrows: Treat Her Right - 1981 *
10. Climax Blues Band: Couldn’t Get It Right - 1976
11. Simply Red: The Right Thing - 1987
12. Ry Cooder: Everybody Ought To Treat A Stranger Right - 2018
13. April Wine: Do It Right - 1982 *
14. Messenjah: Duddly Do Right - 1982 *

CanCon = 32%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One – The Left Side

1.   The Pyramids: Penetration
(Steve Leonard)
45 Single: Best Records 45 13002
Long Beach CA

Skip Mercier: lead guitar
Willie Glover: left handed rhythm guitar
Steve Leonard: bass guitar
Tom Pitman: saxophone
Ron McMullen: drums
Produced by John Hodge, 1963

Active between 1961 and 1965. Appeared in the American International Pictures' film Bikini Beach, coming onstage wearing Beatle wigs, which were lifted to reveal their shaved heads. Very cool cats for their time! Guitarist Will Glover played left handed rhythm guitar.

2.   Tiny Tim: Tiptoe Through The Tulips
(Al Dubin / Joe Burke)
God Bless Tiny Tim: Reprise RS 6292
New York City

Herbert Khaury, vocal & left handed ukulele
Produced by Richard Perry, 1968

Recorded by Ami Hadani & Jack Hunt

Herbert Khaury b. NYC April 12, 1932 / d. November 30, 1996, Hennepin County, Minn) (64)

Welcome To My Dream was written for the 1946 movie “Road to Utopia” featuring Bing Crosby, Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope. Crosby did the honours of singing the song. It is the first song on the first Tiny Tim album and goes straight into Tulips. Tiny Tim played the ukulele left-handed (but the guitar right-handed)

3.   Iggy & The Stooges: Search And Destroy
(Iggy Pop / James Williamson)
Raw Power: Columbia Records C 32111
Ann Arbor, MI
Iggy Pop: vocals
James Williamson: guitars
Ron Asheton: bass, vocals
Scott Asheton: drums
Produced by Iggy Pop, 1973

Mixed by David Bowie and Iggy Pop
Recorded at CBS Studios, London
Mixed at Western Sound Studios, Hollywood CA

Iggy Pop aka James Newell Osterberg Jr. b. April 21, 1947 Muskegon, Michigan

Formed in 1967 and lasting until 1974, during which time they managed to record 3 albums. The band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2010. Iggy Pop was left handed. Was his voice?

4.   Paul McCartney: Smile Away
(Paul McCartney)
Ram: Apple Records  SMAS 3375
Liverpool UK
Paul McCartney: vocals, left handed bass
Linda McCartney: keys, vocals
Denny Seiwell: drums
Dave Spinozza: guitar
Hugh McCracken: guitar
Produced by Paul & Linda McCartney, 1971

Mixed by Eirik The Norwegian

A song linked to the breakup of The Beatles, it was released on McCartney’s second solo album. Of course, Paul played the left handed Hofner Bass. Both he and Ringo Starr were left handed rendering half The Beatles to be left handed.

5.   Jeff Healey: I think I Love You Too Much
(M Knopfler)
45 single bw Something To Hold On To: Arista Records / BMG 113-280
Toronto ON
Jeff Healey: vocal, left handed guitar
Joe Rockman: bass
Tom Stephen: drums
Produced by Ed Stasium, 1990

6.   Jimi Hendrix: May There Be Love
(Jimi Hendrix)
Are You Experienced: Reprise Records 6261
Seattle WA / London UK
Jimi Hendrix: left handed guitar, vocals
Mitch Mitchell: drums
Noel Redding: bass
Produced by Chas Chandler, 1967

Recorded October 23, 1966 April 4, 1967, at De Lane Lea, CBS, and Olympic Studios in London

Hendrix was probably the most popular of all left handed guitar slingers. He usually played a Fender Stratocaster.

7.   Albert King: I Walked All Night Long
(A King)
45 single bw I've Made Nights By Myself: Bobbin Records 129
Chicago IL
Albert King: left handed guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced 1961

Albert Nelson b. April 25, 1923 Indianola, Miss. / d. December 21, 1992 (69) Memphis

He started using the name Albert King in 1953 as an attempt to be associated with B.B King. Along with Freddie King, the three of them were known as The Kings of the Blues. In 1967 he recorded Born Under A Bad Sign which brought him a new ‘white’ audience. With his flamboyant Flying V guitar, he rocked the blues world and was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in May 2013.

8.   Sylvia Tyson: Sleep On My Shoulder
(Sylvia Fricker Tyson)
45 single bw Blind Leading The Blind: Capitol Records Canada 72762
Toronto ON

Sylvia Tyson: vocal, left handed guitar
Jack Zaza: bass
Al Cherney: fiddle
Red Shea: guitar
Doug Riley, Gordon Fleming: keys
Pee Wee Charles: steel
Keith Jollimore: sax  
Produced by Ian Tyson, 1975

Sylvia Fricker Tyson b. Chatham ON 19 September 1940

Little known fact was that Sylvia could play guitar and she did it left handed. In the Ian & Sylvia duo, she sang to Ian’s guitar. It wasn’t until she began performing solo in the mid-70s that the guitar appeared.

9.   Eric Bogle: Birds of a Feather
(Eric Bogle)
When The Wind Blows: Stony Plain Records SPL 1075
Adelaide, Australia

Eric Bogle: vocals, left handed guitar
Jim Munro: guitars, mandolin, vocals
Brent Miller: bass, vocals
Andy McGloin: drums
Phil Cuneen: synth
Trev Warner: fiddle
Bob McCarthy: banjo
Lynne Muir: bg vocal
Produced by Eric Bogle & John Munro, 1985

Recorded & Mixed by Peter Brook at Studio 202, Adelaide

Eric Bogle b. 23 September 1944 Peebles, Scotland.

Emigrated to Australia 1969 and became a folk singer. No Man’s Land & The Band Played Waltzing Matilda have been covered by dozens of artists.

10. Lefty Frizzell: I Love You A Thousand Ways
(Lefty Frizzell)
Remembering The Greatest Hits Of Lefty Frizzell: Columbia C 33882
Corsicana TX
Lefty Frizzell: left handed guitar, vocals
Produced by Don Law 1973

William Orville "Lefty" Frizzell b. Corsicana, TX March 31, 1928 / d. July 19, 1975 Nashville (47)

As a child he was called "Sonny," but later took the name "Lefty."  Originally recorded this song 1950 went to No. 1 on Country Charts. He died of alcohol related health problems
inducted, posthumously,  into the Country Music Hall of Fame in October 1982. His song "If You've Got the Money (I've Got the Time)" earned him the Grammy Hall of Fame Award.

Frizzell's signature guitar was a 1949 Gibson J-200 (Model SJ-200). It was retrofitted in early 1951 with a custom neck and pickguard by guitar maker Paul Bigsby. In a 2003 interview Merle Haggard recalled,

"When I was a teenager, Lefty got me onstage [at the Rainbow Garden in Bakersfield, California] and handed me that guitar. That is the first guitar I played on a professional stage." For many years it had been on loan to and displayed at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. In January 2005 it was returned to the Frizzell family. It was later sold at auction with an asking price of $350,000. Merle Haggard purchased the guitar and it remained a part of his estate

Left Handed Drummers:

11. The Beatles: Love Me Do
(John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Past Masters: EMI – 5099924-380720
Liverpool UK
Paul McCartney: vocals, left handed bass
John Lennon: vocals, harmonica
George Harrison: acoustic rhythm guitar
Ringo Starr: left handed drums
Produced by George Martin

Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith 4 Sept 1962

Richard Starkey b. 7 July 1940 Dingle, Liverpool

Ringo played right handed drums but left handed! Love Me Do, the first song The Beatles recorded for EMI, was recorded twice in 1962: once with Ringo and once with Andy White. It was the song that got Pete Best fired! In the group only a few weeks when this was recorded again, Ringo was considered (by George Martin) a weak alternative, so they used White. Ringo played tambourine on the final release.  

When Capitol Records of Canada decided (Feb 4, 1963) to release The Beatles first North American single, they were mistakenly sent the master with Ringo on drums. (Only 170 singles of this version were sold!). Unfortunately, the master tapes were not saved thus the only recordings commercially available were taken off a Canadian Capitol 45.

12. Genesis: Dance On A Volcano
A Trick of the Tail: Atco Records – 5D-36-129
Godalming, Surrey U

Mike Rutherford: 12 string, bass
Tony Banks: keys, vocals
Phil Collins: left handed drums, vocals
Steve Hackett: guitars
Produced by David Hentschel & Genesis, 1976

Recorded by David Henshel & Nick Bradford at Trident Studios, London

Formed by fellow schoolboys in 1967. They have sold 21.5 million RIAA-certified albums in the US and their worldwide sales are estimated to be between 100 million and 150 million. Genesis was named Jonathan King who arranged them to record several unsuccessful singles and an album. King first came to prominence in 1965 when "Everyone's Gone to the Moon"

13. Deep Purple: Speed King

(Blackmore / Gillan / Glover / Lord / Paice)
Deep Purple In Rock: Warner Brothers WS 1877
London UK

Ritchie Blackmore guitar
Jon Lord keyboards: organ
Ian Paice left handed drums, percussion
Ian Gillan: lead vocals
Roger Glover: bass
Produced by Deep Purple, 1970

Recorded by Martin Birch at De Lane Lea Studios October 14, 1969 April 13, 1970
Mastered by Peter Mew

Ian Anderson Paice b. 29 June 1948, Nottingham, England

Paice is left-handed with a left-handed drum-kit set-up. He’s the original Deep Purple drummer, called The Motor of the Group.

Steve Martin RIP

14. Left Banke: Let Go of You Girl
(George Cameron / Steve Martin)
Walk Away Rene/ Pretty Ballerina: Smash Records SRS 67088
New York City, NY
Mike Brown: harpsichord, piano
Rick Brand: lead guitar
Tom Finn: bass
George Cameron: drums
Steve Martin: vocals, percussion, guitar        
Produced by Harry Lookofsky, 1966

Recorded at World United Studios & Mercury Studios, New York City between 1965-66
Released February 1967

Carmelo Esteban "Steve" Martin Caro b. October 12, 1948 – January 14, 2020 (71)

The son of flamenco guitarist/vocalist Sarita Heredia, he Americanized his name while in Left Banke. Drummer George Cameron died in 2018 and pianist Michael Brown died in 2015.

Hour Two – The Right Side

1.   Ron McLeod And The Lincoln County Boys: The One on the Right
(J Cash)
Country Music On Top Of The World: Arc 693
Mar Ontario
Ron McLeod: guitar, vocal
The Lincoln County Boys
Produced by Ben Weatherby, 1964

Ron McLeod b. Hamilton ON 1933 / d. Apr 12 2008 Owen Sound ON (75)

Had his own TV show on CHCH Hamilton for 13 years. He recorded several albums of mostly original material, the last one issued in 1979. The front cover of this album – Country Music On Top Of The World – was snapped in Greenland.

2.   Tommy Graham: Right On
(Tommy Graham)
45 Single bw After The Gold Rush: Capitol Records – 72663
Toronto ON

Tommy Graham: lead vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Tommy Graham, 1972

Joined his first band, Kay Taylor And The Regents, in 1958 he formed the group Big Town Boys which were active on the Toronto rock scene between 1963-68.  After the BTBs, he travelled to India to learn Sarode with Ali Akbar Kahn. He befriended Brian Ahearn who used him to play several instruments on Anne Murrays recording of her first big hit, Snowbird. His first solo debut album, "Planet Earth", was released in 1972

3.   Gerry & The Pacemakers: It’s All Right
(G Marsden)
45 single bw You’ll Never Walk Alone: Capitol Records Canada – 72131
Liverpool U

Gerry Marsden: vocals, guitar
Freddie Marsden: drums
Les Chadwick: bass
Les Maguire: piano
Produced by George Martin, 1963

Recorded at Abby Road Studios, London October 1963

Gerard Marsden MBE b. 24 September 1942 Liverpool UK

Gerry and the Pacemakers was the second group signed by Brian Epstein and remained among his favourite artists. Their first single was "How Do You Do It," recommended by George Martin after it was initially given to the Beatles. This was the first number one hit for the Pacemakers.

The group's original name was Gerry Marsden and the Mars Bars but the Mars chocolate bar company objected.

4.   Cannon’s Jug Stompers: Walk Right In

(Gus Cannon)
Cannons Jug Stompers: Herwin Records 208
Memphis T

Gus Cannon: jug, banjo, harmony vocal
Hosea Woods: vocal, banjo
Noah Lewis: harmonica
Compilation produced by Bernard Klatzko, 1975

Recorded Memphis on Tuesday Oct 1, 1929

Gus Cannon b. September 12, 1883 Red Banks, Miss / d. October 15, 1979 (96) Memphis, TN
Noah Lewis b. Henning, TN September 3, 1891 / d. February 7, 1961 Ripley TN

Harmonica player Noah Lewis (who wrote the Viola Lee Blues) died in poverty, of gangrene brought on by frostbite

Walk Right In (no 1 hit of the Rooftop Singers 1962) made Stax lp 1963. He worked medicine shows with Jimmy Rodgers 1910s thru 20s. Began recording in Chicago as Banjo Joe. Did his 1st recording session with Blind Blake.

This song was revived by The Rooftop Singers in 1962 who mistakenly thought that the song was either traditional or its origin unknown. Thus, they claimed authorship of it for themselves. (They did write a second verse since Cannon only had one in his original version). Meanwhile, Cannon was still alive and kicking in Memphis. After the song became a national hit, it was revealed that Gus Cannon had written and recorded it and was still living in Memphis. The Rooftop Singers’ version was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Folk Recording.

5.   Can: Movin’ Right Along
Rite Time: Mercury Records – 838 883 1
Cologne GM
Malcolm Mooney: vocal
Irmin Schmidt: keys
Jaki Liebezeit: drums
Michael Karoli: bass, vocals, pocket organ
Holger Czukay: french horn, dictaphone, synth, bass
Produced by Michael Karoli and Holger Czukay, 1989

Recorded by Patrick Jauneaud at Outer Space Studio, Nice FR
Mixed by Michael Karoli, Holger Czukay and Rene Tinner at Can Studio, Weilerswist GM

Czukay studied music under Karlheinz Stockhausen from 1963 to 1966. He had little interest in rock music, but this changed when a student played him the Beatles' 1967 song "I Am the Walrus". He then started listening to The Velvet Underground and Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention. He went on to form Can in 1968. Their first album was Monster Love from 1969 – the only album that singer Malcolm Mooney (an American) sang on until the release of Rite Time 20 years later after he was enticed back.

This particular album was Can’s last real one, and its first in over 10 years. It is also the first Can album since their debut LP which features Can’s original vocalist, Malcolm Mooney. His vocals are spectacular. Totally original.

6.   Danny Romaniuk & The Tumbling Tumbleweeds: Movin’ Right Along
Fiddlin Fingers: Aragon Records ALP 122
Gorlitz S

Danny Romaniuk:  violin, guitar, banjo, mandolin
Arnie Nelson
Max Gabinet
Gavin Hussey
Barry Higgs
Mickey Martin
Pat Trudell
Produced by Al Reusch, 1960

Danny Romaniuk b. Gorlitz SK March 25, 1925

Romaniuk spent years touring with western swing bands in Canada & the U.S.A.. In 1956 he was a featured member of the Cavaliers trio on CKNW radio on the Canadian West Coast for 5 years. Also frequently seen & heard on CBC-TV & a regular member of the Cross Canada Barn Dance

7.   Buffalo Springfield: Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It
(Neil Young)
Buffalo Springfield: Atco Records Mono 33-200-A
Los Angeles CA / Ontario
Neil Young: piano, bg vocal
Steve Stills: guitar, bg vocal
Richie Furay: guitar: lead vocal
Dewey Martin: drums
Bruce Palmer: bass
Produced by Charles Greene, Brian Stone, 1966

Recorded July - September 1966 by Tom May, Doc Siegel, James Hilton, Stan Ross
Mixing: Buffalo Springfield, Charles Greene, Brian Stone

8.   The Honeycombs: Have I The Right
(H & A Blaikley)
45 single bw Please Don’t Pretend Again: Pye Records 749
London UK
Denis D'Ell: lead vocal, harmonica
Martin Murray: rhythm guitar
Alan Ward: lead guitar
John Lantree: bass
Honey Lantree: drums
Produced by Joe Meek, 1964

Recorded by Joe Meek at 304 Holloway Road, London

The group were made up of Martin Murray, a hairdresser, his salon assistant Honey Lantree, her brother John and two friends. Originally they called themselves the Sheratons.
Meek used his apartment at 304 Holloway Road, Islington (north London) as a recording studio. Three U.K. No.1 hits were produced there: "Johnny Remember Me" by John Leyton in 1961, "Telstar" by The Tornados in 1962, and the last of them, "Have I the Right?" in 1964.

Denis D'Ell aka Denis James Dalziel, 10 October 1943, Whitechapel, East London; died 6 July 2005
Martin Murray (born 7 October 1941, the East End of London) – rhythm guitar.
Alan Ward (born 12 December 1945, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
John Lantree (born John David Lantree, 20 August 1940, Newbury, Berkshire
Honey Lantree (born Ann Margot Lantree, 28 August 1943, Hayes, Middlesex
9.   The Arrows: Treat Her Right
(Roy Head)
Toronto Calling Sampler: El Mocambo ELMO759
Toronto ON

Dean McTagggart: vocals
Michael Sloski: drums, percussion
Gabor Szepesi: keys
Hendrik Rilk: bass
Rusty McCarthy: guitars
Peter Follett: guitar
Denis Keldie: Hammond organ
Produced by Dan Durban and The Arrows, 1981

Recorded by Dan Durban at Kensington Sound, Toronto

In 1981, The Arrows were a brand new band and through El Mocambo Records, this version featured on a Toronto rock sampler album Toronto Calling was released as a single. The band played through most of the 80s until lead vocalist Dean McTaggert started writing songs for Amanda Marshall, Terri Clark and Wynonna Judd.

10. Climax Blues Band: Couldn’t Get It Right
(Climax Blues Band)
45 single bw Sav'ry Gravy: Sire Records 1147-736
Stafford UK

Colin Cooper: sax, lead vocal
John Cuffley: drums
Pete Haycock: guitar
Derek Holt: bass
Richard Jones: keys

Produced by The Climax Blues Band, 1976

11. Simply Red: The Right Thing
(Mick Hucknall)
Men & Women: Elektra / Asylum Records 96 07271
Manchester UK

Mick Hucknall: lead and backing vocals
Chris Joyce: drums and percussion
Tony Bowers: bass guitar and percussion
Fritz McIntyre: keyboards and backing vocals
Sylvan Richardson: guitar
Tim Kellett: keyboards, trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, live backing vocals
Produced by Alex Sadkin, 1987

Recorded by Barry Mraz & Chris Dickie
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

Began as The Frantic Elevators (1977 to 1984)
From 1985 - 2010 sold more than 50 million albums over a 25-year career

12. Ry Cooder: Everybody Ought To Treat A Stranger Right
(Ry Cooder)
The Prodigal Son: Fantasy Records / Perro Verte FAN00336
Palo Alto CA
Ry Cooder: guitars, bass, banjo, mandolin, keys, vocals
Joachim Cooder: drums, percussion
Terry Evans, Arnold McCuller, Bobby King: bg vocals
Produced by Ry Cooder and Joachim Cooder, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Pradler at Sage & Sound Studios, Hollywood and
Wireland Studios, Chatsworth CA
Recording assistant: Jon Gray

Ryland Peter Cooder b. March 15, 1947, Los Angeles

The man who refused to be a Rolling Stone still has the fire and breathes it out of his guitar. This is a very spiritual album. It was released in conjunction with a recent tour which took him to Massey Hall in June. The ultimate, consummate professional, doing what he does best.

13. April Wine: Do It Right

(T Lavin)
Power Play: Aquarius Records – AQR 533

Halifax / Montreal
Myles Goodwyn: vocals, guitars
Gary Moffet: guitars
Brian Greenway: guitars, bg vocals
Steve Lang: bass
Jerry Mercer: drums
Produced by Myles Goodwyn and Mike Stone, 1982

Recorded at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC by Mike Stone and Paul Northfield
Mixed at Fantasy Studios, Berkley CA by Mike Stone
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by George Marino

14. Messenjah: Duddly Do Right
(Rupert Harvey)
Rock You High: Phonyx Records - WRC1-2430
Kitchener ON
Errol Blackwood: vocal, bass
Rupert Harvey: vocal, guitar, vocal
Eric Walsh: guitar
Raymond Ruddock: drums
Hal Duggan: keys
Tony King: percussion
Produced by Rupert Harvey, 1982

Recorded by Richard Bowen at Circle Sound Studios, San Diego CA
Mixed by Richard Bowen & Rupert Harvey