33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
January 27, 2020
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      Hour One

1.  The McCoys: Come On Let’s Go – 1965
2.   The Ugly Ducklings: Nothin’ – 1966 *
3.   Buckwheat Zydeco: Zydeco Boogaloo – 1984
4.   Martha  & The Muffins: Teddy The Dink – 1980 *
5.   The Mynah Birds: It’s My time – 1966 *
6.   James Brown: No, No, No – 1959
7.   Ladies Choice Bluegrass Band: Montezuma’s Revenge – 1981 *
8.   The Kinks: Till The End of The Day – 1965
9.   The Who: Call Me Lightning – 1968
10. Bram Tchaikovsky: Hollywood Nightmare – 1980
11. Mac Beattie: Saturday Night Up The Gatineau – 1966 *
12. File: T’en As Eu T’en Auras Plus – 1987
13. Rose Maddox: Move It On Over – 1948
14. The Hondells: Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl – 1965
15. Chad Allen & The Expressions: Hey Ho What You Do To Me - 1965 *
16. The Beatles: Can’t Buy Me Love – 1964
17. Les Habits Jaune: Rock And Roll Music – 1965

Hour Two

1.   British Modbeats: Land of A Thousand Dances – 1967 *
2.   The Gants: Road Runner – 1965
3.   Slim Gaillard: Little Bird – 1968
4.   The Barbarians: Hey Little Bird – 1965
5.   Don Freed: Wheelbarrow – 1981 *
6.   Alabama Jug Band: Jazz It Blues – 1934
7.   Fontella Bass: Rescue Me – 1965
8.   Wilf Carter: I’m Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox – 1951 *
9.   Ward Allen: Mitten’s Breakdown – 1961 *    
10. Jilted John: Going Steady – 1978
11. Juliette: Oh, Lonesome Me – 1968 *
12. Alex Lora Y Tri: El As No Conocido – 1981
13. The Fall: Rebellious Jukebox – 1979
14. Wedding’s Parties Anything: Summons In the Morning – 1987
15. Figgy Duff: Emile’s Reels – 1980 *
16. The Pogues: Sally MacLennane – 1985
17. Walter Ostanek: CB Polka – 1992 *

CanCon = 38%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   The McCoys: Come On Let’s Go
(Ritchie Valens)
45 Single: Bang Records 516
Union City, Indiana

Rick Zehringer: guitar
Randy Zehringer: drums
Randy Jo Hobbs: bass
Robby Peterson: keys
Produced by Feldman, Goldstein & Gottahrer: 1965

Originally called Rick and the Raiders, these guys got their name from the B side of a Ventures single Walk, Don’t Run that was called The McCoy. They had three major hit songs: Hang On Sloopy, Fever, and Come On Let’s Go. Three members of the band backed Johnny Winter for a few years, beginning in 1970. (Rick Zehringer later  changed his name to Derringer, the name he used when he played with Johnny Winter’s band).

2. The Ugly Ducklings: Nothin’
(Dave Byngham / Roger Mayne)
Somewhere Outside: Yorktown Records - YT 50,001
Toronto ON

Dave Bingham: vocals
Glynn Bell: guitar
Roger Mayne: guitar
John Read: bass
Robin Boers: drums
Produced by Bill Huard, 1966
Recorded by Dave Leonard, Ray Lawrence, Gary youngblood & Terry Vollum at Stea Phillips, NYC  and Hallmark Sound, Toronto and Bay Recording, Toronto

The Ducks were the first ‘really cool’ band formed in Toronto in 1965, initially influenced by the British invasion. They were a punk / garage band heavily influenced by the Rolling Stones. In fact, they got to be one of the opening acts for the Stones on their June 1966 Maple Leaf Gardens gig. While most of the bands opening for the Stones were forgettable, the crowd really loved what the Ducks were doing.

3.   Buckwheat Zydeco: Zydeco Boogaloo
(Stanley Dural Jr)
Turning Point: Rounder Records 2045
Lafayette, LA
Stanley Dural: accordion, organ, piano, vocals
Selwyn Cooper: guitar
Calvin Landry: trumpet
Lee Allen Zeno: bass
Elijah Cudges: frottoir
Nathaniel Jolivette: drums
Produced by Scott Billington, 1984
Recorded by Blenn Berger and Ed Goodreau at Blue Jay Studio, Carlisle, Mass. April 1983
Mastered by Tom Coyne at Frankford / Wayne, New York City

Stanley Dural, Jr. (November 14, 1947 – September 24, 2016)

Dural was born in Lafayette, Louisiana. He acquired his nickname as ayouth, because, with his braided hair, he looked like the character Buckwheat from Our Gang/The Little Rascals movies. Buckwheat accepted an invitation in 1976 to join Clifton Chenier’s Red Hot
Louisiana Band as organist. He quickly discovered the popularity of Zydeco music, and marveled at the effect the music had on the audience. “Everywhere, people young and old just loved zydeco music,” Dural says. “I had so much fun playing that first night with Clifton. Dural's relationship with the legendary Chenier led him to take up the accordion in 1978. After practicing for a year, he felt ready to start his own band under the name Buckwheat Zydeco. In 1988, Eric Clapton invited the band to open his North American tour.  Dural died of lung cancer at age 68

4.   Martha & The Muffins: Teddy The Dink
(Mark Gane / B Harvey)
Trance And Dance: Vindisc VL 2207
Toronto ON
Carl Finkle: bass
Mark Gane: guitar, synth
Tim Gane: drums
Andy Haas: sax
Martha Johnson: vocal, keys
Martha Ladly: vocal, keys, trombone
Produced by Mike Howlett, 1980
Recorded by Richard Manwaring at The Manor

A band with two Marthas: Martha and the Muffins: a Canadian new wave band, active from 1977 to the present. Made their debute at an Ontario College of Art Hallowe'en party in October 1977. According to Mark Gane: "We decided to use it as a temporary name until we could all agree on something better."

5.   The Mynah Birds: It’s My Time
(Michael Valvano / R Dean Taylor / Ricky Matthews)
45 single bw Go On And Cry: Hip-O Records
Toronto ON

Rick James: vocals
Neil Young: lead guitar, bg vocals
Bruce Palmer: bass
Rick Cameron: drums
John Yachimak: guitar, bg vocals
Produced by Mike Valvano, R. Dean Taylor, Mickey Stevenson, 1966
Recorded at Motown Studios, Detroit
Released 2012

James Ambrose Johnson Jr. aka Rick James b. Buffalo NY, Feb 1, 1948 / d. Aug 6, 2004 Los Angeles) (56)

Over the course of their time, The Mynah Birds featured some pretty amazing musicians in their line-up: Neil Young, Rick James, Goldy McJohn and Nick Kassbaum (aka Nick St. Nicholas) of Steppenwolf and Bruce Palmer (who formed Buffalo Springfield with Young). Originally called The Sailors, they changed their name after playing in The Mynah Bird club in Yorkville. They recorded one album for Motown which was never released after it was revealed that Rick James was awol from his military duty in the US.

6.   James Brown & The Famous Flames: No, No, No, No
(James Brown)
Please Please Please: King / Regency Records 909
Barnwell, SC

James Brown: lead vox
Bobby Byrd: bg vox
Johnny Terry: bg vocals
Sylvester Keels: bg vox
Bill Hollings: bg vox
Louis Madison: bg vox
Nafloyd Scott: guitar
Clifford Scott: tenor saxophone
Kenny Burrell: guitar
Edwyn Conley: bass
George Dorsey: alto sax
John Faire: guitar
David Francis: drums
Reginald Hall: drums
Edison Gore: drums
Ernie Hayes: piano
Clarence Mack: bass
Carl Pruitt: bass
Wilbert Smith: tenor sax
Ray Felder: tenor sax
Alvin "Fats" Gonder: piano
Eddie Freeman: guitar
Produced by Ralph Bass, 1959
Recorded February 24, 1956-September 18, 1958

b. May 3, 1933, Barnwell, South Carolina - d. December 25, 2006, Atlanta, Georgia

7.   Ladies Choice Bluegrass Band: Montezuma’s Revenge
(Skip Holmes)
Bluegrass Is Our Business: Boot Records BBG-6014
Halifax NS
Gordon Stobbe: mandolin
Skip Holmes: banjo
Bill Doucette: guitar
Trish York: fiddle
Walter Jakeman: bass
Produced by Gordon Stobbe, 1981
Recorded by Pat Martin at Audio Atlantic, Halifax
Mixed by Denis Lepage and Pat Martin

The band first formed in Halifax, 1978. Toured and released two albums while appearing as the band on ATV’s weekly successful TV show ‘Up Home Tonight”, hosted by it’s leader, Gordon Stobbe. In 1984 they began to morph into Those Fabulous Cliches, and eventually The Gordon Stobbe Trio.

8.   The Kinks: Till The End of The Day
(Ray Davies)
The Kinks Greatest Hits: Pye Records (Mono) NPL 30090
London UK

Ray Davies: guitar, vocals
Dave Davies: lead guitar, bg vocals
Rick Avory: drums, vocals
Pete Quaife: bass
Produced by Shel Talmy, 1965
Recorded at Pye Studios, London

9.   The Who: Call Me Lightning
(Pete Townsend)
45 single bw Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde: Decca Records 32288
London UK

Pete Townsend: guitar, vocal
Roger Daltry: lead vocal
Keith Moon: drums
John Entwhistle: bass
Produced by Kit Lambert, 1968
Released March 16, 1968
Recorded at Decca Studios, London and Gold Star, Los Angeles

The song was first demoed in 1964 and sat around for four years before it was recorded.

10. Bram Tchaikovsky: Hollywood Nightmare
(D Forbes / B Tchaikovsky)
Pressure: Polydor Records PD-1-6273
Lincolnshire UK

Mickey Broadbent: vocal, guitar, bass, keys
Dennis Forbes: vocal, guitar, bass, keys
Keith Line: drums
Bram Tchaikovsky: bass, guitar
Produced by Bram, Mickey, Dennis and Keith 1980
Recorded by Mike Robinson at DJM Studios, London UK

Peter Bramall b. 10 November 1950 (age 67) Lincolnshire UK

Only active a short while between 1978–1981. Pressure was originally released as The Russians Are Coming but renamed when it was issued for the North American market.

11. Mac Beattie & Ottawa Valley Melodiers: Saturday Night Up The Gatineau
(J M Beattie)
This Ottawa Valley of Mine: Banff Roedo RBS 1211
Arnprior ON

Mac Beattie: washboard, drums, vocal
Reg Hill: fiddle
Gaetan Fairfield: guitar
Bob Whitney: alto sax
Bob Price: piano
Tony Miseferi: bass
Gordie Summers: electric guitar
Produced by George Taylor, Jan 16, 1966

This song was one of the fan favourites of The Melodiers over the years. It’s about going up into the Gatineau hills (north of Ottawa) to Otter Lake, Wakefield, Poltimore and Kazabazua. It has that good time, hoedown feel and ends in a reel.

12. Filé: Ten as eu ten auras plus
Cajun Dance Band: Flying Fish Records 418
Louisiana US

Ward Lormand: accordion
Faren Serrette: fiddle
Darren Wallace: fiddle, guitar
Kevin Shearin: bass
Peter Stevens: drums
Produced by File with Bruce Kaplan, 1987
Recorded by Eugene Foster at Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, Louisiana

Formed in 1982, the band was named after a Cajun cooking spice. They played their last gig on  December 30, 2002 in Louisiana. They helped popularize traditional Cajun music by adding a rocking rhythm section.

13  Rose Maddox: Move It On Over
(Hank Williams)
An Evening with Rose Maddox and Her Brothers: Arc International – 803
Boaz, Alabama

Cliff Maddox (born 1912 Boaz, Alabama - died 1949)
Cal Maddox (born November 3, 1915 Boaz, Alabama - died 1968)
Fred Maddox (born July 3, 1919 Boaz, Alabama - died October 29, 1992)
Don Maddox (born December 7, 1922 Boaz, Alabama)
Rose Maddox (born August 15, 1925 Boaz, Alabama - died April 15, 1998)
Henry Maddox (born March 19, 1928 Boaz, Alabama - died 1974)
Produced 1967
Recorded 1948

Hank Williams’ first Country hit in 1947

14. The Hondells: Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl
(Curb / Hatcher)
45 single bw Come On (Pack It On): Mercury Records 72405
Los Angeles CA

Ritchie Burns: vocals
Glen Campbell: guitar
Richard A. Podolor: guitar
Hal Blaine: drums
Produced by Gary Usher, 1965

The Hondells were a band manufactured by Producer Gary Usher, originally consisting of session musicians. His aim was to capture some of the market opened up by The Beach Boys: Surf Music.

It’s rather difficult to discern who exactly was recuited by Usher to record Sidewalk Surfer Girl. He most likely used Glen Campbell, Hal Blaine and Richard A. Podolor along with other Wrecking Crew members.

15. Chad Allan & The Expressions: Hey Ho What You Do To Me
(Simpson / Ashford / Arhstead)
45 Single b/w Goodnight, Goodnight: Quality Records – 1752X
Winnipeg MB

Chad Allan: vocals/guitar
Bob Ashley: keyboards
Randy Bachman: guitars
Jim Kale: bass
Garry Peterson: drums
Produced 1965

Allan Peter Stanley Kowbel aka Chad Allen b. Winnipeg March 29, 1943

16. The Beatles: Cant Buy Me Love
(Lennon / McCartney)
A Hard Days Night Soundtrack: United Artists Records UAL 3366
Liverpool UK

John Lennon: guitar
George Harrison: lead guitar
Paul McCartney: bass, lead vocal
Ringo Starr: drums
Produced by George Martin
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith
First Published in Canada July, 1964
Single released 16 March 1964

17. Les Habits Jaune: Rock And Roll Music
(Chuck Berry)
Les Habits Jaune: Laval Records LF-4202
Coteau-sur-lac (Vallyfield) QC

Gilbert Chenarde: guitare soliste
Bernard Desranleau: guitar, vocals
Ronald Grenier: saxophone et chant
Mike Egan: organ
Armand Leger: bass
Raymond Parent: drums
Produced 1965
Recorded May 1965 at Stereo Sound, Côte-des-Neiges QC

Recorded by The Beatles: October 1964

Les Habits Jaune made their debut under the name of The Marvel 's. In 1965, they changed their name and recorded two hits for Laval Records: "Miss Boney Maronie and Mr.Long ." They were known for their yellow suits, made from curtain fabric that never wrinkled. They played on mostly yellow instruments and got around in a yellow car. They even bleeched their hair yellow but quickly abandoned that following allergic reactions to the bleeching product they used. When Boney Maronie became a hit in Quebec they filled a 500 seat room in Chicoutimi leaving people standing outside just to hear the band play. It sold 62,000 copies.

Hour Two

1.   British Modbeats: Land of A 1000 Dances
(Chris Kenner)
Mod........Is The British Modbeats: Red Leaf Records - RED 1002 - vinyl
St. Catherines / Grimsby, ON

Fraser Loveman: vocals
Joe Colonna: bass
Robbie Jeffrey: drums
Greig Foster: guitar
Mike Gorgichuk: guitar
Produced by Stan Klees, 1967

They were really known as The Modbeats but the record company, wanting to capture what was left of the British Invasion, dubbed them British Modbeats. (They later changed back to just Modbeats). This was produced by the same Stan Klees who founded the Juno Awards (as the Maple Leaf Awards) and RPM trade magazine.

2.   The Gants: Road Runner
(E McDanial)
45 single bw My Baby Don’t Care: Statue Records 605
Greenwood Mississippi

Sid Herring: lead guitar, vocals
Johnny Sanders: guitar
Vince Montgomery: bass
Don Wood: drums
Produced by Hurshel Wiginton, 1965

Originally known as The Kingsman, who formed in 1963. They changed their name to The Gants, after a popular brand of shirt with a button-down collar. Based out of Greenville, Mississippi, they patterned themselves after the British invasion bands. Sid Herring tried to look like Herman Hermit Noone. As the band got busier it conflicted with their day jobs and they had to call it quits in 1967. But they’ve gone down in history as simply the best and most popular Mississippi rock band of their time.

3.   Slim Gaillard: Little Bird
(T Wolf / D Grove / P Jolly)
45 single bw Blowin’ In The Wind: Epic Records 5-10336
Detroit MI

Slim Gaillard: guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Jackie Mills, 1968

Bulee Gaillard b. January 9, 1911 / d. February 26, 1991 (80) London UK

4.   The Barbarians: Hey Little Bird
(Tommy Kaye)
45 single bw You’ve Got To Understand: Joy Records 45K-290
Provincetown, Massachusetts

Jerry Causi: lead vocal
Victor Moulton: drums
Bruce Benson: bass
Geoffry Morris: guitar
Produced: September 1964
Arranged by Al Ham

Active between 1964 and 1967, were known for drummer Victor "Moulty" Molton's prosthetic hook used in place of his missing left hand to hold his drumstick. They also wore pirate outfits to fit Molton’s image. They received their biggest break when featured on Pan USA The T.A.M.I. tour in 1965 alongside other artists such as The Rolling Stones, The Supremes, Lesley Gore, Chuck Berry, James Brown & The Famous Flames, The Miracles, and Marvin Gaye. A later, minor hit, entitled "Moulty", was a humorous auto-biographical song about the drummer's life and losing his hand when he was 14. Moulton sang lead on the track, but instead of the original members, he was backed by a Toronto group, Levon & the Hawks, later to be known as The Band.

5.   Don Freed: Wheelbarrow
(Don Freed)
Off In All Directions: Bushleage Records - BLR 00001
Saskatoon, SK
Don Freed: guitar, harmonica, vocal
Doug Boomhower: electric guitar
Skip Kutz: bass
Hans Van Norren: drums
Rod Salloum: keys
Mike Devlin: steel
Gary 'Humphrey Dumptruck' Walsh: banjo
Calvin Cairns: concertina, fiddle
Steve Bengtson: mandolin
Alan Kellogg: harmony vocal
Produced by Dale Russell, 1981

born in New Westminster BC & raised in Saskatoon

He came to Toronto, penniless, and called up an old friend, Juri Krytiuk, a producer at Dominion Records. Juri got him a quick session backing up Stevedore Steve on his first album, Songs of the Stevedore, in 1968. It made him fifty bucks! In 1969 appeared with Johnny Cash in the documentary Johnny Cash! The Man, His World, His Music. In the film, Freed is shown visiting Cash backstage where he performs two songs, after which Cash promises to get the singer an audition with Columbia Records. He was subsequently signed by Capitol and recorded an album for them in 1972, which was never released.

Hung around Toronto for twenty years, releasing a few albums of his songs. He was romantically linked with Joni Mitchell and collaborated with her on her album ‘Taming the Tiger’.

6.   Alabama Jug Band: Jazz It Blues
Jazzy Jugs And Washboards: MCA Jazz Heritage MCA1372
Birmingham AL

Ed Allen: cornet
Cecil Scott: clarinet
Willie Smith: piano
Ikey Robinson: banjo
Cyrus St. Clair: bass
Clarence Todd: kazoo
Floyd Casey: washboard
Clarence Williams: jug
Compilation Produced by Steve Hoffman, 1983
Recorded for Decca, Oct 3, 1934
Transferred and Mastered by Kevin Gray was Whitney Recording Studios, Glenville CA

7.   Fontella Bass: Rescue Me
(C Smith / B Miner)
45 single bw Sould Of The Man: Checker Records  CH 1120
St Louis MO

Fontella Bass: vocal
Minnie Riperton: bg vocal
Maurice White: drums
Louis Satterfield: bass
Pete Cosey and Gerald Sims: guitar
Leonard Caston: piano,
Sonny Thompson: organ
Charles Stepney: vibes
Produced by Billy Davis, 1965
Recorded at Chess Studios, Chicago

Fontella Bass (b. St Louis MO July 3, 1940  d. St Louis MO December 26, 2012)

Her first hit, a duet with singer Bobby McClure in 1965, their recordingof "Don't Mess Up a Good Thing".  In 1979 the song was covered by Ry Cooder with Chaka Khan on Cooder's album Bop 'Til You Drop. Although Bass was acknowledged by Producer Billy Davis as a co-writer of the song, she was never credited.

"I had the first million seller for Chess since Chuck Berry about 10 years before. Things were riding high for them, but when it came time to collect my first royalty check, I looked at it, saw how little it was, tore it up and threw it back across the desk."

8.   Montana Slim & The Calgary Stampeders: I’m Gonna Tear Down The Mailbox
(Vaughan Horton)
45 EP: All Time Greats – Decca ED 2204
Port Hilford NS

Wilf Carter: guitar, vocal
Produced 1955
Recorded 1951

This is a great song recorded in 1951 and released on the Decca label that Wilf Carter was signed to briefly in the early 50s. (The bulk of his output, from 1932 and well into the 1980s, was released on RCA).

9.   Ward Allen: Mitten’s Breakdown
(Earl Mitton)
45 single bw The Old Rose Waltz: Sparton Records 4-990R
Kirkton ON

Ward Allen: fiddle
Happy Wanderers: bg band
Produced 1961

Warden Ambrose Allen b Kirkton ON 11 May 1924 / d. Hull, QC 3 Aug 1965 (31)

He began fiddling at 12, often performing with his brother Lorne, from whom he learned much of his repertoire. In 1955 he moved to Ottawa to perform with Bob King in The Happy Wanderers. His sudden death in 1965 shocked the Canadian country and fiddle fans. Allen was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville, Tenn, in 1965

10. Jilted John: Going Steady
(J G John)
45 single BW Going Steady: Rabid Records TOSH 105
Manchester UK

Graham Fellows: vocals
John Scott: guitar & bass, drums
Produced by Martin Zero, 1978

Graham David Fellows (born 22 May 1959, Sheffield, England)

Also recorded as Gordon the Moron.  In December 2014 Jilted John won the 'One Hit Wonder World Cup' feat on BBC Radio 6 Music. The record I used was purchased by Bluewater Radio’s Joel Axler from a record shop in Brighton UK

11. Juliette: Oh Lonesome Me
(Bob Gibson)
Juliettes' Country Worlds: RCA Camden / CBC - CAS-2341
Vancouver BC

Juliette: vocals
Laurie Bower Singers
Produced by Dave Bird - circa 1968

Juliette Augustina Sysak Cavazzi Born: August 27, 1926 St. Vital, Manitoba

1956-1966: Juliette (CBC Television series)
1975: appointed Member of the Order of Canada
1999: inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame

12. Alex Lora Y Tri: El As No Conocido
(Alex Lora)
21 Anos Despuis WEA
Mexico City

Alex Lora: guitar, vocals
Rafael Salgado: harmonic
Sergio Mancera: electric & rhythm guitar
Pedro Martinez: drums
Ruben Soriano: bass
Produced by Alex Lora, 1989

A spinoff of Three Souls in My Mind, formed in 1968. The group is regarded as influential in the development of Mexican rock music. As 3 Souls released 15 lps by 1985. Lora played bass.

Alex Lora became the first Mexican rock band to have a Gold certified record with their album "Simplemente" The 2008 Lonely Planet guide to Mexico calls El Tri "the grandfathers of Mexican rock." 2006's Rock en Espana characterizes them as "Mexico's quintessential working-class rock outfit." They have been described in press as "Mexico's answer to the Rolling Stones": "Ancient, raunchy, but still hugely popular.

13. The Fall: Rebellious Jukebox
(Mark Smith / Martin Bramah)
IRS Greatest Hits Vols 2&3: IRS Records SP 70800
Manchester UK

Mark E Smith: vocals
Yvonne Pawlett: electric piano
Marc Riley: bass
Martin Bramah: guitar, vocals
Karl Burns: drums
Produced by The Fall with Bob Sargeant 1979
Compilation produced by IRS 1980
From the LP Live At The Witch Trials SP 003

14. Weddings Parties Anything: A Summons In The Morning
(Mick Thomas)
Roaring Days: WEA 25 54301
Melbourne, Australia

Pete Lawler: bass guitar, vocals
Marcus Schintler: drums, vocals
Dave Steel: guitar, vocals
Mick Thomas: guitar, vocals
Mark Wallace: piano accordion, keyboards, vocals
Produced by Alan Thorne 1988

WPA formed in 1984 in Melbourne and continuing until 1999. Their name came from The Clash song "Revolution Rock". They lived in Toronto for several months in 1989, befriending many local musicians including Lowest of the Low’s Stephen Stanley. Used to do a great version of Sudbury Saturday Night.

15. Figgy Duff: Emile’s Reels
(Emile Benoit)
Figgy Duff: Posterity Records PTR 13014
St Johns NL

Noel Dinn: drums
Pamela Morgan: guitar
Dave Panting: bass
Geoff Butler: accordion
Produced by Gary Furniss & Tom Treumuth, 1980
Recorded by Jim Frank at Nimbus 9 Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto

16. The Pogues: Sally Maclennane
(Shane MacGowan)
Rum, Sodomy & the Lash: Stiff records: MCA 5744
London UK

Shane MacGowan: vocals
Spider Stacy: tin whistle
James Fearnley: accordion
Jem Finer: banjo
Cait O'Riordan: bass
Andrew Ranken: drums
Philip Chevron: guitar
Additional personnel
Henry Benagh: fiddle
Dick Cuthell: French horn
Tommy Keane: uileann pipes
Produced by Elvis Costello and Phil Chevron, 1985
Recorded by Nick Robbins and Paul Scully at Elephant Studios, London
Recorded at Elephant Studios, London

17. Walter Ostanek Band: The CB Polka
(Joey Tomsick)
35th Anniversary Album: World Renowned Sounds Inc – WRP-10015
St Catherines ON

Walter Ostanek: accordion
Produced by Walter Ostanek, 1992

This album won Ostanek the Grammy Award for Best Polka Album of 1993