33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
February 17, 2020
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Our Life Is In Limbo
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Hour One

1.  Luvin’ Kind: Missy D.M. – 1968 *
2.   Striped Bananas: Falling – 2017
3.   Max Webster: Night Flights  - 1979 *
4.   The Monkees: Daydream Believer – 1967
5.   Iron Butterfly: Most Anything You Want – 1968
6.   Chalk Circle: My Artificial Intelligence – 1987 *
7.   Arthur Gee: Dimensions – 1971 *
8.   Alan Parsons Project: The Voice – 1977
9.   Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues – 1984
10. Rodriguez: Inner City Blues – 1969
11. Long John Baldry: Our Life Is In Limbo – 1986 *
12. Chubby Checker: Limbo Rock – 1962
13. Nat King Cole: On A Bicycle Built For Two – 1963

Hour Two 

1.   Buffalo Springfield: Been Burned – 1966
2.   Vashti Bunyan: Swallow Song – 1970
3.   The Sadies: Starting All Over Again – 2013 *
4.   Robert Priest: I Follow The Smoke – 1982 *
5.   Sarah Vaughan: And I Love Her – 1981
6.   Stevie Ray Vaughan: Taxman – 1986
7.   Figgy Duff: Honour, Riches – 1983 *
8.   If: Forgotten Roads – 1972
9.   Lovin’ Spoonful: Warm Baby – 1966
10. Clay & The Fun Seekers: People Of Action – 1970 *
11. Carl Smith: Hey Joe! – 1953 *
12. Bob King: Rockin’ Juke Box – 1958 *
13. Alice Cooper: BB On Mars – 1969
14. Patsy Cline: Walking After Midnight – 1957
15. Savoy Brown: Made Up My Mind – 1969
16. Denny Vaughan Orchestra: Stranger On The Shore – 1962 *

CanCon = 41%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Luvin’ Kind: Missy D.M.
(J Telfer)
45 single bw Without Her: Stone Records / Now Records 601
Winnipeg MB

Eddie Leclair: lead guitar
Jerry Leclair: bass
Alan Schick: rhythm guitar
Len Fidkalo: drums
Doug Dodd: keys
George Crakewich aka George Little: vocal
Produced by Jerry Leclair, 1968

Late 60s outfit from Winnipeg / St Boniface Manitoba, first formed 1966 and lasted until 1972. Len Fidkalo had originally played drums with Neil Young & The Squires. Originally called Luvin’ Kind, they changed the spelling to Luvin’ Kynd for the release of Missy D.M.

 2.   Striped Bananas: Falling
(Duncan Shepard)
Stone of Madness #125/200: Cosmic Sunshine Records 88295-57817

Duncan Shepard: guitars, bass, mellotron, sitar, vocal
Chantelle Shepard: keys, bass, vocal
Andrew Lowden: drums, vocal
Produced by Duncan Shepard, 2017

Recorded in Michigan and New York
Mastered by AudioBay Mastering, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Formed in 2010. Their favourite Stones album: Their Satanic Majesties Request. Favourite Beachboys album: Smile. One of their influences: The Peanut Butter Conspiracy, The Hollies, Iron Butterfly, The Seeds, Electric Prunes. That should tell you all you need to know about where they come from.

3.   Max Webster: Night Flights
(Terry Watkinson)
A Million Vacations: Anthem Records ANR-1-1018
Toronto ON

Gary McCracken: drums
Kim Mitchell: guitar, lead vocals
Dave Myles: bass
Terry Watkinson; keys
Produced by John de Nottbeck & Max Webster, 1979

Recorded by Mark Wright at Phase One Studios, Scarborough ON
Mixed by David Green, Soundstage, Toronto
Mastered at Master Disk, NYC by Bob Ludwig

Formed 1973, Toronto died 1981.  Originally called The Grass Company, The Quotations, Big Al's Band, ZOOOM. Their 4th album  Million Vacations was the first Max Webster album to generate hit singles that cracked the Canadian top 100.

4.   The Monkees: Daydream Believer
(John Stewart)
Re-Focus: Bell Records 6081
Los Angeles CA

Davy Jones: lead and backing vocals
Micky Dolenz: harmony vocals
Michael Nesmith: electric guitar
Peter Tork: piano
Chip Douglas: bass, keyboard, percussion
Bill Martin: bell
Eddie Hoh: drums
Manuel Stevens: piccolo trumpet
Richard Noel: trombone
Richard Leith, Philip Teele: bass trombone
Nathan Kaproff, George Kast, Alex Murray, Erno Neufeld: violins
Pete Candoli, Al Porcino, Manuel Stevens: trumpet
Produced by Chip Douglas, 1967

Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood

Written by John Stewart of the Kingston Trio, it got to No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in December 1967, remaining there for 4 weeks. It was The Monkees last number 1 hit song. Anne Murray's 1979 version reached No. 3 on the U.S. country singles chart and No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. It's also been recorded by The Four Tops, British singer Nick Berry (the Heartbeat cop), and The Classics IV.

Produced by Douglas Farthing Hatlelid (born August 27, 1942) who produced numerous hits for The Monkees and The Turtles.

5.   Iron Butterfly: Most Anything You Want
(Doug Ingle)
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida: Atco Records SD 33-250
San Diego CA

Erik Brann: guitars, vocals
Ron Bushy: drums, percussion
Lee Dorman: bass guitar, backing vocals
Doug Ingle: Vox Continental organ, vocals
Produced by Jim Hilton, 1968

Recorded at Gold Star Studios, Hollywood & Ultra-Sonic Studios, Hempstead UK
Recorded by Don Casale and Mixed by Bill Cooper
Released June 14, 1968

The band formed in 1966 and had an unstable line-up until the release of this, their second LP in ’68. The success of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (selling over 30 million copies) meant better gigs, more touring. The band had been booked to play at Woodstock in August 1969, but got stuck at LaGuardia Airport. Their subsequent recordings tried to capitalize on the success of In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and although Ball, their 3rd album did rather well, they never got back to the garden. After being hit for not paying their taxes, the band decided to call it a day in 1971.

6.   Chalk Circle: My Artificial Sweetener
(Chalk Circle)
Mending Wall: Duke Street Records DSR 31035
Newcastle ON

Tad Winklarz: keys, sax, melodica
Chris Tait: guitars, vocals
Derrick Murphy: drums
Brad Hopkins: bass
Hugh Marsh: violin
Brian Leonard: percussion
Tim Hope: bongos
Rebecca Jenkins: bg vocal
Produced by Chris Wardman, 1987

Recorded at Manta Sound, Toronto, by Ron Searles

Formed in Newcastle, they were originally known in 1982 as ‘The Casualties’. Briefly changed their name to ‘The Reactors’, most likely because the live close by the Darlington Nuclear plant. Then they because ‘New Addition’ till 1984 when they changed, once again, to Chalk Circle.

7.   Arthur Gee: Dimensions
(Arthur Gee)
Arthur Gee: Tumbleweed Records - TWS 101
Guelph ON

Arthur Gee: guitar, harmonica, vocals
Richard Hathaway: bass
Steve Van Gelder: violin
Snazz Wall: pedal steel
Bob Allison: bg vocals
Produced by Marcus Damerst, 1971

Recorded by Marcus Damerst at Jackson Sound, Denver; Wally Heider Studio & The Record Plant, Los Angeles
Mixed by Marcus Damerst and Bill Szymczyk

Had a brief international career recording 2 lps. Anne Murray covered his song Sunspots on her LP This Is My Way 1969. He migrated to Denver around 1970 and signed with Tumbleweed Records. Later on he played with Guelph punk band Celtic Blue in the late 1980s billing himself as Riki Gee, fiddler. He currently plays with Jeff Bird, Tony Quarrington & Randall Coryell.

8.   Alan Parsons Project: The Voice
(Alan Parsons / Eric Woolfson)
I Robot: Arista Records AL 7002
London, UK

David Paton, bass
Stuart Tosh, drums
Ian Bairnson, guitars
David Paton, acoustic guitar
Alan Parsons, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Eric Woolfson, keyboards
Duncan MacKay, keyboards
BJ Cole, steel guitar
Produced by Alan Parsons, 1977

Recorded by Alan Parsons with Pat Stapley & Chris Blair at Abby Road Studios, London
Mastered by Chris Blair

9.   Marvin Gaye: Inner City Blues
(Marvin Gaye / James Nyx)
Marvin Gaye Live!: Motown Records T333V1
Detroit Michigan

Ed Green: drums
James Jamerson: bass
David T Walker: guitar
Ray Parker: guitar
Joe Sample: keys
John Arnold: percussion
Joe Clayton: congas
Paul Hubinon: trumpet
George Bohanon: trombone
Ernie Watts: sax
William Green: sax
James Getzoff: violin
Jack Shulman: violin
Eric Dolen, Charlie Burns, Michael Torrance, Dwight Owens, Wally Cox: bg vocals
Produced by EG Abner, 1974

Recorded by Cal Harris, Bill Schnee live at Oakland Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland CA
Recorded on Wally Heider Studios mobile unit
Mixed at Motown Recording Studios, Hollywood CA by Marvin Gaye

Marvin Pentz Gay Jr. b. April 2, 1939 Washington, D.C. / d. April 1, 1984 (44) LA

Gaye and his good friend Reese Palmer formed the vocal quartet The Marquees.[43][44] The group performed in the D.C. area and soon began working with Bo Diddley, who assigned the group to Columbia subsidiary OKeh Records. In 1960, the group disbanded. Gaye performed at Motown president Berry Gordy's house during the holiday season in 1960. Shortly afterwards, Gaye signed with Motown subsidiary Tamla. Gaye released his first single, "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide", in May 1961. His song, Pride and Joy became Gaye's first top ten single after its release in 1963.
On the afternoon of April 1, 1984, in the family house in the West Adams district of Los Angeles, Gaye intervened in a fight between his parents and became involved in a physical altercation with his father, Marvin Gay Sr. In Gaye's bedroom minutes later, Gay Sr. shot Gaye in the heart at point-blank range.

10. Rodriguez: Inner City Blues
Searching For Sugarman Soundtrack: Light In The Attic Records LITA 089
Detroit MI
Rodriguez: acoustic guitar, vocals
Dennis Coffey: electric guitar
Mike Theodore: keys
Bob Babbitt: bass
Andrew Smith: drums
Bob Pengborn: percussion
Produced by Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey, 1970

Recorded by Milan Bogden & Mike Theodore at Tera-Shirma Studios, Detroit Aug-Sept 1969
Originally released on LP Cold Fact: Sussex Records SXBS 7000
Soundtrack Producers: Matt Sullivan & Rob Santos - 2012
Remastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters

11. Long John Baldry: Our Life Is In Limbo
(John Baldry / Jim Horowitz / John King)
Silent Treatment: Music Line Records ML 0001
Brixworth UK / Vancouver BC

Long John Baldry, vocals
John King, Butch Coulter, guitars
George Ford, bass
Joe Ingrao & Jimmy Horowitz, keys
Charlie Cooley, drums
Jimmy Horowitz, strings
Produced by Jimmy Horowitz, 1986
Recorded at Blue Wave Studios, Vancouver; Mushroom Studios, Vancouver;
Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles by Rolf Henneman
Mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles CA

12. Chubby Checker: Limbo Rock
(Karl Mann / Billy Strange)
45 single bw Man Smart, Woman Smarter: Parkway Records – PGT-023x
Spring Gulley, SC, USA
Produced by Kal Mann, 1962

An instrumental version was first recorded by The Champs in 1961. The first vocal version was recorded in 1962 by Chubby Checker (on Parkway Records): it peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks. The Chubby Checker 1962 recording was featured in the 1988 film Hairspray

13. Nat King Cole: On A Bicycle Built For Two
(Harry Dacre /  adapted by Nat King Cole)

Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer: Capitol – T 1932
Montgomery Alabama
Produced by Lee Gillette, 1963

Written in 1892 by Harry Dacre & originally recorded and released by Dan W. Quinn in 1893
In 1961 an IBM 704 became the first computer to sing, in a demonstration of Bell Labs' newly invented speech synthesis – and the song was "Daisy Bell". No wonder Stanley Kubrick used this song for his Hal 9000 computer to sing in 2001 - Arthur C. Clarke, had seen the 1961 demo.

Alvin and the Chipmunks covered the song for a 1961 episode of The Alvin Show and their 1962 album The Chipmunk Songbook.

Hour Two

1.   Buffalo Springfield: Been Burned
(Neil Young)
Buffalo Springfield: Atco Records Mono 33-200-A
Los Angeles CA / Ontario

Neil Young: piano
Stephen Stills: guitar
Richie Furay: guitar, lead vocal
Dewey Martin: drums
Bruce Palmer: bass
Produced by Charles Greene, Brian Stone, 1966

Recorded July to September 1966 by Tom May, Doc Siegel, James Hilton, Stan Ross
Mixing: Buffalo Springfield, Charles Greene, Brian Stone

2.   Vashti Bunyan: Swallow Song
(Vashti Bunyan)
Just Another Diamond Day: Philips Records 6308-019
Newcastle-Upon-Tyne UK

Vashti Bunyan: guitar, vocal
Christopher Sykes: keys
John Hames: dulcitone
Robin Williamson: harp
Produced by Joe Boyd, 1970
Recorded by Jerry Boys at Sound Techniques, London, Nov-Dec 1969

Jennifer Vashti Bunyan b. 1945

Everything on this album sounds dream-like. It just floats across the water.

3.   The Sadies: Starting All Over Again
(The Sadies)
Internal Sounds: YepRoc Records YEP-2353
S. Ontario

Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Dallas Good: guitar, organ, vocal
Travis Good: guitars, fiddle, vocal
Produced by Dallas Good, 2013
Recorded by Guillermo Subauste
Mastered by Peter J Moore at The E Room, Toronto

4.   Robert Priest: I Follow The Smoke
(Robert Priest)
Robert Priest EP: Airwave Records AW 30450
Toronto ON

Robert Priest: vocals
Glenn Martin: drums
Matthew Greenberg: bass guitar
Deanny Levy: rhythm guitar (right speaker)
Blair Packham: rhythm guitar (left speaker)
Neo Chapman: guitars
Ronny Wiseman: keys
Lynn Harper: bg vocals
Bongo Herbert, Trudy Artman, Steve Ranger & Keith: additional vocals
Produced by Keith Elshaw, 1982

Recorded and Mixed at Phase One Studios, Toronto by Robin Brouwers, Tom Balint and Lenny DeRose

Robert Priest b. July 10, 1951 Walton-on-Thames, England

Born in England, the Priest family immigrated to Toronto in 1955 when he was only four. By the age of eight, Priest says, he had already begun to dream of becoming a writer. The author of 14 books of poetry, he won the Milton Acorn Memorial People's Poetry Award for The Mad Hand (1988). He’s recorded kids’ music with The Boinks as well as some harder hitting stuff for adults. He is currently working on another album of songs with producer Bobby Wiseman. So it should be interestingly good!

I’ve known Robert for decades but I only recently found this EP in a second hand record shop. There is an address on the cover for the Robert Priest Fan Club! He lived at Toronto’s Bain Apts Co-op (where I reside) for a good long time and I knew nothing about his fan club!

5.   Sarah Vaughan: And I Love Her – 1981
(Lennon / McCartney)
Songs Of The Beatles: Atlantic Records
Newark, New Jersey

Sarah Vaughan - vocals
Bill Thedford, Perry Morgan, Jim Gilstrap - background vocals
David Hungate - bass
Michael Lang - keyboards
Lee Ritenour, Dean Parks, Louie Shelton - guitar
Steve Porcaro - synthesizer
Toots Thielemans - harmonica
Jeff Porcaro - percussion, drums
Bobbye Hall, Joe Porcaro, Steve Forman - percussion
Marty Paich, David Paich - keyboards
Produced by Marty Paich and David Paich, 1981

Recorded at Davlen Studio, Los Angeles, 1977
Recorded by The Beatles Feb 1964

Sarah Lois Vaughan b. Newark NJ March 27, 1924 / d. Hidden Hills, CA April 3, 1990 (66)

This was recorded in 1977 by a father and son team who weren’t the best at producing this ambitious a project. Critics loved her version of Eleanor Rigby and Here, There and Everywhere. She even recorded “I Want You (She’s so Heavy)”…

6.   Stevie Ray Vaughan: Taxman
(George Harrison)
45 single bw The House Is Rockin’: Epic Records 34-78205
Dallas TX

Stevie Ray Vaughan: guitar, vocals
Tommy Shannon: bass
Chris Layton: drums
Produced 1995

Recorded 1986

This came out (on a vinyl 45) 11 years after it was recorded, as the B side to The House Is Rockin’. Just a masterful rendition of this classic Harrison number, although he’s taken out the references to the British Prime Ministers (Heath and Wilson) in his version.

7.   Figgy Duff: Honour, Riches
(Noel Dinn / Wm Shakespeare)
After The Tempest: Boot Records: BOS 7243
St. John’s NL

Pamela Morgan: guitar, vocals
Dave Panting: mandolin
Geoff Butler: Accordion
Derek Pelley: bass
Noel Dinn: drums
Produced by Tom Trecumuth, 1983

Recorded Dan Kuntz at Studio 306, Toronto
Mixed by Mark Wright & Lenny DeRose at Phase One Studios, Toronto
Mastered by George Graves at The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
Cover by Ian Bell

Formed by Pamela Morgan and Noel Dinn in 1976, it was their idea to collect real Newfoundland folk songs and tunes from the sources on the Island and play it folk/rock style, thus Figgy Duff were born. They stayed relevant until about 1993 when Noel Dinn died; Pamela Morgan kept them going through a transformative time. Still a band to this day, to be honest they don’t play very much anymore but when the time is right, they seem to emerge. This is from their second LP. Truly way ahead of their time!

8.   If: Forgotten Roads
(Dave Quincy / T Preston)
IF3: Capitol Records - SMAS 820

John Mealing: keys
Terry Smith: guitar
Jim Richardson: bass
Dennis Elliot: drums
Dick Morrissey: sax, flute
JW Hodkinson: vocals
Dave Quincey: sax, flute
Produced by Jon Child and IF, 1971

Recorded by Frank Owen at Island Studios, London

If was a progressive rock band formed in Britain in 1969. Referred to by Billboard as "unquestionably the best of the so-called jazz-rock bands". In the period spanning 1970-75, they produced eight studio-recorded albums and did some 17 tours of Europe, the US and Canada. If thus became one of the most highly acclaimed groups of the Seventies to never quite make the big time, despite good record sales and full venues.

9.   Lovin’ Spoonful: Warm Baby
(John Sebastian)
Daydream: Kama Sutra Records: KLP 8951 (Mono)
New York City

John Sebastian: guitar
Zal Yanovsky: lead guitar, electric gorgle, vocal
Steve Boone: bass
Joe Butler: drums
Produced by Eric Jacobsen, 1966

Recorded by Val Valentin

10. Clay & The Fun Seekers: People Of Action
(Clay Naslund)
45 single bw Jailhouse Rock: Nicole Records - 6904
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Clay Naslund: vocals
Produced 1970

Clay Naslund b. 1948 Prince Albert SK / d. 8 Sep 1978 (30) Clearwater BC

Clay died at the age 30. The two songs on this record are his only known recordings.

11. Carl Smith: Hey Joe!
(Boudleaux Bryant)
45 single bw Darlin’ Am I The One: Columbia Records 4-2236
Maynardville TN

Carl Smith: guitar, vocal
Produced 1953

Carl Milton Smith b. Maynardville, TN Mar 15, 1927 / d. Jan 16, 2010 (82) Franklin TN

In 1952, Smith married June Carter, daughter of Maybelle Carter of the Carter Family. It was the first marriage for both. June's third husband was Johnny Cash. Hey Joe spent eight weeks at #1 on the U.S. country music chart. Not to be confused with the rock song (covered by Hendrix) of the same name. His fame peeked in the 50s and in the 60s he hosted CTV’s Carl Smith's Country Music Hall in Canada. He hosted the show with Diane Leigh as regular girl singer and the Maple Creek Boys as the regular band (featuring Quebecois fiddle genius Jean Carignan).

12. Bob King: Rockin’ Juke Box
(Ken Davidson)
45 single bw Josephine: RCA Victor 57-3285
Ottawa ON

Bob King: guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced 1958

Robert George King b. Joyceville ON Jan 6, 1934 / d. 1989 Ottawa (55)

King was a long time Ottawa Valley based performer who recorded a dozen solo albums, was married to Marie King, also a well known Ottawa Valley singer from the French side.

13. Alice Cooper: BB On Mars
(Alice Cooper)
Pretties For You: Straight Records – STS 1051
Detroit MI

Alice Cooper: vocals
Neal Smith: drums
Dennis Dunaway: bass
Glen Buxton: lead guitar
Mike Bruce: rhythm, keys
Produced by Ian Underwood and Herb Cohen, 1969
Recorded by Dick Kunc

14. Patsy Cline: Walking After Midnight
(Don Hecht / Alan Black)
45 single bw I Fall To Pieces: Decca Records US G-21002
Gore VA

Patsy Cline: vocals
Produced by Paul Cohen  1957
Recorded November 8, 1956 at Bradley Film and Recording Studios
Released  February, 1957
Re-released 1963

Virginia Patterson Hensley b. Sept 8, 1932 Winchester, VA/ d. March 5, 1963 Camden, TN (31)

15. Savoy Brown: Made Up My Mind 
(Chris Youlden)
A Step Further: Parrott PAS 71029
London UK

Chris Youlden: vocals
Kim Simmonds: guitar, cowbell
Lonesome Dave Peverett: guitar
Roger Earl: drums
Tony Stevens: bass
Bob Hall: piano
Wheeler Eddie Blair: trumpets
Don Morris: sax
John Edwards: trombone
Bob Efford: sax
Don Honeywill: sax
Jawbone Willie: jawbone
Ray Davis, Bobby Haughey, Reg Morris: flugelhorn
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1969

Recorded by David Grinste

Christopher Thomas Youlden b. 1 January 1943, Dagenham, England

An English blues singer. He worked with the British blues band Savoy Brown from 1967 until 1970. The word "Savoy" came from an American blues label, Savoy Records, and “Brown” because they thought listeners would realize that they played Chicago-style Blues. The band first got together in 1965, lead by Kim Simmonds and had lots of personnel changes right from the start. Simmonds was the only consistent musician in the band. In fact, A Step Further and Raw Sienna, the album that followed (also in 1969) it, are the only two records Savoy Brown made with the same personnel.

16. Denny Vaughan Orchestra: Stranger On The Shore
(Acker Bilk / Young)
A Little Bit Of Country and A Little Bit of Pop: Canadian Talent Library – S 5048

Denny Vaughan: piano
Denny Vaughan Orchestra
Produced 1964
Song recorded 1962

Dennis Vaughan b Toronto 20 Dec 1922, d Montreal 2 Oct 1972

Studied at the University of Toronto before touring Europe with The Army Show during World War II became one of England's leading singing idols and was called 'the English Sinatra' After a year (1951) in New York as an arranger for Eddie Fisher, Ezio Pinza, and Kate Smith, he returned in 1952 to Toronto, starring first on CBC radio and then (1954-7) on CBC TV's 'Denny Vaughan Show'

From 1967 until shortly before his death Vaughan worked in Hollywood as a bandleader and was choral director for such TV programs as 'The Smothers Brothers' Show' and 'The Glen Campbell Hour'