33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
February 24, 2020
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Hour One

1.   Hank Williams: I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive - 1953
2.   Merle Haggard: When Did The Right Become Wrong
3.   Flying Burrito Brothers: White Line Fever - 1979
4.   Ian Fletcher: J & D Railroad Line - 1979 *
5.   Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials: Can’t Let These Blues Go - 1989
6.   Fergus Hambleton: Slow Fade Into Black - 2019 *
7.   Marie-Lynn Hammond: Woman With The Radio Mind - 1983 *
8.   George Harrison: That’s The Way It Goes - 1982
9.   Don Hardy & Jani Lauzon: Don’t Tell Me - 1981 *
10. Joe Walsh: Class Of ’65 - 1983
11. Robyn Hitchcock: The Man Who Invented Himself - 1981
12. George Higton: Let The Sun King Go - 2019 *
13. Ron Sexsmith: Sun’s Coming Out - 2015 *
14. Grapes of Wrath: Time Is Here - 1989 *

Hour Two

1.   54.40: Laughing - 1989 *
2.   Crowcuss: Patience - 1980 *
3.   Carbon Dating Service: Fossils - 2009 *
4.   Uriah Heap: Dreamer - 1973
5.   Ry Cooder: Crossroads - 1986
6.   Pacific Gas And Electric: Screamin’ - 1970
7.   David Crosby: Distances - 1982
8.   Jon Brooks: High Five - 2019 *
9.   Peter Paul & Mary: 500 Miles - 1964
10. Kashtin: Pakuakumit [Pointe Bleue] - 1989 *
11. Taj Mahal: Bourgeois Blues - 1988
12. Rice & Blake: I’m Comin’ Back But I Don’t Know When - 1987
13. Octa Clark & Hector Duhon: Creole Twist - 1982

CanCon = 44%

And Now for The Particulars:

Hour One

1.   Hank Williams: I’ll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
(Hank Williams / Fred Rose)
45 single bw I Could Never Be Ashamed of You: MGM 11366
Mount Olive, Alabama
Hank Williams: guitar, vocal
Jerry Rivers: fiddle
Don Helms: steel guitar
Chet Atkins: lead guitar
Chuck Wright or Ernie Newton: bass

Released September 1952
Recorded June 13, 1952 Castle Studio, Nashville

Hiram Williams b. September 17, 1923 Mount Olive Alabama / d. Jan 1, 1953 (29) Oak Hill, W Virginia

Reached #1 just after his death, Jan 1, 1953. Chet Atkins recalled later, "We recorded 'I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive' and after each take, he'd sit down in a chair. I remember thinking, 'Hoss, you're not jivin',' because he was so weak that all he could do was just sing a few lines, and then just fall in the chair."

2.   Merle Haggard: When Did The Right Become Wrong
(Tommy Collins)
The Fightin’ Side Of Me: Capitol Records ST - 451
Bakersfield CA
Merle Haggard: guitar, vocal
Roy Nichols: lead guitar
Norman Hamlet: steel guitar, dobro
Bobby Wayne - rhythm guitar, harmony vocals
Dennis Hromek: bass, background vocals
Biff Adam: drums
Bonnie Owens: harmony vocals
Chubby Wise - fiddle
Produced by Ken Nelson, 1970

Recorded by Hugh Davies, February 14, 1970 Philadelphia's Civic Center Hall

Merle Ronald Haggard b. April 6, 1937 Oildale, CA / d. April 6, 2016 (79) Palo Cedro, CA

3.   Flying Burrito Brothers: White Line Fever
(Merle Haggard)
Live From Tokyo: REG-79001
Los Angeles
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: pedal steel, vocal
Gib Guilbeau: fiddle, guitar, vocal
Skip Battin: bass, vocal
Greg Harris: guitar, banjo, vocal
Ed PIonder: drums
Produced by The Flying Burrito Brothers, 1979
Recorded by Hiroshi Goto live at Kudan-Kaikan, Tokyo Japan

Floyd August "Gib" Guilbeau b. Sunset, LA Sept 26, 1937 / d. April 12, 2016 (78)

Although Gib Guilbeau was not in the original caste of the Flying Burrito Brothers, he took over the helm and lead them through the seventies. In 1980, they had the first of several minor country hits with a version of Merle Haggard's "White Line Fever" from their album Live in Tokyo

4.   Ian Fletcher Kemp: J & D Railroad Line
(Ian Fletcher Kemp)
Ian Fletcher Kemp (Writer): Change Records CLP 8006
Toronto / Nashville
Acoustic Guitar, Lead Vocals: Ian F. Kemp*
Backing Vocals: Billy Hughes, Brian Plummer, Ian F. Kemp, Kathryn Cloak, Lonnie Clark, Van Dyke
Bass Guitar, Tom Szczesniak
Clarinet, Flute: Jerry Penfound
Congas, Chimes, Maracas, Bells, Triangle, Gong, Cowbell: Dick (Buck) Smith
Fiddle: Marty Warsh
Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Mike 'Pepe' Francis
Lead Guitar, Electric Guitar, Slide Guitar: Bob Mann
Pedal Steel Guitar, Dobro: Bob Lucier
Keys: Eric Robertson
Steel Drums: Patrick McNeilly
Produced by John James Stewart, 1979
Recorded by Rick Capreol
Mastered at Masterdisk, NYC

b. New York City 1951 (raised in Toronto) / d. May 22, 2016 Nashville (64)

Scoring very limited success with his recording career (which began in Toronto with the Writer album), Ian lived up to his songwriting potential, scoring hits for various American and Canadian artists.

5.   Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials: Can’t Let These Blues Go - 1989
(Ed Williams)
Chicken, Gravy & Biscuits: Alligator Records AL 4772
Chicago IL
Lil’ Ed Williams: guitar, vocals
Mike Garrett: guitar
James Young: bass
Kelly Littleton: drums
Produced by Lil’ Ed & The Blues Imperials and Bruce Iglauer, 1989
Recorded at Streeterville Studios, Chicago by Justin Niebank and Jay Shilliday

Ed Williams b. Chicago April 8, 1955

This was from the Imperials’ 2nd of 3 album releases between 1986 - 92. A pupil of the great slide guitarist JB Hutto who carried the torch of Elmore James. Their style evokes the playing of Jeremy Spencer and Hound Dog Taylor who were ardent followers of Hutto and James as well.

6.   Fergus Hambleton: Slow Fade Into Black
(Fergus Hambleton)
NeighbourHoods: Current Records 40391
Tim Bovaconti: guitar
Neil Chapman: guitar
Eric St. Laurent: guitar
George Koller: bass
Bob Cohen: bass
Davide DiRenzo: drums
John Adames: drums
Michael Daquevado, Ed Hanley: percussion
Julie Long: piano
Lou Pomanti: organ
Kevin Fox: cello
Drew Jurecka: violin
Howard Moore: trumpet
Ryan Garbett: French horn
Hermina George, Julie Long, Emily Steinwall, Tim Bovaconti: bg vocals
Fergus Hambleton: vocals, guitar, piano, recorder, clarinet, sax
Produced by Fergus Hambleton, 2019
Recorded at Kensington Sound, Toronto by Vezi Tayyeb
Mastered by Joao Carvalho

One of the mainstays of the great Canadian reggae band The Sattalites, Fergus is a Juno Award winning singer-songwriter.

7.   Marie-Lynn Hammond: Woman With The Radio Mind
(ML Hammond)
Vignettes: CBC Radio Canada International - RCI 562
Marie-Lynn Hammond: lead vocal, guitar
Ben Mink: violins, guitars, autoharp, bg vocals
Aaron Davis: piano, Moog bass
Camer5on Hawkins: synth
Marilyn Lerner: piano, synth
Allan Soberman: bass, bg vocal
Jane Fair: sax, clarinet
Chad Irschick: bass, bg vocals
Geddy Lee: bass
Sharon Keates, Jack Grunsky, Danny Greenspoon: bg vocals
Marvin Dolgay: vocal arrangements
Produced by Ben Mink, 1983
Recorded by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto

Marie-Lynn Hammond b. Montreal August 31, 1948

I had this album on CD but recently found a vinyl copy of it, which sounds much, much better. Marie-Lynn was a long time member of the seminal Canadian folk group Stringband. She’s also been a broadcaster for CBC Radio.  

8.   George Harrison: That’s The Way It Goes
(George Harrison)
Gone Troppo: Dark Horse Records 92 37341
Liverpool UK
George Harrison: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, bass, mandolin, bg vocals
Ray Cooper: percussion, marimba, glockenspiel, electric piano, sound effects, production
Mike Moran: keyboards, synthesizer, piano, synthesizer bass
Billy Preston: organ, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
Jim Keltner: percussion, drums
Willie Greene: backing vocals, bass voice
Bobby King: backing vocals
Vicki Brown: backing vocals
Pico Pena: backing vocals
Syreeta: backing vocals
Sarah Ricor: backing vocals
Rodina Sloan: backing vocals
Produced by George Harrison Ray Cooper &  Phil McDonald, 1982

9.   Don Hardy & The 11:00 Blues Band: Don’t Tell Me
(Jani Lauzon / David Thrasher)
The 11:00 O’Clock Blues: 11:O’Clock Records EOR 00128
Vancouver BC
Jani Lauzon: vocals
David Thrasher: vocals
Finn Manniche: guitar
Bohdan Hluszko (Michelle Joseph): drums
Danny Greenspoon: lead guitar
Randy Kempf: bass
Bill Runge: sax
Produced by David Thrasher, Jani Lauzon and Jack Velker, 1981
Recorded by Al Remple at Bullfrog Recorders, Vancouver

10. Joe Walsh: Class Of ’65
(Joe Walsh)
You Bought It - You Name It: Warner Bros 92 38841
Wichita KS
Joe Walsh: vocals, guitar, synths, machines, slide
Joe Vitale: drums, vocals, piano, bass, syndrums
Joe Pruessner: bass
Waddy Wachtel: guitar, synth-guitar
Mike Murphy: bg vocals
Produced by Bill Szymczyk, 1983
Recorded at Santa Barbara Sound by Jeff Hanson
Mastered by Ted Jensen, Sterling Sound NYC

11. Robyn Hitchcock: The Man Who Invented Himself
(Robyn Hitchcock)
Black Snake Diamond Röle: Armageddon Records ARM 4
London UK
Robyn Hitchcock: Piano, bass, lead guitar
Morris Windsor: Drums, backing vocal
Gary Barnacle: Saxophones
Produced by Pat Collier, 1981
Recorded at the Barge, and Alaska, Music Works

12. George Higton: Let The Sun King Go - 2019
(George Higton)
Merrylands: Builtrite Records BR007
George Higton: lead vocals, guitar, keys, harmonica
Cleave Anderson: drums
Rachel Melas: bass, accordion
Produced by Lionel Pedro, 2019
Recorded by Lionel Pedro at Trench Recordings, Toronto

13. Ron Sexsmith: Sun’s Coming Out
(Ron Sexsmith)
Carousel One: Warner Brothers Records 1-217595
Stratford ON
Ron Sexsmith: acoustic guitar, vocals
Don Heffington: drums
Bob Glaub: bass
John Ginty: keys
Jon Graboff: electric guitar, high strung guitar, pedal steel
Jim Scott: cabasa
Produced by Jim Scott, 2015
Recorded by Jim Scott at Plyrz Studios, Valencia CA

14. Grapes of Wrath: Time Is Here
(Hooper / Kane / Hooper / Jones)
Now And Again: Capitol Records C1-02581
Kelowna, BC
Kevin Kane: vocals, guitar
Tom Hooper: vocal, bass
Chris Hooper: drums, percussion
Vincent Jones: keys
Chuck Leavell: keys
Sneaky Pete Kleinow: pedal steel
Irwin Fisch: orchestrations
Produced by Anton Fier, 1989
Recorded by Mike Krowiak at Dreamland Studios, West Hurley NY
and Grog Kill Studios, Willow, NY
Mixed by Steve RInkoff at Little Mountain Sound, Vancouver
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk

Hour Two

1.   54.40: Laughing
(Neil Osborne)
Fight For Love: WEA Records 92 59611
Tsawwassen BC
Brad Merrit: bass
Neil Osbourne: lead vocal, guitar
Matt Johnson: drums
Phil Comparelli: guitar, trumpet, vocal, lap steel
Produced by David Ogilvie and Neil Osborne, 1989
Mixed by Greg Reely and Anthony Valcic
Recorded at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver

2.   Crowcuss: Patience
(Bob Deutscher)
Starting To Show: Stony Plain Records SPL 1029
Winnipeg MB
Bill Wallace: lead vocals, bass
Bob Deutscher: guitars, vocals
Hermann Fruhm: keyboards, vocals
Larry Pink: keyboards
Marc LaFrance: lead vocals, drums
Produced by Greg Riker and Crowcuss, 1980
Recorded at Century 21 Studios, Winnipeg by Greg Riker
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

3.   Carbon Dating Service: Fossils
(Carbon Dating Service)
Reliquiae: Saskomusic TRT034
Saskatoon SK
Alex Loewen: trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Alison Whelan: keys, vocals
Brian Cochrane: trombone, vocals
Jim Ginther: drums
Mairin Loewen: trombone, harp, vocals
Steve Reed: bass, vocals
Toby Bond: viola, violin, vocals
Zach Low: bass
Produced by Steve Reed, 2009
Recorded at Robot Homestead, Saskatoon
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering, Montreal

4.   Uriah Heap: Dreamer
(Gary Thain / Mick Box)
Sweet Freedom: Warner Bros BS 2724
London UK
David Byron: vocals
Ken Hensley: keys, guitars, vocals
Mick Box: guitars
Lee Kerslake: drums, vocals
Gary Thain: bass
Produced by Gerry Bron, 1973
Recorded by Peter Gallen at Chateau d’Heronville, France

5.   Ry Cooder: Crossroads
(Robert Johnson)
Crossroads Motion Picture Soundtrack: Warner Brothers 92 53991
Los Angeles CA
Ry Cooder: vocal, mandolin
Jim Keltner: drums
Nathan East: bass
Jim Dickinson: piano, guitar
Sonny Terry: harmonica
Bobby King, Terry Evans, Willie Green Jr: bg vocals
Produced by Ry Cooder, 1986

Recorded at Ocean Way Studios, Los Angeles by Mark Ettel
Second engineers: Tony Chiappa & Dave Ahlert
Mixed at Ocean Way and Record One by Judy Last
Mastered by Bernie Grundman

6.   Pacific Gas And Electric: Screamin’
(B Block)
Are You Ready: Columbia Records CS 1017
Los Angeles CA
Charlie Allen: vocals
Glenn Schwartz: lead guitar
Tom Marshall: guitar
Brent Block: bass
Frank Cook: drums
Produced by John Hill, 1970
Recorded by Mark Friedman, Glen Kolotkin and Tim Geelan

7.   David Crosby: Distances
(David Crosby)
Oh Yes I Can: A&M Records SP 5232
Los Angeles CA
David Crosby: acoustic guitar, vocals
Don Kortchmar: electric guitar
George Perry: bass
Kenny Kirkland: keys
Graham Nash: keys
Joe Vitale: drums
Joe Lala: percussion
Produced  by David Crosby, Ron Albert, Howard Albert, 1989
Recorded by Steve Gursky at A&M Studios, Hollywood

8.   Jon Brooks: High Five
(Jon Brooks)
Moth Nor Rust: Fallen Tree Records  Test Pressing
Toronto ON
Jon Brooks: guitar, vocal
Joe Ernewein: electric guitar
John Showman: violin
Vivienne Wilder: double bass, vocals
Produced by Jason LaPrade and Neil Cruickshank, 2019

9.   Peter Paul & Mary: 500 Miles
(Heady West)
In Concert: Warner Brothers 2W 1555
New York City
Peter Yarrow  vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey  vocals, guitar
Mary Travers  vocals
Edgar O. deHaas: bass
Produced by Albert B Grossman, 1964

10. Kashtin: Pakuakumit [Pointe Bleue] - 1989 *
(Claude McKenzie)
Kashtin: Trans-Canada Records TCR 8910
Maliotenam, QC
Claude McKenzie: guitar, vocals, Harmonica, banjo
Forent Vollant: vocals, harmonica
Gaetan Essiambre: guitar, vocals, keys
Normand Dubé: guitar
Jean-François Fabiano: drums
Normand Boudeau: handrum
Daniel Bonin: bass
Marc Bollieu: keys
Daniel Jean: fiddle
Produced by Guy Trépanier, 1989

Recorded at Studio de Son Cocept by Louis Mercier
Mixed at Studio Cinar by André Perreault, Louis Mercier & John Nesterowich

11. Taj Mahal: Bourgeois Blues
A Vision Shared: A Tribute to Woody Guthrie and Leadbelly: Folkways Records BL 44034
New York City
Taj Mahal: 12 string guitar, piano, vocals
Ralph Rinzler: mandolin
Produced by Bruce Springsteen, Jon Landau, Chuck Plotkin 1988
Recorded by Jim Robeson
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain
Executive Producer of the Project: Don DeVito and Joe McEwen, Harold Leventhal, Ralph Rinzler
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York City

Henry Saint Clair Fredericks b May 17, 1942 NYC

12. Rice & Blake: I’m Comin’ Back But I Don’t Know When
Rice & Blake: Rounder Records / Aural Tradition ATR 202
Danville VA / Chattanooga TN
Norman Blake: guitar, mandolin, vocals
Tony Rice: guitar, vocals
Produced b y Tony Rice and Norman Blake, 1987
Recorded by Bill Wolf at Bias Recording Studio, Springfield Virginia
Mastered by George Horn

Norman L. Blake b. March 10, 1938  Chattanooga, TN

David Anthony Rice b. June 8, 1951 Danville, Virginia

13. Octa Clark & Hector Duhon: Creole Twist
(Octa Clark)
Old Time Cajun Music: Arhoolie Records 5026
Judice Louisiana
Octa Clark: accordion
Hector Duhon: fiddle
Michael Doucet: guitar
Produced by Chris Strachwitz, 1982
Recorded by Chris Strachwitz May 18, 1981 at Michael Doucet’s home, Lafayette