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I got my first records when I was only 3. Peter Pan 78s. That sort of thing. I had my own record player and can remember dragging it around my grandparent's house in Timmins, Northern Ontario.

Me and my sister, Karen, spinning the disks. We started quite young!

I have a rather large record collection that contains some pretty cool records and it's always been a goal of mine to play them on the radio. Not just some Golden Oldies radio show! But a program that goes all through my collection.

The history of the collection:

In the early 1960s my teenaged aunt Mimi came down from Timmins to live with us in Toronto so that she could attend High School here. With her came her collection of 45 rpm singles: Chubby Checker's Birdland / Black Cloud; Brenda Lee - I'm Sorry; Ray Stevens' Ahab The Arab; Charlie Drake's My Boomerang Won't Come Back, that sort of stuff. Through a friend she was introduced to Barry Stein, then the drummer for Ritchie Knight & The Midnights who, in 1963, had a number One hit song called 'Charlena' on the Arc label. Needless to say she fell head over heels with Barry Stein.

With all these records and my Seabreeze record player, I would play DJ up in my room. I was only 10 years old. Needless to say, I absconded with my aunt's records (but she didn't seem to care). And then The Beatles arrived and totally changed the scene.

The first recond that I actually purchased was She Loves You / I'll Get You, the 45. I purchased it at Eaton's Yorkdale store for 66 Cents. (They were selling Beatle wigs too but I am happy to announce that I didn't buy one).


That was the actual beginning of my addiction.

The first LP that I bought was The Beatles 'Twist & Shout" on Capital Canada in April, 1964. The very next day I ran back to Sawyer's Records in Yorkdale and bought Beatlemania. They cost me $2.96 each.


The first Canadian records I had were by Ritchie Knight & The Midnights: Charlena and a second 45 'The Joke' (which I lost). But the first one that I actually bouth was Douglas Rankine & The Secrets 1965 hit song: 'Here Comes Shack'.


Those of you who know me would naturally tend to think: "Ya, but Steve must have bought those Tom Connors 45s put out on the CKGB label up in Timmins in 1965." And you would be wrong. How many times I walked into Eddy's Office Supply and thought: I should buy one of those! But I never did. But i've got digital copies of them now.


Anyhow, all that's ancient history. The thing is: I became a record collector from a bright and early age. I've collected all sorts of albums, from polka records to Quebecois, singer-songwriters, rock, bluegrass, jazz, country, sound effects, spoken word, school choirs, folk music, celtic, east coast, Newfoundlanders, and just about any kind of music. Same goes for my international collection.

The trouble was that for 25 years I was doing a folk / roots music program at CIUT and so rarely delved into the world of vinyl recordings. Meanwhile my collection kept growing and there was only one real solution to my problems: do an all vinly show. From Silver Apples to Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac; from Frank Zappa's "Lumpy Gravy" to Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck. Dick Nolan to Bunty Petrie; Tom Leherer to the Memphis Jugband. Like, it's all just sitting there on shelves! Which in my books is a crime, really.

Cover of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac - 1st album, circa 1968

So let's spin the discs and see what comes out of those magical grooves. Mostly all the records that will be played will come from my personal collection. Requests are most welcome, as long as I've gottem. Test me out and see what can be.

*The theme jingle Hear the Theme Music was composed and performed by Dave Clark of Woodshed Orchestra fame. Dave's been an avid listener of my previous programs and actually suggested the name of the program to me. Thanks Dave!

Steve Fruitman
Producer  /  Host 33.45.78


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