33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 7, 2021
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In The Summertime
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The Eh Side

1.   Cat Mother & The All Night Newsboys: How I Spent My Summer – 1969
2.   Moe Koffman: Sunshowers – 1972 *
3.   Seals & Croft: Summer Breeze – 1972
4.   Peter & Gordon: Green Leaves of Summer – 1966
5.   Blue Cheer: Summertime Blues – 1968
6.   Bobby Edwards: Café Summer – 1987 *
7.   Lovin’ Spoonful: Summer in the City – 1966
8.   The Four Lads: The Things We Did Last Summer – 1956 *
9.   Candy Scott: Looks Like Summer’s Over 
1964 *
10. Graeme Kirkland & The Wolves: Big Smile – 1989 *
11. Gordon Lightfoot: Summer Side of Life – 1971 *
12. Chilliwack: Seventeenth Summer – 1970 *
13. It’s A Beautiful Day: Hot Summer Day – 1969
14. A Neon Rome: the Magical Summer of ’85 – 1986 *
15. Lorne Lofsky & Ed Bickert: The Cupbearers – 1985 *
16. Roger Miller: In the Summertime – 1965

The Bee Side

1.   Mungo Jerry: In The Summertime – 1970
2.   Bryan Adams: Summer of ’69 – 1984 *
3.   Ian Tyson: Summer Wages – 1986 *
4.   Walter Ostanek: Ivory Fingers Polka – 1982 *
5.   Peter, Paul & Mary: Summer Highland Falls – 1978
6.   Max Webster: Summer’s Up – 1975 *
7.   Blues Magoos: Summer Is The Man – 1967
8.   Gerry Laroche: Danser le loup – 1988 *
9.   Roy Forbes – Summer Birds Fly – 1982 *
10. Our Generation: Cool Summer – 1967 *
11. Terry Craig: In A Summer Day – 1975 *
12. Percy Faith Orchestra: Theme From A Summer Place –
13. Big Brother & The Holding Company: Summertime – 1967
14. Andy Summers & Robert Fripp: Painting And Dance – 1982
15. The Who: Summertime Blues – 1969
16. Cano: L’autobus de la pluie – 1976 *
17. The Beachboys: All Summer Long – 1965

CanCon = 56%

And Now for The Particulars

The Eh Side

1.   Cat Mother & All Night Newsboys: How I Spent My Summer
(R Smith)
The Street Giveth… and the Street Taketh Away: Polydor Records 543.055
New York City
Roy Michaels: bass, guitar, vocals
Michael Equine: drums, guitar, vocals
Larry Packer: lead guitar, violin, mandolin, vocals
Bob Smith: electric piano, organ, drums, vocals
Charlie Chin: guitar, banjo, vocals
Produced by Jimi Hendrix and Cat Mother, 1969
Recorded by Tony Bongiovi at The Record Plant, NYC Nov 1968

NYC band that later moved to California, they were together for a decade 1967-77. This was the only album that Jimi Hendrix produced for another band. Hendrix and the band were clients of controversial manager Michael Jefferey who got Cat Mother to open for Hendrix on US tours. The band played the 1969 Toronto Rock n’ Roll Revival where I first heard them.

2.   Moe Koffman: Sunshowers
(Moe Koffman / Doug Riley)
The Four Seasons: GRT Records 9230-1022
Toronto ON
Moe Koffman: flute
Terry Clark: drums
Don Thompson: bass
Doug Riley: keys
Bobby Edwards: guitar
Albert Pratz: Violin Concert Master
Bill Richards, Maurice Solway, Isdore Desser, Victoria Prolly, Adel Armin: violins
Peter Schenkman, Dave Heatherington: cellos
Dick Smith: congas
Michael Crade: percussion
Produced by Doug Riley, 1972
Recorded at Toronto Sound Studios by Terry Bowne

Morris "Moe" Koffman, OC b. Toronto 28 December 1928 / d. 28 March 2001

He recorded Swinging Shepherd Blues in 1957 which helped establish his reputation as a flautist and ranked him alongside Herbie Mann. The Swinging Shepherd Blues reached an incredible #23 on the Billboard pop chart.

Koffman received PROCAN’s (Canadian BMI) Wm Harold Moon Award in 1981 and the Toronto Arts award for music in 1991. He was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (1997), and named an Officer of the Order of Canada (1993). He was also named ‘Flutist of the Year’ by the Annual Jazz Report Awards for 1993 and 1994

Koffman died of cancer in Orangeville, Ontario at the age of 72.

3.   Seals & Croft: Summer Breeze
(Jim Seals, Dash Crofts)
Summer Breeze: Warner Bros. Records – CWX 2629
Los Angeles CA
Peter Steele: lead vocals, bass guitar
Kenny Hickey: guitar, backing vocals
Josh Silver: keyboards, backing vocals
Sal Abruscato: drums, percussion
Produced by Louie Shelton 1972

In 1963, Seals, Crofts, Glen Campbell and Jerry Cole left The Champs to form a band named ‘Glen Campbell and the GCs’, which played at The Crossbow in Van Nuys, California. The band only lasted a couple of years before the members went their separate ways. Seals & Croft went into another band called The Dawnbreakers after becoming longtime adherents of Baha'i Faith. After the failure of The Dawnbreakers, the two decided to play as a duo, with Seals on guitar, saxophone and violin and Crofts on guitar and mandolin. In 1980, after a long and successful run of recordings, the two were dropped from Warner Brothers which basically ended their partnership. Crofts lived in Mexico, Australia, and then Nashville, Tennessee, playing country music and making occasional hit singles. He currently resides on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. Seals moved to Costa Rica and has lived on a coffee farm off and on since 1980.

4.   Peter & Gordon: Green Leaves Of Summer
(Dimitri Tiomkin / Paul Francis Webster)
Woman: Capitol Records – ST 2477
London UK
Peter Asher: vocals
Gordon Waller: vocals
Produced 1966

Peter Asher  22 June 1944 London
Gordon Trueman Riviere Waller b. 4 June 1945 Braemar, Scotland / d. 17 July 2009 Norwich, Conn)

The song was written for the 1960 film ‘The Alamo’. It was performed in the film's score by the vocal group The Brothers Four. In 1961 the song was nominated for an Academy Award. It was also recorded by The Ventures.

Peter Asher and his sister Jane were child actors in the 1950s. They played siblings in a 1955 episode of the television series The Adventures of Robin Hood. Jane Asher later dated Paul McCartney between 1963 and 1968. He supplied Peter and Gordon with several songs, some of which became hits, like ‘World Without Love’ and ‘Woman’. For the latter song, McCartney used the pseudonym Bernard Webb to see if the song would be a success without the Lennon–McCartney credit. Peter Asher subsequently became head of A&R for Apple Records. Gordon Waller died of a heart attack on 17 July 2009 at the age of 64.

5.   Blue Cheer: Summertime Blues
(Eddie Cochran / Jerry Capehart)
Vincebus Eruptum: SUN LP 5297 Mono
San Francisco CA
Paul Whaley: drums
Leigh Stephens: guitar
Dickie Peterson: vocals, bass
Produced by Abe Kesh (Eric Albronda), 1968
Recorded by John MacQuarrie at Amigo Studios, Hollywood, 1967

RIP Paul Gene Whaley
(b. Winters CA Jan 14, 1947 / d. Regensburg GM Jan 28, 2019)

Known as ‘The Loudest Band In The World’. "Blue Cheer" was the name of a variety of LSD made by chemist and Grateful Dead patron Owsley Stanley although the name existed earlier, as the name of a well known laundry detergent. Drummer Whaley was the band’s drummer from 1967 when it was reduced from a 5 man band to a power trio. Summertime Blues was their only charted song. Rumor has it that they were so lound, they were forced to record outdoors. The band had a fortress of amps that could turn the air into cottage cheese! Some reports claimed that while recording their second album, outdoors on San Francisco’s pier 57, they were so loud that people on boats 14 kms away were complaining about the sound.

6.   Bobby Edwards: Café Summer
(Bobby Edwards)
Twilight Drive: Duke Street Records DSR 31041
Scarborough ON
Bobby Edwards: solo guitar
Bob Mann: guitar
Danny Colomby: bass
Chris Dahmer, Steve Hunter, Ray Parker: keys
Paul Hannah: drums
Brian Leonard: percussion
Erich Traugott: trumpet
Guido Basso: flugelhorn
Vern Dorge: also sax
Eugene Amaro: tenor sax, flute
Virginia Markson: flute
Jack Zaza: flute, oboe
Jim McDonald, Gary Pattison: french horns
Russ Little: trombone
Erica Goodman: harp
Bill Richards: concert master
Produced by Bobby Edwards, 1987
Recorded by Andrw S Hermant at Manta Sound with Peter Lee and Mark Baldi
Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel, Toronto

Robert David Edwards b. Scarborough ON November 24, 1948

“I was on with Tommy Hunter, Front Page Challenge, and the Friendly Giant, I was Rusty,” he said. “During that time I got out with a few musicians like Wayne Newton, Kenny Rodgers, Bobby Vinton, Sonny and Cher and Lawrence Welk,” he said. “I also had the chance to work with Patsy Cline and Chet Atkins.”

Most likely the most recorded Canadian musician of all times! Super guitarist, Edwards turned professional when he was still in his mid-teens. By the time he was 21 he had amassed a great portfolio of recorded works, playing on recordings, jingles and in television studio bands. has been a featured guitarist with Ella Fitzgerald, Oscar Peterson, Henry Mancini, Anne Murray, Paul Anka, and Kenny Rogers. He’s been credited with having performed on over 1000 TV shows and many motion pictures. Truly one of the unsung heroes of Canadian recorded music. His personal recorded output is minimal so enjoy.

7.   The Lovin’ Spoonful: Summer In The City
(John Sebastian / Mark Sebastian / Steve Boone)
Best of the Lovin’ Spoonful: Kama Sutra Records KSBS 2608-2
John Sebastian: vocals, Vox Continental organ, acoustic guitar, autoharp, sound effects
Zal Yanovsky: backing vocal, electric guitars
Steve Boone: bass, Vox Continental organ
Joe Butler: backing vocal, drums, percussion
Artie Schroeck: Hohner Pianet electric piano
Produced by Eric Jacobsen, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin

8.   The Four Lads: The Things We Did Last Summer
(Sammy Kahn / Julie Styne)
On The Sunny Side: Columbia Records 360 Series CL 912
Toronto ON
Jimmy Arnold: lead vocal
Bernie Toorish: tenor vocal
Connie Codarini: bass vocal
Frank Busseri: baritone vocal
Claude Thornhill Orchestra
Produced and Arranged by Ray Ellis, 1956

The Four Lads had several million-selling signature tunes include "Moments to Remember," "Standing on the Corner and "Istanbul." The original quartet grew up together in Toronto and were members of St. Michael's Choir School, where they learned to sing. In 1984, the Four Lads were inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS). They were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2003.

9.   Candy Scott: Looks Like Summer’s Over
(Johnny Cowell)
45 single b/w What a Fool I Am: David G All Canadian DG-64001

Candy Scott: vocal
Produced 1964

Composer Johnny Cowell b. Tillsonburg ON Jan 11, 1926 / d. Jan 22, 2018

Played trumpet with the TSO between 1952 and 1991. His song, ‘Stroll Along With The Blues’ was featured in Peter Sellers film “Two Way Stretch” performed by Ted Heath. He published over 200 original songs, many of which were recorded by artists such as Vera Lynn, Harry Secombe, Andy Williams, Chet Atkins, Lawrence Welk, Gerry & The Pacemakers, and The Guess Who. He was also commissioned to compose a fanfare for Her Majesty The Queen at the opening of the Metro Convention Centre in October, 1984.

I can’t find any information at all about Candy Scott (which might have been a pseudonym for somebody else).

10. Graeme Kirkland & The Wolves: Big Smile
(Graeme Kirkland)   
Sleep Alone: Graem Kirkland Music WRC1-6143
Graeme Kirkland: drums
George Koller: bass
Geoff Young: guitar
Perry White: sax
Produced by Graeme Kirkland and John MacLeod, 1989
Recorded at Jazz Partners Studio, Toronto

Kirkland was in his early 20s when he recorded his 3 vinyl albums. Often seen (and heard for blocks) pounding rhythms on overturned buckets, busking in downtown Toronto, he used to hang around our CIUT studios, sometimes sleeping on our couch. He was voted "Best Drummer" by NOW magazine's readers consecutively for 6 years (1996–2001) in their annual Reader's Poll. The runner-up in each of these 6 years was Neil Peart of Rush.

11. Gordon Lightfoot: Summer Side of Life
(Gord Lightfoot)
Summer Side Of Life: Reprise Records  MS 2037
Orillia / Toronto ON
Gordon Lightfoot: guitar, vocal
Red Shea: guitar
Jerry Shook: guitar
Chip Young: guitar
Rick Haynes: bass guitar
Roy M. "Junior" Huskey: bass guitar
James Rolleston: bass guitar
Henry Strzelecki: bass guitar
Kenneth A. Buttrey: drums
Buddy Harman: drums
Jim Isbell: drums
David Brown: percussion
Farrel Morris: percussion
Vassar Clements: violin
Charlie McCoy: harmonica
Hargus "Pig" Robbins: piano
The Jordanaires (Gordon Stoker, Neal Matthews, Hoyt Hawkins, Ray Walker): bg  vocals
Produced by Joe Wissert, 1971
Recorded & mixed by Rick Horton & Rex Collier at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville
Mastered by Bob MacLeod at Artisan Sound, Hollywood

12. Chilliwack: Seventeenth Summer
(Bill Henderson)
Chilliwack: London Records PAS 71040
Vancouver BC
Ross Turney: drums
Claire Lawrence: sax, keys
Glenn Miller: bass
Bill Henderson: guitar, keys, lead vocals
Produced by Chilliwack, 1970
Recorded by Dave Green at A&R Studios, NYC

When Chilliwack first formed out of the ashes of its previous incarnation as The Collectors, their music was in a state of flux. Seventeenth Summer is reminiscent of the last Collectors album, ‘Grass And Wild Strawberries’, which was a collaboration between the band and playwright George Ryga. When the first Chilliwack album was released the following year, 1970, the band were hitting their stride musically, setting themselves up for commercial success throughout the 1970s.
13. It’s A Beautiful Day: Hot Summer Day
(Linda Laflamme / David Laflamme)
It’s A Beautiful Day: Columbia Records  CS 9768
San Francisco CA
David Laflamme: violin, vocals
Hal Wagenet: guitar
Mitchell Hollman: bass
Linda Laflamme: keys, vocals
Pattie Santos: percussion
Produced by Matthew Katz & David Laflamme, 1969
Recorded by Brian Ross-Myring

Active years: 1967-1974

14. A Neon Rome: The Magical Summer of ’85
(A Neon Rome)
New Heroin: New Rose Records, ROSE111
Toronto ON
John Borra: bass
Neal Arbick: vocals
Kevin Nizel: guitar, piano
Bernard: synths
Ian Blurton: drums
Produced by A Neon Rome with Andrew St. George, 1986
Recorded by Andrew St. George at Comfort Sound Studios, Toronto

During the band's tour to promote New Heroin, singer Neil Arbic became increasingly disillusioned with the music industry, and began to rebel against the promotional demands of leading a band seemingly on the verge of stardom. He shaved his head, had a diet of almonds and raisins, failed to show up for shows, eventually took a vow of silence and he strictly refused to speak offstage. Although the band completed recording of their 2nd album All the Children Are In, it was never released.

Producer Bruce McDonald's cult hit film Roadkill used a fictionalized version of  ‘A Neon Rome’ as the "Children of Paradise", a band which disappeared on tour of Northern Ontario after its lead singer, a similar existential crisis as Neil Arbeck.

15. Lorne Lofsky & Ed Bickert: The Cupbearers
(Tom McIntosh)
The Quartet of Lorne Lofsky and Ed Bickert and Friends: Unisson Records DDA-1002
Toronto ON / Hochfeld, Manitoba
Lorne Lofsky: guitar (left channel)
Ed Bickert: guitar (right channel)
Neil Swainson: bass
Jerry Fuller: drums
Produced by Bill Hemmerick and Ted OReilly, 1985
Recorded by Ted OReilly, Phil Sheridan and Joe Finlan at McClear Place Studios, Toronto

16. Roger Miller: In the Summertime
(Roger Miller)
The Return Of Roger Miller: Smash Records SRS 67061
Fort Worth TX
Roger Miller: guitar, vocals
Others not listed
Produced by Jerry Kennedy, 1965

Roger Dean Miller b. Jan 2, 1936 Fort Worth, TX / d. Oct 25, 1992 (56) Los Angeles

On leaving the Army, Miller traveled to Nashville to begin his musical career. He met with Chet Atkins, who asked to hear him sing, loaning him a guitar since Miller did not own one. Out of nervousness, Miller played the guitar and sang a song in two different keys. Atkins advised him to come back later, when he had more experience. Miller found work as a bellhop at Nashville's Andrew Jackson Hotel, and he was soon known as the "singing bellhop." He was finally hired by Minnie Pearl to play the fiddle in her band. Miller signed a recording deal with Decca Records in 1958. After a few lean years he was dropped by Decca after gaining a reputation as a partyer called ‘The Wild Child’. Short of money, he signed with the up-and-coming label Smash Records and released ‘Chug-A-Lug’ and ‘Dang Me’ which were certified hits. His big time single, though, was the 1964 release of ‘King of the Road’ which hit number 1 on most music charts. "King of the Road" was performed live by Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Marty Stuart, Dwight Yoakam and Dolly Parton during Miller's posthumous induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame at the 1995 CMA Awards ceremony.

The Bee Side

1.   Mungo Jerry: In The Summertime
(Ray Dorset)
In The Summertime: Janus Records JXS-7000
Colpington, England
Ray Dorset: vocals, electric guitar, 6 string acoustic, cabasa, stomp
Paul King: banjo, jug
Colin Earl: piano
Mike Cole: string bass
Produced by Barry Murray, 1970

Mungo Jerry was a jugband from England who had a major hit song with ‘In The Summertime’. The band was built around guitarist Ray Dorset. Dorset has said that the song only took ten minutes to write, which he did using a second-hand Fender Stratocaster while he was taking time off from his regular job, working in a lab for Timex. They did have several miner UK hits in the 1970s but faded away be the end of the decade.

2.   Bryan Adams: Summer of ’69
(Bryan Adams / Jim Vallance)
Reckless: A&M Records: CD 5013
Kingston ON
Bryan Adams: rhythm guitar, vocals
Pat Steward: drums
Dave Taylor: bass
Keith Scott: lead guitar
Jim Vallance: percussion
Produced by Bob Clearmountain, Bryan Adams, 1984
Recorded at the  Power Station NYC and Little Mountain Sound Studios, Vancouver

Bryan Guy Adams b. 5 November 1959 Kingston, ON

3.   Ian Tyson: Summer Wages
(Ian Tyson)
Cowboyography: Eastern Slope Records / Stony Plain Records - SPL 1102
Rural Alberta
Louis Desmak: guitar
Nathan Tinkham: guitar
George Koller: bass
Stan Stewart: steel
Adrian Chornowol: piano
Thom Moon: drums
Myran Szott: fiddle
Ray Warhurst: fiddle
Cindy Church: bg vocals
Randy Fournier: bg vocals
Produced by Adrian Chornowol, August 1986
Recorded by Richard Harrow and Louis Sedmak at Sundae Sound Studio, Calgary

4.   Walter Ostanek: Ivory Fingers Polka
(Ray Henry)
Little Bird Dance: Boot Records: BOS 7228
St Catherines ON
Walter Ostanek: accordions
Stan Szymkow: sax
Ken Senko: banljo, electric guitar
Richard Ostanek: bass
Bob Secord: drums
Murray McFadgen: guitar
Produced by Walter Ostanek and Rod Morrison, 1982
Recorded by Rod Morrison at Earthland Studio, Niagara Falls ON

5.   Peter, Paul & Mary: Summer Highland Falls
(Billy Joel)
Reunion: Warner Brothers Records: BSK 3231
New York City, NY
Peter Yarrow: vocals, guitar
Noel "Paul" Stookey: vocals, guitar
Mary Travers: vocals
Ken Bichel: keys
Steve Gadd, Chris Parker, Luther Rix: drums
Will Lee, Tony Levin: bass
Produced by David Rubinson & Friends, 1978
Recorded by Fred Catero at CBS Studio E, A&R Studio R, NYC; The Automat, San Francisco

Summer, Highland Falls" is about manic depression. It was written by Billy Joel who explained: " That song was about a relationship that wasn't really working out. It was very disappointing - you want everything to work out and when it doesn't, how do you deal with that?" Highland Falls is the village in the southern part of New York State where Joel lived at the time. He recorded it for his fourth album, Turnstiles. 

6.   Max Webster: Summer’s Up
(Kim Mitchell)
Max Webster: Taurus Records: TR 101
Toronto ON
Kim Mitchell: guitars, lead vocals
Paul Kersey: drums
Mike Tilka: bass
Terry Watkinson: keys
Produced by Max Webster & Terry Brown, 1975
Recorded and Mixed at Toronto Sound

The band were briefly called Stinky, then Special Delivery. They settled on "Max Webster" in 1973. Max Webster toured heavily from the mid-1970s to the early 1980s, usually playing 200-250 gigs a year in the bars, high schools, theatres, and arenas. They got to open for Bachman–Turner Overdrive, Blondie, The Cars, Cheap Trick, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, The Guess Who, Kansas,  Rare Earth, REO Speedwagon, Rush, Strawbs, and Styx. By 1978 the band were headliners in most major Canadian markets, although they continued to do extensive tours with Rush outside of Canada, supporting them over 200 times. They decided to dissolve the band after a gig supporting Rush in Memphis, Tennessee on 16 April 1981, primarily citing exhaustion and a lack of label support

7.   The Blues Magoos: Summer Is The Man
(Ron Gilbert / Mike Esposito)
Electric Comic Book: Mercury Records - 5301
New York City
Ralph Scala: keyboards, vocals
Emil Peppy Theilhelm: guitar, vocals
Ron Gilbert: bass, vocals
Mike Esposito: guitar
Geoff Daking: drums, percussion
Produced by Bob Wyld & Art Polhemus, April 1967

The band was formed in 1964 as "The Trenchcoats". They changed their name, first to the Bloos Magoos and by 1966 to the Blues Magoos. In a tour of the US in 1967 the Blues Magoos were the opening act, followed by The Who and the headliners, Herman's Hermits. As good as they were, their albums were not successful sales-wise and by 1968, after releasing three albums, the band split up.

8.   Gerry Laroche: Danser Le Loup
(Gerry Laroche)
Coast To Coast V: CBC Records: RV 881
Powerview MB
Produced by Andre Lariviere, 1988
Recorded by Norman Lussier, Winnipeg

Gerry’s still performing in Manitoba

9.   Roy Forbes: Summer Birds Fly
(R Forbes)
Anything You Want: CBC / Stony Plain: SPL 1044
North Vancouver, BC
Roy Forbes: vocal, guitar, harmonica
Produced by Claire Lawrence, 1982
Recorded live at The Vancouver East Cultural Centre
Recorded by Susan Englebert, Don Hardisty, John Henderson & Claire Lawrence, Sept 1981

Roy Charles Forbes b. February 13, 1953  Dawson Creek, BC

He began his career as Bim, opening for Santana and Supertramp in the early 70s. Signed to A&M Records, he put out 5 LPs under that name before becoming Roy Forbes again. Songs written by Forbes have been recorded by Sylvia Tyson, Garnet Rogers, Valdy, and Susan Jacks. He also hosts a CKUA radio program called Roy's Record Room. He’s always had a strong love for old time Canadian records.

10. Our Generation: Cool Summer
(Louis McKelvey)
45 single: Trans-World Records - TW-1678
Montreal, QC
Bob Burgess: lead vocals, bass
Tim Forsythe: keys
Louis McKelvey: guitar
Nick Farlowe: drums
Produced 1967

Former members of Montreal bands: The Haunted (Burgess), The Rabble (Forsythe) and The A-Cads (McKelvey). Unfortunately, they only stayed together for a few months.

11. Terry Craig: In A Summer Day
(Terry Craig)   
My Birch Bark Tree – His Songs, Guitar & Harmonica: Tip Top Records LPS 2093
South River ON
Terry Craig, guitar, vocal
Cliff Cascanette: bass
Produced by Max Boag, 1975

12. Percy Faith Orchestra: Theme From A Summer Place
45 single bw Go-Go-Po-Go: Columbia Records 4-41490
Toronto ON
Produced 1959
Recorded at Columbia 30th Street Studio in New York City

Percy Faith (b. Toronto ON April 7, 1908: d. February 9, 1976 Encino CA)

Originally a violinist, he burned his hands when he was young and took to band leading. He worked for the CBC Radio Canada for several years before settling in Chicago circa 1940. Tony Bennett, Doris Day, Johnny Mathis were some of the acts whose music he would arrange. "Theme from A Summer Place" (1959), which spent 9 weeks at number one, won the Grammy Award for ‘Record of the Year’ in 1961. He is one of only three artists, along with Elvis Presley and The Beatles, to have the best selling single of the year twice. It remains the longest-running number one instrumental in the history of the Billboard  chart. Vocal versions were later recorded by Andy Williams, Julie London, Cliff Richard and Bobby Vinton.

The 1970 episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus entitled "Intermission" (Series 1, Episode 13) often used this music when announcing that there will be varying sizes of intermission.

13. Big Brother & The Holding Co. Summertime
(DuBose Hayward / George Gershwin)
Cheap Thrills: Columbia Records KCS 9700
San Francisco CA
Janis Joplin: vocals
Sam Andrew: lead guitar, vocals
James Gurley: guitar
Peter Albin: bass
Dave Getz: drums
Produced by John Simon, 1968
Recorded by David Diller and Fred Catero
Mixed and Mastered by Vic Anesini
Cover Art by Robert Crumb

Janis Lyn Joplin b. January 19, 1943 Port Arthur, Texas / d. October 4, 1970 (27) Hollywood of a heroin overdose

Cheap Thrills reached number one on the charts for eight non consecutive weeks in 1968. It was the last Big Brother album to feature Janis Joplin.

Until the arrival of Janis Joplin and Grace Slick of the Jefferson Airplane, female pop stars didn’t usually play in rock bands; they had solo careers, molded by the music biz to be the perfect, sweet young thing. These two arrived on the scene nearly simultaneously and it totally changed everything. These two women were unrelenting power forces on their own.
14.  Andy Summers & Robert Fripp: Painting And Dance
(Summers / Fripp)
I Advance Masked: A&M Records SP 4913
London UK
Andy Summers: guitars
Robert Fripp: guitars
Produced by Andy Summers and Robert Fripp 1982
Recorded at Army’s Shack Studio, Pathstone, Dorset and Island Studios, London
Recorded and mixed by Tony Arnold and Tim Summerhayes at Island Records Studio
Mastered by Bob Carbone at A&M Studios.

Andy Summers described the first Summers and Fripp album this way: "a synthesis of two guys who grew up playing guitar, heard the Beatles, listened to jazz, have been influenced by Oriental music and Steve Reich, but still happen to be playing in a rock context.”

15. The Who: Summertime Blues
(Eddie Cochran / Jerry Capehart)
The Who Live At Leeds: Track Records MCA-2022
London UK
Pete Townsend: guitar, vocals
Keith Moon: drums
John Entwistle: bass
Roger Daltry: vocal
Produced by Kit Lambert and Jon Astley, 1970
Recorded by Bob Pridden at the University Refectory, University of Leeds on 14 February 1970

This is the only live album that was released while The Who were still in their original line-up of Roger Daltry, Pete Townsend, John Entwistle and Keith Moon. After touring the US with Tommy, group returned to England at the end of 1969 with a desire to release a live album from concerts recorded earlier in the US. However, Townsend balked at the prospect of listening to all the recordings to try and decide which tracks would make the best album and instructed sound engineer Bob Pridden to burn the tapes. Which he did. Two shows were consequently scheduled, one at the University of Leeds and the other in Hull, for the express purpose of recording and releasing a live album. Since its release, Live at Leeds has been cited by several music critics as the best live rock recording of all time.

16. Cano: L’Autobus de la Pluie
(Marcel Aymar / Wasyl Kohut / Gastong Tremblay)
Rendezvous: A&M Records: SP 9037
Sudbury ON
Marcel Aymar: vocal, guitar
David C Burt: guitar
John Doerr: bass
Michel Kendel: keys
Wasyl Kohut: violin
Rachel Paiement: vocals, guitar
Matt Zimbel: 0percussion
Peter Schenkman: cello
Produced by Jim Vallance, 1979
Recorded by Hayward Parrot at Manta Sound, Toronto July: Aug, 1979

CANO evolved out of the Coopérative des artistes du Nouvel-Ontario up in Sudbury. The band CANO evolved out of projects launched by artists associated with the cooperative. The band also had collective ownership of a farm in Sturgeon Falls, where they did much of their recording. Previously an all-francophone band, their fourth album, Rendezvous, consisted predominantly of English songs as the band made its bid for success in the larger English language market. Violinist Wasyl Kohut died in 1981 and was replaced by Ben Mink.

In 1984, Aymar, Burt, Mink, Mary Lu Zahalan and Rob Yale recorded the band's final album Visible, and played concerts in Ontario, Quebec and Japan before retiring the band. All in all they recorded 7 good albums.

17. The Beachboys: All Summer Long
(Brian Wilson / Mike Love)
Endless Summer: Capitol Records: SVBB 11307
Hawthrorne CA
Al Jardine: harmony and backing vocals; electric bass guitar
Mike Love: lead and bass vocals
Brian Wilson: harmony and backing vocals, marimba, bass
Carl Wilson: harmony and backing vocals; electric rhythm guitars
Dennis Wilson: harmony and backing vocals, drums
Steve Douglas: tenor saxophone
Jay Migliori: piccolo or fife
Produced by Brian Wilson, 1964
Compilation Album produced, 1974
Recorded by Chuck Britz

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Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM                          Radio VGR
Wabana, Bell Island NL                                London/Thetford UK
Tuesdays  at 8-10 pm NT                              Tues 21:30: 23:30 GMT

Bluewater Radio CFBW 91.3 FM             VOBB The Voice of Bonne Bay
Hanover / Grey Co. ON                                Rocky Harbour & Norris Point NL         
Sundays 3-5 pm  Tuesdays 8-10 pm ET       Tuesdays 9-11 pm NT
BOIR Bay of Islands Radio                        Southern Shore Sounds
100.1 FM                                                      Internet Radio
Corner Brook, NL                                        Ferryland NL  
Thursdays  2-4 pm NT                                  Sun 8:30-10:30 pm NT

Community Radio CIOE
97.5 FM
Lower Sackville NS
Sun 5-7 pm AT