33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
June 14, 2021
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Shakin' Like A Leaf
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Side One

1.   FM: Power – 1980 *
BG: Freddy Gardiner: I Only Have Eyes For You – 1948
2.   Three Ugly Guys: The Leafs Are Gonna Win – May 1993 *
3.   The Cascades: The Last Leaf – 1963
4.   The Stranglers: Shakin’ Like A Leaf – 1986
5.   Bobby Hill & His Canadian Country Boys: The Canadiens Square Dance – 1955 *
BG: Los Guayaki: El Condor Pasa – 1973
6.   Humphrey & The Dumptrucks: Oldsmobile – 1973 *
7.   Arlo Guthrie: The Motorcycle Song – 1967
8.   Grateful Dead: Truckin’ – 1971
BG: Gord Drake: Saturday Night At Joes – 1987 *
9.   The Five Sounds: Loadin’ Coal – 1965 *
10. Les Habits Jaune: Miss Boney Maronie – 1965 *
11. The Haunted: Vapeur Mauve – 1969 *
BG: Lester Lanin Orchestra: The Charleston – 1961
12. The Neville Brothers: Run Joe – 1981
13. Left Banke: She May Call You Up Tonight – 1966
14. Frozen Ghost: Mother Nature – 1988 *
15. Fullerton Dam: You Didn’t Break My Heart – 1975 *
BG: John Allison: Tangerine – 1977 *
16. Bunny Hobbs: The Blue Canadian Rockies – 1960 *

BG = Background Music

Side Two

1.   The Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night – 1964
2.   The Kinks: All Day and All of the Night – 1964
3.   Anna Gutmanis: Then Came You – 1989 *
BG: Wilf Doyle Orchestra: Is The Bye – 1956 *
4.   Weddings Parties Anything: Roaring Days – 1988
5.   Max Webster: Night Flights – 1979 *
6.   Blue Rodeo: One Day – 1989 *
BG: Éritage: La Bonne riviere – 1982 *
7.   Joni Mitchell: Night In The City – 1968 *
8.   Ultravox: Satday Night in The City of the Damned – 1977
9.   Love: Orange Skies – 1966
10. Brian Eno: Blank Frank – 1974
BG: James Last: Sundown – 1975 *
11. Fraser & DeBolt: Stoney Day – 1971 *
12. Bob Dylan: One More Night – 1969
13. King Crimson: The Night Watch – 1974
14. Frank Sinatra: Day by Day – 1961
BG: Gyorgy Ligeti: Atmospheres - 1967
15. Nice: Diary of an Empty Day – 1969

*CanCon = 51%

And Now for The Particulars:

Side One

1.   FM: Power
(FM / Cameron Hawkins)
City of Fear: Passport Records PB 6004
Toronto ON
Martin Deller: drums, percussion
Ben Mink: violins, vocals
Cameron Hawkins: lead vocals, guitar, bass, synths
Produced by Larry Fast, 1980
Recorded at Soundstage, Toronto; House of Music, West Orange, NJ, and Phase One, Toronto
Engineers: Jim Frank and Charles Conrad
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

The band's original 1976 lineup consisted of two people: Cameron Hawkins on synthesizer, occasional bass guitar, and lead vocals, and Jeff Plewman (later known as Nash The Slash) on electric violin, electric mandolin, and backing vocals. The group did not use guitars until the mid 1980s after Nash had left the band.

Background Music:

Freddy Gardner: I Only Have Eyes For You
(Dubin / Warren)
The Unforgettable: Capitol 6000 Series T-6000
London UK
Freddy Gardner: lead sax
Peter Yorke & His Concert Orchestra
Produced by Paul White for Capitol Records of Canada, 1960

b. 23 December 1910 / d. 26 July 1950

Known as the worlds sweetest saxophonist. Began playing in 1925 & by 1933 was talk of the town London. Played in Ray Nobles band at home on Baritone, tenor & clarinet as well as alto sax. Was a first class session player. The songs on this ‘made for Canada’ album were originally recorded & released on 78s in 1948.
2.   Three Ugly Guys: The Leafs Are Gonna Win
(B Fullbrook / D Saint)
Cassette single - no label or serial
Toronto - Pefferlaw, ON
Blain Fullbrook: jingle stick, vocal
Doug Saint: guitar, vocal
Produced by Blain Fullbrook & Doug Saint, May 1993

I found this cassette stuffed into my mailbox at CIUT during the last Toronto Maple Leaf attempt at getting into the Stanley Cup finals in 1993, playing a series against the Los Angeles Kings with Wayne Gretsky. These two guys would stand in front of Maple Leaf Gardens on Carlton St, shaking a hockey stick with beer bottle caps and singing till they were hoarse. Doug Saint’s brother Larry was once Station Manager at CIUT and Blain Fullbrook had been a member of an Irish influenced group called Breen Derg Muc. Needless to say, the Leafs didn’t win and haven’t won since. I love playing it after the Leafs disperse and play rounds of golf.

3.   The Cascades: The Last Leaf
(Chandler / McKendry)
45 single bw Shy Girl: Warner Brothers 6028
San Diego CA
John Claude "John" Gummoe: (lead vocals)
Eddie Snyder (guitar)
Dave Wilson (drums and vocal)
Dave Stevens (bass)
Art Eastlick (rhythm guitar).
Von Lynch (keyboards)
Ronald Lynch (keyboards, saxophone)
Produced 1963

US servicemen stationed at San Diego formed the Silver Strands. They were originally another California surf band before becoming influenced by the success of The Beachboys. At that time they decided to become a vocal group. They eventually changed their name to The Thundernotes before becoming The Cascades, named after the dish washing detergent. Their only huge hit song was 1962’s “Rhythm of the Rain.” They broke up in 1975.

4.   The Stranglers: Shakin’ Like A Leaf
(The Stranglers)
Dreamtime: Epic Records EK-90745
Guildford UK
Hugh Cornwell: guitar, vocals
Jean-Jacques Burnel: bass guitar, vocals
Dave Greenfield: keyboards, vocals
Jet Black: drums, percussion
Produced by The Stranglers, 1986
Recorded at ICP Studios (Brussels); Spaceward Crescent and Farmyard Studios
Mastered by Ted Haylon

The image of ‘shaking like a leaf’, in this instance, give me the impression that it could have been written about Maple Leaf fans after their team gets eliminated from contention. There was even a bar on the Danforth, here in Toronto, that offers free food and drinks during every Leaf playoff game; they’ve never had to give things away as the Leafs never win.

5.   Bobby Hill and His Canadian Country Boys: Montreal Canadiens Square Dance
(Bobby Hill)
78 rpm bw The Saga of Rocket Richard: Sparton Records
Montreal QC
Ron Scott: mandolin, vocal
Bobby Hill: guitar
Jean Carignan: fiddle
Tommy Woods: banjo
Produced 1955
Recorded at CFCF Radio Studio, Montreal

Talk about winners: The Montreal Canadiens are the winningest hockey team the NHL has ever produced even though they haven’t won the cup since they beat Los Angeles Kings (who beat the Leafs) in 1993. But let’s go back to the Habs’ heyday during the 1950s.

Here’s a ballad about the suspension of Canadien great Maurice ‘The Rocket’ Richard which caused the St Patrick’s Day riot in Montreal in 1955. Even though it was only released in the Montreal area, the song was a news item in Boston where the apparent stick swinging incident originally took place. Richard then hit a linesman and the NHL president Clarence Campbell suspended him for the remainder of the 1954–55 NHL season, including the playoffs. Montreal fans protested that the suspension was too severe; the team's largely Francophone fan base claimed the length of the suspension was motivated by Richard's French Canadian ethnicity.  They reported on the song and reprinted out the lyrics. The record sold over 4000 copies in a week. On the flip side was this song: Montreal Canadiens Square Dance.

Bobby Hill was a Montreal country and western performer who teamed up with Nova Scotia’s bluegrass wiz Ronald Scott and Montreal’s violin virtuoso Jean Carignan who recorded and played throughout the 1950s.

Background Music

Los Guayaki: El Condor Pasa
(D. A. Robles / M. Clavero)
Los Guayaki: Carabine Records (France) 26225
Asuncion, Paraguay
Ada Valiente
Chacho Aquino
Nito Rojas
Pedro Leguizamon
Produced 1973

6.   Humphrey & The Dumptrucks: Oldsmobile
(Gus Edwards / Vincent P. Bryan)
Saskatoon: United Artists - UALA 103F
Saskatoon SK
Michael Taylor: L Vocal, washboard, kazoo
Humphrey Dumptruck: banjo
Graeme Card: guitar, kazoo
Michael Millar: Washtub bass     
Produced by Allen Shechtman, 1973
Recorded by Ken Friesen, Eastern Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Bill Cuddihy at RCA Studios, Toronto

This band started out as a prairie jugband in 1967 and blended in The Grateful Dead sound with bluegrass and morphed into Humphrey & The Dumptrucks by 1970.  They recorded several albums, 2 for Boot. Their first album “Six Days of Paper Ladies” was BO 7101, the very first release of Stompin’ Tom’s fledgling Boot Records company in 1971. Oldsmobile was recorded and released on their third album, released by United Artists.

7.   Arlo Guthrie: The Motorcycle Song
(Arlo Guthrie)
Alice’s Restaurant: Reprise Records 6267
Brooklyn NY
Arlo Guthrie: guitar, vocal
The unknown musicians who play the electric guitar, standup bass, and drums
Produced by Fred Hellerman, 1967

Arlo Davy Guthrie b. Brooklyn NY July 1947

Guthrie has been quoted as saying that after playing this song, live, for 45 years, that he’s still surprised that he gets away with (his quote): ‘playing such a stupid song for such a long time!’ This is from his incredible first album, ‘Alice’s Restaurant’. Hard to know who backs him up on it though; on the wiki page it says:  “The unknown musicians who play the electric guitar, standup bass, and drums."

8.   Grateful Dead: Truckin’
(Hunter / Garcia / Lesh / Weir)
American Beauty: Warner Brothers - K46074
San Francisco CA
Jerry Garcia: guitar, pedal steel, piano, vocals
Mickey Hart: percussion
Robert Hunter: lyrics
Bill Kreutzmann: drums
Phil Lesh: bass guitar, guitar, piano, vocals
Pigpen (Ron McKernan): harmonica, vocals
Bob Weir: guitar, vocals
Howard Wales: organ
Produced by The Grateful Dead, 1971
Recorded by Steve Barncard at Wally Helder Studos, San Francisco

The song was recognized by the United States Library of Congress in 1997 as a national treasure. The lyrics refer to a drug raid of the band's hotel lodgings in New Orleans during a concert tour in 1970.

Xylometazoline, developed in 1956, is the drug found in nasal sprays like Otrivine. It was used by some as a quick fix but was very addictive. Toronto’s Mendelson Joe (while he was still known as Joe Mendelson) recording his own song called ‘Oh Travine’ on his first solo album in 1973 called ‘Mr. Middle of the Road’.

Background Music

Gord Drake: Saturday Night At Joes
(Lloyd Strickland)
I Am A Fisherman: Salt Water Cowboys Records GD 1187
Belleoram NL
Gord Drake: accordion, guitar
Sim Savory: guitar, piano
Conrad Williams: drums
Mike Higgins: steel
Cyril Brown: bass
Produced by Sim Savory, 1987
Recorded by Sim Savory at SIMS Studio, Belleoram NL

You sometimes hear about the music scenes in Newfoundland but rarely mentioned is the village of Belleoram on the island’s southern coast. That was where Bud Davidge and Sim Savory formed their musical entity as Simini who became one of Newfoundland’s favourites. It was also where Sim Savory had his recording studio and produced other artists, including Gord Drake.

9.   The Five Sounds: Loadin’ Coal
(D Billard)
45 single bw Baby Please Don't Cry: Epic Records 9856
Halifax NS
Keith Jollimore (Reeds)
Bruce Cassidy (Trumpet)
Ritchie Oakley (Bass)
Jim White (Guitar), Jack S. Lilly (Drums)
Doug Billard (Vocals)
Joe Sealy (Keyboards)
Produced by Bob Morgan and Manny Kellem, 1965

The Five Sounds released two singles in 1965 and 1966 on Epic which charted on Halifax radio station CHNS. In 1968 the "Five Sounds" were the house band on CBC television's "Where It's At" (the local segment of the national series) which was hosted by Frank Cameron and produced in Halifax. Changed their name to Central Nervous System in 1968. Various players went onto to perform with Lighthouse and Peppertree.

10. Les Habits Jaune: Miss Boney Maronie  
(Ritchie Valens / G Legault)
Les Habits Jaune: Laval Records LF-4202
Vallyfield QC
Gilbert Chenarde: guitare soliste
Léo Menard: drums
Bernard Desranleau: guitar, vocals
Ronald Grenier: saxophone et chant
Mike Egan: organ
Armand Leger: bass
Raymond Parent: drums
Produced by Denis Pantis, 1965
Les Habits Jaune made their debut under the name of The Marvel 's. In 1965, they changed their name, recording two hits "Miss Boney Maronie and Mr.Long ." They weren’t called the Yellow Habits for nothing: these guys dressed in yellow suits, had yellow hair and instruments and cashed in on the English Invasion, singing pop hits in French.

11. The Haunted: Vapeur Mauve
(Jimi Hendrix)
45 single bw Talk Talk: Marquee XII/Trans World: 7001
Montreal QC
Bob Burgess (lead vocals)
Pierre Faubert (guitar)
Glen Holmes (bass)
Jurgen Peter (guitar)
Peter Symes (drums)
Produced by The Haunted, 1969

Purple Haze was a potent strain of American pot at the time that Hendrix wrote in, around 1966. This Montreal based band (the record credited the song to Jimi Hendricks) released several good singles but this is the only song The Haunted recorded in French.

Background Music

Lester Lanin Orchestra: The Charleston
(C Mack / J Johnson)
Twistin In High Society Epic LN 3825
New York City
No musicians identified
Produced by Jim Foglesong, 1961

Lester Lanin b August 26, 1907, Philadelphia, PA / d. Oct. 27, 2004, New York City

The youngest of ten children born to a family of Russian Jewish immigrants, Lester and two of his brothers went on to be jazz band leaders. He made his name during the depression by playing at exclusive parties thrown by the rich and powerful. He was hired worldwide to play for dignitaries and monarchs, in addition to a recurring invitation to play at White House inaugural balls from the Eisenhower administration to the Carter administration. According to Lanin, one of his most memorable performances was playing at a party for avant-garde rock musician Frank Zappa. This was reported by Billboard magazine in 1974

12. The Neville Brothers: Run Joe
(Willoughby / Jordan / Merrick)
Fiyo On The Bayou: A&M Records SP 4866
New Orleans LA
Art Neville: keyboards
Cyril Neville: vocals, keyboards, percussion
Charles Neville: percussion, vocals
Aaron Neville: vocals, percussion
Charmaine Neville: vocals
Babi Floyd: vocals
Carl Blouin: baritone saxophone
Cissy Houston: vocals
Whitney Houston: vocals
David Newman: saxophone
David Barard: bass guitar
Eltesa Weathersby: vocals
Herbert Rhoad: vocals
Herman V. Ernest III: drums
Ivan Neville: percussion
James Hayes: vocals
Jayotis Washington: vocals
Jerry Lawson: vocals
Jim Weber: trumpet
Jimmy Duggan: trombone
Joe Russell: vocals
Joseph Fox III: trumpet
Kenneth Williams: percussion
Leo Nocentelli: bass, guitar
Mac Rebennack: percussion, keyboards
The Persuasions: vocals
Quay Hozchen: vocals
Ralph MacDonald: percussion
Wardell Quezergue: synthesizer, piano
Zachary Sanders: vocals  
Produced by Joel Dorn, 1981
Recorded at Studio in the Country, Bogalusa, LA; Sea-Saint Studio, New Orleans by David Farrell
Mastered by George Piros at Atlantic Studios, NYC

Charles Neville b. New Orleans, December 28, 1938 / d. April 26, 2018 Huntington, Mass (79)

He served in the Navy from 1956 to 1958 and discovered the music scene on Beale Street while stationed in Memphis, Tennessee, later touring with B.B. King and Bobby (Blue) Bland. In 1963 he was arrested for possession of marijuana and served a 3 yr sentence at Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Died of pancreatic cancer.

13. Left Banke: She May Call You Up Tonight
(Mike Brown / Steve Martin)
Walk Away Rene/ Pretty Ballerina: Smash Records SRS 67088
New York City, NY
Mike Brown: harpsichord, piano
Rick Brand: guitar
Tom Finn: bass
George Cameron: drums
Steve Martin: vocals        
Produced by Harry Lookofsky, 1966
Recorded at World United Studios & Mercury Studios, New York City between 1965-66
Released February 1967

Strange to think that all of these guys are dead now! This was recorded when all five members were still in their mid-teens! The record company seized upon the idea that this could be considered to be baroque rock and marketed the band that way.

Harry Lookofsky (1 October 1913 – 8 June 1998) was an American jazz violinist and was the father of keyboardist-songwriter Michael Brown, a founding member of The Left Banke. He arranged the original music that the band wrote for classical accompaniment. The result was two major hit songs: Walk Away Rene and Pretty Balerina. Fifty plus years later, the album is as fresh as it was the day it was released. Rock critics consider it to be one of the best pop albums of the 1960s. It withstands the tests of time.

14. Frozen Ghost: Mother Nature
(Arnold Lanni)
Nice Place To Visit: WEA Records 25-57051
Arnold Lanni: vocals, guitars, keys, programming
Wolf Hassel: bass, vocals
Phil X: guitar
John Gargano: guitar
Tony Moretta: guitar
Produced by Arnold Lanni, 1988
Recorded at The Arnyard Studio, Weston ON (Toronto) by Michael Sarracini
Mixed by Stephen W Tayler at The Farmyard, Little Chalfont, Bucks, England
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

The band received a Juno Award for "Most Promising Group of the Year" in 1987.
They went on to place five songs in the Canadian top 40 between 1987 and 1992.

15. Fullerton Dam: You Didn’t Break My Heart
(Grant Fullerton)
45 single: Radio Station Copy: Polydor 2065 261-DJ
Grant Fullerton: guitar, lead vocal
Brad MacDonald: keyboards, vocals
Larry Brohman: bass, vocals
Steve Negus: drums
Produced by Lonnie Salazar, 1975
Recorded by Ken Friesen

Grant Fullerton b. Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

Grant Fullerton began his professional career in the late '60's as a member of The Untouchables. (The Stitch In Tyme, Lighthouse, Madcats, Grant Fullerton Band) Fullerton Dam formed in 1974. He’s still active in the Toronto area.

Background Music

John Allison: Tangerine
Play A Simple Melody: CBC Records LM-444
Toronto ON
John Allison: trumpet
Arnie Chycoski, Darryl Eaton, Bram Smith, Rob McConnell, John Capon, Bob Livingston: brass
Eugene Amaro, Bernie Piltch: reeds
Bruce Fraquhar: drums
Tom Szczesniak: bass
Bobby Edwards: guitar
Charlie Mountford: keys
Brian Leonard: percussion
Bill Richards: concert master
Produced by Paul Mills, 1977
Recorded by Larry Morey

John B Allison b. Toronto

He has performed over the years with great artists such as Tony Bennett, Tom Jones, Peggy Lee, Engelbert Humperdinck to name but a few. Written music for Anne Murray, Wayne Newton and The Boss Brass. John Allison is an accomplished composer and arranger in styles ranging from pop to movie soundtracks and rock and roll.

16. Bunny Hobbs: Blue Canadian Rockies
(Cindy Walker)
Canada's Sweetheart - Bunny Hobbs: Rodeo International - RLP 96
Lower Sackville, NS
Bunny Hobbs: vocal
Baz Russell & His Orchestra
Produced by George I Taylor, 1960

Lorraine Hobbs b. Halifax April 22, 1925 / d. Friday, March 11, 2005 Lower Sackville NS

Started singing career age 4 and was elected Miss Shirley Temple of Halifax in 1931. Between ages 4: 14 she performed weekly over Uncle Mel’s radio program in Halifax over CHNS. During the war years she entertained troops. In 1945 bunny started working in night clubs throughout Canada and even into the USA. Canada’s Sweetheart is, unfortunately, the only album she ever recorded.

Cindy Walker (July 20, 1918: March 23, 2006)

The song was written by this American songwriter and recorded by Gene Autry (which featured in Autry's 1952 movie of the same name). The song was included on the Sweetheart of the Rodeo album by The Byrds in 1968.

Side Two

1.   The Beatles: A Hard Day’s Night
(Lennon / McCartney)
A Hard Days Night Soundtrack: United Artists Records UAL 3366
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: double-tracked vocals (verses), electric and acoustic rhythm guitars
Paul McCartney: double-tracked vocals (middle-eight), harmony vocal, bass
George Harrison: twelve-string lead guitar
Ringo Starr: drums, bongos, cowbell
George Martin: piano
Produced by George Martin, 1964
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 2, London UK by Norman Smith
First Published in Canada July, 1964

Norman "Hurricane" Smith (22 February 1923 – 3 March 2008)

Recording engineer, Norman Smith, made his mark recording The Beatles as George Martin’s choice to recording engineer. He joined EMI as an apprentice sound engineer in 1959. The last Beatles album he recorded was Rubber Soul. The first job he got with EMI as producer was for Piper At The Gates of Dawn, Pink Floyd’s first album. He was later rewarded by being promoted to run EMI’s new Harvest Records label in 1969, releasing Pink Floyd albums beginning with Ummagumma. He was later known as Norman ‘Hurricane’ Smith, the recording artist, he released several of his own singles in the early 1970s.

2.   The Kinks: All Day And All Of The Night
(Ray Davies)
The Kinks Greatest Hits: Pye Records: NPL 30090
London UK
Ray Davies: guitar, vocals
Dave Davies: guitar
Mick Avory: bass
Pete Quaife: drums
Produced by Shel Talmy, 1964
Recorded 23 September 1964 at Pye Studios No. 2, London
Released 23 October 1964

The Kinks were a second wave British Invasion band who were on the cusp of striking gold in America but kind of got screwed up in the process. Someone messed up! Let’s just put it this way: everything that could go wrong on that tour did so and everyone shares the blame. Band members fighting: one lands in hospital, the other’s in jail. Unpaid union dues. Badly promoted gigs. A terrible itinerary. In the end, The Kinks were banned from ever performing in the United States for a period of five years!

Similarities between this song and the Doors' 1968 song, "Hello, I Love You" have been pointed out. Royalties for that Doors’ song are now paid to Ray Davies.

3.   Anna Gutmanis: Then Came You
(Anna Gutmanis)
Anna Gutmanis: Ban-Anna Records BDR12-16
Toronto ON
Anna Gutmanis: keys, vocals
Ken Tobias: bg vocals
Robert Webber: guitars, percussion
Don Zablotny: electric guitar
Rob Laidlaw: bass
Randy Cook: drums
Produced by Robert Webber, 1989
Recorded by Robi Banerji and Ormond Jobin at Reaction Studios, Toronto

Anna Gutmanis b. London, ON

Pianist Anna Gutmanis started to write her own songs as a teenager, eventually moving to Toronto when she was just 19 to pursue her passion for music and social justice. She began performing as a solo artist at cafes and clubs, and joined activist groups such as Lesbians Against the Right. In 1984, she cut a 2-song demo with Toronto punk band L'Étranger (featuring a young Charlie Angus and Andrew Cash).

She cut this 6-song self-titled EP in 1989 on her own Ban-Anna Records label. The single "Then Came You" received airplay in every Canadian province and territory. "The Record", Canada's premier music trade publication at the time, praised the album's "promising debut". Until the pandemic, she still gigged around Toronto so I hope, with vaccinations escalating, that we will get a chance to see performers, like Anna Gutmanis, soon.

Background Music

Wilf Doyle Orchestra: Is The Bye
The Music of Newfoundland: Canadian Cavalcade 12 / Rodeo Records - RLP 10
St Johns NL
Wilf Doyle: accordion
Chirstine Doyle: guitar
Jack Ghaney: drums
Bill Keating: banjo
Produced by George I Taylor, 1956
Recorded at VOCM radio, St. John’s

d. June 8th, 2012 89 yrs old

Wilf began his career in 1944, touring the island as Wilf Doyle and His Orchestra. His first recording of instrumentals was released in 1956. He went on to release ten more albums over the next three decades. This was from his first LP, an historic one, the first to feature a NL accordion player.

4.   Weddings, Parties, Anything: Roaring Days
(Mick Thomas)
Roaring Days: WEA 25 54301
Melbourne, Australia
Pete Lawler: bass guitar, vocals
Marcus Schintler: drums, vocals
Dave Steel: guitar, vocals
Mick Thomas: guitar, vocals
Mark Wallace: piano accordion, keyboards, vocals
Produced by Alan Thorne, 1988

The band existed between 1984-1999 and took their name from the song 'Revolution Rock' by The Clash. The last verse goes:

This old cheese grater
Runnin' me down
This must be the way out
Here's a cheap bit
Any song you want
Playin' requests now in the bandstand
El Clash Combo
Paid fifteen dollars a day
Weddings, parties, anything
And Bongo Jazz, a specialty

They had that Pogues-like Celtic rock feel expressed behind the fine vocals of band leader Mick Thomas. They covered Tex Mortons controversial 1930 song 'Sergeant Small' about the Queensland Railway Police, which had been banned soon after its original release in Australia. In the early 1990s they spent better part of a year in Canada, learning Stompin Tom and other Canadian songs for their live shows and did a great version of Sudbury Saturday Night.

5.   Max Webster: Night Flights
(Terry Watkinson)
A Million Vacations: Anthem Records ANR-1-1018
Toronto ON
Gary McCracken: drums
Kim Mitchell: guitar, lead vocals
Dave Myles: bass
Terry Watkinson: keys
Produced by John de Nottbeck & Max Webster, 1979
Recorded by Mark Wright at Phase One Studios, Scarborough ON
Mixed by David Green, Soundstage, Toronto
Mastered at Master Disk, NYC by Bob Ludwig

Formed 1973, this Toronto band lasted until 1981.  Originally called Stinky, The Grass Company, The Quotations, Big Al's Band and ZOOOM. This, their 4th album, Million Vacations, was the first Max Webster album to generate hit singles that cracked the Canadian top 100.

6.   Blue Rodeo: One Day
(Greg Keelor / Chris Cuddy)
Diamond Mine: Risque Disque / WEA - 25 62681
Toronto ON
Cleave Anderson: drums
Jim Cuddy: guitar
Bazil Donovan: bass
Greg Keelor: guitar
Bob Wiseman: keys
Produced by Malcolm Burn & Blue Rodeo, 1989
Recorded by Ike Zimble
Mixed by Mark Howard at The Studio, New Orleans
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NYC

The band formed in 1984 on Queen Street West in Toronto and are still going strong nearly 40 years later. Diamond Mine was the second album of three albums originally released on vinyl. The players were all the original members of the band. Only Bazil Donovan, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor remain in the band from those times.

Background Music

Éritage: La bonne riviere
La Ronde des Voyaguers: Fogertys Cove Records FCM 006
Lanaudière QC
Raynald Ouellet: accordion, cello
Vincent Ouellet: fiddle
Yvan Brault: piano
Marc Benoit: bass
Benoit Bourque: spoons
Produced by Stan Rogers 1982
Recorded at Grant Avenue Studio, Hamilton by Greg Roberts with Ian Galloway

Sighted at various folk festivals, the band was signed to Stan Rogers’ Fogertys Cove Records label and produced just this one album. Benoit Bourque, a veteran player from Quebec, is currently performing with La Bottine Souriante. This was the first album of traditional Quebecois folk music released to English Canadian audiences. Even the liner notes are bilingual.

7.   Joni Mitchell: Night In The City
(Joni Mitchell)
Songs To A Seagull: Reprise Records  6293
Saskatoon SK
Joni Mitchell: guitar, vocal
Stephen Stills: bass
Produced by David Crosby, 1968
Recorded by Art Cryst at Sunset Sound, Hollywood CA

Roberta Joan Anderson; born November 7, 1943 Fort Macleod, Alberta

Her family moved to Saskatoon when she was 11 and always considered it to be home. Song to a Seagull (also known as the Joni Mitchell album) is Joni Mitchell's debut album. This album was originally released as Joni Mitchell because the LP album covers were printed incorrectly, cutting off part of the "Song to a Seagull" title. She suffered a brain aneurysm in 2015 and has retired from performing.
8.   Ultravox!: Satday Night in the City of the Dead
(John Foxx)
Ultravox!: Island Records ILPS 9449
London UK
John Foxx: lead vocal
Stevie Shears: guitar
Warren Cann: drums, vocals
Billie Currie: violin, keys
Chris Cross: bass, vocals
Produced by Brian Eno, Ultravox! And Steve Lillywhite, 1977
Recorded by Terry Barham at Island Studios, Hammersmith UK, 1976

A British New Wave band, formed in London in April 1974 as Tiger Lily. Between 1980 and 1986, they scored seven Top Ten albums and seventeen Top 40 singles in the UK. On the strength of their live act, the band signed to Island Records in 1976. Musically, Ultravox were heavily influenced by Roxy Music, the New York Dolls, David Bowie and Kraftwerk. Their debut was co-produced by Steve Lillywhite and Brian Eno. The records were great but didn’t sell well and it wasn’t until 1981 that they had their first major hit, ‘Vienna’.

9.   Love: Orange Skies
(Bryan McLean)
Revisited: Electra EKS 74058
Los Angeles CA
Arthur Lee: lead vocals, harmonica, guitar, drums, percussion
Johnny Echols: lead guitar
Bryan MacLean: rhythm guitar, vocal
Ken Forssi: bass
Alban "Snoopy" Pfisterer: organ, harpsichord
Comp. Prod by Paul Rothchild, Jac Holzman, Mark Abramson, Bruce Botnick, Arthur Lee, 1970
From the LP Da Capo, Produced by Paul Rothchild, 1966
Recorded by Dave Hassinger & Bruce Botnick

Bryan MacLean was the other main songwriter – other than Arthur Lee – in the rock band Love. After an unsuccessful audition for a role in The Monkees, Bryan got into a car on the Sunset Strip that Arthur Lee was driving. Lee’s band, the Grass Roots (which are not to be confused with the popular band of the same name), was the house band at a club called the Brave New World. Lee figured that the scene that had followed the Byrds would also follow Bryan. So if Bryan joined his band…. MacLean joined as an equal to band leader Lee.

According to Bryan MacLean, "Orange Skies" was the first song he ever wrote. At the time he was only 17 years old and was working as a roadie for The Byrds. MacLean based the song on a section from The Byrds' version of "The Bells of Rhymney", attributing his arrangement to Roger McGuinn’s. MacLean later quit the band after Arthur Lee started hogging all the songwriting credits. Lee also refused to travel and gig to promote their records so the band wasn’t making very much money. But they recorded three really good albums before their original line-up cracked and split.

10. Brian Eno: Blank Frank
(Brian Eno)
Here Come The Warm Jets: Editions EG ENO1
Woodbridge, Suffolk,  UK
Paul Rudolph: guitar, bass
Simon King: drums
Brian Eno: occasional keys, vocals, guitar, synths
Produced by Brian Eno, 1974
Recorded at Majestic Studios, London by Derek Chandler
Mixed by Brian Eno & Chris Thomas at AIR & Olympic Studios, London

Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno b. May 15, 1948, Melton, Suffolk UK

1969 At the Winchester School of Art, Eno attended a lecture by Pete Townsend of The Who about the use of tape machines by non-musicians, citing the lecture as the moment he realized he could make music even though he was not a musician at that point. In school, he used a tape recorder as a musical instrument and experimented with his first, sometimes improvisational, bands Eno's professional career began in London, a member of glam/art rock band Roxy Music.

Collaborated with Phil Manzanera & Phil Collins before getting seriously into production
Created the Frippertronics idea with Robert Fripp on 1973 for LP No Pussyfooting
Created the Ambient Music series of LPs eg Plateau of Mirrors & Music for Airports
Came to Hamilton ON and worked w/ Daniel Lanois, teaching him some of his original production techniques

Background Music

James Last: Sundown
(Gordon Lightfoot)
Rock Me Gently: A Tribute To Great Canadian Songwriters: Polydor – 2371 584
Bremen, Germany
Produced by James Last, 1975
Recorded by Peter Klempt
Mastered by Robert Ludwig at Sterling Sound, NYC

Hans Last b. 17 April 1929 / d. 9 June 2015 Palm Beach, FL (86)

Has recorded at least 206 LPs – put out 7 in 1975 and sold shitloads of them!

11. Fraser & DeBolt: Stoney Day
(DM DeBolt)
Fraser & DeBolt (with Ian Guenther): Columbia Records C 30381
Montreal QC
Alan Fraser: guitar, vocal
Daisy DeBolt: guitar, vocal
Ian Guenther: violin
Produced by Craig Allen, 1971
Recorded by Mark Smith and Allan Moy

Signed to Columbia Records, this album wasn’t pushed enough to make a major mark, but it could have. A review of the album in High Fidelity magazine in 1971 claimed this “one of the best pop albums I have ever heard.” They did record  second album called With Pleasure but it also flopped as a seller. A third album was attempted but never finished or released. Their albums have never been reissued on CD.

12. Bob Dylan: One More Night
(Bob Dylan)
Nashville Skyline: Columbia Rcords – KCS 9825
Duluth MN
Bob Dylan: guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
Norman Blake: guitar, Dobro
Kenneth A. Buttrey: drums
Fred Carter, Jr. - guitar
Charlie Daniels: bass guitar, guitar
Pete Drake: pedal steel guitar
Charlie McCoy: guitar, harmonica
Bob Wilson: organ, piano
Produced by Bob Johnston, 1969
Recorded by Charlie Bragg & Neil Wilburn

13. King Crimson: The Night Watch
(Robert Fripp / John Wetton / Palmer-James)
Starless And Bible Black: Atlantic Records SD 7298
London UK
Robert Fripp: guitar, mellotron, devices
David Cross: violin, viola, keys
John Wetton: bass, vocals
William Bruford: drums, percussion
Produced by King Crimson, 1974
Recorded at AIR Studios, London by Peter Henderson

No band created the moods that King Crimson consistently did, bringing listeners into the dark twisting worlds of poetry. Even their instrumental numbers created that sort of space. A deeply inner space!

14. Frank Sinatra: Day By Day
(Axel Sordahl / Paul Weston / Sammy Cahn)
Come Swing With Me: Capitol Records W 1594
Hoboken, New Jersey,
Billy May: conductor
Produced by Dave Cavanaugh 1961
Recorded at Capitol Studio A, Hollywood
Second recording of this by Sinatra. The first was made in 1946

I’ve been recently watching several Frank Sinatra films like the ‘Manchurian Candidate’ and ‘Some Came Running’. From ‘Los Vegas Nights’ in 1941, he starred in over 50 films. He was a very good character actor.

Background Music

Gyorgy Ligeti: Atmospheres
Wergo: Heliodor Records – 89 837
Vienna, Austria
The South West Radio Symphony Orchestra, Baden Baden GM
Ernest Boour: conductor
Produced by Gyorgy Ligeti, 1967

Gyorgy Ligeti b. Diciosânmartin , Transylvania, Romania 28 May 1923 / d. 12 June 2006 Vienna AU

This piece was written and first performed in 1961. This piece was used by Stanley Kubrick for the stargate segment of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Kubrick also used another Ligeti piece in the movie: "Lux Aeterna" which was used during the scene in the film where the apes wake up to the monolyth.

15. The Nice: Diary of an Empty Day
(Keith Emmerson / Jackson)
Nice The Immediate (UK) Series: Daffodil Records Canada SBA 16016
London UK
Keith Emerson: keyboards
Lee Jackson bass: guitar, vocals
Brian Davison: drums
Produced by The Nice 1969
Recorded by Malcolm at Trident Studios, London

Keith Noel Emerson (b. 2 Nov 1944, Todmorden, Yorkshire / d. 11 March 2016 (71) Santa Monica CA

Nice way to end it all off

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