33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 19, 2021
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Beatles Under Cover
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Side One

1.   The Beatles: If I Needed Someone – 1965
2.   Chet Atkins: Things We Said Today – 1966
3.   Siouxsie & The Banshees: Dear Prudence – 1983
4.   The Georgia Satellites: Don’t Pass Me By – 1988
5.   Fats Domino: Everybody’s Got Something To Hide… – 1969
6.   Ella Fitzgerald: Savoy Truffle – 1970
7.   Lowell Fulsom: Why Don’t We Do It In The Road – 1970
8.   Aerosmith: I’m Down – 1987
9.   The Sattalites: She Loves You – 1985 *
10. Brian Ferry: You Won’t See Me – 1973
11. Robert Palmer: Not A Second Time – 1980
12. Paul Mauriat Orch: Penny Lane – 1967
13. Les Sinners: Penny Lane – 1967 *
14. Les Sultans: Toujours devant moi – 1964 *
15. Les Baronets: Twist et Chant – 1964 *
16. kd lang: Golden Slumbers / The End – 2010 *
17. Denny Doherty: Here Comes The Sun / Two of Us – 1971 *
18. Oscar Peterson w Bucky Pizzarelli: Eleanor Rigby – 1969 *
19. Bryan Adams: Any Time At All – 2014 * 

Side B

1.   Black Heat: Drive My Car – 2003
2.   Doug Kershaw: I’m A Loser – 1977
3.   Steve Earle: I’m Lookin’ Through You – 1995
4.   Pete Schofield & The Canadians: Yesterday – 1969 *
5.   Todd Rundgren: Rain – 1976
6.   Flaming Groovies: There’s A Place – 1978
7.   The Baskervilles (Affinity): You Like Me Too Much – 1965
8.   Stevie Wonder: We Can Work It Out – 1970
9.   Sarah Vaughan: And I Love Her – 1977
10. Chris Clarke & The Vancouvers: Got To Get You Into My Life – 1967 *
11. Pulse Creek: I’ve Just Seen A Face – 1982 *
12. Jeff Healey Band: While My Guitar Gently Weeps – 1990 *
13. Count Basie Orch: All My Lovin’ –
14. Les Merseys: Ta mere ne sait pas – 1968 *
15. Suzie Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man – 1973
16. Beau Brummels: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away – 1966
17. Little Richard: I Saw Her Standing There – 1970
18. Wes Montgomery: A Day In The Life – 1967
19. Boney M: The Two of Us – 1979

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And Now for The Particulars:

Side One

1.   The Beatles: If I Needed Someone
(George Harrison)
Yesterday And Today: Capitol Records Canada T2553
Liverpool UK
George Harrison: double-tracked lead vocal, lead guitar
John Lennon: harmony vocal, rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney: harmony vocal, bass guitar
Ringo Starr: drums, tambourine
George Martin: harmonium
Produced by George Martin 1965

Recorded 16 and 18 October 1965 EMI Studios, London

Harrison wrote "If I Needed Someone" as a love song to Pattie Boyd, the English model whom he married in January 1966. Following its inclusion in the set list for the Beatles' 1965 UK tour, the song became the only Harrison composition performed live by the group during their years of international fame.

2.   Chet Atkins: Things We Said Today
(Lennon / McCartney)
Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles: RCA Victor (Dynagroove) Mono LPM-3531
Luttrel TN
Chet Atkins: guitar
Charlie McCoy: harmonica
Produced by Bob Ferguson and Chet Atkins, 1966
Recorded at RCA Victor ‘Nashville Sound’ Studios, Nashville TN by Bill Vandevort
Sleeve notes by George Harrison

The Beatles recorded this song for A Hard Day’s Night 2–3 June 1964

Great liner notes on this album by George Harrison, himself! He writes:

“For me, the great thing about Mr. Atkins is not the fact that he is capable of playing almost every type of music but the conviction in the way he does it. Whilst listening to Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles, I got the feeling that these songs had been written specifically with Chet in mind. The fact that they were not proves his eminence as an artist – the perfect example being Yesterday. Chet, by himself, gets far more out of this than some of the people known as “class” singers do with a full orchestral arrangement to boot!”

3.   Siouxsie & The Banshees: Dear Prudcene
(Lennon / McCartney)
12 Inch Single: Wonderland POLSX 102
London UK
Siouxsie Sioux: vocals
Steven Severin: bass, keys
Budgie: drums, percussion, keys
John Valentine Carruthers: guitar
Produced by Siouxsie & The Banshees with Mike Hedges, 1983

Beatles recording was made 28–30 August 1968

This was one Siouxsie's biggest hits, peaking at No. 3 in the UK singles chart.

4.   The Georgia Satellites: Don’t Pass Me By
(Richard Starkey)
Open All Night: Elektra – CD 60793
Atlanta GA
Bass: Rick Price
Drums: Mauro Magellan
Guitar, Vocals: Dan Baird, Rick Richards
Piano [The Pianner]: Ian McLagan
Produced by Jeff Glixman, 1988
Mastered By Dennis King at Atlantic Studios, NYC.
Mixed By David Dorn
Recorded and mixed at Studio D, Austin Texas

Recorded by The Beatles for The Beatles LP 5–6 June, 12 & 22 July 1968

5.   Fats Domino: Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
(Lennon / McCartney)
45 single bw So Swell When You're Well:  Reprise Records – 0810
New Orleans LA
Fats Domino: vocal, piano
Produced by Richard Perry, 1969

Recorded by The Beatles for The Beatles LP 26, 27 June and 1, 23 July 1968

6.   Ella Fitzgerald: Savoy Truffle
(George Harrison)
Ella: Reprise Records – 6354
Newport News, Virginia
Ella Fitzgerald: vocals
Nicky Hopkins: keys
Orchestral backing
Produced by Richard Perry, 1970
Recorded live at Olympic Sound Studios, London
Mastered by Darrell Johnson

Recorded by The Beatles for The Beatles LP 3, 5, 11 and 14 October 1968

7.   Lowell Fulsom: Why Don’t We Do It In The Road
(Lennon / McCartney)
In A Heavy Bag: Jewel Records  – LPS 5003
Atoka, Oklahoma
Lowell Fulsom: guitar, vocal
Bass: David Hood
Drums: Roger Hawkins
Guitar: Eddie Hinton
Organ, Piano: Barry Beckett
Produced by Gene Kent, 1970
Recorded At Fame Recording Studios

Recorded by The Beatles for The Beatles LP 9–10 October 1968

Lowell Fulson born 31 March 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, died 6 March 1999 in Long Beach, California.

8.   Aerosmith: I’m Down
(Lennon / McCartney)
Permanent Vacation: Geffen Records – GEFBD-24162
Boston Mass.
Baritone Saxophone: Ian Putz
Drums: Joey Kramer
Guitar: Brad Whitford, Joe Perry
Lead vocal, piano, Harmonica: Steven Tyler
Produced by Bruce Fairbairn, 1987
Mixed By: Mike Fraser
Engineered by Bob Rock, Ken Lomas, Mike Fraser
Mastered By George Marino

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Help’ soundtrack 14 June 1965

9.   The Sattalites: She Loves You
(Lennon / McCartney)
45 single: Axe Records 87
Toronto ON
Fergus Hambleton: lead vocals, guitar, sax
Jo Jo Bennett: flugelhorn, percussion
David Fowler: Keys
Bruce McGillivray: bass
Junior McPherson: drums
Rick Morrison: sax
Bruce Robinson: piano
Produced by Fergus Hambleton & Jo Jo Bennett, 1985

Recorded by The Beatles 1 July 1963.

Lennon and McCartney started composing "She Loves You" on 26 June 1963 after a concert at the Majestic Ballroom in Newcastle upon Tyne during their tour with Roy Orbison and Gerry and the Pacemakers. They began writing the song on the tour bus, and continued later that night at their hotel in Newcastle eventually completing it the following day at McCartney's family home in Forthlin Road, Liverpool. They recorded it 1 July 1963.

10. Brian Ferry: You Won’t See Me
(Lennon / McCartney)
These Foolish Things: Atlantic Records SD 7304
Washington UK
Voice, Piano– Bryan Ferry
Phil Manzanera: guitar solo
Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone: Roger Ball
Backing Vocals: The Angelettes
Drums: Paul Thompson
Guitar, Bass: John Porter
Piano: David Skinner
Tenor Saxophone: Malcolm Duncan
Trumpet: Henry Lowther
Violin, Keyboards, Synthesizer: Eddie Jobson
Produced by Bryan Ferry, John Porter, 1973
Recorded by John Punter
Engineer Steve Nye

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Rubber Soul’ 11 November 1965

11. Robert Palmer: Not A Second Time
(Lennon / McCartney)
Clues: Island Records – XM5-9595
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion: Robert Palmer
Drums: Dony Wynn
Keyboards: Jack Waldman
Mastered By: Ted Jensen
Produced by Robert Palmer, 1980
Mastered by Ted Jenson
Mixed By Alex Sadkin

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘With The Beatles (Beatlemania in Canada) 11 September 1963

Robert Allen Palmer b. 19 January 1949 / d. 26 Sept 2003 Batley, Yorkshire, England

12. Paul Mauriat & Orchestra: Penny Lane
Blooming Hits: Philips Records PHS 600-248
Paris FR 

Paul Mauriat & Orchestra

Produced by Philips recording staff, 1967

Recorded by The Beatles beginning 29 December 1966 and finishing on 17 January 1967

13. Les Sinners: Penny Lane
(Lennon / McCartney)
Sinnerismes: Jupiter JDY. 7009
Francois Guy: vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion
Charles Prevost Linton: vocals, keyboards
Ernest Rock: lead guitar
Louis Parizeau: drums, percussion
Produced by Pierre Noles, 1967

Influenced by the Beatles and the Stones, they made great French versions of English-speaking songs and quickly became known for their musical talent, their non-conformism and their arrogant attitude. Penny Lane was, by far, their best selling record but they also scored hits with “Go Go Trudeau” and “Les hippies du quartier” before breaking up in 1968 when some members formed the group “La Révolution française.”

14. Les Sultans: Toujours devant moi (I Saw Her Standing There)
(Lennon / McCartney / Descheneaux / Ward)
45 single bw Cielito Lindo: Les Disques Fontaine – F-1606X
St-Hyacinthe QC
Denis Forcier: guitar
Bruce Huard: vocals
Claude Reid: guitar
Pierre Bélanger: drums
Ghylain Dufault: bass
Produced by Denis Pantis, 1964

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Please Please Me’ 11 February 1963

15. Les Baronets: Twist et Chant
(Phil Medley / Bert “Russell” Berns / Abor)
45 rpm single bw L'amour Ça Fait Pleurer: Jeunesse Franco – JF-4023
Montreal QC
Jean Beaulne: vocal
Pierre Labelle: vocal
René Angélil: vocal
Claude Menard Orchestra
Produced 1964

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Please Please Me’ February 11, 1963

16. kd lang: Golden Slumbers / The End
(Lennon / McCartney)
Recollection:  Nonesuch – 2-523268
Consort AB
kd lang: vocals
Bass: Chris Wood
Drums:  Billy Martin
Piano, Keyboards: John Medeski
Produced by T-Bone Burnett, 2010

Golden Slumbers recorded by The Beatles for ‘Abby Road’ 2–4, 30–31 July and 15 August 1969
The End 23 July and 5, 7, 8, 15 and 18 August 1969

17. Denny Doherty: Here Comes The Sun (Harrison) / Two Of Us (Lennon / McCartney)

Watcha Gonna Do: RCA DS 50096
Halifax NS / Mississauga ON
Denny Doherty: Vocals, Guitar
Jimmie Haskell: Accordion
Brian Garofal: Bass
Russ Kunkel: drums
Barry McGuire, Eddy Fischer: Guitar
Buddy Emmons: steel guitar
Eric Hord: Guitar, Sitar, Banjo
Gabe Lapano: Piano, Organ
Producerd by Bill Szymczyk 1970
Released 1971

Here Comes The Sun 7 July – 19 August 1969 for Abby Road
Two Of Us 31 January 1969 for Let It Be

18. Oscar Peterson w Bucky Pizzarelli: Eleanor Rigby
(Lennon / McCartney)
Motions and Emotions: MPS Records (US) MB 20713
Montreal QC / Paterson NJ
Oscar Peterson: piano
Bucky Pizzarelli: guitar
Bobby Durham: drums
Produced by Matthias Kunnecke, 1969

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Revolver’ 28–29 April & 6 June 1966
19. Bryan Adams: Any Time At All
(Lennon / McCartney)
Tracks of My Years: Polydor Records 3795559-2
Kingston ON
Bryan Adams: vocal, acoustic guitar, bass
David Foster: keys
Gary Breit: keys
Keith Scott: electric guitar
Michael Thompson: electric guitar
Josh Freese: drums
Produced by David Foster, Bryan Adams, 2014

The Beatles recorded for ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ 2 June 1964

Side B

1.   Black Heat: Drive My Car
(Lennon / McCartney)
Glass Onion: Songs of the Beatles: Warner Jazz – 5050466149626

Johnell Gray: Keyboards, Vocals
Bradley Owens: Guitar, Vocals
Chip Jones: Bass Guitar, Vocals
King Raymond Green: Congas, Timbales, Harmonica and Vocals
Esco Cromer: Drums, Vocals
Ray Thompson: Woodwinds
Rodney Edwards: Trumpet
Ken Carroll: Tenor Sax

Compilation produced 2003

The Beatles recorded it for ‘Rubber Soul’ 13 October 1965

2.   Doug Kershaw: I’m A Loser
(Lennon / McCartney)
Flip, Flop & Fly: Warner Bros. Records – BS 3025
Tiel Ridge Louisiana
Lead Vocals, Fiddle, Accordion, Viola, Percussion: Doug Kershaw
Backing Vocals: Annie Rose DeArmas, Bonnie Bramlett
Baritone Saxophone: Ronnie Eades
Drums, Percussion: Marty Vadalabene
Electric Bass: Calvin Arline
Electric Guitar: Pete Pendras
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar: Al Kaatz
Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Backing Vocals: Max Paul Schwennsen
Organ, Piano, Electric Piano, Clavinet, Synthesizer: Neil Larsen
Percussion: Johnny Sandlin
Steel Guitar: John Hughey
Tenor Saxophone: Harvey Thompson
Trombone: Charles Rose
Trumpet: Harrison Calloway
Produced by Doug Kershaw, 1977

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Beatles For Sale’ 14 August 1964

3.   Steve Earle: I’m Lookin’ Through You
(Lennon / McCartney)
Train A Comin’: Stony Plain Records – SPCD 1215
San Antonio TX
Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals: Steve Earle
Acoustic Bass: Roy Huskey
Guitar, Dobro, Fiddle, Guitar [Hawaiian]: Norman Blake
Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar [Gut String], Vocals: Peter Rowan
Produced by Steve Earle, William Alsobrook, 1995
Recorded By: Wayne Neuendorf
Engineer: Mike Elliot
Mastered By Mack Evans
Mixed By Wayne Neuendorf

The Beatles recorded it for ‘Rubber Soul’ 10–11 November 1965

4.   Pete Schofield & His Canadians: Yesterday
(Lennon / McCartney)
It’s A Sign of the Times: Birchmount Records BM502
Toronto ON
Pete Schofield: clarinet, alto sax
Ron Grant: clarinet, alto sax
George Zarras: bariton, tenor, also sax, clarinet
Doug Oliver: tenor sax, clarinet
Ian McKay: trumpet
Brian Leonard: drums
Rick Homme: bass
Bob Edwards: guitar
George Collins: keys
Produced by Pete Schofield, 1969
Music Directors: Ed Graf and Jerry Nichols
Recorded by Pete Houston in Toronto

Beatles recorded it for the UK version of ‘Help’ 14 June 1965

5.   Todd Rundgren: Rain
(Lennon / McCartney)
Faithful: Bearsville Records BR 6963
Todd Rundgren: guitar, vocals
Roger Powell: trumpet, keyboards
John Siegler: bass, cello
John Wilcox: drums
Produced by Todd Rundgren, 1976

The Beatles recorded this as the flip side to ‘Paperback Writer’ 14 & 16 April 1966

6.   Flamin’ Groovies: There’s A Place
(Lennon / McCartney)
Flamin’ Groovies Now: Sire – QSR 6059
San Francisco CA
Bass, Vocals: George Alexander
Drums: David Wright
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar: Mike Wilhelm
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Mellotron, Vocals: Cyril Jordan
Produced by Dave Edmunds, 1978

The Beatles recorded it for ‘Please Please Me’ 11 February 1963

7.   The Baskervilles (Affinity): You Like Me Too Much
(Lennon / McCartney)
Origins…The Baskervilles 1965: Angel Air Records – SJPCD238
Brighton UK
Andy Brentnall: Vocals
Kris Johnson: Guitars
Brian Davis: Guitars
Mo Foster: Drums
John Carter: Background Vocals
Produced 1965
Compilation Album produced, 2007

The Beatles recorded it for ‘Help’ 17 February 1965

The name Affinity" came from the name of Oscar Peterson's 1961 LP Affinity.

8.   Stevie Wonder: We Can Work It Out
(Lennon / McCartney)
Signed, Seal And Delivered: Tamla Motown – TS 304
Saginaw Michigan
Stevie Wonder: lead vocals, backing vocals , harmonica, drums, percussion, piano, organ, clavinet
Bob Babbitt: bass
Dennis Coffey: guitar
Richard "Pistol" Allen: drums
The Funk Brothers: all other instruments
Produced by Stevie Wonder, 1970
Recorded at Hitsville U.S.A., Detroit

Beatles recording made for flip side of ‘Day Tripper’, 20 and 29 October 1965

9.   Sarah Vaughan: And I Love Her
(Lennon / McCartney)
Songs Of The Beatles: Atlantic Records
Newark, New Jersey
Sarah Vaughan: vocals
Bill Thedford, Perry Morgan, Jim Gilstrap: background vocals
David Hungate: bass
Michael Lang: keyboards
Lee Ritenour, Dean Parks, Louie Shelton: guitar
Steve Porcaro: synthesizer
Toots Thielemans: harmonica
Jeff Porcaro: percussion, drums
Bobbye Hall, Joe Porcaro, Steve Forman: percussion
Marty Paich, David Paich: keyboards
Produced by Marty Paich and David Paich, 1981
Recorded at Davlen Studio, Los Angeles, 1977

The Beatles recording for ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ 25–27 February 1964

Sarah Lois Vaughan b. Newark NJ March 27, 1924 / d. Hidden Hills, CA April 3, 1990 (66)

This was recorded in 1977 by a father and son team who weren’t the best at producing this ambitious a project. Critics loved her version of Eleanor Rigby and Here, There and Everywhere. She even recorded “I Want You (She’s so Heavy)”

10. Chris Clarke & The Vancouvers: Got To Get You Into My Life
(Lennon / McCartney)
Motown Unrelesed 1967: Motown Records 006025 67132707
Vancouver BC
Thomas "Tommy" Chong (guitar)
Edward Patterson (guitar)
Wes Henderson (bass)
Robbie King (keyboards)
Ted Lewis (drums)
Produced 1967
Compilation produced 2019

The Beatles recording for ‘Revolver’ 7 April and 17 June 1966

Along with Bobby Darin and Rare Earth, Chris Clark was one of a relative handful of white artists signed to Motown Records. Her own biggest hit, released in 1966 on the Motown subsidiary VIP label, was "Love's Gone Bad," authored by Holland-Dozier-Holland. Although she never made a deep or lasting impression in America -- where her race and sound, as well as her interracial romance with Gordy, touched on some very raw and sensitive issues -- Clark was embraced in England, where audiences dubbed her "the White Negress" and meant it as a compliment. 

Originally called Little Daddie and The Bachelors, they joined up with singer Bobby Taylor who took them down to Detroit where they were signed to Motown, releasing one album in 1968. The band featured Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong) on guitar.

11. Pulse Creek: I’ve Just Seen A Face
(Lennon / McCartney)
Pulse Creek: Greentree Music GT 335
Corunna ON
Steve Mullen: bass, lead vocal
Ed Nicol: mandolin
Terry Mullen: guitar
Larry Danby: banjo
Pat Crone: drums
Produced by Walt Maynard, 1982
Recorded by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto

Beatles recording: 14 June 1965 on Help (UK) and Rubber Soul (NA)

12. Jeff Healey Band: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(George Harrison)
Hell To Pay: Arista Records AL8632
Toronto ON
Jeff Healey: lead guitar, vocal
Joe Rockman: bass
Tom Stephen: drums
George Harrison: acoustic guitar, bg vocal
Jeff Lynne: acoustic guitar, bg vocal
Paul Shaffer: keys
Produced by Ed Stasium, 1990
Recorded by Paul Hammingson at Le Studio, Morin Heights QC
Mixed by Ed Stasium with Paul Hammingson
Mastered at Sterling Sound by Greg Calbi, NYC

It was originally recorded by The Beatles for The White Album on 5–6 September 1968.

George Harrison agreed to play acoustic guitar on this track.

13. Count Basie Orchestra: All My Lovin’
(Lennon / McCartney)
Basie’s Beatle Bag: Verve Records V6-8659
Hollywood CA
Count Basie: piano
Count Basie’s Orchestra
Produced by Peter Spargo and Teddy Reig, 1966
Recorded by Val Valentin and Ami Hadim at TTG Sunset Recorders, Hollywood
Arranged by Chico O’Farrill

The Beatles recording of this was made on 30 July 1963

William James Basie b Red Bank NJ Aug 21, 1904 / d. Apr 26, 1984 Hollywood (79)

14. Les Merseys: Ta mère ne sait pas (Your Mother Should Know)
(Lennon / McCartney/  Bégin FR Lyrics)
45 single bw Jolie Rita (Lovely Rita): DSP Records 8622
Alain Jodoin: vocals
François Bégin: guitar
Georges Marchand: bass
Normand Alepin: lead guitar
Richard Tate: drums
Produced by George Langlios, 1968

The Beatles recording was made for ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ 22–23 August and 29 September 1967

These guys were apparently originally known as The Blue Men and had a repertoire that was heavily influenced Mersybeat; hence the 1964 decision to change the band name to Les Merseys.

Like most groups, the band (lead guitarist Normand Alepin, rhythm guitarist  Francoise Begin, bassist Alain Jodoin and drummer Richard Tate) got their start playing local dances and parties.  Having added bassist Georges Marchand to the line-up thereby freeing Jodoin to focus on vocals, their initial break came in 1965 when the Quebec-based Passe-Temps label recruited them as a studio band to provide back-up for other label acts.    They quickly were given a chance to record on their own, releasing a string of seven singles for three labels over the next two years.  Among the 14 sides were quite a few Francophile covers of Beatles tracks including ''Je L'ai Perdu Cette Fille' ('You're Gonna Lose That Girl'), 'Soldat De Bois' (With a Little Help From My Friends'), and 'Jolie Rita' ('Lovely Rita').

15. Suzie Quatro: I Wanna Be Your Man 
(Lennon / McCartney)
Suzi Quatro: Bell Records 1302
Michigan US
Suzi Quatro: Bass, Lead Vocals
Len Tuckey: Guitar, Slide Guitar, Backing Vocals
Alastair McKenzie: Electric Piano, Grand Piano, Mellotron, Backing Vocals
Dave Neal: Drums, Backing Vocals
Produced by Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn 1973
Recorded by Pete Coleman at Audio International Studio, London
Mastered by Chris Blair

Beatles recording for ‘With the Beatles’ September – October, 1963

"I Wanna Be Your Man" is a Lennon–McCartney-penned song recorded and released as a single by the Rolling Stones, and then recorded by the Beatles. The song was primarily written by Paul McCartney, and finished by Lennon and McCartney in the corner of a room while Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were talking.

16. The Beau Brummels: You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
(Lennon / McCartney)
Beau Brummels '66: Warner Brothers Records W 1644
San Francisco CA
Sal Valentino: lead vocals, tambourine
Ron Elliott: lead guitar, vocals
Ron Meagher: bass guitar, vocals
Declan Mulligan: rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals
John Petersen: drums
Don Irving: guitar
Produced by Bob Mitchell, 1966
Recorded at Mira Sound, New York

Recorded by The Beatles for ‘Help’ Feb 18, 1965

After changing record companies, Warner didn’t want the band to record any originals for this, their third LP. The band capitulated and recorded an album of covers. Lead vocalist Sal Valentino explained, "When we went to Warner Brothers, they were just anxious to get a record out, to capitalize on the success we had. That record was the wrong one to do at the time."

17. Little Richard: I Saw Her Standing There
(Lennon / McCartney)
The Rill Thing: Reprise Records RS 6406
Macon GA
Little Richard: keys, vocals
Harrison Callay: trumpet
Ronnie Eader: baritone saxophone
Harry Thompson: tenor saxophone
Charles Rose: trombone
Clayton Ivey: piano
Jerry Masters: bass
Travis Wammack: guitar
Albert Lowe: guitar
Roger Hawkins: drums
Eddie Fletcher: bass
Jesse Boyce: electric bass
Wade Jackson: tenor saxophone
Produced by Little Richard, 1970
FAME Studios, Muscle Shoals, Alabama

"I Saw Her Standing There", a song Richard considered to have been inspired by his music. Richard's version is played at a slower tempo to the original and features a horn section. Little Richard met the Beatles when they supported him on a 1962 European tour, and considered the band "some of the greatest songwriters ever been".

18. Wes Montgomery: A Day In The Life
(John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
A Day In The Life: A&M Records SP 3001
Indianapolis Indiana
Wes Montgomery, guitar
Herbie Hancock, piano
Ron Carter, bass
Grady Tate, drums
Ray Barretto, percussion
Jack Jennings, percussion
Joe Wohletz, percussion
Ray Alonge, French Horn
Phil Bodner, woodwind
Julius Brand, violin
Peter Buonconsigilio, violin
Mac Ceppos, violin
Lewis Eley, violin
Harry Glickman, violin
Harry Katzman, violin Leo Krucczek violin
Sylvan Shulman, violin
Gene Orloff, violin
Tosha Samaroff, violin
Jack Zayde, violin
Harry Urbont, violin
Harold Coletta, viola
Emanuel Vardi, viola
George Marge, flute
Joe Soldo, flute
Romeo Penque, flute
Margaret Ross, harp
Alan Shulman, cello
Charles McCracken, cello
Stanley Webb, flute, woodwind

Produced by Creed Taylor 1967
Don Sebesky arranger, conductor
Recorded by June 67 and June 26, 1967 Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey June 67 and June 26, 1967 at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

The Beatles recorded this between Jan and Feb, 1967 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

John Leslie Montgomery b. March 6, 1923 Indianapolis, IN / d. June 15, 1968 (45)

Montgomery died of a heart attack on June 15, 1968, while at home in Indianapolis. His grandson is actor Anthony Montgomery, who played Travis Mayweather on Star Trek: Enterprise

19. Boney M: The Two of Us
(Lennon / McCartney)
Ocean of Fantasy: Atlantic Records – XSD 50610
West Germany
Backing Vocals: Frank Farian, Marcia Barrett
Lead Vocals: Liz Mitchell
Alto Saxophone: Lisa Gordanier
Baritone Saxophone: Lance Burton
Bass: G. Unwin, R. Besser
Drums: K. Forsey
Guitar: M. Björklund, N. Woodland
Keyboards: M. Cretu
Tenor Saxophone: Bobby Stern
Trombone– Geoff Stradling
Trumpet– Jim Polivka, Scot Newton

Produced by Frank Farian, 1979
Recorded at Europasound Studios (Friedrichsdorf) Union Studio, Munich
Mastered at the Lacquer Channel, Toronto

The Beatles recorded it 31 January 1969 for ‘Let It Be’

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