33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
July 26, 2021
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Tainted Love
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Side One

1.   The Gants: Road Runner – 1965
2.   Golden Earring: Love Is A Rodeo – 1975
3.   Rene Donaldson: The Way To Calgary – ? *
4.   Mason Profit: Stony River – 1973
5.   Stan Hiltz Orchestra: Moscow Medley – 1976 *
6.   McGuinness Flint: Klondike – 1971
7.   Hank Davis: One Way Track – 1960 *
8.   Harold Nix: Take A Drive – 1986 *
9.   The Monks: Love In Stereo – 1979
10. The Ducats Showband: Folsom Prison Blues – 1967 *
11. The Hansen Alpine International Band: Homeland Bells – 1985 *
12. Slim Gaillard: Little Bird – 1968
13. Chimo!: Ect. Blues – 1970 *
14. John Hartford: Granny Wontcha Smoke Some Marajuana – 1976
15. Kevin Head: Everybody Needs A Backyard To Return To – 1974 *
16. The GoGos: Skidmarks On My Heart – 1981
17. Joe Hall & The Continental Drift: More Cold Drinks – 1978 *
18. Ed Dolan et ses Fantaisistes: Qui Sait Cha Cha – 1960 *
19. Tom Northcott: Spaceship Races – 1971 *

Side Two

1.   Big John ‘T-Bone’ Little & Hot Toddys: Rockin’ Crickets – 1959 *
2.   George Higton: Another Road – 2019 *
3.   George Higton: Let The Sun King Go – 2019 *
4.   Albert King: I’ll Play The Blues For You – 1972
5.   The Marvelettes: I’m Gonna Hold On As Long As I Can – 1969
6.   The Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band: Garbage Day Rag – 2012 *
7.   Little Peggy March: I Will Follow Him – 1963
8.   Malcolm’s Interview: Blow The Man Down – 1987
9.   Chalk Circle: The Great Lake – 1986 *
10. Masked Marauders: More Or Less Hudson Bay Again – 1969
11. Fernand Thibault et Ses Pionniers: Reel de Kirkland Lake – 196? *
12. Grateful Dead: New Speedway Boogie – 1970
13. Manfred Mann Earth Band: Boullabaisse – 1978
14. Josef Marais: Ai, Ai, The Pied Crow Cry – 1949
15. The Halifax Three: Bull Train – 1963 *
16. Robert Johnson: Drunken Hearted Man – 1937
17. The Monkees: Sweet Young Thing – 1968
18. Luke & The Apostles: Been Burnt – 1967 *
19. Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington’s Orchestra: Duke’s Place – 1961
20. Wally Zayonce & His Buckaroos: Ukrainian Kolomeyka – 196? *

CanCon = 54%

And Now for The Particulars:

Side One

1.   The Gants: Road Runner
(E McDaniel)
45 single bw My Baby Don’t Care: Statue Records 605
Greenwood Mississippi
Sid Herring: lead guitar, vocals
Johnny Sanders: guitar
Vince Montgomery: bass
Don Wood: drums
Produced by Hurshel Wiginton, 1965

Originally known as The Kingsman, who formed in 1963. They changed their name to The Gants, after a popular brand of shirt with a button-down collar. Based out of Greenville, Mississippi, they patterned themselves after the British invasion bands. Sid Herring tried to look like Herman Hermit Noone. As the band got busier it conflicted with their day jobs and they had to call it quits in 1967. But they’ve gone down in history as simply the best and most popular Mississippi rock band of their time.

Road Runner was written by Bo Diddley aka Ellas McDaniel (1928 – 2008)

2.   Golden Earring: Love Is A Rodeo
(G Kooymans / B Hay)
Switch: Track Records / MCA MCA 2139
The Hague, Netherlands
George Kooymans: guitar, vocals
Rinus Gerritsen: bass, keyboards
Barry Hay: flute, vocals
Cesar Zuiderwijk: drums
Robert Jan Stips: keyboard
Bertus Borgers: saxophone
Eelco Gelling: guitar
Produced by Golden Earring, 1975
Recorded by Andy Knight, John Kriek, Jan Schuurman
Mixing: Andy Knight, John Kriek

3.   René Donaldon: The Way To Calgary
(René Donaldson)
45 Single bw Someone To Love: Les Disques Jouflu – FJ 1000
Calgary AB
René Donaldon: guitar, vocals
Produced - ?

4.   Mason Profit: Stony River
(Terry & John Talbot)
Bareback Rider: Warner Brothers - BS 2704
Chicago IL
Terry Talbot, guitar, banjo, mandolin
John Talbot, guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel
Tim Ayres, bass
Bill Cunningham, fiddle, 12 string, guitars
Bruce Kurnow, piano, organ, harpsichord, mandolin, mouth harp
Art Nash, drums
Bob Schnitzer, electric guitar
Produced by Bill Halverson, 1973

This band capitalized on the country-rock scene who put out six albums between 1969 and 74. Bareback Rider is by far my favourite, in fact, it’s a great album. I was turned on to them by a Toronto guitarist Morley Whitzman who also turned me on to John Denver for a Colorado Rocky Mountain High.

5.   Stan Hiltz Band: Moscow Medley
Kosher Style: World / Audat Custom Records WRC 251
Toronto ON
Stan Hiltz: keys, vocals
Leonard Shacter: trumpet, vocals
Arnie Wiskin: percussion, vocals
Lawrence Sereda: sax, flute, clarinet
Len Lytwyn: drums
Marty Hiltz: trumpet, trombone
Danny Colomby: guitar, bass
Produced by Stan Hiltz, 1976

Willowdale Bar Mitzvah band.

6.   McGuinness Flint: Klondike
(Gallagher / Lyle)
Happy Birthday, Ruthy Baby: Capitol Records ST 794
London UK
Dennis Coulson: vocal, keys
Hughie Flint: drums
Tom McGuinness: bass, electric guitar, vocals
Benny Gallagher: bass, guitars, harmonica, piano, ocarina, vocals
Graham Lyle: bass, guitars, mandolin, banjo, vocals
John Mumford: trombone
Jimmy Jewell: sax
Brian Rogers: arranger
Produced by Glyn Johns, 1971
Recorded by Glyn Johns

McGuinness Flint were formed in 1970 by Tom McGuinness, formerly of Manfred Mann, and Hughie Flint, former drummer with John Mayall. The other members were vocalist / keyboard player Dennis Coulson, and singer-songwriters Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle who first started playing together in 1959. (They were signed by The Beatles to write for Apple Records' artists. Went on to have a major songwriting and performing career.) The band lasted until 1975.

7.   Hank Davis: One Way Track
(H. Davis)
Single: STACY 919X
Dry Heave AK / Montreal QC
Hank Davis: vocal, guitar
Produced 1960

Born and raised in the heart of Arkansas in a place where confederate money was used until the 1950s. In early 1955 Elvis Presley played the Dixie Bar 'n' Grill in Dry Heave and Hank Davis was in the audience. He noticed that the girls went crazy for Elvis and he decided to become a rock & roll star that evening. In 1956 Hank and his group went to Memphis and auditioned for Sun Records. After nearly two years they had heard nothing so they called the studio and were told, "I think we lost the tape." Later that night, Hank was so dispirited that he resolved to get a bus back to Dry Heave and work in his father's store. He got drunk near the bus terminal, however, and boarded a bus to Canada by mistake. He arrived hungover in Montreal the next day with no money for the return fare. He still had his guitar, however, and he got a Job playing at a local club, Le Mangeur de Merde (The Shit Eater).

Hank soon decided to make his home in Canada. His wild pulsating brand of rockabilly was an instant success. In 1963, while playing the Dead Moose Bar in Northern Ontario, they were spotted by Ed Sullivan who booked Hank for three appearances on his TV show. Unfortunately, a heavy snow fall and lack of gas money delayed to boys' arrival in New York by two months and an English group had taken Hank's bookings. The group was the Beatles and Hank had crossed paths with the famous once again. The Beatles were always grateful for this lucky break. "if Hank Davis hadn't got stuck in the snow," recalled John Lennon, "we would never have made it in the States."

8.   Harold Nix: Take A Drive
(Harold Nix)
The Fugitive Kind: East Side Records 003
Vancouver BC
Harold Nix: guitars, harmonica, vocals
Mike Van Eyes: keys, classical guitar, vocals
Steve Taylor: drums
Ian Tiles: drums, percussion
Ron Scott: bass
Jack Velker: keys
Adam Drake: drums
Rodger Brant: bass
Lee Oliphant: bass
Peter Sweetzer: organ
Produced by Mike Van Eyes and Herald Nix, 1986
Recorded by Dale Penner at Mushroom Studio, Vancouver
Mixed by Brian Campbell at Blue Wave Studios

A regular on the West Coast music scene, Nix is still out there performing. He was alt-country before there was such a thing.

9.   The Monks: Love In Stereo
(John Ford / Richard Hudson)
Bad Habits: Harvest Records EMI ST 6470
London UK
John Ford - vocals, guitars, synthesisers
Richard Hudson - bass, synthesisers
Terry Cassidy - vocals, synthesisers
Clive Pierce – drums
Brian Willoughby - guitars
Produced by John Ford, Richard Hudson and Terry Cassidy, 1979

The Monks were an English pop punk/new wave band, formed in the late 1970s by three former members of Strawbs—Richard Hudson (guitar), John Ford (vocals, guitars, synthesizers) and Brian Willoughby. The band were particularly popular in Toronto! Their surprise pop hit Drugs in My Pocket peeked at number 4 on Toronto’s CHUM Radio Chart.

10. The Ducats Showband: Folsom Prison Blues
(Johnny Cash)
The Du-cats Showband: Paragon Records ALS 242
Port-aux-Basques NL
Lewis Skinner: lead guitar, accordion
Roger Skinner: drums
Bob Battiste: bass
Claude Caines: vocals
Dutch Mason: piano
Produced by Bill Fisher, 1967
Recorded by Jack Hutchison
Mixed by Bill Bessey

The Ducats were one of the original rock n’ roll bands of Newfoundland, having recorded their first songs in 1965. They put out one album before replacing their lead vocalist with Claude Caines, a young lad from Stephenville, recruited from a band called The Teenbeats. Claude told me that he absolutely hated this album! It was recorded in a school gym, in Nova Scotia, with bad sound. It was also recorded surreptitiously. The band thought they were auditioning, that the recording was only a demo, and that they would be brought into a proper recording studio had it all worked out. However, Paragon records decided that it was fine, that the album be put out “as is” without the approval of the band.

When I visited Claude Caines, he showed me his copy: just an empty album jacket. He claimed that he actually broke the record over his knee.

11. The Hansen Alpine International Band: Homeland Bells 
(Ehrlinger / Boyk)
Blumen von der Stadt bis zum Berg: Enzian E3301
Kitchener, ON
Florence Hansen, violin, cowbells, hammered dulcimer
Debbie Jones, guitar, cowbells
Matthew Lebar, accordion
Marjan Kolaric, clarinet, sax, flute, percussion
Joseph Ovcjak, drums
Paul Weidman, tuba, string bass, bass guitar
Produced by Florence Hansen, 1985
Recorded by Doug Biggs at Cedartree Recording Studios, Kitchener ON

12. Slim Gaillard: Little Bird
(T Wolf / D Grove / P Jolly)
45 single bw Blowin’ In The Wind: Epic Records 5-10336
Detroit MI
Slim Gaillard: guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Jackie Mills, 1968

Known mostly as a guitarist, Slim Gaillard was an American jazz singer and songwriter who also played piano, vibraphone, and tenor sax. Gaillard first rose to prominence in the late 1930s as part of Slim & Slam, a jazz novelty act he formed with bassist Slam Stewart. Gaillard's appeal was similar to Cab Calloway's and Louis Jordan's in that he presented a hip style with broad appeal but unlike them, he was a master improviser whose stream of consciousness vocals ranged far from the original lyrics.
13. Chimo!: Ect Blues
(Ross Raby / Tony Collacott)
Chimo!: Revolver Records  LSP 4470
Toronto ON
Tony Collacott: piano
Ross Roby: organ
John Johnson: bass
Jack Mowray: guitar
Andy Cree: drums
Breen LaBoeuf: vocal
Produced by Mort Ross, 1970
Recorded by Mark Smith at RCA’s Toronto Studios. November 1970

Tony Collacott b. 1946 / d. September 1, 2014 Newmarket ON (68)

After watching a movie about a popular pianist when he was 11, Tony was inspired to practice on his own every day through the summer on an old piano at Central YMCA, where his brother worked at the time. Tony was well-known in Toronto jazz circles in the 1960s, 70s and 80s and was a member of several jazz groups including The Bossmen, Chimo and the Tony Collacott Trio. He is remembered in particular for his fusion of progressive rock and jazz.

14. John Hartford: Granny Wontcha Smoke Some Marijuana
(John Hartford)    
Nobody Knows What You do: Flying Fish Records  028
New York City NY
John Hartford - banjo, guitar, fiddle, vocals, harmony vocals
Sam Bush - mandolin, vocals, harmony vocals
David Briggs - piano
Jim Colvard - guitar
Dalton Dillingham - bass
Buddy Emmons - dobro, pedal steel guitar
Roy M. "Junior" Husky - bass
Kenny Malone - drums
Benny Martin - fiddle, guitar, harmony vocals
Dale Sellers - guitar
Mac Wiseman - vocals, harmony vocals
Producer by Michael Melford,  1976
Recording Engineer: Claude Hill

John Cowan Hartford (December 30, 1937 NYC  June 4, 2001 Nashville)

Hartford’s 1st hit song was Gentle on my Mind, which was also recorded by Glen Campbell, Aretha Franklin, Dean Martin and Patti Page. This song was pretty risqué when released in 1976. In fact, you can hear Hartford pulling on joints all through the recording of this album.
He certainly loved to toke!

15. Kevin Head: Everybody Needs A Backyard To Return To
(Kevin Head)
No Frills: Shellout Records 50-101
Kingston ON / Ketch Harbour NS
Kevin Head: guitar, vocals
Bruce Chapman: piano
Jinx O’Neil: bass
Ron Doug Parks aka RDP: drums
Ken Pearson: organ
Kate McGarrigle: banjo, accordion
Louis Benoit: mandolin
Gordon Stobbe: fiddle
Chaim Tannenbaum: harmonica
Dick Snook: sax
Scott MacMillan, Dave MacIssac, Wade Brown: guitar
Produced by Kevin Head, 1974
Recorded by Al Feeny and Lindsay Kidd at Audio Atlantic Studios, Halifax
Mixed by Kevin Head & Ken Pearson

Originally from Nova Scotia, he was first billed as The Original Salt Cod Cowboy. Currently Kevin lives in the Kingston area, writing, performing and teaching, living rurally, planting trees, collecting old Volvos, and howling at the moon. According to him. His last output was a CD called Kevin Head LIVE! in 2013.

16. The GoGos: Skidmarks On My Heart
(C Caffey / B Carlisle)
Beauty And The Beat: IRS Records SP 70021
Los Angeles CA
Belinda Carlisle: lead vocal
Charlotte Caffey: lead guitar, keys, bg vocal
Gina Schock: drums
Kathy Valentine: bass, bg vocal
Jane Weilin: rhythm guitar, bg vocal
Produced by Richard Gottherer and Rob Freeman, 1981
Mastered by Creg Calbi

The GoGo’s formed in Los Angeles in 1978, part of the emerging new wave bands who rose to fame during the early 1980s. The GoGos were the first all-female band to reach the top the Billboard album charts who wrote their own songs and played their own instruments. Beauty and The Beat sold over two million copies, making it one of the most successful debut albums of all time. Although they’ve gotten together now and then for re-unions, the band basically lasted until 1986.

17. Joe Hall & The Continental Drift: More Cold Drinks
(Joe Hall)
On The Avenue: Posterity Records PTR 13009
Toronto / Peterborough ON
Joe Hall: lead vocals, guitars, percussion, harmonica, noise, exploding bombs
Tony Quarrington: lead guitar, guitars, percussion, dobro, moog, phony steel drum
George Dobo: piano, organ, guitar, recorder
Paul Quarrington: bass
Martin Worthy: drums
Produced by Tony Quarrington, 1978
Recorded by Bob Lanois at Grant Ave Studios, Hamilton ON October 1978

His stage patter appears spontaneous: otherwise one might guess that it was co-scripted by Woody Allen and the Marquis de Sade. His band, the Continental Drift, consisted of Hall's long time accomplice, Juno nominated producer Tony Quarrington along with the late the Governor General Award-winning author of 'Whale Music' Paul Quarrington (bass) and Martin Worthy (drums).

18. Ed Dolan et ses Fantaisistes: Qui Sait, Qui Sait
(J.Larue - O.Farès)
Cours De Danse: TC Maximum  TCM 988
Ed Dolan: sax
Mario Dolan: sax
Maurice Pinard: bass
Claude Therrian: drums
Serge Moreau: piano
Produced by Franco Disque, 1960
Recorded by Michel Ethier at Studio André Perry Ltd, Montreal

19. Tom Northcott: Spaceship Races
(Goffin / King)
45 single bw Suzanne: Uni Records 55282
Vancouver BC
Tom Northcott: vocals
Produced by Tom Northcott, 1971

Tom Northcott (born August 29, 1943 in Vancouver, BC

Once again, five decades later we are witnessing another spaceship race. This is dedicated to all those willing to pay a quarter of a million dollars to float for three minutes in space.

Tom Northcott had a string of singles over the span of 3 albums before trading it all in to be a fisherman. Later he tried running for the Social Credit party in BC elections. That sort of sealed his fate!

Side Two

1.   Hot Toddies: Rockin Crickets
(Bill Pernell / Vaughan Jonah)
45 Single: Shan-Todd Records ST-0056
Niagara Falls ON
Bill Pernell, Ohio, sax
Vaughan Jonah, Niagara Falls ON, guitar
Garry Kelba, Port Colburne ON, drums
Big John “T-Bone” Little, rhythm guitar, vocals
Produced by Tom Shannon & Phil Todaro, March 1959
Recorded at Shan-Todd studios, Buffalo NY by Phil Todaro

Big John Little b. Niagara Falls ON November 19, 1929

The real name of the band was Big John Little and the Rockers but recorded as The Hot-Toddys. Their first record was I’ll Always Love You bw Rock With Me Baby, first recorded on Tri-Fi label out of NYC

Small label trying out new artists in mid 50s. Rockin’ Crickets was released March 1959. According to The Band’s website Rockin’ Crickets was one of Jimi Hendrix’s favourite guitar songs. When Hendrix was still living in Seattle he was a member of the Velvetones, then The Rocking Kings. The would go and play in Vancouver and it was there that Hendrix first heard Rockin’ Crickets on the radio.

RIP George Higton
APRIL 5, 1951 – JULY 15, 2021

I didn’t know George Higton but I really like the album he put out in 2019, on vinyl no less! His wife posted this on Facebook just after his passing:

George started off as a solo singer/songwriter mostly in the folk vane. He travelled around as a young man, with his guitar. After living for a period in NYC, writing for New York Rocker magazine, he returned to Toronto and started Shades Magazine. It was during this time that he and Barrie Farrell met and created the band Existers.

George found music to be an evolution, as his interests/focus changed so did his songwriting. Over the years after his Existers time, he worked as a solo performer and collaborated with many talented musical artists producing some amazing work – Ardin (Doug) Innis, Chip Yarwood, Ihor Holubizky, Nick "The Brownman" Ali, Rod Booth, Louis Simao, Rachel Melas, Cleave Anderson, Ernie Tollar, to name a few. He left some great songs to remember. Music, songwriting, writing and film were his passion. He worked on his craft right up to the end. His final music project will be finished, and released.

Thank you to those who remember George Higton, and who have felt his presence made a difference in their lives. He would have felt honoured.

2.   George Higton: Another Road
(George Higton)
Merrylands: Builtrite Records BR007
George Higton: lead vocals, guitar, keys, harmonica
Cleave Anderson: drums
Rachel Melas: bass, accordion
Produced by Lionel Pedro, 2019
Recorded by Lionel Pedro at Trench Recordings, Toronto

3.   George Higton: Let The Sun King Go
(George Higton)
Merrylands: Builtrite Records BR007
George Higton: lead vocals, guitar, keys, harmonica
Cleave Anderson: drums
Rachel Melas: bass, accordion
Produced by Lionel Pedro, 2019
Recorded by Lionel Pedro at Trench Recordings, Toronto

4.   Albert King: I’ll Play The Blues For You
(Jerry Beach)
Chronicle: Stax Records STX-4123
Indianola Mississippi
Albert King: Gibson Flying V guitar, vocals
The Bar-Kays
Memphis Horns
Produced by Allen Jones, 1972
Recorded at Stax Records, Memphis by William Brown
Mastered by L Nix

Albert Nelson b. Indianola, Miss, April 25, 1923 / d. Dec21, 1992 Memphis (69)

5.   The Marvelettes: I’m Gonna Hold On As Long As I Can
(F Wilson / L Manns)
45 single bw Don’t Make Hutring Me A Habit: Tamla Motown T54177
Inkster Michigan
Katherine Anderson
Georgeanna Tillman
Ann Bogan
Wanda Rogers
Produced by Dean & Weatherspoon, 1969

From the vocal group who first sang Please Mr Postman (1961) and Don’t Mess With Bill (1966).

2004 inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame
2013 inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Hall of Fame and nominated for the Rock n’ Roll Hall.

6.   Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band: Garbage Day Rag
(Minnie Heart / Bill Howard)
Tri-City Stomp: Duke of Erb Records – WHRC 12-01
Kitchener ON
Minnie Heart: vocal, banjolin, violin, jug, kazoo, bass
Bill Howard: vocal, guitar, kazoo, washboard
Buck Thompson: bajitar, washboard, vocal
Willie Ames: cello, tenor guitar, vocal
Produced by Bill Howard & Minnie Heart, 2012
Recorded at the Duke of Erb
Mixed by Matthew Knischewsky
Mastered by Harris Newman at Greymarket Mastering

7.   Little Peggy March: I Will Follow Him
(Franck Pourcel / Paul Mauriat)
45 Single be Wind-Up Doll: RCA Victor - 47-8139
Lansdale PA
Peggie March: vocal
Produced by Hugo & Luigi 1963

Peggy March b. Margaret Annemarie Battavio, March 8, 1948 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania

She was discovered at age 13 singing at her cousin's wedding and was introduced to record producers Hugo & Luigi. They gave her the nickname Little Peggy March because she was only 4 ft 10 in tall, she was only 13, the record she did with them was "Little Me," and her birthday was in March. On April 24, 1963, her single "I Will Follow Him" soared to number one on the U.S. charts.

8.   Malcolm’s Interview: Blow The Man Down
(Malcolm’s Interview)
Breakfast in Bedlam: Special Delivery / Topic Records SPD 1006
York UK
Jon Townend: guitar, fiddle, harmonica, vocal
Josephine Swiss: vocal, keys, accordion
David Wall: bass, accordion, harmonica, bg vocal
David Allan: drums, bass
Produced by David Kenny and Malcolm’s Interview, 1987

In 1989 Malcolm's Interview changed record labels and their name to God's Little Monkeys and released 2 records with Cooking Vinyl.

9.   Chalk Circle: The Great Lake
(Chalk Circle)
The Great Lake: Duke Street Records DSR 41024
Newcastle ON
Chris Tait, guitars
Brad Hopkins, bass
Derrick Murphy, drums
Tad Winklarz, keys, sax
Chris Wardman, guitars
Produced by Chris Wardman, 1986
Recorded by Ron Searles and Paul Lachapelle at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, NYC

10. The Masked Marauders: More Or Less Hudson Bay Again
(Masked Marauders)
The Masked Marauders: Deity / Reprise – 6378
Berkeley CA
A.K.A. Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band:
Anna Rizzo: drums
Phil Marsh: vocals/guitar
Annie Johnson: guitar, vocal
Vic Smith: guitar, vocal
Allan Chance: vocal
Langdon Winner: piano
Mark “The Fox” Voorheis: drums
Gary Salzman: steel
Phil Marsh: guitar, vocal
Brian Voorheis: harmonica, guitar, vocal
Produced by Guerrage Productions, 1969
Recorded in a garage studio, Berkeley CA

In its October 18, 1969 issue, Rolling Stone ran a tongue-in-cheek review of a non-existent album that purportedly captured a "super session" of the era's leading rock and roll musicians, including Bob Dylan, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney. The review claimed that none of the artists could be listed on the jacket cover because of contractual agreements with their recording companies. The editors involved decided to extend the joke by hiring a relatively obscure band to record an actual album and then secured a deal with Warner Bros.

As an indication of how many people were taken in by the joke, The Masked Marauders fell just short of making Billboard's Hot 100. Rolling Stone editor Langdon Winner recruited the Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band, a Berkeley, California, group which had an album the previous year on Vanguard Records and played frequently at San Francisco’s Fillmore and Avalon ballrooms.

11. Fernand Thibault & Ses Pioniers: Reel de Kirkland Lake
(Fernand Thibault)
45 Single bw Reel du Grand Frise: RCA Victor – 57-0264B
Rouyn-Noranda, QC
Fernand Thibault: fiddle
Produced circa 1963

12. The Grateful Dead: New Speedway Boogie
(Garcia / Lesh / Hunter)
Workingmans Dead: Warner Brothers 1869
San Francisco CA
Jerry Garcia: lead guitar, pedal steel guitar, banjo, vocals
Bob Weir: guitar, vocals
Pigpen (Ron McKernan): keyboards, harmonica, vocals
Phil Lesh: bass, vocals
Bill Kreutzmann: drums, percussion
Mickey Hart: drums, percussion
Produced by Bob Matthews, Betty Cantor, Grateful Dead - 1970
Recorded by Alembic at Pacific High Recording Studio, San Francisco

13. Manfred Mann Earth Band: Boullabaisse
(Flett / Mann / Thompson / Sade / King)
45 single bw Davy’s On The Road Again: Bronze Records BRO 52
London UK
Manfred Mann: Keys, vocals
Chris Sade: drums
Pat King: bass
Dave Flett: guitar
Chris Thompson: guitar, vocals
Produced by The Earth Band, 1978

It was the A Side that was a big hit for the band but I like this song too.

14. Josef Marais & His Bushveld Band: Ai, Ai, The Pied Crow Cry
(Josef Marais)
Songs From The Veld Vol 2: Decca 10” – DL 5083
Karroo Plateau, South Africa
Josef Marais: guitar, vocal
Unknown musicians
Produced – 1949

Joseph Pessach b. November 17, 1905 Sir Lowry's Pass Village / d. April 27, 1978 Los Angeles

Started collecting Hottentot folk songs in his teens. Marais left South Africa in the 1920s to study violin and viola in Europe, finally settling in London. He toured as a concert violinist for several years. Marais was invited to New York in 1939 to do a radio show for NBC In 1945,
he started singing with Rosa de Miranda, a Dutch immigrant with whom he had worked for a few years. They performed for more than 30 years as Marais and Miranda,

15. The Halifax Three: Bull Train
(John Phillips)
The Halifax Three: Epic “Radial Sound” - LN 24038 - mono
Halifax NS
Dennis Doherty: guitar, vocal
Pat La Croix: drums, vocal
Richard Byrne: guitar, vocal
Produced by Bob Morgan, 1963
Recorded at CBS Studios, New York City

Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty (November 29, 1940 - January 19, 2007)

Originally called The Colonials, The Halifax Three centred around high school friends: guitarists Denny Doherty and Richard Byrne and drummer Pat LaCroix. They were eventually lured down to join the folk scene in New York City where they recorded three singles and two albums.

The band broke up in 1965. Denny Doherty went on to form The Mugwumps with Cass Elliot and Zal Yanovsky before forming the Lovin’ Spoonful with John Sebastian. Cass and Denny went on to form the Mamas and The Papas.

16. Robert Johnson: Drunken Hearted Man
(R Johnson)
King of the Delta Blues Singers Vols. 1 & 2: Blue Diamond Records (CBS) 22190
Hazlehurst Mississippi
Robert Johnson: vocal, guitar
Compilation produced by Frank Driggs, 1967
Recorded by Don Law June 20, 1937, Vitagraph Building, Dallas TX
Remastered by Stanley Weiss
Compilation produced in 1985

Robert Leroy Johnson b. Hazlehurst MS May 8, 1911 / d. Greenwood MS August 16, 1938 (27)

The King of the Delta Blues singers, the man who opened the door to rock n’ roll.

17. The Monkees: Sweet Young Thing
(Michael Nesmith / Carol King / Gerry Goffin)
The Monkees: Colgems / RCA – COM-101
Los Angeles CA
Lead vocal: Michael Nesmith
Backing vocals: Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, and John London
Guitars: Peter Tork, James Burton, Glen Campbell, Al Casey, Michael Deasy
Bass: Bob West
Dano bass: Peter Tork, James Burton, Glen Campbell, Al Casey, Mike Deasey
Drums: Hal Blaine, Frank DeVito, Jim Gordon
Violin: Jimmy Bryant
Percussion: Gary Coleman
Piano: Larry Knechtel
Produced by Michael Nesmith, 1966
Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Hollywood, California; July 18, 1966 (8:00 p.m.-12:00 a.m.)

This is from the first Monkees album which was mostly produced by songwriters Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart. Mike Nesmith was allowed to produce two of the songs on the record, Sweet Young Thing and Papa Jean’s Blues. The Canadian release claims on the back cover that you can “Watch for THE MONKEES in color every Sunday night on the CTV network, 7:00 p.m. (EDT).”

I purchased my copy from Holcan Records in Cooksville, ON (now Mississauga) on Saturday, October 22, 1966.

18. Luke & the Apostles: Been Burnt
(Ray Bennett )
Single bw Dont Know Why: Elektra Records EK 45105
Luke Gibson, guitar vocals
Peter Jermyn keys
Jim Jones, bass
Mike McKenna, guitar
Pat Little: drums
Produced 1967

Were wooed by Bill Graham & Albert Grossman after opening in New York for The Grateful Dead and in Toronto for Jefferson Airplane & The Dead in Nathan Phillips Square before 50,000 but they broke up.
19. Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington’s Orchestra: Duke’s Place
(Roberts / Katz / Thiele / Ellington)
Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington: Allegro Records ALLR 800
New Orleans / Washington DC
Bass: Mort Herbert
Clarinet: Barney Bigard
Drums: Danny Barcelona
Trombone: Trummy Young
Piano: Duke Ellington
Trumpet, vocals:  Louis Armstrong
Produced by Bob Thiele, 1961
Recorded by Ray Hall, April 3, 1961

Interesting quotes on the back cover of the album:

Louis Armstrong: ‘Duke Ellington has always been my man of music, ever since the days of the Cotton Club. In my estimation, there will never be another Duke. It was the thrill of my life to make this album. Long live the Duke of Ellington.’

Duke Ellington: ‘Louis Armstrong is the living symbol of jazz. My admiration for him as a person and a performer goes ‘way back. I couldn’t be a more enthusiastic listener.’

20. Wally Zayonce & His Buckaroos: Ukrainian Kolomekya
On The Bandstand: Buckaroo Records RXS 6913
Penticton BC
Wally Zayonce, cordovox accordion
Bruce Fazan, guitar, trumpet
Lyle Johnson, drums
Unknown others
Produced by Al Reusch at Aragon Recording Studios, Vancouver 196?

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