33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 2, 2021
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Only You
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Side A

1.   Billy Preston: Outa Space – 1972
2.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 1 – 1973
3.   The Asteroids: Shhhhh Blast Off – 1958 *
4.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Moon-Man Newfie – 1971 *
5.   Hank MacDonald: Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship – 1960 *
6.   Gord Downie & The Sadies: Crater – 2014 *
7.   Goddo: Shooting Stars – 1981 *
8.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 2 – 1973
9.   Voivod: Astronomy Domine – 1989 *
10. T-Rex: Spaceball Ricochet – 1972
11. Jackson Hawke: Falling In Space – 1977 *
12. Sugarloaf: Spaceship Earth – 1971
13. Dave Hadfield: Space Station Blues – 2018 *
14. Bobby Wiseman: What The Astronaut Noticed Then Suggested – 1991 *
15. Joe Walsh: Space Age Whiz Kids – 1983
16. Joe Walsh: Rockets – 1981
17. Painter: Space Truck – 1973 *

Side B

1.   The Who: Call Me Lightning – 1968
2.   The Beatles: I’ll Cry Instead – 1964
3.   Paul James Band: Shake Your Moneymaker – 1987 *
4.   Ahmad Jamal: Billy Boy – 1950
5.   Bob Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man – 1965
6.   Great Western Orchestra: Cowgirl’s Lullaby – 1989 *
7.   John Prine: Illegal Smile – 1971
8.   Tito Puente Orchestra: Arinanara – 1955
9.   Section 15 Orchestra w Roy Kenner: The Ballad Of Tom Henke, The Terminator – 1986 *
10. BB Gabor: All The Time – 1980 *
11. The Fabulous Thunderbirds: She’s Tuff – 1979
12. Rob Robinson & Dark Angel Blues Band – Matchbox – 1989 *
13. Bob White & Clyde Brewer: Woodchopper’s Ball – 1974
14. Pink Floyd: Lucifer Sam – 1967
15. Fleetwood Mac: Only You – 1970
16. Manteca: Saturna – 1982 *
17. Every Mother’s Son: Come On Down To My Boat – 1967

CanCon = 47%

And Now for The Particulars:

1.   Billy Preston: Outa-Space
(Billy Preston / Joe Green)
45 single bw I Wrote A Simple Song: A&M Records AM-1320
Houston TX
Billy Preston - vocals, piano, organ, keyboards
David T. Walker - electric guitars
George Harrison - dobro
Manuel Kellough - drums
King Errisson - congas, percussion
Rocky Peoples - tenor saxophone
Carlos Garnette - trumpet
Quincy Jones - string and horn arrangements

Produced by Billy Preston 1972
William Everett Preston b September 2, 1946 Houston, TX – d. June 6, 2006 (aged 59) Scottsdale, Arizona

At the age of 11, Preston appeared on Nat King Cole's national TV show singing the Fats Domino hit "Blueberry Hill" with Cole. He went on to play blues founder, WC Handy in a biopic, playing the young WC. In 1962, Preston joined Little Richard's band as an organist, and it was while performing in Hamburg that he met the Beatles.

In 1969, when the Beatles were about to break up while recording the last album they released, Let It Be (they would later record Abbey Road, which was released prior to Let It Be). George Harrison, a friend of Preston, had quit, walked out of the studio and gone to a Ray Charles concert in London, where Preston was playing organ. Harrison brought Preston back to the studio, where his keen musicianship and gregarious personality temporarily calmed the tension.

"Outa-Space" also won the Grammy for Best Pop Instrumental Performance of 1972. In the 90's Intel Corporation used the song to promote their MMX-enabled Pentium processors.

2.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 1
(Chick Corea)
Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy: Polydor Records 2310 283
Chelsea MA
Chick Corea: keys, percussion
Stan Clarke: bass
Bill Connors: guitars
Lenny White: drums
Produced by Chick Corea, 1973
Recorded at The Record Plant by Shelly Yakus
Mastered at The Master Cutting Room by Tom Robstenek

Armando Anthony "Chick" Corea b. June 12, 1941 Chelsea Mass / d. February 9, 2021 (79) Tampa Bay, FL

Corea was nominated for sixty-three Grammy Awards, out of which he has won 22. His latest: 2015 for Best Jazz Instrumental Album “Trilogy”, (with Christian McBride, Brian Blade). He fell on hard times his last few years and finally succumbed to his ailments.

3.   The Astroids: Shhhhhh Blast Off
(John Everett / Alan Reid)
45 rpm - Rodeo Records RD 182
Saint John NB
Bob Seely:  pianist
Mel Clark:  guitar, lead vocal
Alan Reid: bass guitar,
Jon Everett aka Dov Ivry: drums
Produced 1958
Recorded at Rodeo Records Studios, Halifax

The group that made the first rock 'n' roll record in Atlantic Canada. On April 23 of that year (1958) the four Asteroids set out from their homes in Saint John, New Brunswick, for what was then a seven-hour trip to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to make the first rock 'n' roll record in that part of the world. The Asteroids were formed in 1957 by Mel Clark, Jon Everett (Dov Ivry) and Alan Reid. They were 16 years old. When the  Sputnik went up not long after, they sat down and wrote their first song, Satellite. Blast off was the first Rodeo Records, basically a C&W label, release of rock n roll. The Studio only had 2 mics and they cut two 45s. Hi tech! Bob Seely died in 2015.

4.   Stompin’ Tom Connors: Moon-Man Newfie
(TC Connors)
Love & Laughter: Boot Records - BOS 7107
Halton Hills, ON
Tom Connors - guitar, foot, vocals
Randy McDonald - bass
Bill Lewis - lead guitar
Glen Reid banjo, rhythm guitar
John Devlin guitar, harmonica
Al Cherny - fiddle
Produced by Dr. Tom Connors, 1971
Recorded at RCA Studio, Toronto by Cub Richardson

When I mother-in-law was in hospital in England during her last days, she asked my wife and I to sing her this song. She loved the imagery.

5.   Hank McDonald: Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship
(Johnny Masters)
One More Ride: Arc Records - 509
Mulgrave NS
Hank McDonald: vocal, guitar
Produced circa 1960
Originally recorded by Hank Snow in 1953 RCA Victor 20-5155

George MacDonald b. March 12, 1926, in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia / d. October 11, 2016 (90) Antigonish, NS

As a child, Hank performed with his musical family at amateur shows in and around the Mulgrave area. It wasn’t long until he was picking and singing, especially the songs of another Nova Scotia native, Hank Snow.

Hank was a popular performer not only singing Hank Snow’s songs but also his own songs. After recording an album of railroad classics called ‘One More Ride’ for the Arc Records label in 1960, he decided to move to Ontario. He was featured on CKCR radio in Kitchener, Ontario, toured with Kidd Baker and eventually joined the cast of the CKNX Barn Dance in Wingham, Ontario. On May 25, 2002, Hank was given the Pioneer Award by the Barn Dance Historical Society and Entertainment Museum.

In 2008 Hank was inducted into the Nova Scotia Country Music Hall of Fame. He lived in British Columbia for a number of years. and eventually returned to Nova Scotia, settling in Auld’s Cove.

6.   Gord Downie & The Sadies: Crater
(Gord Downie / Sadies)
A & C Records  A&C090
Kingston ON / Toronto Area
Mike Belitsky: drums
Sean Dean: bass
Travis Good: vocal, guitar, mandolin
Dallas Good: guitar, keys
Gord Downie: vocals
Produced by Gord Downie & The Sadies  2014
Recorded by Ken Friesen at The Bath House, Bath ON
Mixed by Bob Rock at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver BC
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound, NYC

I just love this album and it’s on vinyl. I’ll say no more.

7.   Goddo: Shooting Stars
(Greg Godovitz)
Pretty Bad Boys: Attic Records LAT 1120
Scarborough (Toronto) ON
Greg Godovitz: bass, lead vocal
Doug Inglis: drums, vocal
Gino Scarpelli: guitars, vocals
George Semkiw: piano
Produced by Thomas Morley-Turner and Bob Segarini, 1981
Recorded by Brian Mitchell, Bob Cobban and Dave Rose at Studio 306, Toronto
Mixed at Amber Studio, Toronto by George Semkiw, Ed Stone and Paul Bonish

Having been a member of successful Canadian band Fludd, Greg Godovitz decided that it was time to form his own band Goddo in 1975. He used Gino Scarpelli from Brutus and Doug Inglis. This was their best received album but due to financial difficulties, Attic Records dropped them.

8.   Return To Forever: Space Circus Pt 2
(Chick Corea)
Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy: Polydor Records 2310 283
Chelsea MA
Chick Corea: keys, percussion
Stan Clarke: bass
Bill Connors: guitars
Lenny White: drums
Produced by Chick Corea 1973
Recorded at The Record Plant by Shelly Yakus
Mastered at The Master Cutting Room by Tom Robstenek

9.   Voivod: Astronomy Domine
(Syd Barrett)
Nothingface:  MCA Records ‎– MCAC-6326
Jonquière, Quebec
Snake (Denis Bélanger): vocals
Piggy (Denis D'Amour): guitar, assistant engineer
Blacky (Jean-Yves Thériault): bass guitar, assistant engineer
Away (Michel Langevin): drums, artwork
Produced by Glen Robinson, 1989
Recorded at Victor Studio, Montreal Nov 11-17, 1985

Voivod have released fourteen studio albums since their inception in Northern Québec in 1982.  The band found mainstream success in the late 1980s with their fifth studio album Nothingface. It’s Voivod's only album to enter the Billboard charts, peaking at number 114. Their latest album,  The Wake, released in 2018 won a Juno Award for Heavy Metal Album of the Year.

10. T-Rex: Spaceball Ricochet
(Marc Bolan)
The Slider: Reprise Records MS 2059
London UK
Marc Bolan: vocals, guitar
Steve Currie: bass guitar
Mickey Finn: percussion, vocals
Bill Legend: drums
Mark Volman ("Flo"): background vocals
Howard Kaylan ("Eddie"): background vocals
Tony Visconti: string arrangements
Produced by Tony Visconti
Sleeve Photo by Ringo Starr
Recorded by Dominque Blanc Francard and Freddy Hansson at Rosenberg Studios, Copenhagen; Chateau d’Herouville, Paris; Electra Sound Recorders, Hollywood
Released July 21, 1972

Originally known as Tyrannosaurus Rex, they released their first four albums under that name before shortening it to T Rex in 1970. So Spaceball Ricochet comes from the third album under the new name or 7th over all. I know: it’s confusing. The band ended on the evening of Sept 15, 1977 when, after a drinking session at a pub, Gloria Jones crashed their car into a tree, killing Bolan instantly.

11. Jackson Hawke: Falling In Space
(Tim Ryan / Bob Yoemans)
Jackson Hawke: Columbia PES 90417
Sault Ste Marie ON
Tim Ryan, guitar
Bob Yoemans, guitars, keys
Gene Falbo, bass
Gary Hyolt, guitars
Larrie Londin, drums
John Lissauer, piano, flute
Dwayne Ford, organ
Don Lorusso, guitar        
Produced by Bob Gallo, 1977
Recorded by Rick Capreol & John Naslen
Mixed by Andy Hermant & Hayward Parrott

Jackson Hawke was co-founded in 1974 by Tim Ryan and Bob Yeomans. The two had originally begun working together as professional musicians in 1963 and had earlier been managed by noted Canadian manager, promoter and record producer Bernie Finkelstein.

This is a band that was based in Toronto but were mostly from the Sault Ste. Marie area of Northern Ontario. To me they sounded a lot like Procol Harum. Great lead vocals by several of their players. They released two albums of good quality songs in 1976 and 77.

12. Sugarloaf: Spaceship Earth
(Robert Yeazel)
Spaceship Earth: Liberty Records LST 11010
Denver CO
Bob Raymond: bass
Robert Yeazel: guitar, vocal
Jerry Corbetta: keys
Bob MacVittie: drums
Bob Webber: guitar
Produced by JC Phillips, 1971
Recorded by Paul Buff

Really only known for their song ‘Green Eyed Lady’, these guys were a really good band who released four decent albums. This is from their second one, named after the song you just heard them do.

13. Dave Hadfield: Space Station Blues
(Dave Hadfield)
Climbing Away: no label or serial
Barrie On
Dave Hadfield: DADGAD rhythm guitar, vocal
Stuart Steinhart: bass
Ian Ross: lead guitar
Produced by Dave Hadfield, 2018
Recorded & Mastered at Cutting Edge Studios, Barry by Gary Long

Chris Hadfield circled around the planet on the International Space Station which most likely inspired his brother, Dave – a pilot for Air Canada – to write and record this song from his CD called Climbin’ Away. Dave is a well known singer/songwriter now, but he used to compose and sing songs with his brother Dave – and still does. Chris was the first human to record an album in space, an LP called Space Sessions which was released on vinyl. 

14. Bobby Wiseman: What The Astronaut Noticed And The Suggested
(B Wiseman)
Test Pressing No. 5 of Presented By Lake Michigan Soda : WEA ?Records 75782
Guitar, Mandolin, Accordion, Piano, Organ – Bob Wiseman
Drums, Vocals – Andy Stochansky
Produced by Bob Wiseman, 1991

Great pulsating rhythms on this song by ex-Blue Rodeo keyboardist, Bobby Wiseman. I’ve loved this song for a long time but don’t really know what it has to do with Astronauts or space.

15. Joe Walsh: Space Age Whiz Kids
(Joe Walsh / Joe Vitale)
You Bought It - You Name It: Warner Bros Records 92 38841
Cleveland OH
Joe Walsh: guitar, vocal
Joe Vitale: drums
George Perry: bass
Waddy Wachtel: guitar, synth guitar
Kevin Dukes: guitar
Produced by Bill Szymczyk, 1983
Recorded by Jim Nipar at Santa Barbara Sound
Mastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling Sound NYC

From Walsh’s 6th solo album with Joe Vitale.
The lyrics are a personal commentary, critical of then-modern American culture against Walsh's older pinball and pool generation. The lyrics also reflect a satirical view on this, with lines such as: "I feel a little bit mixed up, maybe I'm obsolete".

16. Joe Walsh: Rockets
(Joe Walsh)
45 Single: Asylum Records E 47144
Wichita KS
Joe Walsh: guitars, vocals
Joe Vitale: drums, ARP Synth
Kenny Passerelli: bass
Rocke Grace: piano
Produced by Joe Walsh, 1981

Joe Walsh:

1965–1967: The Measles
1968–1971: James Gang
1971–1973: Barnstorm
1975–1980: Eagles
1981: Walsh and Joe Vitale (Barnstorm) backed John Entwistle's on his solo album Too Late the Hero
He currently plays in Ringo Starr’s big band.

17. Painter: Space Truck
(Doran Beattie / Danny Lowe / Wayne Morice)
Painter: Elektra Records EKS 75071
Edmonton AB
Dan Lowe (guitar)
Doran ‘Dorn’ Beattie (vocals)
Bob ‘Herb’ Ego
Royden ‘Wayne’ Morice (bass)
Barry Allen (vocals, Rhythm guitar)
Produced by Dan Lowe, 1973
Recorded by Jim Gaines at Kaye-Smith Studios, Seattle WA

Featuring the late Barry Allen Edmonton who passed away April 4, 2020 (aged 74). 

Side B

1.   The Who: Call Me Lightning
(Pete Townsend)
45 single bw Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde: Decca Records 32288
London UK
Pete Townsend: guitar, vocal
Roger Daltry: lead vocal
Keith Moon: drums
John Entwhistle: bass
Produced by Kit Lambert, 1968
Released March 16, 1968
Recorded at Decca Studios, London and Gold Star, Los Angeles

The song was first demoed in 1964 and sat around for four years before it was recorded.

2.   The Beatles: I’ll Cry Instead
(Lennon / McCartney)
Something New: Capitol Record Canada T 2108
John Lennon: double-tracked vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar
Paul McCartney: bass
George Harrison: lead guitar
Ringo Starr: drums, tambourine
Produced by George Martin, 1964

Originally intended for the A Hard Day’s Night soundtrack, ‘I’ll Cry Instead’ was replaced with ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ at the request of director Richard Lester. It was restored for an opening collage sequence during the film’s 1986 VHS reissue.

John Lennon stated: “I wrote that for A Hard Day’s Night, but Dick Lester didn’t even want it. He resurrected ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ for that sequence instead. I like the middle eight to that song, though – that’s about all I can say about it.”

Lennon’s wife Cynthia later described such songs as reflecting “the frustration he felt at that time. He was the idol of millions, but the freedom and fun of the early days had gone.”

‘I’ll Cry Instead’ was recorded on 1 June 1964. During the same afternoon session The Beatles also recorded ‘Matchbox’ and ‘Slow Down’.

3.   Paul James Band: Shake Your Money Maker
(Elmore James)
Paul James Band: OPM Distribution PJ-1
Toronto ON
Paul James: guitars, lead vocal
Gary Gray: keys, bg vocal
Brian Kipping: bass, bg vocal
Adrian Vecchiola: drums
Produced by Paul James, 1987
Recorded by Doug McClement and Corby Luke at Comfort Sound, Toronto
Mastered by Peter Norman at McClear Place

4.   Ahmad Jamal: Billy Boy
Poinciana: Argo Records – LP-719
Pittsburgh PA
Bass: Israel Crosby
Drums: Vernell Fournier
Piano: Ahmad Jamal
Produced by John Hammond Sr, 1963
Recorded by Malcolm Chisholm
Recorded live at the Pershing Lounge, Chicago, Illinois, January 16, 1958

Ahmad Jamal b. as Frederick Russell Jones, 2 July 1930 in Pittsburgh PA (currently 90)

Converted to Islam when in his 20s, and changed his name to Ahmad Jamal in 1950.

2003: American Jazz Hall of Fame, New Jersey Jazz Society
2007: Living Jazz Legend, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
2007: Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, French government
2011: Down Beat Hall of Fame, 76th Readers Poll
2015: Honorary Doctorate of Music, The New England Conservatory
2017: Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, The Recording Academy

5.   Bob Dylan: Mr Tambourine Man
(Bob Dylan)
Bringing It All Back Home: Columbia Records CL 2328
Duluth MN
Bob Dylan: vocal, guitar, harmonica
Bruce Langhorne: electric guitar
Produced by Tom Wilson 1965
Recorded at Columbia Studio A & Studio B, NYC

"Mr. Tambourine Man" was written and composed by Dylan in early 1964 after attending Mardi Gras in New Orleans. The Byrds recorded their version of it in April 1965 (the only song by The Byrds that featured The Wrecking Crew musicians instead of The Byrds playing, with the exception of Roger (Jim) McGuinn on guitar).

In August 1964, the band's manager Jim Dickson acquired an acetate disc of
"Mr. Tambourine Man" from Dylan's publisher, featuring a performance by Dylan and Ramblin' Jack Elliott. To further bolster the group's confidence in the song, Dickson invited Dylan to hear The Byrd’s rendition. Dylan was impressed, enthusiastically commenting, "Wow, you can dance to that!” That was when he decided to go electric a year later.

This song has been performed and recorded by many artists, including: Judy Collins, Odetta, Melanie, and William Shatner.

6.   Great Western Orchestra: Cowgirl’s Lullaby 
(Cindy Church)
GWO: Centerfire Records - BFZ 80137
Turner Valley, AB
Cindy Church: vocal
Nathan Tinkham: guitars, vocal
David Wilkie: mandolin, tenor guitar, vocal
John Hyde: bass
Thom Moon: drums
Stewart MacDougall: keys
Produced by The GWO, 1989
Recorded by Richard Harrow at Living Room Studios, Calgary

Cindy Church b. Bible Hill, Nova Scotia

Cindy Church first came to prominence as a back up singer for Ian Tyson as a member of the Chinook Arch Raiders. Other members of the band formed The Great Western Orchestra with her. The group recorded an album for Sony Music Canada and received a 1990 Juno Award nomination for Best Country Group or Duo. Church won Female Artist of the Year at the 1993 Alberta Country Music Awards.[6] That same year, she joined singer-songwriters Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford and Colleen Peterson to form the country and folk music group Quartette. She is also a member of the group Lunch at Allen's and performs in a tribute to Hoagy Carmichael, "The Nearness of You."

This was Cindy Church’s first recorded composition.

7.   John Prine: Illegal Smile
(John Prine)
John Prine: Atlantic Records SD 8296
Maywood, Illinois
John Prine: guitar, vocals
Reggie Young: lead guitar
Leo LeBlanc: pedal steel
John Christopher: guitar
Bobby Emmons: organ
Bobby Wood, piano
Mike Leach: bass
Gene Chrisman: drums
Bishop Heywood: percussion
Steve Goodman: guitar, harmony vocals
Dave Prine: fiddle
Neil Rosengarden: bass
Produced by Arif Mardin, 1971
Recorded by Dale Smith at American Recording Studios, Memphis Recorded at A&R Studios, NYC

Judge Julius Hoffman was infamous as the judge who sentenced Lenny Bruce of obscenity charges. He is best known as the judge who presided over the trial of the Chicago 7. All seven were found by a jury to be not guilty of conspiracy, but five of the defendants were found guilty of inciting a riot, and Hoffman sentenced each of the five to the maximum penalty: five years in prison and a fine of $5,000, plus court costs. In addition, Hoffman sentenced all eight defendants and both of their lawyers (William Kunstler and Leonard Weinglass) to lengthy jail terms for contempt of court.

So John Prine goes and outs in one of the sweetest ‘I love marijuana’ songs of the day: Illegal Smile.

8.   Tito Puente Orchestra: Arinanara
Rumbas: RCA Victor – LPM 1069
New York City
Tito Puente Orchestra
Produced by RCA Victor, 1955
Cover dance steps by The Astaire Dance Studios

Ernesto Antonio "Tito" Puente (April 20, 1923 – June 1, 2000)

Puerto Rican parents living in NYC. As a child, he was described as hyperactive, and after neighbors complained of hearing seven-year-old Puente beating on pots andwindow frames. Deeply influenced by the jazz drummer Gene Krupa. During the 1950s, Puente was at the height of his popularity. In 1979, Puente won the first of five Grammy Awards.
After a show in Puerto Rico on May 31, he suffered a massive heart attack and was flown to
New York City for surgery to repair a heart valve, but complications developed and he died during the night of May 31 – June 1, 2000. He was posthumously awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003

9.   Section 15 Orchestra: The Ballad of Tom Henke
(Butler / Keen / Shurman)
45 single bw The Tom Henke Rag: 3and2 Records EIP-3and2
Toronto ON
Roy Kenner: lead vocal
Michael Francis: acoustic guitar
Bob Disalle: drums
Peter Cardinali: bass
Ron Dann: steel
Dennis LePage: banjo
Mark Hukezalie: keys
Lenny Solomon: fiddle
Robert Armes, Mark Hukezalie, Roy Kenner: bg vocals
Produced by Section 15, 1985
Recorded by Mike Jones and Angelo Civiero
Mastered at Maclear Place, Toronto with the Forkball Digitalis Exciter

Everybody’s getting excited about the Toronto Blue Jays but: “If only they had a closer!” Like they had in Tom Henke, The Terminator. This song’s a talking blues with chorus, sung by Toronto heavy-weight singer Roy Kenner (Mandala, Bush, James Gang).

10. B.B. Gabor: All The Time
(B.B. Gabor / Ray Scott)
BB Gabor: Anthem Records ANR-1-1020
Toronto ON
BB Gabor: guitar, vocals
Peter Follett: bass
Terry Brown: tambourine
Mike Sloski: drums
Produced by Terry Brown & BB Gabor, 1980
Recorded at Beach Recorders, Toronto by Terry Brown
Mixed at Soundstage

Gabor Hegedus (b. Hungary 1948 / d. Toronto 17 January 1990)

Fled with his parents to England in 1956 at the time of the Hungarian Revolution and moved to Toronto 1971

11. The Fabulous Thunderbirds: She’s Tuff
(Jerry McCain)
The Fabulous Thunderbirds: Chrysalis Records – CHM 41250
Austin TX
Jimmy Vaughan: guitar
Kim Wilson: vocals, harmonica
Keith Ferguson: bass
Mike Buck: drums
Produced by Denny Bruce, 1979
Recorded by Rob Sullivan at Sumet-Bernet Sound, Dallas

12. Bob Robinson & Dark Angel Blues Band: Matchbox Blues
(Carl Perkins)
Demo Tape
Toronto ON
Bob Robinson: vocals
Paul Corbett: guitar
Moose Moszynski: guitar, harp
Kevin Cooke: bass
John Moszynski: drums
Ed Zankowski: tenor, alto sax
Stu Elliot: baritone sax
Dopug Balfour: keys, accordion
Produced by Peter Hudson and Kevin Cooke, 1989
Recorded at Friendly Pirate Studios, Spring 1989

My friend Paul Lyon turned me on to these guys. He knew Moose Moszynski who sent this tape to me.

13. Bob White & Clyde Brewer & The Red River Road Boys: WoodchoppersBall
(Bishop / Herman)
The Twin Fiddles: Boot Records – BOS 7142
Houston TX
Bob White: fiddle
Clyde Brewer: fiddle
Troy Passmore: guitar
Tommy Houser: drums
Dick Allen: bass
Produced for Boot Records, 1974

Originally recorded on Stoneway Records and leased in Canada to Boot.

14. Pink Floyd: Lucifer Sam
(Syd Barrett)
Piper At The Gates Of Dawn: Capitol Canada / EMI - mono  T 6242
London / Cambridge UK
Syd Barrett: guitar, vocals
Roger Waters: bass
Nick Mason: drums
Rick Wright: keys
Produced by Norman Smith, 1967
Recorded at Abby Road Studio 3 by Peter Brown

15. Fleetwood Mac: Only You
(Danny Kirwin)
Live In Boston: Shanghai Records
London UK
Danny Kirwin: guitar, vocal
Peter Green: guitar
Mick Fleetwood: drums
John McVie: bass
Jeremy Spencer: guitar
Produced by Fleetwood Mac, 1985
Recorded live at The Boston Tea Party, 1970
Original mixes by Vic Maile, Andy Rose & Nick Reynolds

So many amazingly great songs were recorded and later released by Fleetwood Mac from their early days with the late guitarists, Peter Green and Danny Kirwin.

16. Manteca: Saturna
(Henry Heilig / Aaron Davis)
Manteca: Ready Records LR 017
Toronto ON
Henry Heilig: bass
Matt Zimbel: congas, percussion
Aaron Davis: keys
Earl Leader: timbales, percussion
Mike Sloski: drums
John Johnson: saxes
Kirk MacDonald: saxes
Herb Koffman: trumpet, flugelhorn
Wayne Baker: trumpet, flugelhorn
Produced by Chad Irschick, 1982
Recorded at Inception Sound Studios, Toronto by Chad Irschick & Danny Greenspoon
Mastered by Peter Norman at McClear Place, Toronto

Formed by percussionist Matt Zimbel and bassist Henry Heillig in 1979. received a Juno award in 1989 for Instrumental Artist of the Year. Have recorded 11 albums

17. Every Mothers Son: Come And Take A Ride In My Boat
(Wes Ferrel / Jerry Goldstein)
Every Mothers Son: MGM Records E 4471
New York City
Bruce J Milner: keys
Dennis Larden: lead guitar
Larry Larden: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Christopher Augustine: drums
Schuyler Larsen: bass
Produced by Wes Farrell, 1967
Recorded by Bruce Staple at Allegro Sound Studios, NYC

Considered to be a “Sunshine” group,  MGM Records signed Every Mothers Son as a clean-cut alternative to the 1960s counterculture. Songwriter Wes Ferral was impressed with them; he had composed songs such as "Hang on Sloopy", "Boys" (covered by The Beatles), and "Come a Little Bit Closer" and wanted them to do something with Come On Down To My Boat. (The song was originally recorded by a band called “The Rare Breed” who would shortly change their name to Ohio Express, one of the truly horrible bubble gum groups of the time, under the title "Come and Take a Ride in My Boat".) The EMS recording of the song was their only real ‘hit’; they broke up in 1968.

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