33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 9, 2021
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Fire Outside
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Side A

1.   Prairie Oyster: Different Kind Of Fire – 1990 *
2.   Soft Machine: Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging – 1969
3.   John White w Ray Walsh Band – The Teapot’s At The Fire – 1966 *
4.   Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire – 1963
5.   Steely Dan: Fire In The Hole – 1972
6.   Flatt & Scruggs: Foggy Mountain Breakdown – 1977
7.   Jimi Hendrix: Fire – 1967
8.   Otis Spann: Burning Fire – 1966
9.   David Wilcox: Fire In My Bones – 1987 *
10. Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Fire – 1968
11. Carignan, Verret & Losier: Medley Viellee des veillees – 1976 *
12. David Sereda: Playing With Fire – 1985 *
13. Miss Emily: Fire, Fire, Fire  - 2017
14. Crowbar: Mountain Fire – 1971 *
15. Randy Cloak & Dagger: Fire On Main Street – 1981 *
16. Big Country: Fields of Fire – 1983
17. Lenny Breau: Toronto – 1979 *
18. The Byrds: This Wheel’s On Fire – 1969

Side B

1.   Barry Nesbitt & The Highlanders: The Hiking Song – 1962 *
2.   Daisy DeBolt: Take Me On the Road – 2003 *
3.   Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody: The Trail of the Lonesome Pine – 1954 *
4.   Ronnie Hawkins: Home From The Forest – 1967 *
5.   Walter Davis: Move Back To The Woods – 1986
6.   OJNAB: La marche au camp – 1995 *
7.   Fra lippo Lippi: Even Tall Trees Bend – 1986
8.   Portage & Main: Good Morning Sunshine – 2013 *
9.   The Wee Beasties: Something To Do With The Weather – 1967 *
10.   Gerry Rafferty: Big Change In the Weather – 1978
11. Harry Horlick Orch: Tales From the Vienna Woods –  1958
12. Muddy York: How We Got Up to The Woods Last Year – 1984 *
13. Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Doot Song (Bush in Buctouche) – 2008 *
14. The Stonemen: In The Evening – 1967 *
15. Fraser & Hughes: A Walk Through The Black Forest – 1965 *
16. King Crimson: Sailor’s Tale – 1972
17. Roy Rogers: Happy Trails – 1975

CanCon = 57%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A

1.   Prairie Oyster: Different Kind Of Fire
(Joan Besen)
Different Kind Of Fire: RCA 2049-1-R
Russell deCarle: lead vocals, bass
Keith Glass: guitars
Joan Besen: keys
Denis Delorme: pedal steel
John P Allen: fiddle, mandolin, guitar
Bruce Moffet: drums
Produced by Steve Berlin, 1990
Recorded by Bob Doidge at Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton
Mixed by Steve Marcantonio
Mastered by Stepihen Marcussen at Precision Lacquer, Hollywood

Joan Besen  served seven years as a member of Sylvia Tyson's band before becoming a member of Prairie Oyster in 1982. She has most recently performed with David Celia. Prairie Oyster was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame (2008) and were a recipient of the SOCAN Lifetime Achievement Award (2011).

2.   Soft Machine: Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging
(M. Ratledge)
Volume 2: ABC Records – CPLP 4505 S
Hugh Hopper: Bass, Guitar [Acoustic]
Robert Wyatt: Drums, Voice
Brian Hopper: Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Mike Ratledge: Organ [Lowry, Hamond], Flute, Piano, Harpsichord
Produced by Soft Machine, 1969
Recorded by George Chkhantz at Olympic Studios, London.

Soft Machine were up there with Pink Floyd as one of London’s best underground bands in 1966-7. I got to see them open up for Jimi Hendrix Experience at the CNE Coliseum on Saturday February 24, 1968 in Toronto. The opening band was The Paupers.

3.   John White w Ray Walsh Band: The Teapot’s At The Fire
Voice of Newfoundland: International Artists Records IA-3014
St. John’s NL
John White: vocal
Bill Allen: guitar
Reg Foley: bass
Ray Walsh: accordion
Produced 1966

John Joseph White b.  February 3, 1930 on Flower Hill in St. John’s NL / d. May 31, 1998 St. John’s NL (68)

Was the oldest of 17 children. In 1958 John received his first big break; a meeting with Joe Butler Sr. at VOCM studios on McBride’s Hill in St. John’s landed him on a weekly broadcast show titled ‘Shillelagh Showtime’ featuring Wilf Doyle And His Orchestra. In 1960, John moved to ‘Saturday Night Jamboree’ where he performed regularly for ten years

4.   Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire
(June Carter)
45single bw I’d Still Be There: Columbia Records ¬ 4-42788
Hendersonville TN
Johnny Cash - lead vocals & guitar
Marshall Grant - bass
Luther Perkins - electric guitar
Produced by Don Law & Frank Jones , 1963

Johnny Cash b. February 26, 1932 / d.¬ September 12, 2003

5.   Steely Dan: Fire In The Hole
(Donald Fagen / Walter Becker)
Can’t Buy A Thrill:  MCA Records 37040
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Walter Becker: bass, vocal
Jeff Baxter: guitar, steel, spanish
Denny Dias: guitar, Danelectra sitar
Donald Fagen: keys, vocal
Jim Hodder: drums, vocal
David Palmer: vocal
Elliott Randall: guitar
Victor Feldman: percussion
Jerome Richardson: tenor sax
Snooky Young: flugel horn

Produced by Gary Katz 1972
Recorded by Roger Nichols and Tim Weston at The Village Recorder, LA

Steely Dan, based originally in California, lasted a decade 1971-81 afterwhich Becker and his family moved to Maui where he ceased using drugs and became an avocado rancher. The band was re-formed in 1993 and were still playing gigs in 2017. Their first studio album after the reformation of the band, “Two Against Nature”, was released in 2000. The album won four Grammy Awards, including Album of the Year. In 2001 the duo was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and also received Honorary Doctor of Music degrees from Berklee College of Music

6.   Flatt & Scruggs and The Foggy Mountain Boys: Foggy Mountain Breakdown
(Earl Scruggs)
The World Of Flatt And Scruggs: Columbia Records KG31964
Nashville TN
Earl Scruggs: banjo
Lester Flatt: guitar
Benny Sims: fiddle
Curly Seckler: mandolin
Howard Watts: bass
Compilation Produced, 1977

Lester Raymond Flatt b. June 19, 1914 Sparta, TN / d. May 11, 1979 (64) Nashville

Earl Eugene Scruggs b. January 6, 1924 Cleveland County, North Carolina / d. March 28, 2012 (88) Nashville

Were among the best bluegrass bands and were asked to record “The Ballad of Jed Clampett”, the theme song for the Beverly Hillbilllies TV Show in 1962. Because of this they got to appear on several episodes of the program. Not until the 1972 release of the movie “Deliverance” would bluegrass music be in vogue again.

7.   Jimi Hendrix: Fire
(Jimi Hendrix)
Are You Experienced: Reprise Records 6261
Seattle WA / London UK
Jimi Hendrix: guitar, vocals
Mitch Mitchell: drums
Noel Redding: bass
Produced by Chas Chandler, 1967

Johnny Allen Hendrix b. Seattle WA Nov 27,1942 / d. Sept 18, 1970 (27)  London UK

8.   Otis Spann: Burning Fire
(Otis Spann)
Chicago / The Blues / Today! Vol. 1: Vanguard VRS 9216
Chicago IL
Otis Spann, piano, vocal
SP Leary, drums
Produced by Samuel Charters, 1966

Otis Spann b. Belzoni Miss. Mar 21, 1924 / d. Chicago April 24, 1970 (46)

Spann grew up in a household of music: his father played piano, his mother the guitar. At 14 he was already playing the juke joints in the Jackson area and moved to Chicago in 1946. A few years later he was recruited to play in Muddy Waters’ band. He was also used by Chess Records as a session guy playing on BB King, Chuck Berry and Robert Lockwood Jr. records. He played with Muddy’s band until 1968 when he was stricken with cancer which finally took him in 1970. He’s been called “the greatest modern blues pianist and was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1980.

9.   David Wilcox: Fire In My Bones
(David Wilcox / Sadia)
Breakfast At The Circus: Capitol Records of Canada CLT-48551
Toronto ON
David Wilcox: guitar, vocal
Steve Webster, David Rose: bass
Rob Yale: keys, programming
Trevor Morais: drums
David Rose: BG Vocal
Produced by Sadia, 1987
Recorded by Lenny De Rose at Phase One Recording Studios, Toronto
Mixed by Stephen KW Taylor at The Farmyard Studio, Little Chalfont Bucks, UK
Mastered at The Townhouse, London UK
Jim Tiny Stevenson: Road Manager

10. Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Fire
(Arthur Brown / Vincent Crane)
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown: Polydor 543.008
Whitby UK
Arthur Brown: vocal
Vincent Crane: Hammond organ and piano
John Marshall:: drums
Nick Greenwood: bass
Produced by Kit Lambert & Pete Townsend, 1968

Arthur Wilton Brown b. Whitby UK 24 June 1942

11. Carignan, Verret et Losier: Bony Kate (pot pourri)
Veillée des veillées: Service D’animation Socio-Culturelle UQAM
Quebec City
Jean Carignan: violin
Yves Verret: accordion
Gilles Losier: piano
Produced by Jean Luc Moisan, 1976
Recorded by André Gladu

This is a fabulous double album featuring some amazing Quebecois folk stars of the latter 1970s. This track includes the man Isaac Stern called a musical genius, Montreal cab driver Ti-Jean Carignan who started recording back in the early 1930s as a member of George Wade’s Cornhuskers. It also features Yves Verret from an amazing musical family as well as the Beethoven of Quebec, Gilles Losier who played piano and double bass for Carignan and now lives around Bathurst NB. 

12. David Sereda: Playing With Fire
(David Sereda)
The Price of Love: Gryphon Records GR5011
Edmonton AB / Port Dalhousie ON
David Sereda: keys, vocals
Randall Coryell: drums
Evelyne Datl: keys
Robert Paterson: keys
Topo: guitar
Neil Chapman: guitar
Margo Davidson: sax, congas
Rick Lazar: percussion
Julie Masi, Margo Davidson, Shirley Eikhard, Victor Bateman, Randy Kumano: bg vocals
Produced by Mark Wright, 1985
Recorded by Mark Wright and Bill Kennedy at Enormus Sound Studios, Toronto Sept-Dec 1985

David Sereda b. Edmonton AB 1957

Currently living up in Grey County, Ontario

13. Miss Emily: Fire, Fire, Fire
(Emily Fennell)
In Between: Featuring Gord Sinclair & Rob Baker: indie
Kingston ON
Miss Emily: vocal
Gord Sinclair: bass
Rob Baker: guitar
Rob Radford: drums
Kelly Prescott: bg vocals
Produced by Gord Sinclair, 2017

Emily Fennell b. Picton ON circa 1982

Miss Emily aka Emily Fennell, started performing in Prince Edward County in Suzanne Pasternak’s folk opera, Minerva. The 12 year old singer played to role of the youngster, Minerva, and eventually grew into the role of adult Minerva. Her voice was powerful, even then! It was always her aim to be a musician and this lead her into the blues. Her latest album (which she says she hopes to release on vinyl one day) was co-written and produced by two members of Tragically Hip.

14. Crowbar: Mountain Fire
(Roly Greenway)
Bad Manors: Paramount Records PAS 6007
Ancaster ON
Roly Greenway: bass, vocals
Sonnie Bernardi: drums
Kelly Jay: piano, vocals
Rheal Lanthier: lead guitar, vocals
The Ghetto: lead guitar, slide guitar, vocals
Jozef Chirowski: piano, organ, vocals
Steve Kennedy: horns
Produced by Love, 1971
Recorded Terry Brown at Toronto Sounds Studios

Roly  (Roland Harold) Greenway b. Guelph ON 1942 / d. Dec 22, 2020 Guelph ON (78)

Roly Greenway was inducted into the Canadian Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame for having co-written a Canadian anthem with fellow Crowbar band member, Kelly Jay. It was called ‘Oh What A Feeling’. He was a fine bass player who continued performing until just recently. Kelly Jay died in 2019.

Greenway started playing guitar in 1958 and later backed up  Zsa Zsa Gabor and Liberace. Because he was such a strong bass player, he was conscripted into the service of Ronnie Hawkins in the latter ‘60s.  When Hawkins fired the band in 1969, he claimed that “these boys could fuck up a crowbar in 15 seconds. It probably took them 15 seconds to realize that Crowbar would be their new name.

15. Randy Cloak & Dagger: Fire On Main Street
(Randy Cloak)
Saskatchewan Seeds: CHAB 800
Moose Jaw, SK
Rick Doyle: guitars
Ivan Boudrea: bass
Len Sembaluk: drums
Randy Cloak: guitar, vocal
Kate Clark: vocal
Produced by Randy Cloak, 1981
Recorded by Rick Knight at Studio West

16. Big Country: Fields of Fire
(Big Country)
The Crossing: Vertigo Records VOG1-3325
Dunfermline SL
Stuart Adamson – vocals, guitar, piano, e-bow
Bruce Watson – guitar, mandolin, sitar, vocals, e-bow
Tony Butler – bass, vocals
Mark Brzezicki – drums, percussion, vocals
Produced by Steve Lilliwhite, 1983
Recorded at The Manor, Oxfordshire and RAK Studios, London

First album by Scottish Celtic rockers, it went on to be certified platinum in the UK and Canada. Adamson had a lot of problems. In December 2001 he went missing. After the band appealed to the public to report his whereabouts, he was found dead in a room at the Best Western Plaza Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii on 16 December. Gone was a huge part of the heart and soul of the band.

17. Lenny Breau: Toronto
(Lenny Breau)
Five O’Clock Bells: Posterity Records – PTL 7002
Auburn MA
Lenny Breau: guitar
Produced by Dan Doyle and Gene Rosenthal 1979
Recorded by Bob Blank at Blank Tapes Recording Studio, NYC
Recorded between Oct 1977 and Jan 1978
Mastered by Jack Adelman at RCA, NYC

Leonard Harold Breau (b. Auburn Maine, Aug 5, 1941 / d. Aug 12, 1984 Los Angeles CA) 43

Originally released on the Adelphi Jazz Line Records and leased to Canada on Posterity Records

18. The Byrds: This Wheel’s On Fire
(Bob Dylan / Rick Danko)
Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde: Columbia Records - CS 9755
Los Angeles CA
Roger McGuinn: guitar, lead vocals
Clarence White: guitar, backing vocals
John York: electric bass, backing vocals
Gene Parsons: drums, harmonica, banjo, backing vocals
Lloyd Green: pedal steel guitar on "Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man"
Produced by Bob Johnston, 1969
Recorded by David Diller, Tom May, Neil Wilburn at Columbia Studios, Nashville, Hollywood

Great versions of this Dylan / Danko song by The Byrds as well as The Band. Originally recorded by Dylan and the Band during their 1967 basement sessions, The Band released their own version of it on their 1968 album, Music from Big Pink. They subsequently re-recorded it live on Rock of Ages. According to Rick Danko: Danko recounted how the song was written: "We would come together every day and work and Dylan would come over. He gave me the typewritten lyrics to 'This Wheel's On Fire'. At that time I was teaching myself to play the piano.... Some music I had written on the piano the day before just seemed to fit with Dylan's lyrics. I worked on the phrasing and the melody. Then Dylan and I wrote the chorus together."

In 1968, a version by Julie Driscoll with Brian Auger and the Trinity became a hit in the UK. The Byrds released their recording of  it on their 1969 album, Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde. In 1987, the song was covered by the British rock band Siouxsie and the Banshees. It has also been recorded by Phil Lesh, Golden Earring, Elvis Costello, the Hollies, Ian and Sylvia,  Leslie West, Serena Ryder, and June Tabor.

Side B – Outdoors

1.   Barry Nesbitt & The Highlanders: The Hiking Song 
Scots Wha' Ha'e: Arc Records - 531
Rouleau SK
Barry Nesbitt: lead vocals
Produced by Ben Weatherby for Arc Records circa 1962

2.   Daisy DeBolt: Take Me On the Road
(DM DeBolt)
Live on Back To The Sugar Camp
Daisy DeBolt: mandolin, lead vocals
George Koller: bass, bg vocal
Michelle Josef: drums
Margaret Stowe: guitar, bg vocals
Produced by Steve Fruitman, January 9, 2003
Live at CIUT

Donna Marie DeBolt b. Winnipeg MB July 19, 1945 / d. Oct 4, 2011 Toronto (66)
3.   Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody: The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
(Ballard MacDonald / Harold Carroll)
Hal Lone Pine & His Mountaineers: RCA Camden – CAL-700
Pea Cove, Maine
Harold Breau: guitar, vocal
Betty Cody (Coté): vocal
Produced circa 1962
Song recorded in 1954 released on RCA

Harold Breau (aka Hal Lone Pine) b. Pea Cove, Maine, June 5, 1916 /  d. Lewiston Maine, March 1977

Rita Francis Coté b. August 17, 1921 Sherbrooke, QC / d. July 1, 2014 (92) Lewiston, Maine

They were the parents of the great guitarist, Lenny Breau. In 1940, Betty Cody married Harold Breau, a musician who performed as Hal Lone Pine. The couple started performing together and she adopted the stage name of Betty Cody. Cody signed a contract with RCA Records in the early 1950s. In 1952 she had her hit in the U.S. country charts with "Tom Tom Yodel". Her 1953 hit single "I Found Out More Than You Ever Knew" reached No. 10 on the Billboard country chart. After splitting from Lone Pine, she gave up her career and worked in a shoe shop in Lewiston, Maine to care for her three young sons.
4.   Ronnie Hawkins: Home From The Forest
(Gordon Lightfoot)
Yorkville Evolution Compilation: Yorkville YVM 33001
Ronnie Hawkins: vocals
Nashville session musicians
Compilation Produced by Brian Ahearn and Bill Gilliland, 1967

Rompin’ Ronnie doing Gord? Not too sure who the musicians were who played behind him. When you think of The Hawk, rock n’ roll, rockabilly, would most likely come to mind but he also had this sensitive side to him, able to deliver country ballads and folksongs equally. On his album The Hawk he delivers songs written by Don Gibson, Willie Dixon, Tim Hardin and Paul Simon.
5.   Walter Davis: Move Back To The Woods
(Walter Davis)
The Bullet Sides… 1949-1952: Krazy Kat Records – KK 7441
Grenada MS
Walter Davis: piano, vocal
Produced by Chris Smith. 1986
Remastered by Charlie Crump
Recorded for Bullet Records

b. March 1, 1912 d. October 22, 1963

Davis quit farming at 13 and went to St. Louis where he lived the rest of his life. Became good friends with Roosevelt Sykes and Henry Townsend and was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 2005 in Memphis.

6.   OJNAB: La Marche au Camp
(Jean-Paul Loyer)
Ojnab le messager: Ojnab Musique - DC 01
Joliette, QC
Jean-Paul Loyer: banjo
Mario Forest: harmonica
Daniel Lemieux: violin
Paul Marchand: guitar
Christopher Layer: pipes, flutes
Produced by Jean-Paul Loyer, 1995
Mastered by Jean-Paul Loyer and Denis Fréchette
Recorded by Denis Fréchette at #4 Rang Studio, Joliette

7.   Fra Lippo Lippi: Even Tall Trees Bend
(R Kristoffersen)
Songs: Virgin Records VL 2375
Nesodden, Norway
Rune Kristoffersen - Bass, keyboards
Per Øystein Sørensen - Vocals, keyboards
Morten Sjøberg - Additional keyboards
Øyvind Kvalnes - Additional keyboards
Henrik Janson - Guitars
Erik Häusler - Saxophone
Åke Sundquist - Percussion
Produced by Kaj Erixon,  David M. Allen, 1986

What does Norwegian new wave music sound like? Check it out here with these guys.

8.   Portage & Main: Good Morning Sunshine
(Harold Donnelly / John Sponarski)
Never Had The Time: Knuckleduster Music 20969 99395
Vancouver BC
Harold Donnelly: guitars, vocals
John Sponarski: guitars, harmonica, vocals
Georges Couling: keys
Ben Appenheimer: bass
Ben Brown: drums
Savanah Wellman: vocals
Matt Kelly: steel
Indiana Avent: fiddle
Malcolm Holt: tambourine

Produced by Georges Couling, 2013
Recorded by Georges Couling at DCM Studios and Knuckleduster Studios, Vancouver
Mastered by Brock McFarlane at CPS Mastering

9.   The Wee Beasties: Something to do With the Weather
(The Wee Beasties)
45 single bw Frustration: Caravan CX 100
Richmond BC
William "The Captain" Hay (vocal)
Bob Rowden (lead guitar)
Barry Rowden (drums)
Ken Wain (organ)
Gary Connor (bass)
Joe Conroy (guitar)
Produced by Earle Ross 1967ish, maybe!

Painted Ship were initially called The Wee Beasties in 1965 but later changed the name to The Painted Ship (not to be confused with The Wee-Beasties punk rock band from Denton, Texas formed in 2000). This raises the point: who came first as according to all the data I’ve been able to collect, Painted Ship recorded first followed by the Beasties. Obviously there’s a mistake out there, somewhere, anywhere.

10. Gerry Rafferty: Big Change In The Weather
(Gerry Rafferty)
45 single bw Baker Street: United Artists Records UP 36346
Paisley, Scotland
Gerry Rafferty: guitar, vocals
Gary Taylor: bass
Glen LeFleur: drums
Tommy Eyre: keys
Raphael Ravenscroft: sax
Brian Cole: steel
Hugh Burns: guitar
Produced by Hugh Murphy & Gerry Rafferty, 1978
Recorded by Harry Hammond at Chipping Norton Studios, UK

Gerald Rafferty b Paisley, Scotland Apr 16, 1947 - d Jan 4, 2011 Stroud UK (63)

11. Harry Horlick & His Orchestra: Tales From The Vienna Woods
(Johann Strauss)
Strauss Waltzes For Dancing: Vocalion Records – VL 3608
New York City
Produced 1958

Harry Horlick b Gila Gorlik; July 20, 1896 Tiflis, Russia / d. July 1970 Cedarhurst, New York

Best known for leading The A&P Gypsies, "the first commercially sponsored musical act on radio". In 1923, Horlick and the A & P Gypsies began broadcasting on WEAF radio in New York. After the Gypsies disbanded, Horlick formed the Harry Horlick Orchestra, which recorded on the Decca label.

12. Muddy York: How We Got Up To The Woods Last Year
Scatter The Ashes - Music of Old Ontario: Boot Records - BOS – 7244
Toronto ON
Anne Lederman: fiddle, vocal, mandolin, piano, footwork
Ian Bell: button accordion, guitar, bass, hammered dulcimer, percussion
Trevor Ferrier: snare drum, tenor drum
Erich Traugott: cornet
Produced by Paul Mills, 1984
Recorded by Chad Irschick at Inception Sound, Toronto
Mixed by Paul Mills and Chad Irschick
Cover by Ian Bell
13. Stompin’ Tom Connors: The Doot Song (Bush in Buctouche)
(T C Connors)
The Ballad of Stompin' Tom: EMI Canada - 5 099924 277921
Halton Hills ON
Stompin' Tom Connors: guitar, vocals
Tim Hadley: bass
Charley Roussy: drums
Billy MacInnis: fiddle, piano, mandolin
Ad Widmeyer: guitar, banjo, mandolin
Chris Whiteley: harmonica
Steve Fruitman: jug
Produced by Dr. Tom C Connors, 2008
Mastered by Ted Carson at MusicLane, Uxbridge ON

14. The Stonemen: In The Evening
(Norbert Wyte)
45 Single: Maritime M45-1006
Moncton NB
Norbet Wyte
Bill McFadden
? LeBlanc
? LeBlanc
Produced by Bill McFadden, 1967

One of the rarest and most sought-after Canadian 45s. (I only have an efile). They consisted of 3 LeBlanc brothers (thus Whyte) from a well-known family of bricklayers, hence the name Stonemen. Some debate the release date, thinking 67 or 68.

15. Fraser & Hughes: A Walk Through The Black Forest
(Horst Jankowski)
Canadian Talent At Work: Canadian Talent Library Records D 103
Toronto ON
Compilation Produced 1965

Horst Jankowski b. Berlin GM 30 January, 1936 / d. 29 June, 1998 Sonoton GM, cancer

16. King Crimson: Sailor’s Tale
(Robert Fripp)
Islands: Atlantic Recording Corp SD 7212
Winbourn Minster - Bournemouth , Dorset UK
Robert Fripp: guitar
Mel Collins: flutes, saxes, vocals
Boz: bass, lead vocal
Ian Wallace: drums
Pete Sinfield: words, sounds & visions
Harry Miller: string bass
Produced by King Crimson for EG Records, 1972
Recorded by Andy Hendrikson at Command Studios, London
17. Roy Rogers: Happy Trails
(Dale Evans)
Happy Trails To You: 20th Century Records ¬ 9209-467
Cincinnati OH
Roy Rogers: vocal
Produced by Snuff Garrett, 1975
Recorded by Lenny Roberts at Larrabee Sound

Roy Rogers aka Leonard Franklin Slye Nov 5, 1911 Cincinnati - d. July 6, 1998 (86) Apple Valley, CA

Dale Evans aka Frances Octavia Smith Oct 31, 1912 Uvalde TX / d- Feb 7, 2001 (88) Apple Valley, Ca

The Song was written by Rogers’ wife, Dale Evans – they sang it as a duet to sign off their television show.

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