33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 16, 2021
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Side A

1.   King Biscuit Boy: Twenty-Nine Ways – 1971 *
2.   George Harrison: That’s The Way It Goes – 1982
3.   The Kinks: The Way Love Used To Be – 1973
4.   Tony Bennett & Bill Charlap: The Way You Look Tonight – 1958
5.   Benny Goodman: Avalon – 1938
6.   Dionne Warwick: I’ll Never Love This Way Again – 1979
7.   Danny Bakan: 84,000 Ways – 2005 *
8.   Joe Walsh: Rocky Mountain Way – 1973
9.   The Esquires: Which Way The Wind Blows – 1964 *
10. Cargo: I Found A Way – 1969  *
11. Edwards & Devilliers: Beefeater’s Samba – 1974 *
12. Stan Kenton Band: They Didn’t Believe Me – 1961
13. The Ramones: It’s A Long Way Back – 1978
14. Robert Gordon w Link Wray: The Way I Walk – 1978
15. Rush: Finding My Way – 1974 *
16. John Prine: That’s The Way The World Goes Round – 1982
17. Tab Smith: Moonstone – 1961
18. Cannonball Adderley: African Waltz – 1961
19. Martha & The Muffins: Half Way Through The Week – 1980 *

Side B

1.   Living Colour: Which Way To America – 1988
2.   Richard Knechtel: All The Way To Georgia – 1981 *
3.   Minglewood Band: Long Way From Texas – 1979 *
4.   Dionne Warwick: Do You Know The Way To San Jose – 1968
5.   Living Marimbas: Do You Know The Way To San Jose – 1970
6.   Anvil Chorus: Rhythm Is The Way – 1967 *
7.   Blind Faith: Can’t Find My Way Home – 1969
8.   Ronnie Abramson: Rocking Your Way Through School – 1978 *
9.   Brave Belt: Another Way Out – 1972 *
10. McKenna Mendelson Mainline: One Way Ticket – 1969 *
11. Ned Landry: Ontario Swing – 1957 *
11. Ned Landry: Bowing The Strings – 1966 *
12. Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas: I’ll Be On My Way – 1963
13. Chocolate Watchband: No Way Out – 1967
14. John Borra: Way Back Home – 2020 *
15. Jack Bailey: On Your Way Out (Won’t You Close The Door) – 1971 *
16. Klaatu: A Million Miles Away – 1981 *

CanCon – 51%

And Now for The Particulars

Side A

1.   King Biscuit Boy: Twenty-Nine Ways
(Willie Dixon)
Badly Bent – The Very Best Of: Daffodil Records / Capitol Records Canada DEN 667
Hamilton ON

Richard Newell: vocal, harmonica
Kelly Jay: piano
Sonnie Bernardi: drums
Roly Greenway: bass
The Ghetto: guitar
Rheal Lanthier: guitar
Produced by Love 1971
Compilation produced 1983
Recorded by Terry Brown, Paul Reagin, Dave Slagter at Toronto Sound Studios

This was originally from Newell’s second album as King Biscuit Boy called Gooduns. The title comes from Son Richard and the Gooduns, a group formed in Southern Ontario in 1965 which featured King Biscuit Boy playing harp, singing and slide guitar.

2.   George Harrison: That’s The Way It Goes
(George Harrison)
Gone Troppo: Dark Horse Records 92 37341
Liverpool UK
George Harrison: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, synthesizer, bass, mandolin, bg vocals
Ray Cooper: percussion, marimba, glockenspiel, electric piano, sound effects, production
Mike Moran: keyboards, synthesizer, piano, synthesizer bass
Billy Preston: organ, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, backing vocals
Jim Keltner: percussion, drums
Willie Greene: backing vocals, bass voice
Bobby King: backing vocals
Vicki Brown: backing vocals
Pico Pena: backing vocals
Syreeta: backing vocals
Sarah Ricor: backing vocals
Rodina Sloan: backing vocals

Produced by George Harrison Ray Cooper &  Phil McDonald, 1982

3.   The Kinks: The Way Love Used To Be
(Ray Davies)
Great Lost Kinks Album: Reprise MS 2127
London UK
Ray Davies: guitar, vocal
Dave Davies: guitar
Stanley Myres Orchestra
Compilation Tracks Produced by various producers,1973
Recorded 11 Oct 1970 at Morgan Studios, London

From the sound track of the film Percy starring Elke Sommer and Britt Ekland.  The film is based on a novel of the same name by Raymond Hitchcock, father of musician Robyn Hitchcock, about a man who gets a penis transplant, and is today remembered mostly for its soundtrack by The Kinks, more than the penis.

4.   Tony Bennet: The Way You Look Tonight
(Dorothy Fields / Jerome Kern)
Long Ago And Far Away: Columbia Records CL 1186
Tony Bennett: vocal
Ralph Sharon – piano
Herbie Mann – flute
Robert Bai – guitar
George Van Eps – guitar
Catherine Gotthoffe – harp
Dorothy Remsen – harp
Frank Flynn – vibes
Buddy Clark – double bass
Larry Bunker – drums
William Exiner – drums
Frank De Vol – conductor

Produced at Columbia Records, 1958
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Los Angeles

Anthony Dominick Benedetto b. August 3, 1926 (95) Queens, New York City

95 year old Tony Bennett just played his last concert with Lady Gaga at the New York landmark, The Radio City Music Hall. He did have other dates scheduled for a tour this fall, mostly dates that had been postponed due to the epidemic, but they have now all been cancelled. His family worry about him touring at 95, falling over a cable on stage or getting ill. They put their foot down and said ‘singing: yes; touring: no.”

5.   Benny Goodman Band: Avalon
(Al Jolson / Billy Rose / B.G. DeSylva)
The Famous 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert Vol 1: Columbia Records ML 4358
New York City
Benny Goodman: clarinet
Gene Krukpa: drums
Teddy Wilson: piano
Lionel Hampton: vibraphone
Produced by George Avakian 1950
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall January 16, 1938

Benjamin David Goodman b. May 30, 1909 Chicago / d. June 13, 1986 (77) NYC

Goodman made his professional debut in 1921 at the Central Park Theater on the West Side of Chicago. At fourteen he became a member of the musicians' union and worked in a band featuring Bix Beiderbecke. Two years later he joined the Ben Pollack Orchestra and made his first recordings in 1926. Goodman then moved to New York and became a session musician for radio, Broadway musicals, and in studios. He formed his own bands and had many top ten hits. He hired the best musicians he could find in New York and became a definitive figure of the Big Band Era.

Issued in 1950, this was the first ever issued double album and one of the first albums to sell over a million copies. It was also sold in a set of nine 45 rpm records in the same year by Columbia.

6.   Dionne Warwick: I’ll Never Love This Way Again
(Richard Buchanan Kerr / Will Jennings)
45 single bw Déjà vu: Flashback Records AFS 9128
Orange NJ
Dionne Warwick: vocals
Produced by Barry Manilow, 1979

Marie Dionne Warrick b. December 12, 1940 Orange, New Jersey

While she was performing background on the Drifters' recording of "Mexican Divorce," Warwick's voice and star presence were noticed by the song's composer, Burt Bacharach, a Brill Building songwriter who was writing songs with many other songwriters, including lyricist Hal David. According to a July 14, 1967 article on Warwick in Time, Bacharach stated, "She has a tremendous strong side and a delicacy when singing softly — like miniature ships in bottles." Warwick was signed to Bacharach's and David's production company. In November 1962, Scepter Records released her first solo single, "Don't Make Me Over"

"I'll Never Love This Way Again" is a Grammy Award-winning, Gold-certified 1979 hit

7.   Danny Bakan: 84,000 Ways
(Danny Bakan)
...And Truth Is Spectacular: Ontario Arts Council – SDR 0002
Danny Bakan: guitar, vocal
Tom Leighton: accordion
Chris McKhool: violin
Pete Johnston: double bass
Steve Fruitman: Cajun triangle
Hillbilly Guys: BG vocal
Produced by Glen Marshall, 2005
Recorded at Catherine North Studios, Hamilton ON
Mastered by Andy Krehm at Silverbirch Productions, Toronto

8.   Joe Walsh: Rocky Mountain Way
(Joe Walsh / Joe Vitale / Kenny Passarelli / Rocke Grace)
The Best of Joe Walsh: ABC Records: 9022-1083
Wichita KS
Joe Walsh: guitars, vocals
Joe Vitale: drums, ARP Synth
Kenny Passarelli: bass
Rocke Grace: piano
Produced by Joe Walsh & Bill Szymczyk: 1973
Compilation produced by Bill Szymczyk: 1978
Recorded at Criteria Studios by Ron & Howie Albert
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by Ted Bensen
Compilation Mastered by Bill Szymczyk

When the James Gang first hit it big, in late 1969 with James Gang Rides Again, it was the sound of Joe Walsh on guitar and lead vocals that defined their sound. Once he left, that sound went too. This song is a perfect example of how much Joe was of that James Gang sound that everyone went wild over at the time.

9.   The Esquires: Which Way The Wind Blows
(Meehan / Stellman)
Introducing The Esquires: Capitol Records of Canada 6000 Series - T-6075
Ottawa ON
Don Norman: vocals
Gary Comeau: lead guitar
Clint Hierlihy: bass
Paul Huot: guitar
Richie Patterson, drums
Produced by Clint Hierlihy, 1964
Recorded at RCA Victor Studios, Montreal
First Published in Canada August, 1964

The Canadian Esquires, who were the first rock band to win the Maple Leaf Award (later called The Junos) in 1964, were a great Ottawa based band who were able to transform their sound from the Buddy Holly beat to the Mersey Beat.  They were also the first Canadian band of their kind to release a full album on Capitol Records of Canada. That’s why they got to open for many of their touring British label-mates like The Dave Clark 5.

10. Cargo: I Found A Way
(Norm Foster)
45 Single bw Once A Proud Man: Trend Records T-1005
Toronto ON
Mike Proudfoot: guitar
Norm Foster: drums
Ray Parker: organ
Garth Vogan: bass
Produced by Merv Buchanan, 1969

This little-known Canadian band existed in the latter 1960s, recorded two albums of jazzy space-rock before calling it quits in the early 70s. Organ player Ray Parker later played with the Minglewood Band.

11. Bobby Edwards & Art Devilliers: Beefeater’s Samba
(B Edwards)
CBC Broadcast Recording: CBC Records: LM 405
Toronto ON
Bobby Edwards: guitar
Art Devilliers: giutar
Otheres not listed
Produced by Paul Mills 1974
Recorded by Larry Morey

Robert David Edwards b November 24, 1948 Scarborough, Ontario.

Art De Villiers has been a prominent brazilian jazz guitarist in Toronto. Bobby Edwards, now living in Tottenham ON, must be the most recorded Canadian guitarist ever. He began sitting in to recording sessions for radio and television back in the 60s when he was still a teen. Since his own professional career took off at the young age of 15, Edwards has performed on over 1.000 television shows and countless commercial recordings, and scored for a large number of motion pictures. During the hey-day of studio work in Toronto, Edwards was among the first-call musicians.

12. Stan Kenton Orchestra: They Didn’t Believe Me
(Jerome Kewrn)
General Electric Presents “All Together Now”: Capitol Records SNLB 2537
Witchita, Kansas
Stan Kenton - piano, conductor
Joe Burnett, Bud Brisbois, Frank Huggins, Roger Middleton, Jack Sheldon - trumpet
Jim Amlotte, Kent Larsen, Archie Le Coque, - trombone
Bob Olson, Bill Smiley - bass trombone
Lennie Niehaus - alto saxophone
Richie Kamuca, Bill Trujillo – ten sax
Billy Root, Sture Swenson – bt saxophone
Red Kelly bass, vocals
Jerry McKenzie - drums
Produced 1961 by General Electric
Song Produced by Lee Gillette and Kent Larsen, 1959
Recorded live at the Blue Room of the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas NV, in 1958

Stanley Newcomb Kenton b. December 15, 1911 Wichita, KS / d. August 25, 1979 (aged 67) LA

Inducted into the Grammy Award Hall of Fame 1985

13. The Ramones: It’s A Long Way Back
(Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny, Marky Ramone)
Road To Ruin: Sire Records M5-6063
Joey Ramone: lead vocals
Johnny Ramone: guitar
Dee Dee Ramone: bass guitar, backing vocals
Marky Ramone: drums
Produced by Ed Stasium and Tommy Ramone, 1978
Recorded by Ed Stasium, Tommy Ramone & Ray Janos at Media Sound, NYC
Mastered by Craig Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Road to Ruin is the fourth studio album by The Ramones.

14. Robert Gordon & Link Wray: The Way I Walk
(Jack Scott)
Fresh Fish Special: Private Stock Records PS 7008
Bethesda MD
Robert Gordon: vocals
Link Wray: guitar
Billy Cross: guitar
Rob Stoner: bass
Howie Wyeth: drums
The Jordanaires: bg vocals
Produced by Richard Gottehrer & Robert Gordon, 1978
Recorded at Plaza Sound, NYC, Dec 1977 by Bob Freeman & Eric Block
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Robert Ira Gordon b. Bethesda, Maryland March 29, 1947

Fred Lincoln Wray, Jr. b. May 2, 1929 Dunn, North Carolina / d. November 5, 2005 (76) Copenhagen (heart failure)

Record producer Richard Gottehrer discovered Robert during a rehearsal one afternoon with the Tuff Darts and soon afterward the two were talking about making a rock and roll record. Gottehrer was impressed with Gordon's baritone voice and his rendition of Elvis Presley's "One Night". After some conversation, Robert suggested working with guitar legend Link Wray. Wray was contacted and he agreed to work with them both.

The Way I Walk was written by Canadian singer, Jack Scott who passed away at the age of 83 last December 12.

15. Rush: Finding My Way
(G Lee / A Lifeson)
Rush: Moon Records NN-100
Geddy Lee: vocal, bass
Alex Lifeson: guitar
John Rutsey: drums
Produced by Rush, 1974
Recorded at Toronto Sound studios, March to November, 1973

This is the first track on the band’s first album. It also features the drumming of original Rush drummer John Rutsey who had to leave the band (because of the affect heavy touring was having on his body) shortly after it was released. Since no record company would even take a whiff of them, Rush recorded and released it themselves on their own Moon Records label. But this was the song that sent them on their way.

16. John Prine: That’s The Way The World Goes Round
(John Prine)
Bruised Orange: Asylum Records 6E-139
Maywood, Illinois
John Prine: guitar, vocals
Steve Goodman: harmony vocal
Tom Radtke: drums
Sid Sims: bass
John Burns: guitars
Leo LeBlanc: pedal steel
Corky Siegel: harmonica
Jim Rothermel: alto Sax
Len Dresslar, Don Shelton, Bob Bowker, Bonny Herman: BG Vocals
Produced by Steve Goodman, 1978
Recorded by Hank Neuberger and Tom Hanson at Chicago Recording Co. January March 1978

John Prine b. October 10, 1946 Maywood, Illinois / d. April 7, 2020 73) Nashville, TN

17. Tab Smith: Moonstone
(Waren Noble)
45 single bw Pickin’ Up The Tab: B and F Records 1348
Kinston, NC
Tab Smith: alto sax
Produced 1961

Talmadge "Tab" Smith b. Kinston, North Carolina Jan 11, 1909 / d. Aug 17, 1971 St. Louis (62)

Tab joined his first professional band, the Carolina Stompers, in 1929. In the 1930s and 1940s he spent several years in the bands of Lucky Millinder and Count Basie,[2] as well as spending long periods freelancing both as a player and as an arranger. In 1944 he participated in a recording date led by Coleman Hawkins, for which he also arranged the material.[3] After the Second World War he led his own groups, which concentrated on rhythm and blues as jazz turned from swing to bop. His biggest R&B hit was "Because of You", which reached number 1 on the US Billboard R&B chart, and number 20 on the pop chart, in 1951. " Smith retired from the music business in the early 1960s. He sold real estate and played piano part-time in a steakhouse.

18. Cannonball Adderley: African Waltz
45 single bw Kelly Blue: riverside Records R-45457
Tampa FL
Cannonball Adderley: sax
Produced by Bill Grauer, 1961

Julian Edwin Adderley b. Tampa Florida Sept 15, 1928 / d. August 8, 1975 (46) Gary, Indiana

19. Martha & The Muffins: Half Way Through The Week
(Mark Gane)
Trance And Dance: Vindisc VL 2207
Toronto ON
Carl Finkle: bass
Mark Gane: guitar, synth
Tim Gane: drums
Andy Haas: sax
Martha Johnson: vocal, keys
Martha Ladly: vocal, keys, trombone
Produced by Mike Howlett, 1980
Recorded by Richard Manwaring at The Manor

Active from 1977 to the present.
A band with two women named Martha although Martha Johnson was the lead vocalist.
Had international success with their hit song Echo Beach.

Side B

1.   Living Colour: Which Way To America?
(Vernon Reid)
Vivid: Epic Records BFE-44099
Vernon Reid: guitar
Corey Glover: vocal
Muzz Skillings: bass
Will Calhoun: drums
Produced by Ed Stasium & Mick Jagger, 1988
Recorded at Skyline Studio • Sound on Sound • Right Track Studios, NYC by Ron St. Germain
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

This is the track on this vibrant album that was produced by Ed Stasium with Mick Jagger’s assistance. The album went on to win a Grammy and hit double Platinum in sales. It was Jagger who rescued the band from oblivion. They had a difficult time securing a major record deal, coz they were black, heavy-metal artists, until Jagger took them under their wing and helped get them signed to CBS. Since Vernon Reid was originally from the UK, they decided to use the British spelling of ‘Colour’.

2.   Richard Knechtel: All The Way To Georgia
(Richard Knechtel)
Musician At Large: Greentree Music – GT-3
Walkerton ON
Dick Knechtel: guitar, vocals
Grant Cummins, Gail Fenton & Rick Hutt: bg vocals
Murray Giilck: drums
Gord Ogilvie: bass
Dave Scott: guitar
Pee Wee Charles: pedal steel
Produced by Richard Knechtel & JOP, 1981
Recorded at JB Sound, Hamilton ON
Mixed by Walt Maynard, Richard Knechtel & John Boyd
Mastered by Alan Moy at JAMF studios

3.   Minglewood Band: Long Way From Texas
(Matt Minglewood)
Minglewood Band: RCA  KKL1-0325
Halifax NS
Matt Minglewood: lead vocal, guitar, organ
Mark MacMillan: guitar
Enver Sampson Jr.: Harmonica
Donnie Hann: bass
Paul Dunn: keys
Bobby Woods: drums
Produced by Claire Lawrence, 1979
Recorded by Dave Slagter at Springfield Sound, London ON
Additional Recording: Little Moiuntain Sound, Vancouver BC
Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC

Matt Minglewood b. Roy Alexander Batherson, 31 January 1947 Moncton, NB

Minglewood joined his first band, the Rockin' Saints, when he was in his late teens, playing local high school dances, and even tavern gigs before he was old enough to get into bars. He played organ and rhythm guitar.[
When he was in his early twenties he formed a band called with Sam Moon called The Universal Power'. They performed regularly in the Halifax/Dartmouth metro area, becoming a staple at local high school dances in the area.

Minglewood briefly sang lead vocals and played guitar for Pepper Tree andf Cold Duck before forming The Minglewood Band in 1974. They toured Canada extensively and achieved a measure of national success. They recorded their first album with Solar Records in 1975. The group received a 1980 Juno Award nomination for the Most Promising Group of the Year.

Over his career he has won and been nominated for numerous East Coast Music Awards, The Canadian Country Music Awards and Juno Awards. In 2013 he received the Blues With a Feeling Lifetime Achievement Award at the 16th annual Maple Blues Awards

4.   Dionne Warwick: Do You Know The Way To San Jose
(Burt Bacharach / Hal David)
45 single bw Let Me Be Lonely: Scepter Records – HS-1102
Orange NJ
Dionne Warwick: vocals
Produced by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, 1968
Recorded by Ed Smith at Bell Studios, NYC

Marie Dionne Warrick b. December 12, 1940 (80) Orange, New Jersey

5.   Living Marimbas: Do You Know The Way To San Jose
(Burt Bacharach / Hal David)
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head And Other Bacharach/David Hits: RCA Camden CAS-2400
Conducted by Leo Addeo
Produced by Ethel Garbiel, 1970
Recorded in RCA's Studio C, New York City by Bob Simpson

Capitalizing on the Tijuana Brass craze, there were other bands of professionally hired musicians like Living Marimbas who were marketed as a ‘band’. They were hired to record sanitized (but good) pop hits with a marimba sound that people like my parents liked to play at thematic Mexican sombrero parties.

6.   Anvil Chorus: Rhythm Is The Way
(J Harmata / Jayson Hoover)
45 single bw Get Together: Pink Elephant Records PE 22.517H
Vancouver BC
Bill Gibson: keys
Jim Harmatta: guitar
Jason Hoover: vocal
Brian Kidd: bass
Dave McPhail: drums
Produced by Studio 3 Productions, 1967
Re-Released in 1970

Formed in 1965 as Jason Hoover And The Epics, this Vancouver band is not to be confused with the San Francisco band of the 1980s with the same name. They soon changed their name to The Trials of Jayson Hoover, put out two singles that barely scraped the Top 100 before becoming The Anvil Chorus and breaking up in 1969. Rhythm Is The Way was actually recorded by The Trials of Jayson Hoover in 1967 but was resurrected by a Dutch Pink Elephant records label and credited to The Anvil Chorus.

7.   Blind Faith: Can’t Find My Way Home
(Stevie Windwood)
Blind Faith: Atco Records – SD33 – 304B
London UK
Eric Clapton: guitar
Stevie Winwood: guitar, keys, vocal
Ginger Baker: drums
Rick Grech: bass
Produced by Jimmy Miller, 1969

This album provoked controversy because the cover which featured a topless pubescent girl, holding in her hands a silver space ship. They did only did 1 tour &, according to Eric Clapton, played poorly but audiences loved them. Clapton grew unhappy with the band joined the Plastic Ono Band with John and Yoko and played in Toronto Rock Revival before joining forces with Derek and the Dominos and Delaney & Bonnie & Friends.

8.   Ronnie Abramson: Rocking Your Way Through School
(Ronney Abramson)
Jukebox of Paris: True North Records – TN34
Montreal QC
Tom Szczesniak: bass
Alan Schwartzburg: drums, percussion
John Tropea: electric guitar
John Capek: Wurlizer piano
Bruce Dees: slide
Fred Mollin: backward piano
Moe Koffman, Guido Basso, Early Seymour and Rob McConnell: horns
Bruce Dees, Rob Balbraith, Fred Mollin: bg vocals
Produced by Fred Mollin 1978
Recorded by Gary Gray at Manta Sound, Toronto
Mixed by Andy Hermant and Gary Gray

b. Paris France she moved to Montreal when she was only two. After going to Magill she graduated on classical guitar. She only recorded three albums, the first being for Capitol Records of Canada; the last two on the True North Records label. Jukebox of Paris was her third and last solo album; she did perform in a kids’ music band called The Rugrats in the 1980s (winning a Juno Award for Best Childrens’ Recording) before going into the real estate market in Toronto.

9.   Brave Belt: Another Way Out
(Randy Bachman / Chad Allan)
Brave Belt II: Reprise – 2057
Winnipeg MB
Randy Bachman: guitar, vocals
Fred Turner: lead vocals, bass
Robin Bachman: drums
Chad Allan: keys, vocals
Produced by Randy Bachman, 1972
Recorded by Mark Smith w Allan Moy & Cub
Richardson at RCA Studios, Toronto

After Bachman left Guess Who he formed this ‘folk’ band with bro Randy & ex-Guess Who lead vocalist Chad Allan. Recorded 1 LP and required bass player for touring so hired Fred Turner. Allan quite before BBII was completed and sang on a few songs. He was replaced by Turner on lead vocals. The demo intended for Brave Belt III became the first Bachman Turner Overdrive LP.

10. McKenna Mendelson Mainline: One Way Ticket
(Mendelson Joe)
Stink: Liberty LBS 83251 / EMI C2 0777 7 26590 2 6
Toronto, ON
Mike McKenna: electric guitar
Mendleson Joe: guitar, lead vocals
Tony Nolasco: drums
Mike Harrison: bass
Produced by Liberty Records Staff, June 11, 1969
Recorded in London, England

When these guys hit the scene, they hit it rather big in 1968, playing their third ever gig in front of a full house at Toronto’s Massey Hall, opening for The Fugs. That winter they moved to London, England where they were critically aclaimed. They signed to Liberty Records and recorded this, their infamous Stink album before returning home to Canada and breaking up. But this album was huge in Canada, forcing them to reform again as Mainline after several months home.

11. Ned Landry: Ontario Swing
(Ned Landry)
Ned Landry and his New Brunswick Lumberjacks: RCA Victor LCP 1001
Saint John, NB
Fredrick Landry: fiddle
Produced by RCA house staff, Montreal, 1957

Frederick Lawrence Landry b. Saint John, NB 2 February 1921 / d. 25 August 2018 (98)

11. Ned Landry: Bowing The Strings
(N Landry)
Bowing The Strings: RCA Camden - CAL-891
Saint John, NB

Fredrick Landry: fiddle
Produced 1966

Though as a boy he taught himself to play the violin, Landry first appeared, in 1934, on Don Messer's CHSJ radio show 'Backwoods Breakdown' as a harmonica player. In 1939, with the New Brunswick Lumberjacks, he placed second in CBS radio's 'Major Bowes' Amateur Hour' in New York, and then became the first oldtime fiddler to perform on TV in Boston. This album was the first LP released by RCA Canada. Ned began recording singles for RCA Victor in 1955, eventually completing eight LPs for that label. He was the winner of the open class at the 1956, 1957, and 1962 Canadian Open Old Time Fiddlers' Contests. He’s best known as the composer of fiddle standards Ontario Swing, Bowin' the Strings, and the Hillbilly Calypso. Ned was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 1991. He made a great CD of fiddle tunes (and stories!) in 2001 with Ivan Hicks and some of his fiddle students, called ‘Generations’.

12. Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas: I’ll Be On My Way
(Paul McCartney / John Lennon)
45 single bw Do You Want To Know A Secret: Parlophone R-5023
Liverpool UK
Billy J Kramer: vocal
Tony Mansfield: drums
Robin MacDonald: guitar
Ray Jones: bass
Mike Maxfield: lead guitar
Produced by George Martin, 1963
Recorded at EMI Studios, London

Both songs on this single were written by Lennon and McCartney but credited to McCartney and Lennon.

William Howard Ashton aka Billy J. Kramer (born 19 August 1943 in Bootle, Lancashire, England). In the 1960s he was managed by Brian Epstein, who also managed The Beatles, and he recorded several original Lennon and McCartney compositions backed by Manchester based band The Dakotas.

I’ll Be On My Way was the B Side of the single. Do You Want To Know A Secret, which The Beatles had already recorded on their first album, Please Please Me, went to number 2 on the British charts in 1963. Kramer was given a series of songs specially written for him by John Lennon and Paul McCartney which launched him into stardom. "I'll Keep You Satisfied", "From a Window", "I Call Your Name" and "Bad to Me".

Note: I’ll Be On My Way was never actually released by The Beatles.

13. Chocolate Watchband: No Way Out
(Ed Cobb)
Best of the Chocolate Watchband: Rhino Records  RNLP 108
Los Altos CA
David Aguilar: lead vocals
Gary Andrijasevich: drums
Bill Flores: bass
Mark Loomis: lead guitar
Sean Tolby: rhythm guitar
Don Bennett: vocals
Organ player unknown
Produced by Ed Cobb, 1967
Recorded by Bill Cooper and Richard Podolor at American Recording Studios, LA

Due to internal conflicts with management and producers, The Chocolate Watchband were a dismal failure as recording artists. Very few people had ever heard of them until the mid-1980s when, for some reason, bootlegs started appearing. Then their original LPs started reselling, used, at over a hundred bucks. They were touted as possibly being the American Rolling Stones. Producer Richard Podolor was also the guitarist who played with Sandy Nelson on his surf/drum records.

14. John Borra: Way Back Home
(John Borra)
Blue Wine: Cousin Jeb Records JEB 007
John Borra: guitar, vocal, harmonica
Michael Boguski: keys
Dani Nash: mandolin, drums, vocals
Sam Ferrera: vocals, Slinky, tambourine
Produced by John Borra, 2020
Recorded by John Borra at Johnny MacLeod’s Studio, Toronto
Mixed by John Borra
Mastered by Peter J Moore at the E Room, Toronto

I think all vinyl lovers should try and order this LP, released by John Borra during the heart of the pandemic which means: it will most likely be overlooked once things start coming back to life in the Toronto music scene. Which is too bad! So don’t miss out; order yours today online from Bandcamp.

15. Jack Bailey: On Your Way Out (Will You Please Close The Door)
(Jack Bailey)
Now Open: GRT Records 9230-1003
Peterborough ON
Jack Bailey: guitar, vocal
Others not listed
Produced by Art Snider, 1971
Recorded at Sound Canada Recording Center

Jack Bailey 1938 - 1987

16. Klaatu: A Million Miles Away
(John Woloschuk)
Magentalane: Capitol Records of Canada 6000 Series ST 6487
Toronto ON
John Woloschuk: vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, vibraphone, sitar, vibes, piano
Dee Long: vocals, electric guitar, mandolin, slide guitar, Korg synthesizer
Terry Draper: drums, percussion, Polymoog synthesizer, trombone, tambourine, vocals
George Bertok: piano
Produced by Klaatu, 1981
Recorded at ESP Studios, Buttonville ON

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Mondays 12 noon: 2pm                                 Tuesdays 10-12 pm NT                          

Radio Bell Island 93.9 FM                          Radio VGR
Wabana, Bell Island NL                                London/Thetford UK
Tuesdays  at 8-10 pm NT                              Tues 21:30: 23:30 GMT

Bluewater Radio CFBW 91.3 FM             VOBB The Voice of Bonne Bay
Hanover / Grey Co. ON                                Rocky Harbour & Norris Point NL         
Sundays 3-5 pm  Tuesdays 8-10 pm ET       Tuesdays 9-11 pm NT
BOIR Bay of Islands Radio                        Southern Shore Sounds
100.1 FM                                                      Internet Radio
Corner Brook, NL                                        Ferryland NL  
Thursdays  2-4 pm NT                                  Sun 8:30-10:30 pm NT

Community Radio CIOE
97.5 FM
Lower Sackville NS
Sun 5-7 pm AT