33.45.78 All Vinyl Radio Show
with Steve Fruitman
August 23, 2021
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Looking Nowhere
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Side A – The Look

1.   David Lindley & El Rayo-X: Don’t Look Back – 1981
2.   Bad Breed: Looking For War – 2015 *
3.   The Cars: Looking For Love – 1984
4.   Cliffy & Jerry: Looking For My Baby – 1959 *
5.   Love Sculpture: The Stumble – 1969
6.   Toronto: Looking For Trouble – 1980 *
7.   Steve Earle: I’m Lookin’ Through You – 1995
8.   Gordon Lightfoot: Lookin’ At The Rain – 1972 *
9.   Kensington Market: Looking Glass – 1968 *
10. Jimi Hendrix Experience: Third Stone From The Sun – 1967
11. Hank LaRiviere & The Country Kings: Stop, Look and Listen – 1960 *
12. John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers: Look In The Mirror – 1968
13. Northwind: Look Away – 1978 *
14. Mamas & Papas: Look Through My Window – 1967
15. Oscar Peterson Trio: You Look Good To Me – 1997 *
16. The Commodores: Look What You’ve Done To Me – 1975

Side B – Nowheresville

1.   Bob Dylan: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – 1971
2.   kd lang: Nowhere To Stand – 1989 *
3.   Marc Jordan: From Nowhere To This Town – 1979 *
4.   Margaret Stowe: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – 2009 *
5.   The Beatles: Nowhere Man – 1965
6.   JJ Cale: Nowhere To Run – 1970
7.   Fludd: Ticket To Nowhere – 1972 *
8.   Ofra Harnoy & Orford String Quartet: Nowhere Man – 1984 *
9.   Chris Youlden: Nowhere Road – 1973
10. Savoy Brown Blues Band: Train To Nowhere – 1969
11. Cat Stevens: Miles From Nowhere – 1970
12. Pied Pumkin: Middle of Nowhere – 1980 *
13. Frank Zappa: I Come From Nowhere – 1982
14. Lenny Breau: You Came To Me Out Of Nowhere – 1996 *
15. Perth County Conspiracy: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – 1971 *

CanCon = 48%

And Now for The Particulars:

Side A – The Look

1.   David Lindley & El Rayo-X: Don’t Look Back
(Ronald White, William Robinson, Jr.)
El Rayo-X: Asylum Records X5E-524
Los Angeles CA
David Lindley: vocal, electric guitar
Bass – Bob Glaub
Electric Guitar, Bandura – David Lindley
Timbales, Vocals – Ras Baboo
Vocals – Jackson Browne

Produced by Jackson Browne & Greg Ladanyi, 1981
Recorded by Greg Ladanyi at Record One, Los Angeles
Mastered by Doug Sax & Mike Reese at The Mastering Lab

David Perry Lindley b. March 21, 1944, San Marino, California

Played in the band Kaleidoscope in 60s, then solo career and worked mostly studio musician. Teamed up with Ry Cooder for several albums. He recorded 2 great albums with El Rayo-X in the early 80s.

2.   Bad Breed: Looking For War
(Bad Breed)
The Violent World of Bad Breed: Lizard Snake Records – no serial
Toronto ON
Coco: drums, percussion, vocals
T Williams: vocals
Ox: guitar
Gunn: bass, acoustic & electric guitars
Scientuse Sientist: vocals
Scott Metcalfe: keys
Produced by Chris Hegge and Bad Breed, 2015
Recorded at Audiolab Recording by Chris Hegge
Mastered by Karl Machat at Mister’s Mastering House

After the 2015 release of The Violent World of Bad Breed, Now Magazine stated: “It’s an incredible thing to be surprised by a band in 2015. Genre tags, band names and cover art have taken away a lot of the guesswork. Then there are locals Bad Breed, whose seven-track debut keeps listeners on their toes and is more swanky, cabaret-influenced rock and soul than the death metal their name suggests.” Last year the band released their second LP which I will get to in a few weeks time.

3.   The Cars: Looking For Love
(Ric Ocasek)
Heartbeat City: Elektra / Asylum Records ST-E-60296
Boston MA
Ric Ocasek – rhythm guitar, synthesizer, lead vocals
Elliot Easton – lead guitar, backing vocals
Greg Hawkes – keyboards, Fairlight programming, backing vocals
Benjamin Orr – bass
David Robinson – drums, percussion, Fairlight programming
Produced by Rober John “Mutt” Lange and The Cars, 1984
Recorded by Nigel Green at Battery Studios, London
Mixed by Mike Shipley
Mastered by George Marino

The cover art (including an image of a 1971 Plymouth Duster 340) is from a 1972 piece by Peter Phillips called Art-O-Matic Loop di Loop. The Cars were named "Best New Artist" in the 1978 Rolling Stone Readers' Poll. Years active were 1976–1988. Cars have sold over 23 million albums in the United States alone. In 2017, they were announced as inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for 2018.

4.   Cliffy & Jerry: Looking For My Baby
(C Short / J Banks)
45 rpm bw Angel of Love: Quality Records – K1839
Minto NB
Cliffy Legere (aka Cliffy Short)
Jerry Robichaud (aka Jerry Banks)
Produced 1959
Recorded in Toronto

This New Brunswick Acadian duo recorded three 45s for Quality Records in Toronto between 1958 and 59.

5.   Instrumental talk-over
Love Sculpture: The Stumble
(Freddy King / Sonny Thompson)
Blues Helping: Rare Earth R 505
Cardiff Wales, UK
John Williams: bass
Bob Jones: drums, vocals
Dave Edmunds: guitar, keys
Produced by Malcolm Jones & Kingsley Ward, 1969
Recorded by Peter Mew

6.   Toronto: Looking For Trouble
(Brian Allen)
Greatest Hits: Solid Gold Records SGR 1021
Holly Woods: Lead Vocals
Scot Kreyer: keys
Brian Allen: guitar
Sheron Alton: guitars
Produced by Bill Henderson and Brian McLeod, 1980
Compilation produced 1984

Toronto was together from 1979 to 1984 selling nearly 700,000 albums. Lead vocalist Holly Woods moved from San Francisco to Toronto in the mid 1970s and fronted this band till its demise. In 1985, the band was forced to break up when their label, Solid Gold Records, filed for bankruptcy protection Afterwards she moved back to California and took up acting.

7.   Steve Earle: I’m Lookin’ Through You
(Lennon / McCartney)
Train A Comin': Stony Plain Records SPCD 1215
San Antonio TX
Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals: Steve Earle
Acoustic Bass: Roy Huskey
Guitar, Dobro, Fiddle, Guitar [Hawaiian]: Norman Blake
Mandolin, Mandola, Guitar [Gut String], Vocals: Peter Rowan
Produced by Steve Earle, William Alsobrook, 1995
Recorded By: Wayne Neuendorf
Engineer: Mike Elliot
Mastered By Mack Evans
Mixed By Wayne Neuendorf

The Beatles recorded it for ‘Rubber Soul’ 10–11 November 1965

8.   Gordon Lightfoot: Looking At The Rain
(Gordon Lightfoot)
Don Quixote: Reprise: 2056
Toronto, ON
Gordon Lightfoot: 6 & 12-string guitar, vocals
Red Shea: hi-string guitar, classical guitar, dobro
Terry Clements: lead acoustic guitar
Rick Haynes: bass
Nick DeCaro: string arrangements
Produced by Lenny Waronker, 1972
Recorded and Mixed and Mastered by Lee Herschberg at Amigo Studios in North Hollywood

This comes from Lightfoot’s Don Quixote album which I consider to be his best, all-round album full of remarkable songs. Everything about this album is top notch.
9.   Kensington Market: Looking Glass
(Keith McKie)
Avenue Road: Warner Brothers  1754
Toronto ON
Keith McKie: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Alex Darou: Bass Guitar
Jimmy Watson: Drums, Percussion, Sitar
Eugene Martynec: Lead Guitar, Piano
Luke Gibson: Backup Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Harmonica
Produced by Felix Pappalardi, 1968
Recorded by Steve Scheafer at Century Sound Studio, NYC

The Market only put out two stellar albums before its leader, Luke Gibson, decided to go solo. They were so far ahead of their time! The first rock band to utilize the services of a dedicated Moog Synthesizer player (John Mills-Cockell) on their second album. Eugene Martynec was later hired to produce records for the fledgling True North Records label, producing output for all Bruce Cockburn’s albums in the 70s.

10. Instrumental talk-over
Jimi Hendrix Experience: Third Stone From The Sun
(Jimi Hendrix)
Are You Experienced: Reprise Records 6261
Seattle WA / London UK
Jimi Hendrix: guitar, effects, vocals
Mitch Mitchell: drums
Noel Redding: bass
Chas Chandler: talking part
Produced by Chas Chandler, 1967
Recorded October 23, 1966 till April 4, 1967, at De Lane Lea, CBS, and Olympic Studios in London

In the summer of 1966, Hendrix relocated to New York City's Greenwich Village. There he explored rock music outside of the confines of the Harlem rhythm and blues scene. While performing with his group ‘Jimmy James and the Blue Flames’ at the Cafe Wha?, Hendrix played elements of early versions of "Third Stone from the Sun". He continued to develop it with (ex-Animal and now manager) Chas Chandler after moving to England. The two shared an interest in science fiction writing.

Said Chandler: ‘I had dozens of science fiction books at home ... The first one Jimi read was “Earth Abides”. That where 'Third Stone from the Sun' came from.’

11. Hank LaRiviere & The Country Kings: Stop, Look and Listen
(G London / WS Stevenson)
Canadian Country Artists: Banff Rodeo RBS 1050
Hawkesbury ON
Hank LaRiviere: guitar, vocal
Compilation produced 1960

Henri Lariviere b. Hawkesbury ON Jan 23, 1917 / d. May 7, 1996 London ON

Also known as Hank Rivers, The Singing Soldier. Made his first record in 1933. "Maple Sugar Sweetheart" was Hank's top song which was also recorded by Mac Wiseman, Doc Williams, and Ramblin' Lou. Ward Allen wrote the music and called it Maple Sugar, and Hank wrote the words and called it Maple Sugar Sweetheart. Inducted into the Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall of Fame 1984

12. John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers: Look In The Mirror
(John Mayall)
Bare Wires: London Records PS 537
London UK
John Mayall: harmonica, keys, guitars
Chris Mercer: saxes
Dick Heckstall-Smith: saxes
Jon Hiseman: drums
Henry Lowther: cornet, violin
Mick Taylor: guitar
Tony Reeves: string bass, bass
Produced by Mike Vernon & John Mayall, 1968
Recorded by Derek Varnals at Decca West Hampstead Studios, London

Producer Mike Vernon worked with Ten Years After, early Fleetwood Mac, Savoy Brown and the Blues Breakers. He had his own Blues Horizon label that was distributed by London.

13. Northwind: Look Away
(Randle Chowning)
45 single bw Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow: Quay Records CS 7802
Gander NL
Gary and Janet Nicols
Produced by Neil Bishop and Warren Harris, 1978
Recorded by Neil Bishop at Clode Sound Studios, Stephenville NL
According to Wayne Tucker (of Newfound Records), the single was released February 1978.

Look Away was originally recorded by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils

14. Mamas & Papas: Look Through My Window
(John Phillips)
Deliver: RCA Victor - DS 50014
Halifax NS / NYC
Denny Doherty: vocals
Cass Elliott: vocals
John Phillips: guitar, vocals
Michelle Phillips: vocals
Hal Blaine: drums
Larry Knechtel: keys
Jim Horn: flute, sax
Joe Osborn: bass
Eric Hord: guitar
P.F. Sloan: guitar
Gary Coleman: percussion
Produced by Lou Adler, 1967

15. Instrumental talk-over
Oscar Peterson: You Look Good To Me
(C Wells / S Letko)
Oscar In Paris: Telarc - 2CD-83414
Montreal, QC
Oscar Peterson: piano
Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen: double bass
Lorne Lofsky: guitar
Martin Drew: drums
Produced by Elaine Martone & Robert Woods - 1997
Recorded live at the Salle Pleyel, Paris, France June 25, 1996

16. The Commodores: Look What You’ve Done To Me
(Ronald La Pread)
45 single bw Three Times A Lady: Motown Records M 1443F
Tuskegee AL   
Walter Orange: lead singer, drums, keyboards
Lionel Richie: vocals, saxophone, piano, drums
Milan Williams: keyboards, trombone, rhythm guitar (died of cancer, July 9, 2006)
Ronald La Pread: bass guitar, trumpet
Thomas McClary: lead guitar
William "WAK" King: trumpet, rhythm guitar, synthesizer
Produced by James Carmichael & The Commodores, 1975

The Commodores formed in 1968 by freshmen at Tuskegee University in Alabama. They were signed to Motown and sent out as an opening act for the Jackson Five. The group's most successful period was in the late 1970s and early 1980s when Lionel Richie was the co-lead singer. The Commodores have sold over 70 million albums worldwide

Side B – Nowheresville

1.   Bob Dylan: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
(Bob Dylan)
Bob Dylans Greatest Hits Vol II: Columbia Records KG 31120
Duluth MN
Bob Dylan: vocal, guitar, harmonica
Happy Traum: bass, banjo, vocal, guitar
Produced by Bob Dylan, 1971

Dylan recorded this song in 1967, just after recovering from his motorcycle accident, with The Band. It wasn't released until 1975 on the Basement Tapes. Roger McGuinn of the Byrds got a cassette demo of it and decided to release it on Sweetheart of the Rodeo 1968. This 1971 version actually mention's McGuinn and changes most of the words.

2.   kd lang: Nowhere To Stand
(kd lang)
Absolute Torch and Twang: Sire Records 92-58771
Consort AB
Kd lang: guitar, vocal
Ben Mink: strings, organ
Produced by Greg Penny, Ben Mink & kd lang - 1989
Recorded by Joe Seta & Greg Penny & Marc Ramaer at Vancouver Studios, BC

3.   Marc Jordan: From Nowhere To This Town
(M Jordan)
Blue Desert: Warner Brothers QBS 3362
Toronto ON
Marc Jordan: guitar, vocal
Michael Omartian: keys
Steve Lukather: rhythm guitar
Jay Graydon: lead guitar
Abraham Labonel: bass
Jeffrey Pocarro: drums
Bobby Kimball, Bill Champlin & Tom Kelly: bg vocals
Produced by Jay Graydon, 1979
Recorded Jay Gradon at Garden Rake Studios

Marc Wallace Jordan (born 1948), is an American-born Canadian singer-songwriter, son of Charles Jordan, baritone singer who recorded Folk Songs of Canada with Joyce Sullivan 1970.
Blue Desert was released 1980, and is regarded as a classic of the "West Coast Sound" of the period.

In 1994, Jordan won a Juno Award for "Producer of the Year" (along with co-producer Steven MacKinnon) for "Waiting for a Miracle" from his Reckless Valentine album. Recorded 15 albums, including 1 live at the Elmo.

Currently, Jordan performs with Murray McLauchlan, Cindy Church & Ian Thomas in the group Lunch At Allen's.

4.   Instrumental talk-over
Margaret Stowe: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
(B Dylan)
Mello Jello: Tallyho Music - TM104CD
Toronto ON
Margaret Stowe: electric guitar
Produced by Margaret Stowe, 2009
Recorded at Ozworld, Toronto
Mastered by Peter E Moore at the "E" Room, Toronto

5.   The Beatles: Nowhere Man
(John Lennon / Paul McCartney)
Rubber Soul: EMI Records UK – 0946-3-82418
Liverpool UK
John Lennon: vocal, guitar
George Harrison: guitar, vocals
Paul McCartney: bass, vocals
Ringo Starr: drums
Produced by George Martin, 1965
Recorded at Abby Road Studios, London

6.   JJ Cale: Nowhere To Run
(JJ Cale)
Naturally: MCA Records MCA 37104
Oklahoma City, OK
J J Cale: guitars, vocals
Karl Himmel: drums
Chuck Browning: drums
Tim Drummond: bass
Carl Radle: bass
Norman Putnam: bass
Bob Wilson: piano
David Briggs: keys
Jerry Whitehurst: piano
Weldon Myrick: steel guitar
Buddy Spiker: fiddle
Shorty Lavender: fiddle
Walter Haynes: dobro
Mac Gayden: slide guitar
Ed Colis: harmonica
Diane Davidson: bg vocals

Produced by Audie Ashworth, 1971
Recorded by Joe Mills and Jim Williamson at Bradleys Barn, Mt Juliet Tenn, and by James Long at Moss Rose Studio Nashville

John Weldon Cale  (December 5, 1938 July 26, 2013 La Jolla CA)

Songs were covered by Eric Clapton, Johnny Cash, Phish, Kansas, Bill Wymans Rhythm Kings, George Thorogood, Lynard Skynayrd, The Band, Waylon Jennings, Bobby Bare & Captain Beefheart

7.   Fludd: Ticket To Nowhere
(Brian Pilling / Ed Pilling)
...On!: Daffodil Records SBA 16020
Toronto ON
John Anderson: drums
Peter Csanky: keys
Greg Godovitz: bass
Brian Pilling: guitar, lead & bg vocals
Ed Pilling: lead & bg vocals, harp, percussion
Produced by Lee De Carlo & Brian Pilling 1972
Recorded by Lee De Carlo, Sy Potma, Rick Capreol at Manta Sound, Toronto

The Pretty Ones, formed by Ed Pilling and Greg Godovitz. The band was briefly part of Toronto's Yorkville scene in the 1960s, but broke up before achieving much commercial success. Pilling and his brother Brian then moved to Birmingham, England, where they formed a band called Wages of Sin and spent some time touring as a backing band for Cat Stevens in 1970, but returned to Toronto by the end of that year. Inspired by the then-emerging psychedelic blues rock sound of British acts such as Small Faces, they then reunited with Godovitz, and recruited drummer John Andersen and guitarist Mick Walsh to create Fludd

Brian Pilling died of cancer on June 28, 1978
Biggest hit Cousin Mary, 1973

8.   Instrumental talk-over
Ofra Harnoy & Orford String Quartet: Nowhere Man
Play The Beatles: Fanfare Records DEL 6002
Ofra Harnoy, cello
Andrew Dawes, violin
Kenneth Perkins, viola
Terence Helmer, bass
Denis Brott, cello
Produced by Julian Rice, 1984
Recorded by Michael Rice with Anton Kwaitkowski at Flora McRae Auditorium, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, Toronto, September 1984
Arrangements: Doug Riley

Beatles recording for Revolver (British) was 21–22 October 1965

9.   Chris Youlden: Nowhere Road
(C Youlden)
Nowhere Road: London Records - XPS 633
Dagenham UK
Chris Spedding: guitar
Danny Kirwin: guitar
Ray Fewick: guitar
Foggy Lyttle: acoustic guitar
Mike McNaught: keyboards
Pete Wingfield: keyboards
Roy Babbington: bass
Andy Sylvester: bass
Bruce Rowland: drums
Produced by Barry Murray for Murray for Simmonds Productions, 1973
Recorded by Terry Evennett

Christopher Thomas "Chris" Youlden  b. 1943, Dagenham, England

Chris Youlden is best known for his stint as lead vocalist for Savoy Brown between 1967 and 1970 when the band were really hot, breaking in big in America. In 1971, Youlden left the band to pursue a solo career, but after two critically acclaimed solo albums in the mid-seventies with London Records, which failed to sell, he slipped under the radar and rarely performed or recorded again.

10. Savoy Brown Blues Band: Train To Nowhere
(Chris Youlden / Kim Simmonds)
The Best of Savoy Brown: London MIP 1-9377
London UK
Lonesome Dave Peverett: bass
Kim Simmonds, guitar
Chris Youlden, vocal
Roger Earle, drums
Produced by Mike Vernon, 1969
Recorded by Roy Baker at The Decca Studios, North Hampstead, London UK
Compilation Produced by Kim Simmonds – 1984

Guitarist "Lonesome" Dave Peverett, drummer Roger Earl and bassist Tony Stevens left 1970 to form Foghat. Chris Youlden went solo.

11. Cat Stevens: Miles From Nowhere
(Cat Stevens)
Tea For The Tillerman: A&M SP 4280
London UK
Cat Stevens: guitar, keys, vocal
Alun Davies: guitar
John Ryan: bass
Harvey Burns: drums
John Rostein: violin
Del Newman string arrangements
Produced by Paul Samwell-Smith, 1970
Recorded at Morgan Studios, Island Studios and Olympic Studios, London

Steven Demetre Georgiou, 21 July 1948

12. Pied Pumkin: Middle of Nowhere
(Richard Scott)
Pied Pear: Squash Records SQ1-965-A
Vancouver BC
Richard Scott: vocals, dulcimer
Joseph Mock: guitars, piano, vocals
Shari Ulrich: vocals, violin
Claire Lawrence: sax
Robbie King: organ
Rene Worst: bass
Geoff Eyre: drums
Produced by The Pied Pear, 1980
Recorded by Mark McNair and Paul MacDonald at Pinewood Recording Studios, Vancouver

Roots duo PIED PEAR, Rick Scott and Joe Mock, rode into Vancouver town for a once in a lifetime tour. Scott and Mock helped pioneer the indie roots movement from 1974 -76 with Shari Ulrich in the trio Pied Pumkin. When Shari joined the Valdy’s Hometown Band, the Pumkin became PIED PEAR. From 1976-1982 Rick and Joe toured far and wide playing concerts, dances and festivals. They represented Canada at the Knoxville Worlds fair. They released three albums.

13. Frank Zappa: I Come From Nowhere
(Frank Zappa)
Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch: Epic Records – FW 38066
Los Angeles CA
Frank Zappa: lead guitar, vocals
Steve Vai: impossible guitar parts
Ray White: rhythm guitar
Tommy Mars: keys
Bobby Martin: keys, sax, vocals
Ed Mann: percussion
Arthur Barrow: bass on first part
Patrick O’Hearn: bass on guitar solo
Chad Wackerman: drums
Roy Estrada: vocals
Ike Willis: vocals
Bob Harris: vocals

Produced by Frank Zappa, 1982
Recorded by Mark Pinske & Bob Stone at
Utility Muffin Research Kitchen in Zappa’s home
Mastered by Jo Hansch at Dinkum Recording Services

14. Instrumental talk-over
Lenny Breau: You Came To Me Out Of Nowhere
(JW Greene / E Heyman / H Harris)
Cabin Fever: True North / Guitarchives - TNSD 0138
Auburn, Maine
Lenny Breau: acoustic guitar
Produced by Randy Bachman - circa 1996
Recorded by Glen McDonald in the Hills of Killaloe
Mastered at Pacific North Studios, North Vancouver, BC

15. Perth County Conspiracy: You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
(Bob Dylan)
Alive: Columbia Records  GES 90037
Stratford ON
Richard Keelan: guitar, vocal
Cedric Smith: guitar, vocal
Terry Jones: guitar, vocal
George Taros: piano, vocal
Michael Butler: bass
Produced by John Williams,  1971
Recorded by Henry Saskowski & Terry Brown at The Bathurst St. United Church, Toronto
Mixed at Thunder Sound, Toronto

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